BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-10-17-8A:Scientists have trained a computer to solve crimes by binge watching CSI.

Friday, November 10th

Dave Grohl pulled a fan on stage to sing Tom Sawyer. Facebook Drama. “Strong Man, Weak Moments”. A man goes on social media to complain about the fake people in his life.

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About this man again and artificial intelligence computer. That has been trained to solve crime. And I got here we go this offense it's all starting it's all thanks to binge watching CSI how about this business. But I love this is it plays The Who song when it figures it out. A scientist at the University of Edinburgh that since then yes they have trained a computer to solve crimes and the computer apparently really good at it. And the way they train the computer is they have the computer binge watched CSI. Which I don't even know how of that and how they do that but they do that and after 39 episodes the day I started figuring out how to hunt for clues and process them. Watch for suspicious body language and recognize unusual behavior. And give really bad puns and it would find. Who the killer was willow. Do it loses its starting now we not getting nervous now then all of a summer gonna have robot police taking over any gonna gum they're gonna get corrupt and how to use power. And and and kill us all oh dude it's right out of blade runner baby right. You had seen of it right. Yeah well I'm blade runner spoiler alert. And blade runner one of the detectives that that's ago on five stuff out he's a robe off. Do now we got that one robot in Saudi Arabia that is that granted citizenship. Now we've got robots have now got to figure out it's the solve crime by watching CSI yeah. We seems completely ridiculous issued watching super troopers that they truly wanted to solve crimes of course right. So far the computer can correctly guess the killer 60% of the time that's not good enough it's pretty decent but not good enough. Has real detectives they get it right 85% of the time but just a matter time before they figure out how to get it right. 85% is time to get a read a 100% and as I do decide to say with more training because that's after mr. Site is say what we're trained his computer could become almost flawless in his prime Saul yeah. And that it would be it would be it would be time to see if we can apply the skills the real world I gotta tell you something. It's hard to argue if the computer can do a better. Why would you have humans still doing it so that we get rid of the humans as jobs were getting ready humans is jobs at grocery stores next thing you know war all homeless the only people to do when things are robots yeah can be some weird like you know post apocalyptic type of society rather be living in both thought apocalyptic event I don't know I have started OK I have had to know it was dropping bombs are an angle that's got to ask you I mean. The ideas what to finding a way for human beings to value their effort to society and ordered to make it worth it so they get a piece of paper that says they got this much money or credits we'll probably have known how much the best way to do that. For us to take up the robots. Duval tell you can be a civil war man L really Elliott and all the robot it's that didn't work out welcomes all the rules miss gonna help us this time. And also Will Smith had a good robot on our side Seattle rove and the robots to genocide. No that's I'm talking about we're screwed but see I'll tell you one thing I see if you agree with me you don't watch the spores much as I do. But I don't know why we have umpires calling balls and strikes anymore they have the case on. And I'm looking at it nothing more infuriates me more when Keizo gets it right in the empire gets it wrong it's like at this point I mean why don't we just have case onto everything yes very if I could always whenever I do watch baseball at some point did you bring up. The umpire has a bigger strike zone in the last umpiring this year there's an error has much more narrow over strikes aren't sick. Well that's very interesting that relentless human here we go come on now and I don't. Get this is not good BJ now. That's why I'm a little worried about myself because I have that same thought Steve every time I'm watching like especially big gains. You're just like and I play out games maybe they maybe a playoff games that they had extra umpires in the playoff games more so the regular season maybe they should just didn't let the case don't be charged for the for the playoffs. Every weird that it wouldn't you think W we are the baseball purist and not have an umpire behind the the catcher it would look weird I agree Boyd is he behind never he would do any of them threw the ball back maybe maybe they should just have like a computer behind him like Watson. Behind to catch. That it costs of times though Watson might take a file tip you see that happen sometimes I've seen some media umpires get in the groin get in the face bullets again face thing. So they're saying. But 60% of the time you know when ten to twenty years they're gonna be up to area better number than I've taken a year ago via to a better number. And all right well we still here's one thing that computers can do yet. It that is go up and sing like Dave Grohl and the great guys in the Foo Fighters all got retirement this here's an and an example of Dave Grohl. Being the most awesome and a rock and what does he do uses humans yes that's the other good thing about it is every computers up there Dave Grohl can save us. Dave Grohl will save us he was in Illinois a mustn't show. And they brought a fan out of the audience to sing rush's Tom Sawyer Wear them you know that's a good idea. Because sometimes you know I get a little pissed that they don't do my favorite song of theirs right the Taliban but they're sick and somebody else's son. And what they do that I if it's funny accretive to do an affirmative bring a couple fans up to perform work out a cover or maybe even to those who do want their sons but it's fun it's. It makes you feel like what you're getting at that shows a little bit more it's special it's unique to just that showed that they do it every city tonight in the same fan that would be funny they did. If this same thing for the rest of plants that would be great but this is interesting because it's like. Covering rush. Musically not easy provoke really I think even harder OK I've haley's voice again he's got a high register your right that I am Ali why he went up at the food friendly. I'm man be so much fun just jam out in in flex our musical muscles by playing a rush song but who dousing it. Yeah you're absolutely right and so they got the fan and here's how that all sound and well. It's. Yeah. It's. Okay. I. I'll dude I mean on Jessica's I don't know how to keep a beat I would be eased how does he know when to sing at the right time whether a moment so I. The whole performance it was very fun exciting it showed off how great of a drummer Taylor Hawkins and his seat he now summary of yields parts. Which was really cool to watch a purchase parts are two parts yes. But the guy at first start off strong great front man do used to and a great job would be like carrier horn sing with me help me out they were all seen the course with domestic this guy's got chops. Won't point during their musical breakdown he's playing beside a crowd make noise this kid was living it up the whole thing awesome as good as it kept going along we'll put even listen Dave I forgot the words to this part I kind of like our current but it was the Cole couldn't think. You know expecting him to be a whole and his voice wasn't nowhere near what Getty Lee seems like but it was just cool to see a fan sing the song with. How great experience was it for that got to be on stage at the Foo Fighters. As they're all rocking out with him dude I agree in the doozy as Mike carpenter and actually finished the song Dave Grohl he's talking about Mike's performance. I. Yeah at some point. I still onstage is still waving he's hugging all the band members taken ahead and David the most entertaining comedic way. But I bet he meant it. Get the F off my stick. Ha ha that's on there and into the mother effort to that's so great. The area to the other B Jimmy's baby yet this. It's he's not on the title of his life up there on my carpenter and they you are at a show you know you got good enough seats that you can be seen when he asks a question like that. Knicks' senior finance states that that is and now you know. I mean if you're anybody's got any pipes by some good seats who Foo Fighters show you never know is faster somebody's yup well I am happy to have to Wear in Illinois said yeah. Susan Canada he probably wanna be totally that are you know I for screwing up the leader Tony right Sawyer good point. Now analysts on green issues to sometimes they pull people out seeing as well Hough and even as its own and like I know. One that's on the radio I would rather play guitar for yet and then dealers saw I would forget the leader Tennessee even telling ASCII. But you can kind of power through scoring up on the guitar or the drums are the base whatever it okay. Where do you like I know a bit of a clunker but you forget the lyrics to a song you know you're never gonna hear the end of it. Exactly if you've got pulled up on stage any show like what song or ban under whatever would you feel confident singing. Saying he acted like I'm feeling confident with some system of downs on I've taken time to study them. I think if I'm a top opponent to sing the birthday song I think that's about as much should I eye socket lyrics man I don't know the Lira to any of my favorite song is the closest thing I can get. Would be any. Late eighties were the early a stage of anthrax could I know so many of the leaders to their songs I demand or are you know. You're anti social or whether those songs that I know when I go that's the one time if you see me at a concert rom pretty much singing word for word with the band because this is something about. Anthrax in their earlier today we stuck with me. But we often know best about I think it yeah that it wouldn't be good all know that's a point it's like actually knowing the lyrics and just dealing belting it out. From it not for me. Only because I've I would just remember playing their music for the long as part of my life. Collective soul definitely would be a band I'd be semi comfortable but I think it's a Beach Boys song because I know those damn songs in there easy which rodeo. You know I that's all I know it's yeah I know the first couple lies in America just kind of falls apart that's Carl Wilson I always already Brian Wilson he I'm Brian Wilson got such a high voice but never go up and I had to go Mike love songs like you know served in USA surfing safari. Fun fun fun I think I think fun fun fun would be the ones as everybody knows that song about Lou really need to be easy listening audience very. Yeah discovered. He had really that's at that man yeah I the bad. Content of the terrifying ranked it would be terrified because you right because you're up there if your feet you're right in front in the words people are paying attention to them. I got it just because I remembered seeing it and ball. I would go some two houses looks and receive this is as focused it would work with tons of mercifully if Andy saw my gun cameras as I got it because and here's why acts with a teleprompter with the lyrics. And so I would feel like. Starting this thing and I'd look at it wears teleprompter got better not stop. You keep doing what dude you can't hit those registers so that's I mean that's I love sweet child of mine I would love to sing happen in my idea myself easy. Okay I'm not wild but I mean it wouldn't be nearly as much of a train wreck is singing screech out of mind. Dickie do you say who you Louisville yes this confidant value to systems I'll add jobs a Darrell green day of course trying to mil I would miss a Green Day I guarantee so would it be like Blink-182 big -- like MX PX that punk rock show because it's literally like foreign leaders the whole thing different feel better shot of that happening because now you're living in the city were or the town that MX PX plays right downbeat that would be cool play yet beyond that even like the Oscar fever and I don't know some of their that are still. I can I can mumbled and articles on them but I'm a hardcore probes and then I could I could aired from all of her songs. Know exactly where the most weird cymbal hits are I can do that African play improperly but Arizona wanted to know where their dollar and Derrek Lee I don't know I have to grab any singing about. At first very powerful what I just not clear. Yeah. Now that's nice that I would do tequila that's gonna yeah you're right that's easy. Take a guy that's our song I think we all agree on Allen. As precious as I wipe out there again and a White House that sits. Authors is out now Bloodhound Gang the bad touch. If I do know a lot of the Bloodhound Gang songs I just. The knob. They're not very knob they're from the very filthy. They did about a TC lane but I'd like to see a signals there's Casey. And that's okay. Your press there. And that is a Steve song no doubt about it had a lot the lives I had a lot of time. I didn't ask hey don't call you on stage nine. Yeah known as. That. Okay I have a question for it what happens when somebody continuously complains about relationship issues on social media. You're Smart enough you know what happens another edition of FaceBook drama you're gonna hear it any seventeenth. On Iraq. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. 99.9. Game tied at W Iraq of Seattle it's less than a week away next Thursday. November 16 and I've gained 117. At emerald queen casino. Our show and manager going to be completely live and for the first time we're doing infrared view a live audience first time ever. Take my FaceBook drama that's going to be a lot of fun my beat me. A fundamentally my big dominant dad to be a great time to to see how the sausage is made. There's another way to you know. About it also been messy sausage yeah I like that. Yes I think this kind of soft yeah backhand and I think they've taken me. Now everything is alive that's the thing that's really crazy we do the sound effects of commercials and music like what you hear right now that's recorded babble we live our lives day. What could possibly go wrong kind of coordinate all this and you're gonna get the watches. Moorad up right through personal my friends like sound effects. We're all gonna dress is Fred Durst from limp biscuit just because. Guy taking in the winter of his hit yeah I don't understand any of that but I gotta go along with a yeah I think the cost him. I am all on a white T shirts and khakis and you get to go. Now you want tickets you can get a general admission tickets for the premium experience factors checked that all the info KI SW dot com. Laura. And FaceBook Thomas tried to abide begin plumbing heating and mechanical and beat it once again this is our opportunity to point out dumb people are on FaceBook. And guys anyone who has his book page knows there's a lot of those at this time around BJ you'll be playing the role of the original poster you'll be rotten day IFA under mandate beta. Obviously you'll be Josef I'm. Well I'll be James. I. This scenario began hang. Our heads. Still went in the original posters Randy repeated please take it away. I've passed the point in my life for an tired of the games. The drama and the so called I love you and care for you bowl yes. This sounds good to go if you love me and care for me and mean it please stay in my life but if you don't. Please get here at times. Row. What's not you write this crap probably once a month. Why the drama hey if she can help me in my worse than she doesn't deserve be at my best. Atrocious right why the drama decide if you're happy or not this monthly relationship posting is like you're I'm not a man period I. It's no Janet you read that you know what I meet him. Maybe I just need to learn to love myself first thing I love myself at least three nights a week hash tag gig eighty gig Eddie. Bro win did you get all Dr. Phil. It's possible. It takes is strong mansion the weak moment. They both realize you're only communicating and FaceBook cliches right. Hey I have one do you stirs the group pot past the lick the spoon opt out. Never heard that saying no that's a different thing right there you've been drinking today yeah. Are you prostitute. Leah. Somebody didn't tell you when you need to shut that's a good point stirs the poo pot hopefully this boot yeah. It's not make him brownies as we cannot alone are now all that's my fair part of making MO I don't make my wife makes the agency brings over the spoon yeah. And I just go to town on things and now you stir in the book pot and a parent clearly that your Dylan. Well another fine addition FaceBook drama and boy oh boy people. Seriously when you see everybody on FaceBook honestly more more you think that people can use a therapist. Honey seriously like a FaceBook therapist that you see I mean how they know what we're talking about a certain item and all of a cynic it's advertised to us on FaceBook there onto us clearly good point awhile they have Mike. The FaceBook therapist. Who when things again a little too weird. Time to central Coke so they have done all right. They got to be southern France talk yeah. It is they've got to be some because FaceBook is just a nightmare and don't just take my word for it. How about the dude that actually helped create FaceBook Sean Parker. You know course you find out our yeah and he also if former president of FaceBook he had a big part if you like movies and forgot about I think he was elicited no radical thought FaceBook. We'll call it FaceBook that changed everything everything. And Sean Parker is actually saying that these social network that he helped create. Not been the best interest of its users you know if the. Thought process. That went into building these applications FaceBook being the first that thought process was all about how we consume as much of your time. And conscious attention as possible. And that means that we need to sort of give you a little don't mean hit every once in awhile because someone like her commented on a photo where post or whatever. And that's gonna get you to contribute more content and that's gonna get you you know more likes and comments and it's a social validation feedback group. I always wonder about the whole. I need right does trigger something for a lot of people they get enough if they get certain amount of lights on a picture or post or whatever it may be I didn't see people complain about not getting enough flights on a picture it and they go and post a picture of them leave a fifty year old Mike too political to preclude me. With my grandma and nobody does yeah 'cause usually yeah nobody cares if you're gonna if grandma always in a bikini shares and all will love all the muscles of historic deal hunters for every. You so I Sean decide you know what I need to say more about this or exploiting a vulnerability. In in human psychology. I think I think it the creators. You know and it's it's me it's markets. That you know can insist chairman and sticker and it's all of these people understood this. Consciously. And we did it. Anyway. It you know this. They knew them well why am I not surprised by it and knew that what they're creating is almost gonna become an addiction for people. Well that's exactly what cigarettes were beaten I mean you know people knew I mean today there are Smart people. That Knoll. How to manipulate. On us to make money and it's been going on the cents. Humans have been on this planet it will continue to go on you know beat because there is no matter how much of an. I really altruistic person you are there's always going to be somebody that simulate you know that we can take advantage of this and meeting played his game indeed. And then look where we are we suffer as a society sometimes because people manipulate. Us why they're like you know what let's fast forward 510 years to be interesting I wonder dog revealing some kind of a documentary on the FaceBook effect on society and how it's changed us prevent our economy dependant. But assuming I. Spent some time from the onset of FaceBook being a social gathering for just college students to what it's become now. And I mean you look at other social media platforms before FaceBook that audit us a short shelf life. Friendster and MySpace. Direct it was a battle of echo yeah that would didn't do too well. The FaceBook unlike all of those has found ways to constantly reinvent or just make enough tweaks to stay. The big dog. And I wonder what kind of effect is gonna have on all of us on the a long term wise five million guests is a stupid social networking site but it's it's causing people that I. Implode among make friendships are ending you have people are are treating each other differently I'm I'm I'm curious Cecile long term effects of what social media has done for. People are written books about the fact that we have become a less civil society and they are pointing at social networking and the trouble is is UC documentary like that Steve you're the only one that's gonna care the fee because really the future is what you hope learns from things like that happen but as we can see. We're not learned something from the past there's a lot of stuff out there about how other societies treated everybody crap like crap and all of a sudden really took it to a point where. You know today could kill people based on not liking them and it's we have to learn from Mac because look how we treat each other today. Do general president has decided what do you think would happen if we discovered the Internet and also some media platforms and go back to paper form of information. I wonder about that I feel like people get along a lot better without these I think we know too much about each other right now great and sometimes. The things that people Sharon faced with they would never share in May Arab that's good or bad but I don't think people would see these things in and in front of somebody and it's it's it's gone really strange yeah. Are used to be the way to have an intimate situation. You know but these are professional artists who. They care about. Where there art goes and they hope it makes the world a better place. You've got a lot of these other things that are out there like FaceBook that now create an intimate situation and they don't care it's not about our it's just about making money. And so like you said there is we are with the intimacy and over sharing. Everybody thinks that what they journal should be for everybody to see you know you should be journal link for nobody but you can see it's free you. And yet you're thrown on your page and like holy crap really what the hell is wrong with you. Ground assault complaint of a plane and then they'll complain about the fact that people ask him how they're doing it's it will only do his complaints of people concerned for you like America happen once where somebody who's been leading really big but troubling post on their Twitter pages sign an acquaintance but I. Five sentiment direct message on the image to an. What's going on and they got real defensive I'm fine what would you ask why would I yes I don't know if you're selling your writing a letter if you know what I mean job. You shared something that was troubling of course I'm gonna figure out what why wouldn't I am I bad for carrying yeah yeah profile mortgages poke you people read that dude that was you know give us a hard time yes they on Twitter he deleted all the tweets because finally I think he realized he was being a jerk we've Cairo as a sole reason things that he wrote he does not come off very well. Yeah and then this is what people don't understand. Is that that's why you journal because you can get it all down or go to a therapist you can say what you want to a therapist first of all it's in the moment you're highly emotional. And that's the problem we do that without even thinking anymore and that emotional moment sure we're jackass. But then we come domino like a lot of what we're really not like that well actually guess what. You've shown everybody that's how you are that's your first impressions so they think you'll like that all the time that's not all I care about face for the pictures of people's pets. And people who post albums that either stay my summer vacation on the beach or Halloween because then those are always gonna be sexy outfits to look at. Yeah not to otherwise. The past you know my pants now. But we've been asking people listen pictures you have been on Twitter and Seagram and pass on that I've been dying on record to have this person that I have a friend that posted use gonna start the leading people on FaceBook but never like her comment on this post hoc. Really must add a tool should you are did you look at it tool shed when you when you say that your FaceBook friend be great nobody likes her comments on that post. I can't put a tool shed. But you know again as a guy. If a guy writes that I pulled aside go what the hell is wrong is that we guys used to do we kept each other on line. With her idiots were able to pull each other sightings of you being Canadian I have so many friends and did that to me. Meyer was always about my big mouth know in instead we're so isolated FaceBook is the only way we interact with each other where we used to be able to broke down and go. Hey stupid knock it off and you know you be like Ali Abrams. And we vetoed. Now look where we are. Yeah and Sean Parker. And he knew it all along. Doesn't sound like him like that like a hero. That he's an evil genius like movie released yeah yeah they date debt that at the Baghdad that the Justice League needs to go after yeah definitely it's not it's not good man. All right well. They would and yesterday's Steve. He did get this one right what day of the week is three syllables. Wednesday no. Saturday. 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