BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-19-17-6A: A 112 year old woman say her secret to life is not drinking coffee.

Thursday, October 19th

News and sports. Today is dress like a dork day. A man was arrested for taking a naked stroll. A semi spilled a bunch of apples on a pass.

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Oh is that so now I'm not gonna limit apparently because I'm doing what this woman Lucy says I shouldn't be doing okay Lucy's a 112 years old to celebrate her birthday. Eighth oldest person in the United States. Whatever the other seven I think once you get fed the Iraqi mission that's very important I don't understand birthday that yeah I guess still though in Auburn Hills had birthdays right I'm sure we talked about them too I like these because it's always. He gives an opportune to find out what the secret to their longevity is other you know like this one okay I know you're not going this one I semi don't like this one. She says her secrets. Is that she never drinks confident. My nine. I never heard during com safe. I drink milk but I still like we're seeing a nice play to one. We'll tell everybody who's your favorite is we know it's Marty I'm G-8. Truthful. Home minding. I listened city and hearing today. And my Iranian island home. I'll Marty hello Marty go home minding. I heard today at home minding. Yeah Marty Marty says he's a DJ in Pittsburgh. Oh and he's got a radio show and so I'm by each keeping her alive no coffee and Marty Griffin. Well mind. On the kind of show Marty does that appeals to. 112 year old and that's a really good question. If I relates to the pitches like this over the top crew DJ Eric coming up next spank me Tuesday yeah I think got to be great still minding. Excuse Lucy young got an edit does vicariously living through other coffee drinkers inspectors. Yeah well they that's the secrecy of you to give up coffee now all right you know but I can't. No limit on the twelfth can you give a call for Williams and a lot of cost I don't drink a lot of coffee and a Danny's coffee guy yeah yet. Keep your coffee don't use committee mile 212 I'm good now that it's legal speed ILO I see it I see it in our industry. I I run high on my I I'm jacked up and everybody else has to have coffee in order to I guess operate. At the same level I do I see it all the entertainment and business that's what cocaine was so big in in the eighties with stand up comedy of you you had to be jacked up to go on that stage. I don't know that necessarily jacks me up RE it's just there's the routine of it I like that show to work first thing I so you don't think it really gives you a little energy. Do that don't really think somehow I got me I don't think read polls I drink rule any kind of energy drew do you think and it just keeps you normal. Your house like it like you can Camellia drug and do you need just so you like normal but I wonder man make him a lot of I personally don't think caffeine headache if I don't have it I really hated it all boils down to I just enjoyed the process of making a couple coffee. Sitting down having now Warner Music could be hot cocoa frying now who. Does some pretty area home minding. And then there's less Khobar and if it's this same for me they're like I think it's more of a placebo effect for me because I can drink a cup of coffee before I go to bed and sleep. That really I don't have a cup of coffee and yeah day out of that whenever I can never do that yeah I'm until they go what actually I for a minute those five hour energy drinks would. Those who I would feel those who are now much the point where I I don't you feel close to Hamdoon. Now I am just tired all the time man the county together is that private normal people do it does have an effective I got the normal amount of sleep maybe about a couple copy I would feel good and I'm just so tired out a notice why maybe you have something every day it's your body doesn't just do it yet. Yes so I if you do it every day I would imagine and I get mad jolts like I get when I when I have like every Thursday today's Thursday so. I have coffee enters his attitude on Fridays to sometimes it's a travel day and I wanna be on a plane haven't used the bathroom every five seconds. So all of your busy travel day so Thursday's coffee Thursday's yeah Friday's jobless Thursday's topic there's I just thank me Tuesday's yeah. Coffee out Thursday's Segui Mondays but again I just in my you know I wasn't in the right mood on Mondays for spank them now we are Marty Monday's home minding. It. Yeah Marty everybody keep her company that's it Mickey you drink coffee. Thumb a little bit but only it's kind of make me normal just to kind of waking up not working he and I IE and K don't mind me. Clooney. That's it right there. Sees he's got the copy that kind of comedy doesn't come out of Stephen ACS is copy and is very true yeah this cop make plantations and I start drinking coffee for a week last year and it felt like the worst week. Long a week long hang over you by any exact copy of being normal. We'll see that's I look we loaded it into this this no surprise that Starbucks is is used as it is here yeah I mean we've got the gray. Damaging it's it can be morose and a lot of people love this weather but he can make you pretty low and I think the coffee keeps people from realizing how low this weather can make you think you tire man yeah under his authority being night driving in today with a range as high as hunting and act most like I take him now while driving is frowned upon a whiz yeah obsessed. By just CI it's like blade runner I just what's the blade room yesterday and in this weather is just like it's just a constant rain and low Manchester memo lays the new move you into a new blade runner alliger yesterday. I'll talk about a little since. I guess I don't know how this played no surprise you do yeah. All right good fair enough I've quickly become Harrison Ford then because of all in her presentation at Harrison Ford is the man. And I like him in this one too. Are we had talked about this man who got arrested why well he he was just take a walk and kids got arrested Steagall tell anybody's got news for you at 617. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. I'm nine point nine okay I'll ask don't you know Iraq. I'm Seattle well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well maybe can't even pronounce bullets and this is news with Steve makes. Thanks guys they scored that serious news and sports and happy. Dressed like that Doris Day yeah that's me that's right. So I can say about it right now maybe birdie guys. So now Jessica Sorkin beef. Channel your inner. Now everybody does these days I mean Nidal you know hamsters and everybody I think just like George really sometimes I feel that way. Yeah I don't know how intentional it is red. I think at some point we're all dressing like drugs in his system as an analyst. Fashion is different and others I remember a time where if you had any kind of pattern on your socks you were a loser oriental. Our men they ridiculed the hell are you now on the soccer game is amazing home patent on this office is not my world. I haven't played the Sox game I noticed that. Well first before you because it's not a game says it's just fashion choice we call decide you know I know let's look like you're sought to be as strong as I did not speak like that. Oh man wow but I like you're sure exceed your shirt game Israel struck fast music team it's. I appreciate your life did for the night game do you have a blow by some high certainty yet you have a big shared game going on what I you know you're marrying you are doing what I do business and who's winning you're winning when you have thousands of sharks like you do we have. Tons T shirts that's a sure game I didn't have the right. I realize that I must have broad. Feed it's noticeable how much of a certain thing I have because normally gamers can cause certain things you're in the short game whether you like it or not and are big big big boss here is stationed. I was in the already thinking man. Doesn't cool shirts yeah I'm like damn I wasn't real happy about this afternoon at the facilities that may play a T shirt games that get me. So that we ought to be a part of this world it's. All about this guy instead he got arrested for going on a stroll. Here's the problem when you wanna go on a stroll he should probably put some clothes on all the way to Manny and big game who are you able. All right disguise my dad nephew's arrest for walking me came along a city street. I guess he just drove before witnesses started videotaping him yeah and making comments about his appearance they had over the Houston police have been charged him with indecent exposure. Game give them any explanation as to why you made did but eventually he did admit that he just wanted to have his mental game be stronger. Just wonderful game again. What this driver of the semi truck he lost control and you still below the parked along bluish cast. That's another Wenatchee area this morning yeah I know it's only a place like. People go to like McDowell yeah you gonna go to blew it paths you know I'd like continuous fluid tests just point your fluid game to be strong very strong. And doubt while I guess is I'm not the reason why he would is. Not necessarily paying attention oh yeah he was doing some things that led to the reason why you lost control spilled the loaded Clark. It's IJ was given how. Was not getting now while Danny getting drunk not getting drunk Snooki. I get it on himself not getting always help remedy gases. And I yet about their emergency knows all right so maybe what he was doing would lead to a bathroom emergency would not any food related write you a meeting at Chicago. Although I kind figured out strong Mickey was right after all. Okay here's the crazy part it's the second time this week got a semi crash in spill could slow down fluid that are meaningful. You can yeah you gotta be careful with the lowdown good pacifier is hard to keep your load together and really tell you I mean yeah it's my best popular on Monday somebody off. Spilled 56000. Pound load of apples on the good pass oh yeah I heard that story may and now now get far. Just wow congratulations Seattle they just released an annual list of the most threatened best season America happy. Seattle dividend number and I. See you back. How come no Mercer Island good college try my I know that this is like brag city or Baghdad before and has had to put back in the day. Seattle had a lot of big rat if you win now the fire's gonna create a lot of water around us men and never see any red. I just. Remnants of around nearby lake 88 a loaf of bread and establish a while. Yeah I say Downey high stakes and Brad young Luther Burbank park every once in awhile think that is not a girl that is not a funny. Later alligator in and around that's our act. Well number one Chicago. Yeah I can hear him over there. Third time around Chicago took the top spot New York is number two and LA at number three Chicago should be little embarrassed because there are not as big city area as new York and LA yeah initial thought Iraq. Populous dot com to get a list of the best fans from every state does is off to a good morning to really start Conley said Mississippi and this is. Not since we have your grandparents data we considered it's also because of the historical significance of influence popularity and quote unquote quality. Now for instance I'm in California the Beach Boys they could get picked up Florida. Tom Petty and heart breakers okay Minnesota no surprise prince in the revolution you know Nevada as the killer's New Jersey. Springsteen any guesses on. Who they picked as the top. Band and the Washington State. Mean if it's not your mom I'll be surprised how well you'll be surprised at San wow and XPS. That's friendly well Jim it's I don't know well wait a well I guess I mean is Hendrix I Hendrix considered from here. He's not again. Yeah it's getting thome who did it more of these and only groups I mean Jimi Hendrix Experience is a fan I agree thank god you're wrong anyway Todd Anderson while. Dickey hurled him. I would like that in case of wearing this shirt for my short game is strong and I would argue with pearl can be considered except that I think you're wrong first big fat. It's got to be bruiser morrow beat. Yes then gets right my sand philosophy and an amazing and it started out when you are to be given a nod hello this is insane. And I like this then I mean I am from the jet fan of his head I think it's in scene of all the bands. That have come out of the northwest and they went way. Slater can. I carry my Amman Portland Oregon for some reason no they're from Olympia. What's a nice not very you know from Carrie Brownstein and all that but still it's home and I can't believe they're number one I'd get you wanna be. Captain Poole can stab a better stronger tools and games. No Slater he's it is like today's a great fan I'm like a lot of records but they are not the best system out of Washington now I don't know if that's up for debate. Bettis that's so yes you're right yeah that's a captain who passed. Captain yeah you're right and they feel like you said nothing against that Daniel row third night Tampa. Still all man not that. Fast pace began music real plumber especially for all our friends up north. We've talked about Gordon Downey before they've moved as we knew diagnosing brain cancer usually singer and frontman of the tragically hello yeah. Didn't cite you one last tour and have one final show it was such a big deal in Canada that was broadcast on their major networks the sponsors. Com and unfortunately I need to ease he lost his battle with terminal brain brain cancer and passed away after the age of just 53 just devastating night. It's as if anyone who's had any kind of experience with the guy has nothing but great things to say you truly. Wore his love for Canada on his sleeve in the lyrics at Heathrow. I mean yeah everybody candidates seem to love I always tell us like compared to like it's like. Tragically the wife of pro game of Canada but I think that's. That's even close to them the importance that the Tragically Hip work choose the people's candidate who's an obsession of brass band there the biggest fans. And I mean the prime minister was tired from talking about this I heard about that this really really unfortunate number. Still very much guys got to see those guys back when not to put out there fully completely trusted colleagues automatic Jim and hormones it's like. People and I remember of course it's the way that he got all of us to get closer to the stage. If you want if you could get more and stop at handing out dollar bills like restrict first which uses a mix your brain had solemn and and you can a couple of songs. The place is just going bonkers it was a blast. Because that's such a sad news about out of court dominate the world about baseball yankees shut out the Astros five nothing's won their third in a row now have a three to leave. Game six against the Astros that is tomorrow and other cubs held undefeated Dodgers needed to them. They shot they still make it happen game five of that one because now it's talk. Three once you. Thank game is at 5 PM on CBS is watching today and as far as where the 56 degrees and raining and I think YouTube cartoons for giving us news and sports. They go buddy yeah. So how about those yankees man cheats. They did is they just keep pitching an honor and a number one offense in the American League in those guys can't do a thing and Yankee pitching I don't know who would have thought that. That's nuts and I love your Joseph Maddon of the comes gets kicked out he was right. Oh he was right the empire c'mon Sid yeah I was wrong and he got kicked out of the game that's rare and umpires actually gonna. I'll replay showed you Helio what what you see replay you can hide from and that's what I still feel those guys sometimes a sort of most stubborn jackass is in the world eEye yeah you know I can't argue with you sometimes I look at some of those on some think why you know your power mad idiot but. Follies the empty can monsignor was wrong. And did luckily the cubs won because you know it's. Granted the manager finds a way to be able to still managed a game you know he's kicked out of the game you know there's texting and who knows an LC to dude it's all there in the wrestling guy's bench what to do but. I would have been so as a cubs fan EC guy gets thrown out he's right you mean like what is everybody gets us in this series right. But aren't they go out another game tonight we'll see if they get some Yankee magic can keep it going. Now god text now about thought that the realists the best bids from each state bless yeah I won't resist the holes later Kenny. It's a very soon I mean they are another thing you know there aren't a super mean shoot and then yeah maybe now you know they're playing anymore I think they broke up awhile ago I mean sometimes it might get back together but I don't recall recently. But it presents later to any claim hipster take it wasn't for poor land either through those people wouldn't even know who Slater communities and that's a very good point. That's a foreign land near death brought more attention to that Dan because the Carrie Brownstein like I it's fun because you nor as an actress annoys the front person of a slender Kenny. Yeah and that's and I am and I've now discovered her and that reform and a musical form because of you tell me about that and dom. Yeah I you know it's I just wanna know the criteria is I hear the you know here's prince there's going to be a Slater can be like brand in Minnesota. Right right yeah I mean so ideally inference was a gigantic success. Look here's what it says the rules of chemistry forward are primarily based from the state. And it says only groups on individual artists. And they'd be there are simply not our favorite bands consider historical significance influence popularity equality. The historical significance of Slater can he's not a huge when I can we always hear when they were popular now we Cigna outs a great record but it didn't change the world and might have made a lot of people Washington happy. Did it did they come before after Nirvana. A laughter well what the hell are they talking about yeah. What are you talking about if they can't perform a mom I would say all right maybe they were influences their I don't know about the I don't know where they would be coming to bans are very different but. Still and then prince isn't a big and I know we have the revolution but it's basically just princess that's how they got around that by during in the revolution to me get a bands are they see this is dead pacers a ninety more Slater Kenny so we all come on yeah I mean the whole the whole Seattle some movement was we know in full gear pretty much. There was 94 in 2006 and apparently they had 24 Timmy got back together in any system to present day I haven't heard about them playing in times recently by CE. Apparently they released stay their first live album now back in January of this year south but I was recorded back into when he fifteen. And I'm not trying to Dupuis letter case not their fault that this this website pick him as the best bent out of value if you had to pick the I mean I. How do you now go with the debate for. I know there's other great fans and I know there's a lot of them are great arguments and bandits Jimmie to somebody gripping and I mean when it comes down to it. The Kansas for big story historical significance influence I mean you not pick between Pearl Jam Nirvana sound garden browse and change. And a few good think about old school if you wanna talk about influences how do you not look at Andrew wood and go well that's the pick I make the mother love bone is it incredible math but I about a man you know what I mean if you're looking for like okay who started some thing. A lot of people credit mother love all right that that they had a bit of strongly influenced MEI you dead at that point you go back even further with heart I mean you could go back you know I mean now that's a good point I think heart he deserves to be up there more so the Slater Kinnear right. Mean historical significance influence popularity in equality. I would be OK with any of the big four. Yes you know what that did those also politics. May meet personally I would probably only Pearl Jam but that's because that my love for Pearl Jam is is just another level. Even though I love the other three Ben is there anybody that's that obscure does that mean Tom Petty. And Bruce Springsteen is on a list right yeah. All gigantic successes so hot you outcasts in Georgia now that's that's very popular rap group earth wind and fire in Illinois a Jackson 5 and yet these are all fans we know Kentucky as are My Morning Jacket I get back to an anomaly guys coming out of Kentucky and mom and dad it's very popular okay. New York although I gotta say also I mean television isn't and a well home. Currency well known but I know people know of television but I I would have thrown their hormones before television. I don't know television geared I have no matter who they are all yes you know I was this he might know if you heard of you probably wouldn't but there are. I am I as a college try to live music geek when I was going in college radio and did they were tallied one of the early. Forefathers of that SoundBite of REM Zhang Li. Mario I don't even know yes Tony I mean nothing name anyway I don't know the name you may be I would recognize the song but Baghdad that has to say something doesn't it when you don't even know the god damn stand. It's weird alien and China have like the couples like those cred ex yeah and New York is big of a state is that is he I use it to York's a big state is a lot of great music. I mean who and what I can think of one back not a buffalo Goo Goo Dolls that I know more than television not there and influence but I mean this a lot they can I have your state they say they consider to be influence on the development of punk and alternative music. You are early seventies band. OK I know I I I know who they are. I've heard their music but I would not even go out and if you Sydney ebitda of five biggest bands to come out of our defy most important as my New York it would be enough could they give Massachusetts stooges they had a list I don't have done here on my job. It was say Aerosmith I would argue their cars because they tell you not have to be Boston you gotta get it to demand that has a name. But you know what Boston was a revolutionary Femi for a bit and it didn't do a whole lot as far as who's losing albums. They are pretty amazing iconic Iran mighty mighty Boston should be from they health that's at. Yet drop kick Murphy is there I think you're right I would I would definitely thought about when lomb. Harris Smith has been the top embarrassment wouldn't be a bad answer either to pick Caesar from Matt fair to PCs that's their choice for master are you kidding me. I'm OK without one I'm not okay what I want to influence their products. Would imagine against the pixie spike cheeses I mean. We just named all the other bands that came out of box how do you not give it to Boston I mean the guy did everything himself talk about like you know being able to do digital stuff and all that right I mean that was revolutionary for what. Became especially with the eighty sound and everybody was using that stuff and synthesizers and and any man okay. I feel it is. Let's I wanna see what they're barbie's about DOS later Kenny that made them pay them because they have little blurb about every band that's cost us of course Washington we have to be on with the bottom then there's that. All right so McKinney. They say it's of the many micro is ours grudge for the most often associated with the lazy cliche that the grey skies got don't have should just reading this. Watch as those of us despair how do you explain defiant howl of Slater Kenny. And indeed count them with the Olympia scene with Bikini Kill track will be among the other groups arm. Yet this is I'd add I don't understand don't you really good reason again and it seems it just wanted to stay away from Greenwich. Which how do you stay away from which pretty much was a gigantic movement that started here. And created an amazing sound that everybody loved across the country knew what has anything else been done that way. From Washington State now how do you just poo poo all over that I just I join you look at like ninety's error rock music. There's not another. Place that had. Like their city or they're state had a signature sound manner and in Seattle slash Washington yeah definitely. And you just you Q are you OK I hate lists. You know that's a big deal for Nia and I mean I'll like listen I hate list Jackson's it is no doubt about it yeah I just would have guessed if you told me that this listeners out there I would just assume a deal which one of the Ford did they pick you exactly. And because look. With you gonna give it to the Beach Boys which I know a lot of stuff sky California because they have a sound it's the same damn reason. The Beach Boys created the surf sound even though there are other people who even did it before them but they're the ones that. Cattle lysine Tyre serve seemed. And I get it I think that the data that that that put California on the map yeah and then of course they were battling back and forth Brian Wilson in The Beatles trying to be the cause. Then I mean that makes sense to me the Beach Boys deserve it for the same reason I think that this Seattle some one of those big four deserve it I did presence in New York Beastie Boys. So I can't I would I would call no I would I would be very happy stated that they bridge rap and rock yeah yeah ID no doubt about it he writes I totally forgot about Beastie Boys they deserve it I think that's a that's a better called on television even Zach pedigree and watching bits most influential in the Sonics and and it got out of an OK with that if I do if you wanted to go deep and go they come to know priority early. Rock bands or how king's men another person says tell you not go with the historical significance of the kings and Louie Louie. Yes you wanna go that deep that's true yeah that's I mean she's Louie Louie still lives on. And did it lists and an entry and and people are overly hip yeah. All right so yesterday Steve. He did get this one Ron Paul I Timothy Q my house is it scared her for what Disney movie Aladdin now and satisfied. On its. The news Asia now are I'm Debbie does. Jimmy he's Q amounts to wow you know how pays 10-Q. 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