BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-09-17-8A: A man got booed on the Price is Right for taking cash instead of going for a new car.

Thursday, November 9th

A man honked at a police officer who was parked at a green light and things got heated. A new study says long term happiness comes for surrounding yourself with good people.


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A man named Scott Hussein knows who stopped at a traffic light and when it turns green the unmarked police car in front of them didn't move. So we honked his car's horn. The officer not happy about that it led to an argument and of course Scott like good American he became recording music and on his phone Smart yeah because I mean I wanna hear this kind of thing. Seriously. Seriously your stock to be easier to raise your corn stalks Smart ass. This one is ask let me see your driver's license this little guy let me see your driver's license for one little easy your driver or high water. For why you live your peers from your driver's license here and light and music to get out the hard luck or awards who's your plus four warriors stopped for traffic violation. Are pointing at somebody sitting at a green light. Ridiculous part what you do as I said this is ridiculous why you know what maybe you shouldn't have. You're seeing a green light I have to go back to work it's really yeah I really now hurry your immediately. Cool. While. I have to tell you something man I know you're an idiot if you don't realize that when someone is being belligerent you've got to wonder if they're recording your you've just yet you can not be a police officer or not understand that as soon as you pull somebody over. Chances are if they're being an idiot they're probably recording you. I'll answer this video of course went viral not that did that their police officer. Uses identified as as detective. You can't write this stuff for a while he's an investigator with the Saint Louis force investigation unit so he isn't he's a part of the unit to make sure that the police officers are using excessive for all no way and he knew why I all like such an aggressive deed that yeah I do indeed this guy's an idiot. I you know I love the police that guy's an idiot and always a moron yes he's a free an idiot I mean I I I I just I first thought the guys listen no it's a cop in front of him if it's an unmarked car and out today even if there was. If you say I hate that when it happened songs playing on their phone. Light turns green we only have a small window of time so hello hockey is not the end of the world now not our buddy yeah really here's the here's a bizarre bruised that you were really weren't as good of a drivers you think you are. Here's the bizarre things Steve. I was just watching Curb Your Enthusiasm and honest to god I don't know if this kid watch the same episode that I did this just happened on the show. The despite some reading this one article says and the scene that is literally a plot point from an episode of the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm Saint Louis man was ticketed. After honking a police officer stopped at a green light by this I mean talk about life imitating art. License registration please and wretched ticket. A ticket it was a bad decision on your part to hog at a police officer oh what why you but the big absolutely my police officer protect your rights my rights to. That's what am I that you don't and that's it's that's America will look to be too big of and a stake thank you thank you. And you know as it's nice of the man when he guys that did this he covers a lot of fun stuff on the show where you go day where where you know you're. It's just like he's like why do rules have to be this way and that's what I love about Perry David he's like it's that's why why wouldn't you agree it should be this way when really it shouldn't and how body came true and real life with this dude. I got to play deciding if you're just tuning in. Because we just played Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm that happened on this season of curb. And it just recently this dude in Saint Louis was at a traffic light like Larry wasn't a show. The cop car would move quickly as we are hoping it was a cop in the car but there will be top on the. I and had no idea there's a copy you win the first but I can imagine. So he he'd be copy is not moving is unmarked cop car. Good like scream he Johnson Warren. The car moves a little bit and slammed on the brakes and the guy comes out there and had a confrontation yeah this is insane by the way since this guy is an unmarked car and he has no uniform on and he's coming out like that trying to represented some as a police officer I wouldn't give a damn thing I wouldn't give anybody my license if they don't have a uniform. After that and here's how that went down. Seriously. Seriously you're stuck it's your Frasier and the stock Smart ass. This one especially your driver's license this little guy let me see your driver's license for one lone easy your driver flying wall. For why you live near tears from their driver's license your mind and get it taken out the hard luck or rewards you shoot plus war war is stopped for traffic violation. Are pointing at somebody sitting at a green lights. Ridiculous part of my deepest and this is ridiculous why you know what maybe you shouldn't have. You're seeing a green light I have to go back to work it's really yeah I really not a hurry pitcher immediately from the oh cool. Apparently this went on for about 45 minutes. I really were otherwise more cops had to show up another like three cops do you do you think cops showed up during all that. And look and obviously the guys also annoyed with him as well but. And I don't I don't I don't think I am home I'd be so history as you do alleged trying to get to work I thought you weren't moving so I just did your heart and that's not what I think violation. There's a place is Vegas is illegals and I don't make it's it's illegal hawks can't your pores and textured I don't know if that would be one in this situation how utterly abhorrent if you knocked him. Music sadly and if somebody's not paying attention how else you get their attention but beep I mean that's what the horn is for is to call somebody's attention to something that they need their attention focused on. You know you breathe you want sums they're running team you beat you weren't some news or realize there in the white of course you do this just insanity. Apparently this officer also as a record of being sued for standing by law other cops manhandled suspects and he's a force enforcement officer didn't they pick the right guy I mean golf you have someone who can understand. And an end in our who's using excessive force get the guy who uses excessive force. You know something. I do it as a guy as a proponent of the police. If this happened here and the Seattle Police Department didn't do anything about that idiots I would be hard for me to get behind them. You know I I'm a big proponent of the police but that guy was way over the line. And I would not give my driver's license to anybody is not in uniform I don't care they flash a badge because he's an an unmarked car I don't know who the hell this guy is. I'm not gonna get my information anybody unless I see that in fact there represented themselves of the police. To free him bat. According to a Seattle times article there won't they ask about this and a trooper did say that honking at a car inferno view to go because the light turned green is not considered proper use of the whole warned that it's only bad out what you used in emergency situation so then how do you get the attention of somebody who's not paying attention probably on their cell phone breaking another law. That's ridiculous. Now I have no idea I mean there's still puts aside. I know there's my first got here remember everyone I used to use the horn for everything I could do it. Does my will hit every move I broke real time wind blows for cellphones but like when you wanted to take somebody out even get out of your car you just laid out you are born until they came out and to our. So icon here and say everything you can and can't cure more indebted. Come on Friday and the problem is they say what's considered reasonably necessary or an emergency but it's a judgment call based on the cops if you can't get a copy gets passed. He's got to pull you over for a new looks like he cam. All that's ridiculous. Then check it out aside the drilling might for like my driver's license people trying to get their driver's license and it says it beside your honk your horn at the car Friday because when the light turns green. You are right within reason since the drivers not accelerating which does affect the roadway. But it is illegal to use your car horn improperly let it be trying to check out a ticking on scattered. This technically illegal okay so we've gay is now whereas his national hours this date on this just talks about -- a driver's license in general yes you don't have the really cool Seahawks side. Tricked out car all I know I don't like I had out there are big acceptable but probably illegal it's yeah I want prison in Washington State your point is only meant for an emergency use. You get a ticket for excessive use. It's an emergency lights to green yeah he's holding up traffic I think that is an emergency because we stopping traffic flow. I think I T you could argue that look he is stopping traffic flow people have to get somewhere also this carbon emissions I can make an argument saying nick standing and not paying attention. The horn as a way to remind somebody hey you're not paying attention series has obviously is not boring you roll out your window and yell at them the horns emergency only boy have there windows rolled up in a listen there's too many simply just so dumb why is louder and your voice. This is just a stupid Warren is on here you know lay eyes go beep beep that's all we do we give a quick. You get a little read just go hey it's not it's not an aggressive VP just go beat the let him out dude. It's universal if I or be behind it's like oh OK I must not know what's a red light green light now. And the us American OMB's justice do. This is voodoo brother REIT that police officer yeah I would estimate based on morality and airborne every every day life situations for a week. And no matter what he's doing that air horn just goes off randomly like at please get a deal with it I like that mixed justice is justice I wanna live in makes just went solves. Well they're from month. They should let Bob makes court how do could you imagine if that's the reason why you've got a ticket. And I don't know how much that take it is for you get a ticket for the just giving harmed because somebody's not mark and it dead to me. Public police officer right himself Bobby obviously being distracted he wasn't paying attention to the road and was using really bad language and there's no reason for that cocky is that kind of language either I don't care what that I don't care what the person in the car's doing you still want to conduct yourself professionally. And he was completely unprofessional. Because if he's paying attention and that is eyes up easily and been that you're not playing on its own which we've learned is not even if you gotta stop you're not allowed to do I don't know how it is in Saint Louis but. If you're looking up at the street light. Waiting for the light to turn green this would have never happened but he probably was doing something looking down playing his phone did exactly Boies I don't know what it is but. This is what frustrates America. Is it really does because you know this is what makes this really get upset at the entire. Group of people in this case police officers and it just it just you know creates more disdain. In general from people and is a lot of great people to work for the police department that's why I think you know why. They've got to suspend that dumb ass suspend him. I'm gonna say fire him but suspend him make it hurt let us all know we get suspended this guy goes to some sort of training classes he apologizes. There has to be an example setback cop was way out of line way out of line. And if they don't then you can understand why people gonna hate cops and so that's why I think Vermont police she got to figure this out. That guy was way out of line and is no I don't care what you say about the driver no excuse for that kind of behavior from the police officer none whatsoever. One person brings a very good point what resources do we drive by Vern fond. All your right hand yes. We're breaking the law every town we drive by Verne talk you know that's at this day and even overtones. I don't know if you status ha well the duke retired in Maine we act I had done it got to play them I think died. All we know that double check I just I retired yet are we years ago he thought the way there now all that's that guy yet he's a guy who worked for very fond. I don't know how I play Vern funk in the cars and it was a really. Low budget commercials for this auto insurance company has been sitting here Coburn funk and everything was hunt for burned font Rembrandt and it was always. Thank you do breaking bad parodies for commercials I his commercials are super clever and creative with your ass super low budget yeah. Yeah Robert the Oki he died at the age of fifty Paul active years ago I. I think I remember that now that's why. Fifty is a young age I'm it's got to be some sort of illness I'm that women battle with cancer cancer yeah hot that makes sense that sucks. I am tired Forrest Gump. I do you have one of my favorite commercials from them. Each year. Thousands of new commuters take the bus to work you too can ensure a safe trip every day. Yeah. SR one. Prove he. Hopefully that's correct. There are you do you should look up to break he had what is pretty it's pretty often well burned font ma'am. Yeah. Hello this point 12% of drivers and they even use your Lawrence. I owe you my horn. Almost every mile I don't want someone's at the intersect summer break along the whole time I give a little because they're not you know or sometimes by C summons back up lights and I'm picking up parking lot and I'm driving. I'll just beat a little diploma hey dude I am coming through the death you know but that's it but I I'm breaking the law both times. If it's not an emergency your braking and prevent the emergence this irritates me I'm trying to prevent a bad thing from happening. And you know especially some guy not gone to the light or whatever and I'll pay attention. If you see a green light you are not paying attention and your danger on the roadways for as I'm concerned. Because what else she what do you got better and of them looked straight ahead at a guardian life is supposed to pay attention just a requirement and I hit areas is ridiculous unmanned dominant. Real low like a bell rang like your bicycle that thing living room you are really gonna do that get banned too. You probably right I mean I. I don't know what is happening to the thin skinned Roman this country that people just don't die too aggressive playing get a horn I'll show that already unnerving honestly you're ruining society with your way business. All right an odd moments. Actually happened on the prices rights and down. It's led to the audience booed when you're contestant would I have never heard element price is right to carriers even confused about this contest and we got the audio greeting here at 817. On the Iraq. The next morning it's. Yeah. I guess else. Point nine KI SW rock of Seattle. This guy is on the price is right he had the whole crowd booing him yesterday which I've never seen it's awesome. And the reason being is he chose a 15100 dollar cash prize. Over a chance to win a new car. And and drew was basically big in this doing him any change in my kind. Yeah at 15100 dollars cash dvd that forgo further will try to get the cars. That to deter the did you not new car. Yeah that if I I like I don't know what Kevin was thinking was so we will part of a very good point you take the car. And then you also have to take the taxes that come with the car so somebody said I am a woman won a car once on the price is right it was a 20000 dollar car that she won. And she ended up having to pay about 9000. Dollars in taxes. Before she can get the car. That's part of the deal when you win the price you gotta pay the taxes so maybe yeah I just decide you know what. 15100 bucks after taxes it's about 800 and you know or whatever and however much it depends on the on the taxes or whatever maybe a right or a thousand dollars. I'm ready to deal with that and headache of having to. Cover taxes for a car. Yeah I idiosyncrasies I thought and I don't know maybe I'm making this up I thought these these shows gave me the opportunity to take the cash value instead like or a maybe you know there that say hey I want the car wanna pay the taxes and they are well we'll give you X amount of dollars of the cars worth of but I could be wrong about that. He was still a beta take that car and traded in somewhere for every number you're that is maybe just like I didn't according there's one source is it's a good 9000 dollars in taxes on the 20000 dollar car she immediately sold it for 141800. Box and Yevgeny about 6000 dollars. But it definitely wasn't a hassle free according to the story Somalia and I can see that goes for it's it's I just a colossal headache some maybe this guy thinking you know one. I'd want to be on the show. I don't wanna deal with the headache of the taxes aren't gonna take a 15100 bucks in N and while we would literally give me after the fact it's a special intensity that's what sucks about our tax system because. You know I mean they should cover they should cover it they really really should yeah according to the IA price is right FAQ on someone's blog it says there is no cash value option for the price is right god damn super clear and all the paperwork that you have to take exactly what you want or you take you not think those answers will totally be based on those close indeed how about you for wheel of fortune they give that same spiel yeah yeah I just signed so much paperwork and there was no sort of option to take any cat I mean I only got cash out of mind. So it was kind of easy our -- by yet you can't if you get a prize you take a prize if you get like a trip it's in your name you can't transfer to anybody's name that's not yet super restrictive with all that stuff see I -- I don't know why they got to make it that way I mean you know I don't understand that they've made it makes you not want to play the game anymore and that's why Kevin this guy I was you know why it's a mural like you know I -- what do our time but secretly did you do might be a genius because he doesn't want the car. The other options were if you continue to play the game you can either win. 500 dollars a thousand dollars or 15100 dollars 15100 dollars so here it hit the 15100 why saw his head he's probably thinking they'll let us stop stop Obama had to say gonna get any better and missed only the Mets batters a car I want to deal with cracked. You know what do not tell you right now I'm. I'm just. Hi yeah I get frustrated by the way that the government continues just take money every chance they can get from people. It's really frustrating I died only because I just got some bad news from my tax exact. I wanna give money to charity and down and the guy told me synonymous Hamachi to chaired the government soccer icon some of that thing I don't understand why don't they if I wanna give my money to help people. Yeah I just nominee I keep why would the government taxpayer money that I'm not keeping myself I don't get it and no idea we don't know why they're doing that either but that's they wanna do and it's like. So they're gonna stop some charities and getting it is much monies they would because the other people's kids get credit. I just I was just frustrated I don't understand. I don't get I don't get that either you know you say rich people you want the rich people to be nice. And so if you're like a Bill Gates and you won donate money to governments not gonna let bill gates' claim all of the money then he donates that he doesn't care though about Mayweather and I asked at a time in any injuries given the money doesn't care about the tax kickbacks. But whatever the government case intact says he could've given that money to charity to his successor so that's why look at it like if you government you know you don't spend my money the right way all the time so let me give money to a cause that I really believe is good I wanna be generous. I just don't think you might government of the best place to put it I think there's some other organizations do better with money. So this whole tax thing man problem as I realize this I mean I guess it makes sense remember when Oprah did her big car giveaway where did you get a card you get it Carlo my ER I was like an epic episode for her did get is about 28000 dollar value of each car so each audience member had to pay around seven. Thousand dollar oh or that car and had to be upfront. I'll see that's so do now that cash you do get the car yeah. CN LEE you don't really know the dark underbelly and the other side of all this because we honestly like if I was nuts if we hope for which I mean if I can never be so lucky of course I mean obviously talent comes first Alan greater and Oprah well what if I was there and they're like hey here's all you all get cars now you're you're 7000 dollars. I'd really have to think about that I mean yeah that maybe in my savings. But it's a huge dancing how to pump yes do I really wanna do that and then. I'm gonna have to come up with the decision of whether or not only keep the car door on a solid to get the money back normally you don't pale left front because you're doing alone likes all the gets rolled and hopefully that you know you couldn't you never to come out of all that money up front like that usually when you buy a new car so yeah that's a tough position. I like to have the opportunity to make that decision so Oprah. I'm still available are really town announcing she does that anymore something's usually a lot of cars when individuals didn't take the car. She's now that I know you said hi I bet she's a lot of on the other 50%. She site gets a good question because I mean if you knew you had to pay up front all those taxes first he had to go is he call you you call you call your spouse if you don't know let's say hey do we have this much money you pay yeah and it's it's me Abby told my wife now we're not gonna do that to Tony keeper stupid car. How and save him say that around how they deal or not but. That's a beating. That's unfortunate because. You know I mean I. I tried to do nice things and you know they want to have a good time and any advertising getting definitely there'd there'd be you know their bonus because they're getting mansion for where every electric car deal. You know he's still gets screwed I die I. That's why don't give anyone cars I used to think about it as yeah we that's why wait until a SoundBite you'll Starbucks now. On a Starbucks I mean to leave you pay us is that I'm I'm not going to buy you a cup of coffee where you you mean attacks yeah I've done about that yeah I write funny that you guys. W Larry's in your house and senate being nagged at you saying. And by a person today I got your cup where I got your beer. That I need the money for the tax stuff. In order for you get a yet to give his tax money he has you gotta tell you the thing that really irks me and I I don't I don't know if trumps trying to fix this or not but the inheritance tax really irks me. So you make a bunch of money you pay your fair share of taxes on it twist and Daniel leave it to your kid and they want attach a kid again even though that money has already been taxed I never understood. Don't get got to know. Yeah I don't get that yet that's sucks to think it is great if that money your year end was already taxed eat you would be at that point that when he's done it stone. They actually are right and it's completely done you know he would end and yet they date they do that inheritance tax thing I think it's BS and where is all these tax numbers come from about a 25 dozen cars between 300 bucks in taxes that it. It's oddly to give away the taxes go up way more. It's a bonus or surprise so. You're taxed differently than if you went and bought the car you know what it is I think it's because it's based on income it's considered income therefore whatever your tax bracket is I believe they tax you based on Madison that how that I thought it was had something to do they get there's a giveaway to you might be right about that too. And so they did make it I don't know if and when you win the lottery when you win the lottery you're taxed way more than you would be if you made that money just as a job. Jesus that's that's notes I didn't know that an outsized say that's gonna say unity one I don't know how many think he almost like. Giving up like. Hi Terri be maybe 40% of the tax its attacks it's not eight and then they're already used rake in the people over when it comes to the do you know if it's a government the lottery system it's amazing how they get to come and gone and I'm OK with having to deal with that problem. Just I suppose TI suppose you're right but that's the product across separate seat to the problem. When it looks like it's super beneficial that's lonely relax our rights and go yeah you can F us over because I'm gonna benefit book is money and in having the first thing yeah and that's the problem is that we let our standards relax that's all we can never relax their standards as Americans we got to keep we got to keep these guys feed to the fire and that's why when I play in trying to win the lottery which eventually I well. That's why I'm not including Humana I know it's just too much of a burden Ali thanks Matt thanks and that when I only had to deal those tax problems a headache days you don't need to deal with that's why marijuana Sherri good friends the president run on the show but there OK we're dealing now while I'm look they can handle it's I get in your thinking about maybe I'm just figured out. Hey I gotta stories Patricia are you ready for a great. You know like his is based on the stuff and it's a study at a university that you probably could have done and you wonder why people a spectator. So there was a professor he's a neuroscientist from northwestern university. And he says you know the most important thing you can do achieve long term happiness. Surround yourself with the right people hey. You for a minute I sort of can't thank you captain obvious affirmative seagull. I did question should throw some of the wrong people what I'd be happy there. I'm you know what did they win anyways you know you wish to be neuroscientist is a sad thing is there are people that they know full well that the people that they're hanging out waste. Are making them look bad or making them. Go down a road that they shouldn't necessarily go down so I can understand why this season we brought up maybe some people do need that reality check like look. The company surround yourself with Ken make you a better person no different and can make your worst person I I I know you're right about that and I can't believe it. I can't believe that some mystery told that but your probably right. I had that happen before where say when I started like getting older I realize this person. I'll be your acquaintance I can't spend time with you on a day to day basis like you're just not you bring him down like you're you're Mickey mis deeds must have a person that I could be without you why do you got to tell people about our private conversation Ali when he had to do that meant. If you are you ready by summertime with. You can't get anybody look at and there's nobody here that you figure is worthy of sitting silent the grads now holes. Eat now you wanna strike zone of the right people pay out the right person does and now we are enough. I mean yeah you're great guy I'll banks. Are you ready for this next line yes this next line is a reworking of an age old adage I mean this is a good idea that this is like a lump of I don't know with the us so we've heard forever. Here's why because your brain waves mimic the brain waves of the people you spend the most time with. Or as we've all heard it. Birds of a feather flock together I mean really we got to pay this guy was something that it's been wisdom for LT eight just off he said birds or so faster clock together. Then you will be questioning the study he had a he had to make it sound more official but that's exactly what we've been told Zito like hey listen you're going to be as good as the people you hang what's what's his. Why if you got a lot of drama new life look at the merry go hated Yahoo!'s news that yeah. Wow man I guess you unconsciously pick up the way their way of seeing the world and the way they act you literally are on the same wavelengths. So you should be around people you actually like because you can become more like them. A Zelaya you have let me save I expect a resident Jessica. Says who and this is because I know I don't. All right well that's that's. That's your site that Jannero scientific study right there be around good people and you'll be a good person about that. Mailing it does explain why community is so important and if you really wanna be is there a specific type of person. I mean some people go on the hanger churches do whatever because they just know they wanna be a specific type of person makes sense it's and his Chinese have you very successful as usual there's going to fire new you're asked to be successful I need to make some moves man yeah. Yeah. I'm looking around as well those players because you know you're surrounded by a bunch of good people but you're still Claussen jackass so it's not working for you. Well I mean from a success standpoint that's a fact alone and everything is remotely while I needed I needed and he you're around Bill Gates and to be around him and a good job pays us doesn't even come it comes to content police who'd helped him over the content for this morning for a DFS and a move from wrong is that that guy Lance this essay that is so criticism numbers guys and tweeting me about how much he hates the show and I'm just like do they don't listen there's so many things you do with your life why do you bother us right we know it. Here's what we did you just say something right now to the people that don't like they show. We know there are a bunch of people who do like to show there's a whole way we know that you know what does a bunch of scientists and people they meet with us and say hey we get a report criticizes yeah we're very lucky a lot of people like are so other. Otherwise we wouldn't be doing this show so I did that you don't like something it's like McDonald's and go I hit first prominent people a like hamburgers so you want to see your eyes go to war and now yeah what is. All are here. I don't know there's still a logical walking into a place dean put there and saying you think it sucks when in reality you are in the minority. Go find what you like and stop bothering the people you don't like. Where's that I don't mean that they then narcissism and the audacity to think that I Milwaukee until plays and you'll just tailored towards me even though I'm the minority. No apart tied Fred that's not how it works. Okay stop listening there aren't sure that social commentary on the part die it's true though I mean it's a DD David that this whole society is just Layden. With idiots who think you should do this for me I'm the only person that exists in society it's unbelievable. The and it's done that. Because you have direct contact with the people. This this is I like today's show keep it up yeah CA god he must be an idiot apparently isn't counting direct. Christ and a cracker I love texts. I'm with you I hate them and I didn't know it now that the knowledge as far as the other night they showed just not this morning numb nuts. When healthy again and guess what I guess what you can do go find something else to do and tune in Blair you know they're they're nuts they know Richard that out. What are nuts number. Well when you see an arm around. Why would you do that yourself doing nothing is going to show you don't like you can I would you know you can you can adjust yourself for yeah I you can adjust yourself but this total numbness I don't know why don't have never gone numb I never never I don't even when it's my whole overall I don't know like I don't need no do I know it's never get enough how we all got aggressive today too. Hasn't there. I. Okay 00 well it's because you girls don't really know our pain. I have talking about yeah I'd read. You know why next time you think you're not sure none come over here look tested out a gallon per million dumb ass so I'll do Toyota sales tax that is it doesn't I don't tech stunt men women when they hit the numbed state where they're now most and get pictured BJ when you showed your employees delve they have that they hurts what are we never questioned that insult. You representative I'm insults whereas I admitted I even come from is there a way to figure that out. Yeah I'd like to note that if there is some reason that they tonight Jonas are using it but I really don't think you ever whenever as ever experienced having a no I've ever known and so I'm scared to Google this yeah. Now now let's fight our contract there are just doing do awful that. No clue now know all right so anything you know I mean I am I know now there are nothing how we have nothing I'm numb nuts in the world of the Internet this column in a slow witted and responsive person nothing really involving not so at all. So why they numb and certain is none not like your bring your heads and not maybe it was met upstairs now and somebody put the S is on there and update from I guy yeah he says much better you guys are welcome. I like to show more now cannot see this I can't take it doesn't really I can't take this like how does get better I don't like this kind of on demand I like I don't like I mean who lost a little light that we're supposed judging every twenty seconds this is why you're not allowed to look at the text god I know I don't wanna look at any number putters and one has some I have harris' every day for me necessarily one of many you're better man than me. Woman dead don't show up to work don't know why not just use the term the term is a natural evolution from the term numb hand which is did you since the eighteenth century so I'm hearing going to I was crossing our Suzanne Harry goes a Christie's are numb not aficionados. He's the expert I was originally intended to imply impotence. If you're nuts are numb you can't. All really the other things are all aware that really I have to how why go ahead Greg just since the early seventies when Texas and I've had none not to amendment vasectomy. Well sure I remember you're off but you can't do have a video of the day yeah but it's something you get into the bottom of this yeah but do best thing you got to inject yourself read says he gets on my idol I can't believe he gets numb nuts. I said winds these days and it's like suddenly it's like all time good job fake news as his say if you had none action down there you probably have low blood like bad blood flowing each other a couple of doctors and Israel of all three of them. Two and a half if it. All right well. This conversation as thrilling as it is oh yes thank you know I got a particular happen when defining idea does do something up talking about the same thing lack of blood flow but they said the main causes wind. It's doing something during a certain acts. And it wasn't expecting it to recently during her way to keep and you come what. Series. Well and orange. I think it's money well let's just say with some has been naughty or it's their birthday they get spanked yes yeah and so apparently I didn't know that happened. Why Powell and so do ask a question that says that the person. That is you know is basically giving the birthday boy his happy and you know his his birdies anyway its investment and I don't. They are they getting that way you know it's a stud this thing it's self. Get hurt. Follow me anxious and while yeah you know doing the staging consists of huge. Help me and I really gonna your zone well I I that a switch gears. To me he's definitely a numb nuts over here that's for sure. I guess they Steve. He was gonna and that's what this one pitch deep port city of Sheboygan is located in which stays I don't know Montana to know. Just for you in Texas has no no we were Minnesota note you still remember. Some Minnesota now. It's called deed numb nuts yeah. Yeah we're gonna hit an 84 Wisconsin Steve I guess but very surely that's right yeah that's that you and I do remember. 206421. Rock yeah. Big odds and 47 on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis and Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I always figure out who my creditors are some people who saw a lot of times I'm allowed a long time. Not having good credit and I think election season there's very concerned because. On May be concerned that you you won't be able to find your creditors or your file bankruptcy hell I know which collection agency has might. Credit card go from ten years ago now. And that's just something in return to keep track of because credit collection agencies transfer your shots all over the place. But we will pull your credit bureaus and they're getting all three of your credit bureaus will be able to do you have your credit and debt now. Which collection agencies have had enough. Campbell make sure that we file all your creditors only failures bankruptcies so let's not be suitable. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just if I was any time I had to choose the right chatter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.