BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-18-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, October 18th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where return for accurate information from bankruptcy attorney Travis genuine news talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jeff do you choose this atone for the next chapter of my life these contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI SW that Iraq on Seattle and it is this Saturday it is this Sunday it's almost here GE two's. BJ all he had so having essentially field events and are nice he said. Experience the latest in simulating combat technology was state of the art always hurts our way through a true. Down to yeah I know you love like you've played a lot of laser take your mother is high dialogue on a virtual sports which of course partner up with us on GE two. I and they're laser tag is not your old school laser tag is the next level and I know people are a lot of yet come up YouTube. Check it out Fannie Mae and make your check out the more gaming area because that's where I'll be all you have so much to do it's interactive it's hands on entertainment like our manner so good don't watch play you want tickets you want info. One place to go GE two dot laden letter G the letter T the lefties you know I know what I'm doing Steve it's. The energy of the letter even numbered two GB true dot. OK okay. Anyway. Yeah hey Ari how. BJ don't merits or lack. I can't like add back how much sugar have you had well thanks a buddy Scott who came in without ridiculous amount of hostess products. There's so many other somebody with guides are really easy here are my guys zero we have to bring up I hostess has gone crazy with their holiday themed stuff I mean did the whoever bought hostess took them over. Dana what's up we'll talk about them how yeah yeah Adam I'm impressed we knew we do need to play be made that is why did a Wednesday and hopefully steal the appeal lack. We've got Seth in Tacoma to take on Steve Seth are you there sir. Excellent what's playing forty days Steve tedious job Black Label Society they're going to be in the shoebox and on February 19 go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you want tickets do you get a now. Excess dot com RE Steve gave out here. For those playing at home. Sap will have sixty seconds to answer senselessness. Set you back to Grassley want but you'll only have three guesses per question are you ready sir. Whose start alongside Mark Wahlberg in the 2010 movie the other guys. Which movie featured the songs time warp and dammit Janet. Talks to. And oh run there aren't ads and how what were Laurel and Hardy is first names. I what was the first port to be televised in the United States. As to what animal does a simple slow looks a tear it. What's next stage of the folks here. At Oslo to accept a total of its most folks don't look to. What year in the mid nineties indeed horror films screened come oust. We need to adult studies varying on course now now oh what's our original monster was funded by Ben tells slain ex. This release which fictional monster was hunted by man held slings. Or 2010 which he was on the Wheaties box after winning VW NBA championship. Good mix no. Kerr had some guys that you've dropped to deuce florist and vocal. Yeah buddy I mean analysts do not really. And yeah well listen you know what I it was close last time I thought I wasn't that close your true enemy your eyes so Steve's had a little sugar so maybe that'll throw. I don't get or no way I'm Mikey does for you mail and now and then she's yeah it doesn't have any impact on me. The only wish it did that's amazing nation dad that sugar doesn't do that yeah I just had a couple of these things and I'm not I'm angry I'm talking a million miles a second here I am IR RR RR three cups of coffee I had no difference and you have an applicable top senior flying out the window decaf. And I have to yeah oh yeah. I. Opportunity I can tell. Over wow Steve are you ready yes. Stars alongside Mark Wahlberg in the 2010 movie the other guys style will Farrow. The ads which movie features the suns time more than dammit Janet and which one which movie featuring the songs time warping dammit Janet. Napoleon Dynamite and you know most of the time Honolulu just how gallant guys guardians of the galaxy the movie content space. Meters now what were laurel and party's first names are that's not scams laurel mall are hard to. Yes and know what was the first sport to be televised in the US. Oh on its team talks no baseball I guess what animals as they took the folks here. Typical amount of snow. Picks contest now it's drafts. Know what you're in the mid nineties did the horror film screamed come out with you want what year in the mid ninety's today before now made three no 96 yes. Which a fictional monster was hunted by van helps things. I have been bad and I I guess I know that we are now. Dracula you add one 345. You went five to do Soledad. Yeah. I doubt there John yeah Latino news you can put all that easy street it's over and now we're in the middle home winning streak for the. I could be playing against Steve our children in both polls today that you sit and every time oh then now which move although it mound Saturday about one correct the time warp and damage out were featured in the rocky horror picture show yes it is not that. We'll never know hey guys you know postings. Will be do what animal does a heck of hope fear is that the only one I would go wrong today wow I had no idea what Validus that's a horse. A horse yes. Ten worst hit spoke come from horse. I think it's Latin but I am not sure that post artillery which we call they might as well I. And I mean you got all the other ones go in 2010 which team was on the Wheaties box after winning VW NBA championships. This storm yet. Exactly outside though and I first do no clue you're I don't know any other and there I don't think generally ended on the union can know him so I'm at some links as I know ranks as one ya yet. The liberty. New York Liberty yeah Italy's once you know that's too. Three total yeah I think it's acting as the Houston Comets like yeah because he goes with the rockets are Diego dad what's funny they kind of did they do a little bit of bouncing on those without amounts and around GAAP. And I in the women's hockey and some of them they are trying to match the similar color schemes to the the men's hockey teams would you call nice congratulations Steve you won with five correct call ever five guess what you're checked in and out. Com or five seen Black Label Society on February 19. Show watch Soto caller number five just like debt. And well Stephen congratulations Jim banks to thank you to and around maybe today it is time to listeners on the loose. Yes your if you can now you can call that a streak right yeah and as well I mean if you guys thought that losing to an erosion streak clearly tuna or winning is a street argue that all right you know that I'm I can I give me a big man hair this. There's such a big matter how can both have more of those hostess products will be a big man. Listens o.s say you picked a topic you guys to show a 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Your calls your tax at 917 on Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. I played nine KI SW Rocca Seattle let's listen there is on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show 06141. Rock. Texas 77999. Listeners on the list is brought to you by GE GE two laser tag dodge ball and more. This Saturday and Sunday a few more votes go to GE to Don live the liturgy letter even over to GE two dog alive. And do remember when you're collings. For your texting Steve has one rule for Louis is on the loose that's as a manager embryo otherwise organized are gone you. And I have to say goodbye good bar old and just alike of that and I think we should start up for the Texans give. Fair enough we just received a text message from somebody saying amen early you played this parent making sex sound can you replay at my coworkers thought it was hilarious. And one of our guys missed because he was in the back term. Thanks guys just it was a great way to start to show I was very happy about this because of the fact that well Steve loves his journal sound effects does that sound effects. Oh yes this. Donaldson. Oh yeah I'm not and that's not. There's no. That's a divisive. That's the Matthew McConaughey to. That I left Kyle. And yet. But now we have something new the. And it is the of this Matthew McConaughey terror. We have this Paris video it's on you to be checked out to be on the Vijay and makes page of KI SW dot com. It is a parrot who's imitating a woman. And at one point apparent is imitating this woman doing something rarely specific. Harry batch of. That is unbelievable I mean that's snack parent. If you play them for me I was sworn I was once I was there isn't a video of appointments how to start ever ran hard apparent action. And I as we do a Steve you're able to actually get the parent eternally other I thought that was remark somebody just requested by tanks those who can actually see if the parry and Matthew McConaughey parry can get together already. Dead seems like a pretty fair request I you know like let's see if William Nash this all together we have the ability we have the technology. I don't. Laura. The bad news it's not. And. Man this is what will make America great again that that right there. Through the millions I see no reason not to let's noted that in a guy hey family's. Six addicted parity here we go. All around. Tomorrow. You know let's. There are simple pleasures of life okay they really are this is really one of those those truly one of those men. I think at this point where what why are we do anything else I think we've I think we've achieved greatness here. And we should add to show right now please go home and oh yeah we take any better that we received a few text statements is amusing he won the hot dogs selling content that makes ask this last few and we had doctor all dogs food truck that's right he's making a specialty hot dog. For our big concert at a studio seven last weekend your birthday show right there is also a Meeks cast listener party in the concert and on does a lot of fun stuff going on that night and one of the things was to celebrate the makes cast. By having hot dogs in it to myself. Glenn cannon is on the race gas and of course the revenue for ya Rodman has thank god yours was a sauerkraut and Swiss cheese and thousand balance yeah I was a Ruben gotten mine was about a teriyaki type dog which teriyaki drizzle. Bomb pineapple and and god says you how Pena a slightly leaning towards that. Right that that's when I'll I guess I mean it was like everything in the kitchen sink at the the bit to the cream cheese and add the pepper Cheney's and Nadal Pena is that they can crumble. There was a lot of stuff gone on but it was pretty delicious again Alan action did you get all excited about talent I think yep I'm really long in the times. But for perspective it's almost a a cracked tons of computer labs on which by the way mathematically I you can feel that our calculator but when it comes to Daschle specific hot dogs for us yes mistress where you came in last place are the only sold sixteen of his hot dog Max. And he bought two of them himself Qaeda. My outside my hot dogs sold 4949. People enjoyed my Wiener and I is that good enough Steve Weiner 49 times enjoyed. Was it good enough for first. Don't ouija it was not because I'm crushed all of us he sold 76. The whole thing like the other ladies like his winner it was funny because I notice earlier in the day like as as the night went on I was you know these tallies from Jerry used text three these outside a big dogs and the guy you're in the league you have fourteen he's got ten exist and you're in the lead yet. Then all of a sudden. I think word of mouth. Spread and so we're how delicious Glenn Weiner was yeah and it's just what an egg I think Denny had three of his cleaner yes they sure did I heard about Glenn's we are known around for a long time I was aggressive it's yet it's going to be yet. So I stayed it was fantastic as the best Wiener had in quite some time that Danny 83. And when that big dog would you put it on Friday stamped on. My stomach. Okay because I was good news you need three of the same yes all three Glenz polish huge wow I go to IO UI and time minds is that pineapple on it pretty much yeah thank you all that's why can't eat jalapeno whatever I did you can't eat anything you know he's not gonna touch a pineapple salad as my wife and I both got to Glenn dog age a good one. I want her hungry she's got an it was awesome to look guest is Chris I agree Gonzalez was delicious we all sampled each other's and didn't I put my number one his number two and resident distant third where it's illegal immigrants. Yeah that's parked at the very much so Delhi a rev was a distant third. Now on yeah but I just made it for me I wanted to Ruben dog I got to my winners in my mouth and at work Seattle's Aaron he had it in much sunshine do a business thank god he wasn't relying on your particular Joyce. Rude and. Okay his listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show a 206421. Rock. 100000 Texas it's 77999. We got more because of Margaret checks at 933. On Iraq. And they eggs morning. Rock N 99.9 KI ESW. I SW's Iraq cubs Seattle it's listeners on the loose. Do you pick a topic you guys who shows 206421. Rock. He lost to Texas it's 7799. Now in congress got to take saying have you heard about the restaurant that serves you Popeye used to. I Texas just near me sit up by pop Iraq. This is interesting I you know I I what I've often wondered about this. But I thought not nobody can suddenly this. But it's true there's a restaurant that got caught serving pot pies chicken as their own always so this is like an actual like in cahoots with pop Mario. They just bought a bunch of pop by shaking our pot pies chicken pop back up I. And yeah does Iran and I that's hilarious and this isn't too far former wife Liz I I'm I'm breaking convention ticker right up to sweeten Dixie chick kitchen in Long Beach, California got to go. As they get pretty good Yelp reviews people like their chicken. Now we'll see. If that's still the case because well. All guy named Tyler was senior he realized the fried chicken they were serving him. Tasted just like the chicken from pop eyes and he seemed to have no refine enough talent that he can tell us what to say how good. I mean honestly I'm more a psychological Arizona enemy a whopper instead it was a big Mac for half a second diamond actually think it's a big man. But I'm not that bad being loaded distinguish different tastes I don't know what to say about that you're at a restaurant do you think they're doing their own chicken aren't. And he confronted amend a waiter said you're right we get the chicken and from pot pies. Waiter since media its anti I was like wow I feel ripped off. Because they sell their chicken sandwich for 1250 and that's a lot more than what pop eyes does. So he posted about this on Yelp are you paying for the job beyond a man that. Hamdoon the that's. While I know we pay for mark ups for a lot of reasons you watch shark tank and you will you'll just like holy crap the markup on the he's not on the things these people sell. And we're constantly making you realize that we are getting raked over I understand why make the people have pop I should be upset with this restaurant. I get that but if you're a customer in your going would it bother you if you enjoyed the chicken if you are happy up until not. Not knowing all that in you went there and you're always had a good dining experience and you love the chicken. Would that affect you and offensively it depends how close a pop Eisen is. Let's not wait you know I mean why you pay 1250. And it also reduce saying that it was kinda stale so if they're buying all the day before and just heating element microwave it's not gonna taste I rather go to pop I write about that Dickie I had thought about that. I'm ready to hop I trying to after hearing mr. I think we need to show support for pop I see your point. Get a how about this they actually somebody ever did it. So he posted it on Yelp. Sweet Dixie chicken. Dixie kitchen responded and they didn't deny this they actually bragged about a basic quote we proudly serve pop eyes spicy tenders and it's always been our goal to feature local food and gals Jeff arm off that's local food your guest chef is Popeye while. Who's next the Burger King at this rate we have a special celebrity guest chef. It's gonna dress the owner says that they basically bring an almost everything. Like at their restaurant that they don't cook anything you do have their own chickens lay laying eggs for egg dishes are cows making notes he used for creep. Although on a second out like this guy he says he would do such stupid okay yeah they did this certain ingredients I get you know you'd say I'm sure you'd you know whatever everybody gets their chicken and their meats and some even some of it and cooking up every give it to area. Well Brazilian media waiter being is being sarcastic were you salmon that's actually good that's the owner and as there are two different occasionally they got guys is so awesome yeah wow I want to start a restaurant where I just picked my favorite items from every fast food places serve at their. That would be awesome dude if you can do that's and people will pay what I mean I don't have to say if I see now here's the problem. I don't know if you could say we probably so sudden pop eyes because I think if I was a pop vice chain owner I do like hey way to say I just cause Steve's favorites. Now when you say where they're from give it some because jolly and they'll want to direct knowledge that the big leagues is not a big the big pigs. OK highlight over to a place just so you can call something the big leagues that you would you like a big majors I can hides nothing can no sir if you extra sauce keep giving major tea saucer. This is this she says she's gonna continue the business the same way she always is done honest that we make nearly all from scratch. This week he's bringing everything really what do you make from scratch. This is so like she's all over the road with this these guys are great wow aren't as you're put together hunter Rio suite of kitchen in Long Beach, California I gotta go I wanna I think I get my wife to go there who okay Joseph Cyril restaurants open 24 semi you're stealing the one item from every restaurant so will we be serving for for breakfast whoa you Reese during for a luncheon will you serve for dinner well definitely here's what's on the menu okay what's under -- -- on the menu is to shake from in and out that's on the menu hold the other shakes or a delicious I think I would go and frosty. I try to listen there's no reason why you can't have a front as the front blizzard really you know not a chic yes I have both okay I see that I hope they shake. She's right all right so we have a two mocha shake and a Vanilla in and out and then it's chocolate and strawberry merely did smoke and I love you as just focusing on the desserts. Yeah started it I know he had strawberries from Dick I'll never in this economy and have pandemic kernels for breakfast. I guess that even dominate like we have both pull for French Fries where would you get your Fries for somebody from Mickey's Dex doesn't say McDonald's picks on you yeah I know you my existing Verizon that's not my favorite thing ticked off I like them soggy increases. How can go to the front like my women thought. Last hour. Graham what do you put on this idea of all I would have to go way C double oil isn't an accord on double stack from Wendy's. OK I like that one is solid Bernard good all the time of our delegates must be an ever barbies some chick filet right women had to release number everything. Yeah Al yeah I don't according to. Perfect meet combined ratio she's right about that movie has can't forget Dion speeds are so. A brand New Mexico. I'm sad I hope that states deceased and you were not even opening the restaurant in New Mexico idea why it's gonna be there kids Canadiens beat those trees Chilean New Mexico has officially been ousted from our government Texas says it's already called a food court and you can find momentum all. We are good I if I didn't. What is his food court they speak and I know I know nothing about I guess a question Gloria. Good hearted people and to use facts to route nine lives then there's a question for you this one I don't think mr. smarty pants on. Tex lines he can't. What derived Cassel. And his self he stick have in common they're both he found in the food court that's what Pia. But so are you at 948 on the rock. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. And gain yards. What do. Ryan Katz told. SE did Kevin come. Too busy taking pictures myself basic answer that question because this is trying castle hey Ryan. I'm here but I am. So he's MIA. What happened around castle who not added that he saw him earlier he's probably open all year that happens usually sell for six to prove to all that's a beautiful thing. Well Larry you know very slow today doesn't understand that he's he's laid off OK okay. We've proved we must do announced a high level stuff back there I laughter. Co anchor we answered Korea a good what wasn't all it was I don't think you can bend me over your needs yeah there you got a good one that's you want to get your phone and it down and one. Like Datsyuk and I'm Colin a lot of both he's feisty hockey team after a win cloture because of the soft snow okay maybe we should get one armed oracle were like I could stand then apparently. Steve uses go to get the best nude pictures okay. You really got to get like that up and over hagel yeah it's very it's slamming them and you're the element really knows how to do that form and Langston. BlueLinx remains. Well Sierra kid that fights off an evil clown how does he do it by beating him up with a self please stick my three. We still do stupid cause for other people thought we ask that you put on paper I got a warning to all. People dressing up as it for any kind of cloud annualized any kind of comic page. We'll trying to get you can get attack could just understand that you might get attacked my soul because you're scaring them. Yeah I mean dressing up as one thing but chasing people around and trying to be terrified it's completely another. By the right people are charred car getting their their comeuppance especially when they're jumping out of bushes and grabbing exactly and that's why you should get beat to death by an eleven year old little selfish today came. We will not 100 no clown who love that's we call. You know what distill search into the calm but we have our own cloud right out there they. He's just okay thanks for Scott it's all good effort city and watch this show brings a great stuff Jessica thank you buddy and I rank castle he's got to drop back. He. I can't believe that came home. My mom banging nationalization hello okay. Did you know they were swimmers into them on the phone why oh you're oh that's OK okay now. Bring somebody over anything like that might there then re like a few years they feel like another car and drive what I'd like. How do you do yeah. Who's played poker it's you're a veteran who has. Nine point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a listener and I leave things offer for bankruptcy like my car. You have to list all your assets and creditors are your file bankruptcy. So you're finally did you went out and tell the court and the trustee that you have a car or that you have a car loan you could. Say that I wanna keep my car and continue to make my payments on the car. But here's the court Wilmington notice you have a car and then you believe you may have a payment on the car so my leaving an option bankruptcy. You if you mean that you can not disclosing the record cancer that is now he must disclose or however that does not usually lose those assets. You'll be able to keep things like your current house and almost all cases but you must disclose them to the course. When you don't need to continue to make payments on how circle it's you can keep thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time. I had to choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.