BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-18-17-7A: “I can’t believe I came home to BLANK”.

Wednesday, October 18th

Beat Migs. A couple of homes from dinner to find hundreds parting in their home. Luke warm topic. 


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Games be me and my legs why don't give me instead it is. Whack give a Wednesday whack at it Steve you are on eighth losing streak issue losses yesterday. I streak. Yes more than one name actually the system moment a moment why well maybe this moment can be extended. Not getting whacked by Caleb and an accord is Caleb are you there sir. New Year's black Exel hit what he's played forty days Steve compared to you still got Geoff Tate's mercy watch benefit should attack me Matty on average on Saturday November 11. You go to KI SW dot com for all the details including information about what mercy watch is if you want tickets can you take you to a brown paper tickets dot com all right Steve here at eight year. Wow for those playing at home Caleb will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Kaelin you can pass all you want but you'll only gets three yes as per question are you ready. Yeah eight milk chocolate bar with Chris rice mixed India's which Leslie bar apple now. Balls next to us at all. To June als is a character from what Disney movies in the. It's. Well here in the late nineties was Netflix founded. And I need to know. Don't you ask how many final destination movies are there. How best to maintain and take notes. Doesn't know I have to ask what is the eighty stands for aids DNA. It's. Dermatology studies which part of the human body and yet as what animals on the cover of the Beach Boys albums that's Al east. Two dogs now expect. To tax no yeah. Two to. You battle of Gettysburg occurred at which you west's date. It's. Narrow win that is three correct yes see China of tougher Stephen lawlessness here and get there I know is that conundrum man I don't know what's Italian. I'm just hoping that Steve is going to do worse he's not endorse Barack yeah. Well huh. And he's not gonna get him killed probably has a life that's what is known at all. The excuses are starters are you gonna say this he has no life if he wins Josh wow I can't disagree with Vijay no guarantee an ideal shots fired but apparently cannot agree on any obvious though I'm whenever anyone says boy you submitted you -- I say it's because I didn't have a life as a kid growing up and saw a lot of time watching TV a lot of these questions come from pop culture. From my. How did this and so it's the same story from its Thomas sentinels rather happy life have added this music and analogy. Yeah. Because when you multimillionaires yeah stealing somebody's clothes clothes line so that he doesn't walk around naked. And if you've never watched the incredible Hulk premise in the seventies you know and we're talking and I watching news and life. It's until. Don't experience under us. Your way to see. Go yeah I don't excuse me I have played David banner all. I wouldn't call gruesome that chilling thought than Bruce is not a strong enough name's Nicole and David manner and I share. They're. It's done yeah are you know you. Holly you maybe saw that sometimes. Side. I miss an outcry sparked yes O Timothy Q mouse is a character for what Disney movie Aladdin now it's on my car. To lose Asia now are I'm Debbie does. Jimmy he's Q amounts to wow now college usually how it was Netflix downloads. Drove nearly ninety to 98 no 109 down. They said yeah company's final destination movies aren't there it's now seven no eight no 90 and not how many that's what I do you have. ASEAN foreign DNA. Apple's no. Applicator you know. Ancestry no dermatology studies which Jordan yes let's animal is on the cover of the Beach Boys albums pet sounds and as ghost. Yeah tennis match. The battle of Gettysburg incurred in which US state on New Hampshire now. New York now. Virginia now know once you. Three Ford Steve Gettysburg I think it's Pennsylvania it is Pennsylvania and received it yet but you're not that Steve did you win 423. Life. I take it back you actually played pretty well. But she didn't win my sorry about he did not. Steve gets the songs the Chrysler was the deciding factors there you know what I foresee what was crackle always dump. Crackles just a poor man's crunch it is but it's amazing to you when you did during Halloween I found read British produce the same thing you can't fight a crackle borrow sent Halloween I assure you can but I never see them anyway yeah I don't ever see them anywhere it's always just crunch bars or just a little teeny tiny crackle pars are never seen a full size crackle and why it may be right now that I think about it I haven't seen Manama while the full size. By the way so killed just went off to Williams and set held music is a ghost. There goes your lovely gentleman and Islam. Toward the and I came. She's stealing clothes because it. In his room questions previous senator boxer. Oh just lost the fight. Yeah. As you guys all you guys why did you believe me good. Marrow. Wow that's great freshman. Not too did you mouse figured. It's getting Saturn hairy sad and here. Bad news at all you know. You don't know it's time you and I keep thinking I never summoned a guy thousands Iran a two week you never sudden I don't know I never saw another red states Renny. Follow us right here right so is it dumbo. Yeah I gazette Danny just said that's all I hear you Danny and started I try it like amount season like no one of the death of course Denny knows he's Disney voice I'm wearing a Mickey sure come on dance yeah you really are you serious. Don't know tonight usual house but what that's that's old school dump those lights in the sixties rice. Sure I think that's almost made me even fifties he had no idea. I think joining an attack there eighteen crackle bars on Amazon has 23 dollars let's notice how that's too expensive for their big unsold never mind. Aren't you give those away for Halloween to all you need a man dude gas nobody gives away full size almost always the money's no there's usually about like it's human waste money given to these children I don't like to do fairly easy usually show up to my house about Heidi eighteen back I can give like five or six kids that still have a dozen and a year later they can remember which house gave me all year I didn't. I always did tradable always do we know I remembered the house to give you the chance really focus you can't go to the same neighborhood don't just. Most of you I take a different spots volume we always have the same neighborhoods are we remembered the most people are coming in my neighborhood I'm syndicates who won medals you can avoid getting your house and if you did something or elegant and it's cool name for her health protection engineers and good point it's it's it's like the mob and how he's going to get a patent protection. How what does the eight stand for in DN aid. I know what I was knocking myself out I didn't get it in time. But I think I figured it out OK guess is an asset yeah good job you ASEAN I wouldn't got it in the 62 dad to. DNA and Alia as you stop that I make. Congratulations Steve your one yup more correct but you want dummies com or four you are checking out just takes MRSA watch benefit show. And Matty Holland every color number 4206421. Rock simple as that. I Jimmy Kimmel had David Letterman gonna suggest last night because lettuce diamond necklace to a new talk show everything's coming in Netflix. You suck like an old person you say it that's like 888 it is I got out. I'm glad I got mad black and White House right now that flash I have Netflix and Isolde and it's gotten better now and you can do it by I sanity which is nice all the other day and they're damn that's a cool at the Kennedy asked that but it still like you know it's still not the same as they just flipping channels. So I always forget to use Netflix because is not on my time and yeah I I've got to my iPad you can download a lot of their shows on the yeah our Netflix rocks but does say it uses much is they should I waste my money guy uses a tonne item that I got I'm with you just like governor Hulu Kazaa a wasn't using cool as much as I have been Netflix all yeah I use that time. And down of course. What we bring up Letterman because I'm glad we were recently talking about how Dave's. I disease weird discus Conan O'Brien we play the audio of him and his story about Dave gimme my horses as a gift. And I guess Dave's got a history of doing now Letterman's sense people strange Gibson here's how it all that started. Many. So I thought long and artists and I gotta get this big impressive presence because I have a top star of the day. And it is so I figured it out and it's you get a set of tires. And you hear wrap them up individually so you have four enormous. Give us. And they're they're tires and so I thought well this is fan. You know my work is done here who cares if they woman work they use them. You send me a few days after you left late show that's all right also what appeared to be all of your time sense that you're exactly right. Quite delighted by that I'm I'm happy to see it that that's how it's supposed and I still am delighted and and one time my agent years and years ago his son was having a barman took cinema card and cigarettes now. Tough tough tough thoughtful letter does out of his mind Obama Letterman guest. Other Kimmel thought it was awesome they got a box of his ties what that does take the pressure off if you just if you just get something really ridiculously amazing it doesn't matter whether there like it or not it's it's still stands out in a must find it I wouldn't be good either shop gorgeous grad things at your closet knowing that that's him that's just what you're known forces no pressure of buying the most thoughtful gift to assist. Mark simply ridiculous yeah I think with Dave's ties though because they're the ones he wore you figure every night look that's pretty cool the tigers are just crazy tires are weird via. But the ties are cool especially for someone like Jimmy Kimmel whose ass and David Letterman tonight you've got a piece of his history yeah I agree with you do not doubt that would be treasured gift for me to. In his next clip Letterman joked about who his first guess is going to be on his new Netflix show. Kotsay who we got a good commercial where the guy saw as a rogue boat and have you out. And then he went through some tennis you know he puts it back. We got his rally. Got his brother. That would be funny I only do was interview random like infomercial hosts and people want to like give you treat them the way they used to treat the Julia Roberts and Robert Downey junior's of the world and now almost a needs is interviewing people that. Are are are not really out there that that's not big celebrities I am looking forward to district government CI a decide socio comedians and cars and copy I love that show that he did dig it when a guy's got enough money. And he doesn't give an F anymore up and he still wants to go do something. That's a means interest and I'm I'm good and I'm looking forward to see what they show is gonna be licensed Letterman doesn't need to be doing a show it didn't seem like he gave an F when he didn't need to do is show though so he was it was at that point surely toward the end of the yeah I think since the nineties and I love Letterman but he's always had that kind of attitude that I don't know why am I a year I don't want to be and that's as far as charm. So yeah I'm with you man I think it's going to be an awesome show and Jimmy asked Dave about his old show. Do you feel like you mr. And then you know. Some parts of no I don't I miss I miss wearing make up. Yeah. Hi dilemma soil as an old school to know timing where there's there's there's always going to be a joke. Yep which is interesting because that's that's not necessarily what he young performers are doing today. You know you can tell that he comes from a different school. We notice even with I mean it's over analyzes his his his silly responsive Jimmy's question about the first guest for you notice to you on that answer he had a great. They married I do you go job to think that his first guest is a guided does the that the ceilings spray yes and that's funny in itself because it's ridiculous and Jimmy. Bought that and then Jimmy stepped over the fact that he was saying that it's his brother which is makes it even funnier yeah yeah that's that's their right now I'd be dead it's just a different style it's a totally different styles so it'll be it's it's amazing to be alive to see the evolution of altar of the late nights that you know comedy host. The way they had a way to do their business Jimmy Fallon definitely doesn't completely different thing men still a lot of his predecessors. This trip together they could all move on the late night hosts are not from. New generation now after all and I know you how it feels the longest time and we grew up stews Johnny. And days and eventually there is called in and I was like that was it really for a while and then of course the greatest if not then enforce an owner. Doing it it's Carson Daly and Carson's show was clearly the best late night golf course Carson was so unbelievable up. I feel that with I feel a Star Trek. Especially watching this news Star Trek that's on all access dude I mean it is due to have been so many star track since the original and I saw the original one lie if which not a lot of people can say. Hated because of my age I mean Washington is a little kid and was on NBC television as a regular this was a prime time show the first time yet the soldier ever aired. That's when I feel old when I see all these young people running around I don't mind cod this is like who is. There's been so many star treks and yeah Amanda a you're right it's just like and it's it's just makes you feel old when you go wow have been around that long you gonna feel really old gas use yesterday news deforested thirty year anniversary of the baby Jessica's story wise. Thirty year anniversary holy oh wow is that her picture right there you just pulled a Jessica McClure yes. Almighty god that's Baby Jessica should the second at Daria Lynn look she's 31 she's not she's older men Vicky my car that is your guys are you Baby Jessica yes they have no clue she's like. Like lost in a Weller so yes yeah yeah I have heard of us. She's on to a while wow eighteen months old dinner and backyards but did you heard a mid morning around so somebody to tell you about it we live didn't yeah I think I heard about it on the show years ago he got it. I road win ourselves to Knowles family I guess I remember every always glued to television offices I was a thinks on the well it took 58 hours to free her from this. This well I was eight inches and I think circumference or something like that it was a it was a small while yeah dude it was it was big news yeah I was all the other well look she's 31. 31 years old Jessica is known like adult Jessica well maybe just because on their own kids look at her go she's a baby just as cute. As an adult. I'm glad they say Dirk yeah the final hole platitudes and attack if you don't like to ask questions like Jenny Harrison Delhi remain well. They're now thirty years ago and yeah that's pretty amazing. Yeah. And it just. I would say about this couple who comes home defined. Hundreds of strangers. Into their home. Why are you gonna hear from its 717. On the Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. At nine point nine maybe I SW Iraq. While Seattle. This is tremendous Colorado couple. Came home from a few hours at dinner to find hundreds of. Teens. In their house. Having a wild party that included breaking windows smashing bottles and pouring alcohol on everything. It sounds like comply I was reading this story this morning and it sounds like the plot to like some were bad too. Yes some stupid coming of age teenage movie where I was break in the somebody's house and the storm guardian who cares. Yes so this is important and told they that they don't have any children that were the render the prix held recently the organizes this party these were all strangers they didn't know any of these kids at this party could your strangers and thank you Marian for your daughters don't if you house party as I can tell you Alia she has I'm your son is being indicted too many house parties. Now he's enjoyed Jesus saying now now Pena they would just beat him would not worth an annual wouldn't be aware that they're the grief that you have to go through right in his idea party's gonna Vegas and going on your money yeah that's the party yeah I know what what would have liked him often I'm gone to an empty wallet yes your diseases in Vegas again emphasis on Germany yeah exactly. So here's how the party has learned about this. I guess there was online invitations surge teams put videos of the party on snap Chad which 'cause cited that that's held cops identify some of them home and what they were online invitations. The owner of the house Mike Cox that is his name from. Does your rhythm and turned yeah I think he does. He says his house is for sale. And he figures the teens may as CNET online and therefore they thought all of this was empty I think we're targeted because. Our house was home for sale on the market and somebody saw online and thought it was going to be empty pluralism. And a then they noticed that there is like furniture. And I lived in vibe that I guess these kids don't care they don't what are you why am I trying to Michigan's logic today and you stage houses pleasure so maybe there were they figured oh this is what they do to make it look lib Dem I don't know but they're like you said they probably didn't care they wanna go party somewhere. Yeah I Don I even cross your mind relocate Johnny. I think it's cool this is our house is being staged a vanity can understand that world and then of course you know after the whole thing is said and done what is that place look like. So your hand which is still on the slight skin doesn't hear it. Are you can see on the floor they were. Scoring champagne from standing on our account out and scored employed but Alison put us on the ceiling on the floor. More furniture everywhere. I feel messiness on the it was an awesome party. Comment I'm probably not the thing you wanna come home to kind of sucks. God I really really sucks. And you know what if these are teens you know who's irresponsible parents. And how many of these teams have wondered knew that it would is someone else's house that that you know it the app obviously had to be 12 maybe a handful people that knew what they were doing. The senate the invitation to get people to come. But some of those teams I would imagine and maybe I'm only taken a book but I would imagine they had no idea that this is a random persons on the probably thought it was somebody's parents house. Yeah but even as enemies of right yet there's a trash in the joint yeah it's true it's like she's it's. Cat Manzi L attack again I'm not thinking my god teen. I society is sick I don't I don't know if ever in my life I would have thought this was the thing to do to Israel and Iran and some of the somebody's random house C minutes will denim continue to go on like an idiot I felt like I have ever done that I would have to be invited to house parties as a team from you know what that was like oh that's why. Yeah yeah. So obviously RS we become aroused already so it's called the stated no maybe you should change into Mike Cox the game embodies a lot of pro peace unless. Mike Cox two that's his house. He's got to take his home off the market because they got to make repairs. And he's not happy about. It felt violated you know is this is our home and that's just not up. Indeed else's for sale it's you know it's where we live. Yeah I do that stuff that's the psyche part I mean if it. If it wasn't their home and mutilated already had another place eliminate dissent on the market it would suck but at least you don't have delight go what do we do now we're gonna live. Right because the inconvenience would be then getting money out of these parents yeah to pay for them to damage in the cleaning in the repairs or whatever else went down at that party but you still have a home that wasn't violated I hope the insurance covers this because it's going to be such a process to get money out of anybody seriously. It's going to be such a freedom process no we don't feel like a walk into my house and see trash like that. Seattle all those kids involved I wanna put him on a chain gang angle you know working off because they got no money themselves right you know work this off for however long it takes you do you lovely individuals you. Oh man. Damn that sucks for those guys. Our topic. So a couple goes over dinner and they find hundreds of kids partying in their home so based on this we like to finish this sentence. I can't believe I came home so blank. What did you come home to that you're like whoa could be good could be bad 206421 rock Texas 77999. This is sentenced I can't believe I came home to a blank. We'll take your calls detects after AC DC on Iraq. The next morning and 49 K I guess helps you. 99.9 KI SW Iraq in Seattle so this Colorado couple man. I blame my jocks Craig named Mike. Poor bastard he's got that name and he comes home to a house that's easy he's his policy and his wife come home after dinner. And there are hundreds of kids and they're partying in Iraq and stop breaking glasses they destroy the place. And the houses for sale so these kids must have thought it was abandoned and set up a whole house party there and then unfortunately who were you know had dinner. One quarter what happen if they were home and those kids try to come to the house party now the man. Imagine what knocking your door with like six packs and whatever else and you decide who the hell are you people get them out here yeah. God that sucks. And so their their house is trashed based on this amass that they had to come home to. That's why we're asking you to finish his sentence I can't believe I came home to blank 206421 rock text this is 77999. Andrew in federal way Andrew you are on the Iraq. Good morning redirect the morning and welcome to show just which but he. Well I came home to a new car. And the. Was. It. And that Hillary go to that I was probably about 20 years old. I am three cards in my driveway that order all had mechanical issues so they're all dead. And I can't chain and you know I don't have any money districts these cars the I finally caught a total yards and they can pick them all out. My mom comes home from work she goes where all your cars go birds that I get chillier pick him up she's like okay. The next stage comes and goes hey accusing your car you're here Fuhrman I'm just in greens reader in your Carson knew anyone. Wow they were swayed you finally get rid of a mall. That's not a bad I I've always wanted to MAC in my TV when those commercials where you know sums up boron a car right. I mean I thought Amanda people actually do that I've never. I never had had done for me and I thought to have mechanical walk onto a new car you can do it for someone figured did you did did you face underneath you some new car you have clearly put a bonnet we've got a bowl I'm I remembered what we did I forget how we did that actually for him it was first graduation yeah I remember you guys getting it we did do that yeah but I can't remember if we voted up or whatever. And he's not running in here quickly to tells about a so I don't know death and he doesn't early sticking his head yes or no here's his name he doesn't you know get out is my kids are not the quickest jump. He's on the other you know areas tirade you know. Very comes secure basketball court Paul. Are. She's number. Civilian employee car. A boat no my car by the way Claris Oz so the Amir cart and in the cart it was just like a little paper thing and it's it. Hayward genuine gift tonight I don't joke quite spirited and a total like hot wheels car no. They're there in the way they gave me cars are crucial to the dealership and feel like hey also your car not at the dealership and you can't test drive it but it's probably going to be here somewhere sometime. I think your son's complaining. About of that process only dolls behind you getting give him a free car I known then don't realize so you're saying you summon a spoiled little jacked all I don't hear on it sounds like that but what better about it when I know I don't know who. By the way it was when I knew it was likely it was a year came out it was a sporty car Hyundai Tiburon it was a brand new 2007. I believe which was the year he graduated well how are your friends like are they just disclosure because even you share the story with your friends and they all like bro that's crazy your dad such a jerk I now. Come on them but really what my friends was a toll on board may because we understand the for at first I thought this is an elaborate hoax because there was no car. There were no keys they brought me into the dealership and there was no car out there does seem like just get angry guy you know I think I played well. Should tell them that elaborate hoax why would you do you do if you really today I grew I mean this is like his thing he when he loves to troll people in the house that he would do the same thing with like. Food grade and I go after and somehow I can't play on now on while and I told him my dad that would be lunch like your mother also is part of an in your mother's not natural she never allow that her free easy guys like not hide the correct things and eggs all the time like there would you open an egg in the wouldn't be anything in the next guy he's on the fate gay. Now again you can imagine just your card you kick him in new car now I'm hearing more stories I don't understand why the alarm on heightened alert all right first and it is being spoiled designers you can vote from my friend along to do or should he thought the same thing he was like. Your daddy gave you anything did you he's just trying to punish you for not doing on high school or conflict has probably more correctly getting your car. Well as I had the last lap goes to your card debt death and now it's obvious it's good point all right well I was a lovely story about why my kids statement. And while I hit my kids let's go to Paula Bainbridge Island tall you are on the rock. Below other young and everybody not that Paul would you have forceful anywhere let us in this sense I can't believe I came home to blank. So I can't believe that I came home and my mom banging and another beard all oh yeah and she's still married. Yeah he's still married. Oh wow is this nicely and he was she was she marries your dad Alter swingers. All holes. Did you know they were swingers until that moment. And pearl why so what you want out of the air data. Bring somebody over anything like you act like there is every like few years there'd be like another car in the driveway and the like the hotel and you hear how do you do that and here's we're just playing poker in as a real and from my next match. I'm so clueless internally hurt the death occurred yes. So dude I can't imagine that had positive effects on youth. No they're still seen. Peso when you walked in a moms they're doing it would did this other guy what was the conversation like did you yeah out of the day did you just trying to act. Like you didn't see it what what happened. Walt's day it was weird they're all the way out in the back forty. Or you mom and get a due to the media instead you're a man. Dad walked felt like I can run of the mill and the like are you kidding here now my diet what I have to come back. From either school or college or whatever it sounds like I'm really this is how might ask to go yeah I. Yeah dad's not sonic based on how to go. Yes sit outside mobs of those there's gonna railed. I worry I eEye yeah I'm with him you know Paul I. I give to people can have whatever lifestyle they want and I don't have a problem that I just had a problem with. You have to take it and others we consideration if lead when you have children you know how's it gonna affect them. Brian really do and it goes on they had like a good congress allotted at a time and then ends and that's still kids how's he like he gets to come in unless you tell the kid you need to knock our you know you either you don't live here anymore but if that's his home. And he comes into his home you just don't have that expectation of your parents can railed by other people when you come home you just you don't expect that especially if it's in the middle of the damn day. We years that is very weird why all of this and a lot of attacks that Simpson and not a burglary in process. I progress or process I Jason tease out the backdoor at gunpoint they ruined Christmas Day a year that. Dan new release you know what he was C as you know another reason why some nice people like guns but I don't know if he gets those burners on allows me in no way for us to imagine that. Contests that's Cecil said he gets everybody's vsphere when they first get home I thought CIA window broke in north the glass doors broken into and knowing that Sony's vineyard home that's going to be the worst I know we had to do trolling our neighborhood if I if I didn't take today off it's really interesting to remember that yeah there's a dude that I noted Boston indoor house or at least tried. If I if I wasn't home because you see suspecting noting we hallmark holiday treat people we are doing whatever. I just put spoon in some sound garden Hughes performing with my daughter in my living room. Wow that would be very odd that's tripping and he's Superman how big a hole fast car. Do you jurist loses he bring his own spoons I wonder. That's an area that's. Now that's interesting idea I had that that's that's this artist and you walk into that. I stand no person says the teenager came home to catch my parents do and a nasty I'm I want it bad. Because they wanted to try it out. OK. If he. It's that spot that he has a similar rates this year I think Greta and their parents but it was announced using her bad Diaz my birth sale anywhere my friends were pretty drunk so we got I knew where to go back to my house and I locked in. And I totally defeat president and a guy that's fine but I walked in on them hooking up in my bed. And the weird part is just how nonchalant. It was like I walked in after skinny dipping so I was about to get a towel and they're did you think just just doing something to him as she looks at me like. How and app and you just to prove through doing that thing. Mean to him in your just acting like it's no big deal. Anyone can make it I don't match she probably thought hey I include uninsured I was wearing some thing led. I was in this is it was still essential weird moment to I don't like he's staring her in the eyes while she's so good morning herald John saw in my house is shrinking of the year. Yeah I didn't come like done an hour might Gore's wife yeah. Yeah that's definitely very boring and now. We're we have quickly from Chris do we have do. All right fine. Hi I didn't know how I was living in LA and I came home to my apartment complex one day and there was Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams just waiting at the front gate. Really waiting for you. Can call no I'm not question a follow up. No I heard there's your two lowest Brad busy doing your apartment complex because I know you yeah I mean you're living high on the hog no I was not know while her apparently her cousin or somebody lived upstairs from me and I had no idea so it was he was spread pays his wife's cousin. I just on her visit and BJ every keys friend from Anaheim pond I don't know I have no problem. Has successfully isn't sorry and then they were just there to Dayton and I kind of I go up and it just super like freaking out because I am I mean we don't are not much time I love country music and especially I love Brad Paisley. So I am lead to talk about that Harvey's day. Man I just go out and this is happening so. They they're staying there and and he actually says easy didn't mind let us in and I'm so we didn't. I add 12 complete it. It's so it'll do what people anybody that's not a stranger to spread Palin suddenly I freaked out and as very you're very quietly and could very Pope Julius young trail take care of them who beat. And unlike Amanda was that. And let me. And you know how from the sponsors is sorry sir your idea buzz in my golf. See I would have and I guess I get it and I. Just Garth Brooks illegitimate use regular Jack I guess on day. All right well I got so much free financial advice Korea okay we're gonna go from Dick he's friends coming your idol and go to higher places okay. We are terrorists who use financial advisor. He's here now to a 6421 rocked Texas 77999. Time speech from BEC you're taking your calls your tax at 747. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy if I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for them. I'm suing when you come in this in my in my office when you first call and myself we'll try to help you reveal any basic questions that you have. I can get your car back. But they'll schedule usually screws schedule you for free consultation with me any good theater. Tell me would you personally we'll talk about true. Basically your case and I'll pay you your question and answer session they usually rely on your view usually lasts about thirty minutes. We'll get the basics of your financial situation. I can answer your questions and we can talk about whether bankruptcy makes sense you're just on your on bankruptcy option. I am now bankruptcies could affect you processors. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime. I had to choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.