BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-22-16-6A: Today is Live Day on The Rock!

Tuesday, November 22nd

Today is Live Day on The Rock! A man in Japan was being interviewed for a job by the company president and decided to steal his wallet. News and sports. 

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People everywhere. Live musicians doing musical things my voice artist says sure of myself doing announcer read things. Even live Foley artist create 2000. Why. Because today my bread and he is alive today on the Iraq. Powered by G due to their hands on interactive gaming virtual reality experience it's December 17 and eighteenth. Get your tickets now at GE two dot live. Today everything will be performed live. Possibly go wrong. Now. On Disney show. EJ and made this morning it's this. Is alive today on 99.9. OK I guess double the. Yeah. Well Jane and John and Malcolm you sexy on our guys and it's true he CEO Larry he is used Uzi union. Come get me. How about really newsroom just jump on his back I you know what I I wouldn't shot yeah no more than dying cats on in the beginning of everything that was awesome. And that's it I'm. Spyware if I give I give full I give full authorization of the fully artisans to throw whatever the heck they wanna throw in his church. Boy it's like they shouldn't smoke some pot before this you know he showed us. Same word to say where I think we gave some pretty quick that's right now we get to get alerts here and I know the people there are some good but this is live day we are so excited. I a lot of game 2016. This place is jump and I now know it feels like to do like one of those big like Leo Jimmy Fallon shows we got people all over the place and also we are live streamed on the Internet as well yes oh. KI SW dot com I'm right go yep that's right there it's funny because I'm looking at the tax I woke up early in my day off. It's like to watch my day and the KI SW website to Chelsea kicks ass is last year. Nice things started with a mix playing with his moves or moves and looking into the cameras are safe so far so good so hey I didn't know I missed that part not to go back and was asked why really got to know that the camera was already going Solomon here ranting and I'm eating that what you call it prepping playing with your immense size Breslin that was just part of what I do yeah they now eating this gigantic legendary don't know all yeah dude. And this. There's a delay on the videos that look up for the new the video on there is media shoving my fat face and his dominance over my mouth on wiping my eventually cave man you kind of look good I have to say this for you guys have to look at every day yeah you out policy but RA by the way because you will be creepy today in the donate our own people to see exactly that's him you're sticking your time how do you go to impressions. They're creek mine you give us every time you think about doing your wife for somebody else which camera show look at for that are there any object I'd go. Okay. Morning Goodrich says gee I feel I today we have switch is out there they probably I'll just went blind. Are we trending yet how we treat transit as I know I'm trending on Twitter now we're trending America's Most Wanted after that chest tag makes Tom hash tag light day. All right. So is like Dallas and knowing it sounds like my tong thought I love it all started the following us know what's up. Well we did that this is our adjust our brave face a building full of people it is fantastic. We got a lot going on the late Jesse falters and join us later on tax and we're happy that she's here of course because really you know 45 years KI SW and she is a big reason why we have 45 years she's a member of the task W hall of fame. Yeah as a matter fact she is right day and you'll see there's some day your tongue should demand at least at least my tongue on our own style you move senior time. Yeah dumped Craig as. This is here as well yes CCI is methadone ran into him in the elevator so you'll be hearing heroin doing like commercials and on production so you might hear Tracy Morgan during a commercial for something who knows I think that would be fantastic may be Christopher Walken I'll make an appearance on Regis you know Alpa chino Levy called. Revenue look at ray of hope and dressed up stay punk style look at him I think rest forgot that is winning already happened. I Buckeyes spent good money on this at this on this I am wearing it as much as possible. And this is the perfect time to do what I got my top I got my overcoat. I still fancy I have to tell you some demand I've seen eleven different states of dress. And sounds nice yeah I'd say different states of undress taking easy had already started when you. Yeah. That's him squeezing until latex yeah. That may have hey did you end Seattle wow congratulations receipts. But you know I don't read I think he's a man out of time. He looks perfect and an up and I'd ever seen him look better in late Monday closing doesn't look that good employee. I you you look good like you know lie on the cell west's world is somehow an album and I'm a man at a time always had wanted to be a battering conductor or something in the wild was so this is my chance did do you you really look at part. Honestly man you look fantastic. And. Love is meant so fragrant it is why did you gonna hear a lot of bizarre sound effects wide as we have live Foley artists who basically have license to thrill. They do whatever they damn well please. As long as they believe it will augment their show and let's be honest what can't augment there's nobody. We'll make things better. So does like daylight day which by the way presented by G two. I'll live day is where the entire damn show is lying to us the men's room later on this afternoon completely lie and everything you hear will be live. So our intro which was brilliantly done by young Mal Cummins has and the band. They I mean that's a complex piece that we play every morning and they really pull that off. Nicely and right off the bat yes shots and avoids a window pane especially going cannon who is the size I jokingly called the Paul Shaffer of life day he's orchestrated. So many things for this morning and this afternoon as well things that I I can wrap my head around and and he has a lot to do with the the music I will be hearing throughout the entire morning. And of course is a lot of vicarious W staff and really I would say Entercom staff people running around that don't don't even normally give up this early in the united I want to thank all of them right now because our lounge with video games and legendary doughnuts and that the it looks amid easing cowboys go hang out there and I know I secretly I am very happy to see people be equally as usual to be here at 4 in the morning a really nice to see the boss walking at 4 in the morning even I got in I had to get an early today you showed up with 552 that's awesome as it -- it's too early for me I'm now glad you could make it I walked around I wasn't sure what to do is -- way that I'm I'm -- I'm eight minutes early what do I put my junior high so yes on the whole show will be live the men's room will also be live. I am we're all over the place man social media allies human units go to KI SW dot com you want to hold him thing lives. Later on this morning while hail storms forming wise that would be awesome really cool I don't mean a 9 o'clock hour and then during the men's and not a pretty reckless. Loss of doing now FaceBook drama without Craig gas and some quick guess his friends oh yeah he's maybe Chris Walken maybe Adam Sandler now have an entire army 17 this morning. Yeah so our FaceBook live KI SW dot com EE either inflation in check us out for the allies Shimon while this. And live day is powered by heritage distilling company and Carson are auto body so we wanna thank him for making that happen and it's a fantastic thing Celsius. So. Stories gas all right again of course the Foley artists they're able to throw whatever they wanna throw and as they hear this story unfold. All right so this time we tell you exactly how to get yourself. Not hired OK I mean you know you go to a job interview you're trying to get hired here's the thing you shouldn't do you shouldn't steal somebody's wallet during a job interview that's not something you should do. I didn't think I'd have to play it up but apparently it's. If you're in Japan you're 24 years old you need you really need a bulletin to somebody being in every night somebody and then decided to take their wallet yeah anyone enjoy our job and if you wanna be an elevator met maintenance man. So they went and checked out this company he had a good chance of landing because it was a one on one meeting with the company president. So that's pretty good when companies Prez wants to interview for the job downtown he still lost in the company president. Yes it goes so well because he did steal the guy's wallet could have 450 bucks inside so yeah I won his. Yeah and just change not just GI a couple come Williams converted fifty bucks and 23 cents a but again I don't think Collins or ya what they call a little changes and yen. I guess. Green scores. That's going to work through this thank you very much that's Japanese for quite goings on the rival company I might hire that guy. I like this guy ya give the ball so Watkins still the president in his wallet that is fantastic. The president company realize it was gone after the interview is over and called the cops and apparently the guy grabbed it out of his bag when he left the room for a few minutes. Well if I I would blame the French president are you the lead your wallet in your room with some Rendell I mean guys you know what I'd fire the president to war is good test of trust. Oh hole. Play for the 450 and there though Alessio president those volumes on the scene like that you were doing an interview like you're immune seduce economy work protest W and you you're talking them enemy we regularly your daughter in the room tendencies I got to him try to put the moves on there. Yeah now yeah that's that's that's what I should do see some we tourism bang my daughter of exciting things that your daughter and I. Not a bully artists or insinuate that but I wasn't what I was trying to say don't put me in Benoit had always thought first of all Vicky is involved and you know what everyone's going to be trying to bang my daughter do we say that ankle. Yeah yeah. All right well this is a great start to live dates thank you Steve do I object by the way just in case people wondering. He did not get the job I'll yes there there was a bug you this opportunity yes. All right now hallway somebody wants to know how to I get the video feed for the mobile version not dvds guy Jeff FaceBook just pull up off FaceBook in Medicare studies FaceBook page you can watch on your phone yet this is who is going to be on FaceBook live on the giants of countries it is not so that's worked and. I have a question why why would a player on the Seahawks football off one of his coaches during Sunday's game. We'll see who's gonna tell you why he's got the news four at 617. Right here and live day every thing is perform live at. So that means this song done by window pane they're doing now ram jams black Betty. On Iraq. And bigs mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KIS tells you. Oh yeah allow named -- -- and like Malcolm said who by the way and Malcolm are our big voices here in studio with us doing it alive he's sitting on my lap right now is that that could be why he's so excited in men and more energized and tries races texture and enjoy because that plays more balls these I was gonna say I was trying to understand that but you don't want to answer and asked that his wife to the wall. It is like today here to talk us Malcolm's like great this is great from an estimate yeah. They consist of talking and army yes so I hey I was either knew Vijay makes galaxy shirt in Iraq shot this will take you a Ghazi far far away as we look insured. It's a black shirt and their familiar yellow font that you know from your favorite movie's hero once coming up. I check out now go to KI SW dot com and that's we can check out the Vijay and makes galaxy shirt are you ready Steve. Gases do some news not I let's do this. Please note yup but. Who are a lot. Well he's no pulled surprise letter deli getting them to renounce bullets that are you can die at home this is news with Steve may do. I mean on any music got its first there are ya know number is not new issues this. Ball OK guys on he does to us and I don't know what you are don't you originally Mike Hampton. Do do do merit and to contend. No we don't need music I think we're okay yeah. I try and Steve I. I don't know what else are you knew everybody was again and you're you're doing all right thanks NAPA Auto Parts and also hey it's national go for a ride day. So ladies you know whats up with harness so by the Seattle Seahawks aren't. You know I Seahawks of course I had that great trick play during the game on Sunday against Philadelphia Eagles where Doug ball and all of a sudden became the quarterback Russell Wilson became the receiver and caught us. Scores toss in about a quite a bit slow housed. This word. As I guess a video out there where it shows Doug Baldwin news. Slipping off one of the coaches on the side total US got kind of burst I mean did burn like a middle finger. Well apparently he was directing them towards our Darrell Babel which is very interesting his offensive coordinator and some people might want to Howell. Constitute cool trick play was Doug Baldwin doing that well here's Doug Baldwin as acted out by Alec Baldwin. Explaining what happened. We're in the acting weird zone and you wanna throw me the ball through me the ball it's more funny than it is anything Devin knows that we get in the red zone. I want the ball thrown to meet I want score touchdowns and so it's like that in that situation him flipping the very to me. Because now. He's got me through the ball to somebody else. To speak. Apparently Paul Clinton to. They wanted to catch the touchdown. I don't know did you saw I do with each other whores just putting the team does really like a football Darrel bevel because some time that happened before with a Marshawn Lynch many a couple of years ago where he. Put the burden that direction as well. Yeah I mean I we I know we saw we we we saw Baldwin say a couple times in different interviews as you join Matt plays I wanna tax the ball Ottawa is drawn out recession so that doesn't surprise me an awful. Soft ball very early to start the ball hog 24 annual Sheridan gingerbread village is going down and I'm curious you guys give her what to teammates who locates on the what's up here I really celebrate the magic of the holidays are and of course now they're raising money for the northwest chapter JD RF which is a juvenile diabetes research funds. Celebrates. The magic on the holidays what you think it is imagine Disney. No Harry O Harry Potter spam you goddess how about that our Sara Lee does a fantastic beasts yep it's a Harry Potter I don't. I creation so if you wanna check it out apparently it's gonna featured gingerbread creations representing six of the Harry Potter books those gingerbread houses your theory I. I don't know how they do it. Semi serious I really wanna check it even a little easier direction to bread cookies assumes no deal was less than you saw a few years and I'm a pretty girl want yeah our side they I think there's some steroids and some of those some tolerance that they look ridiculous idea to me this yesterday I tomorrow. As a bummer news for those. Like going to disarm restaurant I'd been there a few times awesome chicken fried steak over there the shanty cafe during queen Anne's no sold the buildings are shut their doors next Monday November 20 aces the last day business slow him on the selling into a company Agassi are reopening as a restaurant so ignore restaurant hall. And how. And I just override days a lot of people are driving around in Bellingham and I apparently they purchased a Tonka ride on dump truck. Which ended up bursting into flames. Yeah right that's got to just joy and that he edited and written funniest guided him in a guy Tesla toy vehicle and that's the one that. Suppose a bump. There's less there's something definitely need listener jump real policy hot progressive remove the ride on toy trucks are now you can't get it may and they also they want to reimbursing the personnel and effectiveness family and only and they bought it and went on fire they brought it back to historic but it went umpire again months and that's grapefruit like look we told you this -- an umpire Paul managed to see some sinuses it's going to be lithium batteries and ranks yeah right I seriously just yeah. And does this sound there's big game tonight all our backs in the Colorado Rapids shabby the first leg in the Western Conference championship spy inside their head in demoted their opening go ahead in this two game series it's an aggregate score tied to McVeigh in game one tonight at century link field that's at 7 PM if you don't have tickets to the game. Are you cannot purchase some on I'm a person you can watch it on FS one or you can purchase tickets and voted against. Sounds at thirteen five into all time against the rapids aides who won at home so let's see what happens fingers crossed. And then no one more story last I was Monday Night Football I don't know if you noticed it but I alumna of being it was Democrats. The Texans taken on the raiders yes sovereign Mexico Mexico City mayor and a weird thing about this gives a lot of weird things going on domino one point. There was this giant green laser that was being not just. We're not. Is the big green laser on Brock Oslo illustrates. While that's not right and is this impact the game had an impact here's a bra while I'm while commenting on is whether or not to lasers affected him as acted out by Tracy Morgan. I never once I would think the difference maker but haven't laid a booming art form definitely affects how you played duration. Don't argue Jeffrey let me be met I did and it was very noticeable. One small back and yeah there definitely affect how I was worried and they're able to see downfield and what not they're sexy. It's a drug counselor right there. Man. A steadfast. As far as whether 49 degrees and got rain and thank you G to augment your reality go to GE T dot lives. And so many nice things in Mexico and economic and some guys still lasers in people's faces estimate you know really affecting all of you sought but I mean I usually a solid little red pointer lasers like does that history not giant laser like it I mean like a laser show lays the it's not like your sheriff help. So. She's like got a movie arrival for crying out loud and look like a brick my dad that kind of machine off dude did not Rais and importing a written music. Like whoever's doing that continue to do I know it's probably hard to find a guy there may be shut things down for a second guy get a whoever is shooting now laser. We Alicea who had no idea right I don't know maybe I got you say that if you could see decisive than you'd find a guy right you retain chaos. You messy Utah that's a laser see America we can find that gallery asset for us this. Flies game should all be in Merck. I here's some news for you Dave Chappelle. Course you know I got. Grounding arousing welcome Saturday Night Live was monologue. And he's he's he's back in the scene yup he is gonna make 660. Sixteen million dollars for three standup specials for Netflix next year. 260. Million bucks these men and two and and I guess one of the stood to the special Girardi Don. There there's just proves generally shows some real nice to do one special series and hand over material like here we go I'm rich again rich yet directly from Chappelle's personal comedy vaults is what I'm told that's awesome sixty million dollars. First of all do things I mean had Chappelle all the way to the bank and I guess Netflix knows they're doing pretty well. At their offer of sixty mil for that. I know life is like I'd been on the fence about whether not a neat things as I found myself not never watching Netflix like it I have it I paid to Timbuktu and Arizona and it's you know addicted like I am to all their shows that makes sense now I know I'm gotten. I get why people love them I just never get around to watching insistence. A gnome lazy but it's a process to switch over into this and do that and find the shows and just too lazy or you know Netflix now is on your on your eyes and think absolutely argue that makes a lot easier that's but I saw an on the fence of whether and I need to dropped at ten bucks a month to vote now would this I might stick around just don't know why she Chappelle show specials yeah well I you know remain Netflix because of the fact that day they have because I don't watch the old stuff. But I do watch all their original shows I watch a lot of them and calm you know some of the other companies might why don't I have this. The NL but Netflix is eliminate ones you have how many how many different services you. I'm IAE. And I about God's three I've got cable. I will be subscribing to CBS all access because the new star Trisha will only be available on that next year to a second costs and this Amos medical puzzle box Johnson LeBron show for once show why. Hi now so I was still lists but I have to go to Maine who's got a and I do it clenched really mean to share with the red I have read Hulu and he has my sanity. Yeah I guess is a personal thing you know need to bring them on here your direct Hulu yeah I wouldn't touch and Hulu tonight with your roof growths. Yeah I I Mickey someday they gonna crack down on that I'm I don't know when the but bigoted I know that they have a device limitation eventually gonna say you know why and where you watching this is the same area and ammonium but doesn't center on your phone you're watching a meeting in hotel and writes I'm a very slow BJ I agree would you but that's why you know what I don't share I don't share my name me anybody. I don't I'm not gonna let anybody have my Hulu. Yeah I died Netflix against the new network which I mean I'm pretty much time on 24/7 so I am not him and I think I'll say I'm an NHL game senator or whatever it is does. All we are good I'm good I MLB action examined five yeah. It and and also an idea and I have the full meal deal with cable bright side as I have the stars the HBO showtime I got at all. So I mean there's not like half a second in the day were you don't have an optional want something that's on your list and I'll tell you I also don't watch any life I am very except sporting events. Yeah because of my Tivo and also the X one DVR I literally can record low seventies I G I think you grew garlic smell like twelve shows at once. Broad that we DR socialized here because we love watching all those awards shows but we don't really like watching all the awards show speeches because this is a coming ten years on thanked their parents think I'll Gardner. Publicist thank whoever and the condenser crying I think I've seen that enough and only to see it again. So we watched American music awards yesterday. During dinner we crash that American music awards and a three hour show in my 45 minutes hall yeah I just watched all the performances it was great volume that's the way to do it out yeah that is the way to do it. Dude man cream they've postmark prince was awful hard drilling days. Talk about good with so they did other some bang bang which is great yeah right and then the middle they stopped down they break it down they got crazy Tyrell and billions thank locate and obviously some of Serbia towards some supporters but Nike decided I'm going to share in my opinion on trumped. And turned it into a chance part of the song it was like as trump. I don't have big KKK. Okay its fastest New York has spent hate every penny and I'm like. They typically they would show the crowd but they enjoy the crowd I was sure to show the crowd because I would like to see like how uncomfortable that made some people yeah you know they could lose sight. I yeah I mean I don't know if he's Smart every knows that he's performing in front of a bunch of folks didn't go over drums insurance great move. But if he wasn't and or it was so boring on TV so whether or not there are components are your absolutely right. And if you're Green Day fan and I don't know maybe they know their audience maybe they know that light there's no Green Day fans and actually would vote for drop but but if they're not sure about that. The legal (%expletive) off a bunch of people for no good reason. Yeah I just hope people are just want to like you know I mean to stick I can I necessarily agree with that but that was you know. Whenever I doubt it was a very entertaining just because it was like awkward and I made people uncomfortable Phillies stuff I find great humor and Phillies was an artistic performance yet you know and and see I come from the gene rod Mary school guy created Star Trek he's just said you know what man he never gonna hear about my politics watch the show and somehow I come on making speeches right Aaron Sorkin wrote a letter to his daughter. You know and and Hamilton guys you talk and I'm Mike Pence after the show. And my attitude is the Jean Rodney merry ways they look if you're an artist you lose your art while you're performing create something. That necessarily doesn't address the guy in general but might address the situation which is what Star Trek did in the sixties a lot of unrest in the sixties the civil rights movement the women's movement all of this Star Trek. They just put on the shows and there was some blue skinned guy that basically was the one they were talking mother really was tuchman America as a primary said that's what we do we're not going to be lecture you and realize. Well throw out on the show and now neither any. Green Day fan all I know that that's something that I mean did the American idiot album which was at a very very you had political tones to it episode I at these your green if you're not surprised by the that's your point you know I mean you're absolutely right I feel like that was more big nose like the American idiot. You know I mean I just sheriff sheriff was vacation but I we I we kind of knew he was talking about. Do yourself I don't want to those enemies because it's like I don't know what the new trend is that like they like to show the crowd while these performances are going on certain people to sing along OK and it's only show like celebrities like other musicians like peeking out over the music of whatever artists is performing that's caused show solidarity but now they're like into showing random people. And some of them don't even know the song and he teaches you they're trying to I don't know this obviously there's a weird. Costs kind of singing along not really singing along. And hadn't really. It's pretty much just like yeah. Yeah. I actually right I've I think I'd be entertained by that do you find the one idiot that's for attending. I'm and they showdown Bieber performed right blow all cheese one saw that our ideas yard expands. So he performs not there but he's like. Wherever he's doing a concert majors pipe being around incident showing on the crowd and I dude. I don't know why do you think people really crying they're serious eyes out while he's singing really eat these young every YE. Falling tears flying down and waterworks. Paul the only hole pin. Yeah yeah. And yeah. Arizona's go to the patient she shaking her camera I just I'm in this thing. I'm dying. Like why people get so ward they'll now he has thrown just Justin Bieber Hisham Hussein you know I'll do you think people said the same thing when The Beatles were on the assault insure hundreds days yeah and there was your father or somebody like you rice is go I go does John and radio why take care our heroes aren't crazy you have probably but it's still all I know I committed Sacco is like comparing disappearance of the deals because it feels generally candle Bieber you're right I'm sorry I started because ransoms are believers and admitted that. Our it is lied Dave baby and guys in the Foley and Foley. And all the commercials alive all the bumper music is like everything is going to be live every thing. Including. The beat me eggs on the ladies and gentlemen yes. Glenn and the gang from window pane along with Steve who really help put together there and have a great new version to be migs a year. It's going to be a special edition they're doing it all lives of production the timer a beat me eggs all but the music. And as you ought to be part of that you know what to do 206421. Rock rocky is 7625. Its three major pledge that at 647. Acts as I said all Assange here this morning they are alive and here's super effective at doing my hero by a Foo Fighters. On live day. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost usually with my office we we do have flashy it includes all your court costs firing these credit counseling credit reports. And when crossing chapter thirteen cases I usually starts in about 900 dollars. How would chapter seven cases of total tossing green on the court costs attorney fees usually about 15100 dollars. We offer payment plans on shopper summons and started I was fire officer was almost 200 dollars. You can send your credit your post office what is your senator calls like you gather your information and ten. Payments on the rest of the beast we jump to thirteen cases. How we can make payment arrangements in most cases as well she did your case file be soon reach out to Eugene case because. Usually organization aspect to it thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.