BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-22-16-8A: Live Day!! Craig Gass joins us live in studio!

Tuesday, November 22nd

Tom Hanks says that he is not a hero that hes more of a wussy. Craig Gass joins us live in studio. Facebook Drama. 

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And it is alive day every saying is live on our show the measure presented by G two. That's right men completely line the music the sound effects. The big voice that was Malcolm in studio loyalists here all the production here done live we had a fully armed with a fully artists make it happen. Later on in the show at 9 o'clock hour we're going to be having hailstorm. Performers show lie a song live for us. And later on this afternoon to mention the pretty reckless doing a live show us on this is. This is awesome you wanna see it you can actually see this happening check out the live video stream on FaceBook live at. Or and or and or you go to both new bold I'm dinner FaceBook live or KI SW dot com. And all the info about my day is that KI SW dot com powered by heritage distilling company tank car star auto body. Financing is hers and I were a car star auto body unhappy to a supported this amazing mess. This is I love men it's such it's such an amazing mess it is great to have all the people in the building lots of great talent I mean you know you Kathy fog and he had Craig gassing and all the great brands like gosh I'm window pane I hope my message to arrive she cried out practice so far cost Shiites are flies coming up a little bit cop yeah. All the music lives this is fantastic and of course it's you and me. Yes I don't we're always lies that he's gotten Kabul as people Lisa looks sexy today the edges it takes Vicky is a hormone that's the wrong one song hello hello Larry I'm telling him that. Today. Told her I told her parents to stop texting his job and every doubt one know somebody's in Vicky is looking hot this morning time good since and three. Yes Vicki were initially were dressed T shirt today in all fairness Vicki got a nice comment about meat. Well yes well I learned so when he commented to Kelly's Posey get anywhere done. I've posted it actually on the can I'd like you say that range she's signaling to get anywhere and with nineteen and since dean. And I think Emmy host at your wife I know should really come handsome so it's definitely Ellis mass transit and Syrian rebels tag texting now that's weird it's my aunt is. I agree but you know I who ousted Texans say nice things about just run I Kendra yeah. I say OK I don't caught us as a general when it doesn't say no it's not know it's nice scenario. Friends yet thank you aren't nice to scientists you know things honestly sorry. I signed chaos Sully you know that movie rights are what the guy in the plane exactly that's the whoosh candidates on the trailers went yeah. The real story of a man and his plane yeah Tom Hanks is a guy in the plane. I don't WK on December 2 so Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood. Are doing some British press to promoted. I guess Clint directed the movie idea that's why and in one interview they talked about how the word hero is all we used. And Tom Hanks made it clear that he's not a hero is a matter of fact he referred to himself as the we have what Tom said as reenacted by Christopher Walken. On our World Series men and I'm an actor. I haven't done anything that's near death once. I had to swear him in the open ocean in castaway oh boy that's terrible that's crazy. There's four roles for us in real life you can be a hero or villain a coward or a bystander and me. On the banks and a oh this is not a cow and I thank thank you crash. Present there are you say I Christopher and I suspect. So I thank Craig for bringing Chris emerged as a result right here could you can't play these audio clips that we usually get the play because move that would not be lives on thanks I guess for being our. Our sound rock god I was realize how stream my voice was when they go the Seahawks came on Sunday and I thought our man that was a great time and I'm realizing this morning I should've you really dialed it back a little bit and that's what you Alfred how -- are you just you know I started. Screaming and a nice Joanna and I and we let me tell you something you probably realize how much you had a strained because the you know there was some offense happening and they were screaming -- because I mean. What was marching down the field and you as as has fans alike we listen. Abbas is really not a false start penalties cause more false starts yeah it's wit every game this weird that this season in particular every game I'm on the edge of my seat for the last always regained the last. Ten minutes of the game I don't know what's gonna happen Aaron and I'm just getting indigestion and and it's Seahawks football baby yeah hands and say it's insane they're even I decorum. Or easy game which is this Sunday at his Arizona scorers and all that seems like Iran relatively easy win for them but like he's mentioned BJ even Steven Maginnis in the relatively easy win somehow your life. They're still pull this off we need to be alone concerns yeah. As a bonus 3-D April 1 Steve contact me in the days and Haiti when we come up into the slide day and I said. Actually what's the date and I thought I wanted to see our supply and they were hurt and I was like. All I'll come in Alessio explain how much I wonder if there's any shows going on multiple sort of went oh Jesus. Tempo and bullets as they entered the united. And sealed answer I got and it's a Superman there and then once lived tumbled reductions. I'm so when I saw your Santana story. You summer time rockaholics a shocker do you. At the concert. That's your guy he's got to listen jags a great guy he's the front rolled the shock again he's an awesome dude yeah and I got a great picture of this track is like a giant shock yes he's a second and the singers heel fans are Michael Starr is given the shocker on stage and then there's a good. As an as there were an honor you don't know what it is we're not gonna tell you got to look at a contradiction that's uncomfortable yeah yeah. It's insurmountable as you heard dude yeah how how do you know if you go get your physical and your doctor says hi my last name is shocker you don't need to get a new NASCAR Minnesota every time we always saw double the dog gone you Sundays and nights and that's a urinary yesterday as well I left early because salty and always no limit the other way seriously the one person who can't say they ever got cheated in life there's a lot of folks -- amana mollify really lived the kind of let go under the when you and your deathbed you have nothing to regret you gonna tell your kids. The guy and things might agree lighten them in the middle of a joint Taipei's. I media I don't know what I did you know I mean listen it has an albeit ID CD type the last time he flew me up to do in -- or radio station is on the ground I mean as a life changing moment it really was let's it was thirteen years ago and I just did Coke the entire time all of you congratulations and didn't show up for the events. Friday January Adam on air with us for like I think a week a week here at. And my didn't realize I was when we last Nadia and went over to the other station hop on around okay Iraq and bro like Craig we need Jew. Cooperman down did you join us music yeah absolutely we'll fly you out by all this stuff pay for your take it all this stuff Leila. We'll put you up and I'm an IN IA I just was in the middle of a really bad addiction and Steve. As opposed every other person in my life Steve was the one guy said hated. That's not cool you are amassed you gotta straighten yourself out and I needed someone to say that to me I've been clean now for it'll be twelve years. Congratulations welcome to send Steve what do you what do you call doctor drew and say you want to show what I know I yeah it's on our yeah definitely and yet there is no readout I'm glad I'll do all Canadians as these being near death ahead I had a heart attack. Yeah and I part of that that I know I'll bet architect of the imagery you can. You know you can record so it was my phone call I did your heart broken right Phillies had a heart attack there's the hard tech. Got through all the good that paid net of addiction. It was like I'm just gonna have fun I'm gonna just I'm just gonna appreciate life and have fun that's why the call my shows which by the way is not easy did duel when you're not funny and too well at least for most people they don't think it's easy to do when you're not part of legacy to have fun a lot of folks thought that was fund was party and so did you turn the corner and realize fun to be had without doing stuff I mean just get lucky and the light really turns on and that's really have to stop this 'cause I was I it started paying my mom's bills. And I am DeVon paying her bills now four. Forward 1213 years but highlight dilate as well let's talk more about the white out once they started paying her bills I thought like why Murray even messing around this done with them come on taking care my mom and I'm circling around opportunities right literally take care reform rests her life. But I'm still party and then I just and then the lights came on and it was on the two year anniversary of my heart attack that I questions. Which is ridiculous on their anniversary zero regiment I don't know why if you ask him again he I think you need to suffered zoom out here is why it scared me straight for a year and then I got a bad relationship with a girl who who would beg me did you cope with her knowing that I had a heart attack outcast she was insane so why so yes so I just want to enjoy the simplicity of life and book you don't always just have one more show left this year. It's in Tampa. So that I can go to camp they knew there on Sunday of course Seahawks like highway and rail of iWeb and everything to mrs. Wallace and without jinx in it IE eight and doing my first show of 2017. The third weekend of January. In Seattle. January 20. Just confirmed. The Kirkland performance we keep our fingers crossed I just I guess I'd be here I am just gonna be here in the service he gives us. Australia and I MM ID and I don't know I don't know where guys are looking they're probably well there's a reason why one of the units or religion always got ninety person is puzzled as did cowboys is our sand because you could it could be a game which is may not be where your. Performing I feel really good we talked about this on Sunday I feel really good about the Seahawks playing in Dallas should that happen yeah should that happen but I am. January 20 it's a Friday night. Kirkland performance in there and never performed there before and will be two shows on January 20 and to get them into a straight again KP senator dot org. Or go to get gas. Dot com get gas into lessons yeah and get gas dot com so and it's a it's just it's a it's it's a show for seahawk fan spicy and it's. That's the that's all that's always the theme and performance they all rally yet it's a rally of how do you guys never get into drugs. Late in radio lake and there's so many. I I can't speak for Steve I had no idea what seems life's been like prior to meeting him really I smoked meth before we started this should be like that I farmer words all the time guys they're great show and now tied. I need to be on drugs people's that was my issue because I was a Ra I was a rage college. And a lot of people provide you know why you're not on drugs that's your problem patsy raced college go to therapy for at all yeah it's really all yeah well you know and I I I have a condition they call cycle fine yeah. Which basically is like having cocaine in your system all the time so it was like I was doing Coke guess I don't. You say electing me sell them for everybody. That for us in the staff Vijay yeah yeah it does you know what you can come down you know but you know for me I had I had to learn how to regulated because of the ups and downs are just insane and I had no idea was because did you have a steam migs in your let's just say hated. You've got to straighten yourself you know and in a way yes Steve did the same for the showing you know he was is when I design I yells at people like crap did I stroke due to demonstrate you know how you I was the one that nobody wanted to be around to work with our integrated itself legal certainty classic and Steve that guy analysts and I mean buster a lot of people don't know that about Steve because you know on the show we have a great time he's he's happy go lucky but Steve gets double in the Mike is obviously you don't mess was Stevens sat on the inside idea what I. That's why when Mike is off I go around people and council look he likes you he's not really mess. I got to ask that you said that you know from beat migs to get beaten down by and yes it's verbally at constant dumbo I may. Don't. Focus this year I'm looking at the things you gonna do from Temple of the Dog and knowledge him twice here in Seattle by and you saw him in Los Angeles as well. Gone all the crazy seahawk games and mariner stuff yeah. I don't know standing next to Bill Murray at the World Series on Craig yeah I'm my television in the World Series in the seven game all the plays there's less and s.'s face that was this must have been those weren't my seats. I Remy when we talk Johnny are you should not only a crazy story about that I got to ask got 2016. What's been the favorite memory because I mean there's been a lot of I mean for me watching your stuff on FaceBook and talking to you. Everything you share would be like my fear memory of the year but it's like which one do you take is your favorite. Still remain well I didn't expect they'll Marty show up at the it's it behind me at game seven of the World Series I get a better seat him Nomar in the past and Erica and I just when I saw him I just wanted to say. There's some things I want to say I wanted to skull. I'm Hugh I though it strikes. Strikes and ground hogs there's so many things always stayed home and just. Having him I'm having to hold him back from leaning on Mingo. Bill hold on chaotic I was filming FaceBook live and then to have that moment and watch the cubs win the World Series I've always had a soft spot for her. For underdogs I love underdogs and the cubs are the ultimate underdogs. In sports so be able watching the cubs win the World Series and and finding out and that last second that the guy sitting behind me and leaning on me and crying is Bill Murray is a crazy crazy moment. So that is as crazy as some then the video this year what do you guys and it's on the gears a new page it's insane I just I just thought I was gonna have this really cool FaceBook live. Of the cubs winning the World Series and had great seats behind. Eddie better and John Cusack and then it's pleasant it's very capable but it's a very capable again it's I I you would hate that. I guess but she'll work to get in there which I love that story. How you worked to get those scenes because you didn't have those seats but because. You worked the crowd you do whatever and there are multiple people that you had to basically did in there you know being nice to whenever in order to get from point a to point B to get into the stadium and to get to the seats and then to have the guy who gave you see skull. By the way he's like you know this is Cleveland this is not what I wanna see you about a Anheuser-Busch north series you buddy from the sandwich shop. Yeah Adam and by the way at every show they go to I always try to do like I always get tickets and I get passes I don't need to tickets for the passes get me anywhere wanna go so I will always go to the very top of any venue and look for people with a crappy seats. Who are standing and rocking out from the very top problem and I'll give them could see that's also what I cannot tell you. How many times people go. I'm cool men might not you you only in the front. I'm really there's something suspicious about my face apparently out and nobody trusts the IQ that's the next thing happened during a bath tub and a bunch of rice and her kidneys. Yeah and it's and I can't I mean it happened a couple times Craig yes I book shows around the country around mariner games and see our games in Chicago. The White Sox hooking up with a private suite that had both a free bus stay units. Bad and I look for mariner fans to give tickets and I said hey do you do you like me two tickets and two free tickets our got to make this a private. Suite with a bus say and I couldn't give it away if you. It's like triple flip revert pressure whenever I love that show in my fair part of that show is the good the beginning of the show where he walks around hey anyone want a free trip I don't want a free trip and people always like. Now men don't talk to me that's weird. But he's got a camera crews are so I guess some weird strange it is is approaching you. And finally saw they sure I'm up for joining us music can you give me three days of your life and I know I can't then eventually eats you find somebody like yeah we're gonna go to like. Peru or something like that while and it's like. How does sobered Croatia and those silver could you imagine someone watching the show and like all that was a guy who talked to us army and we can get a free trip to like Africa yeah I can't there's apparently something about my approach that people think I'm gonna Bill Cosby them. Yeah there's I can. And I am just trying to give you I am bringing up but I can I can appreciate it was lots of putting pops and you're offering people and that's so I sustain we still got to do we do that there are still have a house there it's right around tonight we're talking and Kregg gas of course you know what you know Craig does great great impression Gene Simmons Al Pacino Adam Sandler we've heard a lot of great celebrities doing our commercials today plus we're gonna bring some of these friends over for a FaceBook dramas and actually withdraw all your FaceBook true. And I. See it is live day. That's why Craig is here that's why everybody's here everything's being done lied so here is Seattle's Alice in Chains tribute band this is jarrah why is performing ward. On the rock. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Okay as bad lascivious okay the most. By the way that is really really cool goes knock him is like one of the best in the bears and the fact that you know what he's everywhere doing his Wesley doesn't get it up 'cause he's like here today funny I. Kevin tremendous job and I we went to wrestle mania in Dallas right Edwards driver and a rental car we put on a radio stations the rock station and it's in Dallas and all of a sudden. Malcolm boys we can yeah I've reached my -- we we hear your voice is an eagle that's what's that. July Dallas getting your first tourney like you like you're back home and then he says something on the jazz W and I fully used Shia. Story can seldom can. You knew little piece of home what do you do in Boston Boston WA AF hall yeah that's our own content on the Al Arabia and you know I was this okay and Spokane. Dead hold easily use. No Donald bell on mine are started and thought well this is the proxies in Spokane writes the rocks they should not rock neck before five our eyes on you guys are making me look like I'm smoke and we'd listen I know you're not forget this craziness -- he did pretty good you've got pretty much column don't ask just let's not back. Yeah. Seriously that's how bad that could be new game show you ask me and I try to figure out what we're which station it is I just goes to show you how popular Malcolm is there's a lot of joints. I mean I mean reveal their resilience or me I have one station of unlucky and I military I know schism on. Could someone you know you're known mentally we don't want him somewhere you know that's a disagree markets and are in a martyr Yahoo! really really is. Hey guy you don't lose let's tools that Craig gases in the place why yeah why is there. And now of course when I wish they get to Craig I mean all the Facebook's and all the web sites on the twitters. I just couldn't get gas dot com get gas at two US is dot com and that'll take you love links on the social media. All the weird videos and in the meantime I'm in a weird situation always documented and it's all across. Those social news late this everything's there but I've been a lot of weird situation just a bit gap sound and I'm Craig thanks for joining us man because you know I like Malcolm said no he is he's appeared taken time out of his life to be part of life day. Craig we thank you because you know you've been such a great friend to the station did our got my start you know you're not even friends before I even got here and we've known each other but then when I BC guy got to work your giants W like dude you know that's my station that's where it all started to let you know I was really really so did the imitation come back it was an honor to come back because sons I'd just I love the station for giving you start 23 years ago some so couldn't think of a better guy -- have joined some live discourse the late Kathy falters when this is well -- -- Jaffe. When I first started -- W everywhere Kathy went people whispered like you know that is its tactics she discovered like every there's a lot of whispering hi she can tell me I know. Yeah secure I don't know I don't know I think that's not a coincidence Kevin Faulk there isn't a crossroads has everything to happen in Seattle's or should not a coincidence jumped a baseline to woods. I don't think it's. We had to having Craig guest on the show just puts us on a whole lot of rivals for live day thought snapped it does it does indeed which is why from time to time and are fine program. We do a thing called FaceBook drama because you know what they're idiots on FaceBook and likes to display their idiocy for their entire family friends and of course then gets they an email to Austin, Texas doesn't really does. And that FB doesn't so I Steve I'll let you take you how we chose because that is realize we have to do. Lives yeah I don't know maybe the band has something gone unsold. And now. And Great Britain do you need to look at it it's kind enough through FaceBook at the drum up. Yeah that's right Jason trauma. It's Friday by GTU I drone virtual sports get more info IG ET dot alive BJ. Once again this is our opportunity to point out the dumb people that are on FaceBook. This is an actual FaceBook posts and drama unfolds as acted out by Craig gas gas we changed the names of protecting innocent and the stupid. And this time around the original post Serpo. His name is Tracy and so that role we play by Tracy Morgan told your nerves grazing. Adam will be played by Adam Sandler found ended June. Chris will be played by Christopher Walken Assad praising. Oddly enough gene will be played by Gene Simmons from tunis. Yeah Sam will be played by sentencing Lindsay and I'm the guy who could get you thought your first sold cocaine to the hospital. So this is true story she's been a senator Lisa ever thought I had a couple of its earlier in the post are once again is Tracy so I Tracy Morgan please take it away. Oh how convenient she came problem back tomorrow but if it stayed she'd invited to Thanksgiving she's dumber than I thought. Boy I can't I got back together. He told her not me no way she's Barbara in my house again past Jack that be true Thanksgiving. Seriously assess. You're airing our dirty laundry on FaceBook and what their ass. What is wrong with you and I love Janet and and she's not invited to Thanksgiving. And none of us are coming to. Did you love Janet when she was banging your friend Al behind your back. Did you love her last year at Thanksgiving. Where GQ did you I'll start with our cousin is it affects you know it's like here. I've never should Smart cards turned awful awful part Arnold console Paris tag she's not invited holds foreign. Tomorrow we just skirted. Oh. Don't drag you eat two minutes he would draw on when very happy. You guys don't know what happens when I get drunk. I become. Our mayor and pour and only. I'm suddenly now. My brother eastern we are that he's not the high maintenance drama queen bitch of a girlfriend and she's not welcome in my home. How I think guys it's Thanksgiving how about you open your heart in your home and I don't believe. Anybody can give infection she did she do he. Don't tell me what to do how about our come over to your house and full mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce all of you don't Waltz it's it's hard to get down mashed potatoes out of the abbreviated. This Gene Simmons. Hook people up from the gym so yeah. And let your brother bring her over I don't know and here's what you do you charge admission from the rest of us. To come watch the final so I'd pay good money you had your Thanksgiving and 000. Yeah. Gee you don't shut up I'm making fully to frisk you small views jackass Paris tag turn you we didn't. Jesus touch it it's just. Reading this thread is like reading the applied to what Jerry thanks yeah. Yeah. It's. Yeah. I was magic school. Home. When performance center January 20. I'm. In football we get Jane I'm here I'm not saying what it is for January 20 Kirkland performance and that's what it's about and you come home anyway and you know you breezy every is good luck I mean you know why you come you show up that means things he'd been magically happen on the football season I books those shows sometimes 810 months in advance and it's worked out as a good luck charm to him to. Shoot for that third weekend in January so. Fred guests and Ira Gaston college US's get gassed I come in history and all the stuff and and then the beautifully about face from drama though those are real FaceBook exchanges from people who just forget. That everybody can see that ridiculous since a license and I just had to guess and in my search bar and I got a bunch of weird fetish videos I don't know. The last are some porn hub oh yeah I guess. To Wes is dot com don't they give you for for the shows and other Texas and I'm sick of talent dying words you guys during the keep me going thank you guys rock hash tag by day which is on looks like the number one trending thing in Seattle wow that's pretty cool. I don't know where Sam. I didn't realize we had the live feed going right. So I don't see any in the hallways is just I've never seen chaos controlled chaos like this fits matters there's Bayern in the other room there's agreement was tons doughnuts there's production people video people. I'm mark it looks like when you're blade. Backstage at a concert is like all these video walls of people monitoring what's going on in on the floor it's crazy DO games in time for hours you can I saw that could it's funny because I forget that we in his life fetus had no FaceBook page on kissed him he's FaceBook page also a case every dot com. And from Chris is that our Rickey Henderson stuffing his face who lives. Boston Steve Nunn are slow. It down what are you eating the that Chris sign the Daryl realized that the camera's on me homeowners. Crushing discourage scientists like shoving and in my fat face you IE shared and a god awful Gilbert Godfrey joke with caffeine everybody else in the other room and then I realized oh there's a camera I hope they do eagle eye it's it's they might be most horrifying to deliver my life always I don't know and I look at there's a Karen and went. That could be. I can be very I can be very very bad man I guess they're Yahoo! where we're live everywhere there and you can go to Kessel got come go to FaceBook live on two guys somebody's who is from page. Yeah B I I have to be careful because I think you know like this where a lot of my strong squad just stick our nose in yeah okay it's something we're just gonna get to be dot com can't or go to the G is a new FaceBook and FaceBook. Live token and damn dude it's it is unnerving to have I feel like it's a reality show yeah. It is so NBA and it's not going to be edited it's like everybody's seen everything ended so I better. I probably had a couple more doughnuts but now I don't want to get there in the Internet shame. So I am not gonna have any donuts on camera for the rest the more we got a timer right when the bands are playing the cameras on them how he had radio I was like all right draw that's when you eat the donuts sells these legendary doughnuts are unbelievable and I know we probably shown pictures of them already am I know everyone's on an already done some amazing now all other 10 yeah that's. Yeah one million had a hit him. I want us to have what is what is giant pretzel but it's a donut innocent giant pretzel shapes some doughnuts and it's all so yeah they are they are legendary literally legendary units. And of course I got a story here which is the worst I'm unanimous about how everybody wants eat healthy during the holidays. I don't chance I ask police say yeah people go yeah you know what I really really do want a healthy during the holidays. But yet seven out of ten people go I got no plans how to do it felt. It's showing how humans are so yeah I would love to go but I don't really have a strategy to which means. With all that food five view you know you're not gonna eat healthy you already -- going to be on a college watching the cowboys you know it is sit there and then the Redskins a guy act get daily with every football game since YouTube. Oh yeah I had a good ones this year it's because he's the games don't mean anything they actually have some they do oh yeah even ally is game means something you analyze it but for the Seahawks at that cowboys can mean something and here yeah well enough tonight and and actually for that matter so does a lions' game and the the vikings game says that's another divisional game where they're on top and we. Wanna make sure they're both those teams suck so that we only have to worry about the cowboys to get the better division conference record. We had Texas and I saw Craig for the tumble the docs I kept staring at him wondering who we was and now look at the picture and I realize I should descend I. I hate you know what I have friends who. Are way more successful than me that will go on the weights and not be recognized or be bubbly people IE and so embarrassing that if anybody recognizes me IE. Have a tendency to talk to people until he gets the point where they go. Okay we've got to go and could you email what was the other way Gaza. Yeah this is getting weird I think Craig calling us in his car behind us right now it happened in my building in Los Angeles a guy my all it was like credit guess read and write our. It was like. They scared of camp and I I don't imagine that because I've never had that happen in my life where I am more I have actually had the singer big like anybody ever met and I had to break it off. Yeah that's a little interest and I'm that guy. That's fantastic I hit happy when Beagle one's enemy yeah. Sure the story we talk and yes they reduce topic about Dodd the video I can't believe I got kicked out of blank because when I ran into you at the Temple of the Dog so his two songs and I ran quick undergarments and Batman ride back into the venue where a back into the wind ceased work. But I ran into you and never talking at the T shirt table. And we look over and there's a guy getting kicked out of the Temple of the Dog show yeah just two songs and two sons and he did something really messed up by talks is that I don't know what happened and we don't know what happened I'm all I know is his views being escorted out he's yelling I pay 300 dollars for this ticket I I feel what you have to do be kicked out song to its unrelenting bad. And he he tried to walk him with two Beers into receipts and they said there's no drinks allowed to the seeds. And and so there's little bit of a thing that happened there and then he started saying some. Really. Horrible words to the guy that vote was using like racial are already ours and so yeah I never assaying and so there was a guy the guy that we saw that we need to tackle him. Try to step and go eighty and let's let's just let's take you down on nods let's go downstairs and have a talk he was gonna try to just talked to him and when he took him downstairs the guy threw a drink into the guy's face. Oh. So ask and he had every he had to be destroyed and that's where Steve and I are standing right there and we don't know there's commotion going on and all the so we just see a guy getting thrown to the ground it was right after he threw it. Think that that's gonna I well I know you know what an eight game and then I'll wait but what makes it takes your dollars for the tickets vacuuming the rights are drinking your face now racial epithets aha yes and he told a completely different versions of the cups outside I. I Orlovsky. If I may of my favorite TV shows cops I love so anytime you Muslim Lakewood Washington yeah. We always you're always costs any time I'm at a concert NIC cops running or security running around there I got I wanna witness whatever that is I love watching people get thrown only shows. I love like that yeah I'm undoubtedly the greatest debt and Aaron Greg even said. Who knows how this unfolds like I know what. I'm okay were missing when Jesus for this content a cup does he really miss a cervical months ago I was watching on 42 street around eight avenue. And we saw two NYPD vans pull up and and ten cops per car jumped out of range of the subway Hilton embody and went. You know you mentioned cards you wanna go. You Colleen slate are mr. Perez went down and it was exceed its really sad and messed up but somebody's. Jumped in front withdraw message did John liberalism into their life. And it had just happened all the cars are packed full of people still kind of confused and as you are by when the cars I saw this woman go and do each hole. Teach out put it some of the chin told somebody pushing it each up and a guy pushed his way opposite not feed job and now we all be late and yeah. Yeah and god I knew your own money should all that's awesome Craig gas. There's who has relied day. That means that we're gonna have to have one of his celebrity friends play Steve in bead maze and do you like them to play for you then you need to call and now 206421. Rock rocky is 7625. We're lady makes an 847 and yes it is a lie day everything you hear on the show and later on in the men's room going to be performed live. We got a van apps and they're doing all too well this might show rode a violent knack bonds lied day. On our rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy are. How do I know bankruptcy is going to provide me with a really cool what are the steps for my situation. 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