BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-14-17-8A: Marc Maron talked about Louis C. K. on his latest podcast.

Tuesday, November 14th

A new study has found that psychopaths don’t listen to classical music; they prefer rap or Justin Bieber. A new survey says Americans will go to 1.7 Thanksgiving day dinners this year.


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Steve brought this up last week jail when no news about Louie CK broke. He was wondering and you're like you know because mark Marron here really really good friends and he'd have to address this on the podcast I'm sure we'll hear it a point on Twitter because obviously if an industry before Lou even admitted to what happened this is when district. It came out he put on his Twitter. That there's not enough characters into use this crappy platform to explain things to talk about things sought to address in my next podcast. Which apparently he recorded here in Seattle not in front of a live audience in a hotel I don't know why he was here I can't. I don't recall him being on the phone book signing I think he was even half hours of signing yeah okay let me ask him because yeah he was recording and I listened to the podcasted not as great episode because yet I can deal from the Arctic seas. Breeders' fame. But as well as best road already pre recorded but he started off the episode addressing what happened with Louis and at that point Louie admitted to. What went down and so this was marks. Feelings and thoughts and he's gone through it all out there is news really interesting to listen to because you know those guys are good friends and I don't know what it would be like to have a friend that got. A accused of doing satellite data to beat admitted doing something like that. You have and of course that's what mark dozens podcast man that's why is it's so successful because he buries his soul off a lot about anything that's going on his life and like you said Luis part of it. And he said that he did confront Louie CK about one of these stories. And the past and Louie denied it. And I would ask him about it. I IE I would say the way this this story about you forcing. You know these women to to watch. What is sad is that is that truly does know it's and it's not true. And I would say why you going to address it somehow PDA to handle it to get out from under whenever it shows up he goes no I can't I can't do doubt if it'll give it life who give there and that. That was a conversation when you that people don't quite take into consideration as one people do. Sheen's. Days they do everything they can't hide it. And and look I I can understand that you're you're here in the public guy I can understand that you know denial is a thing that we've seen a dear I understand it all because it's a pattern I yeah I don't agree that but I understand that that's what famous people people in power knew they will deny deny deny anything that's a shameful activity. And LTC did and I I was a long place of the minutes and talking about it but you know he he he does keep saying hey what he did was awful wait it was just disgusting and terrible any any talk about having empathy for women. And you know how he's grown over the course of his career and how Nike's rethought. He looks back on his current grand not on the same level this could just not so in the same respect to women when it comes to like not hiring a female writer for show or something along those lines and he's really irony is now I wanna show glow. The gorgeous ladies of wrestling so on Netflix which is predominantly run by women Scalia says it's just an incredible experience it's been an eye opening experience and a sense but. It is really interesting hearing him flesh out his feelings and his thoughts about Louis because you could tell he was upset with Louis. But he also realize he's make pretty. My friend. I don't I turn my back on my friend it together and it's a very very challenging situation. With that and and mark talks more about that. And look you know like everybody has made mistakes everybody has minor or major transgressions in their life and I believe that everybody is capable of change. And I I I. Have to believe that. Even if you can't change if you don't feel like you're changing quick enough you can you can beat hey you can know enough to be chief. And then maybe he'll change most people who have a heart it. And that and a mind. Yo know when they're doing shameful. You'll get help because the more secrets you keep them more malignant and becomes. It's good advice. And the same time. There's more allegations that I just read about Daily Beast now some stuff coming out about John Travolta and that's the latest today she she's hauling the mail masseuse -- or yes so and it it just seems every day there's a story and there's that politicians in the room Griffin power relay you know evident -- I know there's a guy you decided that the guys trying to make him out Aaron since Amazon Louis CK yeah a little bit before the economy is senator and how he and now is saying he was banned from a mall this is this that is politician because he would go trolling for teenagers trying to pick them up at malls disgust and everybody nobody Baghdad may alienate dates are they obviously had an unofficial ban this -- the -- Arizona law always on the look out for this guy who I guess was a lawyer at the time now is a politician. And it's good markets emotional when talking about his friend Louis. I hope this doesn't come off as any sort of apology for anything I'm disappointed in my friend. He did some growth and people like you know they. Well you can be friends with that guy he's my friend ease up. Opinion he's in big trouble so well aware my Hindu unseat young in this trend where you only duke. I mean it's you know it's probably the best time to be a trend when he needs to make change and it changes in his life and you know I'm man enough I can learn from it he can learn from and I hope. This is the thing. And I'm not gonna talk about one specific person this is the thing about our society. If we can't forgive people. I'm not saying mission near Kabul and they shouldn't pay for whatever crimes they do that's part of the process you're accountable. Then you you you do what you gotta do to make it right. And then. The person has to be forgiven. If we can't do that as a society. What happens this is the perpetrators see no reason and to make it right and no reason to change their ways because if you're not gonna forgive him why should they bother trying to be good. And that's that that's the problem we have is is societies we we do not forgive criminal swing aid and you have people to get out of jail we'll tell you. I can't get a job people like gimme a break well then what you want them to do there probably about to go back to life a crime be a jerk because you don't forgive. We are online now is an amount of sinister B are you candidate for anything I'm just wondering is there are a lot aren't there certain. Accidents certain crimes that are just not for livable and that's the problem cannot forgive mobile. Then you miles and put that person to death what are you go how are they ever going to be a good our army dog I feel that way about child molesters yeah. I would not about any issue to put those guys and and whoever. To death for some doubt a necessity but the now. I think it's cruel alerts to leave a person alive that you're never gonna forget. You might doesn't give the death penalty because you got summoned to sit and rot and be there and be basically the Bane of humanity I think that's much cooler the next shooting in my acrylic really till now. Com and I'm not telling anybody they've got like the victims. There'd probably and have a hard time forgiving I get it but do you mean. We didn't get victimized so we have an easier time of forgiving somebody if they go through the process of accountability. Paying for their committed their crime. There's no reason for you and I'm not to be able to forgive Louie CK if he does everything properly and the right victims are are taking care of in the way that they can get healthy. I have no reason and to be mad at anybody. Resume like understands only mark marriage saying what he's saying yes. And I wonder what his opinion would be if he was close with one of the women if you'd have that same feel it would be harder it would be way harder it would be very much and I have a feel friend that was. We again this is indeed awful things happen to her by up a minor celebrity. A musician a hip hop guys. And I was a fan of that guy in and the crew that he was a part of an egg it and did everything in an infant because. I could never my friend couldn't forgive him I can't forgive him for he did to my friend. There's just so one of those things readers think I. I don't know how to it I may be that makes me a bad person I don't know but I just couldn't if IC sold that I care about going through pain because somebody else decide to put that person do that pain. I have a very hard time forgiving. Person and that's reasonable Steve the thing with that is that there aren't going to be as many people who are. At that epicenter or close to the epicenter of of the horrible thing that happened. The problem I have is with folks that have nothing to do with the situation they don't know anybody involved it occurred on the other side of the country the other side and. Here's something that Simpson that either happen to them or someone that they care about right sad it mimics almost exactly what happened in their world so they have that anger because there's another there's another person doing the same thing that someone did to somebody to the that they care about or some good sports and themselves. And that's and that's an issue that frankly I have that need to be addressed with therapy if it didn't happen to you and it's triggering something else completely different but that'd be the answer is nothing to do if you. That's so you gotta work on because otherwise you're not making it better. We have to have a cycle of accountability contrition and forgiveness we have to have that if we don't. The society screwed because that's what it's supposed to be you're supposed to do your time. Pay your dues. And now and be able to come out I mean every religion Scott that you can hear a tense I mean we we we know we've we've we've forgotten repentance for forgot paying your debt to society. We've forgotten all that we treat people like crap we're not forgiving. I just not I had a friend at this and then I don't know what the line would be I think I would know when it happens but there are definitely would be certain things I just couldn't forgive a friend for dealing. Whether someone not due until the the summit's underage today I absolutely that person death than I did it would be tough. It yeah I get it would be tough there's no doubt about possible it would be impossible I just could never. Ever looked at person in the eyes and be it would be like yeah op on the to be their free as a friend since I don't understand like I don't know too many people who don't think the way you do I don't know why our laws are tougher when it comes to like you said underage stuff like that I don't understand that these sort of people on charter are are worried about what their future holds if at that stuff doesn't debut right which is really scary like you're seeing politicians and and leaders and people positions of power using it to the worst possible that's right Tom Sizemore apparently he's in the news now for. Apparently doing something that someone. That goes under age one now here's another thing with Tom Sizemore. Now we know next week we have got the bad week we also watched Celebrity Rehab. The other part of it is how much of these things are involved with drugs and alcohol and therefore you know some was not their right mind it's so hard to judge anybody when they're just just completely blitzed. If he did it when he was sober. What to me I think it's different it's it's not differ as far as a crime he should pay the full price of whatever crime he committed whether he's drunk or not. But like what's in his heart what's in his soul. Well once somebody is destroyed out of their mind on drugs and alcohol they're not in their right mind they're not sane people we saw that on Celebrity Rehab. He was a completely different guy after he detox. It all my dad counts carries on the bed wake Tom Sizemore as a hobby disparaged Tom Sizemore spirit hi I'm Susan does it should be at that rumor had it says this is this is. I mean Hollywood power. This is just crazy what's being exposed and we know there's more and let's talk about the ones in Iraq and immoral hobbled the actors from the sixties and fifties and forties and Tom. That that movie brother where art doll was about a real guy even though was a joke of a more but it did get there are based on the film guy it was Coen Brothers movie was all based on real people including people that did horrible things just to protect the movie studio. I mean murder and antenna in there and rape and all sorts of stuff. As supposedly are allegedly had a these men believe based on a guy that really did exist. And so it's. Yeah it's sickening what goes on in the world of Hollywood I data I I eight. I'm happy that it's being exposed because entertainment is not supposed to be that part which is what I love about movies and television is not supposed to be that ugly. It really really isn't I guess I can't even imagine for it took the comedy world because it seems like everybody. Minus the people that were impacted by obviously this stat knew about what was going on. For the majority of comics they looked at Louis is almost like the leader of the comic. Clinton clan give value like oh yeah dad and everybody looked up to he was the guy that you talk to any comic delight you the most brilliant minding comedy. He's prolific where these jokes cease. Always got great stuff he's he's almost a and I can't even imagine for them as well like they're just they just gotta we just since they held up to this high standard. Just completely did something that is wrecked all of us in addition to the people have imagined those people. And neither did the lady comics that were involved and that's it just makes you wonder how many people who are really good at their job that we look up to them whatever it is. How many of them do you think there. Closer to the Louie CK the world and we wanna admit. It seems like that I mean cost the studio it just seems like everybody who's like really achieved greatness in their life not everybody but got a lot of them. While it seems like they got these past. No we're not I mean we're hearing stories about former president's former his former of that in all fairness also I think they've written with all these elements in a bit in the schism pump you know minimal amount could be a mile even if this is a handful still to many but. There's still lots and lots of talented. Artist and lots of talented. Actors and whoever and better in this world of the arts that are not doing anything weird at all they might feel weird in the head or the other match to battle their own. Make issues of depression or whatever it may be but they're not hurting anybody else denied doing so I mean I've I it's unfortunate but these stories obviously Arabs are. Brought up into did it frenzy attention to all of us but they're still so many people out there that are not to Louie CK in are not. Whatever insert other celebrity like Tom Hanks on divorce and a joke that this just words just came out the news or reporting another actress said that Tom Hanks is nice to her can I saw did you see the onion article. It takes a delight. Tom Hanks murdered five people. I think some I do like so ridiculous because Tom bases to be like the gold standard Fiat guys have got Tom Hanks or does something I think this whole world's gonna implode. Yeah you're absolutely right I was just thinking about I mean BC's Mary's got a wife teams are really love her. I know is good I think one of his kids got some issues with the law but otherwise yet Thomas. Tom just pictures are drunk people he seems to have seems to have his act together crashes wedding proposals. Kind of what what would the world to what would happen if all of a sudden somebody who was like a Tom Hanks to us. All of a sudden wasn't you know and so I think that way what effectively again but this is just. We're summed up the level of Bill Gates has Bill Gates is always I mean especially lately Bill Gates is considered I mean what a wonderful altruistic guy you can play at all lesser dosage every majesty I just want to make the world a better place. I mean who knows our Paul Allen who we love what he's done for our Seahawks let the other day. You know I mean I know some people don't like on because I'm realistic subway and murmur as you can look him in the well there is that. But I mean Arab Israeli troop oh you got that much money and how much power among real people in our own industry have done stupid things because they have money fame and power. And you know ideally LA. Let alone he also enjoyed these leagues. Now he has extraordinary league and join an extraordinary gentlemen you should generally. Hear right. I can average it and they never let me in I'm not extraordinary now. I think. All right we'll speaking a psychopaths. Stephen do wonder what. Is the favorite kind of music for psychopaths and. What this whole. Don't know what should you feel they don't we'll tell you what the favorite kind of using recycled crap who may seventeenth pond Iraq. And made some more news on the rock 99.9 KI ESW. Point nine KI SW Iraq. Seattle. Jamie and genocide in his father's psychopaths and crazy people. Today are believers hello boy. Who allowed only good news. They like say no this is a this is very president. A while back there was talk about a so they show the cycle past don't really dig classical music like Hannibal Lecter and other movie villains they actually refer rap and pop music. That's that's interest again and that's I I just always thought they were those high polluting Ghana people but I like you're taxiing just assuming there was classical music was what has. It's only that would will listen to I don't know why but he is psychopaths like classical and why you said no way meant they tested 200 people for psychopathic traits. And basically just one overtime to Steve and out of I'm not a believer. They have listened to a sick so they test people psychopathic traits. That sucks I mean first volley I c'mon Ed. How reliever surge got a guy let me ask you some questions. Yeah I don't you know what you're going to be in our study find out all you take a look at BSI don't press I'm shocked and hit you up the probably should've. And then they played 200 socks or sixty songs for these psychopathic people or at least the traits. And all results have meant publish a but it turns out that cycle past due like Justin Bieber. Especially his song what do you mean. And these at this was really popular with us subjects who scored high on even know that song on be site top but he skills I mean you got it yet of course you do it probably in your personal playlist are set up in out. Is make sure why do bad things are pretty. All he's gonna punch myself in the face so that I can save. Com I'm. Allows senior James accusing B. Yeah. Usually brings the total people. China just a few. Gupta our good dozen other words we know you're a psychopath knows actually turn things get a feel good not knowing you're exactly anyway those are young and he's passed away and went to Alaska. I don't look at this as. It's says so you like this song do you also believe that Dion New Mexico pieces better than anybody else's it's only a psychopath who bullies I had to say hey hey the only pop stylish interiors which. Yeah to take tank top. Let me tell us not just the concert she's just music hey you know what I'm not a psychopath does look good when Evans on the low end. Total money for nothing is the favorites are proposing are not going to design a dress yes. Yeah yeah yeah I wanna have a good time I didn't hear about this. Let them Yo-Yo ladies. Okay MTV. And out of me so absolutely. Their legs I had friends it's six on Friday and we'll have a cycle that's done. And again chicks are free to see now I think chicks are checks. Are there's chicks and guys make big digital heard. Actually 33 which makes no sense I think the floor beside him money for nothing dire straits it's not lyrics. I don't those chicks for free to Steve McKnight got to read the lyrics include checks for free it's as champ. It's. Yeah I mean they get their chicks for free now got a pay. Money for enough and you're chicks for free out there was right. OK so there you go cycle castles like lose yourself by Eminem OK okay I know daily by black she's. Hell yeah I'm just glad he's he's the hottest videos and us not forget he's. But only so does he looks calm and ready moms but it keeps on getting harder and go fast okay like here's these hundred. We know is a I'm not sure whose son on the Liz good I'm hoping that it might be gas. They're disarming the list last. Eyes and. You're amazing Steve I was grade I don't ray you got a Kurds that most of all this is inside oh. Yeah I don't ever Senegal that's normal people like that don't. You know also I also think I'm actually not a Psycho wife because my sure Rona is on there and that's a low cycle some. I. And now. Like okay. Got average share she's a dance and yeah I must let the chairman of the computer. Much simpler phone now so it's not that great so. Now I'm treating it right now. So they don't have any reason you are going cold yeah. And right there has slipped into a battle in the birds. And yet the mask. And his his us English as the middle finger and that is hoping he comes on the whole place to start giving him the bird in every movie doesn't involve him with the middle finger it's freaking awesome okay. How well. Think I'm. Nice. But just when he comes out may Gonzaga is a great song hasn't that's old school. There is a play that amount that the the ghoul movie back in Boston do you play that he was just as deeply scary movies any commodity Danson and that's on which is weird sort of this there's the thanks Steve Norman that's going to be stuck my head the rest of the day diverted around them through the prison while picking which family got to watch says that's specifically denied choose the burden horrid episode. That's not bad guy that's on in my head all day plus Steve. Sorry about that he should take it yet. Can't escape ability as a viewer winner about the concert announcer who was it originated concert announcement that super duper show it to the stadium who was we had a particular subject to knights of today right after Bea makes. One ounce. Tactics shadow that's dry heat but we already we already told you yet suspend the business saw the last. I'll have backed. Yeah that's who's arguing here the last. Okay. Plus I am comfortable now now now Merrill. That's. Total amount that they did a little bit of that but there was a whole song called couple Mao Mao was there really yeah now OAS in your back double wow wow rev the fifty's series Allen Mickey. I am a couple mile mile as the sun tournament area. Those fifty songs meant nothing they can have a good my. Apart from home office. The suns fans. The same thing. I got to decide. Our. How about that that's the and now that was a hit that Papa mama I was hit back in the fifties man than you isolated say was that one Larry. Pop up mount mount up a little I don't say Arnold did that song. Now it looks like it's the ratings Susan all of the Pablo mound he had the ribbons and that's right yeah others like the trash men dead. I'm here. The greatest names who knows this as well my. I was not alive for that but I remember growing up because my brother and sister were in this so they would play those old songs on the oldies stations I was like you know in my. I learned late my late single digits and be running around my house like a little crazy person doing that. Bring back memories Steve. So this is like you're looking like and I'd lost my mind dancing to the birds on. The prisons is they just tuned in I don't know he has talked about the odds pizza was green chili is the best ever you at all lives. That is the best person dollar check to see if I was gaining texted tiger not me has probably getting. Well speaking if Logan new survey from Boston market. It turns out that Americans will go to an average of one point seven Thanksgiving dinners or meals this year so people are gonna go to more than one dinner and I know this is happening. I guess if firm. I don't know we're doing it this year right we've we've gone nose Christmas I think we've only done one Thanksgiving dinner every year Christmas you Kyra because of the presence you have to bounce if you if you are in our family yes terrorism seek out a couple families get a swing by but I don't think I've ever done multiple Thanksgiving I'd like to. You know what the trend is I think is the friends giving his why especially you live in a place like here. Because we have 50% of the folks who are born not from here who are now who lives here so there's a lot of friends giving because their families or are they not gonna travel to a friend's giving users find because that it thing to Thanksgiving food. Without the family that you hate. Guess so true yeah you're absolutely right. The average Stacy beginners gonna have about nine or ten people I don't like doing multiple things give X. Is it you have to like plan out your day of what you're gonna eat at different places I'd rather just stay in one placing get fat. All of skipped out of both places in Britain then it's thank you need too much Turkey needs can't move flake I just trying to I don't wanna move I don't wanna get in the car and have to go places after that yeah we and we ill we used to go to somebody's place for dessert which would be nice it was like it was like a nice nightcap. That we would do me first moved here wanna Sarah's friends my body actually gave deadline frank. I gotta tell phrase oh he's you know what his kids have moved out now he's living the dream on and heard from him a while well let's outside well. For her role. And Iraq all MIT thought our I don't know I think yes you make me just around Thanksgiving time I was. My god you are the weirdness that they did though you you don't wake up for this entire show and it's a little random the last. Back then then I'm understanding you generation. He's never. Who had a song into the hotel that may you know renovate you know. C did you like set high pitch annoying stuff. Which is where they'll like your voice all who snapped one low burn after I had how fast the birdies or DJ Gary yeah. Only 5% zinni restaurants release one of their Thanksgiving dinners I wanna do them my wife trying to go to a restaurant now that's easiest thing in the world no thank you. Okay I'm not gonna make you know I like the home cooked craft well yeah but I have to clean it that's a problem. See you don't have to do the clean up or do you. Clearly you do anything today's giving you know here's the thing I eaten some accounts I watched football CNN heroes there was Americans are looking man I don't get to do that I did the cleaning it's like a very it's a family affair ruins got to do somethings I don't cook I clean. And thank. I'll tell who is is that why. All of bowler you you have to clean something. I don't know everything that's understandable Christmas plans in his own town. I can't come over and I know his wife about his wife's like you ought to spend days you may know I go about my plans drizzle in my life. Basically after Thanksgiving and beating. Yeah and I don't agree tired yeah boy do you cook to assist while all that's why I'm good guy because I do that they want to do any of my help. I ate everything on my plate so they don't that the grinding away even lick it clean I do actually my finger and I'll sort of a sort of the guys who like Stephen doing. We all do stuff like you like we have the guys at the table like my mom and I co. And then we all clean together and then we're done either watch a movie and play or plays in games. Oh yes to no avail Lee Myung Maclean. That's I'm done but I'm I'm I'm really I feel like I am like you know some sort of a slave to these people because they go in there do they do and I'm I just I'm Molly about myself. There was also Congo a wanna drive that looks pissed that you're now. Oh yeah one year I fell asleep when you clean your rights. You did I put out. That why you would I'm one year I fell asleep but she cleaned that's just have you heard we your data send. Out. And. He's got per roll away. I like his son. Yeah that's that's again and I'm anonymous email if you're not sign. It's their the last. Yeah I know I'm I would say I'm the dish master I think you all and yes one. One Thanksgiving we are gonna do them together and he's like. Learn and use the restroom real quick. Seriously in Ohio how or her later I didn't ultimately slow this. I wife took a lie a lie down on the bed Ottoman just take a break free Vietnamese damned dishes because I just eaten. And they see no says bank and underwear are out he was out why I. How all night all yeah I was like an old man falsely thing was pretty amazing. Yeah I think he did on perk has made me think that's my district ever hasn't hit hey you gonna clean up that's great if you're the new cleaner upper rob diamond like Steve sit on the couch wants the cowboys game. Oh. Miles in my iPhone or not. I'm planning hope on spending and with the bill and dissident Chinese some then that's great the boyfriend that trumps LeBron tonight not American. I mean I I I don't cut back so I do dishes though the most fuel efficient use of course know about him. Definitely Simpson you cannot make death a signature for everything I don't need to. Today can she's aside so. Wade scene I can enjoy things Q are you pop sauce on the boyfriend I know drops number honor by about his Stanley the boyfriend's. I think we might go but there's a nontraditional though my go to their for the semi and I just bring take out. I think a regular food is way better than bigs getting fit and don't like stuffing and cranberry sauce. All know. I have a three you tell us the marshals on top. I can't you know last year for our friend Tim Allen's tale that is too much it is it is I never iMac vegetarian. And understand why it is scary like cranberry sauce and potatoes are all vegetarian I don't know without having in my daughter that's a wish -- well I have matter would you narrowly yes nice tight and hot cheese pizza I can't teach anytime I want Turkey and gravy and I want to stop saying that cranberry sauce and not one and all and a pumpkin pie and every known in Harlem that third and spoke. Might as well. They're I'll I doubt any amount please sir I cannot. An anomaly down not towel and seems rather Chinese food over all the stuff things and all the fixings. Sally app and I hate Piet every I was Chinese food is only for Christmas okay right ralphie turning into bones. You really shows a father. I look I can't tell you later in this land yeah I can't argue you Steven met and this particular instance you're right she's not a good America -- reaches out of the country since there's a Communist at least I don't pitch out people who eat Turkey anymore because I used Seattle are all right guys you are still enough funds and is giving up on child Elian as annoying as all hell yeah yeah I'm analysts are wonderful to have somebody makes pretzel roles for Thanksgiving okay I'm up for that that tells me that sounds kinda side note if you guys wanted to try the buffalo did I did make a blog about it he can have the recipe yourself nobody asked you know you can't just. Yeah. I was Katherine didn't show. I got back hello Vicky wakes up again just in time to talk about her dinner different yeah that can this morning and Diana. I ask is. Can somebody during this conversation I might have saved myself I'll be I was doing the birds long. Did anybody ask about her dead no no agreement comeuppance my nose and now it is just I wanted to use an excuse to play the chicken thing through the card I don't think any living thing about clutching it trying he's list yesterday about how you ask him we're let's get back the next issue of ADD theater he's. And no I don't Vicki had a narrow show Ritalin for crying loud call upon by the Lacey do so you know I like candy you're right. That should say the right thing again. The remaining tight any socks yesterday you don't lie. I don't know I saw I'd still tied a talk. You're sucking a strong broke found guys' company and yeah. Remembers he's on the phone. I I have to remember that idea I can start to realize why. Hail yesterday until we're ready to move on bird person I can easily still there already knows every he's blog Mozilla I heard buffalo yeah. Q did that really bad on me on the face of all yes you are mediocre dip recipe I'm highly recommended and god only knows no divisions remember kind of good. Yeah if you wanna spackle walls like highly recommend it. While Newsom can and do the pins aren't too far intentional work. OK hey yesterday Steve he got this one wrong. Prior to Ronald Reagan who was the last you well president Hu's first and last name begin with the same letter. Abraham modeling kids yeah middle class. Communist Roosevelt never told him guys you know. And we were very surprised there. A lot of good liberation president site I can I think of you John Coolidge but the last Imus Herbert Hoover don't forget Woodrow Wilson knows a lot of them. So it's about that that was a question. Which numbers got right that was a question yeah. Are you are shot at beating Steve Billy be more questions. Maybe you can answer them maybe you get the prize it's a good one. Old with a big concert we don't know junior tickets of that if you win beat Biggs to a 6421 rock beat me today 47. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorneys he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy hell we're back absolutely no one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And so they can be either good other regular ongoing bills. People sometimes think you can file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against him once a garnish your style has started and that's not true. Very dangerous to immediately stop any garnish infantry I'm going except for child support. And stop your creditors from continuing on its versions of your bank account your wages I'm and in most cases were discharged out liability. Through the bankruptcy process and we can file bankruptcy. Case. For you usually the day you come in thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time I had to choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter two dot com thanks for listening.