BJ & MIGS Podcast 10-20-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, October 20th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot. Tom your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information from bankruptcy attorney Terrence Daniel Hernandez talked about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jeff do you choose this atone for the next chapter of my it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI SW the rock of Seattle tonight and how does happen. I'm look candidates would somehow I'm I'm a man. Brand Boozer Raleigh. I'm a mobile man whose. I like everybody. Early in the van phenomenal crab coming blood from which the agency forward James Jeff okay. A brand new you can afford proper line studios make my friend ally who worked for all of them are being played and also Sunday night man we got an awesome show. No it's. Called my local two hours of solid although the light years. Mean there. Intel. He nay badly metadata is. Friday. Adds Friday noise we're really gonna have some fun this weekend 82 baby daddy track being denied any plans come out there check out virtual reality check on board gaming I'm going to spend so much time in the retro arcade now I'm so's don't trust fund man yes so much going on like you said the retro arcade the drone raising the virtual reality based owner of the gun wars man nerves out on war laser tag I mean I yield dodge ball. And board games he has to happen I don't read is going to be so you want more info tickets I'll let GE to Dalai the liturgy letter he has the number two GE two dot alive now let's get to this game we've got Robin to come in Tacoma to take on Steve rob are you there sir. Hole you don't need a what's he playing sported a Steve ravaged by prepared to do is take out Black Label Society they're going to be at the shoebox and on February 19 do you go to KI SW dot com for all the details they joint ticket you get and now. Any acts as stock car. You keep hating here. Yeah for those playing at home rob will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions rod you can pass all you want but you'll only get three yeses and her questions are you ready. You're gonna take some real quick what's our Redemption Island global one and two Libyans believe he's some I got complacent and then be made and I didn't I ended on a lot. Oh I'm Missouri did you still have disastrous. I don't know do another. Man yeah well look you kind of lose it I love it all right. In which year the early two thousands was the Mark Wahlberg planet of the apes movie released in 2004. No. You got until now it felt really great to know which DC superhero powers to be taken away by the color yellow it. Asks what ocean separates North America first year out. The Atlantic to ask who played the title character in the ninety's film the cable guy. You Gary yeah as the port city of San desk he is located in which state. Expected to be built. Craft in these TV show the Simpson's what is homers middle name. Gates yet as to what actress was Tom cruise's first wife. I asked what does the L stands for and Samuel L Jackson's. Lewis a person over petty cool. Oh yeah Lauren didn't know. Limelight in subdivisions were hit eighty songs by what rock band. What years did Dick Clark died. They doubt inspire you know. Once you must. Three correct rarely do you see not like they're all year long had been and the sad thing is they see Steve will get some once you missed otherwise they were tough ones but I know Steve and guess who now man known him. I'm loyal younger you know those saying so I guess so man. That's a problem that's an all these tough questions the young guns aren't gonna get him either through. And red may really young these questions that Steve can't now idol this season why go for the day is like the Disney stuff for me may got ego even younger a millennial matchups yeah. The couple hopefully it would build those one we should ask millennial descendants and not question absolutely yeah actually I didn't don't ever get around to it. We'll know you know you know. Text says there. All I'll little other ways you can communicate anymore is there is no one else. Put on a more humble or when I don't its current one more humble and tumbling into web site right here sixty heat are you ready. In which cheered the early two thousands was the Mark Wahlberg planet of the apes movie release doesn't want yes I'll. Which do you see superhero powers to be taken away by the color yellow. Tom and am now trying to hand commands and one Norman now yeah. Those romance. Our rolling ocean separates North America from ear off the Atlantic Ocean you ask who plays he title character in the ninety's on the cable guy Jim Carrey's yes the port city of San dusty is located in which states Ohio yes. The TV show the Simpson's. In this show what is the what his homers middle name didn't pull burns doped. No. Homer doughnut no. Told her I always just you know what actress was Tom Cruise his first wife Nicole Kidman didn't ask tall Bob penny wise to know Tom I. I think even the left hasn't met over what did the L stands for and Samuel L. Jackson Lawrence is front and no politics. Largest metals. It's a lose earth now low liner I didn't subdivisions were hit eighty songs I looked rock band her. Division died Depeche Mode no 1234. Or Steve you went sported red arrow. Is and I thought it was the last. And more I see if this guy seems to have 121 and three against your Colorado. I guess and robs the successes close loss against me now 121 in three. I know well. Do right that's the second Los well well he's always do yet in my bed yet he's told to insure against desire rob your second loss against. He it's all right I'll take it it was a good good good chance let maybe a bit later next I'm hungry we can Amanda thank you guys still to be easy money. I was robbed yet he missed the planet of the apes movie you both missed DDC superheroes powers that be taken away by the color yelling of a hero that has colored men. Has curry does MS have no arm and thought you know OK I'm Mary Landry hornet. Seen lancer. I thought why don't affect him IR Kelly. Thought that's exactly why I will set says the answer yet assets now that is cannons. The TV show the Simpson's homers middle named rod got that correct it's JJ. A Y. Okay yes I predict and sent the united nobody there. We'll let go Lawrence Fishburne on an instant contact. High right is it lap thirty you know it's LeRoy. LeRoy ten miles to go and analysis the president stand for mother clinker and that's his sort of an L is still ahead M effort I. I limelight and subdivision where he hit eighty songs thriller rock band on my subdivision Joy Division. Rush. Their own hands. John nice cycle limelight a lie and lie I don't I'm not know that I'm an idiot I thought that was an easy one generated. I'm embarrassed Tom cruise's first wife. I thought it was Nicole Kidman it wasn't how was not she's an actress I die I think so. Mimi Rogers Italian your eyes usually after the forgot I was married communion Rogers and you're just not sure I don't remember totally forgot Obama meaning that the okay. And I there was one question you didn't get to Steve even though he's still one what you're did Dick Clark backed. That's 012012. Beep yet he got it. Sam good yeah opponents while I didn't put any year because it's been recent I want to make it a hard one and has boom got around well. Once why do I know these things I was just a stupid gas app Packard in a rush song too right dinosaurs myself. Should make that the rush questions when he won twelve right I'll tell when he went Tony Wragge thin nevermind I'm quitting his commitment I. Well congratulations Steve your one with four correct caller story that's all it takes man you are winning Atticus a Black Label Society caller 4206421. Rock. But I don't spam. Today a new survey and it looked at how often people flake out of events or hang outs they promised to attend Ole boy it is should be yet know how I hate that. Yeah no yeah you grew tired of that diet Dell get somebody off the west yeah bright colors and there's a guy that is a person is off my game listen we'll never get invited to eat any try to get my good graces I think how many times is you have to problem. Flake before somebody gets off the list I think 33 rice or secretary tries a good theory to have okay. How do you try to give back and you're good side he's already setting where you say what a great guy into game wins. And what I really and Yelp review yeah always was talking to some somehow always I was on face somewhere again that was my promise guys all or FaceBook and somebody says something about me game -- I always a great guy game with an item like honey you know you never come that's exactly what I said in my group of gamers who we were playing a game that he was supposed to be out. Also I think he's like to talk to the yeah so I was I you know gamers so I said guys check this out this is ironic because he wasn't at the one was supposed to be at. And he basically said he's grey today anyway thank god so good that you didn't show up to the game that you said your job joke that's a good I am to game with. He's dead to me. Ya I never never invite him to the house so he's done he's a flicker he's over yet he's never get an invite MI my situation not on my watch paving. Iowa if I am really trying to get togethers but when I used to use I think care people flee if they didn't show it show. I would always still invite them they figured it was muscular it's kind of things do you imagine you with a I either one that prepares like no one how much food and that's I asked him as long ot not media guide to order pizza and it the less people who shot the better because the more pizza from me. It's you know it's how I always factored things and I want less people at the party so I give you more if it's an open this situation I don't have a problem but if your base gym bag team do you need number asserting the number of people certain games leader Mano an hour requirement you gotta you know so our maiden. And now and all I ask is an answer you don't have you know just say yes or no don't just say nothing that we like saying no man. I know and it's it's me it's just like get your big boy pants on and figure this. Stuff out. And I've had that happen before where people won't buy me some did not say no and it's it's weird like the act weird when they hear it SI understand what you wanna see no good people like we were you saying no. A warm person like Vincent why. And I just so I just wanna stay at home and do nothing then there are you buy that. What you would rather stay home and do nothing could come to my party like did you parties in Lynwood I live in Puyallup I don't make that long drive I don't know anybody that's come into this party. I'm socially awkward so I'd rather just in all of my dog. And Barack enemy enemy you give an excuse on the Asian knows he's just doesn't truth funny you should have to give a reason I know she gets to say no right to say don't accept our laws are now Laurie yes. Yes so the average person is in no showed almost half the things are invited to so Steve you wanna hire. Well he's me who looks like I am out of touch this is the average person does this and so revealing half. About three in ten people and even gained the reputation of being a flake school the most common reason people flake is because they're tired followed by not feeling well enough to attend the events. Half American slate because they forget about the event even after promising to be there. So that's the thing was my god it's like he's all our FaceBook but doesn't somehow see the event that he was invited to even respond to these all our FaceBook do everything else. You don't know I don't care I I'm not very good FaceBook I go on and obviously today it's just what we do but I never check events. I did I miss somebody's wedding because I know that they did see that's see you know baseball if you don't operate that way yeah if we don't operate that way and I don't have a problem with a but if you go I want to be part of your thing Hogan or here's how we do it right. And I know you're on FaceBook I know you can figure out you can always check your events if you mindful you can but that's only if you wanna participate otherwise if you don't like you. No problem yet for me it's everything has a good do you write if I don't get eve I did I don't know what it happens I got a body they don't want exist anymore yeah. I gotta put it only lets you but in my email and I just told straight up you're never getting invited I'm not using email to invite people and MR I know use FaceBook and FaceBook. But he does I still rather have you might mean by email I'm gone but guess what you're not getting invited him. You're the only person in my life I got like eighty people on the list of gamers game he's the only one that goes invite him by email your NO lady show up ever. Can't have all eighty ever showed no they never do. I asked circling the list because there are people look I know they never show up so why am I putting Mumbai what they wanna be MLS they never show they've never come through it is like to be a part of the list are novelist you've done. You look at the view watch her. Not to be alert earlier often less errors I care no Michael are very Smart list. Hello I'm not great if you have a party at somebody's got to John Allen on their own little world and not like doing a lot of engagement in the party were to kick him out of the party. Well look them up my party. This is not a party my list is for a party know this isn't a party itself Palestinians and I was in the Belmont party that's a winner party the party is the list is a party. I'm former is Lama offer up constantly selling stuff 80% of people who bid on your item and I'm not responding into saying they want it all that would drive me nuts and symbolic Monty exactly trying to get. Quite posse just try to trim the fat in your home yet have a significant a significant other it's like detonated at staying here after I'm trying to write sold an eye on her back from the person. Yeah. By the way that you be happy that you that you UAW now becoming a thing. I've become sang an our teammates who argue what is I cannot and whenever anybody on their phone we go rally we are you gonna do either Vicky. And everybody laughs in that goes no I wanna be that makes you gotta put the phone away party. Let's not taking like ten minutes to argue over ruled the game I'm not gonna sit there and watch them argue. I got better things videos and yet he's like check dinner. Point mission makes seventy she does that what she's just waiting anyway she plays multiple games on her phone and she's like not there are so we we called Vicky. Whenever I was still take you might turn fastening you guys that's for free and Sharon I don't I doubt that Chris you have to get back to your text exchange. Right like and I know what I'm doing I'm watching out of the corner and I there arguing that you and then they finally get to meet and then then then your return and then they argue again I. Until he was everybody agrees that's what we call the Vicki you can say whatever you want and why do we know us are you if you didn't you mention how. Aunt Bessie you think that but all the guys we look at each other real million that's the thinking up the. And I may try to want to put my phone away it's like I need to do something with my hands really are useless and dueling because you're an 8080 monstrosity. Oh no do that's not yeah. Police are going to parties put the phone away group pad and paper and start Dooling and start posting the pictures on T. Thought out and I'm not an iPhone Apple's yeah I don't holes so a photo album of doodles that you do when you're stuck in a remote PGA on the gaming nerds. Okay and Ohio have just. And she is 120 don't be fooled she's a nerd too it's not like she. Yeah. You have like. A. They can't be present meters or something assigned told episode this you know oh this das takes on more entertaining on Larry David conversation he Vicky put the list together but I'm still thinking about all right don't put on us I got out her did you make almost three applause okay. Are you saying that the conversation the BJ's list and that the beaches dynamic is more entertainment signs that are signed those Mauritanian BJ. Now though this I think watching Vijay in an episode assigned on the list would be a lot more funny I watched I watched the episode would lure. Boom what is it then the better than the dome didn't touch or something yeah doesn't make. This daylight semester my domain my feeling all these jokes have been like kind of pushed onto other kind of sit comes and so it's like OK like and I wish I would have watched it ten years ago I will look dead. But it's just it's kind of been recycled through. Yeah hey you know I think she's got it actually know what as much as I hate sticky right now because you know she's an ADV nightmare but she does make a good point I I honestly think if I would watch her watching this ten years ago I would have loved it but it. Connolly be original Star Wars or any of that like Andrew has made so many jokes about believable post known are now she's directing and I. We'll let you what do you love them like I know who's the primary is I know losing an effort and a since early every night Justin and unfortunately so it's it's still I'm not saying it's not good quality and just like I'm not. Mom. There's so she doesn't like Star Wars does like I like get this is not an amazing I'm not getting the feeling. Like you guys did the tingling in your grammar. Can't we just get rivers deep can we tell yeah what excuse what's on the nobility and they've done she picked up a dollar bill Wal-Mart and she has no integrity let's fire her along until later that confided that he doesn't call back from three hours ago can take the job well and doing and I don't remember. I think it's an up yeah I did out take your anti Tank Williams. Irish. Well. It's time blisters on the listless at the listeners for me the sound you pick the topic you guide to show 206421. Rock. Text this it's 77999. Listeners on the loose you cause you're taxi at ninth seventeen. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. Nine point nine KI SW rock of Seattle as listeners on the loose drive to buy GP two laser tag dodge ball anymore. It's tomorrow and Sunday GE two dot lives we get the information the letter she's a letter even number two GT to look dot lives. Listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys show a 206421. Rock takes us. It's 77999. Saving you wanna talk about it's fair game just remember Steve has one rule. This is just an energy and bring every day otherwise. We're gonna pick on everybody presidency by both of them are let's go to Tyler and Redmond Tyler you are on the rock. Hey BJ meg proud young guy builds until you upwards and anybody. Well you know you don't drink you like your last conversation about cell phones during a game saying. I mean my friend India and beat every other week. And you don't know okay. Yeah and we used to have this problem are people sitting on our club. And you wouldn't know what to get. Yeah did everything you had you had some big teasing your place. We either way I don't ironically Vicky is 88 the same time looking at a computer while looking at her iPad MPC disability as taxing our phone and right media do you don't think I'm acting skill to presenting me and your friends is that in know what to do in the next step idea was and still kinda listening to the craziness that is. Beatings mouth but I just had a conversation and another gentleman there who we game with who totally couldn't believe you said that because he's been witness to having no clue what's gone on and again miles away and it's an. I say I. The last time I game with you very go excuses salary so what Tyler how this is why I never game any how do you stop and how do you stop this Tyler how do you stop people from not being engaged. So what might be undecided until he started giving people psychic damage or eight penalty sometime every time they use their. Solid one and you heard many. Everybody started ganging up on each other like looking like all he's gonna run out psychic damage and ILE all of us I would give tiger trapped in the living daylights out of each other people have gone out. I'd love that if we can basically just make it tougher for the Olympic need to win the game because she's on her phone that's not that's a penalty let this play here make it tough to play it again when you first time. Okay fine. Lots of excuses but you want this to truth is the truth I like to hear from everyone that his game with you like what it's like gaming with you in general like the little experience that it is getting yelled at by BJ over fake. Points here's the thing people still come to my house and you don't so that's true so Leon you're the only why does gutless Marlon Moore won Texas just accident saying thank god I try quick getting invited all BJ Stephen events like I guess he finally got their hands. Ya okay fine I'll hop whoever that I don't react I thought Alia I Texan myself and wanted to reduce fun as that's also pretty get a Texas on today didn't he adds -- that the grown a major your take awhile back has a television show now. If all I know this new lows and we've been waiting to hear about this loss from Barbara and who came in and made an awesome kcal of our faces final Samaria as well. I DH is got locked in with the Food Network watching TV service calls for this week's. And it debuts in premieres this Monday Soledad so on the arm programmes and marries well and also Paul worsen them to all just solid legs good people. And they're going to be on the food network of local love. On the Food Network god and it's called freaky suites. And the episode airs the first episode back to back episodes 10 o'clock 1030 court yet the HD channel 7 o'clock and 730 just look forward on the Food Network freaky. Sweep some happy for her yet I wanna talk to keep Meister go going to be too ugly beyond TV reflects the reality they did dad go crew did you do need when Jimmy decades pressure to camera crew follow us yet around and follow her around and I think that's what they used as the pilot. To get. Costs of this got a real job so are ugly faces might help get the job it might not make it on the television that's I think that's OK maybe one in the future will get on the on line though you might get them on I don't know I'm not gonna you know and I never get on TV because they take a look at analogies but she's super talent great cake maker and that's really really freaking cool that they're big enough opportunities to watch it so you DR. Spread the word. You know what that's the second thing you know I've been involved with they've got somebody a job. Yeah because we did that thing for Barbara resisted Keefe. Where we do we shut up we shot I think for him and that was to what he showed the movie the theater than the movie when of the company deceitful and make the whole movie yeah and it was good enough that they see Joey likes this and we'll all be in the movie are you need to test new people yeah that was. I'm the guy that you know what for some reason I'm gonna have to get the job but not good enough to actually be on the job that you got. That's just because they set the bar so low now I'm leaving now he gives back Tim will be better I'd be a great character actor I when I retire from his job on whether or Hollywood and I'm going to be that ugly cranky guy I'm gonna be famous in America are direct Ormond Steve Buscemi. Yes there except I won't be as talented. That's the problem Monica lost Steve Buscemi as amazingly talented its listeners on the loose you pick a topic you guide to show 206421 rocked Texas is 77999. More recalls. Mortgage tax at 933. On the around a it's. I can't tell you. I've played nine KI SW Morocco's. It's listeners on those you pick a topic you guys to show John McCain lake Stevens do you are on the rock. He turns blue. Here and irons. Nobody else does that you well I got two things which got ice it. It. Are you guys are talking about how. Are you don't want to say it's absolutely lol well yeah but what does that we expect go to work. Going to work well below so what it is you're there now to particularly was it like the same job. He did you do. It striding commercial vehicle. And and I briefly does need got your belt dad I load an eerie quiet. Did you pay when I feel I've worked. Mom and oh yeah and you know being able to save money I'll go out on Wednesday night ER I thought it. Mac addict in light rain in the act that summer I got my motorcycle darkness and able to page attached to my bike now right. Well it's nice if you can say that you hated work and then found a job there or make is that something you wish for everybody because gosh you got to work in the society. And yeah I know on the Dan and I'm lucky. Don't know where. Possibly hear that growth thanks John appreciate the call that's good news outlets. Notes. Here this summer is rainy day we get some good news it's gonna team in every Tina you are on the rock. I think Brad and me are you welcome to the guy for us. I'm I'm in Washington right now her work well a lot of it doesn't mean you're here in Washington State for work. Yeah actually I'm. Nineteen years ago I met a gentleman on eight how Klein I can call. And we met and we dated for a short while and then he said he would living through Washington and can become. A criminal lawyer. OK for nineteen years I've been searching for him. Why and I just can't stop thinking about him I couldn't can't quite chilly don't look at that I didn't want to holding back our career. Nineteen years ago when you're still tiny over the past he never really. I am he's he's a wonderful man and his name is Michael. Does anyone Britney you feel like totally killed in Colorado. I lived apple why it's worth less than dirt. Sina. Tony years is a long time. And what do you hope I mean what will you do if Michael Mears Hugh Davies here any fines UN wants nothing to do with Q what do you do about the rules. Well at least I know I try just try any tricks and be happy day. I ate or honey for twenty years you've you you've you've timed for this guy you didn't try to go over let's find my call. Oh yeah does he artists are ignorant that ask him why not Steve right. Well I think dating that I had almost twenty years and it's not going anywhere. Always in the back of my mind. And they're how. You do in between years he was going anywhere. It's not Tina honey an oh my goodness I don't know what to say about this year when you do. I'm right is a guy that you're doing behind. Oh no we're not. Together anymore all caskets piece of twenty years you still no sir that's not good. No need to let that ever wanted to get married are so why you continue to date him for that long. I know they've got knocked up something good there are being naive. So they might click eventually. Movie and I got you Tina I don't know what to tell you girl for twenty years you've had two very interesting relationships a guy you pine for and a guy you stayed with. Tom it seems like you you knew he does relation thing is not perhaps you're strong suits. Don't at least try to. Yeah I've cramped right maybe well you know she called us though I gotta be honest when terminal perform on honey here's that he has I'd say Tina. If you don't go talk to a professional about this and I would say you haven't brought. Why that's funny I thought. Wow that's this that's a that's a weird response why is that. I I don't need to see someone about it because they thought someone they're so long. What was that again you don't need to see somebody because why. I don't need it heat I talked with their hit it hasn't been training over one Ers go. But what about the other guy you stayed with for all that time that's odd is well a twenty year relationship that went nowhere that's very odd. Well we never want to get married you at least not so you know I mean you know I hear and I could. CNN you're not hearing it's not about him it's about you made these decisions you what you are now hoping that a twentieth guy that you knew twenty years ago we'll come back to you and beloved real life. And you stayed with another guy for twenty years in spite of however he was you decide you gonna stay in that relation you don't think you need some coaching her advice when it comes early he really don't think so. Okay mommy. I'm a question how long were you Michael I hang in now before he left to come to Washington. And outside it might. The guys have a good time is rocking your world in all highways. So you're talking twenty years ago he spent five or six months with a human being and you can't get that out of your head after twenty god damn years. Why Powell that's a wild time. I went to court I don't arms. I'm here for you on trying to help I think we should say thanks in front of a good point let's start to hash tag hash tag find Michael's. And we're gonna find you Michael and he got really a married I don't feel like he's such a sponsor. And I are Smart Boston response. I was I have faith that what whatever the last players you are wondering is well and I hey why don't hell's wrong with all of you guys might not thank you my BI now on the phone when Gregor on on the and the like McGregor can Yahoo!'s finest I want to not talk. I pray and I am I doing this element is an all we know her mouth to defeat a part of radio stations and we used freely gather and if you go to the sound is nice is we can make love. Yeah I can't find Michael. Pakistan won miss at least I know happy. All he's going to be happy when he sees you he he's never be done that I. Yes well team hello Tom. We is eight hour we'll we'll put it out there his name is Michael and anything else we do what is criminal lawyer from resign from Colorado okay it was he brought a book I'm not turbulence is sounder but in my world he does okay Lexus founders 510512. Fire him why he does it. Dirty dark haired dark I okay look what he's backed him. It. Holy town. I was not an expected question. Pat I've why she checked FaceBook will be tried looking them up on it look beyond that it then maybe you're gonna be sure. No he does. Now he does stand could Steve's world he's just really does not use FaceBook these old school. Tests I find Michael have passed I find Michael let's get to see it should trending in Seattle are able to not you know what I it there's a possibility that I love story can happen here I'm not gonna dump all over that. There's also a possibility you can use to talk to somebody as well and now. So yeah hash tag find Michael and I'm not sure where else reducing reviewing thing at all that's not only Ted I don't do Latino out of put Shawn hold if you wanna give our phones can your telephone number in case Michael calls us and we can put you in touch I gather right. I'd appreciate all right I'm gonna put John hauled. You know what we hope coupon you're gonna I don't think it was so I suspect she's trying to we let's say we find Michael we we we do it all comes together you guys meet up would be the first thing that you guys do. A lot. Really does not say if I'm my girl I was in the I was digging you talk he's always wanted to UW secondary that's the. No we never really hot that my cell did you ever tell us everything was easy when you let the booty call for. You know if you know how we like that but how do you know who he is if you never talk that much. How do you what is about a week to week not digitally we had another intractable and comment like like what. Would be line Saks okay. That's political boutique sexson kissing yeah. I think Steve's right dude. You say you don't know what he was studio isn't high he's he's he's we walked on your life for twenty years you don't know what he was. He could do something on your back you don't know home. He could to have another person not only make the point that seed let's move and if I'm Michael. Past they've well yeah I. I'm Noah and test hash tag fine it's amazing have you tried a Google search is he's a lawyer maybe a Google search and find his office did you know his last name a gut tells on air but you know his last name. Yeah I don't remember in black and yeah. And I would be honest. This is that might wanna crappy as Friday's are about absolutely hated today from the minute woke up to the minute that Tina has called Tina. Thank you you made my day better this is insane and I love you for that. And you know by the way those last seen and that's Steve. You have just made my Friday even worse. What I can't believe that you exist I I I feel like this is a prank. I mean really you don't even know demands last name there's no way you can call that a relationship if you don't even know his last name. I mean do you do you get the logic of that but she knows is Dong size they've. Value eight I don't know man created I think this guy could have been doing anything and she would. Teeny huge you know that sounds crazy right. I know I'd say okay it was like you know it sounds crazy the premise of most romantic comedies. Is really at the end of the day kinda crazy yeah you're right you're actually right you're absolutely right. Tina twenty years hoping I don't I really do so yeah awesome. Yeah Tina I hope you find somebody that you have a conversation with him might help you so the you can really have a nice life and find a nice person. Because right now I just don't think your brains in the shape to be able to do that. And if that's what he's I mean I know you I'm I know it sounds harsh commercially from Boston so that's how we do. I got a call like icy and much IB means you I just feel like twenty years you've wasted your life tying over a man whose last name you don't even know and staying with another man who wanted nothing to do with you. I mean that is not really cool. Hope and how to tell you that if you are my daughter I'd like sweetheart really now hold. And if you're my mother I'd be like a donor hi in my mother does you do you believe you don't have a husband but anyway I hope. Our while Tina I'll put John hope we'll take your number and if Michael calls us. So we have a lot of people pretending and Michael how we've how are you ever around the innocent you know all right okay all hang on okay Tina. It's. We wanna say dude I know you're haven't you're doing you. Yeah I know you you are entertainment variety in what just happens his though is less need you. Then it's time to go dark skinned argue shrinking the ink is what time is a case that decided they was then calling a radio station and I'm finding Michael are stationed what are they were it was a golf because we're crazy thing I would I think it's awesome and I must find some kind of similarities and one of us I can't remember. And we find Michael yo she finds similarities knew that's fine because you're one of those guys that trusting I don't know loves other. Am very live. And I think look. Apparently though you know what and I will be happy to eat my words if there's a Michael it shows up and they go let's do this and they and that have a great life Tony fantastic yes I is undying nice rather. The big night we'll rent you guys here is how we didn't talk much resigns. I know you were my last name guys figure it out I didn't near my last name and no left what do you think. Groups and I'm not Michael I wanna talk to her and talked and talked to talk I just want talking talk. Now. We have sexson coming by the way that's all she says we had come with sex. When now's the time for her to find out there are more common than forty years ensuing years and years and making. It. Yes yeah. You are what do you are there's enough for yet though had I find Michael Joseph street that's very important. Parents are. But your horrible person you know that why because I have faith why I don't know how will we cannot tell you why I think. Astec Michael chi says I there's a question for yet. Hope what to do for a high and gentle and a chick can Cathy Cochran and it's not past their prime I don't fool find him outside at 949. On Iraq. Nine point nine KI SW. And king JR. What do Ryan castle and a kick Jeff having common sometimes it looks like there's a war going on between my left and right sides. Oh wait that's too excited about the way yes fixes them pick left to pick I was I was the last deal like that I would just as well yeah you did. I just text or did absolutely nothing just like Tina and Michael I take Michael doesn't want to be foul. Ha ha ha I'm a little while. Are they are pretty noise whoever that answer is I love it you know yours harsh is I love you him while that's. And then of course once and both are delicious which Christie centers are I think the has won every morning in the west. It's left him. Well how about this Taco Bell finally brought its chip checked Jason. Yes give me want to tackle snowman and those things they just got they know what's up. Talk about created a case of the stuff with kickass we only did Lewis oldham England. Feel like why. Well now it's testing and a chocolate did yeah. Here in the United States photo looks amazing yeah I want it always did so wanted so so this is this is still Mexican food right there. Of course authentic. Jackets got. You know but if that's very up and right no doubt the Brad Kassell he's up next he's got your morning twelve pack. And makes. And did some water all the Sunday. Become something that's naughty when it was just an. For him vegetable that's always been. Three drunks walking around don't forget that teach school whatever you can take them OG for its its first everything. Jealous some don't apologize. I think there's a she's emotion right side of the hey we have to make plays. Think I'm having sex with Christians and and maybe some mornings on the rock I mean I'm 49 KI DS don't. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dead and I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy. Yes you're almost always can keep your home. Your house your car even in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy your final. 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