BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-22-16-7A: Live Day! Cathy Faulkner joins us live in studio!

Tuesday, November 22nd

Beat Migs. A Texas Rangers prospect dealt with some very disturbing hazing. Cathy Faulkner joins us live in studio!

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See you here causing her things and I was there I was Eric look nice he's a professional right he does us in Iraq. Earning his keep this morning I can't tell if you. Are welcome to lie Dave's and by G two yes side if you're wondering how we like this sounds like on what's. Yes our show and later on this afternoon image and completely live so what you just heard that musical bumper that was live you just heard Malcolm are big voice he is in the studio alive you heard hair club go Barack. You heard everything you guys say amid the commercial my tennis ought every. We did today. Hey Steve you shout out at a boys and super psyched EL a lot of text messages about their performance a simple man and also my hero one person who attacks and awesome version of my hero. I'm getting tears in my eyes listening and I don't know why these guys are great. And another person also bring about window pane earlier did our random spike Freddie and said that sounded better than the original never heard -- singing so right now that just makes the makes cast a hundred times -- Carlos. Also good and later on I mean we're very excited about this later on hailstorm is going to be doing a song for us live in Steve's also gonna try to twist lose these are a little bit to see if you get into a special song both Temple of the Dog just did two shows at the Paramount last night and the night before hell storm they have done a version of hunger strike on a hole. And I DP of covers so I hope you know what hey. Here's my chance and twisting our arm Ellis. Well you have that part of the interview I you know I was in I every time we talk we have a nice time I don't want you to get mad and I'm I wanted to do this lawmaker happy. Success and I got an hour bouquet that and the pretty reckless gonna do a live performance on the men's and this afternoon some may sheet here for that as well let's their whole show is live. And we have a live video stream all of what's happening right now you can get into places KI SW dot com. Or on your mobile if you want to go to CR TI SW FaceBook page where FaceBook live in this thing in the course you've been on your regular computer do. So to places FaceBook live TI SW dot com watch everything happen we have cameras everywhere. This is really really awesome all you Foley KI SW dot com. And of course live day we wanna thank legendary doughnuts and tour true Irish whiskey from and goes off well. It's good stuff man. You know you we are ready are you ready Steve I'm ready is that he's golden pipes. Make their way out on the north west writes I don't know OK so. 01 I two I want truth to eat. I'm now old news let's play eight. We need to marry. Eggs. I. Act on the in the right game. Small. Is sex games on. I'm. Okay. Okay. C news. Match. And no doubt leave caves in dies it lives day but it's also choose days till it's time that turned down or low. We'll ask. Our. Well yeah wow all. See you raise your desktop goes today you know whereas. Actually you know I have access this into our contestants we've gotten dean in Centralia united players error but they. Or are there ideas lives anybody look you are spurs beat me he's alive and anybody who eat. That's right let's put it four days leave rallies I'm prepared take its its I got an awesome New Year's Eve celebration with that all girl AC DC tribute band hells bells. SaaS going to be Saturday December 31 at the shoebox go to KI SW dot com for all the details Johnny tickets this year there on sale now at shoebox presents. Dot com all right Steve and I dare you. And for those playing you know did he will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions for dean you can't pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. I'm ready to meet 2015 hit stressed out and Ryder by the musical duo 241 watts. Yes alphabetically what is the first month of the year. Yeah as in the animated series adventure time what animal always Jake. The tallest trees in the world are located in what country. Yeah asks what popular fitness regiment was created by Greg Glassman. Which eighties WW you wrestler was known to come out wearing a tilts. Our router or whoever you ask an idiom for getting into the point is cut to be what. You ask in the card game bridge how many cards this each player gets dealt. Oh no. Bert and yes Florence Henderson played Carolyn what seventy sit com. And what is square root of 900. I Nadia and her I'll jewelry on the drive to six car act no. No always a good story there are you know there are some. I think season and you know it's easier to some things might get a victory so that tell you now. Do you know downtown. No I would I you know I I these games would like to tell you get a couple more rights and I know seize your right buddy I appreciate Collins the meat they weren't well where was held. Yeah I'm glad I went out. If this is Steve. Are you ready. Yes. Yes and the yeah. He's 2015. Hit stressed out and Ryder buy music I don't pilots yet alphabetically what is the first month of the year. April you had earlier in the animated series adventure time what animal is Jake. I don't know if you dog yes the tallest trees in the world are located in what country. Canada no America as what's popular fitness regiment was created by Greg Glassman. Odd night in. Com yoga no. Dance Dance Revolution now which AD WWE wrestler was known to come out wearing a kilt. Hot rod Roddy Roddy Piper yeah as a medium for getting to the point is cut to Mindy wise chase yes in the game caught in the card game bridge how many cards 'cause each player gets dealt with. I live in now 1213 Diaz are its tender always Caroline which seventies sitcom Carol Brady Brady Bunch yeah ask what does this square root of 900. I don't know and now nine saudis know. There are 4567. Landing and today and I. It's. I was like you my name. I just got better power as I love you Glenn Beck I NN I told you disappoint me deem it. You disappoint me son rude Qaeda. I to question you didn't get to the square root of 900 RES 300 now it's not okay maybe it's ninety's yes it's thirty I asked. And then the popular fitness regiment that was created by Greg Glassman. No I have no clue sort of drives there when nuts right now follow you must Red Cross fade there you go probably shouldn't. Let's zoom back that's been bread into a net that's awesome in sexy. While and taught settles is awesome in sexy. That's a lot of girls Zuma don't they and all right tonight and I have to vacuum and a heck I congratulations Steve your when they occur act yeah that he's caught a break guess what you're checking out hells bells on Saturday December 31 show must caller 8206. 41 rock rock is 7625. Don't forget three megs we're gonna do it again later on the lack of this morning at 847. And out we do it every morning you know twice each we days he's 47847. And don't forget the online on demand version B makes clear that any time go to the BJ and makes page of KI SW dot com. Our night I I have no idea what to fully artists are familiar with the story cowboys this is a very disturbing story only a matter. And it goes to it goes to land of baseball employee. Part of that word is used a lot in this particular story. Texas Rangers are divisional rivals did a prospect by the name of route metal door and he's a news for a very disturbing hazing incidents. I like his name because it's it it bit you know obviously pronounced her diaper when you look at it looks he says Ross and odor. Yeah I'd does doesn't it guys rough and notre rated I think we should come Ruffin notre after what he did contact by the way here's the youngest brother of current rangers' second baseman. Real medal gold or they voted the same principle vociferously with. Their parents is run out of high and maybe they like that maybe they both had a rough and notre when they were born thankful I don't know I wanna know about. Europe and notre. So. According Yahoo! Sports. Eight Texas Rangers prospects were questioned by police in the Dominican Republic. After a video showed a group of players sexually assaulting a teammate in hazing incidents from boys. AN AN AI AI. Prosecutors intended charge in his fourth players. Who held down the teammate. And let's just say gave him a hand. Did you that the hornets teammates as one of their team and that's a good team. IE well. I don't understand that at all odd there's been a lot of hazing that's gone on over the years when first I heard sexual assault I'll be honest I thought maybe they took something and put it somewhere wasn't supposed ago. Right that's what I thought up with a sexual assault. I never would have thought that somebody would basically say hey listen you know what I'm pretty handy let me help you out just heard these rumors before. And I. Not on nine just not a sport but in my attorneys or whatever it may be and I'm arm and they're like the same day they know OO I -- I mean her in the arm I I'm pledge of attorney did all that stuff and no there was nothing going to always say hey let me give you handle all of your own why would you want to do that I agree I don't understand is what I've heard these like I always go there it is old wives' tales are like hey if you snow since its primary to be true. The fact that somebody actually did that to one of their teammates and the team it was a gaffe. Cool this is attend and thin air video of it. Why would you think this shows a 102 clip there was reportedly seen and verified by Yahoo! Sports. And a new media person for Yahoo! Sports dressed to watch that because that's my last day Yahoo! Sports I'm William man ESPN. Apparently in a video you see a group Rangers prospects taking turns with a rookie underneath the towel and they're all laughing while doing this. All domestic. He asked and some of the people involved in this clip. Under the age of eighteen. Cheated on every level this is just ridiculously horrific but again I I this is the Dominican Republic. And I think we have to remember that you know. Other countries do not have the same reactions to things that we do I know they're being you know I looked into an and then the police are gonna do something but at the same time. How busy now some of these other countries just don't think that things are as big of a deal as we do I don't understand how that's possible but that's kinda because. It's somebody would say they're. Anybody in America hey here's we're gonna do and hazing guy I am sure anybody who you know is familiar with our country and in our country is gonna go. I know allow the candidates are all immediately guy's hand thing is not gonna fly. You say that but I mean there have been stories of some messed up stuff that people do in Major League Baseball bladder of a measly baseball but in any in and in some kind of organized sports of any stories come up before now he writes I just watched a movie it as I James Franco and it. Has learned Jonas Brothers we actually did it was a bonus Jonas I could've benefitted us. There's cause goat and it's about oh yes it's Obama's true story all right and it's a great movie. Cut its fifth and coaxed I think that's ago you guys you know it apparently they're trying to goad you into doing your goat. Angel don't look at me and yeah round. God. Wing and engine bug bit the title of the movie does come into play in this. No they did get a billion units it it's a messed up make it's just not a guy ask a question yes is there is the goatee aggressor is the guy the aggressor. Well clearly includes the aggressors and it goes showed up at a frat house knows what's up fellas got any pledges for me while my putting is sometimes a go can be goaded into being the aggressor all I'm saying you know like like when can continue was hanging now in the NA you know everything you questioned situation. Then there are indeed the horse was the aggressor I don't get how like. This and maybe since they bill weird mob mentality of of it's assumed lord in this life mentality Leo what did say it's that I don't know when you guys did a lock or a news sports guys man days happened what was I got -- days all of a mile out of here is we're reaching under and I yes I am not yet I mean you guys and maybe maybe that's next season I am not you know we've removed in the middle losing streaks I mean this is really we're not doing right you know what this jerk I think we have there a demand over here now. Style that's insane so yeah on this this guy in the Rangers I mean a lot of embarrassment and it's pretty horrific that's the moment where they did it. As the PR director and writer public relations guy for a sports team. There's lots of time trees like crap I don't feel like to have an analyst how we don't address this and assure you wanna use a worthy handle the phrase scandalous and announces solid point ya. Yeah you unit that's a silent. Getting ahead of a solid situation but now you got to go in front of my people may explain yeah thank. Yeah how audio how do you have that press conference seasons. Are still in the weirdest part is that these two guys are the same first name. You think that's the weirdest I still think best I agree it's weird but I don't know guys taken turns doing the old towel Olympics with some do it and apparently the dude didn't do I I don't know if he was bothered by or not the story didn't make it sound like he was bothered by it. Because I got news for you if there are eight guys. I don't think I can get like I don't think I can be ready for that kind of assistance. Bryan Adams are yours guys get an animal like apparently like you know what hey guess what everybody. Well don't put some pine tar on the back and see if we get a better swing. Yes dean. That's Dell all up on every level. Story is disturbing to me I think that's the memorial walk into the GM's offices they can I get traded yeah I would like to go let's go live action to another sports and I go to football. That's what I wanna get treated to another sports either Texas or of course they've got very inappropriate things every president every entitlements tomorrow this is more of a story for whacky Wednesday. That person this is embarrassing. Your kids with the same name you can hit us I put this to what do we record and in allow he had. Somebody's concerning a story about what happened at their varsity football team I won't share because completely in emperor and everybody I'm ideologues are going to resident. So I got a big Iowa and yeah no my day so you say so what they're saying is that. Is there a laws and that performer who did that. Not congress Cali cartel is. And manager that was a big part of the trip unbelievable come on take kids whose acts. See that's like I was gonna happen yeah well. See I thought I was gonna have a demand that I think about it what would you rather have happen. If you had to pick. Between somebody I don't think it's conversation if you're there facilitated an. I mean it doubted legacy as if you go look this is guy does not like you do to avoid this I'm not wondering what's is the worst I'm not sure anymore I don't I don't want anybody do magistrates of me. Wee hours and magic trick is easily the worst ya and then. I was a magic trick. Ended towel on the lap yeah I'm Williams and that's months. Yeah always easy so you did so you could go to an. 100%. He did the problem is is I don't like to be involved and other people's expression if you will highlight any artistic and we represent like any of these for you media excited when I know already proved or not Santa I don't know I'm just I disagree we are not saying there's any wrong to say united different. You who is the if you had issues you would that you would take somebody's artistic expression and say I don't mind displaying it. Mean I a I know I don't like that that's is my sang and you know I just don't like don't I don't like arts I don't like art on me. OK I wanted to hide painting. Sounds like. Can alertness and the clearest voice and and we are trying to zone transition to a case I call things happen in baseball right now when it was her fault for coming up with these three choices these three juices would you rather. But meanwhile Vicky as I say issues raised her hand for everything and so that means yes only gets anime is a thing on the Friday night yeah if you conclude our troops heading into Monday night. Many years KI SW has done some fun out of the ordinary things on the air just like we're doing right here in my day which is really really awesome. What we are due to catch up with a true KI SW great as a matter of fact you know man she is a hall of Famer. Kathy Faulkner joins us at 717. Is live day so everything is done alive. Here's Seattle sound card should you ban all yeah outshine the following rusty cage. On the rock. And they ate some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI ESW. That's like I know I gotta do they know me sorry BJ they make me look good I'm sorry. Normally I'm the one messing up everything but I am so happy that we alive days so that all the attentions off me and so I look like a professional. That everybody understand a microphone and oh yeah I know other responsibility and actually having some doughnuts because I notice. I don't lose my mind and actually I haven't vacation than an hour and a mother doesn't like chaos around here I mean these these the entire industry usually is much better than me go we do alive it's finally comes to my level though whole industry is sound in my level lover as large day bring him mediocrity to BJ said. I think that's to your brain and put that on the Reza may Steve. So his life day and out like Malcolm are big boys said in yup that's the guy does all the great production voices that you hear on the show on in the big voice and he's here live flew in for the sole thing we get everybody in the building a mile test is trying to run the ship over on the other studio like that as of course Craig gas is really bringing him in a lot of his friends and help what are commercials. And I am I'm blanking contest is does is wife's name what's your name. I don't know anyway thank you Marcia Marcia thank you thank you Marcia. I decided I really love the moment where Marshal yelled at times. And there's hasn't missed his Q and unlike Alice's great we'll take you said the task Marcia household loved Augusta I love that. Contact mr. Aaron and oodles I was you know. I don't I don't. Sorry I knew of them sound right no it really does an iPad via closely we ever had that horrible Texas ranger baseball story I think that's what they were doing right with the hazing. It is during the general but I do it. Hasty we have a guest and our studio last series of someone's gonna bring this level of mediocrity out to greatness yeah please welcome to our shows recruits. Kathy Faulkner I felt pressure. Off a little car and I guy. Chelsea welcome back to the student knows he's great to welcome back to the station you may grace who's always so happy we're happy to have you here. I'm glad that this is amazing this is I've I ache in my years of radio I have not seen a set up like this we were pre video so if you cook. Having them actually shower and put on makeup it's not hurry yourself if not all new world. You have silly right Jesse there will better parent also radio they're close as it was yesterday said solicit you re under you you guys have to see can you contrast to some what impressed you knew we were in Steve's like. We've got to where you where some different in this post where this displacement don't reported yesterday side I am actually ran no exact same thing where yes I know she. Yes I watched it but I shower and I shaved it. Everything's fresh okay I'm glad I asked why he really liked and also did you when you Washington ward again that's right about to ask let's get thank you thank you look around and finds that works wherein every day I'll good free you know that's my mono like the idea. But he can't even a party kids W for many years in the I would imagine that over the years you've seen some crazy that this is not so ordinary thing to do for radio and not an ordinary day radio where's your favorite memories of like the good and though the last of that's an outfield talented senator weird promotion say you've been a. Are most of our weird promotions in the early days had to do with Dennis rock we had many celebrity drivers over the years how can have some great driver twist in B. I've Princeton blow really. Yet the voice and I'm I'm glad he and his family Wesley Wesley say yeah we had dealing. Boy that's why Bob Denver not idea and having incumbency fair fair tourney was just absolutely amazing to delegates as I love that show Gilligan's Island I and then we can yeah you like to party list. Did you Weir's mind I'm always an entire are all hurt your tonight show me and you miss a lot of he played AI he played a deeply committed Dobie Gillis shall we are now. Smuggling guns and I wondered if Bob Denver would be that dude well and we are all absolutely not because he wore she is Gilligan hat did he really at all this week. Petted his head alive at all uncertain for -- And a hot stuff you know what I mean that was just iconic role and half but you know how they're simple form Mosul come into a building and they don't like Jimmy Walker dozens of don't ask you say die no might library would negate all ticked off a feeling it was for a while I'm. You know the torch like parade in the hope that some and then of course I'm Jack Berry are our original drier me recipes was our boat man we would dress him up and cut puts what kind of it's. If he wins game every single time I thought. Let's see let's have fun part of working for rock station number one in Iraq says is around for so long we've there's and so many awesome things have been done on this radio station I mean our our good buddy Bob rivers didn't do stock where I I can't believe him when he when he did the whole show him and everybody did the show nude one of my favorite things in I don't know if you remember during this you could do guide to general listening to you many years ago and who resides you run a nice and then are from Marco Collins is on a ninths and down when a semi sunny and bright and somehow you've you've got until I got a joking war and declared a snow ball war. Where you guys were rallying up the troops of of the case W listeners in the right listeners to meet up. Our world for no. Just. Which I mean I mean I know I you your amplifies our on our Jeff to go to steal Kwame is something I'll wasn't a real snowy season that. We do you have snow. Yeah well I know makes stuff happen yeah I did you had to give design and ease the moment I've been I think I've been here like almost twenty years and maybe snow in Seattle twice that I am unable to make snowballs list. And one of those times we had a snowball yeah. Some people showed up and parred took in this snowball. I guess so I want you right there are you know. You have the microphone and you. Skin and then people I guess movie that's the Iranians knowing each other elected true world leader and you get everybody in the fight for you I love this I do remember lunchtime when. Vs I was gonna come out I'm better was on the cover of time magazine and the ban was kind enough to come by the station with Eddie and Jeff formats and they've. Played DJ kind of live like this. For four hours Paul vast pretty sweet and an alias. An amazing experience and and the most stressful because Eddie kept picking two minute songs which I'm sure anybody in this room could truly appreciate and then upstairs to your Arora. Into my music room and he would get distracted with. We're it wouldn't come back on with the next hour. So they can't wait more better than the morning could ever possibly hear what kind of sums they were trying him I had a lot a lot of punk a lot of short logic behind a lot of whom I'm and I think he went he had his son. Little record player case with them and it gave a whole bunch of vinyl to fix that. It'll handwritten thank you know from him later that week did you resist check out the temple adoption I did not. Greg how are you this hour but you know interest I did because everybody used their Smartphones are pretty much got to watch the whole show either on YouTube or FaceBook a little out of order set list. I noticed I don't know life streaming in here out of Anderson pretty damn cool actually amazing murder deceit. Thought it was awesome. There's anyone it's weird renege on reforming and and not last climb my pain itself chosen and an whose dislike hearing him say that especially with like talking about how they've lost a couple friends do to move. Awful reasons India and when when you sing that line because even said before they stayed they started playing that song is like this is a song. That's tough to perform great and Chris is just how heavy it is and blasts are heard it and it anyways is so haunting me hear him do it lives it was it was it won the better moments of Michelle Fisher. That the zeppelin cover Orioles last stand our life. Here's another example why Mike procreate is just an insanely amazing talented guitarist right you don't want our. You know I chassis of course really at the Helm. Or carry a subdued during the years the formation of all that the Seattle sound which you know. Everybody else called the G word but I mean Nancy entity Seattle sound which. Really an instrumental in and is just changing the business and you were at the epicenter are. Working ads are rock station at the time which is just I'm that kind of thing isn't saying. It it absolutely wasn't saying it felt normal and Housley awesome that you were. Working with your friends and Shane they've got a cool album to oh my god this city is going. War that should absolutely crazy it was just this instant chemical. Where you couldn't move or breathe without. You know that whole paparazzi thing and that holds us. What sign is that ash. And now thanks Cathy you're looking guy right here because like I said they were your friends and happily you knew. It blows up their mean age and all of a sudden spreads across the nation all the way to the great State of New York Mario out where this little juvenile I don't. And over here in my wardrobe was either announced in jeans T cerner Trojan teacher and our sound currencies are Lerner chronic user and our money honey she's senators like that's all I warlord there's. Rocking in our mariners cap or Seahawks cap. I can resist an obsession Seattle are right well now is the one of the many reasons why I wanted to move out to Seattle wanted to give pilgrimage men one of the biggest parts of moving to Seattle the biggest selling point was I will finally get to see much honey because they never went on tour. So when I tell that Jews like you're insane you just travel 3000 miles across the country to set up shop in a city you never lived and and one of the major reasons is because you wanted to see money honey I've and I did and it was amazing it was worth every word every day every mile island every mile Libya to show box and I saw them play and just be in the middle mosh pit at that in the Seattle club. It was amazing. Kathy like you said they were your friends IE and it did they understand that what the hell was happening did did they make any sense because you know when your. I like you know everybody at that time yeah music's music and there's a lot of local bands but did this became like something that play got this New York knucklehead to come on out here now that I can tell how did I mean you know. Did David when would they just like what the hell I don't get it or. I think is at a certain point I think they all ask themselves what they know when it went absolutely nuts not understand basis but. You know when people are knocking off these drifts store closing and selling them for 400 bucks in New York didn't you know like Neiman Marcus but. But I'm. I don't think. You know looking back. You're operating with 20/20 hindsight these bands did it because they had music to play and all of us fell in love with it and I think that's that. Energy that bills just from something so genuine. Yeah look at the collaboration the striking of accord for the Hank still all on not just this area but like everywhere removed. And it and it what I think the collaborative effort to me is what I notice moving here. The way I mean like Temple of the Dog just the idea of honoring somebody who they love so much that. These super people got together. She's home state full of well really it's funny because you refer to them as a Seattle super group but it's a take it back. When they words Aqua of course it was a rude they're nor new program program wasn't a bad time that was a good transition from other log on to Pearl Jam. And we never thought of it is super groups because everybody helped each other out if somebody was it well enough to perform there was always a friend from another band that was willing to stand in or. Fans it would help each other out that's how they got these CIOs again. And that's something I didn't understand. That we because coming from more I came from and then when we grew up. You help anybody else because it might keep you from being successful that was the other special part of that Seattle sound. Where there wasn't a doggy dog kind of a thing where I don't know if that would happen in Boston or New York. I guess that's unemployment mine and I'm just to think about they don't know playing and Dan and I had a opportunity to play music you we're fortunate to play were like as they army danger and Death Cab for Cutie and there were times where like I couldn't play drums and drummer from Def camera stolen from me and I saw and sometimes to them as well and it was like. That means all the sense in the world and even now I'm thinking about and you probably witnesses it was or how much like Alison she's playing the wanted to ask him playing a different sound growing. I'm sure there was an in their early on before I became huge. Pop music was playing in the clubs the other bands are playing the clubs and soak bales would have to team up in order to get enough money to reserve like the hub ballroom. Men or some. Where else somewhere so they had to work together and they already did so it's. I'm losing family have closed only a big family looking up for each other. And we're talking with Kathy fought through the first holly Farrah Hollis family cares of the policy and right prize. I check out Jeff he's less like just he found a dot com because Kathy there's a lot of Philanthropic efforts Amaechi is a lot of great stuff still for the community and really is an all star hall of Famer on here there and you're rock and whoever. Is on this micron long after I'm gone we all owe something to you and and the folks at the time because. This station is amazing because of all your great work ethic so our lots a love to you thank for being here on my way. That's at every hearing categories all morning all morning and drags into practice on her show start to work cannot yeah. So I hope so why would just cool. Why are one of the most popular actors of all time just referred to himself as the if I can't think you're gonna hear from his 747. And today is lied they are show the men's room. Completely lie never any and hear the sound effects and music also lied. 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