BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-14-17-7A: What dumb thing did you do as a kid or what dumb thing did you witness a kid doing?

Tuesday, November 14th

Beat Migs. There was a great online discussion on Reddit talking about dumb things kids do. Luke warm topic. 


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That's point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle and just a couple days is indeed a new news on our air. So yes five days is Thursday November 16 gambling casino. Oh yeah Bubba like T shirt yesterday. I wish I'd. The sideline on yeah I got my hat and everything yeah I feel ready for the winter biscuits no winter and we are all I was the winner there I'm. I'm excited and I really don't know why couldn't stupid that's why I always go. Several dressing up as Fred distribution to alive day do you get a big picture and send it to. The US senate has bubbled tells you just suffered events yeah. Yet for Jillian may try to run the asylum that it plays today can you tell your guys you all dress up I think he does that we should all Wear Alexi. Stop but that's the man who do this suits their nose look sharp we got to come up a wrong thing man don't make sure I'll get everybody is dressed up yeah. The winter Robiskie just like our ninety's icon. Return. They're comfortable Dario tell you that I'm still. Why she served red ball cap backwards fast and hard and hi I don't have the right take care very sneakers shoes but our guys yeah you know it's here. Underrepresented groups their local I'll drive less of a super Brooks v.s yeah I know is I'm not gonna spend that much understand cost you know you guys are doing now. And so 99 on the shirt at target because enough you know if you're not gonna spend that much on this I think it's time for us to pass on the hill where the rock all of them to spend that much on this. Hello this. If you get you to get your life days now you can save 999. On your general admission ticket. Just had a KI SW dot com used to from a cold alive because that's already on it fits right. And you get to this got a general admission price is not bad at all nor I noticed though is only battled to invest more valid until 10:15 this morning so I'm glad to say oh man it's a flash or no less nearly a suicide divided this discounted price. She actually got on a visit from a go to sorry you. Call me until 10:15 this morning it's a flash sales. Tell you until you walk from the universe. It's gonna KI SW dot com get on the details and a portion of the net proceeds from my day. Gonna support hurricane relief efforts. Mean I. I meet a man and a diamond turned down more tax you know. Yeah. When I turned down for buffalo chicken debt you can put that in a taco NB more than happy. So you guys are really really like her death all out drug Texan and wondering hey I've been did you bring in her debt and now of course you Bernard did Denny's here today. I'm cool. The SEC made that that bomb dot com and she called it. Buffalo chicken that I you guys is so you so you I went out there and I notice a lot of it's gone I tried it but yeah I you guys and I thought I was goes beyond as you guys being honest I didn't I was like him much and how can only acceptable now. As addictive as all had really I'm young I didn't. The only Lacey collier we need in lower despite its contents for you you any idea why did you I have few like buffalo chicken all other dude I I look I like buffalo chicken and I like a little spice and just saying that. You know I pray in Jesus Jesus chick I've been suppressed so Mexican restaurants where you know you go in there and ordered their dinner at buffalo chicken dividend makes money on Larry I had. They don't worry it's a cease dip right where pretty much with you know Smith sits in this sub saharan now I know it's not the same because I like there's better hope your right now I'm. A taste. Now I honestly feel like losers like pulp fiction the hype was warranted nice. Yeah I really enjoy it as well I think you guys have no idea it's nice to be nice to Vicky but I doubt we're gonna be real here I'm being real zest. I don't want to go back to bring so I give you more than I salute realist yeah. Round trip. A fair enough while I like my family you and enjoy it. I didn't hate it. Like el Amin and mayor and I must I don't. Making anything any time ivory anything and it's not going to be for you Vijay because you don't deserve a you don't have to I don't deserve because I'd been honest about his wife and you'll my wife putting well you know I'm right you say you're on a legacy of relying like I wouldn't like a dog well then you're lying and I agree all you have if you can see you have to like it I would really like to dislike it's like you made me that he didn't mean you right after and I would be lying to myself you know let's just say that this and that and let him have anymore and you would cracked yeah yeah well you know what that's good that's why vacuuming you know you're mediocre food is good for people don't. You know I'll just go I'm also I'm used to run you know you're mr. screens here there and help around him. I am. What do you do my monocle oil I need to do every mediocre yeah I mean Richard Sherman said it best as well as mediocre. With kids to think Jane we've got Reagan grid to take on Steve gray area there is there. I'm here are excellent what you're playing for today Steve tickets are huge mystery show that won't be announced until today at 9 AM today. But we've. Finished beat migs and 9 in the morning will be able to announce the shows I it's in the stadium he's one of the team here. And it's very exciting you're gonna be very happy when you find out what the tickets are four I have cinema alive. Without opening act Jumbo while Bob and he's not. The ninety's she turned stadium tour all right Steve kid out if he picked her. Yeah. Just days ahead of which everywhere and we'll play you know Rick will have with sixteen seconds to answer ten questions breakeven that's all you want but you'll only get three guesses for questions are you ready. I'm ready which pop icon featured on the Britney Spears song me against the music. Madonna asks the dance move to truffle shuffle from what ABC movie. Are you ask. The islands of Turks cello in Murano are part of which Italian cities. Minnesota is known as you wind up how many lakes. Out to know. Hundreds no. It's I doubt know what we're frosty the snowman ice made out of the call yet asks Porsche seen refers to would stifle farm animals to. Pretty nice horse seem refers to which titles farm animals. Didn't Tony Todd played which ninety's horror movie character. I'm Mike Myers you know. Doesn't hit it let it takes you know. Beyoncé is 2003 debut album is dangerous it's wise. But yeah 1234. Corrects moon not as I was hoping no but you know maybe maybe Steve we'll be distracted by all the debt Pisa consuming the BAT's coma now you didn't I definitely hope that Rick and maybe you'll have been in distrustful. Like he had killed the whole thing in a minute there there have been. I'm working on it. So nice to notice nobody caught it yeah. Guys are even clogs so how could look at the UST you are you ready yeah. And. Turn yes my fingers are Stephen yeah from the font oh era hasn't she was. Twitch of pop icon features on Britney Spears song me against the music to get to demonize Nelson. Michael Jackson's know what Justin Timberlake is now open to these dance movie troubles shuffles from what eighties movies. Our dog god that's very good news yeah ambassador we get worried are due to a battle he does it cannot matches rule your Hulu being us. The islands of torch jell O in Murano Warrick part of which Italian city. Relevant to note Cicely oaks. Managed just yet as Minnesota is known as the land of how many late 1000 knelt next to no. You're close to 101000 yet at what we're frosty the snowman I he's made out of almost no don't. I'm comfortable Columbus asbestos to them. And Marmol is no object. Balls. Now at six forcing your first two which ties both farm animal towel now takes you asked Tony Todd played which ninety's horror movie character. Then we'll. No I didn't I didn't get. I. Know. I. Hello and Rick usually did this special secret show old camera here I had a noted. Well well ninety I don't know if you dig at Taylor Swift but it's not I'm not -- -- yeah are you hang on buddy let's say I get those special show tickets yes what do once he got correct that you did not Steve was it was Madonna on me against the music all of us only kissed. I don't know I'd turn MTV movie awards euros towards gas and they kissed I didn't realize it was part of anything other than noose in onstage kissing I am I'm yeah I'm just put them to do to get to have possibly I was because that song I don't know you know I had no idea. The job and I. Frosty the snowman dyes are made out of coal rich got that when Craig does. Well. Oh yeah I I don't think you guys are our lives. Or balls of ball Steve Martino bonds. Shall I trust the martini before a Tony Todd played which nine these horror movie care treat anybody know they actually you know this seems like candy man at. Even Tony Todd because he was so good that's what got the world's worst brother unstructured consideration because he was that guy who literally yeah yeah it was you know he they would bring in a lot of those great actors. You know marriage and because people loved him from scifi fantasies he got a lot. I love you can really quick a lot of things back to Star Trek or the next gen or any of those other one went RY scifi I noticed the same actors continue to show up because they've been on different scifi shows and they want so what's a genre falls in love with you it seems like an actor always have a job is that a scifi union. The very well may be because I know with like you or bill a lot of the ad next generation guys are doing like directing of episodes and stuff that's crazy. As a matter of fact our I guess how cool was it that Rob Lowe showed up on the horrible I need to we were watching it last night and it we're trying to figure out who was are like who is that blue dude in we're trying to figure is like all. It's the guy for parts of reckoning we had a look at a token remembers and a lawyer rob we'll highlight good but I know a lot more than just partial record that he was I don't from parks and reckon Wayne's world and as it I don't from those commercials. Which ones that the boring Rob Lowe in the Alia Ali I know how. I chronically sore anymore you asked pleasantly dish or something yeah yeah who was. Demos or great commercials rob Lowe's I he's really good he's he's like he always plays and that's smarmy jerky kind of guy. He was in the first episode how about that he has really hit it was the same guy in the first episode of horrible he didn't even have a speaking part that first episode and yeah. All it did was they do thing everywhere and that they like hours of make up to do that I'm betting they shot that the same time they did this episode but said Morgan analysts are yet and they are you know but it I think it's really cool that they did the other it was him. That's amazing guess what information you find out on now be made here today didn't know stuff well it's TV or movies. And they saw it here and sometimes you win things just like Rick did with tying Steve yes simple as that my friends if you tie or beat Steve you get a prize. And the prizes really really good this huge huge show the renounced in the 9 o'clock hour when textures on to a secret show passed three to render at reunion tour right please Hoffman Chris persons hungry and I thank. My dual. The last radio. And bellowed that the render it would just hear let's get it. Yeah cause those guys are gonna combat sexism race all right already here relatively close all right it is culture club that's the big ship hope. Do you really want her to Steve for. There you reflects opening. Ali roots go their hall of Famer art that. They're hollow or they were added yeah I nominee they get in I can't remember. I believe they got in the so I mean we can make fun of them anymore. And either way they either way they somebody thought they were good enough to be nominated. Why are we had a great online chat about the dumb things that kids have done it school. And I must tell you all about that its 770. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW on the. And a point nine KI SW go rock Seattle. There's a cool online discussion on credit the other day where user asked quote. Close the stupidest thing that's. Kids did your schools you know and you know vacuum hoses to listening to that kid did take your school. And there was always that kid at school I suppose I might have been that kid there's a kid Dennis. Dennis is that kids here we are now one kid Wright would of course is name is Dennis Dennis the Menace and he just. I feel bad because he was also picked on my summer like a bully type kids but he was are also the kid that would just snap. And that's probably why these they wanted to see that the world implode around del Ali so I denizens get pissed off and if the teacher (%expletive) him off Dennis to take the desk in the road the desk at the teacher. Lol. Yeah Luol. Dennis left school after his try to set fires in a classroom OK Dennis was that kid yeah Dennis Dennis is interesting do you do you have I'll I don't know if I knew anybody. That guy act brought my school all we ask Dennis raising. Hand yeah. It was great I like to Dennis and I got along just fine fellow whenever one night I didn't have any issues with the bullies or Tokyo that you're dead as soon. I don't onetime. One boy kept just used to run low wads of gum. He skipped oriented doses there one tennis is fun recent passage this sound like like a football player jumping over the whole line to get them there in Decatur. Took over at everybody just landed on mag I just sort of pummeling him. And I states yet and it's gulf for a Dennis SE deserves Yahoo! and thank you left the grown after that good good good the setting fire to the classroom was probably fans I think there are. That idea that science and I was like no get this I think you might beat the guys unrest oh one person called in a bomb threat the school using his own self almost sitting in class and of course it was a wrestle and me our again. No Dennis you know he's not a tennis level is not that is now you're these stupid. Yeah his own cell phones yeah. That's a thing you know I don't know of Dennis was still pretty any Narragansett when you start sending fire and everything you then then I guess that's going to little stupidity. Because you can get cot you because you know the story you know devastated so obviously was stupid and if you're cut. Calling him bomb threats that's pretty stupid. Our topic. Yeah I think you've got some stupid kids stories to based on the side discussion on credit what dumb thing. Did you do as a kid or what dumping did you witness as a kid doing how about that. And what it's a mother can donate dental X 20642 or rock Texas 77999. Did you have a Dennis your school. What dumb thing did you do if you were Dennis or what did you see the Denis of your school do. 206421 rock Texas 77999. Because tech sector Linkin Park on Iraq. The next morning and yeah I guess helps you. I don't point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle yeah. So based on this on my discussion on read it. What dumb things did you do as acute or what dumb thing did you witness these kids do because everybody had that kid at school for Steve it was somebody named Dennis. Who try to burn schooled on debt they notice the classroom. You know Dennis is contained fire an excitable boy they all said yeah they do a desk and a teacher that's all you know Dennis told you it was a Jeremy yeah I made. Hopefully there. He probably was 20642 on rock Texas 77999. Let's go to John Paul's vote Joseph you are on the rock. All right mark yes there was somebody were to go chorus. So what I would backyard get a little kid my body yet decommissioned and today when he got to use the whole are just bring school and a little class all the bid to draw a bit. No. Wow yeah. I went outside and men and dude that was I didn't know I I now meet. Some regular guy at the furnace the class I'm trooper now I see that happen. Oh yeah I was not a pretty scene I mean you know he dollars in letters of course I thought I was numbers let you do that bomb squad got. All school better evacuated it was a really big. I own it and how how long those this. Well just ordered back 8080 solemn day at 87 months. Yeah you know sometimes those thoughts in your head they seem like they'll be amazing and then this. Yeah yeah he's got a lot of trouble actually after that he had to break into high school and steal it Peters she he let the let her. Yeah employ a lot of thought they noticed are just from the upbringing and hand grenade to school you would never put those two together. Yeah yup that's what they. Men appreciate the call Joseph thanks to a 642 in rock Texas 77999. What dumb things did you do as a kid or what dumb thing did you witness a kid doing Danny in summer you Iran Iraq short oh my dinner which yup forests. Right so I admire her ankle which we call me gag back actually it. Turkey and that that deputy outfitted with some kind of battery doors and build speakers and empty streets where people who run up and I'm always. Comprehend blast in the louder it's the most weird obnoxious music. Blog include every day until it got a couple. It's. Back actually it did he just had this vet tech didn't had a car sister has stereo system or rivals some cars. I wonder what he's join ideally installing home theaters or some random would that be great. It's like well did fantastic just try not the case but yeah that anybody you know that's a good cost you and I've appreciated damages are you wanna see you thank you look at that can go all right some odd pick Bobby you've got a future music. Hello this one Texas as a kid named Tim concerns preclude bleaching teacher's coffee. All know on you can't do no president wants an alternative school on the kid stole the principal's car. And this almighty be taken it's gonna make you feel weird around your mouth OK we indicated elementary school put scissors and as mounting cut his tongue in half. Are O and Y. Just admit that those safety scissors. And that's a process he cut his tongue Hannity good. Often or you did you do like a snake thing I'm telling guessing snake guy yeah I think Terrell you know I think you're right I think snake. And you live with taffeta dress and yet maybe they can stitch it up but I wonder if he talks normal. And that's next level when you watch you have somebody do that you are okay who this person is disturbed. I think did you register with the police suspect Lola he hasn't done anything done to himself right now you weigh now. There might come a time we might need to check up on its debt I don't know what that signifies because they say we give people torturing animals bright young Jazeera you know yeah what do you tell your tong and have what the hell does that. Gene Simmons kiss performer when he got I don't know if possible future employee of the Jimmer or sideshow circus yeah exactly let's go to Robert can't Robert you are on the Iraq. Narrowed to get the men's imagines right here on the rock. Robert what dumb thing was yours someone you saw did is declare. Eliminate fellow I love your that kid I love this. Yeah which do I was in the basically the IP club and I put a little program and media. And computer like a pretzel stretching military administrator password boom and so every time teachers got a little you know little window will pop up saying hey you got email. Every time that popped up and whoever pop up throughout Ohio and then run away this. And unfortunately they knew I was the only Smart person. Connell hours later they came out to be like hey we delay taking off. Hit anybody listen did they let me go high yield by the way I any kind of supremacist guy guy area. I'm all so I was off. That's what we do that's that's fantastic you. I love they forget it was him well who else via the basic math teacher that's a white collar crime right there that's there's a blue car white collar crime may go Dennis is burned down his classroom. That's a blue collar crime right there who is takes it to a manhole cover off a road or watched the truck crashed into it only to find out thirty years later it was my uncle. And all thirty usually do you really. Home. So how does he financing if they did sit around Thanksgiving disarm only dumb things and then he's gone far you have imagined that time Mars some idiot put a manhole cover and sorrows because we thousands. I think that's when you can tell your uncle thirty years have come by. That's a great story who hole. I'm trying to think of how I react if my dumb ass nephew would tell me that story because depends on the uncle. Yes see it now don't tell me. Now now Kazaa a because I laughed it off at this point icon on the move on in life you get new vehicle all dude I always good if I do if I remember going over manhole cover and trash my car because I hate accidents and all that kind of thing. Arnold by letting go I think I'd hate decade but you know what I'm betting I hated that kid already. You know remain nowadays the first time this nephew has been a pain in the ass whose uncle only man who takes the day okay had a girl in middle school girl remember that part. Take a dump on the teacher's desk only. Oh. There are people pay good money to those videos and then she found her friend they did this video would them enough cops are there you go there track. Lol. I don't know wide picture dude doing that they would know they are not trying to be sexist. But I'd still picture girl doing that. Yeah no I agree there but you know it's nice to know that it's we have equal opportunity diapers out there in the that's right RBIs if you if I had to witness and a classroom I'd rather won't see a girl though it really. Not me yeah I did you must you do Dylan death was dude dude dude yeah. I got that one I you know I oh and wanna look at her that way ever. Thank guy does I don't care it is isn't usually enough you know you don't see the sausage being made if as a where yeah not that kind of smile for the beginning I'd be like oh man that girl lies she looks good beer and then I'll be doll of John hell yeah I think you're right so it starts off good because I I get to see some nudity and then our goal. Just remember I get to see a lot of nudity recommend when I was in school in the seventies man. So they I don't know have you on it was a bittersweet for me there was a stretch going digit National Geographic as a kid you know I give added do but that's too much out. Let's go to Jerry announcer Jerry knew Iran Iraq. They'd be Jerry Jerry at the so back in high school I was in the marching band. And a kid wanted to get out so he they don't kidnapping. All I love this plan. He faked his own kidnapping. Yet another Buddy Ryan and from what does it appeal. Take imminent trumpet out or run out the other side whenever some against the restless nights are likely to report fiscal the next day. I won't be like hey guys they got kidnapped yesterday it took me and my trumpet. Now we Rhode us laughing until there's one of those guys that we get out of dealing with and also like. Cities you because you look at the wild kid so what happened to be any any any punishment for this Sar. No beginning to plan shelter right. Little bit teacher what I'll spare. So he was just kidnapped taken away nobody said meeting the demand did you didn't even notice. All the bad you can't give out certain words well I yellow got taken away. I don't know how good certainly good enough. OK until tomorrow. So zapped out of the kidnapping and everybody realized it was real. Yeah we we had a feeling you're just buddy Kerry is usually don't you know crazy kids than we did it they're the party going on. There you go to give cards there we go well they are that they go Gerri that's all that you guys on their own advantages like whenever. That guy for Texas a thousand times greater fresh from fronted got in to school to shoot another kid and he ended up shooting his own Wiener and testicles. I know. Our old adolescent or whoa. Am news and time and these guns yeah. We had you not one of those kids but in not bad bad about who won the kid I was always satellite trying to get attention and so we were dissecting sheep brains I'm in seventh grade it's I hate yeah and so somebody dared him to eat a piece of this she brain power and a quarter. And of course he did it. And he claims later on to be I don't know I just spit it out but it eat eat we've put it in his mouth and no matter if he didn't smaller anything he still had. Yeah add disgusting she brains in his mouth. Tyreke courtesy of the nickname I begin Medicare for the rest is like it's cheaper brands you have to expect to remain and there are really kids ate like frog inside all time and all he knows visited the best I'm only today did some like aftershock I value your right. Did we had a kid in our class he's to take the crane flies and he picked a laid off the deep sick the whole grains in his mouth Michael they see live. Beaten. You. Guided that and then let me see just think of the keys dip. Anyway wow. Rude everybody. Millen likes you BJ's and including the debt including big difference. I think you Heisman any. K let's kill serious over here because mark Marron. Got very emotional when talking about the Louie CK situation and we do have the audio treaty here 747. Now on the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. 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