BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-06-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, December 6th

Beat Migs.  Listeners on the loose. Cathy Faulkner is filling in for Ryan Castle.


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The video game with a Washington State Council firefighters because this time here what was taken is gonna tell a family get golf cool gifts they're bunch of kids out there that wanna keep warm. And we know you can help us put a thousand new coats on those kids that need him. 34 bucks that's all across 34 to put a brand new American made calls from people who want help their self esteem yeah. Although the Pacific northwest just. So you wanna make donations. You know I don't even if not the full 44 give what you can if you don't have a good thing how about you show this initial network. So maybe I'm architects why did they say this season include a 500 bucks and I I was like wow that's really really cool as did that. Thanks to cash in won't give it to a great cause. You want more info plug like that lady just go to KI SW dot com to donate today. And does need a man and. Exempted when. That's what can instead why can't stay cool hey I have. And I can guarantee that they Steve will get whacked today you don't really audio and I get we've got still mental alleged two time. Seared. Sir is that Stephen with a Vieira PH school what are right wow nice but it doesn't see you both love the VER fans movie. It's 18. Okay what's it like four days he Jeff Ross and David tell tickets are together and at the more theater on Friday may eighteenth on a show has to be a great comedy show gonna KI SOR I'll walk through the rules. But if you wanted to get a Mexican master dot com copyright Steve get out of here. He's playing at home Stephen we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Stephen. He could pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are you ready. And all you still what American discount retail chain is headquartered in Bentonville ark. In song. T. Snow isn't. All know. What turned fourteen tailed deer is also slang for a dollar and I'm lost as the final episode of How I Met Your Mother air he is what year Ernest yeah you know I know. I know yeah. That's now which types of nuts he's used to make nest tell us. I'll move me times total it's just the comments now. Lou Wallace is now learning learning Bolivia is known as aids worn out flags. Poets. Announced parents know why did this seven dwarfs which you're never streaks. Tom and I. It I'm a parent or two stars in the movies 48 hours. Emergency. And them. Now homeland. Oh yeah well. A guy is a value doubt in my mind correct and he's a not a bad words so good like with you sir you probably don't lax stay out of the shipping business my. Yeah hey is there any year Saudi mouse he's whacked up man snare is he's still more whack him and dead pool America Barrasso I you finally saw I saw so. God that's such a drag schedules the Mets cannot wait for dead pool and that comes out hopefully next year I think I have no idea but you know these things. It's you know I should I say hey yes I'm understanding you tons of money. On this line. Okay yeah we're back and not an announcement on Gagnon sort of this is good. If you don't win this one you deserve to be kicked him Jimmy yeah so. Steve just walked in I voted for all I bikes are not to be at this point I'll shoot Steve are you ready. And what American discount retail chain is headquartered in Bentonville Arkansas. Americans discounts weeks now target you know. JC Penney to no next. Costello now are home now what terms for email marks jammed what are her parents are cuckoo cuckoo what's termed very detailed gears also sliced bread dollars. Doped now text ideas are. Well he's he's no bill it's not that Harrison and how to be the final episode of How I Met Your Mother airs in what year are trying to and now Tony let us know. God it's placed twelfth now what type of night is easily and you tell us now our top place now he's now. Coco is now that cornucopia is known as Abe or no one last score and no to. For the funds no she hasn't told yes no Snow White in the seven horse which dwarf never speaks. Sleepy Novak I don't know it's extraneous. 0202 stars in the movie 48 hours Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy's yes since you manage to get one correct. You tied. Okay yeah this what's known as latter hole. Our Stephen do not swear but you are winner sir. Two oh and. Zach I didn't Wednesday why not Bundy please don't slack at what I want. Why you're match beer all good questions and tough no they weren't all war until we were so good about the what you knew what our eventually yeah Wal-Mart and I've made a mistake I got it you're the only moments I don't so you know what the bill is that's a B I it's really busy good term for a male deer that is also asleep for now he plays basketball has a deer in Milwaukee has they're mascot. The bulls box. Box buck. Yeah it's like and notice how young my parents Steve and I got one good such a tough question and was at the time at the tonight. Guide one of the top ones the final episode of How I Met Your Mother aired in what year I wanna say I would went 14151614. Is correct you're at now one on that democratic the type of not used to make that tell us that this was like common knowledge yeah the eight nomad yeah they those. Most are just a bit of a mile like that's how I never thought about what it was made from OK I thought it was justly. Well it is has not says but not tell us. Now. Danny which door never speak still be yet I can say that no you didn't know you grainy which is there's no brainer north nuts this Murphy. Yeah Danny was so disgusted he was thinking of leaving the show after you southern Illinois Sears had these are tough question Steve thank you stay and serve wow just wow you have an -- not a tough question worst beat migs and history data from the B town bitter guy yeah I don't know if you've gotten used six before I know you've got Al until I organize holiday decline isn't flawless soccer's Mercury Milan Tucker yeah I'm just getting ready for the sounder championship match ass Saturday Mac that's right. Well. While congratulations because Stephen gets the prize BS he tied and while that's fantastic it's amazing I think it's the first time someone got one right and one. I've seen people get better than one and Steve only got solid point yeah Ali was ever got one right him once at least even drop an S bomb known as is that yap yap he Stephen did so bad he'd drop the nest bomb at the end he the other make you see you all react but I thought he said something funny. Now now now realize I was panicked. Can't believe he can include a second to decide how much. I got in my head I've never got my head I had never been so wrong about you I'm really like to stack. I usually have a guy I I don't pretty good job predicting how you're going to do and I would a loss so much money on this numbers as Steve was right chocolate is made from cocoa or not which is Mattel. Coco nuts I said Coco not another that says at least fits the leaves of good play on the legal ferries or is that we're talking and autumn. And I think all the attention I'm on center on received wave length as I and I doubt I could be wrong I don't know chocolate come true. It comes from storks I cocoa you know you're good you're great player aren't welcome practice. Now let's. I. The song. Party Steve General Motors what's the cornucopia answer well hard plenty. Horn of plenty yeah I forgot to ask them but it is the horn of plenty yeah I just had to Alia that things are coming on now nowhere to go before the. So go mess plenty via. So General Motors has announced that features coming to new buicks. Caddies chevys and GM sees took a shopping in the car because people are not destroy enough. Why would. There's got to be a reason behind this. Well this is to mean this is an extension of what might newbie used to do and act as I had a Garmin. And also looked I had told the Tonto I stop the TomTom app on my iPhone. And they would actually. You still record your shows on a VHS recorder now say what you want TomTom is GPS space sometimes you need that when you run a cell service aren't OK I'm going to use that Tom I know I agree would you the nobody uses uses it but the trouble is is what what other GPS based app is there I thought it was weighs in ways doesn't work when I don't have my cell service. At least doesn't work for me but the idea that I'm getting that is that they used to advertise things on Nancy I think he's just touch the screen you can get this whatever it is. As you drive and buy something and now they're gonna do things like food and gas so Dunkin' Donuts which we don't have here TGI Fridays we don't have many if we have many. Show many here yeah I don't I haven't seen one in forever. Shell ExxonMobil they're all gonna and Starbucks when help finally all right we're represented. So for most retailers and brands the daily commute is the only time not accessible in the consumers' day. And this marketplace gives merchants the ability to safely engage with drivers and passengers I don't know how gracefully go broke while stuck in traffic. But see here's the thing they say it's not engaging passengers but again make this our business radios to engaging people as far as Tom mall cool things they can do. You know we can't order tickling nuggets now cannot yet. But you know what give our busiest time you and I can go hey you wanna do it right now on the KI SW app if you're gonna park player the global thing a so that you've gone there and I'm looking at a picture receives tonight whatever you want and you can make in order out for food I guess I don't think that's a good idea. I mean seriously you've got to look at the screen take your eyes off the road unless this only works when your parked. This that this that they say good though we'll go they'll use the argument of another passenger does at all yet they say they designed it so easy that it only takes a few touches to keep from being too distracting that's their that's BS. I find that to be BS well especially the distracted driver laws would say even if you just look down your phone while you're red light that's considered. Bad enough that you would get a ticket so what why is this better. Yeah I I'm this is really an hears that they make kills me malaria and stop as an option I do love chicken wings is not rather than their French Fries are delicious. See if it was voice activated it I would be like okay. But to date to have yeah I mean have you tried I know Steve I know you have an older vehicle and I have an older vehicle but I rent cars. It is such a pain in the ass just to turn the heat on. Do my wife has a brand new car wreck we doubled from last year but knew enough and it's got to all the fancy in dash Bluetooth and everything under the sun where you can have at it and I needed to do something really quick and how to use your car and I just sat down like. How so I don't put the radio wants yeah no idea works it's it's not intuitive you know really really isn't intuitive. And I contend it seems like windshield wipers or rear view defrost her things like that. They need to be tactile buttons. Like they used to be so that you don't have the look you just know and feel where you going into a bright kid did got on a touch screen and pretty much all of those controls are touch screen. And also depending on your angle when you're looking at that touch screen you never hit the right thing and next thing you know you're getting Ming on right next thing you know you're ordering the Denny's instead of wing stop. Yeah it's more meat an awful thing and that makes me upset because what if you actually do that what kind of repercussions are there for that hated this this is not I don't I don't like this idea. Not like it seems all markets don't like it. So they keep it simple with a Jeep Wrangler where I don't even have power stuff. Yeah you lost your rust power windows you've done that yet you you're you that's the thing he gets me I have never been in a vehicle. Post. I would say in 1980s. To 200209. I don't it's I didn't know they still made cars. Day who did they didn't have power anything you know you do that that's amazing to I love it it's weird regular rental one errant how to bring into a shopper or whatever and drop it off for you from not in Seattle and amusing a different car. It's a but my however over the window down to earth. Critical for widowed. I'm so this RZ buttons do anymore you're crank it and I just think it's so weird this afternoon the Elsie opened window down me. How personal comment missing now you need the see I have used for that Pacman and some offense. But it sassy at the general on the that the passenger window. To do that while driving no you can't about as dangerous as ordering screwed by it and then dash so that's going to be an all GM did you they're GMC vehicles General Motors vehicles are gonna offer you the ability to order food from your touch screen. And they say it won't be too distracting OK he gives way to the first accident happens get to do that I don't know how they and is due to a giant collision while ordering chicken wings from when you stop. So I'd be thinking that the government would be like no you don't get to do that. Because we're trying to keep the roads safer hottest GM just go we're gonna do this and nobody gives them a hard time about it in the treasury the river driver instead already horrific enough last thing we need is more distracted drivers well yeah out and it's not just Seattle I mean look every he'd go anywhere on the country in the more distractions there are. And if you will did anybody who is young enough that they're used to this level of distraction thinking it's normal and that's not a good thing now. Yeah and that's the probably uniter and go to educate anybody into changing because that's what they grew up with this level of distraction. Did I mean I it's amazing to me how many people almost run into me. As I mean the story especially this time a year you is you're in the mall trying to do stuff and people who running into you because you're not looking but looking on their phone. I did try to put a full football here now need to be protected get out of their cars do they get out of their cars and they've got their head and their phone reserve they're heading to the supermarket what arrives like really you can't put it down by fear and particularly now when an elevator door open uranium and elevator someone who's just barrels outlaw staring at their phone and you have. Or just lock up just a little bit it just darling draw whole sea of people about it it's the source like the old guy but come on man. Bus because you are ideal guy yeah I saw silent. Multitask he can order food play on your phone call your hair into your makeup and get to work she. That's trying to get these man you guys that's right. It is time for listeners on the loose. And that means you get to pick the top makes you get two guys to show. 206421. Rock you also Texas 77999. Whatever you wanna talk about and doesn't matter man you're older you pick the topic. You guys to show you call your checks in at 917. On Iraq. And they X mornings. On the next point nine KI guess tell you. Nine point nine KI SW Iraq Seattle. Listen errors on the loose you pick that topic. You guys to show this is a lose trust you by Travis Gagne. 206421. Iraqi and also Texas it's 77999. Whatever you wanna bring to the table topic choice is yours. But to understand Steve has one rule for listeners on the loose necessary as a manager every other line. Bold and visionary can happen December. Are after all it's December time biggest someplace that's right you got to play you're on the air you got to play maybe just like Russell on the boys it's December time. And you know like you think you're the soil feels but you don't know time to play yet becoming our house now big pitch let's go to Scott in Arlington. Scott you're on Iraq. They'd be judiciary. Who. Are. Not things you guys are great payroll no longer are. There are rides are your rights to thousands wearing only unruly ally it. Yeah early this morning I talked about that you have read it to dole online discussion about rites of passage like what does it take to make you real deal Seattle like. Well I've lived here since I was or am I look above outright speech you gotta go down. You know winter dirt out of high side and it would make their winter storm comes yeah combo outside all. All shadows there's a speech there. Am you watched big rollers to amend it throws water all 4838. Year. Studios it is amazing spectacular site you're absolutely right and walk and I would say Graham it's a Washington State thing but walking the beach on any of the Washington State beach coast stirrings tack you hers another. Another rite of passage because that's not beach walking in the sun that you see in California border tourism commercial you're I mean that is rustic baby. And so even so I wrote in the and in the winter around this time of year and a rite of passage seems to be for some satellite today have a convertible to have the top down. While driving has not seen a whole lot of that's all I see not all of that here and reining in the sun is out it doesn't matter if it's thirty degrees or ninety degrees. If somebody has a convertible it seems like they're top is down. I used to have a convertible and I only do that because some of the people gripe with only can we used to we do this you have to. How did he cranked on a high of blowing at you in order to make that happen after buy miniature totally over it yeah. The worst interview on my five meg driving the entire time might not only is it cold out here on the freeway as only adding more wind yeah I don't understand that yeah I have I don't get that either. 20642 on rock Texas 7799 now is gonna Richard Seattle rich you are on the Iraq. I thought I pitcher rich relatives and they Leo rich I Iran Iraq rich. Try not to bad body what you got forest and a man. Watch a lot auction I don't know how much fox you walked quickly learn showed a lot of previews for the upcoming action file so yeah I'm I haven't. Scene like a lot of contents but I definitely seen a lot of hey coming up coming up as I watch Gotham and I might come over and initials are what your thoughts like definite watch Gotham. And erotic. Not anymore I'll I gave up on the Mac Comcast IAEA has given his seasons I'm still watching abysmal nearly you're watching gifted that gets an -- right and that's so that's another show I watch somebody watching NFL on fox I do watch NFL on fox Phillies empire no I'm not empire anymore. Excuse this season might be yard par final season on that one too so you know rich a lot of people worried they had mixed reviews on the last year's side you know basically renewal of the X-Files on TV. I'm IRQ. You don't try to word that we're gonna bring on a young couple to replace some. Yeah yeah yeah I auction Mulder are black lung machine shall fall election curious you know it looks like the old school days. Yeah I I I. You know it's interesting and and I appreciate the call rich I did see the set up where you thought they were gonna bring on that young couple and frankly. You know the way they pass the torch and probably will continue to pass the torch in the latest Star Wars movie cock. I have a problem that age you know especially a scholar multi shot a scholar mullah herself. So go go go Scully but something's Mueller had mr. Bennett Jackson Mulder and Scully say that three times dressed. If those guys come in every once a while but you know a new show with new people and a whole new scary thing like that. I I did give it will be given a shot of it's gonna hold younger crew and a hole like everybody says the amount of road. I'm not opposed to that but I am looking forward to this next season because it's less season was fun. Especially with the where guy big guy that actually turn into a human liberty he wasn't half. He was not as aware wolf. And you'll trip and and really what happens is is you're you're you're you're you're you're human being it turns into an animal right there's our team wolf it was the reverse of this so the guy actually wasn't a human but he kept turning into one when the full won't happen I thought that was a fun switch spoiler alert. Well if you have I mean it was last I'll don't have an ever watching it but I telescope model X-Files. Okay kindness and doing at those fun anyway. I'm not talked Manama on the talk to you I'm await. I'll retire to Ian but first we got to do this okay. You know we're doing now. A tease. Chiefs. Staff at C I'd I look forward that's the it is listens on the loose. BJ like that yeah well oiled machine hey said the guy only got one right today still. Still undervalues the album did lose. You pick a topic you've tied this show this is on the lose to a six foot to a rock Texas 77999. More recalls mortgage tax at 933. Former. The extra mornings. And now I'm 49 K I guess tell you. Point nine KI SW Iraq. Seattle is listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show go to CNN Bremerton EMU Iran Iraq. Say guys are going to ready which young force anybody. Go while ago I called them on the topic was known had a fire brand. I told you guys who started I was working with this girl and became friendly very turned out she was it's pretty much my age my long term girlfriend like or mentored Rawlins elementary or high school oh rights. Like I you know OK hey you know we can be hanging on the committee out of the measure to work. Well turned out about two weeks after I had that talk they let me go really. Yelled and able main office on Monday instead. You're not a good fit neurology go and wouldn't tell me why I had no performance or use no disciplinary actions not an. And how long we've been more for the company. I didn't there about two months and dude that is so unlucky if in fact it was all because of that girl. Wolf this do this mortgage lenders today I talked to some of these boys you know knew there and they are great today she was thrown at. And is being rude to an impression on everybody just entering the you know I believe it's even if you don't you remember they were always hard to imagine what happened there. And they pick terror. They'd say Turkish she'd been there longer and within a real well with the the owner of the clinic NY area and I don't. Yeah he used to you used to be banging the owner of the clinic clearly and that's what you got your parents can affect that Sox cameo in the long run as high for the best you really wanna be at our place dealing with that kind of drama. Oh god no boy it's funny to me Michael targets in the people there apparently this this past week they fired her body horror. Her attitude. So do you think maybe ever shot a golf bag a look guys you know I'd love to come back to work here unless we must find a new job. Apparently they're short on people and I'm not only in our own cult. Oh what would you make that phone call a meeting you do you have if you don't have a job but look. I it was its opposition to the DN so maybe this is a do over you guys are worse and that it's a situation where is it worth swallowing your pride. You know for for the paycheck and and maybe it's a better working environment because of that now. Yes I kicked that around but you know among current hard work in the dinner and does your past these campaigns are moment to school my GI bill and I are well. I can't argue with that nice yeah that's and I've just got Dickie really excited ya like you you then I'm excited for everyone. Yeah net net net and I appreciate the call Ian Leon and who boo yeah. How did you sense there's a new song yeah that I sounds good I think it be a big hit. Yeah I would go and Emmanuel. I say is Emmanuel Manuel how my due how to do memo. They're content I grew up why now. How Mexican blue I give both. Well I drove white and half Mexicans are right there and yeah they elect that's that's nice in my mom's blade and I looked like and how much demand. I'm thinking that's kind of like you because nobody ever think your Mexican health. I'm pretty penal he prima some that the plot to most 86 times analyses writes I'd say no which Jefferson MM well. DiMarco yes there are gonna well. People needy and other. There's no you know there's no nontraditional way then well all modes. You're happier until I met this girl online. And underneath you you look up to fourteen. And the minimum. Polamalu and New Mexico or can also build our committee and on and then. Moved to Arkansas after royal coat dropped and then. After a couple I cannot pyramid of 26 feet of the lunar and he's got following September. You don't hear the general area packed. How about this. Now they know I die have a very big big question I'd ask you so you say you wouldn't know Mexico. So what's better. I really haven't identical to the on. Both. I've been trying to keep people around here know they slowly is gonna look they're in Mexico. About I don't know he is better than TI will rally say yeah we know DC did intra ideals or you might have a chance threat. Little area yeah. There I don't really have his life changed he knew yeah and goes on why waste his time with a trip Syrian RD Osmond he knows that Furl is going to be the best when he gets a Seattle it's like when somebody says now this is like crap try it in an act a member of one mistake Okur and yeah so why try crap when you don't need to yeah exactly well you know why drive to crap. What are and I actually those that say how was Danny Villa on Dion and have been I lived in Albuquerque for five years in Diaz remains one of the only things that I miss about that place I solid ice. I'm so I think that's Danny's text numbers pretty yes Monte and it's okay this deal. Savviest Texan denies his hey good morning boys and Vicki gonna get my PGM makes tattooed tomorrow and I'm not putting in Amman but I'm incorporating Lulu and she's. A lady that's no blood sheet anchor. Not all view wow from Martin Marty this could be my first Datsyuk I don't think it was ever gonna tattoo that had me involved my second. Blankley is so familiar that one woman who tattooed all our signatures but that was an F I actual picture view we NEA embarrassment to my face and girls but. Dearly for radio I tickets. That's an old joke but I'm one of the three there on her but. What is just below though he's getting tattooed though bouncing ball if I I beat down that's also Honolulu looks good I don't care what he does yeah. Did you hear about this that the tattoo guy that some guy who it turned out it wasn't true but some guy posted a tweet testy lost in the old wrestler yes and it's a picture Steve Austin. Did the stencil on his head. So right. The guy just as they would he'd really he'd just rooted out there goes forgive me father I do not know what I do you allow yeah. And it's a giant stone cold Steve Austin logo this visit skull it says stone cold on his forehead eyes forehead. Steve Austin instantly said they treat some back in just his don't do it. And everybody's freaking out like dude what are you an idiot like on his forehead turns out that he got the tattoo on his lag any duty as a joke the stand soul. Like the Internet just blew up from people freaking out but it was kind of funny because he he says I didn't intend that Steve leaving and replied have you did they do but the fact that Steve Austin cared enough to guide. 02 hits yeah I love the sea was like look as my you don't put on your forehead right. That's awesome Italy's business is simply a return there's guys don't do audio pretty. Actually doesn't look bad guys that tattoo on his forehead man I don't know am not a face Datsyuk had tattoo guy but I don't know for some reason. If it's just a simple like that it demo too bad. I don't know why. They even get used to. I don't know I like telling them that tattoos on their head that certain spots against a suit some friends that like I'm undecided or had an idealist fine. Obviously Rolf from from Mike Tyson his tattoos are Somalia's ports. But that's just too much. If he did do any didn't obviously it is funny that you know you're a big tattoo guy and you and Vicki is as well. Danny Danny's gets on to write getting. No Danny is protected I thought he had a tattoos does any. Not want you to continues to teams may have a missing. Yeah I don't. Believe. I. I have a I have an entire Sloc. Attacks U I have my entity at hand Tatis and has had tattooed guys laughing because I've got so many conversations and their impact on the most recently the one on Halloween where you gonna get a tattoo with a piece illegal but to call two. We'll let you believe you. Well I thought I was losing my mind you know why am I don't get a lot of things so I'm Mike in my brain is Tommy Gainey has tattoos and staying home because he thought we saw commandos and insurers don't leave when a guy's losing his mind do not do those things because I'll believe you what's funny is living. Well apparently there's no funny as long as you make fun of the old guy sure. Whenever the old senile guy and I know what I wish I was like frank castle because he's on vacation. But here's the cool thing while Ryan bacon while lines on vacation where bringing back a great friend to the station. Find out who she is at 949. Bomb around. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. Good point nine KI NSW Iraq Seattle. Maybe get very excited about filling in for Ryan castle since let wanted to says he declined to make it more than us that's impossible fight and we are just above that. It's our good friend. Kathy Faulkner. Yeah this is. That's a problem. Placate him. How Selig. In a couple weeks warning that he has done a vacation I didn't really abuses the privilege so I haven't had a chance to grow the rank castle beard or save the. Yeah and I've got clippers but I brought analog slack. Yeah yeah whole proposal Kelly I used to be jurors know flies Jersey he wasn't there whether there's the flies flies here because Jimmy had a foul balls. Well yeah yeah. Don't need a baseball team for that you yeah exactly who would win a game that foul ball vs the fly. I would probably go at the flies probably did you guys we're guys on bases they look like there and we better shape yet we have the airwaves. Don't. So yeah I Kathy fog delay Cathy Foner is going to be filling in for Ryan castle for a little bit and that his tree damage I'm glad to be here. Thanks and if it's grab a way that's the first I can say that I will roll hall of Famer yes yeah votes yes you'll that's neat yeah oh yeah. Gasoline well and girls gone it's good to see how do you any words of wisdom. Anymore don't hit the flashing blue buses over there oh yeah that's the idea yeah. Well then dads if we do that. I'm hundred find out it is entailing. Doing doing I don't know if we blow anybody we've we don't lose different dimensions is you can edit. YYO. So that's another big. Kathy Foster up next right castle she's got the morning twelve pack for India and eggs. What can we ever need those sound effects on the show glee having sort of we have to do. Very well right now. Yeah. Why is that only dvds hood someplace he's doing something. Always loved America and yeah yeah yeah Dallara Graham on. I read an article. And makes money. Yeah. I'm 49 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney teachers have a question from a lesser. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous going to court is never something we. Something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after a 101 hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way few and when you go to court it's not always for the judges actually was the trustee. Or trustees attorney. One of the big one of the things it's critical that bankruptcy is that she's here beer Ternium record all the music all your information. List all your assets and all of your creditors that's true we're trading for your discharges your true and honest. I'm disclosure your assets and liabilities. And so of course during its just usually about a five minute deal please show us and then we firmly and squarely at all the information you're given the port New Year's earnings. Flash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.