BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-10-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, November 10th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows digest if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcast. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com your home. Going into foreclosure and you feel like financial rack and you don't know where it turned fractured information. I'm bankruptcy attorney Terrence Daniel Hernandez talked about some legal options and we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonably organized crime line. Whichever you choose as its own for the next chapter of your night please contact me it didn't choose the right chapters around. Just choose the right chapter dot com. My point nine KI SW Iraq to Seattle and we get our allow local man in the week. Did some of these. How about local families some of these wanna find out what their plan how you get your CDs. Still had dad you saw how they're doing all the news. Can be found under music you go to gym tomorrow night I watch my team Richie on the drums is very high and every player of the year seven big show for them tomorrow night. Did your seventh goal rock out with under these. I was so mad at you like the local scene we have got two solid hours of all mobile music from the Pacific northwest. It's called my mobile Sunday nights at 10 o'clock. Right here on the rock we get your fans like thunder. Under these. Mean okay. A. He OK. Okay. I'll think yeah. We may subscribe that. Killings are there. You know it's. You know. You're welcome home they get a bronze medals whose Olympic sports night last place the last play yeah he's got a metal. Thanks so I was only thinking three people were competing and so. We lost so before we get to the game we've done a few requests to replayed and I think it makes all the sense in oral since under BC is the loud and local band in the week and the poisons under be surprised us. With the ultimate gift. And I've got Yasser more local pens did this when we come to Penn for the week. They went to the studio recorded a thrash metal version of the B league's team for us to enjoy it is pretty amazing this is going to melt your brain. They're playing tomorrow studio setting a seat on the reasons guys are some but all I picture is a member of the scenes uses the gift for everything the scene of Jonah yelling get into the Greek. When he's listening to Mars Volta he's got his hands I don't. I guess so I don't know I hear that it's so intense. Right it was and ask the second time. All right let's get this game today I'm genes from what is Bill James and alert hello James yeah steam what does James thank far. While Cyrus is fine she Heath. Hello Sarah he would play and there are no words are fun coughed until I got Weezer and the pics she's a rare white may have appearance Saturday August 4 courtesy of why they see good KI SW dot com brother dean doesn't do abide tediously gone so today at 10 AM do live nation dot com are right now get out. For those playing at home James has sixty seconds to answer ten questions you can ask all you want but you'll only get three gas says her question are you ready. Yeah. In the Disney found inside out BM motion with the blue body has what name. It's humane colors and LA lakers are bold and watch this. Opens now. Now. You know it's been done reading this now there originated and why European countries. Oh yeah you're ready to. It's little things that you and it will win the title character in the 2010 minutes comedy norm it. Oh. Look he's now. Yeah. Which time machine called spring tides and. Yeah. Which color has a shade called spring but it's. Yellow now claims blue yes yeah. I just Africa's com narrow river flows into which notion. And yes. Brian in the future while word means he's digital well that's. PG he's. To stitch a win this. Now you're you're in new yeah. Who led Syria three Barack. Today. Clarity chancellor said you know I but these times is showing. Sign CJ is age and maybe this is why we don't have basketball in this town. I don't know that answer. That. You. Look. Why did. It yeah but still do if you Cadillac and I knew that we thought we played them locker room in its Xeon not only do I care. I don't think there's any excuse if you really were a basketball Renaissance and you've we played them lots all right very good right now. Are you ready here. In the Disney film and sat out the emotion with the blue body has my name. Who grew and who beat. Poll easy. Now I'm techniques. So assuming Belinelli lacked the lakers are gold and platinum and lakers' past and I told her from the purple yeah. And Don greens now there originate and why your name James France. No German yeah could put the title character in the 2007 coming our best. Eddie Murphy's death wish I Tyler and initiate calls rainbow I'd done. Needs reasons yes holes Africa's Congo River flows into extension specifics now it's semantics yes. Right in the future while we're in means just did you lend its returns next. What's your letter abbreviation on menus signifies that additionally great GF yeah. Now ragtime music he's black and white rag the winds and rains are always instrument. Hot tubs yeah. Plus forest. And jumped to. It's. Set in the correct and that is by far lands. Well and he let. He's not even though you rather me. Yeah fighting here but I walk in the news just like you guys just first of trying to do. Well you know it just makes me see if there were a lot of basketball fans. I'm not know the lakers colors. May be colorblind did you read did you bother to ask him in the climate that we live in now. She says can you not be so insensitive to color my listeners IMF innocent at this point he should somehow via. Though only one really got rung in the Disney film and set out what emotion that with everybody has what name. Danny I know knows this W Dickey that sadness and yeah I because it's sad yeah. Let me since I'm correct and he's like my Iraq has written for wets. She's I am I could guess some sort of horn instrument and I'm not going to what is it the piano. Oh of course I piano black good. You're right we are stupid Steve congratulations a sad thought other example our stupidity that's true. Yeah we'd be down five well anyways so what color number seven you are winner. You're gonna check out Weezer wiry but didn't want to pick sees color number 7206421. Rock. Well Steve I entice some this was not a high speed chase happened in Alaska Anchorage. High speed chase as a terrorist you're a guy by the name of Rondell. Went to a Safeway grocery store in the Miller night and stole their motorized shopping carts all night and he led the police and high speed chase across the parking lot at two miles per hour and the cops because how fast they go PO two miles and only two he could have probably gone away quicker by carrying it. So he stole he stole it. Drives out of there they called the cops to the cost ten minutes to get to safe way and they are still able to catch him. Because he really get too far about a cup but I don't have much to do for the rest tonight I think I would just keep chasing him yeah. So long ago was easily runs out of gas or just gives up here until the cops all hail as is trying to tie to have five and but no he got arrested for. Felony theft they charged him mannerisms if only I feel like you you're having fun you can stand a supermarket right that baby around I just happen at 3:14 in the morning yea I'd probably Silber at the time passed overall haven't sober fund 3:14 in the morning here Richard and around one of those. I never have I. Having either I'm always worried that if I if I could I'd like to but I know that I shouldn't because they're not meant for me. But I would love to drive around and I sort of beat him one time that I do it down mag guy that actually somebody showed up leading one and you're standing there like oh thanks jackass. See I was more afraid that I knock a display over his I've seen that happen. I think people write those bad boys when I first moved to add to Mercer Island that was the funniest things I've ever seen just secure our C is kind of small those two so things are tight in there. And these things are big and she took on an and display of some canned good almighty god it was hysterical and she didn't get hurt so I could left. Particularly that some of this is guess is they don't he had two miles per hour what you did there meant for inside us from our he'd anybody racist and there are up to five. Hole I don't want to ask you walk these things. How fast I walked as a guy had no clue. I highway at facts tell you could tell our affect your market right yeah I now appreciate your picture I think 2000 hours good enough for the deal with a with a motorized device with somebody who's probably not at the top of their game because they needed in the first place so their reflexes may not be great. Hello did very different take a picture and I'm walking without coming miles per hour now I think yes to filming and then it they didn't get to do a film for an address their own guys don't listen to outside baton Aaron and I negotiate you're not that's what you walk the walk into blocking OK okay I don't know what else do and I have to ask you on their bodies. Wait a wheelchair and a IA job I need a mile in twenty minutes if I walk is that right. I think there is a buys that's when miles at a walking miles that some right OK all I was going on one point three miles per hour. See you're going slower than now while I'm walking aggressively yes sure you know what's your mouse priority that the outside nevermind yes glad that we figured this out I guess not exactly an industry that was impressive I did think you're come over that number yeah. And did our share at a my story for those that want to enjoy it. Good how fast I'm Steve Mays on center. Has life I walk fast mom always pass and people you definitely not gone one point three miles per hour. Jim go fast and a no idea you don't slower that's BS. We contested during the break I'll use my miles per hour machine. DR we will get a snack shack and I'll get done a good hallway I'll show you the clip I take I'll I'll show you how little how I walk. Look I'm trying to kind of get my heart rate up my doctor yelled at me so I walk I have to walk really fast the least for me he saw you in my heart rate up purchases and I'll burn the sugar and and all the sudden I'm pre diabetic and I don't need that in my life what's the difference between a good hole in battling. Along hallway man we have along with our building does have a long haul and we take a really need to beat you get good speed up the ante and Danny Ferry is gonna blonde. OK so let's I don't know like pick their hallways and long hallway out. Other people are I. I wanna leaking set men are we ten is that what's going on over here singers ever canisters at all yet at times that's it. Paid pretty knows what's that mark my favorite board games going up clue is in the hall of fame maybe. Crew made it. I'm sure there hadn't been put an end soon. You can recruit some paving and what is your reaction toy hall of fame with the biggest doesn't he ever Saudi and having a BI induction ceremony to rock and roll hall of fame this clue get to speak I also or at least professor plum gets to see if viewers are actually pretty fun now be nice to resolve favors an upstate New York I believe in Rochester. Yes yeah I know and I was there left I was there last Germany to visit that I wanna visited next time and Imus spent more time I because I. I like toys come about with the balls also in the hall of fame which I can't believe it didn't get in there but Steve. The third thing it got in there no doubt about him and their longtime ago the paper airplane that's all in the malls and even toys can kind of is. And I think we're stretches like Iraq or all Famer is not really rocked her all the song. Because they I remember growing up they sold those balsa wood gliders and you put them together I love those so that all started from a paper airplane thing. The better ones though do you remember the styrofoam ones the senate passed on staff those are fantastic those things made that flips and stuff or even though the best though still way though would ones that had. The rubber band I'll he has subsidy it's been the propellant and actually would fly do you guys even or tiger my game taking the styrofoam ones yes settlement of about six. Nasty people rocket goes on anymore you don't accuse just like now I need a united tableau like styrofoam in generals are really great environment but I -- what do ones like when I went to a story you can get seeing you climb the column which is really really high up the you can throw a little woodland Fo really yeah I in my own little shops see this story is gone back to. When I was a kid. So how line you unlock a book about how to make a fun toy but you don't think it belongs in the hall of fame I don't view it as a toy as good as an activity. I got on the plane duck duck goose is a toy that's 'cause there's nothing there but you're using the plane that's the device which is it's what you call the plane. It's it's I thought twice. Not its poor child throwing around having fun the piece of paper sheds like I like they used to be my brother at like six in the backyard I'm not gonna consider stick a toy I know but they're weapons you go to jail. And these weird kid who you play job now your played out flashlight tag. It was like tag you know like always a flashlight tag innocents are flush like technical kind of game and that's Thursday for Vicki uh huh are. But do would you consider a flashlight it's way. Ice that we actually there is said there's some toys I buy back a day there was a flashlight to you put things on the screen. And it really really wasn't a flashlight and we'll fill you put on their sole idea stretching on this when I feel like somebody got screwed out of their spot because of a paper airplane all he's ripping and we have said the man that's into its well fame DirecTV paper yeah I feel like you gotta go back to to the origins may and all the flying toys that are out there you know palm on because of that paper airplane David. While Scott and that's hit those three clue the with the ball an airplane a paper airplane risk did not make it. Magic eight ball did not get a policy be MB for paper airplane posse you know I you don't respect the you know respecting elders. I'm faces only repeated often but I have to agree paper airplane is a toy. Yeah just like a little stick and we'll back a real colonial times I mean it's a win it's a little who insist stick but you put them together in Detroit. Sony uses the stick is and a half inch scenario okay that's developed course matters is that ways pot a paper airplane that's made. That's a hobby BJ you dumb ass that's a hobby. I I can't talk to his house I can. I'll talk to you all day by the way the hall of fame committee agrees it may so we're not dumb asses you largest narrow minded and your paper your paper us. That's that you are but pat matchbox cars and make it delve they'll get in there. It's just you know it's like it's their first ballots are first ballot yet he had done my little pony didn't get into the Pez candy dispenser that's actually in there. You could argue that that's not a toy congestion is this it's a dispenser of standing outside with Intel I think came on I put it in my mouth so if you bottom if you bought. One that. Using your logic. Game you can't distance reduces realizes in New York Post gives you some time to contemplate his life. Why do you try to do this radio show you know you just embarrass yourself daily guerrilla had a bit of thousands Laviolette know ours is hit. Congratulations. Congratulations mrs. maids get married by the good ones. And a roof over I'm not gonna talk about my argument I'm done you you actually hear you I've accomplished what I want you feel like a fool let's all I really care about Michelle I felt good to relative Danny and an Israeli you do not to say that I didn't here you know like him up and Danny's works so he knows he thinks you're an idea that's pretty bad. Denver Arcadia what I do is let other people fight about what's enjoyed not a toy or you know what anything you wanna talk about it. Listeners on the loose you pick the top making you guys to show 206421. Rock Texas 77999. We got calls we get to six at 917. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock N 99.9 KI guess W all. Tiger nine point nine K I SW guru wrapped up Seattle. It's listeners on the loose bunch by Travis Gagne. Listen some of those where you pick a topic you guys to show it to 06141. Rock text us. But 77999. And you know what it's all about saving it's all about you you've picked a topic you guys to show anything you wanna talk about you get to. But there is no rules Steve does have this war mu necessary as many TV generalize. Say your right to. Bowl trappings piece that too the outs let's go to Emily in Tacoma Emily you are on the rock. Able to grab Emily yeah you don't chick oriented right I don't know exactly at all old. Following are comments really succeed. Amman. We got a little away what are your plans that they now Euro break up. Well on the actually I'm working today to bid spreading and we have to how that. You have the west are all there is at least from our the hard luck. Yeah. A good idea it's out there and I did I got to get in there he gets now lets other places has the I mean I don't. Congregation first inning it got Al like. Ed I'm OK it was that we would really get there in time and reset your high because you're pretty admirable besides. Just say they're not. I smoke it eat at me to get your brain going that I can't the world so yeah that's it for several customers like myself in my body Munson. You know when I'm. Yeah. She's I think she's hot eighth. As I wanna read Emily she's not high insight I usually it makes you Chiluba and he's ready to go. Hang out read our college ready to play against these parks and area CLU guys are your close to that there are guys that drive from this past. Other. And yet on. And you can't drive anyway it's a mile until all point and he has what what's the calling Emily we have started to determine concept. We'll let Blake and Matt there's no earlier scene you're talking about how the robot the coming super intelligent is beginning to scary ill. Yet as we talk about the CSI robot that they created by in the they had to be more. The artificial intelligence bins watched like 34 episodes of CSI and now it can predict killers and criminals 60% accuracy and and real people have 85% accuracy so they're on their way yeah. Right exactly so eventually I agree would you see that as far as like within a year like they'll be there. On the counter I don't on the human interaction I'm all at the and twenty betting your goal at minute we're at a window. Know where my parents actually act in lire to. And I knew him by that I mean I like they throw it tablet like my brother ten years younger than me you know I like then I didn't grow up. Video game I didn't grow up being Hubert secluded or having social anxiety like everyone has now. I am so. I can actually communicate with people. And I think my belt for the most part and I'm signing and how it like most people in at eighteen know like 25 AD group. I'm and they don't think for themselves they're told what did you and they can't accept it. Like they have you know they mean and you know no right thinking did they have no police. And it systematically being done no wit that can't being not common format with the children all being preached opinions. Not be long hot acting so so when you are at an. What do you think this means so we Allison do you think then that the world will be it would make everybody will be easily enslaved because nobody does themselves. Yeah only just started out. Think about how successful it like they did urgent theory and how do hunger gain instant no idea. Over the break out hit her opponent and not on easy citizenship and needs at all. You know yeah I mean Emily even though you're still not your gourd and I and I love you I appreciate the call you do some good points those are great still actually TV shows movies that she's quoted. I does talk about a society make it so lethargic and lets people make decisions for him it's kinda like you're back in slavery we need to start taking control now. Yeah today resistor all computers and electronic I'll stay will start with you Steve and when you throw them off the building. I'm we'll just recorded and on FaceBook live and and Maine all of us for you when you're getting it sorted out of the building this seems like a bad idea I is a great idea as I never I've always wanted to see computers fly after building that we all joke. In ten years from where being run by robots. Then who's laughing now that's. The robot soccer. You know how is your friend Jesse Ventura new suit us hanging out. Diller again the mormons and these can spirit I know you are there and I I was afraid that you are watching this whole world changed I know it's bad it's really about him that I mean it's not happening to your book anyone else I think is where that we gave citizenship to a robot's not us but Saudi Arabia well you know Saudi Arabia is not necessarily a country I look to for you know and any kind of country decisions and I'm inspired by but they started it it's it's it's gonna happen man. But I miss read it didn't. Hit kind of a stretch for human male and they raced to a robot woman. Yes right well you know like is that robot woman she's just better parent faster stronger. Now guys robot solving crimes yeah until you do we need to do more muscles on nuclear board games and in your phase out of playing board games that's very true I will see a lot I'll be sad but if they're better than me which they usually heart. You can make you can buy robots over the clarity for our Maria I was you want yeah I can never bta dialysis on Wiki it's like stupid decide easing its gonna be a stupid level than I completely gone from friend that's likely rookie level on all video game staff and yet you're mostly right it's not gonna. It's listeners on the loose where you pick a topic you guys to show. 206421 rock Texas 77999. We especially appreciate callers from people who are stoned out of their mind and restart. That. So privy costing your text. At 933. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9. KI guess W all the. I guess for a guy. I can't tell you the rock of Seattle as listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys who show up 20642 Iraq. You can also Texas it's 77999. Let's go to school. You know why lane for a little while gap okay. Very. We go wiley and every you are on the Iraq. Oregon. Mar Wally welcome the show which are your knees and. A just gonna lose that are already on to China you know now and stated. George Orwell was right. Way George Orwell say what book was that that he was right about robots. I'm 1980 or. I don't remember any robots in 1984 I remember all day you know basically. You know the double speak in double double good good lord of the Helen was in. You know repression and everybody member robot arm of the song John that was pretty proof. Doesn't get on the 1984. But they were you doing they are using computers but everything Big Brother to keep an eye on it. That is true yeah they were surveillance was huge no doubt about it and 1980 Al Gore and freedoms and they. You know it's it's an interesting story about what where society can go and what they consider is good and bad and we've seen in our history a hundred years ago things that we consider bad now we're good and vice Versa so. It's a good point wiley let's not quite like Isaac Asimov where I think he would have been MB you know as far as robots taking over or at least being used part of society. He robot that is robot novels I think that's more analogous to what you're seeing Steve. That's right they're taken over man just a matter of time Vijay is a matter of time we have some text messages I do you ran the same thing I think we definitely are not being that doubt today's veterans day. Kostis you know tomorrow's action statement but some people are celebrating that's already we know that. Well there's a solo today off CN this whole weekend is an honoring really other yeah. What does it say is the Marine Corps sob birthday tomorrow is veterans say we have all friends and Timmy assert would you get to the moment thank all your veterans. Are all of our veterans on behalf of the rockaholics in the house says it. It's Brad May if case trying to say happy birthday to the US Marine Corps 242. Years old who rock yeah I fear what better way then to wished him happy birthday. Condemn my mom and dad which the Marines are happy birthday well of course. I mean Darren hey you're you're live happily married hey Hillary. Are you who. These burned today it is Lou. Okay. So I mean I don't. Hey Larry hey you do you who'll be the error. Well you can't get better than that now they're really that said that's the best way to celebrate any birthday the only way he had better than that. Is that my mom and dad seem another birthday saw. All these are arrogant okay here we do. Happy and very today blue moon lead how do you are OK you didn't need this. He. Ordinary booted. All yeah I think I. I think as I applaud your father there. Like you just have it like Rosie ingenious script it's. If there's a bus in America can and then you stated they want us acts are we practiced this really doing it every year so I'm 42 years that love. Yeah they're real happy birthday and of course. Gratitude on this veterans day you know my family my father my brother both served just lot of gratitude because I. I never had to I mean they we it was a little bit like whole wood to draft still be going on by the time I was eighteen years old and that's when I was wrong or right now is that after the war of 1812 yeah and luckily luckily they came to an armistice and everybody's ass yeah lucky for you yes I'm positive there. This is unless you pick a topic you guys to show let's go to Norah in port towns and ignore you are on Iraq. It is aren't so good morning nor outlook do you look at what do you what you got thank you know Iowa. And gone back city. Two miles per hour motorized wheelchair systems sit erased. Okay that was the guy this guy arrested in Alaska trying to steal a motorized cart from Safeway and hot Dominic Carter and a whopping two miles an hour on the cost of their ten minutes later and still confident still hadn't gone very far yeah. Hello Lynn Beattie say you can walk a mile explain it straight. I believe so I I like so I think if that was the game that's the average mile like you walk a mile in twenty minutes I think that's right or my wrong about that. That's probably correct load in a seat take that mask and there's. There's streets what unit it Carlos and eight hours so that you would work you would walk three miles per hour. Hello to all they go somewhat at three miles an hour long recess that's that I did go to say you know what Norah bastard and one of those machines math is hard for me actually threw them out. Dementia such you know I thought I'd let you know you're what could be lost per hour that's. Damn well I don't always want to advance and it's. Take breaks you know. Started Victoria's Secret for a manager who doesn't yeah okay c'mon it's very distracting but Nora thank you for doing amass that for some reason I couldn't figure rattle appreciate it still. Very welcome big other Goss nor everybody's allowed Port Townsend. It's great place yeah yeah school vibe there. We keep cool. Coach I love. Hard look at live import towns which are really all I absolutely what I sent I would love to live anywhere over there but honestly. I just don't wanna deal with the ferry system well no I wouldn't do and I didn't like I just won a bunch of money. And Aaron nice like mansion in Port Townsend. If I can't hot tub and would be a great place to retire to write that yeah I did. The didn't look as Mercer Island used to be like Port Townsend way back in the day but then when ninety got as big as it did not then you know what happens if they put it if they built a bridge support towns and eventually would you like Mercer Allen NB all built up. That is what they don't ever want that to happen yeah I mean as opposed that immediately or very long way taking hood canal and all that type stuff siesta thing where you edit them via either way it's not easy to get to and from an of the folks that live out their loved that because then you don't get people like anyone who often but yeah. It's essential Ireland's good food there everything like that. Would you give this kid I would Tenet to commute to Seattle every day. It's bad enough to draw higher water taxi man what did your own personal driver or wake on captain please not movers got like they're when mixed couple years FY maneuvers to see that yeah fly who burst yeah I really. Joseph capacity because it was almost talking about flying delivery drones with a gun dale and I think within the next couple of years and then they hope that. I think within the next five years that people either but it's gonna cost an arm around like at first they they say at some point it's getting a lot cheaper it's a battery powered aircraft looks across to a small plane and a helicopter with fixed wings and rotors sixty Jetsons man. It really is and it's intended to soar over traffic congestion. Over hopes it'll that's become a form of mass transport cost commuters less than using their own car though initially to be more expensive than that to take a giant drone. Dude this is just like all those movies where we've seen the one that of course a fifth element of the wind is where it's like everyone's flying around cars do we want that our skies you won't see anything more what you see cars above the limit is telling you kind of muddy eventuality it's inevitable that they will be higher up its other they would just be hovering over cars oh really so if you look on the traffic could just get another layer above people but dude that is not what I want either because what if it fails and lands on my car that I'm like on the ground drive and tight again that this is from TomTom and -- She insists that come for us yeah. That mask themselves as Hoover's IAE transformers two was to hold true as far as having guided us and a new car can turn into wide bumblebee bielsa. Instead for prisons maximum overdrive all right hello this plan. Also assist you use such against robots and what was always was to get for his birthday and rocky four from change that's a good point I do like to robot. Yeah hockey I doubt that jump to show our. Just not gonna have a conversation and I'm sorry but there's little time as we have a rocky four is. Are you tonight is arguably but it's one of the greatest movies of all time it ended the Cold War. It's every shouldn't talk about this time. Ever find we are moving him rocky four OK you know what I if you give me a second I'm sure I can't. Look your movie changing topics are you don't have one you. Kid do this anymore getting under the through numerous fish aren't always used to Titanic hitting Titanic holds a candle Iraqi four in a heartbeat. I don't question that I killed people. Sort of rocky one person I don't know if you guys kid dies. But it stop the war OK can I ask a question beyond this one this is a much more important questions. What do Ryan castle and a voter. Having common. And it's not Titanic and not rock before that's for sure I'll tell you what that is at 915 on the rocks. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. He. Game jarring action. What do Ryan castle and a motor haven't found a give you the opportunity to pick one bad decision or worst one. There you go by. Qantas says he detonated his decision yes. For go straight out of standing here right now let's. Living proof tigers and ourselves do both for my country. Thanks Uncle Sam I actually like Ella. And Aristide does both in fear of dying thanks Puff Daddy or brotherly love or. Well voter guide vote or die and they keep the match. Ground. There's that's why we're doing a story on Friday the deadline was earlier this week. Well you know if for some people doesn't matter because there was a drunk guy who showed up to school to vote this time though he he was early he showed up on Monday. As polling place in Pennsylvania and today you have whether he was super Johnson he was an elementary schools it was not the time to vote. And so they call the cops today frowned upon from people who shouldn't tell only two schools. Yeah Ryan. Especially drive himself yeah I was gonna say I voted in the election this week over a couple of Beers in my kitchen table. Do you want to did you vote often tell us OK can I like to vote regular yeah. Nice frank Cassell he's always regular and he's got a mortgage to OPEC. And cakes. I was not DJ yeah. He did he is ready for an example is I was told by reliable source doesn't pass things like are we told you that I I cannot remember. So that's a big red driver that says crap on it. Listen I don't pay attention to rappers in the big. Senator Johnson and possibly better runs good we'll all I don't know I don't know I arises. Okay all right Paul slices through these things you don't get licensed. And makes money is on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy after another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy gives you almost. Always can keep your home. Your house your car image in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy you file. I would depend on whether or not for example you can keep your vehicles if you have payments on Phil you can almost always keep your home for your current on the payments on your home. Even inform bankruptcy. Your job is thirteen. I you can also keep those items. If you're behind on your house you can catch your house payments I've been in chapter thirteen big up the second mortgage and doctor Jeanne. Just keeping your be your primary assets like. Is almost always possible bankruptcy. Thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chapters dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com and thanks for listening.