BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-19-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, October 19th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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No but I see we're hearings the whole intern girl I did start so I always journalists you know. If you have an echo all right dot Amazon style you know you can listen just so used in the rock on you Rendell on your dog thank you mr. Questions like let's just tell me dirty joke. Nothing. Nothing at all how lax the only dirty joke it's. You know she can news that she can play the rock all you have to do save coalesce over 99.9 KI SW. It's now and then you can easily say ho left center Vijay and mix. You know about how much stuff my daily podcast to your friends and home. I'm. It's an. It's tonight's a man with a firm hand and apparently her eyes well you lose good Jaya silly dog gone you can learn how to download the KI SW skill. And check out what Alexa can do to help you stay connected. Went to Iraq. Wow. Names even game and diamonds are now learning K. My doctor Martin boy jumping. On Friday it's the right. Yankees all your energy on Friday as you you know it feels like Friday yeah yeah. It's not known it's really not try to break this very day. You thought I was flooded but I gave Cromartie you know I'd I'd I'd jump on G. Eat to a big gaming expo this weekend is going to be our sullen withdrawn racing virtual reality so much more rocket league board gaming I mean I don't ask ball you're going to be our gaming guy your butt off hands on maybe everything's hands on day yes I got the jump on I was on balls in people's faces all day Lula also carries a dark ball. I ask you now. Well let's get right to our we need god why do you guys think everything I say is wrong. Generally rounds and source data's. Yeah well we got taught in Tacoma to take on Steve Todd are you there sir. We are excellent what's he playing for today. Register for tickets to go Black Label Society they're gonna be at the shoebox owed on February 19 if you go to KI SW dot com from the details. If you want to get some likely will society you get him out a access dot com all right Steve gators have. The job. For those playing at home Todd will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Todd you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three S is her question. Are you ready. I'm learning about what's cooking fuel is produced by eating one without oxygen and. Who played Sarah Connor in the 84 film the terminator. Because. To limit its own debt I've tried it. And Blair knows it's all it. Also act. Fast superstitions is bracing games mirrors how many years of bad lot. Evans you ask what is need color of the Pokemon character clean fairies. As it includes a decade of the nineteen hundreds well over the first Winter Olympic Games title. Wanna use ads what do holiday is celebrated on December 26 in Canada yeah. Boxing today as well do you magically named government building is located in Arlington games. And asks which gaming system wasn't Super Mario Brothers three release aren't. Two birdies and no. No 1234 or five Kerr act I still like MS amounts don't. Yeah you can he's an ambulance on that linoleum like an excellent because that's six south. So we know did he yelled request or else I did not get all the questions like we should ask one more question I messed up its. I mean I mean seriously gonna do something that guy got passed over by media and he did get it over by your I think he yeah you should live with that. It's abnormally good again he's a member of the listeners the people that had helped right our checks and make our lives better exactly look what you did to them that's what I wanna fix it and you apparently wanna keep it that way soon I'll ask one more question don't read what sport did George Bush senior play Yale University. Gold you know I'm well Lisa B a shot yeah I feel bad about it. I gather here tonight a DJ feel better. Cheeses you know you like the most miserable creature on the planet cabinet making you miserable right now so. And as soon face Steve and I haven if you keep my religion is all I wanted on a news flash. I don't pray. Yeah this is shocking her to the new disaster movie should have read dying that would be the best lol I don't Muslim aggressive there are many I mean you should take that back but if you Dyson and how you are not just a movie. What if your real life she got all the hubbub party what do you think when a decision won't read on the story of the plates and everything my goodness. Hey Steve. Are you ready it's yeah RT Moore. Ice. So. Yeah it's. What Jeff glad to hear and what cooking fuel is produced by he would without oxygen. Cast. Smoking has no it's. Dirk didn't know who played Sarah Connor at least 84 film about an energy adds there's. Isn't that breaking Amir's how many years of bad why haven't yet as it's. What is the color of the Pokemon character tweets Clerides how he's talking now to move out. Greens are no threat no thanks ask Tara wall and it has been nineteen as I neighborhoods were Kirstie first Winter Olympic Games held to watch. In which decade of the nineteen hundreds was ready to attend and helped. Twenties he asks what holiday is celebrated on December 26 in Canada. That would be boxing day as well I don't know mattress police seized some government buildings is located in our pentagon yeah ask. Which gaming system was Super Mario Brothers three released on. Con game boy. We know it's super yes now are appalling news George. Bush senior play small university ask 123456. That's the one decider. You answered the posh. Sorry about that but it. I thought well it doesn't matter as us and Hamilton was your undoing I think you know. Yes sorry about Debra there goes Todd he knew Linda now Linda Blair I think he knew that that wasn't did either but yeah gaffe. We begin a bonus question because I kind of messed up we still didn't do that yet and yet he said golf for George will not see it I feel vindicated if so I think it had a shot and he just didn't get it definitely did have a shot eighty setup of Iran same back now I screwed it up as it costs very close very music clubs very Atkins and -- very I'm AJ and I say that like I got a raw gas Gary clearly got to write musical fairy yeah. Mean completion everybody knows plus various things yeah. Cleese very well you know that's all different view have put Ellis to have that pronunciation weird night. Thought I had written and I Brendan and I can't wait your turn make an excuse for the fact that you complete an idiot I Sammy does I'll be as this guy Rivera who ruined the the contestants chances doesn't need it doesn't mean you're not an idiot who doesn't mean you're not an a hole which cooking fuel is produced by heating would without oxygen and the smoking note charcoal ball. Yeah which cooking fuel yes Terkel was a cooking fuel OK would you or would you Cray representing and what cooking fuel is produced by heating would without oxygen. Oh you don't need oxygen to make charcoal work no no no. In order to create charcoal. You must heat would because charcoal is would turn what are yeah. Knew that if charcoal is charcoal man that was like for kids it was woods' first what is yet superheated apps. You know porous lacks solid consisting of bad words I can't say a form of car then obtain as a residue when would Boehner other organic matter is heated follow all. So I could do so with all you can do volunteer so one red wings some right is dead. You can use his bones and have a great party this freaking I like this plan now. I don't idiots are going to grab him and his bloated carcass near greats which gaming system wins these Super Mario Brothers three released on. I don't know probably one of them yeah. Thanks yeah and the Nintendo Entertainment System the original nearly any caveats the any Al toy and it's of Mario three yes so what do they have Steve did all three on that system yes I did this territory there like there's a button went backwards. The plot that's actually amazing I mean that they did 31. System it was pushing the technology to its limits at the very end of it but it did Kamal any ass I doubt I wouldn't have expected. Congratulations Steve he won with six correct hey Steve. They BJ cost six is a winner because you Black Label Society February 19 show much Soto called number six you've got a 206421. Rock. And it is now time for listeners on the loose where you get to pick a topic. You get to guide to show a 206421. Rocked text this at 77999. We got two calls we get attacks of 917 on Iraq. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle it's so listen there is on the loose. Proxy by GE use laser tag dodge ball and more this Saturday and Sunday. We're gonna beat their man. One more info you can use all hands on some sauce and go to GP two guidelines the liturgy the letter even number two GE Q dot live. This is on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show you'll remember that. When you're calling 206421 rock for when you're texting it's 77999. Whoever Steve I had. Rules for listeners on the loose is simple rule Vijay necessary some energy you bring an otherwise. And saying your mind boggling how familiar with simple rule 'cause we are simple people this how to keep it simple keep the simplest yet our conversation by united being so stupid to not realize rhetorical comes from Boyd. I don't I really didn't know what the hell charcoal was in my entire life I didn't know what the stuff was but I would never thought would. It's still have been exposed to in my entire life I did not know it came from word. Usually liquid looks like yellow brick piece to me you know they've even called forgets yep I didn't know man. Let's go to rob rob in Seattle you are on the rock. I need BJ hey rob welcome to the show. I guess one that played that fire starter movies he could get their long I would look far harder in the eighty's and ninety's. Am that you've had them the what is burning up. And we ran out of a percussion. So we had to eat staying still stinging. From the fire. And I will play at the worst protein and I've never had it's don't meet. All you icu and we ran out of rations you know I'd eat the dead roasted alive livestock face than to whatever the whatever was out there. It directly pray Swiss Tony Briscoe and tastes like. Exactly like it now well new oh and dude. It traps on the back of my true for each week so more can be he has a remedies that is you need to. There was horrible but I did like. They error there was good strong. You know all our CA fare as well man you don't worry it's not so well what are now that there's a new movie coming out I think it's only the brave about about these hot shots in a particular area of our country that to fight a fire I wonder if they're gonna get that right. This is of course wildfires are big in our news these days. What did they get wrong. Was it the food they show them eating something besides golf is that why are always other something Iran and he's firefighting movies. I have not seen now I see we're speak. To clean drops water on them yet but that. He doesn't feel good com. Somebody but they did get it right they they they showed that late in the movies you've seen them. Yeah in the Libby got this movie this movies coming out this weekend some not surprise haven't seen anyone but maybe it's one you won a seat to see if they get it right. Maybe. But I can't tell hot shots to ER. Be armed conflict crews and they were. They were even bad firefighters' side. Talk in the movie it'll it'll restart in the trailer rob it did make it sound that way that you know to be a hot shot you call on a con big crew which means makes his makes it sound like they're that they were in jail but it makes it. Do with the movie makes it sound like to be a hot shot you're a lot different then them then the second wave that goes in at least that's my government trailers had. Brought their pretty I will play it out robotic your Turk 182 when did you like it. I did see it. It's my favorites IE I'd like jet has left arm no skunk. It will be how does not stop. I had to at think it is about them all firefighting Luby's men. In what way you really goes through as a Trier. Yeah I'll I'll be honest with you I hadn't even thought about the fact that I appreciate the Colorado that if you run out of rations then you just eat the cooked animals from the fire that's. I mean skunks impairs I would never thought about that and you think that they put that in a movie. And bound volumes on this well yeah because you don't movies like you should be as realistic as possible that's an interesting thing you're not a food are let's go forage for bird animals I don't know like the skunk. The only news. I'm yet to be super hungry and I guess really I guess rob was going to be a squirrel either. Listen don't stink you asked is so cute. Success. I think when you're starving to death yeah I guess you're actually I don't enjoy the facts are and you're for it's not cute well that's debatable yet yeah. You pick a topic you guys to show its listeners on the loose at 206421. Rock. You can also Texas and 779990. Yeah we are more recalls mortgage tax at 933. On Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW hole. I quite nice they I had to give Iraq. Seattle as listeners on the loose. Do you think the topics you guys to show 206 fortune one rock Texas 77999. Let's go to nick can Centralia nick you are on the rock. Hello hi I cannot believe that I came home to two inches of water on our bedroom floor. When this is this happened at July didn't have been here while Dan so angry and restarted but the main reason why couldn't believe it used to do better the second time we've been flooded out of her apartment this here. 000. So this person above you yeah did something knocked. Well the first time lows on the jet back in January the person above us didn't understand that if you turn the bulk up on the sanctity opposition to walk off the blowing water one of the titans came at an attached underneath the sink. And they let it run for 45 minutes before it got turned off bloom and be out decadent. It turns out in July and blows strictly a malfunction from high yeah. Insurance can your insurance cover. Like I doubt we'll we had we had raiders insurance and yeah I'm big insurance companies back I mean not not as much as I thought that they look good we got a couple friends back from a good health and I guess we have all the hurricanes in the wild fires and everything. Devin got us back about 600 dollars still you've been about a month and a half now what I write you want to call them and didn't melded. Yeah man I just had an attitude that's I appreciate the call the one thing I've learned man if I'm ever ever ever do apartment living again as the top floor. Yes just so that I don't have that we worry about that yeah do now is an apartment manager are on their forget one time this guy. It is funny because he set it up so that he had candles in his bathroom on the toilet I write about like in the back right so he had to candles lit they weren't in any kind of glass kind of story like that they were just strip candles. Sitting on top of a bunch of magazine I'll know he didn't he left for I know he's handled melted down. And set fire to the magazine a you know magazines heated up the toilet so much on the flames to the toilet exploded are now more and flooded the entire for an idiot and flooded the dirty part of -- get a call from the guys that live below him he's a Heyman my whole apartments. Just did there's this feeling is slowly killing crazy induces. So long story short we feared allow bid if we find out from the firefighters that's what happened. Did you know deduction and and we told the guy hey man this is what happened and he was like what you guys. I I I you guys and cover the cost of the damage in my apartment roof mimic your immediate deadly Campbell's god what are you take argue on the eve. With candles going in your bathroom. Kind of moron I was a moron Lyle but he admitted that moment I thought the same thing on my I don't think I ever won a live on the bottom four. Ten dude. While. I also if you're a top floor you have to make sure there's an elevator because otherwise you're calling up a cup I couch I've done marries only read how to go help somebody move in there is no well leader. And that was not the heaviest freaking punishment only stories loses a parent type used you that there are huge like those are really really long staircases there's too long one so it's probably about what felt like four floors. Zaire claiming young person's game. He then you know I've manhunt walk downstairs snow a movie and I am they're like I will never move another thing again Gary and I decided that a lot before I got to this age. The moving game sucks I will save my money get movers. Because that's sucks even if you get help. You still have to be part of yourself pumped scares coming breaking like elites if I break something it's on me. And then if somebody else brazenly when he gonna do him Tom Forman tough for yet movers your life will be Sosa line if you go to the top four get movers and life. That's right and Danny Arab view avid Andy did you have vowed that the sex marriage. So things about you while you know you don't know what the hell you're talking about it really doesn't thoroughness cigarettes is us on the other lover's identity unisex parent I'm gonna Randy early dictionary but I before we get to the sex parrot. Possibly Texan said I accept and which are about embarrassing moments earlier this woman writes yes I actually sent a Wiener takes my mom. And also senate take me out. My guess imam and updates she used to know what it looks like. How's this of the sooners have towards my friend I said it's in my life you're meant to send it to his friend as some kind of like an obscene gesture worries during a talk. Three and listening to his wife there's very embarrassing because I married but. OK. Okay. Now it's elicit your wife or your wife gets to see that it mom doesn't ever get to see those things anymore. You know that's the good that the wife would be slightly embarrassing but if I sent it to lake you know relatives like. I think that'll just does own myself my family ever some diner takes my mom yeah you don't do what he had no doubt that would be just awful yeah I do wanna add that I did this is bad for your mom as it is for you. Because your mom who thinks of you as a little kid who she seemed taken her whole life changing diapers and everything yeah but that was a yah I was like that they should he get over but that would be tough for you the remain good the last time she saw some I was like 42 months old not 42 years olds. And select while not much change hello OK okay race Paganini and Italian and age. Oh is that is that yes OK do you have the sex marriage tiresome for you and it doesn't know we came across this great audio. So embarrassing things that it actually happened when I found the audio a disparity in a sex sounds. I was. In Miami in now offers shared area that we have and I am I speakers are loud in the morning just kind of prepared stay alert. And I'm trying to edited up there loaded to. Portraits in words and it's. The sound is some little woman having a happy moment also if anybody didn't know our buddy Matt from the constitution keeps his head in music they would you watch him and tell my god I'm not playing got to lag half but not a hundred. That's a clear anonymous special moment I'm glad that I that was going on Carolina Maurice it was a lot of people but it was we I didn't I didn't know that that was going to be that. Close to the human sound. That's the psyche part about this new open floor plan we have is that yet you can watch porn you can't quite you can add speakers you can't yeah yeah had to do a thing on headphone Jack because of that reason that you hear everything in this building are no walls as a parent that is impersonating its owner. Yup this is RS I'm telling you if you didn't know if we didn't tell you you would not think this is apparent. Amazing. And Paris and enemies and yeah it's amazing for other reasons TV today. She's never agreed that apparent on human yes yes both. OK good point now I want system to do the mashup with the sexy parity in the part that sum to Matthew McConaughey and I think that's only job I mean because look at today in both sound realistic so why not put nearly as I do believe that you know once Matthew gets out of that Lincoln car he's driving and he's probably gonna somebody's house and give them a great time. Oh I don't. Well. Day ago. He guided John he's a Lincoln lawyer that man's parents. No wonder why cards on the yeah now I view wrestling writers they make that man you know lots of fun. I got a question Korea what do you Ryan castle. And an erotic whip Kevin Coughlin the it's those. Outside at 940 eighths on Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. And gain yards. What do Ryan castle and an erotic wit having come when Iraq well I think you set a new erotic web. Which made no sense for us go around with and moisture into for an erotic or if I was gonna say I'm really fast and insecure about it yeah. I like got to answer before. I thought that does make any sense but you know I'm neither does this feature usually sell our hosts Iran when it's. It's an awkward wherever conversational I appreciate that anybody would go on and a runner with it would be me right. I would own an erotic work do you. I am a neurotic person not I may don't know where. From there it is an ego. We'll present them a giant crack. Yes OK I've been Ryan's then. That's like as a whip cracks in the road America both it's you season as the order Steve likes to do a lot of things. Or how many people's phones just default so that's yeah he went 77999. Price gap. They both like to do with Steve. Well this is a lovely story about a guy who knocks on the power to restore. Using an erotic web. You this guys 335 and erotic clips from an adult store thirty bucks assistant Colorado videotape Toys 'R' Us. And it's called the British fantasy series metal beaded blogger who who they go. I'm so that was good we are still new my bed. Head of British tennis is series that'll be one area. Some reason we went back to the storm didn't like the price we get an argument the employees even try to attack and he had to whip whip them. He was so upset you some rough cut your power but he went to the wrong electric box. It was a long fuse box and some for O'Reilly auto parts and cause they're part of a quicker way yeah. He got the rest of their smaller than regular what's right Vicky. Okay good business sector when you call yourself and so Riley's toys RO Reilly today yeah. You know what they need you was there marketer. One I think that's an ever for sitting and watching Ferris right Jack so he's gonna whip you initiate he's got a twelve OPEC Elena. Gates. He's clumsy and dropping things are the most common source of embarrassment for the average person it's. Living has on the plus really when Nebraska no hello my way I just wanted to proclaim the coming away this. All right wow all I didn't look like those doing the big surge were to be funny or anything delicious and actually like my legs are. I had no soreness after a right to tighten sooner or no tears. Why now. There's that. Hey this morning. Nine point nine KI DSW. 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Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime I'd choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.