BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-10-17-6A: A man Rick Roll’s an entire wedding during a speech.

Friday, November 10th

News and sports. Today is National Sesame Street day. An escort shot a man in the head after he performed a certain sex act wrong.


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Two day you're okay series every day we have to really grip the saw on the comedy today hope to realize that there's. Really there's if you enjoy if you guys are okay because heavy for you as it is for me then you're gonna have to give me whatever your smoking. I mean Matt you are a serious matter Friday's. So anyway it's a heavy day if you're Seattle football fan it's also a heavy day for me if you're if you're comedy fans so I got the double whammy uh oh gone on today. And we'll talk more about that as the day goes on but like I said we I anyway I have to really throw some levity and here because it's the distance if it is a cloud today that's all okay you know calm and you know that all the other news agencies and everything else that's out there. It's gonna put it on there you can go on Twitter and see one of the trending topics which is all about the CI. You know and and then another tree top is all about this comedians like off. But you know there is an online video that you might not sympathetic yes my life is okay outside I'm happy I in my personal life is all right is there really yeah yeah. Today you know I don't need you know it has nothing there's no scandals about you thankfully now well I mean you know except maybe the only scandalous is that you think the crackle is better than Nestle's crunch that's still I don't know scandal worthy don't. Okay I'll really get into this this early in the morning because if I recall I think I have Vicki in Denny took two took that we had hoped that they were listening there was a moment where you even admitted off the air I've denied these charges that crackle here tasted Saturday NASA thinks these baseless allegations I will not respond to them I know nothing remotely check with the jurors and witnesses or whatever they are this early in the morning our friends begin Danny. I agree with Steve BJ is on iron a hypocrite I am the legal ball any piling on though what odds I believe I son BJE most of that critical he did in the 70% that is why is this is I will tell you this. I may at that moment was misinformed. I was told. By reliable source of it was a Nestle's crunch are who told you that I I I cannot remember what it was somebody is building. And these lies and fake deuce is no I'm not I'm not gonna run so bad my big red rappers that said crackle on it that was Saturday in a listen I don't pay attention to wrappers and a busy man. OK I personally I know what I like country performers over wrapper off anyway hey. All right name all alone now. It's better chocolate. Quite possibly better rice I don't know if it is there is a good day at the all our crowd at night you're right insist yes OK bottom right all of license create vehicles Steve don't -- rice just. I don't need this in my life man. All right so what all this go around our police scandals right immediate Seahawks in crackle and morality yes. There is a humane man you might have missed this you're gonna need to say you know you'd go to the B Jamie's page or carry a silly dot com make sure you get the link to this video because you wanna play it every once in awhile. Just because it's the greatest video ever. You know it's. A grooms men he's giving a reading at a wedding. And he starts out sounding serious. But and several Rick rolling in the entire wedding. Yeah. Oh boy we'll Jeanne. Parades. When she's harness your vision. We're gonna shrink. You know. This here. So you. You love. It's. That's fantastic. As you know every rises like guy you know and his voice is so monitor on you like Don lemon go to sleep I would look at who terrorism I Taylor doing over drink yeah. So what a great what do what a great delivery and setup to you know an awesome Rick roll no doubt about it 'cause I would imagine that he was very nervous to do it because you don't know if people are gonna pick up on the lyrics is Nike singing it. Yeah no I mean it was a must have felt so good and you'll sort of laughingly said Mary give you up otherwise I would just felt like up and make a bad foreign around yup that's the key yeah got to be able to if they don't get it out to never gonna give you up you're like wow nobody noticed this last combat all of them. The I would've started singing and I think. You know if I said never gonna give you up and nobody did anything. Then I would probably have to start singing on that even be more embarrassing I nobody you know as a performer you're up there you know you gotta you gotta do something Steve. Maybe stir them I doubt Iran. By the way if I ever do renew my bow was there and like that you sir are not invited to the ceremony I. Because I know old that you would rock and roll me at my wedding. I would do everything in my power to get the rock to come to your wedding bomb man. That's a site at that point I always feel I'm a guy like he's there are right he's not dead and at Pasadena radar just a little boy. Walking down with a ring on the pillow. And they beat you when you think we got the Iraq to do this for you know don't be so that he can rock only as much as he wants is the guiding rocket my what I can you know I'll take it in Iraq or bad boy is the ring very nice well it is a re air first of all they're very adorable so yeah where you have an adorable outfit absolutely whining in Iraq where is adorable kitty thank show much. Yeah tentative. That was awesome anyway that's the way to start your day because he you know all its it's a little tough series in C town there's no doubt about it. Little suffered Suton and I myself even. Might be symbol going Martino going more towards a gloom and doom I than anybody else and I'm. Well sealed tell you all about that he's awesome and it's Labonte and every escort who shot her client because well. He was not good it's six. I didn't know that if you're paying for you got to be good now we have more pressure to deal Louisiana Steve that I know about it news for you as 670. Nine point nine KI SW hole. Number you know Iraq Seattle. Best news cast your name's dean. In this world. Right now over the years teen may have slipped the noose. Thanks guys thanks to manage that Democrats and beginning its news and sports and hey happy national. Like its. Computer now borrowed and borrowed. Early Sesame Street day. How something that I thought you would think dad hung already celebrated that. I'm very last month or. Every month it's not a day. Hello yeah take which has got a text our girlfriends take me to work can you give us a shout out she never listens but so far she likes it wow Chris ameriprise. I miss Wright married you continue to listen to our show sister. And take your vitamins as I say your prayers daft you never know what's gonna happen when we run wild on you and I. Maroney you know that's not CSR and sorry about our business and sprint primary focus to the team they know dozens. What am I supposed this week I don't know if you saw something you do when you say things. Oh man I know it's I am I guess for being with customary. Texas that's a better thanks for being let us get away from where you can fire ever tell in my skin suit. Full faith club for instance. Who both had invited their initial release details on hello. Let's talk about this 21 year old escort who allegedly told police that she. Shot a man twice in the back of their head to move left him for dead low fault because he performed a certain sex act wrong call my. Quiet and not that which I didn't know then I guess hates. It's just out there wolf. I know that if you were gonna get a hold for you would want to do something to go poker if you donate via cellphone. Well some little like dad I'm guessing you'll really enjoy that activity okay okay. Yeah. Rather interesting well anyway well I guess we know that's the fun having your how this form I have and hopefully come over. Yeah allegedly. OK yes allegedly play ways apparently that she was not happy with his performance and Matt. Tiger and active and done well someplace else is selfish on the ticket credit card as well he had that it probably is but how well this story she's 21. Nobody knew about what happened to the guy for three days he was left for dead. 236 year old victim he worked from home in the employer finally got concerned because Genworth log into work for a few days in the morning. All while anyways cops showed up he was then picked. I figured there's a music he was awake but I'll respond to talk a sorry. Take it easy money I'm response you know it's a double down. Hi many realize when nobody forced their way into this house to check the surveillance footage and inside security camera. Notice that this one woman kept coming to a home five different times between October 7 now. Notices credit card had 82 charges totaling more than 101000 dollars so bullet while sun. I commanded a high price could also apparently she used the credit card as well at fisons stuff as well as folks. Yes some place in the back and maybe he's still alive I don't know how he's gonna he's unable to speak as of right now but. I was able to communicate with the people hand signals so it sounds like he had hey Al at least a working relationship well yeah. And then things just went sour guy you wonder what this relationship turned into their. You know maybe they were getting familiar and is this is really interest things. When even they're very sit in the story Davidson misusing them all very remorseful displayed very little remorse and they also say that she's very proud. Clearly proud of her life as an escort and even asked us to call one of her clients a day they could post her male. Imagine like you're one of our clients you get a phone call chaos. This. This woman needs you poster read out. But I don't got a problem whether being an escort I know it's illegal but morally speaking out here but we know she's already part of the league of extraordinary general Iowa beyond extraordinary dividend payout but when you shouldn't somebody in the head you guys issues. Okay that's all of when he's trying to go fifty to you to do yeah hasn't where. And a few enemies try and you know this guy a break you know you think maybe in the recent if he's getting an escort Craig is that a lot of restrictions women probably. You have this series isn't potty story of the day and pouring in UPS driver went to drop off a package somebody's house I started hearing cries of help me. From inside of the house so he freaked out. He tests his wife asks her to call 911. She called 911 hears the call. President of delivery Jennifer and just called me saying. Yes I'm in England historic if not done their listening can help me I mean I look at and somebody who comes. So they do the police arrived turns out. It was a talking parrot inside of the house no it wasn't supposed owner Susan says that her pet parrot Diego this is her when she's gone. When he's alone constantly well yeah allow it helped me because he doesn't like to be alone he's very people oriented kid likes to have. Me around. And if you're wondering if I'm sure you are what does that sound like yup there's Diego. Showing us what's up. Oh yeah. I mean I would think that was somebody who thinks Jim he's stupid parents having sex they're Matthew McConaughey. Can put all that together my guy domestic effort put into the. You move. Okay. Okay. How many. We'll. I don't know what to make decisions besides yeah. Are there we go now it's a slim. Aren't I let's talk about the good and the bad news web. I was game. There's an iPhone obviously the good news that the C outs one Russell Wilson threw two touchdown passes Jimmy Graham. On the receiving end of Mozilla's touchdown pass falls on the side and insane place. Com where he just scramble there was really get the ball to Doug Baldwin and what was the highlight reel moment once again until Russell Wilson denied it towards the end of the game. Probably end up winning the game 22 to sixteen. Only issues I continue though for the team but the biggest issue worthy injuries so much so that I'm reading reports a lot of people are saying. The UFO should really reconsider scheduling Thursday night games. One guy who's always been very vocal about not liking there's make it because it doesn't allow the body to fully healed because it does take some time for these guys. To heal from playing games like football college process is Richard Sherman and unfortunately he was on the receiving end of injury. Because you're trying to make an interception during the games continuously called a professor actually right before the yeah. Yeah I actually there's a nice chance even bothered by a sore Achilles tendon all season long we went down life and intercept a pass in the third quarter. Looks like he's a lot of gaming could read his let Torre said that he look at you Tony's teammates as they judge I tore my Achilles tendon. We'll keep Carroll confirmed dead as well saying that he ruptured his Achilles. And he's out for the year because gonna had to have surgery this the first wait for the swelling goes down and as Susan goes down there he goes in for surgery rehab and all that type of stuff. And it unicorn the scissors no coming back until you get surgery top Britain returned to put out a tweet. Saying thank you for all the thoughts and prayers I will do everything in my power to come back faster and stronger than ever and so then I'll be here to cheer my teammates on I sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support. It means a lot to me. Then after the game get a press conference in such a bottom as he comes into the press conference looking sharp without seeing greens seem. Same car power grab Jersey February with the blue shirt. And even said this was a lot cooler before what happened the other yes. I felt weird having a tough place to be very serious hole where you actually green seat but he addressed the media and the fans during the press conference. You know it's unfortunate there's there's so she knows there's children they are and what we've got to be up there for a you know just Jim Moreno and and Tracy and and the road Jack he's been there all your floor no do great job without standing room. Make sure you always coaching points and endangerment and I got just there's probably. Some. Insurgent these guys sort of blown up because this person. Am so all the tweets entirely instant imposed by his teammates just silly so much love from Russell Wilson Justin break. Hi even Jimmy cursing there is no longer on the team a lot of people is an outpouring of love support never missed a game. The guy's always crying out and festivities always playing hurt in this time and unfortunately because there Thursday night games on those this food. You never know I mean who knows who would be different if they didn't have Thursday night games by. Now they got to deal with fists and I mean. The only guy to take up his passion and a weird way how great is it that Jeremy lane failed his physical because had he been traded. Yeah fifty Houston thank you original plan was even mascot doing. Brown got injured cute hairdos ankles during the game that can read out but I mean that would really hurt the team didn't have a dialogue genuine stimulus step up and hopefully. To a good enough job for the rest of the season. You know it says we'll talk more about this but I'm I do I I I actually have a statement about this as a fan. We'll sustained well right now onto it now yeah okay well whether their degrees and not think the territory for various reasons for doing out there now. So here's what we know about it's. Not a big here's a CEO as Seahawks fans we have watched this game for the years of course should never had a team that data that was consistently good enough to care. You you know but now that you have seen that we had a team consistently good enough to care. We now see the wild card the only way you get to the Super Bowl is if you guys stay healthy then we bed that is the only way you get there and it. Thursday night football games when you have an aging team. And we mean there is they're guys our team that are raging Thursday night football. It definitely keeps those aging teams I think from getting to the Super Bowl because they just today because the fact that these injuries can happen because of it and I'm not the once sang at Warren Moon had a whole thing about yesterday. Our Richard Sherman a lot of people are talking about it and since injuries are the key difference maker in a team going are not going to the Super Bowl. It's not about coaching your talent anymore it's who has the healthiest team that's the name of this game and Thursday night football. It is it flies in the face of that I think we gotta stop it I as a fan I'm getting a little pissed off the NFL for their money grabs. Thursday night football on the east and. Once I see is I'd be found and others and supplies to get rid of our ensemble both you guys had at it if it didn't you think about and put in perspective here's a guy who's battling all season long. With an injury trying to do his best to get ready for every game pelvis and you finish a game on Sunday putting a lot of pressure on that Achilles insurer and you've got X on a dazed every had it. We put a plan it's a lot shorter receive oh win you don't need a planet there's it was a with some there's a big difference to an enemy within about last year. Mean memorable Earl Thomas went down and in and the team still it was able to get into the into the playoffs but yeah I mean without him without him that was such a blow to the team in and it was just. I hope that that's not the same thing that's gonna happen to them now without Richard Sherman you hope that some of the younger players in Jeremy Elaine and everybody else to step up and do and do a great job but man losing a guy like Richard Sherman is arguably the best of his position. That's tough. And I'll tell you this here's what you gotta be thick enough. The older Russell Wilson gets. The worst it's gonna be playing Thursday at football games because if he goes down which is that look he's getting older does not I mean this is just what happens in life. You know Richard Sherman wasn't going to be able to play every darn game in a row either he was gonna retire or was gonna get injured. Because he's getting older you don't get better if you when you get older stuff happened steel. Now if you can be sort of like a Peyton Manning all right may be good but Peyton Manning is not Russell Wilson Russell Wilson uses those damn legs campaign manager and his injuries I've I mean yeah he was still able to play hard because it's Tom Brady right now army still had to play but he obviously doesn't play the same style. That's what I'm talking about our team is built on this way it's built on Russell Wilson because that we otherwise we got to put more money into our offensively didn't have that one guy. That's an exit Leo I don't really like conformity. Well Thursday night football is gonna have a big impact on you saw last night and he got hit hard. And of course she went to the attention just walked in kind of weird yeah they bring him and therefore I would imagine a concussion protocol. But he never got checked he just kind of sat there for saying no I'm fine as it doesn't just talk Russell's out of his mind. But dude that scares me because you know he got hit hard and the next year and the year after year after he's not gonna get younger guy and he's one of the most condition I am a measly conditioned players in the league I've ever seen in any sport. The other thing that I really felt badly about Steve and how do you notice is the way that Chris Collins worth was talking yesterday and the way everybody was looking into great looking at Richard Sherman and giving them hugs and everything. If felt like it was just worse than you're gonna be out for the season pass by and pick up on that I think I was picking up on that they were. Reacting to the emotions that he was feeling here's why I believe that a calm again now Richard Sherman isn't as old as the guy I am about to bring up but you know I this is I followed this team very closely. And everyone knows and her Red Sox fan David Ortiz. Pat and he he had Achilles problems and and watching him run up to first base he never ever did that was the one thing he never did a lot of people when we believe me at Safeco Field watching the games. A lot of fans and god knows what they to do directs us you're on the go Ted Bundy supposed to run every play out my god do you understand. His Achilles is gone they don't want him to ever run David they they get scared if he can if it's like he's gonna get a double. That's why I'm wondering I don't know how effective you can be once you have this kind of injury and get the surgery. And again Richard charms not getting any younger 29 yeah I granite trio David Ortiz was in his this late thirties there if you believe his first of yet so I mean Richard Sherman has ten years on him so maybe he'll be a little bit more effective but then again. Richard Sharma is gonna put it held a lot more stress and strain on that Achilles and David Ortiz ever did. They told him not to run to first base they go you're much better just get up there and hit the ball we don't care yet they throw you wild. From senator feel we don't care who don't run hard. Though which is sure is gonna have to run hard. Yet you know so I this is this is this injury scares the crap out of me for the future Richard Sherman beyond just him coming back in and how effective is he going to be. An and so this. This sucks it again Thursday night football I mean who do. Don't run a great points I I I would agree to this is well if you kept Thursday's football just make sure is the only team to play are following their their bye week. They've had a long period of time to rest. I mean if it did they need to make this money grabbing keep Thursday football's I'm sure it's a schedule or could figure that out so that the only teams that are playing a team that didn't play the Sunday before Yahoo! and I guess except eventually the bye week stops and then like the last five or six to five games the season nobody has a buy we can you figure that out as well yet known if if if if if this is all of our money again it's a business I get they need to make their money and then that's just what. That's just what businesses do but there's ways around it say you can also protect your players because of players keep getting injured people are and I enjoy the product and Hebrew stop watching the games. I'll tell you will happen you know what all happened but here's what they should do and in the players union can start this or the players on their own. A class action lawsuit from all the players that had their careers ended in Macon points if there's and I football. And say that I was never as effective again and it cost me money because there's no guarantee salaries. You know in baseball they don't care because they get paid when they're hurt or not Sony they do what everybody don't play triple matters I'll carry an opinion on sick or not. Where in football Europe John I mean if you get injured you can't get all that money. So class action lawsuit against the NFL just like the way they've been to with a concussion protocol people started coming up and say you guys even more serious about this. I think you're gonna have to see something like that. For the NFL says OK we got to forget the sound. I'm so glad that they have a little bit of time there's an skins Monday Night Football on the twentieth yeah so for some of those guys that went down that you obviously weren't as bad as Richard Sherman. But over that gives them enough time to rehab and get in a better spot for the next to. The next half of the season because obviously is a little bit of a mall a lot of bit of a disadvantage now without having Richard Sherman author and they just made some deals we saw just to shore up some problems that they already had and now I want to say hi yes I sent Anaheim and we might look back on it and I'm not saying Jeremy lane is no we're. Mir the level Richard Sherman but he is as Richard said he is capable of being a starter in this league and so much so that the Texans trying to get them yeah and grand piece that failing that physical might have been the greatest thing that's happened all season long for the Seahawks yeah because at least there's some depth to that position. If you wasn't around IV. Met them among my case then everything's great reminiscent but. I think it I think a lot of fans including myself would be more devastated knowing that what reality do you now it's not like you can go get a guy. No. Yeah I mean any gotta you could get it's not going to be anywhere near his his level at least have a guy who knows the system knows how to play good the Seahawks style football. And Kim still continue to be a news too early to Richard Sherman since he even said they take on their B they're helping these guys out. I mean Jerry Layne is not a bad player he's Islam and he's obviously not number 25 but I think we're gonna be all right Matt sent. Yeah I'm just keep on keeping my eyes open for the legion of boom and they show the graphic on the screen. You know we got no world Thomas scant chance or would like holy crap he went down here and yeah yeah we will have no Richard Sherman as the season goes on to the Big Three which we pay a lot of money too I mean that's. That's our strategy we we spend money in that department. The Big Three. We know we're not gonna how one album girl who we know we're on to we're ram Tanzania with Earl because like you said last year we didn't have them will we went into the playoffs and now with cam in my mind a question mark because even if he's OK he looked great last night here I don't know if that's the thing if something happens to those two guys too because of the stress of the way the season goes and then Thursday night football I keep my eye on those -- Because god it's so disappointing because. How can I be excited if if in fact those three guys are not going to be in the playoffs and I think it's not gonna happen but we know one of the visits and Jesus you know. Some irrelevant stuff you reordering of harassing them IMAX was recently got released and he obviously was a part of team back in windy early days of the legion of death yet it might not still be at the same level players used to be but maybe that's a guy you consider bringing back for that. They're probably gonna have to do you write them and again there's something. All right I yesterday how it again you know we know most notably there was were Sar with a gloom and number you all watched it like we watched it and and some hero wonder what happened to notice he ruptured his Achilles unless I guess out for the season how for the seasonal ruptured Achilles tendon which I'm. On again the harbor juror of his own doom he said that there is that football is a professor didn't wanna do it. I SA Steve he got this one wrong when it comes to lighting what does the LED. Yeah yeah yeah oh yeah I tricks now Cardtronics narrows. I actually knew submitted but remains very kind of smarty pants. 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