BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-07-17-6A: Youtube has named its most viral video of 2017.

Thursday, December 7th

News and sports. Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Pete Carroll was asked about how Gus was doing as a coach for the Jaguars/Chargers.


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I may have to wait for this even wait to find out who YouTube named as most viral video of 27 team this is the big news of the day yet. And we have given out here right now for a story we we we knew whoever was like yes don't play. People rim waiting man and no way to hear I don't know what it is. The most viral video 2017 according to YouTube is. This crazy video of a guy singing and rapping in an oyster costume. From a singing competition in Thailand yep that's. The dog I was watching a PR on his headset passes or that video I'm not a mental hi guys this is crazy system dog the owner puts learn as BR had sits on his dogs. The head. The dogs chills up is like enjoying the show. Miss and trying to get that you're easy put pat on the dog it's Isaac shake it off all right so he's just he just sat there. Just watched it that schools are drooling and did you enjoy whatever you're watching how. That said that heavyweight can be done quiet. So usually docs there's no way in Honolulu. Allow me to do that you say that I try to put Eddie that president he walked Costa Monroe was difficult but that's because there was no show maybe you got to put a BRU and then put the watch Costa monitor she does love watching grass. OK I think we have to I think we have a new video that's gonna happen they Sosa on the council just stare at the TV as wrestling is going on yeah okay we environment you are a work on that. They still it's probably not going to be the oyster wrapping singular voice to Iraq he's ACC and oyster custom key singing I and wrapping its entire I guess is accompanies a town called amass singer. And Tom what it is is that people who compete our celebrities in Thailand but. They wanna be judged not based on the shall be the base and their ability and so they Wear masks so people don't know who they are than they get judge an ego. Hey this is George courting you on matter summits a funny. Yeah I don't know if we give them to do that here but it's working in Thailand in the songs do Hussein was until we become dust. And this is your YouTube. Viral video of the year. He didn't tell the he gets on the gadget. I wonder what three elevenths enough to play. All I. That is so we're looking costs compared to what how is this even this is a thing if I lose that I would enjoy watching a US version of this show. Yeah because then they the Indian they take an outfit obviously was somebody that you know somebody you know. And oyster possibly know that existed yeah well they go a night of sonoran Halloween no Gloria memorial clam costume to my wife would be the oyster. Oh I get it. Not just seems to be things in the C man. We've Jihad targeted some in the C. Yes it that I am still this is the most viral video of the year it's not the most viewed video of the year that's different. All so you know I think shared the most or something like Yahoo! where it's based on shares and likes and comments along with views in that makes it the most viral video I mean yeah that's the disk that definition of viral. There's only had a 183 million views yeah that's it that's still doesn't beat this casino which of course has a promise Killian views and hope. I keep hearing about the song honey Vanilla song mrs. zero you know decision here you know it they had their stuff president yeah. So. There's always out. Tired of Sarah who her favorite it's in the 182. Million years. Now. Go back seat yeah original has four point four million all I'm Maria one that just happens to be a set stolen version of his dad's death the original one has. Yeah over four point four billion now. When you say originally your feet you're Timothy originals. Video because Justin Bieber didn't do the original Wright and yarn that you're correct he's getting another version and that one has. Something like a 182. Million cause that's the one on the other I don't follow what Justin Bieber and I don't mean thank you very poorly yeah. I know this isn't and this is Justin Bieber notices and you didn't speak Spanish. We all like I should know. And I was at the same time though. They've really become like on the arm I I know Jo-Jo actually enjoy these knows the original version not a fan of the beaver versions. But what we've even known about this song means Jamison did pretty get involved waivers got four billion views I would imagine so. Well you know until we find C yeah yeah at least we'll see but I didn't always got Daddy Yankee Wear them of course that's what. Yeah whatever he could Midas touch him. Music man well I'll tell you this I know I dvi I I ask Daddy Yankee I actually know Daddy Yankee do you believe that I've heard the guy I know mommy red sock yeah I don't know if hey hey don't go. How would about it he mariner you know every mariner who saw out of the blue BL UR I try and keep I would like on the latest pop songs they I don't suspect of the playlist on my apple music him. That's the one song I always skip. And it sucks sucks dude it's tough and you know you know what it's like in Europe they look as far as anybody on the show why arguably you're the biggest music lover we have you and I you do any in Vicky probably. As far as like every form of music that you can give me exposed to but as you get older. You start falling off a little bit like you can't keep track of at all. When did okay Durbin had sung back in like the early two thousands and nine months gasoline. On the legal stuff that's steady Yankee. Oh OK you didn't know daddy dinky gadgets now how does this collection in my house volunteer. I ordered it on its generation gap I went to Columbia house and see if that company doesn't work anymore I. I sent them a penny and I want it all phone records. I love that when when people start singing songs like that they have to start moving Vicki you start swing like I did from the get go anywhere I hear that kind of music even like best a seat that's not the kind of music I typically go to baloney here I want idea but you naturally. Seen the flow like you look like every person I seen in videos dancing like you move the right way like when you see somebody doing an Indian blood got like a volley well Bollywood song. There's a certain way that he you know eastern Indian women know how to move to that. And my wife took classes and it's like she couldn't move her body the way you were supposed to miso sauce but you just naturally look like everybody every damn video I've seen for just the Xena. It's in my it's in my blood look at all corners text are friendly you know he actually is for our families just like his music he got a does the metal versions of songs oh yeah apparently he did a version of its who wants to try pat downs of this casino yeah. Oh yeah we hope all I got it partner. Listen I know you gotta okay. And I know you. You can get you got your role hot. Now if I can I won't tolerate any rock rolls but I'm not gonna get donkey world okay. And that's sounds really dead donkey punch you ducky pond I don't know that I'll do. And guess that I enjoyed by and it's actually found the Leo version if you wanna hear a little bit of that play it. I can't. Now that's not. If you're like yeah. They're more than one house. Do you good beaver where does that stand now. And even better. Listen he's an accident actually. Poised for another country. I don't know I have news and that while married to grab it. If your brother getting my icelanders are things that. Well we know it icelanders are our master of the Spanish accent I'm not sure where his armies from somewhere else yeah he's from some where holes. How hard hitting it music journalism right here that's right they're calling their version of death that's Zito and oh yeah. That is awesome. I well in other news something really awkward happened during the Pete Carroll's press derby tells press conference yesterday. Seamlessly all about he's got the full news for you at 617 on the rocks. And made some mornings on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW don't. What night day I had W the Iraq. Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner bell began even mispronounced bullets and this is news wins teammates. Thanks guys thanks imagine industrial craftsmen for giving us news and sports you know you can have a stupid holiday to celebrate and announced today but I think today. That would just be unnecessary I its Pearl Harbor day. Oh yes I remember and honor those guys that were lost during that surprise attack by Japanese. On Pearl Harbor in Hawaii back I'm not. December 7 1941. 2403. People were killed in that field. Fourteen or so hundred people injured as well as pretty powerful Jeremy in Hawaii and you can check out of Pearl Harbor exhibit I American history history buff and I went in. It just it just stopped in his tracks usage dates. The data log and we'll talk about because obviously it's gone it's been so long. Yet to put in the context I mean really it was the 9/11 of that time has absolutely no doubt about it elusive and got to since the war pretty much and it was. It was a day that live in infamy perhaps the up and thus it is not keep them back in my today. It's just didn't feel right doing okay have we. Put every day. Well yeah maybe like a lot of people forget Pearl Harbor day a lot of folks they have no idea. And it also just shows in the dark period in our own country we had interment camps does this. And the fact that we have such great relationships now without with the Japanese is really cool considering where we were back then. Thomas for the Seahawks no big game happening this Sunday it's taken on the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville that's going to be a tough match up. UHE four teams. Of course if you don't remember at one point then bring up because us. It hasn't been doing don't press conference designate he always does the press conference there's always the talk about the upcoming match up. And just Bradley Hughes a former defensive cornea the Seahawks he left the Seahawks. And ended up being the coaches Jacksonville Jaguars for a few years things and work out all that while I was fired now part of coaching staff for the LA chargers. Pop but you know his team joins us now former team and doing really well he goes a long for the coaching and an 84 record. Here's the thing no one reporter apparently missed the memo that Gus Bradley is no longer the coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars are oh me. And I got to give credit to Pete Carroll. At first it's very awkward because you could tell he had no idea what the hell this guys talking about is confused why you'd be asking about guys Bradley when he's no longer the coach yeah what you gotta give props to Pete Carroll because the way he handles. This mess up by the reporter. It's like he's got the reporters drastically. Press and it just doesn't think it is best they'll look what he's accomplished in gas fields present you know. Mean that's that's a question he informed him down historians. Has done in Jacksonville has its price you know. Owned. Okay. Miss it this way what. Because is doing it to charges is really good he's doing great. And he's a coroner to charters and he's mean he's always do it because I'm sure it's it's hard I can't tell when a coach moves. Can you look back commuting to see you see your team kind of emerging and in doing their stuff and you wonder you know what it would have been like if you're still there and all that because he had a lot to do buildings team's roster and all that so. That I stick it shows its usual situation look back but I don't I'm sure that you expect to surprise then that clearly good for all of us. Before he did have his back and wow really really did because I mean it did come on go play always with the chargers and but I know you know that so Larry you have to suicidal thoughts. That was I was totally awesome he's got to give credit to pretty awesome way of handling it out so. Plus again not a game is that no 1 o'clock here they've moved it died down later gamers there's severe earlier but now it's. A 1 o'clock game for euros from watching on northwest if you're gonna finally listening to the games. You be listening without the sweet sounds of Warren Moon I'm a unit. Wholly smooth I don't know I didn't hear about this is breaking news everywhere I mean she's yes he's taking a leave of absence from the Seahawks broadcast Booth. I know he's a former NFL quarterback played with GI outside. You dubbed husky as well for a while a woman has come out for sexual harassment claims it was pretty heavy stuff apparently a woman that worked for him. I she's suing him for sexual harassment. Including she's she alleges that he required very aware somewhat skimpy underwear share a room with her whenever they were traveling business Simon allegedly sleeping in the same bed sleeping in the same bed telling her what to Wear. Is also allegations of her being drugged by him woo boy it's a freaky crazy. Allegation and and she's even today I want my name out there she's not trying to save until dark place. She's out now just say yeah it's and the solid and if he hasn't had these issues. Thrown his way before in the past yeah. It's it's a very interesting name and pretty impressive story on the team of course is out. But as safe as well talking about the believer licensing we've accepted more moves request. Relieving back into the club radio analyst Brock -- and Dave Wyman who assumed the role ought indefinitely. And then this week out winds will join Steve were able. As part of the broadcast boots and all that stuff but yes you know he's a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's just an insane story when you when you look at all the allegations that are coming out from this woman. And if Haskell something Haskell. Break out but yet she told the Washington Post Stewart attorney that she was never and they made public just hired to work for him. And that's when things went really bad songs. We have attention showered you got a Washington that's. Wearing skimpy lingerie and not like you said about forcing her to sleep with him plus in the same bed. No this is I don't know how you view the Seahawks how old. You you've. You know how everybody else is acting quickly adapt. You know they've got to act quickly and and and get to the bottom of this to make a decision this leave of absence things. First of all he did it. Which makes it look like to see us say okay we accepted it but they got to figure something out yeah. Now via an exodus of first time I 95 he was not sued by a vikings cheerleader accuse him of offering her sex for cash or settle out of court. Few months later. There's some domestic violence stuff going on with him his boss' wife source. Guys got after missing a pass that's the problem is the past I think is gonna put the Seahawks in a position where they're just gonna have to say you know why. You know I don't see how he comes back ever. I just don't at this point. Todd this family about football you obviously like you talk about how the game has changed when it comes all the penalties in the players are being protected more and you would think some of the players will be on board with that that's not necessarily the case I don't know if you saw this yesterday. On the video that just gets spread by early evolved player on the road to Pittsburgh Steelers name's Mike Mitchell. And I got to use my credit man typically. People always complain about boring press conference interviewed her locker room and abuse or whatever it may be he held nothing back when he came to talking about player safety. They this is. Football. And you wanna see flag football then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Do not sign a plate full speed contact for a moment and I'm doing that. I'm glad I got to ask a guy hey are you ready for it's you right now before I did you yeah that's crazy. I'm gonna mess gonna get hurt trying to protect the moment the player because he's gone and an overall Danny gill quarterbacks in the boot and all messed up. There have been two years ago does not I'm I'm not so good dog and you don't go volatile ride for two years ago Tarver had died warehouse and according gut. But if you don't Dodd he'll get there that's Stevie Graham out of my blog though because any throw the bad call you make that makes sense. And Edwards are taking our money but now you know you gotta hand. Like Matt Hasselbeck called me a dirty player and has tried my character we've never met before and I donate more money just in Orlando. Underprivileged kids apology to people on the mingled Cotto doesn't always skillful what is football my competitive side. He just didn't hold back. Josef and I've heard other people say that says you know this is the game and you're trying to protect people that know what they're getting into. It's good guy it's a violent game and you know there are people that feel the way he does death those who have a lot of depth about Oak Creek. Shout out to the U dub Huskies the basketball team I don't know if you caught balls yeah you how Bob holy smokes a big upset yeah I am ranked Kansas job true seventy forces 65. And that's pretty damn awesome and were down in the inning and it didn't start off very well at first it looked very good and then all of a sudden started off. That's pretty awesome I am an eye on the Huskies a whole lot but I mean I I don't think they're undefeated but that's a huge victory you won your life. Will they be a ranked team by the end of this season if they continue this kind of play hopefully that momentum continues and now it's pretty I'll ask yes that's insane. Yeah I. I would say Steve realize this is sad that. Well he's you know he might have to go to basketball girls. It's. Right and it's about Warren Moon do. As far as whether 49 degrees and so he got idiotic. Our buddy Paul so they. Why is that because there's an Ole miss quarter this quarter due to their outreach for you finally we ask a general former NFL I'm Kramer and it was everything what does he get everything I don't know maybe you played in the league. Millicent I mean obviously nobody likes to it's you know the big capitalize on padlock from somebody else or really pile on but. What a lucky swell lucky break for one and what if he gets to keep this gate. And I like Dave why am I I'm I'm I'm always guy like Mike Q thirteen when I watch when they know oil and Seahawks game day. We wieger great opportunity for him to get in their unit growth that's a good thing for him and Brock yeah Brock also does a great job when he gets console you know Brian US awesome I'm so people don't but I mean obviously catches a. Are. Cured and that Doug it's this people who don't like everybody well you see people complaining on Twitter about like Leo that. Probably aren't from Washington army BR I don't know but I some people have issues with everybody in the way that they cover game I think Brock does a great job of college football. And I wanna say hey I would like this is a Brock Huard because look we've had a lot of athletes that wanna get into the Booth and do shows and everything and they all have this idea like they can. But the dedication required and I tell every athletic go look you know what dedication is about you you you know you dedicate yourself to the sport for all these years. It takes a kind of command that kind of dedication and you have to go back and become a rookie and and and act like you know nothing. Which is hard for a lot of athletes to do. But Brock is done that you know and he didn't know every sport and he went nine no he's he's studied baseball because of course is gonna talk with the Mariners in the stars show. And I think he's done a great I RE PL and a Jack and I've heard to bring you like you say college football as well. And you know what man I'll I like to acknowledge Johnny doesn't it he's a guy that played the sport. And look I'd like to see him not do well because he's getting in my way of being king of Puyallup once or your point your right here on you you're trying to find the scandal and had no luck. Thank you would just agree that if people wanna hate somebody in broadcasting can just be me. Yeah and can I mean really I mean I already them one of the most hated people broadcast all are you yes so why not just let it all fall on me so it's like you. I like is a strong word says to people today. Joey is like is he sees sort of he's sort of 5050 on that right now. All right well I yeah awesome awesome news for Dave Wyman and not so awesome news obviously and that in the world of Warren Moon an off. Course for the CI seven figure out what to do and it really sucks if these allegations are true but. Again this meet too movement to time magazine cover basically the silence breakers 200000 Donald Trump because you know Donald Trump thinks everything should be about him by. As it turns out god bless. United church. Itself put food was different. Fourth was what was your beverage. Didier Trevor Noah says he's got dentures what is happening to our presidency of the dance your kids vehicle. I didn't even know he had dancers I just do the words somebody with a in my beer retainer. I don't know but it serves the funny piece of audio god bless. United church. Somebody edit stroke yeah I mean I it is I love the united front bar of god bless. United should shut go. And no really that was the funny piece coming out of big news yesterday as I mean I don't know politics but boy everybody was all serious in the Mac came out and I was like all right well some laugh about because hey here's a shot the president did something you don't like. It's been going on for over a year you gotta be I mean really. C'mon people. But at least we are blessed we can all agree to bless the united high god bless. The united church. You know I can I I'll try so I was like ten after him and it turns to exactly whatever opponents contend that he's committed and I didn't start sounding like that I know the president's older than me but I I can completely relate whether or whatever it is because he's just in now I'm I've had moments where you know you guys a question like what the hell did you just say yeah and I like I say that. Yeah they IA itself it's you know field they get man it get easier resolve saying I got a closer to that moment in my life and I am to that. Wonderful twenty year old articulate boy that I was back in the day always I was I was very articulate and actually they are you aware Rutgers where a child yes you when your cowboy outfit take you know doing what you're doing. Now making adults happy with makes you missed the guys that this is the idea OK there's the last summer I was cute and I got to live off of that and how can appreciate that it took the by USA QB Steve over here he did get this one right these bags and take it is that titled what they and a small bird bird bird. Trying to earn now fired first guest. Yeah hey good for you but the last. I had the back. God bless. Night cherry ago because that's what we get immunized for pay they did then that grates on. All right while you are shot at beating Steve you got it. 206 point 21 Iraq primates do have a national hey moment and we will give them the answer being correct does it in for not surprisingly. We're playing beat migs and it could be oh yeah dude is 647. 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