BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-14-17-6A: Stove Top is now selling pants for when you eat too much.

Tuesday, November 14th

News and sports. Today is National Teddy Bear Day. A man keeps a squirrel as an emotional support animal.


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Well last week we've we've this it's hard to believe it's Thanksgiving man that's just it symbiosis Halloween. It was yeah that's how it goes is timing MM. I mean one good thing now gas short week. Lots of food well there's another thing is gonna help you out buddy still it's amusing use that Turkey line every year because you know some people need to have questions about their turkeys answered. Do they really yeah there's always a Turkey line I think I think we're calling it a still tougher butterball and all notes butterball understanding yes so time does the stuffing. Yeah there's a lot of Turkey and Iraq. Well there is a Turkey hotline but early and it's all about staying in your lane Modesto tot he sustain their lane they got a new name. Was doing well they're new lane is to get a new product called Thanksgiving dinner pants. So stove top now. Come. Nobody you can put him on any eats the heart's content as they have an expendable waste and they look just like maternity pants well could. Did she rip this off from friends a really because on one episode I have friends on friend Joey ate the entire Turkey and he's wearing jeans that these danced award and he goes and tries on a very maternity can't out. And finished eating the whole Turkey. But my physique I Wear maternity jeans and a few guys knew that enough I have no idea what his band that he did so well yeah I really feel so good in those two easily that's very. Maternity jeans armies RS yeah I think even the store. So by you magical sweatpants. Anywhere on hunt Thanksgiving. We'll supposed to have like get an attorney can't tell it a higher waist band to support the stomach yeah highly doubt. Really doesn't hang over and hurt yeah exactly how would begin that I need to have like a little gut support you guys you're kidding me. No there and I make clean maternity bands are marketing and until I don't get in that I get these things to be -- I wanna get these Thanksgiving pants I wish I'd known about them before our live date because I would warn notice. Well it isn't fit with a good team of dressing up as Fred Durst I'll hit the khaki the khaki par. Thanksgiving dinner parents they cost twenty bucks. And this is a genius idea if they sell even one but I understand what the thing is take what we visited Turkey around their waist it's something. It's because this stuffing themselves. Oh you. Now here's this saying. They admit I know I see your family decide you know we're gonna do this I out and then they almost look I'm accused so let the ugly Christmas sweater. Do you think this will be a new fashion via the ugly Thanksgiving Day pants that are going you know expand with you. No I actually think it's toast so double look back on this year and I'm realized the reason why they lost money is because of this whole stupid campaign so you think this is New Coke. This is a New Coke situation for stone top weather policy now right now if this is legitimately something that you can buy. Who does divide this point you were going to be thinking I'm gonna get them in time. Very good point your rice. Yes is the wrong time unless they have IE get FedEx shipping or something or overnight unless they come with a box of stove top stuffing them. It does say free shipping handling of so cruel you're right I don't think we're gonna get him in time god dang it. Well hopefully they give me an option to do that the FedEx. It's a great way to actually advertise stove top stuffing that. And you know I honestly don't think they expect to sell to many of these consumer get a pair who could order parents if they come in time and I will come a time in the next year fuel what the hell those in a lot of insults double Marty didn't have order one for everybody in and we can all worm on the Wednesday what was who has the last say we tomorrow blew them and we don't tomorrow no works everywhere you go white. Seriously we're here longer than tomorrow let's annex PRD party checked out but that we have lied day this week but in July David and moody have Monday into Zurich actually yes so we can Wear on Tuesday. We could do them on Suzanne don't they will get him a time I think you're right I think then that says the bad timing on this one it's a sad thing. Vicki doesn't know they have FedEx event. I don't know a felony check out right now I'm trying to violence seems shady yes chilly is there they sold so many and they don't have anymore or their website crashing because everyone just flocking to married now well because you know we was we say something about a website Thanksgiving dinner died that can't suck com bone. That's the kind of pull we have in this business there. Forensic some kind of like do they they're just on drugs and in the pockets of someone I'm self destruction of pockets of the zantop 5120 bunch that's not a bad deal if he had any kind of drugs. I do you think this is a joke thing and I'm an idiot think it's real no I think it's a joke but I think it's also real. Boom that's the best kind of joke I mean she all kinds of stuff snug knees guys are wearing the ones he's another one disease but the the robbers or robbers thank you you're welcome people will Wear this. And I don't buy the crap out of it took us a romper it's like a one C but shorts did take shorts. All. Now I know these car romper room. Member that old ya never had a here but we had in these snow William different Christians are romper room. I don't know doing somersaults. There's really awesome actually very awesome I was. That's it that's that's pretty good advocates fear as France on my angry. You know romper room was a big deal also that a robber was announced that you wore I had never understood why they called a romper room now I know I don't know if you've what is it or did. It's a new term for it I get this wrong for me anyway in his first. Which came first the robber or the room or the Thanksgiving dinner dance numbers as you guys to get overnight shipping my girlfriend gets it all the time. I'm it's on Thanksgiving dinner pence dot com or overnight shipping some kind of euphemism for sex. Oh yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did and do anything nothing funny guy all right stove top Amman to them you let me down. Forget it. I don't. Know where this holiday. BJ's dreams are crushed crushed their different I would I would say I'm boycotting their stuff in but it's Sudan delays hi Chris I'm a fast car. Are you not gonna believe what one man has as an emotional support animal hope. Steve tell you all about it he's got the news four at 617. On the rock. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. Nine point nine day I had some you know rock of Seattle home. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well maybe getting them to renounce bullet sir this is news with Steve mix. Thanks guys thanks Oregon state university and happy to see especially for Mickey. National. American Teddy bear day. That's right. Canadians Russians Germans. French people. It's not your day. It's not your Teddy bear known as America's day Murtha Teddy bear in the American Teddy. Yeah. Guys is good to build their their their movement not a country far from pretty but there's so much fun I just did it this weekend. There's 11. Twelve year olds and I think he beat it like herald. All right Patrick. Forecast. To like anti Vicky can we please leave yeah I'm sure she said that again. Exactly as well maybe we go to the other thing go to a Build-A-Bear and we can go out there and he had never get all around were holding out there that we don't they have star tricks up PJO. Bigger wrestling stuff. Yeah maybe I guess I don't Interfax. Suicide about not some guy has an emotional support animals on Arizona Teddy bear but it's tough. It's horrible flash and apparently the people in his Condo association not too pleased about it and emotional support squirrels yes. Oh here's the story about it this guy he lives in Florida and his name is. Try and and after hurricane Matthew he save this world during the hurricane. And apparently he suffers from PT SDS and Sarah herniated discs in his lower back. Hi in a big car crash and doctor rumored prescription for an emotional support animal after all that happened Floyd decided that this corals that he stay. Will be his emotional support animal pen name this bird nest. Okay here's the problem every notified the property managers in writing that British was an emotional support animal sold recently he's given notice last month. They need to get rid of greatest because of an exotic animal that's not allowed to most people do not have squirrels as emotional support animal. So that. So scroll like list in his house apparently this is come home and they're just trouble ways that have come on. On and I wish I was squirrels were domesticated. And make fun and playful like dogs but they seem pretty vicious death they can get pretty vicious if they're curious how. Today they look cute but they're just a rat with a nicer tales. It's very good point. I still the best or worst cities for single people in America car I think death that Seattle Washington. Is on the best side or the worst exercise for single people well I remember that we had a lot of single mothers and it was a great state to be a single mother and so a lot of single people in general men and women BJ that's about Vegas on thinking that because of that that I might say yes we're really good for single people. Our outdoor in the factors because while love did the city included percentage of single people the gender balance the cost of restaurants and bars owns a number of attractions and how many active Tinder users there are some previous sentence that's for long Alexander users would Vickie Thomas who we are the best okay we Q what do you think. I would just say no good news channel freeze that because an almost yelled yeah we have so many bars so many places to go I was watching I became five they had a whole piece about. Major news Seattle but teach you about Seattle one of the main things was the Seattle freeze. Yeah I had kids it is a thing no doubt in my life experience that I didn't because of the job that I have yeah are you tend to be a bit more social with the people but I'm my wife said it was a thing. Ty Danny best or worst top ten. Definitely better than the team. Cairo and and ask who's better horse is saying why aren't there days are better than New Mexico can talk to bring our worst he said he still mattered and beyond this afternoon. Draft it's got to be the best why you guys you guys are all right I'm very proud you can just what you hope that some groups are rising calls and edited out one thing wrong we couldn't get a giant kept trying well. We did crack the top ten we were number 123456. Six on the last. But the thing of fingers there's didn't I didn't I was right now willing. Hi San Francisco number one Atlanta number two Los Angeles three Denver for San Diego five and my dad mentioned Seattle number one you can provide six. Wow okay where there any East Coast cities exciting quite I Atlanta well. Good does not relate to Chicago then and Portland Oregon Minneapolis and then Portland Maine to Portland showing up twice on the list. Portland Maine Nevada the only place in England where you know you're singles a good place to make this further worst. South Burlington, Vermont. Wow that's also another country you get a Teddy bear yeah Teddy bear right about that. Maybe it's whether Bush's. Byrd and no wind storms one person was killed another person's in critical condition handed out and hug a tree fell on a car while they were driving through friends in. On another orange tree told the somebody's mobile home. Cops say and a bunch of power over 70000 Puget Sound energy power customers were without power I know a couple why you guys cars got destroyed by a tree landing on it well I just socks. Across day a stadium is also in the air as well apparently is of a flight coming from our Portland to Seattle. That took three times to land in the storm could you imagine being on that plane. All in Thailand once and twice you like oh this is not good and sort of smaller planes could see four of the Seattle override the total number you literally get blown alone. Thank you year. Pay iron actually remembers from back in the day when the members of the the boom whenever I was talking about the reasonable McGee yeah all run. Welcome guys that's the option brain back on a one year deal nice guys Tony nine years old I had to work all the teams. He was just recently cup by the Miami Dolphins. Off but I mean he had a pretty decent season 2016 so hopefully continue to do that of course he played pretty well with C office. Things got paid by the Philadelphia Eagles yeah often now Bob a good opportunity for this young to bring more depth and position. Since Richard Sherman is out for the rest of the season are most likely Bob match will be a back up to rod Jeremy life. How could stop obviously to emulate the great spot I bet dolphins could use IMAX roll last night all cheese man Monday Night Football game can jam and I can chancellor. Pocket Cam Newton Vieques gently well if you mean for the period he doesn't off. He was a quarterback at one point dad I think camp says it probably could now also beat the Miami Dolphins last night yankees and the Mets scored touchdowns as the Carolina Panthers beat. Miami Dolphins 45 to 21 boy. Pool ball one of the good news about the Seahawks Earl Thomas expected to return this week that's nice it's a good team which could mean that he be able to play with them. Next Monday night Monday Night Football November 20 that's when they'll be playing the Atlanta Falcons. As far as whether 51 degrees and rainy day card please forgive yes. He's in sports you're very welcome Steve Samir must know what the Seattle freezes it basically in a nutshell it's everybody's you really nice. On the on on the surface. Here in Seattle Biden know we will let you within a bubble yet they freezer right out Tom. And yeah yeah yeah let's get lunch get Luntz let's get dinner you have a great time and then. It never happened TI has a lot of ghosting there's a lot I mean I I experienced that on a regular basis where. You know yeah if people just make plans and at the last minute till bill canceled those plans or they won't even let you know sometimes out. You know there's always like hey I can give this I you know instead I'll do this all right whatever and it's it just keep gradually get goes from. I want to meet you will maybe I can meet you I might get there and they don't show up at 82 starts from a really happy place. Where you think well there really nice around here yeah and then by the time the day comes where he's supposed to get together. They don't show up and there's his gradual levels of basically freezing you out. And if you're from here maybe you don't notice beat him because you've always doing and as well yeah because you're always part of a unit you know you part of the people that are from here. But I always said that you know there's all that there was a level of you know Xena phobia where people just stand. Want anybody coming here and it was a one of the reasons why I think mass transit never took off like with the monorail lines there's only give him build a monorail then more people won't come because a be all sorts of cool isn't it now let's just keep itself. Yeah and there's that level of Seattle frees you guys that I. Noticed when I first moved out here it took him to take a minute to find a good core group of people. That he consider if you make actual friend to me took about a year. And I felt that I had some people in my life that I mean that can still to say those are still people died and I don't probably see as often as I'd like to discuss life but. There's still people that I continue to look at as good friends. Yeah and execute it so the friends that I have are people that aren't from here. I think 'cause they've been frozen so I think we're freeze bodies. Yeah he had its interest CI AI I he used by default became friends are no one else wants to be friends who have sued for it together it's really interesting you know like I I didn't you we don't usually ask people your from here but I start talking to somebody and they sell say hey usually from and they are now on from Minnesota or wherever I'm from Chicago. You know. We attacks have retirement emotional support animal of a squirrel. For guy in Florida. This person's Texans and the lady in my work found a baby squirrel that was only a few days old and has been raising and in her house it's pretty much domesticated it sits on her shoulders and eats out and enhance. That's all that kind of stuff it's weird. So do I need to do is find a baby squirrel that's a judge do raise it down. Biologists like reverse Mobley from the jungle book you know I don't know radio attack Mobley was raised by wolves Soledad yes those were released by humid it sets out this. Yeah and little Louis a little bit who'll keep him in line. She Easton petty officer I guess is I guess if it's domesticated. I just don't believe we can never be domesticated. Yeah I have no idea but I have no clue either an Arab fighters and out of love Elena domesticated score I just don't trust put many a creature. Mirror in my body that collects knots. Really well. You know bail Vicky all the time it's good point. That's good bush. Our phones so they had to do well it's gonna be seeing see if that H awakened throw his score a lot of it's an emotional support animal. Even those not listen of their charter. I don't think they can go up against the the psychology folks in the doctors because they're gonna look bad but his Arab. If there are a stipulation behind emotional support animals arkan and Andy I know we've heard a motions when annals being horses yeah. I I don't know cannot squirrel actually be an emotional support animal I suppose if it's supporting you emotionally so I like an alligator could be my emotional support I don't if you're in Florida why not push why not buddy. I mean they let our own walk into a restaurant and a giant now all yet that would be great. The best on yeah he's got the red best always the a's he's my support is cool don't worry reasons so this. Yeah Boris a turtle there's never get anywhere with this thing. Well you probably to carry that Steve. I'm seeing something that says. All domesticated animal. And qualify. As an emotional all pet. So go cats dogs mice rabbits birds hedgehog two rats and eat pigs scary it's okay rats are allowed then why not a squirrel if you can domesticated because I mean that I can say it's just around with a nicer tale but I sea monkeys. To calm if you wanna care and a SeaMonkey no you are so Malcolm and I think euros that particular. I think you did ID that you see Monday's no problem but yeah. Yesterday alkaline over here need to get this one right which is your of the late sixties was the novel the god father publisher CA now 67 and now 69 yeah ass thank god I didn't. Forget. Yes 69 days ago to members of the U guess that one. Well as long as the answer is not 69 you should have a good shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock who claim beaten eggs and 647. On the rocks. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from a listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills how much going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy fees you know one of the things people ask me how much time for bankruptcy lawyers that. How my going to tell these fees and costs because I'm here because I can't afford to pay my bills. 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