BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-06-17-8A: There is a new list of the top 10 worst gifts you can get during the holidays.

Wednesday, December 6th

Facebook Drama.  “Santa Hook-Up”. A woman gets angry on Facebook at a friend who slept with Santa. A new survey asked people when it’s appropriate to take down Christmas lights.


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Hi so you know everybody is waiting for Santa to bring me gifts but you know there's been great gifts and then there's some pretty bad gifts and I get the top ten worst Christmas present she can get. And his season I want you guys that statistic about the worst present you ever got I don't know I don't know the best present was of course you need to work with me that's a great gift every year yet I guess optical what is different wars present yet covenant on valley. So yeah I've got the top ten we'll see where yours ranks so I don't mind even on this list the eyes of the dominant Don TI record because that's a bad gift that's just an hour's time when uncle Christian that I never even heard of that song before you started playing into it and listen to the entire neither is the greatest song ever. You are easy you realize he's an idiot right and you realize you hired and handle your personal stuff well so how stupid are all I asked governor no doubt about it. JJ. By his music based. Okay my aunt got me for Christmas and thought that I wanted this news wrapped up as a cassette is how old Longo what that was like Austin Austin and this is I'm at the height of my phantom of metal. Ozzie Metallica. Slayer mega that you could do no wrong is plenty of options open it up on Mike what is it going to be. It's culture club's karma chameleon almighty can. Ha ha and right for you yeah like everybody else maybe in the eighties out of an amazing but for a guy like you know. Am like looking at them try try in my brain to figure out what in the world would make and he only that could think. Is that she thought because. We George and all that make up and I was a fan of hair metal I mean I'm not gonna lie. Okay. Boy I was accused CNET of men in May be so bad did you ever hear of the band before you got that oh yeah so you know who they were a call to cover huge at that time Kodak camera karma karma karma chameleon and this is just shy of the your lover not your arrival well let's just say thank god for our. Did act and been in the invention of tape that you could put over the tab seeker record over to bite instantly recorded over that. Yeah that would usually it's a free tape what a great debt and that's a great frank you go hey we're most of my favorite music in the icu Poppins culturally in the culture club thing but you've got some good medals and anything cup Judas Priest yet. Well that's so yeah that's a pretty bad gift I think you know getting getting music that is just way out of your genre not even clue folks yeah. Yeah how about you Vicki was the worst if your area. My dad went to Mexico when I was in high school he always comes out with a bunch against usually candy you know some Kool Klein. Both he brings me back is when I first or embassy in Iraq music and the booklet and Spanish by the way. A book about how rock music was satanic. Oh and how growing hell look at the film when they were really into the whole church thing and they all end in my hand my lifestyle if you will god did he do waves gas. Yeah we're looking at an in my dad's like this is for you to read like man now. You guys. And we set up a sit down with you and Tipper Gore. Wow that's hard core gas I didn't create a new Dessens has such a cool dude man took a couple of years like between like my tattoos in my music Toews in new wearing all black they were really wary for awhile there. Economic gun you know she's converted from Catholic to satanism wanted to read Iran. Philly. She should just do you brought to America you should know about it. You should independent operator does that give you want people to be especially the Pacific northwest. The most under church place in the in the country yeah that's how are you re Catholic now but I like to think that because all the struggles like put them through they have become the accepting amazing people that they are. Are also taught you don't that are on our humble little partial idea what I got to do open them about your own besides yourself what was the worst gift. Oh thanks so I share to thank you for this I'd needing corrected. Because all awhile back we had found I found out that I was diabetic. And power out our aging and tag gives everybody chocolate every hour here I see Isaac and their fancy shots is really fancy were awesome chocolates but for a person who can't eat them now or at least shouldn't eat them. I was really awkward but I have to thank you for calling him out on the air. And ever since and has been multiple years since I've been getting a five pound right Agha does that she gets a better deal. Yeah I now love pistachios you don't like those fancy chocolates no I love those fancy chocolates but there's not much that trumps the statue of five pound and that's another armadillo a million dollars right there yeah amazing Marley pistachios is ridiculous here's a nation to the stars and on a million and there is a fancy guy. Danny v.'s worst you ever got one time I got. Homemade jelly that was probably the worst tasting jelly ad ever I had ever gone from my best friend. And thing was is it wasn't necessary I get it's the thought that counts but I buy him a 170 dollar like Leonard Skinner because I was favorite bands like discard her feet seeing and I you Malick are happy and he is like. And here's your little jar of jelly that we couldn't even eat because it tasted so backseat. Chili's tastes good yeah yeah homemade jelly is awesome easily and I will tell you I you know I just are doing that make really good at home just attempt to make homemade jelly which will be really decks not talented at that. And start to me about the people who see how low eighties or somebody finally pulls me aside those brow. Knock it off with the jelly is not good do we need someone to do that you arsons Barbour has left no additional homemade stuffing was he always do here about homemade honey all the time the Fred because he knew he'd be out there doing what every doesn't those bees. Floyd is that this is the shocking allegation I don't know in the movies on how he's gonna. But you know he's one DJ Haley about Bob ago here you go and it was actually cute because I was in a bottles of Bob releases honey yeah. And now he's dead in Vermont and he's missed I think he's Milken trees given maple syrup. And you know I made fun of them until I tasted the honey taste that maples server might all right this this this is legit I really and now I guess it's on a waiting list you get if you want Bob Herbert his maple syrup you getting back freeway lets up like. Spread almost all the are waiting list what if I just get like go to Costco you're one of those just giant jugs of we're begged the I. Of Welch's great zone to. Get a bunch followed yeah dude I started saying that I. Yeah yeah you should do I should he pitches and yeah you gotta get some masons yard field like that guy does make people confuse your work like he doesn't talk to anybody. But also he's giving us all gold jars of jolly. As it gets I think it's a great idea how this is awesome I love this plan I mean I love that we have some new people in the building who don't know me solo Villaraigosa my tradition. Yet you guys have to like browse through all you have and at Steve's jam always besieged damage amounted narrowing I don't know tam now ya you wanna jamming in fees jams to jam ballots to jam bam. Well number one I would say we are sorry Texans agencies Brandon. My grandfather the same thing for me about giving the wrong music cause a big into Matalin that eighties he gave me cassette of the Bellamy Brothers. I mean I would look. The Bellamy Brothers. The assets of Danny expects the same value gift given him as he gives you hi Danny Danny. Yeah she can't even tell me like I wish you would have been like Kate and Morgan did you homemade gifts this year but he was like we're trying to save money which I once again I respected it was just one of those like discipline clearly did you bringing it up right now I know I was mad I can't argue with Danny because he won over the top if if you go mid -- asked him to go over the I agree but that's what happens you do you think your friendship is that good that you're both going to be over the top men and it is disappoints like when somebody love somebody Millen doesn't it's telling that you like hello I thought you fell more than you'd know how differently has he giving you expensive gifts and there are. Mean it was one of those like we've would buy its stuff nice stuff for each other in years before but he never there was never elected discussion of we're going to you move. And scaled back these I was more here in the mosque near. Who is you thought there was more happening then we're no longer friends anymore yet because you're only telling your only jolly relationship exactly. That's all you are clearly tried my jam. I wanted to energy and pride. But I it's gonna figured out I had to tell me. I'm back to the world rebellion rather country artists way back in the day when I first started another rebel army might have had I got a musical before he became a great comic who's going to be on Sean Tyrese Rice Sarah then they sing songs like if I told you had a beautiful body would you hold the walking those guys look nothing like Obama he's. I get a lot of double entendre is in their songs and that's I loved him the Bellamy Brothers. I don't know they are the only bright and like I don't know anything about that well this was we're going back thirty years or so. But they were one of the bands I enjoyed when I had to play country music in my radio career when I first started out because they did have some fun lyrics like and I told you. If I see you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me I like deck and only those kind of clever. But the I can see if you're rocks and you're sure is all the wanna meet your music where John Young all the time daily abandoned his country when country wasn't cool no doubt about it they were I mean you've got Alabama the Bellamy Brothers real he adds value out all those guys back in the dazzle. No doubt about its new GAAP. Ugly clothing number one on this list for the worst Christmas present but the thing is now with the ugliest is sweaters I I mean some ugly clothing is really cool not again. I walked into Fred Myers at the big thing on display you know we don't go when you got the clothing cited salt ugly Christmas sweaters suits its its popular hey you'll let me Christmas -- slurs are one thing is usually one taking it out but as someone buys you let's say someone buys you a beast turtle man can engineer one of her slayer finally rates now. Hey you look like at tech giants are all innocent in my culture club consent. See I'm with you Vicki and my wife always says pick me up something nice and it's like oh no because if it did it doesn't fit your right I'm the jerk of jerks and my parents always would buy me. I think they do this on purpose they buy any colorful clothing who. Like I really want to put all tell the converse again. Standard. Black pair shocks and I get the brown and pink ones. Yet he oh yeah thoroughly and secure. All they're trying to get her on soft again yeah Satan they're trying to get away from Satan gap but yeah all my family knows its if you find me any kind of close if it's not gray or black never gonna Wear. I got a great gift for your employees you'll join us listen I think it's a great Christmas present all right what is odd poetry kids. Thought thanks I say I would really love one for travel really yeah. I got I got its poetry kit it's about zip lock bag. Gonna put my reserve and shaving cream and I'm very surprised yeah I don't tell you the double value of the duffel bag guy and so kind of he's struggling in the Duff or hope you have that big silver recently had that weird space case you guys are falling apart because clearly TSE likes to hit it with a hammer you had to do but I wanna test it out to make sure it's Samsonite ready put all my toiletries or put in zip Loc bags. You know what I can't argue with that I'm really really neat little light rain chance Haley does any conditioners but I don't bring simple work at a eye disease and Coronado hotel gives him a line what do you Chantilly and nothing has changed so the. You realized he just needs deal branch maybe toothbrush and toothpaste may be you don't even need to brush. Maybe mouthwash for my hair clippers okay that's nice but you know Daryn a big as the clock as soon. Everything's in zip lock bag while zip Loc is making a ton of money off you all grow yeah. I I use the slider is already you do does the zip itself because I like the slider bags now we know it depends on how wild things have been going financially. If things go well financed say get this wider and the sliders are steadily at a slumming at the dollar and 89 specially around and sank zip lock it's like you know zap block. How about this now number three. The list used to be a gift I would get my wife but yes she still she told us she literally had lotions and lotions and bubble bath. I she show me the collection to you as you know you give me these every year please do not get them this year and she just had like underneath the cabinet she used any of them. Yeah as I this is it as a guy. You don't know what's you don't wanna don't close you don't hear ya know what the right sizes are and you just think all smelly stuff ticks all love smelly stuff. But he realizes that now after awhile they don't want all that crap. Number four on the list Simon argue because I think that it's turned OK it is turned this used to be one of the worst gifts to death but now I think this can for me I hope I get plenty of these. Adult diapers yeah. They do it might have walked into the and I walked right into that. Hemorrhage pretty. Again. You know what I have to say I've been saved from hemorrhoids okay tonight I've been sick from now and I got I fully expect in the happened on the way for them for like ten years has happened I'm really happy about that because I have friends designers trying hard enough. Well what is it BJ I'm sorry that does not you don't let you know what the Christmas gift what's number four and I thank you all gonna agree on most of Viagra now. It's nice. Ben gay. Yes I'm a big game I would dig dude because I am getting the aches and pains again use I actually I just got to topical. I went to a placing him as a mom topical marijuana I know I'm excited about all that stuff I hear yeah buddy I never foreclosed the Sox oh yeah. Used to be a horrible gift and now all I tell my and I tell my kids right now anything DT you know me please I can't have enough GT socks for Christmas complaints. No one talks. Daddy why literal my crew compensating a Gary blame my socks Egan rapid memory agreement that no way we know we don't know I got there. Yeah so I edited it that I. Disagree with I have a huge it's Steve that I probably have close to a hundred acres of fox. Oh I like him I saw all kinds of something like Steve with a T shirts yeah like I had to get one of those under the mattress Slater things you know for storage the holy oh sorry that's why Karl yes you haven't got a slider thing destroy equipment will tell I have a treasure chest for that aren't. Pillage today please tell me you called pandora's box. It's just the. So that might finally never think that's a basic patriots the Sox I just like basic black socks was strong with you one and I've never horrible sock game you do I don't have a soccer game and it's not a sport it is a sport there is no game involved in line to cast early dry county all by JD it's. We'll let our executive order when he's not wrestling no not idiots but we have a soccer game meridia absolutely hey how shown just soccer game today broke. My favourite reality got Ileana trying to point eight and Paula I notice that the other artists. I thought that I didn't look that look they're black like all my socks. I'm just a fancy really thick lending at a cost on what you are happy using it irritates me about Steve what he's gonna strong teacher can guess you've got a strong shoe game yes that's why you Sox why you'd want what I want my socks and pants that cover them what it's a giant waste of money. It's stupid. I'm walking around wearing floods so why would I want people I'm no one's ever gonna see my soccer ball when I'm picturing you like at home wearing your boxers only when she want cool socks and just say in home basically make didn't I don't Wear socks at home driver was our kids were sometimes I might mean all the time you never know you know it's always it's like bush just be repaired because when I've been a conventions and sitting on that stage I'm the oldest guy on the station owners conventions and then all of a sudden somebody always tweets my pictures of the socks somewhere and gone bad BJ does have the best soccer game on stage. And I'm always proud of that yet bigamy is seal a hundred Peewee and find another radiate the these are radio professionals who are amazing Google because they love my Sox can Sox are great all right I just don't have that I like plain black Sox. Now that I'm not take this. My and I pounded I'm not unless they're big black Sox. All right well this box by the way I said OCK Vicki and if ever take this fascinating conversation sick and send it to their radio guy and gallons per because we really wanna hope that guy do great radio and we are perfect example of the sort of a large collection Harry Potter and Star Wars soccer exactly sixty pairs altogether I don't know about Miley children I don't have. Why I don't have one pair Harry Potter theme Sox wow I'm like you know me I'm you know c'mon I. Dissent. All right and family or those socks and new show on fox I would my one of those. He should decide their socks so they'll make where you take a picture your dog in the Khartoum denies it and then put it on your socks so I'm that if you take a picture of like. Yourself there's only one dog I will have a my body Randy Jackson and. All right two dogs that I will have my money it's only snoopy and that's it snoopy. You know it's the results to be the man or you can now though Snooki Sox Charlie Brown snoopy that's my that's my jam from back in the day is any. I do that because it irritates you've got. Can't even award gets you would say close weren't you did that's my new word I can make up words now that he may in my why can't I miss coming up placed a boar or one slip disengaged before pat the man's. All right I have a question for you unless what happens. Whenever it's somebody's. It's called out for being. Her role at the company Christmas party coming through a bad designed. It's you know it is it's another edition of FaceBook entry is there's no parent you're gonna get that it makes that hole. On brouhaha. And they eggs mornings. On the rock I mean I'm 49 KI guess tell you. Point nine KI SW Iraq. Seattle to. And they've dumbed right give I begin plumbing heating and mechanical Vijay once again this is our opportunity to point out the dumb people that are on FaceBook. Actual FaceBook post a drama unfolds because of it and now this around BJ you'll be the original poster you'll be detonate Polaroid's bread he'll play the role Saro three. Stereo literal Randy. I'm happy and federal grand. And right. Hobby he'll play the role of Paul okay and I will be markets so once again the original posters destiny so BJ please take it away. Leon good audio these added you. Oh. I eat yeah I you gonna slide it up again this year passed and we all know what you did last acts acts acts masks don't. Chirac just because CNN cause like I mean law they know doesn't mean you got to face young hooked up with Santa AKA I supervise our. How in the world did you think that was okay plus you got him fired yet you are still here somehow. Why are you guys even posting all this on FaceBook. Wait wait wait. You really hooked up with Santa took a couple Bob touched circle who ball once again the samurai is just giant because she had a crush on you don't and I want out. Guess we all know who was on the not he laces. And I beyond you know not easiest this year Bethany and I can now go home. That's why is not what I was saying I am just sickened tired if you holing it up in the offense but again. Why are you posting all of this on FaceBook. It's. I would have a good time in veto light up the body as you know when you can just need Rudolph. Hey hey hey you know I assume pet tag at. Don't play and I Maine gets its news. Now playing Bozo reindeer games again that may. One last time can someone answer me why you guys posting all this on FaceBook and Paul. He just accretive to a whole new level. So that's from our office parties coming. Out of solitary. We I know that you change the name so to protect you know everybody but that's he's looking forward to seeing you play San yeah. Yeah. Parents. So that's. Yeah it's going to be quite interesting as those who talked about yesterday more more offices are serving less and less alcohol. Down from last year was like a little more than half the offices were saying yeah we're still offering alcohol now it's down like forty something percent. Only serving alcohol Christmas parties I think if your company need to downsize that's the time to serve more alcohol like look we can get rid of a lot of people. Just again the waist and had him do stupid stuff in the we have reason to get like let's let go home normally I think you're a moron but I think that's a pretty brilliant idea the audience if they fire themselves of their activity than year you don't feel so bad if you're struggling business. The enemy some cuts have an open bar you Christmas part sick. That really run ill be worth it be fantastic. It's sad you know I mean I'm old enough to remember a time where. It's just wasn't a problem nine know that people had problems but. You know I feel like the you know the majority gets punished for the actions of a minority I'm really kind of tired that gap because most of us are cool. So let's do not treat people badly most of us don't and yet we have to all be punished. Because of the idiots I've gone to several Christmas parties where alcohol is served never once. Have had pulled impose our by the Boston like we need to talk about your behavior yeah if anything maybe like we need to talk about how much food you're eating because. Yes we said it's free food that you're you're going a little excessive that may have been so I may have been spoken to a couple times that what we told you we're really want to did you need to order in order of wings' armor mozzarella sticks and order fried pickles yes yeah I did best boss I did I bust my ass all year round opportunity that's right this is that's. Yes this is my Christmas. Mentally when time they had confident he's still brings up Tuesday and make. Commentary to Reno once he figured once solidly above I'm like great he has learned a sushi place tonight awesome I had a lot of sushi and he's like I watched you eat more sushi a Euro vikings. Just destroying our SEC had a mind. I got a big stomach man I gotta fill up boss. I am fine lunch I mean if your boss just understand this is our opportunity we've hit the jackpot it's the lottery. It's a matter where you go you go with it to you think we did she displays ever I'm going to utilize oh yeah that's just what I do amino stuff on the menu that I wouldn't normally get because again. You were behind. Yeah isn't that the idea when the big boss takes shouted you get too beat get to have things and an eight quantity and quality that you never have. A that I did there are times like when you go I would buddies in your car you have you ever done this for like you you fully anticipating that you're buying so you kill him or colitis because you're like okay we'll know once by this is me I guy if I wanna have an extra couple sushi rolls I'm gonna do it you know so anybody's. Because unease I I have good friends that sometimes affect all cover the tab economic unmanned. I really did damage on that have out voted no that I would just toned it down a little bit yeah now I I at the yeah our high you know how I don't lucky enough I feel I let you know we all serve to each other out whenever we do it by Dahlia all evens out it is kind of a bummer. I don't the best thing what do what I love is when somebody knows who did like the world you're living in financially. Because I remember that I wanted to do something really nice for Tom whitest of the broadcast these to be in this market really yeah he was always good to me so I sit Tom look and come and LA and I'm taking you to lunch I had and he's a guy and I'll pick the place. And I now listen I realize so Thomas and because Tom loves his wine and find food and I thought oh well some I got ready. I was ready to go OK but I mean no I owe him I want vehement. And you don't go to Chucky cheese they took us to a place that was like wow this is actually within my budget I thought that's really cool of him. Yeah I mean that he was that led that he he knew I was buying and eating take me to a place where would have wrecked me what if he's just a fan of that kind of place stuff he may have been yeah but I have been to Tom's house and understands he has asked well he just likes find everything you know but 'cause he's you know and he works really hard to have the money to do it and you know and also you know that there's Steve Tom and I at the time is he was really successful and I was an idiot so Jamaica baseless signaled there was no way I can afford anybody. And I thought that was really thoughtful I I don't I've made me think all I'm gonna think about that some want to take me out and I got to pick a place Simon videocassettes that was really cool because and no way you can go broke right you know going to the wrong restaurant joins him I don't really care affect the company's fine. You're an all that's that's always a sign off. Okay we're going to Garnett. Exactly right Leo we're go to the battery I know it's not coming out of pocket an actual individual and a friend or coworker wherever it is they go to companies pay for this summer nights. While that's their choice do you think I mean I don't know an animal kind of circles are CEO hangs out and but I think that guy always has to pay. Now he's in charge of everything. I'm sure he's so I'm Jewish presence of other people that are interesting to ask you gotta do you know what what's your Paul Allen like Paul Allen Bill Gates they always have to pay right who's the who's got more money than them so I think they're always the guy that I think hey. It probably around other multi millionaires grand not on the Forbes list of the richest senate asks. But I mean if you're Richard rich I never pay if I was like I was always going to launch upon go do let's be honest and look I only got a couple minds your your your ball well. Right he's always pain in my book we. Still telling the ball I feel like men and you know bill I I got this if the arrow is something about a pride thing late even now and I think you know all all lessen my age age group a whole lot of money the when you can buy everyone around intrigues. Yeah we can buy everyone sued. You feel like the alternate Boller. Yeah selling out I was the guy that Iowa's is trying to get a free milk. I made a rule that whoever's making the most. Chris I did this for the guy worked with in Rochester and I was told I was to my buddy Kris could pay whoever makes the most always buying and people who can't we Darryl myself I hope I didn't notice pro personnel intensive care about what I've grown so harrowing time gone I would examine you wanna feel the bar when you're married and are going now to former football player so I just like you're tied club bar here and in Seattle. No idea what. He's always against like everybody tricks you outline around them until he was up there venues such generous guy would lose money. Coming you know what did I've got this routers make really five or six of us and it solo thing to know whenever it's. Ever does that I'm like I got this night it did the tablet that was a terrible idea I got exactly why nobody ever does it really does a lot of money just like six during is that a good these shots yeah that's a crap. Funny thing Lue Wilson never invites me out he knows Motorola yeah of course is never gonna buy beer drinking Osama damn I don't cover paper damn thing. Today fairy delegates you drink minimum a year hammered. Well that's the best thing about me you're not gonna pay for a modeling but a B your still can't. But those Shirley temples I get the high end once and got a new shows how long that charity that's rise apartment. A new survey. They ask people when quote responsible person should take down their lights their tree and there are other Christmas decorations we be talking about this now yeah I just a bomb went down yesterday I just try to dot com or anyone amongst that I had a number one well you know you don't wanna make a carbon footprint you're really green right it's a green Christmas. I have this fight with Sarah every year if she wants to keep up forever but he can't do that Harris is treated she wants him up for got to give a look past the sixth that's what I say oh January 6 yeah. Yeah eyes and I think that's about right. That's right he knew that that the next weekend after the first two after you celebrate New Year's gala for the weekend after that. I think that's fine and that's about what people are saying mid January I'm OK well that's what and that's more than half the people there and they're onboard with you I can't believe that America is it resonates with you on this late January's finest as I don't keep put in the lights on like I can understand that sometimes you sought time to take all the lights down but if you're still putting a lights are on inject ended January. That's weird. I agree there is there's isn't too soon to take the lights down and because I spent a lot of time decorating the entire house last year my roommate took off. December 26 and a file domestic animals down the bridge and I tell you my New Year's I came back home and I legit list depressed what's wrong with that guy. No there's much wrong with him we don't have time to get all that hairy guy I don't know yeah Gary I don't see him pretty well Christmas is over and click put the picture and the links where to go. On the other end of the spectrum I dated a girl whose daddies to go all out for Christmas and he wouldn't take him down until Saint Patrick's Day. Yeah he's he's like I did not do all this work to not enjoy them so he went straight past Valentine's Day same patch is absolutely given to see guys are some that's advice February look like an idiot it's you can program and if you do like red green light so he only did the red lights for Valentine's Day and it's a patch exe just due to green lights of feel like celebrating every holiday. That gets seahawk lights for some people do see how colors and criticize and I think he needed until they're done with the season yet you can bet that's a brilliant idea because you know and other special last six years they've been in the playoffs so the season goes and genuinely neighbors made it out about this I can tell when you won't run the day EC title would force obviously made himself for its own make it far it was like Starbucks store bought but it's a giant sea hawks logo. And it looks awesome tonight in now you tell you dub one as well. Policy this guy can get here and he'd flash that may be thrown out I wouldn't take that down into the sea hawks are done. Yeah and you double course again bowl games I William and doesn't know you've had some good sings let's celebrate and ended December so of course they're taken down at that point death. Yes they Steve he got this one right. They tend to many guesses the Euro first entered circulation during Greece. Year of the 2000 he's no. The wives. He's zero for parents circulation during which your 2002006. No 2004002. Well yes but you're to a charity get our wrapped. The dad senior how Eds these onerous debt that's set them count the joke guess is commerce a warmup I love how you know what whatever it takes arguably in my losers song. And you you can help me with dad and college now I need some of the beat Stevens 2064 to unlock. We'll plenty made today forty sevens. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help we're back absolutely no one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. And so they can be either good or other regular ongoing bills. 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