BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-19-17-7A: Tell us about the last time you embarrassed yourself?

Thursday, October 19th

Beat Migs. 75% of people embarrass themselves once a week. Luke warm topic. 


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Just a few days away gather Saturday and Sunday at center field events center if you're looking for something to do this weekend. There's a lot to do a G two. All ma'am Havana's recent they'd try to like permanent nerve guns it was a lot of fun that was made I don't watch on FaceBook on Jason's FaceBook page bunch of us greatly that. They're national nerves are gone now with a glass I look forward to joining us that again this week so much going on drone races all dude one TD did you all access to play everything. It's interactive it's hands on this entertainment and you don't just watching you play you. You want info. You want more info you know what to go there I just say again info I did well you know what I mean tickets info it's all good place. GE two dot line that's a letter G the letter even average two GE two dot lives. Mean there. Yeah. Games email. It's also not good turnout. We learn names. Are. Oh. Friday he is an ocean about why it's happening on all. Last night I was talking with my wife for the good stuff guys. You guys don't talk now is purely really youth and I was just finding out that day like today like he was Friday night. You know it's going to be Thursday right Farrow. News the saddest moments of Michael sicker and sicker. These are my aunts or my GE two priests on by gaming today boom. Yeah casino G twos this weekend adding it has AZ so. I'm excited for that be awesome dude I'm so let's once started today today tomorrow and then Saturday it's happened and why now what kind of -- stronger look at gaming are you doing how we're -- liquid and a horror themed game so a lot of worth seeing games yeah I'm very nice parents Aurora boy or know or like hello community like the morning radio personality in town has that mark my president the league of extraordinary gamers who else. Wow we got his game to play right now let's get to Bryant into wallet to take on Steve Bryan are you there sir. Well it's what's the point four today Steve readies plan for parity suggest T mercy watched benefits and that's happening over a Mattie hall in Everett on Saturday November 11. Hi good KI SW dot com for all the details if you want tickets are available now brown paper tickets dot com. Our Steve. But those playing at home Brian will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Brian you can pass all you want but you'll only get a three guesses per question. Are you ready for. Yeah let's do it what's the name of the little boy who discover. Where's the wild things are. It out to ignore safety and Alpine are all types of what animals. Ridiculous things Cora saint Jean in how old time in our all types of what animal. Now how many sides does things at drug gonna happen. I know. Well analyst. Clemens now what year nearly 2000 still need forward move means a ring come out yeah. Oh or else. Two dozen streets now it's done and I now what is the need alcohol makes blacks why she tends. They now. And now next month to ask ray Combs was once the host of which game show. Love salmon didn't yet as to what is the heaviest internal organ in the human body and it's easy and now. The easy part now. Let her dad nice three tracks. Let's not from Jack I don't I don't produce eight. I don't know I try to make other questions harder. Yeah no yet there are fortunately it's like I'm trying to make an entrance stump Steve here comes the beat everybody I would've done so well on this today than I did not we'll see you go to BC but I might many of pyrite in the hands of Steve got a huge fight right I guess Soledad are your day. What's the name of the little boy who discovers where the wild things are spooked now perhaps it's. A news in my case dentist now days it's Danny is now and north saint Jean and Alpine are all types of one animal. Don't ask ask how many besides Disney textured gone past. Tanks it's now time to let us know yeah fifteen now totals what you hear in the early two thousands Disney's horror movie the ring come out to young ones now to thousands and thousands. 2000. Do you as what teenage alcohol until I crash didn't cause that would be easy podcast yeah as a race totals once the host of which game Shelton survey sites. Family views asks what is the heaviest internal organ in the human body that's for your tongue over. Little the Sonics know. Did you. Now that's what he's he's he's bought what baseball hall of Famer was nickname hammer entertains thanks guarantee as to what south American countries home to meet Angel falls this. Now. South American mentality. South of my America there's 10345. You weigh in five didn't grasp. Our Brian year or. This camera and I didn't realize a grinding it many questions because I got fidelity got more right it's easy to get them anything yet yet you get to hammer. Yeah no I would've gotten that I would have got to go so I thought I was cat pandora cat I've heard of I dating his what. Maybe guest goats yet I was oh hold that job might Internet fainting I'm an offer anything outside Laramie and you have casinos now oh my gosh you got to look them up online there are made his funniest thing today is they get scared in their natural reaction is to face follow over nearly a little stiff at all like a goat. Yeah that's true hey you toll pass out and fall over and corrects that so I go an impression on the agreement wrestling in the fainting goats do you maybe that's it. And here it is your city street just follow Vernal we've fallen your opponent and ask how I. That's amazing by the heaviest internal organ in the human body is the liver here we're trying to correct. Which south American countries home to Angel falls. I don't do interior room watching those things I've no idea it's Minnesota yeah offense went back out she says it the way how. There are four sides to eight take her god and and has the name of the little boy who discovered where the wild things are. Four X its Macs now Orton were not heard all Macs that's right do you miss. I do. Congratulations Steve yes he sounds easier watching the thinking goes yeah you're also not occur protect. Poor things. I feel their pain. Well let you have that they they they get right out view you take awhile nasty weather in your bedroom that's true this tournament a bar yeah. Our so call Arafat was if I write yet SO caller five guess what your check announced Jeff team pursue much benefit show. At Matty hall on every color 5206421. Rock caller number five. OK can we can we not watch how these videos or don't show your people. Yeah I didn't go to jail go showed great that's something that you see in the country yeah I don't think we need to Tijuana. All right well while you're doing now let me just tell people let's we got a stat your 75% of people embarrass themselves once a week. Why is the top way to beat Hewitt. I'll tell you at 717. On the Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 K I guess W all the. And 99.9. KI SW the rocks of Seattle. New research finds that pretty much three quarters of us. Now it's. Time we endure an embarrassing moment at least once a week at least according to people in the study it's. Being clumsy and dropping things are the most common. Source of embarrassment for the average person hop he's ripping ass on this list yes good today yesterday completely embarrassed myself you're where did you really. I sometimes forget that I work with people and eight I just kind of become a cave man yeah I was going to the bathroom. Not to do anything of this you know number one and all I want you need to know. I just live my life got our. And you know listen here dude really let me use another. Guy who embodies with here Vanilla. We could have been very embarrassed he was make a salesperson and our general manager leader in the bathroom. No all of my way I just wanted to proclaim I was on my way I guess I don't I don't applauding wow all. I think it was I don't do we have to be a jerk or to be funny or anything it was just a natural instinct like I let my legs aren't. And no soul is what you're just I just jam somebody right behind the players. It really. Wow oh sorry yeah I'm an idiot she's at PF party is on the list it's appreciate it but a lot of folks find added a precursor to awkwardness. More than half let's say it's cause and huge embarrassment around family and friends. What's your rules and sometimes my starting role yes hi we try not to doing bad when the co workers behind. Desk good rule that's a good I need to start now following up on what you're doing when you're at the urinal. All I feel like all bets are off yeah sometimes they get Smart he read my comments back from whoever's I didn't do Euronext to me or the person who's in the stall. They wow whole lot of what we're in the bathroom I need to do it somewhere yeah I it's an interesting things so I think people believe there's only one place to do that that's install. Why you're sitting because you're right I've heard people gets must not tonight I've often thought okay that's allowed piece of action and have them but where else is he supposed to do. And a lot of times he got holy I feel like I'm holding an for a 23 hours of the day yeah that's a problem and when I'm about mom and doing number one. You know in order to finish I get a big one last push to make sure everything. Donald playing on this is a lot of info well and then also my guy can't hold inherent okay makes it only lose you flirted yeah like you never have. I think guys this is something about guys they dislike. They acknowledge it for some reason mode like whoa are hey nice out or something good why I don't mind the good ones canal right meg camera it's a good one yeah but yes you're in the bathroom look in the is Liz that's what you get him and I mean that's just what it isn't and that's what it's therefore. So I don't think people should give you a hard time for doing anybody in the bathroom is on his number one or number two related I appreciate that the German rules if you feel like I'm OK and American GI FBI the past is my standard yeah right right I don't like get a great but I know like the bathroom and general like I hope that nobody's in there when I'm in there because it's horrible Conan having a share all of the all the wonderful funk that -- has what it just kind of it's a necessary evil this is nothing else you can do. Yes so that's that's definitely unless so that's why we we think Heyman mass. I'm. What what do you find it's embarrassing for you because the looks like pretty much all of us some really 175% of us embarrass themselves. At least once a week how about you it's also the last time that you embarrass yourself. Game 206421. Rock Texas and 77999. What's the last time you embarrass yourself and tells about that he calls and text at Temple of the Dog on Iraq. And makes more news on the rock 99.9 KI DS don't you. Nine point nine. SW the rock of Seattle. 75% of people embarrassed. Cells once so we what about you. Tells of a the last time you embarrass yourself to a 6421 rocky can also text as it's 77999. Thanks to come in BJ this person serves as good. Politics Arizona triple murderers are talking and a terrible mom blurred that just stuck in talent to scandal that's a tough one for people had a buddy that was that way and I felt so bad from cousy Stoddard. And yet you know man I give him credit he's still try to get out there make it happen this is you know and high school yeah and where we're all you know it was Justine you get tormented for any reason and high school in the sport dude man. Numbers that we're that I we're gonna parts store in our standing in front of a group of customers and co worker Mimi laughed pretty hard and Eric to good ones. Oh yeah always a good one I think we can all agree even sometimes it happens when you're not load funds. When your credit cards is declining yeah. You know you're in line had a good grocery store had to happen this one not anymore with Dow had a hardware like the reader wouldn't always work. They took out at night put plastic bag around it was at those we that we adequately the bags back in the day when you can get a plastic bag at a grocery stores all Yahoo! does that help us hundred years in the old days back when I was a kid graduate plastic static but has not some more. Yeah especially you have another card on you you legislate. And you always give the same response do I know there's money on here. Hey there is no money I got to the broke college here and I did it definitely a lot of money you know looked like our estimate of 300 dollars yeah then that nobody believes Jeff and it sucks when you know you do you site. He diagnosis I know as a lot of money on air because I rarely uses guard bad. You don't believe media on this one. My company just had a reorganization yesterday I was uncomfortable talking in my new VP and I spoke in a very strange voice I had no idea where it came from or why I did it. Yeah I do I it's amazing I've seen people. There was somebody wanted to write a book for me. And they are really they were very good and so I thought this is awesome this will be no brainer but I whenever I don't think this is wise I always bring it to Paul Anderson agent to the stars yes because I make sure he gets everything because you know I aid we must make sure I'm doing stupid to ruin my career might work Steve thanks and I'm. I guess I brought this person again. And Mike can hide they've failed so badly they couldn't speak. They were saying stupid things. I and end it it was it was just an MA and like that lately it's just such a and this and this vs IR I feel so badly I sucked and yeah you kind of did I go. There's no way he's gonna improve your writing anything for me I know what the hell happened you and I got an idea just it was like the biggest meeting was a part of a member of red people meet before they just let me write for the might go well it's not hours over here in real time you know you. You got to prove yourself to the powers that be. Oh yeah man it's people choke when they're nervous like that happens if there's something that I your comfort zone that I've I would love to have her that weird voice to that person. Pat yeah you VP yeah that would be awesome IUD ready got to do now is always talking that weird voice and it's not a weird voice yeah that's the pressure what it was like the red room kids you know from the shining right now. Yeah I love that's that's a good idea. And you are united now you're bound to that voice and he's easy to VP 206421 rocky can also Texas it's 77999. Mallory in Bellingham you Iran Iraq. Is Mallory I got to ask you man you weren't named after the Finley type show worry because I know I don't really hear Mallory much anymore. No my mom actually metadata is spelled my name is Al taught all your Britney. You are going to be a brittney and then she met him Mallory baby I think he won that deal. I think they're yeah I like adding Mallory is cool name I never did pretty military bitch at him for its. Current Britney bitch now gala. And I don't care will pop act some Daria yeah what's well how are you embarrassed would you do. You know I. Anger on and well being Yangon dreary and. Auto plant. All right and a unit here your whole lot of singing your friend you and that is probably that Mallory can you do something better with your song because apparently always Royce forever and Howard is a well for us to sort of you know. I'd better yeah that's better sure. And then Qatar and Eileen Harrington really leery in the one hour Iranian and other documents about your crack back on the market. I had the status. In my day in my how did in my hands on my game you know really liberate the matter Greg grabbed they got warmed my and I can you didn't. There you duplicate key in the lake well. Appealing it and that's why really the parent like. And I really yeah they're really happy here is that in one of the bat and you're the only one that was built a lead but he kept him. So. I'm giving up off waving it like we are anywhere and everywhere and I hung out there that's been hit it out of my our men and hearing and didn't ground night in the handicap that they are ghost like and who. All that's homes and oh yes I hadn't thought about that. I am wrong. So she thought. What I want you can't worry and I just looking here and nothing else the they'd have Braylon and blue and dad down. Are we should all did said there was talk goes just ran right through me yeah. Does the effort to have it all over you like that that is an epic holy cow what happened to you. And a guy and that's a guy does. Yeah that's true I am that's right that's the show again here folks the S show I'm Mallory I love that that's oh man. Yahoo! you know I want to go to Ghana class did I just have in my count on here I don't know how to you know take a bus own somebody out. I'm done absolutely. To him due to a 642 in rocky you also Texas 77999. Tell us about the last time you embarrassed yourself. Can we do Vicki all right sure it actually happen this week we are doing with Alitalia. WE superstar yes. I went downstairs lobby to go pick her up and unlike. If you follow me enact them turning around to show where which direction you know I completely you ran into use some stranger. And I almost topple him over a she would have read initiated that gash she's like nothing like starting your day with again tackle but I was mortified. Used an old guy do you. So sorry Ernie you can. If you went down you dropped and now want him at that you don't love you forever permanent Ellen they're best friends for digger don't run. I have witnessed Vicki Vicki is as I honestly has no grace that you would expect in a woman. She is she like if she doesn't have that she doesn't mean she's just clumsy is all get out and I've I've seen it where you know like you know he's just say I've seen her just take spills drop things. It is pretty amazing she just doesn't seem to have whatever you expect a woman to have when it comes to be able to as gracefully move. We just funny because when I'm serving. I can carry ten fold last little water on like my left hand that's impressive walk around an entire restaurant like move maneuver around crowds no problem. Second but the trade down culture and like cover myself embryos funny. Eventually yeah yeah I have thought about that guy you worked in a restaurant I would ever hire you only because I just see how you are working my I'd never looked interesting so you never dropped anything I mean I'm not on average Null and like I have people looking at me when I do is load up a huge tray all the load up like three plates to an arm. And everyone's kind of hold their breath and I'll maneuver through crowds and excuse me nobody wants to moves off to squeeze by ams seal and all fairness happy I should get a megaphone yeah. It's going to resume their unique look at those floating place a must be superhero here man it is funny because led some in the nit pick you follow me with these plates and I'll do zip into the section they're like I had no idea where the hell you went. I can't see your remarks I would like to know what to as a zoo pin what is at least an industry. Oh yeah music then I don't think dupe like come a program. Can only see you can't do. I'm you can sooner you want to meet you right there right to meet test Darren OK good I'll. Joseph 642 on rock Texas 77999. Again. It's also the last time you embarrass yourself nor from port town losers when you sneeze or cough and odds as the giant piece of climbed his wife Betty about oh yeah I always hate that when you're talking NBA title spill yup she goes on its own space. Right are there. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I haven't seen a lot and and I talked with the food in my mouth and I've been told not to in life but now I'm the only because the fact he goes flying so I really naive veterans that this it's always photographer both people cause like I don't want them to feel bad dumb wiping their spill off my day I had split and then a series like this little of the face they get mortified and hundreds admitted to is good. The beginning had a whole complete whole pleaded notice hopefully and make leathery skinned and didn't feel it the but I did in and try to get off me then they felt terrible on its it's the worst from both parties embarrassment this is the thing man yet. But uncle Chris under a college I invite our existence is an embarrassment if there ever uses the big worry nurses. Is awesome alone will not trying to do that all right and in Dubai think actually has its roots in Latin Vickiel look at a pretty later I'm seeing some definitions and I. In urban dictionary see all set up salad Pablo when she wants to be right about something shall look stuff up and if we're Thomas of and the show we ask him questions she doesn't pay attention doesn't care to all yet. I've. On this. So I try to live my life with his little shame as possible I find it's a waste of my time. So it means getting embarrassed has to be a pretty big event I'm IE I mean this was ever in college and I he had was said trying to. Get the boy had no stars are trying to joke this girl and hey I was trying to press and I let down a flight of stairs I just about the way Eagles almost broke. And I had to be carried out thereby won my buddies like firemen carry. And I just because of that and it was super bears and everybody saw you're like hey girl look what I can do what you're running away from. I was trying to catch up to. And I was like guys coming off kind of weird pats lose a restraining order lifted a crowd out there was that's not impressing Mets stumbled. It was just she was going down the stairs and I was trying to catch up to work fast cash trying to get away from you I don't think so but I think after that she probably was well maybe. Damn news Wenzhou on this that yeah I really cracked a whole flight of stairs so muscle at night eight stairs is something our guys this was in college dorms like I can tell al-Qaeda only yesterday that the rise over the front ankles to job but they can't. Brown I can't play like a little kid and it was embarrassing because as big football player guy carried me. Oh that's awesome yeah you know so that. Once are about impressing the girl yeah zoo they are not sure he impressed with his strength. 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