BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-20-17-7A: Gene Simmons was banned from Fox News for life because of his inappropriate behavior.

Monday, November 20th

Facebook Drama. “White Dandelion”. A woman goes on social media to complain about wishes that never come true.Harrison Ford helped a woman whos car flipped over.


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I had come with a rock of Seattle and again we're happy to be teaming up with a Washington State Council firefighters why. Those kids need new coats and we wanna put a thousand votes on those kids that even this holiday season Paul takes 34 box. To put a brand new. American made coat and it's on the need not go the full 34 whatever you donate please going to be helpful. Shortly share your social networks if you can't give us any cash. If you really wanna get these kids the Gulf Coast up. Kept warm this holiday season in the Pacific northwest Iraq posted great last year from a lot of cooks a lot of kids suicides continue to trend this year while. More more you want more info about this you know way to go KI SW dot com. Being the. And done be a team ends Guantanamo. Bay more fun day. This Monday. Right now as you are one way guess who one day. Limbaugh is great math and it's a big one this is a big games. Big game here today because if I can win a game of the year we have a lot of tough teams there were going to be facing the last part of the seasons and this is a game now this is almost the must win because I don't know throw in some Mosul just a game where we set the tone Maurice about the rest of the season oh yeah. The brother are we winners are reporters brother George had some injuries that doesn't mean we can't win I wish Hoke Hogan was head coach. Yeah be very inspirational. These weirdo magnet yeah right right there are ignored it doesn't mean we've got Mike in an accord is to take on Steve. Might trade there's certain. Excellent lets you play for today Steve already in place for a pair of tickets are sold out show that sold out shows we're now we are now coming to a more theater on May 29. And I can't believe in our contest rules apply go to K I guess they're ya come from the details and if you want tickets well. The other one this week on. 29 and it's already sold out uncle Chris are you going. Oh cool at all you certainly are. So sorry you're what I thought he says he's a huge weird Al fan I enough just so we're not the Fifth Avenue theatre is awesome. Really maybe huge weird Al fan I grew up liking some of his stuff but he puts on a great show. Brian on well let's with Mikey here now Steve yeah I saw Chris. Apple may be completely makes a wait no he can't make bad to me all night long you may have to make you know my own I had a look at that and he is date for that could affect in my opinion or no play on my lap that's. It's sixty seconds to answer. Ten questions. Thank you can pass all you want but you'll only get against Byrd question are your ready man it's. The saddle shoes full skirts and motorcycle jackets were popular and what decade it's. Oh yeah ask what you're in the final episode of the office come out. I know. It now. Now with the medical titled GOP stands for general and why it's. Yeah ask what company developed the first laser printer in the seven east. It's. Now. At least I remember the Maine was the rallying cries for watching war. I remember the main. Yeah it's. What instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure. Yeah as stellar men's resort is he setting for which classic eighty's movie tonight. If you ask what city in Texas does the basketball teams the spurs playing. You ask what type of points this season voir. Yeah yeah yeah. And our 12345. Correct Iowa see it's senate it's you know it's an average performance CUC's above or below average today exactly did you dig it yes it is there's. Nice well don't give those views examines youth. Little global what are the thick below least. Today the better and Steve look are you ready. Saddle shoes Poodle skirts and motorcycle jackets were popular and what did get a decent at baseline things. He's all right guys fighting what years did the final episode of the opt just come out what you're final episode I went to eat a nice note. 2007 now. Twenty times now. He medical titled GP stands for general wise practitioner and yet as to what company developed the first laser printer in the 1970. Xerox. Yeah doesn't remember the Maine was the rallying cry for what war it. Toward ratings well no it's a civil war has now. Boston Tea Party wants to know what instrument used to use to measure atmospheric pressure seismic graphs now. I'd trust off tomorrow no today. Slipped to Skelton now I. Still remains a resort as the setting for it was classic eighty's movie he thinks it's best times the risk my life now to be pretty Smart confident. Caddie shack Darrell. Dissect purge you never know what city Texas does deep basketball team in the first place Antonio Diaz and Steve you give more courage which isn't able. Yeah. Me. That's right Steve congratulations Mike how good your buddy you are I see where it out an unmanned. And and I figured I parents and I Kellerman is resort was the setting for dirty dancing oh my god don't correct I'm okay were not knowing I've. The instrument to measure atmospheric treasure pressure. Mike got that went correct as well it's a barometer are. Who remember the Maine was he rallying cry for what war I don't expect anyone to get this 106 is tasty even in my history teacher knows there's a Boston Tea Party war I can't tell you about it affect you clearly hiding you know I'm gonna let a big war but sometimes you go to school does not wanna teach you the truth. Tough it's the user to provided us right so where we're minutes after I was the Spanish American war Carol I'm yeah exactly I was hoping maybe we would have history buff for something Carl land and give them minute little bit of an edge against yet. Fortunately it didn't matter yeah in the year that the final episode of the office came outs. I would be guessing at this point saw just like it's on me 2013 top. You know orders and I think go to god 1213 fourteen deaths and the solid on well you didn't and then added it's team nor might put doesn't matter might wind congratulations. I don't go too far body. I guess I don't know how goes too far now I I this. Well no Justice League opened up this weekend of the nicest million dollar box office which was lower than some people thought I and the lowest opening actually for a live action DC comics movie together were looking at like you think won ten to 120 million was the projections the I guess is the lowest in green lantern when I lost I'm reading the news stories this morning as the Justice League fails in the box office failure to execute the word failure used a lot listen to. Hundred million dollars was made over the weekend as a when you'll see like a failure but when you're looking at thirty million last seen get a deal with play the re shoots in the fact that they do all the promotion and stuff for air to custom make this movie that's the GM you got to look at is how much it cost to make the movie. As to announce a successor failure. You take a look at sore which is enough for three weeks and it's made over towards. 47 million dollars or Frerotte was apparently a great yeah it was it was really good I really enjoy that when a lot so Justice League read you sawed. Rotten tomatoes says 40% do you agree with that. I give Vick and a passing grade I would give it may be like a six out of ten while blew it because he had praise from the rev. They had some things going for first off it was under two hours. Which stood which sort of helped and hindered it because. Is your first thing you say about a movie that could have a good thing about it was a short guy not necessarily good. There's sort of movies now they are going right to a half hours plus since like you don't need that they made that mistake with PBS member Superman so I'm glad that they actually did short because that was really long yak and so and funny people is finding people are talking about like Henry capitals mustache that couldn't -- shaved always a beard and mustache so EA and apparently they had a CGI it out. I didn't necessarily notice this at all. All I noticed it it looks so that voice he saw Tim yeah I sides you end DL the whole season his whole like under is nose and geologists look like the cartoon it was the dumbest looking thing I just kind of assume that he was trying to like do a little more acting and just like his face like look weird because of how he was just smearing a little bit more so was he in the movie a lot 'cause they don't even have a man the end of that that's why they don't have the ads on that CGI crap out of a plot point. So he'll show up at some point he's also the very beginning of the movie. Are so much fat as like a flashback saying how sad is that that the way the movie business horses is the second movie that's been dramatically affected because an actor was unable to do what needed to be done. Because that happened in the king's men and also have donated 101000 Ron Jeremy C is very difficult and uncomfortable but I feel like a lot of the Reese. He shoots because we know that Zack Snyder had a kind of step aside and then just we didn't -- winning in three shoots really felt like Josh Sweden. Because just the end of the first avenger movies if you like avengers you can feel that flavor of the fun you know and they think that's kind of what seemed it. A little bit here and there really that's that's a very different that's definitely got to be DOS weekend. I don't question I'm looking do you really cost nearly 300 million dollars to make this movie yeah his production and won't I don't and I how much does that cost still and that's promoter advertisement dollars and they're catering lobster tails it. Usually get that we look at all the big name that are in the movie yet Henry cab milieu guy Jason Momo we got there are no dollars to make this movie GI yeah. DC GI ancient oak hills and this movie is a lot of CGI Zack Snyder doesn't how to make a movie that doesn't have a lot of such yeah. Call Apple iPhone like it is on top but things pretty cold which really isn't tied that seven bucks for the broad plan on activating events to get it I've seen you at a explosions the Lulu of me but I don't I call Steve he's seeing yeah I necktie basically batter if you're in the DC characters are Melissa you're gonna stop command I command was great place in the season he was and I thought he was fantastic. I think flash was amazing as kind of the comedic foil a lot of the times I yet he sold a show for sure yeah now and the united in the last part why why markedly was it people say it was a cheaper car rip off with a bat man flash relationship as the Iron Man Peter Parker spiral is simply do you feel there was a player that I'm not nuts really so much I don't know school now enough AFLAC. I Affleck was fired other than there are some things. Where he's wearing the suit and he's too late in heat I mean maybe they're trying to make it look like you put it literally looks like Arnold don't be dude wearing a bat suit. And looks like old times where he just looks inflated it looks like an old and let me tell you this. I can live like well I it was weird look and sound I know that there are some you know frank Miller's bat man is supposed to look like he's just done yet he's no he's like two steps away from the beer belly yeah well apparently made about 280 million worldwide so it's almost paid off. Yeah well let's broke even yeah as long as they make it him more than they paid for it I mean that's that that's have been it's a success even though they thought I would be much better here in the state it is generous to Selig your review of the keep your view on all my friends that went to see you on FaceBook everybody's review would rather have learned there's a good bad but I expected to have a lot of the things I think that's one of the reasons why is doing so low on rotten tomatoes as they're always like. Well it's not great but it was better than I thought and I think that panic equates to a bad review them if it really isn't that bad I mean if you're totally messy problem movie. It's a comic book remove that problem if they went down that road program is like yeah. The New York Times that's what they're really doubt Brad Garrett Justice League yeah. I think if I wanna take you know if a restaurant you read we will check this restaurant because I heard isn't that bad. That's how I go to that restaurant you have to let it I don't wanna crap on the movie that much because I know there's a lot of fans out there. And I that they'll have a your tirade waiting outside the building night would do signs he's a nerd man yet possibly. She wasn't in 3-D I watched how Washington 3-D C and it didn't really take anything away it didn't really add anything to start so I mean you can watch it is standards Judy I know we advisors do all right AutoZone mammoon. Yeah Austin scene it was time. I've younger and I he's Justice League. She was far so he read given us excited Tamil would you give it out of six point five just could only that I what did you guys give store regular rock out of authority. Yeah I'd Chilean niners ten for floor while okay what is led by Justice League was going to be a piece of crap my son on Saturday it was actually really good outer recommended I would see it again I wouldn't go see it again I'm glad that I've seen it but I don't see it again. Well I'm gonna see it next week with Joey d.s so I'm glad to hear that it's not going to be arduous and watched there's two extra scenes during the credits like I don't know that dole marvel thing they're doing that as well so -- what they just we may god they stole him from marvel to make it happen when that pretty much. Parts worth me renting on demand when it comes out yes I guess thank you so it looks down it feels like him they were out of dejected Zack Snyder leave because he was given the boot or he couldn't get enough is daughter committed suicide and yes that's for way all right okay that's. So that's well you know what you then I'm out and -- You know I mean. Yeah how do you mean the poor guy he's a priority gone through enough I'm not guys that their insignia on his movie. OK so I'll I got a question why would a man who want to be buried it with not just one bite. Two sandwiches. I'll tell you at 717. On the Iraq. It's. Yeah. I just helps you. Actually 98 I SW Iraq. Seattle. So as is our old dude he was 76 named Richard from Pennsylvania he unfortunately passed away from heart complications. Last month but he did have a dying wish that I thought was really cool. He wanted to be very with two cheese steaks and it was whose favorite shop in Philly a lot of people know about packed here pats king of steaks. And that it's very very very famous has ever been there I try everybody every year ago food network's. Third the Food Network special about that place I hear they're great and if I'm ever in Philly nine diamond make sure I get there. And so day before his funeral of his son and his grandson drove to Pat's day by two cheese steaks and fulfill Richards dying wish. And they also respected his request for no onions because they Sadat though he is they'll come back on me it's funny not funny but I that. He died of heart complications and oh he also wants to send which is to cheese steak sandwich is in his in his casket with them. Yeah. So six is a decent HE which one apparently. Did it feel like you go longer than that now hi guess I just know that once again you're eighty sometimes you know it's how much good time you have at that point. I think if I if I little 76 it's not too shabby. I that I left owner and they're like hey it's kind of interesting that you know he wanted your sandwich isn't elicited do you think it's odd that he wanted to cheese stakes in them. Tyson will maybe it's a bribe for saint Peter. Putts McCoy that's pretty funny. Who's who of course. SO SS he wanted to cheese stakes very with him and his kids have fulfilled that dying wish. I'm. So that's it man I mean I. I love the idea of of getting to sort of have a ritual that you do for somebody who passed away so I thought you meant what would you were dying wish to be 206421. Loss. Texas 77999. Finish his sentence my dying wish would be to very we whipped blaze. Your calls your text after Smashing Pumpkins on Iraq. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. Send this joke I've ever richer from Pennsylvania died from heart complications last month and his dying wish was hey man I wanna be very with cheese steak sandwich is not one but two. I guess he really loves cheese steak man wanna make sure you have wondering you don't have to keep moreover whereas Jonas and once maybe going to be a drive for Xavier to get into the gates of he has a good point a LI II don't see how saint Pete to keep the identities as Pat's cheese -- man are supposedly like. World famous every Mora is Richard and I gotta get that guy has had a sandwich is buried with him and how obsessed he was at the sandwich is hit a bad heart his doctor warned him to have watched 48 in you still need those sandwiches. And he would often. Drive two and a half hours to Philadelphia back to get those Sam was also he didn't even live and still is some other town in Pennsylvania all tore half hour drive an hour drive just to get the sandwiches wow. Well that's I can see what that guy wanna be very Wear them down palace is dying wish how about you. 206421 rock Texas is 77999. Finish a sentence. My dying wish you would be to be buried it with a blank let's go to Jerry in Arlington Jerry that you are on the Iraq. Oh Milan Jerry I thought I got him but I did not now I've got you Jared you are on the Iraq. What's up BJ was somebody what you got for us. Us out of there with my red and black laptop but I had bird at least ten years. You have the same laptop for ten years and it still works okay. You know it does have to look at this sort of a special out not just get all the pictures not pictures of your your radeon. You know it was so laptop Phillips told by you my late brother. All I can understand why you're gonna always keep time. Yeah damn dude so you'll have that forever and so you know using you just basically haven't there. It doesn't run it every little bit this dust. Well she's and that the path wow man and so how long does that Endesa interesting the really cool way to pay you know attributes your brother and keep something that you guys shared together yeah how long has it been since your brother pass. It'll be ten years. Will be ten years next targets loud dude yeah that's that's a long time and you were you at imagine sounds that your young dude now so you were really young do when this happened. Silos almost thirteen he had season and I know what that's like dude that's about the age and I lost my mom so I can it's it's tough when you lose someone that close to it that young emanates. I hope though that you know in some way shape reform itself you'd be strong in some ways that he can really deal with adversity Philly did that that's what it's done for me. Well it has awesome well I appreciate the comment in Nam. Guy you know I. My thoughts on me yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah car pretty hard pressed where you wanna be very would have been every that cool I just one of the entire casket be filled with chicken nuggets. Yeah. I don't know how many I would be Debbie a lot they're a good show or maybe make its when he peace and to support him. I disaster I'm afraid you're right sour sauce as well when you wake demands for that consumers because it means he's dead I I deserve it sickening nugget at this point I held by your life has promised to the realized she's younger than your life she can dump above of a twenty piece of the nuggets in there I turn off. She can stay had to begin no hits oh yeah Alia are I'll have my lunch there once allies you pots and farming and they're still okay. What we compared the chicken nuggets know but they're good enough Barrett then if there batter fried anything you'll take you had really good with the IRA SS look at some good dipping sauce arms on sat our vehicle from the streets our record pizza salad well good good. That's the secret of tofu. Is that if you if you haven't they if you battery and have a great dipping sauce then really it tastes good because the toe was hostile states anybody like him what you put in it yet picks up whatever it is that's have you good tofu on this text only buried face down so the whole world can kiss my ass back. Yeah I think they go with me it would definitely be completely and fully steam punk doubt. So getting you know my top pat my goggles my nerve maverick that I had painted. Just give myself all done not even in my wedding tax because essentially is my steam on gear. And back. If I could get like a crazy like coffin or something like that that limped to local maybe was like movable and all sort of ridiculous this with like the gears and all that that would be a lot of fun I mean I'm dead but it so we gotta find your needs are safe and that right now man geez no piracy in the prices on confidence not that I'm shopping that much but I. Seen on. This is so expensive though that's why you gotta start saving now you are tricked out coffin I mean you know you start seeing that we're gonna get like exhibit to do appear in my coffin or sometimes it's yeah re only doing anything right now so maybe sell Coca. We have a tweets via a triage center by our body Bigelow Seattle's big sports fan and he said now be buried with a parking meter as my headstone with. The sign it's as time expired. That's a great idea on. That's you know what to and if you told that Bigelow wants that I would have been so surprised as you for your recently sports related can easily the best horse and everybody else could have a gusty our colors on. I fair enough we can do that's that that works like those two daughters in terms. Say. I can only imagine what she wants on the protection act. May vote no without Steve Wright I've always OK I always wanted to be buried with my server Paul. And I wanted to be wearing fish nets and last night he won the pole kind of like be horizontal with you in the casket you know I kind of holding onto yeah. Oh yeah straddling area I don't know what's going to be on top Bentley what I bring on top. But. Last week. I took a picture with ceramics a lot them of him planning my big eaten so now I want that framed and accountability well that was easily the best picture of all live date that certainly somebody you don't that was really fence and maybe Matt Almonte cannot stays down I can die happy now play and one at bats in the casket with me with my poll. You are message that's in my mouth like oh then the marrow crib gas slipped to staring at everyone like you're gonna miss this space to write much. Did you say you're gonna die happy that way I know one person won't be happy when all that goes on some figured your father. Well well I don't blame miss you I hope I'm gone I mean really every album long gone before that day comes I want to worry about execution in the series and feature time is short enough that was yeah. The ironic though that I had to play in every major event in her life including earlier earlier funeral because that's just how we go from me and of even more expensive than these Denver. They say your time and organize color and well being solid apart he'll be like bottles and bottles we systemic I want everyone have a party instead of a casket or they can create the casket to look like a giant boxed wine. Dow would be so cool idea Steve yeah and you can find their meals foul with it to them and you like up and say goodbye to me can also get like some lines have fantastic. This is a win win Pietrus I'm sure that'll be expensive and all musician die soon so we can all enjoy it all enjoyed two from had a. Okay great. Or maybe some parcel for the south and hopefully. We're really down and just thank you only should there. Ariel and I know I'm going there. Since that's that's a first class ticket say how many out in front row now politics is my grandpa I want to be cremated and I've actually done done a gopher hole. Because he had fun shooting at them as a kid. My grandpa my grandma wouldn't do it though even though and she said it was ridiculous. You know what he wanted I think doing a react I ashes anywhere that yeah that's the thing is well yeah well you've got to if I mean look. As I said before really you know they talk about you know the stages of grief and obviously it's tough when you lose somebody. And I've been told by therapists and I've read this before that rituals are such a great way to help you with closure so when somebody gives you a ritual to do the really do when your great favor they really really are so much so that he put it in his well I would feel really wrong not to do it and I understand this is it's. Her husband and that's probably not. The time to be doing some silly. But if it's as well I think I feel really awful I didn't go through that I'm with you. I mean is it is it as much of a pain in the neck is it might be I am with you refusing to hear that baby chicken nuggets start stocking up and are going to be on four and are continuing what do you mean so is it your wife for me tiger he saved because he calls both paid and all you know today. You get deeper pockets although it's not this. I thought your time. I wonder now Vicki is a very bizarre individual I wonder what she would like to be buried with. I think it could be out of looking MI collections committee moving soon like I have let my comic collection I have like a bunch of crow memorabilia. I have my constant collection. And thinking how awesome would it be to be very with all my crew member of the Ilya you're redress who have as the crow OK that's enough to make up and I really wanted to Shelley. I don't know Shelley Shelly is million a significant lair of the crown in the movie does that Williams isn't cool make up Dutch English is really cool dress. Well how about you do leg out combo yeah I'm down Shelley's dressed quickly crows make up half face he doing I remember half and half yeah I like get. I'm totally down to I have to thank you beyond a rotisserie tank that way depending on which side you're into the. Oh wow that's a tough luck and a half your putting in a rotisserie is a real respectful way to sender yeah the front Abilene on both sides that need to stay in her lap that I I like you're think and okay thank you are actually thinking I'm trying to help. They've been a great job big you'll be spinning around like a stuffed Turkey great yeah. I'm sick and I've cruises the sewing regard with the toilet may be sitting up and hit. I can appreciate Terry's a die case in several up brought it up is there a story behind her adorable crooked mouth. Oh I was born this way yes she was yeah. I think I didn't yeah. I've been asked about my stroke a cab I haven't had to go we should go with that. Some guy came up to me and what on the long rant about how he had a stroke alone and Greg Scholl I'm so sorry in the music. Well what's your story. Alone Icelandic. Nine mount yen now there's no Perry is there another guy's going to tell you had a different kind of stroke. Like yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I don't know I don't know. Thanks to that many. I don't know I I don't know what happened I remember Ira. Member that it's it's it's burned in my memories because they've they've they let me see Sarah right after she was born so what's your voice had lady her due she cried she opened Martha started crying and it looked just like that was like one side was open and the other side wasn't. And there we initially look this year almost like a car bombs on and I'm. Her. That's. Today we're here and there just like okay this is it and I thought she grow out of that but knows him the pictures of me and as a kid it was really bad and the like real let down while. What is wrong I have to face now I like tried it try to you know we figure out ways to hide it a little bit but none of them laugh and I say. Embraced David kick their finance channel nine has made a hell of career off of that British pay you enough mom went to the doctor to see like what they can do for an and we didn't is is this gonna get fixed can we fix it. Another part of part of my leg tendons or whatever these things and hacker called work. I can now for the brain knows who you were the perfect and that virtually there. And try to talk Kucera. We try to get that fixed to Steve and they just there was not a negative forum to market. But here's the big question for him out why it was Gene Simmons of kill us. Why would Gene Simmons banned. From an entire TV network. Might tell you 747. On Iraq. 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Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just because any time at choose the right chatter dot com. That's choose the right chapters dot com thanks for listening.