BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-09-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, November 9th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Facebook Drama. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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And I point nine KI SW rock of Seattle live day it's happening a week from today cannot believe it's a week from today to be a blast for you. As you can see a life. Our show the men's room it's all completely life everything is done my son effects commercials music it's all done live in this type of a lot audience that's Renaissance forget it's also our way to kick off the winner biscuits or you're coming. They sure you dress up like Fred Durst is almost on the show were putting on our best red ball cap white T shirt and khakis. There were celebrating the winter biscuits and I have been looking for to try to coming on Twitter haven't seen the winter bizkit definitely not yet winter. Yeah all of their stars on my day. We'll winter of biscuits are somewhat like John review values just. Kelly Rowland ready to hear from you really didn't take over time causes which is about a mile away. Yes I was a winter is a month away the winter of biscuits starts earlier yeah this is this toll tracking thank you a great idea. Why there is a virus. I really don't know he's OK just the surface air hubs are we need to address our. How we do have been lucky one yeah and he did see exactly how we should dress up so the first thing I thought we were thinking about it for Halloween and they why we push it back for the start of winner biscuits. Let's begin tonight on my game. Just as murder. They know there was a winner biscuit that knows a thing but apparently it is now it's all coming together isn't it all right now may she get premium spirits take its okay because of the regular ticket she didn't check out our show in the men's room. That's cool but. You get the closest seats at the stage is executive producers didn't you also didn't have breakfast and lunch buffet he get a live T shirt. And there's a halftime show and all the premium members get access to them like they halftime show. Live podcast taking a rock girl fashion show live music you wanna be there for that. No more info about five days a week from today item of great to see you know go to JISW. Dot com. Mean man. Pack a name down we. Email me and it sounded turned out for Thursday and oh yeah. They say he's. Thoughts now half the occupy. Yeah I surely arm from just a few hours yeah Thursday night football by the way it's on the NFL network and anyway he sees enemies in this. Yes O cinema dot dot served for the white Democrats in some network. Sweet tastes all right then I got the pixel clear that do a lot of georgians as did today we had George in Tacoma to take on Steve your tree there's there. Did Glen argued all guys. Don't know where George. Let's you play for today Steve tickets shall Weezer and at the Wye River amphitheater on Saturday August 4 that's courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com for all the details. Joins she got Weezer with the picks season tickets on sale tomorrow at 10 AM do live nation dot com RE STD and attitude. For those playing you know George will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions George you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for question. Are you ready. But do it. What is the main I mean you get from drinking. Orange juice. It's weeks yeah as to which day of the week his three syllables. Wednesday an adult. Saturday's yeah as in which the US state argued Catskill Mountains located. New York's yeah asks what does the Internet I cringe GTG meanest. Gets you don't know. Yeah it's who directed the movie jingle unchanged next. Clinton's you know it's as how many planets are between the earth and the size. Yes even thought stories NBA team for what city. What he's yeah as funny standard monopoly board what color are deep champ car. Orange he asks what is need to letter abbreviation for Alaska. 88 guest in which view west city is the original ghostbusters film mostly sect. New York yeah as what does the Internet to remain G. War. No clue or at least I got nine out and now you know why he wasn't good to go wasn't he was not get together I don't know some people because I love those WS dot with all of their tolls and stuff they have that as acronym that's not the Internet want. Yeah hotel really eyes on all of that isn't so I'm wrong GAAP all the while that did those words. I was paying attention. Okay I thought you were and that's what you said it not how lucky I guess I saw that strategist and I don't see anything I lost power. Christie knows this now hey Stephen only are you ready and ball. What is the main vitamin you get from drinking orange juice I didn't seem to. What day of the week is three syllables. Wednesday now. Saturday yeah and which you bless stayed in the Catskill Mountains located dowdy New York's. Yes what Disney Internet acronym GTG stand for gotta go yeah asks who directed the movie jingle and change. Talking Tarantino yes. Tony climates are between earth and the sun yeah I would be used three snow. For a toast to the yes. He talks aren't Indians team Milwaukee yes Tony standard monopoly board what color hard chance cards. Orange you guessed I wonder what this these entire letter abbreviation for Alaska. Thank KG as it did which US city is the original ghostbusters film mostly snatched. Top picks are now it's New York yes and Steve knew what and when cup turf stakes. And Don and Tahoe Sinai well I have a question nasty very okay 'cause I might be wrong Steve if I said. Gotta go was not the correct answer what would you say got to go OK you have. Well listen you guys go ahead please fans I slur my words over and one thing so drunk on the air yes two or three Texas. I'm sober I just learn my way. And we are in Georgia was a close one because and everybody it's a job here we immediately give them you know benefits in a towel yes it's the that the so there weren't with Steve because I do sorry about that Georgie nag at them. Her day aren't ready. But I guess we NID yeah good to ago now. Which is not a lie like dramas playing out which I totally wasn't paying attention but that is the good to go driving thing no wants dot doesn't yet not all the tolls and I thought that's you geology did you mention no dad dead inside charging. Peace out brother yet but congratulations to you that perfect ten Iowa. I changed because I said earlier today he hasn't gotten a perfect ten in the wild. Nanny nanny job gallon look at that irony is a listener did deserves its. What can I say Angela nice little compliment they're I mean season chickens and buys thank you. I don't know I guess. He hands. Hey I know a guy Kevin Spacey that movie actor I've heard of an easy guy he is so asks do everything has fallen aren't they grand he's gonna have on money and at all but I mean he's he's probably immune most hated people in the world limited system it's it's unbelievable. The rafts that come down on somebody like this. As for this morning he got to leave some some woman came out saying he has been there eighteen year old son drunken and touch the Kid Rock god Jews just. Well what I you know I did like what the F what is this world of Hollywood is it their way to that this is what goes on. What makes it is an absolute power across gasoline is a crazy stress it what the hell is this not share. But do you get that vibe when the first story came out and he did that stupid statement where he apologized but then also said that I was really drunk and blocked out so I might have done it I just don't know. And make it. You know admit that you might have. Been inappropriate with someone when you're drunk now I don't think that's going to be the only stir we're gonna get from you and try to be open it did they open up the floodgates surely dead he just. Ridley Scott just said. I finished a movie it's ready to go. Kevin Spacey Zandt. Not anymore he's gonna re shoot all of Kevin's face these parts of them another actor Christopher Plummer. And this is insane man I mean they are now listen. Because if you. And you're Rick Scott has looked is really ready for its release date December 22 miss like really you're gonna be able to issued all those scenes and a must face he wasn't in much Panetta if there if you want to tie yeah. Now and of course Netflix said see you later to him but then I thought they already have another season McCain and don't they. Dressed in their own personal not sure I had. Yeah I don't know we there I thought that they were ready to release the next season or would maybe not religious scraping into sits Couric yeah Hayworth it. Who's gonna watch it. So much more I heard something about Mariah Carey being brought up now out I at this point I gotta be thinking that if anybody's done anything to anybody. This is the time and who survives this does anybody survive this. If somebody comes announces by the way you did this to me and I think that person's career is over. Especially for true. Yeah I don't feel bad. Let's go screw yourself coming in like Chrysler I'm really into somebody's an awful human being that there's ever won just I was a you know. So we're Kazaa you see these guys take a great actors got his life together you would assume and then behind the scenes jesus'. It is awful despicable human being now here's what I'm gonna bring up. Is it the amount of people coming forward to is it is sexual orientation and the people involved is it just because they're young people because Ben Affleck just had something happen and I think is equally as bad. America's wasn't she a young girl the time that I don't know allegedly groped on TRL. Members she came forward and says I want. She was an underage politician was an underage I remember correctly and and but who's. Awkward yeah MM AI NIC after those stories came out I know is that kind of crap it is is I change my opinion of him but they and it just is easy I didn't matter how many. People came out after that first one where he was just so wishy washy about it I was not I was like a Kevin Spacey fan because I I'm. This guys I'm done with this guy's a piece of crap I think human Ben Affleck it's like. If you're if you're the movie company and injustice is a huge movie it's coming out a couple weeks and I know it's Sox put the same time. I wonder if that movies and do well just because of the fact it's that's like an enemy if that's another smoking gun because. I think you know there's another guy that while that came out how many more people like Kamal what the AFLAC stuff. Well we've seen a couple other write stories and videos of him just being kind drunken creepy flirting we asked women. Yes so that semi nude people are more more getting empowered I'm glad to see that actually I'm. I'm glad to see if that we we talked about and some it was a buddy of our show and I just always a really admire I thought she was really good and because you know she did a whole bunch of geeks stuff back in the day Libya Monday. And finally they knew they named Brett Ratner he started they started coming out may said that you know she was one of the people that said something about him but remember she was like one of the first women I'd ever heard. That's just an I don't care I'm gonna come out say what happened before any of this happened this was maybe five to six years ago. Now they're throwing Brett Rackers name out there the director has all the Al lot of women now are saying in this one. She feels that they feel like it affected her career and a negative way that she came out you know people I mean we haven't heard much from her yes Dan and I would imagine that. At a time that'd be really tough for someone to be trying to be courageous and say this person did something awful. I think more people need to know this and they'll work with this guy and everybody just kind of turn their back on her and just kind of like brush it off like it was a big deal now here we are. Different grants to different time people are maybe more willing to listen. But that's got to be fresh air for so my current anyone in the past that is try to speak out against somebody and people just kind of threw it under the carpet. Yeah I I remember that to Steve and a lot of people start him some negative opinions of Libya and I was like you know what. Olivia was one of the first folks who use social networking as of as a geek. She really did you know when she worked for I'm G four network you know yeah she was I mean she was awesome and I and and I hope that you know this is some vindication I hope that a crew because she's talented as all hell to. And there's no way you should you should be negative towards her for her coming out against the injustice like this for your right I mean that was then and a lot of people weren't happy whether about a and M I think you may have affected her career yeah. Eye candy of well she's done recently. And I miss them I'd be intentional maybe Jews against only does business I don't know anything about her she was in the Aaron Sorkin you know newsroom. I think it was name of it. I'm and also she was in now the have the last X-Men movie. That Heisman apocalypse salt in that. But I don't know what she's done lately. But luckily I think he knew she was still getting work but you're right I wonder how how how her star who. Have risen. If she didn't do that she was in the Lagos and in jungle movie miles from tomorrow land. Com office just I showed a lot of stuff coming out to the body games hummingbirds and I just a much of the post and pre production step I'll good firm and she was bush I don't know first I was keep an opponent career so I know. And that's that's awesome is she still finding work as I doubted Barbara that was a that she's a good actor too that's the thing man I mean I've seen her do some stuff that's really really good that's why you know. Whereas this it's just the kind of person she was that we knew laments is always good die anytime we had a chance interviewer issues great. I sat Lewis is on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show a 206421. Rock Texas it's 77. 999. We'll take your calls we'll take your tests and you wanna talk about me and something new was something ol' we'll do that in 917 bomb Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 KI SW Iraq comes geology listeners. On low lose. Trustee by Travis Gagne blisters on of those where you pick a topic you guys who show like 206421. Rock. You can also Texas 77999. And you wanna talk about Manny to be something new something old. Do remember though. That's Steve. He has is this one rules is simple rural region necessarily some energy and bring it otherwise we're gonna have to gun you. 40 yeah that's say full disclosure I don't often in a good mood right now what happened. I don't know I think you know I do think it social networking I've I've sesame second life idea yeah last couple days people criticized. You know it's kind of and I think the money gets me I'll be honest we I don't know what else is it. You know it's funny as this a lot times you Jose guy you he had a thick skin and I think for the most part you do but every every day's different amounts of Ghana. Hit BJP but. Some days where I do have the thick skin and I can laugh Boston native VA comes out on social media but then there's also this this is a maybe as today's that day for you. Where I do have been scared I did it's just him in Asia it just depends on the day some days. What wouldn't even bother you at almost that time. But that one day because maybe to do this happening in your own moral or whatever it may be just gets under your skin just coming just grinds action and then I do I hear you man it's. I always try to I could do this like imagine. Doing whatever you do day to day basis and your phone is constantly blowing up. And it's his negativity from your friends your family they're constantly criticizing you. Or if you screw of one word homes and you know hundred text messages from the Tonya how stupid you are after awhile that gets kind of grinding I mean I have to be completely real. Hey get sold the if it's a sucks the living life daddy so I mean sometimes trolls when it Sox tomato. And I don't think he would I that you would consider that thin skin because we just has thick skin we just happened to be worn down on. Sunday's and is just it's too much. Yeah so I don't I don't yeah I agree yeah I couldn't ask. Taylor I'm really Muster just like I can you go guys hug snow's announcement die she made it worse yet and he actually you know I think from an all out there despite little love to spread some idea and it's like to have a dog picture what I know. Now the dog pictures or even worse that's on sale right. I can cheer you up all you have to do is go to NC Graham and head through the warrior princess I'm insecure and because you just posted a brand new pictures she used more followers once again. Her goal is to get on the Ellen show. And she just recently got as a gift from her father which is me a new toy because Allen makes a line of pets twice okay. And so right there is Glenn and Alan is that an Allen toilets and Allen to weigh things on my account as silence. On believe she's making bank that moment I only security 02 territories and I wish people don't like some remarks highlighted you are genius I am too I'm way better in the Bret Michaels tour that I want to dilute that they didn't last very long and this is the stupid little bunny toy. Yeah it does an assailant honest. Will you think it's gonna have a picture of Alan Ball should release looks like something's on the Ellen show so but I know that I got an L until I don't I wanna hear you I do you get a shirt from. In target there is too jacked Harriet on it. I don't know if I go then analogy valued around us attract young Calvin Klein and I don't know dude seriously it's as a tad on the back this is advice Allen yeah Ellen it's a star I want health said I want me I wanted to have a people on the generous. OEG Ed if I would have thought the same thing got to know Vanilla and woods. I'm an idiot who she's making key clues. She is really to see that swirled he had dude that's what you do you get celebrity and then you just got like I don't know why dog toys from Allen are something that would be better than anybody else's dog toys but we bleep bleep I am. Now you know celebrities a key thing unless your Kevin Spacey course then yeah you maybe would buy anything that would have his name we'll look there's moose sticking her tongue out. Happy I am amused and I am I I does that now make you feel better. You know it's I am I showing a picture of my ass yeah you wanna see that I have the same response to dogs I am I don't know why I'm this way. But I just died dogs do not do any for me they they irritate me. So every Dicey dog picture I get irritated and I know the people who troll me. Love that but that's what I was doing this morning it's either any DJ your show sucks or I just rifling through your stupid. Yeah dog pictures US people to send me some getting nothing done and look I really enjoy it but I'm getting trolls are enjoying his suffer for your happiness is really what is so I appreciate you suffering for our happiness. So you don't want people to send pictures that they cute puppies at BOJ he's no Sam got a bunch of a moderate or enjoy anyway but I'm glad that I'm just gonna tell you that they've won these days when I snapped. I don't know what and you're gonna get a picture of my ass back. I I I don't know what day is gonna happen but you're gonna he'll hear a story I won't be on the radio anymore because you got the twig and berries the squirrel the flying swirl at a rally give you gonna get all that you think that's gonna make news. Pollen and the burst your bubble where you send me a picture you Don is not gonna make like. Tall icy advise the flying squirrel the font size difference now see if you went to like a massage parlor and inadvertently mirror and a an appropriate misogyny by his extraordinary gentlemen you're right I've done my game on a scandal highlight of my game one match getting caught like in on prostitution a situation where there might have been human trafficking I cannot chemists can look I do to beat that. Since you at least think about that no matter how bad your day's coming. You get busted for bang you know either but that guy has got the working the mayor was an idol winner and I'm sure he goes on his Twitter I he's still got to get those comments here from people let's just like. You don't have that this hour him I'd leave the country go to a place where well. There are so well how about kittens in taxes that make you know I I die die again what I animals do you like I do not like animals that's Erica hill's. Terry to hospitals in the don't just send me any pictures feel like he's Simmons likes Star Trek and Star Wars like that semi stuff like that OK Lorena board game pictures and. Who people do here is we don't even sure who's goes to movie book what about a take their logistics make so few of them smiling without interior tear you up. So these are themselves smiling and well I bet some of them are attracted to make sure expects my own self fees that ship TJ out but only from women and now we have rules. Yeah we do I wanna see some smiling guy out of my chair but I don't Miss America won't need. Now I wanna see women happy AM ES smiling woman does make me feel Dicey smiling I and I am nights like guy. IPhone great joy Jamaican men happy. Okay here you just made this man happy without wow that was a great line I am how sorry please stay Friday that. Her yeah. Guys are great you're great little happy and I know that I used these days and it's dead flags that are. And treated and treated not never be happy. I sauce is on the loose you pick that topic you guys to shoot 20642 on rock text us it's 7799. I could have brands in Everett right here under certain. They're your photos Laura do pretty well thanks residential you're not really well which got him. Are there well last week you're talking about beat BJ were talking about how are you don't like when people bring their daughters to work. This guy Hank Hill he sounds just like Hank Hill doesn't mean. I could hit safely but anyway I don't know alone it's yeah. Close wondering do you do so opinion on these people that bring their toddler urged kids to work. You know the answer don't you. I thought I had tears sometimes and I try to be a nice guy and the halls because I see it. And I immediately go what do we gad damn daycare center I mean it that's the first thing comes and in my mind. But I know that when I walk ons the out of this room Steve when I open that door I walked into the real world. I know I can't say those things straight I. I hadn't exactly. Auto maintenance. And my supervisor would bring his his two at all. All encourage boys to work every once in law also sounded just drove me absolutely crazy and there are currently running around screaming oh yeah. You didn't seem to have any control over there. And and it's like dude come on how unprofessional look we're here to do it jawbone out of their ridiculous starter. So I'll tell you what bred attitude is put in the work. Yes frankly that's in LUB breach his story can now get them out they're cleaning the toilets I mean I am Sarah same but don't you remember when you're a kid I I'll never forget it may go visit my dad or him taking me to work and it was one of the coolest and most fun experiences as a mile. Feel like I'm in the workplace environments seeing what my dad did leaves us. For. Eight to ten to twelve hours a day. Think inexperience with an end for me it was that he sort of the World Trade Center site as far as regular additional losing a high school buddy because of 9/11. And a weird way I felt devastated by losing a piece of my childhood because the World Trade Center with such an important part of my life like I remember him just being so. Palms to go to work on my pops. So I am with these guys made it sucks sometimes it's a hero how long the conversation she got me high fives can you give akin to the import of doing it but it's a cool moment for most kids. Yeah that's why you know I think you know you liaison work every day I do like to bring my kids who work every day and you know what I just isn't Joseph high fives yeah. And you know Sarah Siemens around screaming all the time she's disruptive. I see how about this isn't his academy had compromised when you re a kid to work I take the day off public left. I meant as it was important to rework its every day remembering someone I got a problem that any of these again find I'll just takes on maybe for a day hey look if you can give mrs. company to give me days often pay me I will stay home but believe me I tell you right now I had no problem then I'll find some I do my time from Texas video really complain about bringing kids to work. He brings his kids to work every day hello yes. Stripped tie you pick a topic you guide to show its listeners on a lose 206421. Iraq. You can also Texas 77999. More recalls and your checks at 933. On the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. I'm gonna point nine KI SW Morocco's Seattle's listeners on the loose you pick the topics you've guided Joseph blow six fortune one rock. Texas it's 77999. Steffi text messages somebody was hoping good they're taken your FaceBook drama. All of this is a good one this way because who. I I love this man I love it when somebody eat. Is mad at you for giving him the kind of attention that they're kind of asking for in the first place and FaceBook of course isn't that a plays where everybody wants attention. And. And FaceBook drama is brought to you god begin heating plumbing and mechanical and Vijay years I say yes. And treat them. Comes yeah. This is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfolds because me and BJ he'll be playing the role the original poster you'll be arid comedy news he'll play the role of Jessica yeah. Brad he'll be Aaron street a Shari he'll be drawn up hanging out in the role of Jason so once again the original poster is Erica so Vijay please. Taking away. These Steve yeah it is yeah yeah more. Irons as. I do all end did you ribs you. And. I'm Kara insisted that kill me and maybe it's huge stat boosting pigs Eugene you and things different outfits and begging for it didn't seem. Do you wouldn't miss did you. I can post what. Right. Did you human being no. I am yeah and so auto show. The big. East and mind you will stand your ground. My. And would it matter I am just saying that if you continued you lose your attention seeking posts. You will continue to give both good and bad attention. Is now where's your clouds she just likes to look I. Are alone. Jessica she has her job title yeah Dennis and take these jobs that you are now she is at least two major college and so I know now. Not a. And we would want to look you work at home come see you know yeah. I don't just answer from anyone. I mean. Box you just sent me. You are so courier era. Magnolia trees through real big and broad. How dumb are you it's physically she works and they're HDs. Show you. Ash tag as empty beach. Oh yeah and don't you're wearing here's more than one deja Vu it could be days until five or so books for about one by six full days of who fought. Deja Vu well don't lose. Their jobs boom written. So do my dad to I didn't knew deep history of the zoo zoo I guess I agree with you Erica escape from rod is true Reidy. Hello well anyone else think that the show Bosnia and a great name for a strip club. The lure him. Tall again that was a good one house and doing it sounds. I love the dollar box that this was all other blue wonder because of the U stupid and it goes I'm not stupid and you while you are doing your creepy as a claymore. I see it not creepy but more impressive that he was aware world did you yeah our men and nobody likes but a franchise. Yeah and they've taken over a lot of plays that you cannot be the Vu. Yeah yeah. Breaks and Fox's all who all the time nice Joseph 6421 rock Texas 77. 999 Jason in lake Stevens you are dropped. And they were going to let you are brother what you got forcing him. All right well then you're really need it every day for probably the last oh locally heavier. Oh yeah you'll let us. I'd go to bed because of one share my creation my Mets aren't you creation with you guys are just still can't of this liquor. And this link. Yeah I like moonshine. There's no infusion of all this still hold all natural. Bad and rules seriously. Rich crude Oakland where you need to be a local college and drunken stone is that what happens. Yeah I. Took me about six months to come up with a perfect recipe. To make it to where warned tiger doesn't power overpower the other side so. You know shot by shot eventually you're gonna people who don't miss in the studio to the scene tomorrow. That is really interesting so well what do you duty would push for man's then though the leaves what do you what do you what do you do. So what I I I started out with the bug in the leads are you doing now it and then out of fuel careful consideration of all the different things so why do these medically inclined still to get like this dvd knowledge out huh. They're on gut. It just wasn't even born cost more. See you but I'm promoting it like that so while I start outlived they smash. Sugar and yeast. And then winced distilling process content I introduce our hash oil to a. And how's it taste what's it do it if you give us an idea what it taste like. They don't eat in would you like I pay a slavery at the whereas natural flavors from keying out or I just go all natural wage just a slight. Fire he hash the well. Hi this is an interest in this guy's doing the lord's work yeah resistant IU is anyone else ever done and you might just afford never heard of weed you can drink. I yeah here and there and so when I first started on the oh I don't know ten years ago I started out making Candice beard and came up with my first one called us donation out slowly step up. I would the bartender at the time and my customers bite me for sixty bucks a six pack. And now we're on the fighters and eventually I just like I'm wasting my time liquors who way to go. I'm now sixty plus a six vaccines or to reduce health food. I want to do a gram of flour every twelve ounce bottle and what I did so now all I'm up to a gram of hash oil for every bit. A liquor. So do you think you can make a business out of this is anybody like one Abaya mafia. Definitely definitely it's just about the legality issues they know they're they're kind of gray area with marijuana and alcohol right now. Did you fare better way to infuse Wii with four Loko although not not that I can. More local conditions and understanding contrast their tennis and then. And I can call it the bad idea while Jason keep us posted man America's we I think I'd like to try some your product legally of course some I don't think I've ever been stoned and drunk I think guides I wouldn't do either well like I decide Somalia's new one to the other don't stated no I don't think I've done that's. Well I don't know heroes were keeps talking about Jesus your high yeah it's it's it's that it is the lord's work. You're dressed in some surprising you have imposed drunk viewing on like drunken and decided I need to get stoned to know I don't I I've kind of makes it too I'm very like I am really methodical because it's like you know what I write wanna make an idea like I'll do my I lost go with nothing else I was like oh my when you decided you that it's not gonna have any other evening news is on undo and when I think I started smoking. One now would that that time some new numbers and as they are well I'm not gonna have any alcohol because I don't know what this is gonna do and I don't think I've ever mixed season. My days of partying I was complete opposite sides were okay I'll try it I was Mikey from the life cereal thing but yeah that a serial it was whatever. And now generally the next day and night Sox. I don't remember anything does the voice of a night. Are you more on oh yeah definitely scary you don't remember anything because if you look at I say you did stuff you might owe the money or what I didn't go in the bed with me you know as well fascinating we know what's. Yeah. Well that we expect not yet. And I die quickly infuse alcohol on the I've gone to like the forum in Tacoma I really enjoy that gave up pickle infused vodka name doesn't sound like it would be a good idea until you try it brought a halt pay you infused I tequila. And Morris. I'm not a big tequila guy but it all man that's a great way to do it those are the best and there's this place invalid called Ballard station where he played game. For twelve dollars and Broadway gave yeah I you roll three colored dye. No one's gonna be for your drink. When Jimmy you're shot I want to be very chaser one of the options little halting its keel which I got was delicious. But the promise sometimes you chase is could be like you know salt water or horseradish flew more or more strategy gal you might get a read mail our grapefruit beer or a minute is this why you come back. Yes it's a fun game we're drug act. A dollar and that could I yeah. That's just my stomach already saying no do you like your group here Coker I even still I an idea how I'm NASA fund fund game but the quality of tequila legit. That's. Take it over to that place yeah yeah yeah. I had half half I have an important question okay I mean we've been kidding around Al Assad put this question easily answered. And to run my chances. Cheeseburger have in common. All right and I hope you really don't need an answer. But we'll we'll see when you came up with a 949. On Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. He. Game jarring action. Apple and cheese burger have in common if he orders her with the. Yes. And a little like GGX physical yeah news wire home. And meet. When Texas I'm craving both right now do that's where I was when I heard cheeseburgers I could eat cheeseburgers are true I would crush a cheeseburger right now. We're Rickey Henderson would all fly freaking Anderson mop up all by African Anderson flies where my trying to. Dude I'm a place for them cheeseburgers and we got over eats my cash flow coming out strong you don't McDonnell. Yeah dude I visited the airport that I take government it was a my way of current is a Carl's junior gonna have to crossfire time in my just like he's always just a big Carl I know dude and I I guess I did everything I could to keep away from clinical audience away and around the airport might somebody that Carl's junior president has resisted it for twenty minutes. Again girlfriend our thousand California that you are I would have bought stock and in and out burger belly after. I don't know man it's it's. When texas' Brandon she's very important tasty bonds fan you know it's funny Steve put his hands on both. Well Tom Brady just said that he does need a lot of junk food was the cheeseburger on his list. About that other that was a big story I side like so many different views I think Tom Brady likes cheeseburgers operating from my. So does oppose every other American yeah well he's a special matter. The celebrity these cheeseburgers just like you home are you FM rank castle he's a celebrity into and he likes listening to music just like you know he's. Migs. Did go wrong for you her first day fairly solid Dicker a bit of her answer the door and on occasion where we go on our days hello. You're being watched and he always does. Everywhere. And I know you guys. It's finally after you know our fourth event that night they showed as bad as you know I really don't usually she's going anywhere. He did talk cool and so on the first day that's pretty amazing that it has got tossed about that being tested yeah and I'm. I'm 49 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. Here's another question from a listener can I leave things off for bankruptcy like my car you have to list all of your assets and creditors are your file bankruptcy. So we finally did you went out and tell the court and the tragedy that you have a car ownership of our loan you could. Say that I wanna keep my car and continue to make my payments on the car. But they're crucial court Wilmington notice you have a car and then we believe you may have a payment on the car so my leaving and often bankruptcy. You if you mean that you can not disclosing the record cancer that's know you must disclose or however that does not usually lose those assets. You'll be able to keep things like your current house and almost all cases but you must disclose them to the court. What you need to continue to make payments on your house your car you can. He's thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time I had to choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.