BJ & MIGS Podcast 11-22-16-9A: Lzzy and Joe from Halestorm join us live from Nashville.

Tuesday, November 22nd

Live Day. Beat Migs. Lzzy and Joe from Halestorm join us live from Nashville.  

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Yes our show completely lad this morning and the men's room later on this afternoon completely lives everything you hear the music the sound effects all the production. Great Foley artists and their make them happen are several on line career. On the show us that a man out of then apps have been adjusted through fighters and also my Sharon about the night she's they just completed a complete and attacks are also agreeing stages. Drew down and sounded incredible I love those guys if your marriage as deceive and that's a cinema a couple of times. And they always bring alive buried there an amazing local bands that's when my fear personalize things that we get a chance. In a weighted to illustrate how great this local music scene itself. You're right Steve we Maryland had a lot of grade dance today going to be dissent in this afternoon. Also. Hailstorm performing live for us later on this morning in the next hour gap Ani minister now pretty reckless going to be performing live on the men's room so that's and at that though that's a really awesome that we that is this year to live day. And you wanna see what's going on check out the live video Simmons faced a live I will learn how to slit my camera the right way so you know you can you got to see if parents are in a weird red little angle and I apologize that because I don't run stuff we drug the ball BJ guess sorrow that. Also like Jess W dot com. Go check it out is pretty sweet we are lies Jim in this whole thing. You and all the info OK ISO you dot com live de powered by legendary donuts on legendary. And vitamin are Rainier beer and is it time Steve I think it's time it is time remains. Let's play the marine. Mitt. I'm OK okay line. I'm like wow. I. Now these men. Eggs and even though it's live day it's still Tuesday that I dare to ask our. Apple. Soon. Yeah. All you do this to you from getting into a man yeah happy to be a fully artist they would do Tom and process impossible acoustics are for our Foley artists are. That's not content you're watching the live streaming our website you can click on the link to check out other greats of the those guys do. And tennis is awesome let's get to you our well not are contested by he's getting played for today we just an inland would just and are you there. Scared that it's not I'm very. What's playing forty Steve's bread he's playing for draft tong orchestra tickets and I've features William Duvall from Alice in Chains a system due to macedon as well. And I that's happening on December 8 over new most go to KI SW dot com probably. GTO direct arms orchestra deity is now new most dot com and Yahoo! do we have playing for Justin today Tracy Morgan. And. Here's the Tracy mirror Daryle Ward pupil yeah it's a good size or just and then you're you're you know what I feel good about does that feel like treason you give you some prizes mean and I were Arnold choked I'm ready and our winner for that matter the party. It was right there are so. Woeful world for those playing at home Tracy will have sixty seconds to answer ten quest polls are already I think you can pass all you want a guy who joined at three guesses per question. Are your eight. OK let's dubious New England is a region located in the north eastern United States that is made up of how many states well no thirty now sixteen are now. How he shifts do you begin with in the game battleship doesn't know. Now. Asks John dory angler inter water all types of bloody animal will all know and shark and shark earth now low. Women's day is celebrated in a month and what do you say now is we're an iron curtain not a Smart girl still mad on the thirtieth she could. Maybe miss Millie Vanilli son was blame it on the Wyatt had been on the white people now and record on the marriage not good at Wal-Mart and who went out and according to business studies what is he most productive day of the workweek. Now. Next Friday now and urge Derek yeah how how many spike so they're on the statue of liberty crown. Despite your now and Oakland now. Why don't you know pop eyes friend wimpy is known to obsess about what food burger you ask yeah. Alex is commonly known by one name. He mean. I. The Milky Way act fast. That is pretty sure at our regulations why people are okay and just learn that I might have been wrong in my you have it is not a this well. Erica. The Democrats you never know I mean Steve had just had to seeing and maybe you're you're yeah residents yeah now that metal mountain home yet that will totally work pays me for years are you you're ready. Yes yes. Yeah so exciting is this. There are due back. Mama doing nothing may be caught all the facts it's. Yeah New England is an origin with located in the northeastern United States is made up of how many state Hillary know. Four no five. Six do you begin within the game battleship. Six now five asks. Doreen angler and I adore John dory parent and turbine are all types of what animal robots know. Dogs and Coke tax. International women's day is celebrated in what month. Our January not February no march he adds policy in this hilly Vanilli song is blamed it on the wine train yeah. According to her business studies what is the most productive tape of the work week and every Tuesday you ask. Companies like ours they're on the statue of Liberty's crown. Sad and yes I'll vice president whidbey is no good sets about which food. Off hamburger yet as our galaxy is commonly known by what may seem ought to be hearing this right now military life. As crew wrote the horror novel Dracula who ran stroke are no Bram Stoker assays. For. I love brands drove the movies. There you win and amber ready program. You like your music let's say you'll. A lot of runs you love Ryan castle. Victories on past. Austrian castle. I could John Ryan loves them. You missed a fun when Steve you sound like I don't blame it on the way there Manama white mayor. There are a lot of the Belmont on. Yeah. Two ways as you did miss John dory angler inter are all sides of what he animal. You know it it's black. I don't always finished their own businesses should know I mean I know and those are but I know the other ones I dial in numbers of the team ever fish is an answer before like yesterday like. You know something or whatever we talked about girl's gotta mackerel that type of what creature yeah. It's okay but I seriously we finish every insurgent. A lot of answers. New England has how many states in its seventeenth. Well I don't got strides are concerned because that's say it's I think six or six didn't and I I don't know that I am from 00 credibility you put you know it well congratulations to Steve thank you do want to make her act jar Stevie thank you drive or try our guests are treason OK I'll be in doubt in January with Greg garrison our current grim performance on. Since January 24 foot putt where labor caller eighty get those G geocities tolerated to. 206 which one rock rocky is 7625. To see giraffe tongue orchestra caller number eights that's who is a winner. And yes side Tracy Morgan along with a bunch of other people here along with Craig gas shares WR yeah. Austria and that sounds so indecisive and sing so gross I'm taking my phone in the bathrooms and I don't miss any live dates such a great day in the bands have been awesome wow boy how about that sound from the Foley guys just can't read your book I read text I know like for prosecutors in the next ice my day is the yes. You guys are amazing makes a lot of guys from stem with the Seattle way more entertaining horns up. From Kimberly what it is Kimberly may you know well I Stephen I get a lot of accolades for this and I mean in Steve deserves it I'm doing absolutely nothing. They except I'm not getting in the way and not breaking anything. A lot of people deserve a tremendous amount of applause and and and reverence for putting this altogether. I know at the end of our broadcasters. Yeah actually I clapping in the bathroom yeah I think I. First sound effects I don't there was one nowhere it was like a vibrating sound and moaning. And I didn't know the last well yeah oh yeah there was even the young I think it was for donuts do yeah I don't cook I don't know how well let's be honest that's what I feel like when I have those legendary I don't essence it's that kind of moment for me there's a delicious today yet the soundness external ongoing Tibetan test question to create a lot easier yeah you know Steve can ask Craig guess a question is that this is your show you do Greg gas Branson temple of the dog night -- sides emblems on both times here in Seattle last night and the night before I was there on Sunday to big debate amongst people is why didn't any better perform with damp yet and I I didn't know this and so yesterday I was screwed around on the Internet. Reading some articles about some people being kind of upset which I think is silly but. Some people are just wanna be a set for the sake of being upset but apparently Eddie was at the Seahawks game we've dom comments of Matt Brad Chris rat. No Brad. Brad and are trying to catch her a big tarmac president's I don't know Brad Paisley so I'm proud revenue. I don't I don't burly Cooper they tell us yeah they all that is ease Eagles fan so they were at rather interest from Philly when you're you're ready better me like you're home there's a sikh Temple of the Dog and MI jump up on stage and sing with them while. That you would think so I can tell you that when hunger strike starts means. Do you feel Laura Ingle. Right leg is is gonna happen and then Chris Cornell just pulled the my you're gonna outs in the crown has a crowd seeing at these parts and even my son's Sunday's AK I need the crowd to help sing the sec important part of this song and in my head I'm thinking. All they're just doing this because he did and every state every city didn't perform that but. And he's gonna walk out amid the crowd singing or I'll have to response and possibly cries can be amazing. We look at this interest staying. That he didn't and he was in town I mean I do about to that point right you know I relay gaelic you know whatever is probably the stuff he's doing. But it is interesting he is in Seattle for that game. I am surprised that that did not happen and I mean MMI SL Steve it's great to be at the point of your life. For every year you should do something everyone's expecting to do something even your buddies are doing something. And you still don't have to if you can hear the lobby people are are just whispering like if he's gonna shoves him being here is it. And people who worked for the began. We're being asked by like so who's it going to be huge music news chill today but. He didn't show but it was but it's an amazing show because knowledge of the new than double the dog stuff they did covers are amazingly did mad season river deceit. I nursing outlined I was heavy diet and I have a question I'd like to ask first vital are they doing any more shots that was the last show walls of this very long sword like six states okay. I don't know passionate and a claymore. Yeah I know that people who work for the bend it. Are seeing. There there might be more you know there's so if there are more. And say Seattle's not on the list. And he does some he doesn't he doesn't appearance somewhere else are we pissed. Here because we thought that Seattle would if he's gonna go anywhere would be Seattle well listen it's it's built it's as advertised CC know who you're going to see right he's a force was advertised and it's Cornell and stone and Matt and Jeff and mark yes so it's it's. It's just a bonus if if Eddie happened to show what I expected and anyone of them but ours yeah I just felt like it would. And is not Seattle I wonder like he does a C audio. I nowadays they know and they are severe spring game is or isn't going to be an issue some beef but only two years there were takes a brings it up I saw any increase due hunger strike to generate millions bridge school benefit from two years ago which is awesome semi solid in the day I was done and I America's it was a benefit ought to donated five bucks owner Jerry wanted to donate you know. Even Pearl Jam they just do what they'll be in the middle that's war and then one night they just do know code the entire album front to back no announcement and we'll go whoa wait a minute what's. They'll they'll do an entirely done it twice now they've done an entire album from their catalog. Front to back. No mention that they're gonna do it and and they're. There are special like that that they always. Every show is completely different closure highlight firms from there was if the Mets season cover from some of the doctors here to see just hits me right where I live I really like that song and never heard it live in and that. And seeing hunger strike Clive is is. But opening up with the sale to have him off with just a couple lights are and it it was really low production to start the show. And that felt crazy. That that's how saying no that's the whole show was perfect in the sense that you didn't have any good to bare bones sat it was a bare bones set up it was just the ban and it was like all eyes are amendment was. For me to highlight was Cornell doesn't. Brussels on on the singles on chuckled seasons yeah and they did a version of that with a full band and that's and Matt Cameron just. And a whole new life to that song that never even existed. It's also amazing story about a that when they came out of the movie singles that Jeff. Our broad outs a fake demo tape that the singer Matt Dillon shops or he's got a demo tape he's trying to give out to people and it. Jeff did the demo tape and roll the song titles and they're all fake song titles and Chris loves. This song titles so much that he wrote songs. Based almost all of the last wild one of which was seasons you know that's funny yeah so isn't it great band citizen there are cutting down. So those are just really cool it was really crazy and down while Seattle people and in the Oslo CL a musicians and there's very surreal for everybody's waiting aero is like is is he gonna show up as he usually doesn't help that anticipation in the building Tricia. Craig gas of course I get gas dot com with two S is coach smart's presence here it's a nice there's no -- commercials and hang with us today is live day that's why which means every year. Including that slash one moment courtesy of found alive Foley artists. Everything we do is live out of our friends and hailstorm are going to join us at 917. We need to act with them we begin to play some music Steve's lieutenant twist armed gruesome double that on America's they've they've covered down hunger strike before some comments Lizzy oh my god from on the spot yeah I knew I'd be you'll you'll you'll hear your tubby you used simple addictive my friend that's right and guys so we've got a lot of regular dictator I did today yeah. Clearly had a terrible I forgot my. Well Lopez burger you can tell Dix murder right. Just sorry guys I heard other Nelson. Hears us with the kids. It just lies chaos. So let's look citizens and there's seriously there there is seriously just showed Cecil probably not getting the latter matter what I would write a check your shorts just my house in the fall we sure showed there's everybody great guests here. And really this is this time thinks this life. As I go get a library local music. Musicians doing some awesome songs your sons of Mercury doing dios holy diver power lies today oh my god on the rock falls out. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. Now back to the PGA invades on 99.9. Yeah I guess just. It's. Not some guy comes up big boy alive we've we'll update for this Malcolm you're the man but even though Foley artist is now Jack thank you guys. You said employers we like the perfect thing now having a house of your giants donor yes I was talking to people in this random sounds as he's coming out just have to deal also. I mean how. That would be so so awesome. Greens are very excited right now we all saw a great way to celebrate lie today and that is by bring in our friends and pals around with us we got Lizzie in Joseph from hell storm everybody yeah and. Hey guys. Yes you're very very welcome thank you for refer joining us on this day that well you know what ma'am we we we thought hey here's a crazy idea. What do we just do the entire show. Who lives and everything done lives so we have nothing has recorded even if we have to do some audio from something we guess liberty people or are some becoming a dual voice. All of its live including you guys. Yeah it is. Can great. How like you censor yourself Donna is. Very can happen every year or so so let's get this out there man hailstorm rocks dot com do go there you tweet them at hails from HAL hail storm Don on listen you go in listen to this ban because. I think you guys I mean you guys are the Jay Leno of bands you're never home. I like you may have march 10 miss I miss something he's been known to do comedy folate every Diem daily Jiri Lee's do the Tonight Show he was always on the road. And I swear that that's what you guys are trying to do trying to be as you guys I know it's amazing your tour schedule. Think I can compare to Jay Leno that's all summer this is that you put Diego put that on the resume but that might hurt their chances of going on Conan joked when I went down oh yeah that's good points. Now we level we live we just love playing and then it's you know what we do so we always done or just we're just talking about that I think. I think we've done over 3000 in showed us as a blow alien. We are out there and like that. Well and for me I'm a huge wrestling fan and I just love that there's a connection between your guess is music is being used a lot I I mean you guys wrestling fans are like how did that all unfold with you guys. I yet so how we got an email I wanna use it. Like you're gonna absolutely we have path. Ed I you know it'll look it there's there's there's always room for Iraq enrolling in every outlet and that. And just be considering the you know in a budget crazy deeds you know beaten the hell out of each other with our music. It's the only music isn't that what's that what's that is not a girly isn't mayhem are some there's there's a Boston used a first or for some and promotion stuff yeah. Cool yeah I mean I don't know I'd like to write music firm oily man in chunks any day right now personally. It's it's surely been a huge inspiration verdict though I think coming music and let me next I felt slip and slide. I it's. You. And then coming up and espresso. Polish on some distill well because it's fantastic do you guys like live in my random weird dream of being a wrestling fan and he's being used Darren and also you guys were featured on bar rescue which is one of my experience shows I was hoping you guys could talk a little bit about that experience and I'm just. My goal one day is to be one enough the good Intel to go into a barn can try to crack that's being spewed out by the bar and that was that was a fun time we we got hammered with a mall that night after the show. So some of these proposed it was it. Her right it wasn't when the one time when the Barton has proposed to the other bartender it was a it was a messed it was it was awesome apparently we didn't help the bar very much so because like a month later and check out our notebooks a sense of I don't know. And that's what you were Lizzy well you banana there via the banana that's still it was it was a very down David Lee Roth of media and yes. At Melissa because you know I I have lake that the staples like what I would you normally wears like just black and illegal in the jacket or whatever. And and so for some stupid reason I brought this this leotard units or when or that the girls can't. And that the producers like I love that you should Wear that some like OK and that Mya my managers still has not let me live that one down effect that this book he. Pleaded not maybe it's not immoral what your mom managing you guys. I'm a year and that was double twin engine dramatically OK I know why your mom's given you a hard time about your handsets through. If that's what it did this is this is that this is after they have the mom Barack but I different. This is an actual the actual manager not Islamist it. Because it's been like I mean you guys are Rolen to twenty years which I can't believe it just seems like you guys just started. I have a. I hate it sometimes it feels that way to word perpetually like fourteen inside so you know just. I mean you know I did then then they hit the horrible jokes and dash the must simmer the bus humor is very much alive. A love be in Iraq and his style log look like when you're cuckoo whenever you got the band and that's about where you give us a sense at all radio glad I did. I just perpetually ten years old I ask you if you think this is it a zoo tiger again it's a losing Joseph from hailstorm and. Did you did that isn't because most bands. A eventually don't want to do what you do course so much they hope that they really hated big so that you know they do the tour they have do to support the album. And then their done for a bit and they can shill and you guys it seems so huge his tour more more as the years go by. It would says you've got to really on some level love it. What is it about the tore life that you love that some people just haven't found the magic too because he is unusual that you tours much this. Aren't you career. The it's really and it's about the rock show it's like yeah its a drug is. Heidi he had when neared you know we were playing their music and the way we do we do we do a lot of improper onstage we don't use any tracks or anything so it's just we're just out there. Put that out there and and exchanging energy with a whole bunch of people and it's fun watching it grow and just that. You know get enough onstage everyday use that's a real thing. It's interesting to her just talking about how we still I'll get the same lake. Goofy feeling before you go on season before that this show and you know everything leading up to the rock show which is you know the deed they climax of the day. But you know it's still that same feeling we had when we were kids and and I keynote I don't know why we hadn't killed each other yet and why it's still isn't it hasn't gotten old. For the but I'm thankful to have to be here still with my best friends and you get to travel and do what you love every single day and that's really awesome pick it up. You mentioned traveling on I got it and maybe a stupid question have you ever lost a band member of more on the road like they're you're gonna show where you're like I don't know where he is or Alitalia every day Asian kids. Who's the most jobs that I guess not punctual. Probably your brother are again most likely articulated drummer to defend himself sewed so we can talk about a person yet I remember back. Beckham might go way we. We would start out the show. Alito and I was O nine Turin if you lose Jiaka pal I'm Stacy start singing it's not you just her walk out there alone and like we had to go Arnold is really opening band and you get his time slot and you've gone you know give you follow the rules and be a good. So player and so she's up there sing and we're like. Lizzy. To stall and fix it affects the entire day or no word if our everywhere is see he was outside of the building immediately locked himself out of all he he's kind of notorious is like a Spinal Tap situation. Because this has been going on for almost twenty years I thought Kyra he got blocked inside the address and remember lead to stem the door they had to get him out yet we'll just go on to listen don't wanna we confront RJ he's banging on the door he'd he's like we do he locked themselves inside the dress and and we could know to do. Read it on the place curtain open and nobody could open the doors and it is tough wiggle un ambassador Alon and he's got hooked. The show is doing all that's gonna be army's one thing if it's a band member when their rule is like a family member uses like yah you know you've you've probably had years of that was going yeah yes yeah. Absolutely he he's the same on stage as he is off so he it's just you know it's if he's he's a crazy person walking groundswell is a walking down. And that's why he's so good because it hits he insists comes from the heart you know it's he's not like doing this this is not a career choice this is just. This is a life so it's yeah. I think. A lot of the Mega Millions on him and I mean I think about like he reminds sentence is visually also is that that they stylistically from time to Keith Moon the media about I don't loose cannons us some of the best numbers are just completely loose cannons and you just can't trust what they're gonna think. Yeah I think the best farmers are in are just off their rocks its every time we need to charmer that's like a normal human what's from the yeah yeah yeah. I'm not a real drummer stop lying fifth. Well we're we're we're excited to Lizzie Joseph from health star make you check out the website hailstorm rock's stock comments HAL. And tweet them at hailstorm. And well it is live day and words were so happy that you're willing to contribute to this because we had a lot of local bands every song we're playing during our show this morning as wells during the afternoon show. It's all going to be done live and we we are so so that you decided to contributes it is great art that we from presenting today life. I do you know what it's very close to our heart it really is like and like we've just been talking not the live show. Performing. That this is this is what we love and so the fact that you guys are doing it when. When I mean you look at technology you don't have to. But yeah it'd you know that's goes. And you know we're talking by the do your your climate senior pastor was fifteen when you're just improbably given no idea what's going on you hit it you know AIG assets it feels good this bill. Something magical love that show you know because an even today as we have the bans in house amino walking the halls we can just hear the music is rumbling the walls. And you and you guys know what you talked about it. Just need there's something different than listening to recording them to do is beat in the presence of live music is different and it just it just penetrate the soul it seems. But it really does. You can the winning you know the real rock the real Iraq serves the bona -- last time I was like Florida literally was watching Tom Kiefer from Cinderella. And I for it would sign used him but he was just up there like killing it you know when you dropped out under his knees and just hold up the Snowden. When you might lose control of your body is a I think and nods it's awesome I'm glad you brought up. He forgot that I I think Tom keepers voices like the quintessential just balls you rock voicing your your minister I just as broad rock band like that voice is perfect. It's awesome sounds like you are a girl's razor away. And and then these and many so incredibly nice is a human silly till you adamant he'll come off his uncle he'd do in Darlington you know. And does he calls me Garland to yes you can even. Hi I guess here I do and Ukrainian unusually funny. I do a two word impression of Tom Kiefer and never been able to use it and is one of those costs. Strode out there there's a stereo great shape and thank yeah I don't yeah. Our gasoline and I just came running into the other room does the dude that that is the house and a half I was amazed he never thought he did to do that in Verizon pay you talk about penetrate and it's always a music can we penetrate on the rockaholic sold some of your music right now. The storm Hanna resolutely under pressure. I know there was only as good there. What maneuvers are reviewing men are right stuff our last record pace in July life. And they eggs mornings. On the right now he's now nine TI just helps you. Japan. Home. That is hailstorm and of I am I guy I gotta say is some Lizzie Joseph. We have had quite a tumultuous time the last couple weeks in this fine country. And I armor worn my ceremonies. Called V for vendetta where they say you know what you can always kill a man you can never till an idea. And that song is the wave I think we should be taken a look at any time we don't like something. Look at that song because that is a great idea they can never be killed how beautiful that is a meant. You know you're very sweet thank you so much and India about a power music man. My purse statistics and instinct goosebumps amazing this is awesome online and another person said I am now an official fan means I'm hail storm this is some on. Can really do another one of your songs. Well of course it our man and mean spirited because it doesn't really from the last one guys I might be a puddle but it's Imus is gone then and different analysts who have. And started my dad I don't I don't and generally some you're not stuck in the room with him out you know got us here at least I'm because. Yeah everybody needs some some finally started doing this one acoustic it's it's not necessarily who don't. The one that you would normally think we do acoustic but we should do in this. Tom on our evening with tour. Last week where we basically did like three hours to ourselves and has and dot com by buying this line so it's fun this is this is miss tied. And mixed morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW hole. Analysts Doran on lied dared I nine point nine TIS cellular rock of Seattle and they are in Nashville doing now live and it was awesome because we've got the lies she knew could see now the I want you are watching my guys. Sincere not creepy at all right now and see you. Is a whole new it is the holy sided with the glory leaders of mrs. Clinton on what went well what happens when you go about flight of stairs what's gone on a bears at the dungeon. I am but we haven't checked it out yet but. Find a new generation. Take us along and our eyes and then they're taken us didn't they take it isn't that true message. Diana Douglas and a lot of attacks are flying and people saying goosebumps I'm blown away by this performance Lindsey's voice sounds incredible. One person Texas and something that I got to ask you about. Susan Lizzie hell autograph my arm at the rock grow gala for a few years ago I got a tattooed. My wife hates it does show I've ever mention. Yeah I have to remember. How do you ever had so attach your signature on their body before well actually there's a there's a lot of them actually and and it's so incredibly flattering and humbling because that's that's commitment and that's. Because that's not just getting like a logo you can always like make our low going to some tribal saying later if you hate our band you know but this is like a signature. And and. I would irate Joseph on people's arms and make sure those like a little bubble yeah. Yeah. So many battles yeah. I know. Dealing why do you have that Ted junior I swear it's as Joseph is Joseph lawless I have started a bottle of. Just let me take them like this screen shot offense like just the Internet like a picture or the screen show our screen shot off of like one of our videos and then get that tax you that's always the toughest because you know. Did it is there there there's no good with the portrait sounds are very good that you are there 130 my god can you not tell people and that's me doesn't all day. You know and and and again like it and that and this is something it's it there's there's a guy he's so proud of it and obviously a market even describe it because you know. But it's it was one of those things it's just looks a little Marilyn Manson may. You know and but at the same time he's like so and really proud of its lead you know that's awesome. And that then I'd ask the guys like to really look like that's like yes yeah I don't know how CoreStates and dagger. I. It's not so much so much love so much respect of the. We've talked about I mean out a unionized and playing together for a long time even touring through all the time and not you play with some amazing bands over the course of your career from Armenia from from pop her sister valves disturb sign down amend several folds. On the list goes on and on and on and Tom I'm wondering which band is giving you the best advice. Especially when you're an I knew were banned or even now but I would stand if you walk away from touring with that your life that's a great life lesson that that that helped us as a band. There's a couple of on. Feel at 181 early on it's actually very can very a lot of the same advice. One was sought from cedar. And because he's that they were so nice they spoiled us we are our first tour ever Unifirst Nestle to a wedding in order writer was like what it's going on why are we getting on the spread. And heck but they made sure that that we like we have food every day and we had a spot to put our stuff and put him lose lots of news and miss a lot of tequila at. And and I remember the one day we weren't getting the dressing room because we were the first of four and Sean gave up his so that we could have a dressing room and I'm like someone you don't have to do that he's like. He's like well this is what you do. You know with your opening dance you treat them like gold because he's like one of these days I'm gonna be opening up for you when I wanna make sure that I get a room. I'm but it's late but we we took we took that with us you know because now only we have opening dance and you have to you know. Obviously you have to be human you have to remember what that was like. That they don't the biggest piece of advice I I had that I ever got from somebody we opened up for our was our writings deal without. And this is a man and and did that obviously in I don't need you explain what an amazing human he was because everybody that I've ever met. And that has met him and has known him has at the same thing. But armed I remember it Weaver we plane with a mini was so nice just made us feel like he was uncle Ronnie you know. And he signed everything for everybody he went out at 3 in the morning signed everything took every picture. And and before he went outside his IK stay here I'm gonna come back and say goodbye so you know of course like we're in our RV at the time in her weight men and and he comes back to say goodbye after he signed everything and I remember and tell them I'm like dude. You know it's slick almost 4 in the morning we would totally understand you just wanna go to bed he didn't have to come all the way back and say by. And he looks mean waxing in my face of course and writings do was wagging his finger in your face you list of ten if they're and is like Lizzie it is a moment in time. And he said. They eat you never know remember these venues or any of these people that you meet but they were remember meeting you for the rest of their life so you made it good for every single person all right. Yes sir of course so. That's a great advice I don't want something. A lot of these things you just take to heart and those things don't go that those visa that activists don't go away. You know with time with us and every so it's funny because like even every time that it's a gut it's cold out in May be like we shouldn't go out like no we have to go out Ronnie since I could yeah. Coastline US ever discuss Texas as a mom and sister site you guys are state fair a couple of years ago we've been stands for years much love and rock on this obviously means. And I don't know how many times you hear these kind of great story and I'm Ronnie James steel an amazing person sadly he's no longer with us but it seems everyone has a great story about Brian James deal like you guys have. Well and I love the fact you know the whole idea of the good to great thing I mean Ronnie one held on other brands and said look here's here's how to get it done and you guys were Smart enough to listen because. You guys know you're in the business we know we you know we do a lot of interviews not everybody got that memo or if they did they decided not. To read it I'll absolutely. They had happens competitor great pass every mention your rider in crazy have you do you guys have any weird or crazy things on your Ryder. What we need to start that because I can't say how many times yes that lake and it's like yeah. Tony Tony KFC chicken wings and yeah I'm surprised she's Joseph I'm surprised you don't have something on their army guys that that's that's the surprise to me. If utility the mustache wax they need gas to maintain had a couple testers are compliment the union goatee their generous news thank you you can see it from a distance now could affect. It's it's it's just say yes it's mallet did it yeah. As you what does it smell like. Come on getting nervous at they're and I are doing this in any I think. Mom it's no a little bit Nellie in at did you put something in there game straightened out yeah. Elijah. Weaknesses Vanilla is the aroma of love. These are the Yankee candle for FFO Paul Paul Paul I hope I'll just Robin it's handled well minus the pushy salespeople pretty well yeah. I can't simulate. That cinema the hallmark guys or is that can help you know I I know exactly where the cards are good okay so it's not just my wife my wife and I what are we going to Yankee candle she loved in the candles from there. So that she's like I'm good I know what I need stop trying to stop it yes stop pushing your stuff I mean I crack dealer. Oh smell yourself. That's the best buys like that do. And diet did it's it's kind of my last experience at best buy was did the same guy kept coming up. And I'm like I'm like I I get it I'd I know and I forget that I have just leather jacket on that actually has my name on it some walking billboard. So is like in oh. I thought you looked like losing heal but now I know you are in the hello I'm an idol like he was idly think of like I don't know I was still nice bump something up their project. It is still yet as you can never complain about bad customer service anywhere if you've got your jacket on. Yeah I got out. Hey look at me jacket my look at me check if we and you attacks have been saying all morning in which he had on the spot and I I have to put in the -- I do this real hell yet the last couple nights out of Seattle time we've been lucky I was fortunate to go on Sunday night and got to see the Temple of the Dog show I did play began last night as well it's on to sold those shares of the Paramount theatre it was a mind blowing experience and I thought have you guys especially near you guys are gonna join us some live day because. You guys have done some amazing covers over the years and you put out some great cover EPs and I remember. One of them was a version of temple not a symbol of the dogs hunger strike and I don't know if you guys. Are able to employ an op but I'm gonna centrist both of your arms and and it would be an awesome win and our show and celebrate the music of Temple of the Dog if you guys performed it can also be an awkward way to and the showed they say no we really can't I. Actually don't realize not everything is possible and and we're actually on data that we you know we can get how local first of all how was this yeah do wish we could've gone and it was. They humbly momma use model of bone fan and it was obvious like I first I thought how are they gonna do a full show and they did a three hour set not only just Temple of the Dog song for the good handful mother love bone songs. They didn't mad season river of the see how well their version of Led Zeppelin Achilles last stand just knock you on your on your blog I mean it was it was unbelievable corn l.s voice McCready on guitar they did not a Sid Barrett cover Hendrix. I mean did they did they really ran the gamut of not only music that all the Mets had a hand in but also music that is inspired them it was. As perfect image shows you can ask for it was it was unbelievable. Need. It's it's great to hear from those guys too because it's like these these are some legendary people that. Like you were saying before like look they didn't have the you know they've done enough in their career they could stay home if they wanna do. You know I'm not do things like that but but I think that there is that primal need. And you know to get out there intent and to performances and hate guys can still do this. You know and so that's that's really cool it's like life goals for me yeah back. Our let's play Sandra work it. Through good and doing do it hemisphere particularly joked yeah. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI DSW. He's willing. That's the storm I have right there a huge thank you to myself for making you guys do that song. Yeah. Good job Steve you really really cool I'm really pulled off a good when you don't you guys that was amazing save the day thing. Again big say so Lizzie in Joseph from hailstorm you guys are. The class solve our genre of music it is every time we talked to you guys are fantastic and yeah daylight do we you guys came on the scene you may is better and thank you for being around for lunch Evan Liz out I I hope you guys. And Joseph I'll be guys around for a lot longer and it's it doesn't we we need great bands great people like you and are in our genre. I think you saw today to pay it comes full circle Manhattan thank you so much for all the support over the years you know at this it takes a village and and you know to raise abandoned should give us the opportunity to do what we love so thank you. And that's gonna share the love you guys are getting Ameritech's 1779 and holy crap instinct goose bumps and shivers up my spine. Next sized hail storm officially my favorite Rand Morrison awesome driving down I thought I would chills and goose bumps this is great. I have goose bumps and literal cheers and enjoyment what a great rendition and in holy crap instant response shivers. This is great and I also like this on this song is the peanut butter to my jam that national. Lot of thank you guys. Yeah I did check out the website hailstorm rocks as HA LE Helstrom rocks dot com. I tweet them at hailstorm Lizzie Joseph thank you so much for spending as much time from performing yards Suggs is beautiful thank you for her for making his life de awesome you guys rock. How crazy guys and you can't wait to get back there now get back soon. Hi there we go and that. That concludes our part of live data of course the men's room mate later on this afternoon they will be on how they've got a pretty reckless and an amazing my performance in them it's going to be just. If it's anything like what we does that it is going to be fantastic tells awesome wanna thank you all you rock caused because the fact that you love sounds like this and listened to simulate this middle allows us to do it. This is such a great piece of radio ahead to be a part of in my career the highlight because it is just so magical electric and wonderful and got I'm just so happy guys listen thank you so much. And you know Steve and everybody on the show of course state Q I mean you know an Al everybody in our show you guys rock. But does so many people that made this happen I really you know had to do nothing but just open the Mike like I do every day. Everybody behind the scenes have put this together origins for months and months ahead of where we are now. What's a guy Jason build on our production dredged for organizing this whole thing JC rock. All the carriers will be crew behind the scenes I mean really. Thank you thank you thank you so much guy tried to say thank you say hi to everybody in the building today because you guys made it happen by your wrist injury don't look immune. Mine looked at people tax is nice I know normally the eye contact rule I said mom you you can look at me today you are now upon us today I see you too you can look at me today. I'll wanna take all of it hasn't won this morning window paints super effect outshine alive she cried jar of flies their nets some of Mercury head and of course hailstorm. And of course a huge thanks to Glenn cannon from window pane I mean he like you said the Paul Shaffer for all they. They're solar system dying and Tommy uses because he loves the Seattle music clos cast WNEN and it was just amazing what people off cubs Augusta Kyle course firms are perfect for all the bumper music we had today thank you Kyle. Craig guess everybody had dragged dead gas dot com puts US is Craig you demand thank you so much I Kathy Faldo late Jesse funding for showing up. I mean she really is the heart and soul of why we are still here after 45 years. Lots a love to Kathy thank you for coming your real quick FaceBook message from a an old cast W alarm you remember fluid arteries showed downtown joke hey did you know. Put some FaceBook is not too many people are doing interesting things in commercial radio airwaves these days by BJ and Steve are the exception. Today hash tag line the IK ISW and everything is live. Music commercials ask the sound effects and hold it check it out love Joseph Johns on Joseph doing some seduce a former from a high school's radio says she's a great guy. And it they think you lost it Tom Kiefer from Cinderella here who just treated out shot. So that's not easily their best impression but it's also. All bad in my particular pictures as well I might give the man brother thank you amount from our people there are this is Malcolm thank you so much the other fully artists is rocked the house side hailstorm again. I like you said like Dickens he's the mentioned today at 2 PM Ryan castle is up next thank you so much for being here on the Iraq for weeks. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy I have lots of tickets that I haven't okay. And those who just charge through bankruptcy yes there are some limits I'm on what we can do is against. Tickets cannot be discharged an awful bankruptcy the chapter seven case that won't help you get your license back and just entered Jeanne we organizations. Tickets are just turned the ball most precious tickets or discharge a bowl. 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