BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-07-17-7A: “No matter how old I get, I am going to want to do BLANK”.

Thursday, December 7th

Beat Migs. Rafael Palmeiro wants to return to the Major Leagues at the age of 53. Luke warm topic. 


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Gary codes on these kids need Amanda set time a year while we're all holly jolly we got to think about the kids just wanna keep warm. So were asked you to help us put a thousand new coats on the kids that need him here in the Pacific northwest is cost 34 bucks that's it 34 to put a brand new. American made code on a child needs one. And if you don't have the full 34 any donation helps and if you don't have any money I get it but you do have social networks please share this may be your friends can help on. All the info and how you can donate go to KI SW dot com. Game. And I am ED. Man it's been uninsured and Al Gore's hers says yeah. Plus he had he had already gave us they had gotten an Angel hello I'm not only when it. Thanks for third antiquated look like a real problem I have around quagmire until I I have actually have little confidence Uggla yeah I can tell certain of that. Let's get your contestant today you people Adam and Shelton and Adam are you there sir. Got to Mario Adam what's he playing for today's defrag every tickets to jump like they'll brides at the shoebox soda on Saturday February 24 good KI SW dot com for all the details of UNC up blackmail brides get your tickets now. At any access to our top Aristide did after he had. Don't blame you know madam will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Adam you can Grassley want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are you ready. What year of the 2010 did Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part to come out. Smooth it's. No. Now. It seems now aren't so no is a dish from which European country. I know. Totally yeah as what actor played. In Australia which is the first month of summer. January and now it's very no. Stable now over six feet is equivalent to how many in June east. Only joking asked which man had been hit songs personal Jesus. What are you doing in the nude if you're skinny dipping its. As he 7687. Days there on my Rod Stewart is do you think I'm why do you do it. Task we'll I use three crew rants Adam how old are you. Forty czar. Crazy I know that drive through once should be in your will. I don't know and I have made maybe he's on the custom he might not now but I did I know it now right around the idea and I saw. Them and I'm not going to be happy we here's the answer you know Nokia has been a very interesting tidbit about that song or do you really fast like a lot of I don't wanna see you need your kid can I go to Canada I get a lot of tidbits Taylor is. Out. It's a delicious. I totally never sugar addiction and alarmist because it's Sarah's birthday and import from brought over big cake in all the blame on the boys went to cafe flora had some great dessert there are 9 yesterday morning people left I mean I am just sure hall TI. I have to like have no food today in order to get back in my thirty template and organizing idea. Was white on white maybe they know of an old London man pool and Kate plus really golden with a broken awesome. Wow yeah now on tape yeah I mean we had a please give JC are you ready. It's. What year of each when he tends to Harry Potter and the deathly hollows part two come out so flat. What zero to Tony I know Harry Potter and the deathly honey all I'm asking your yes I've ever risotto is they dish. For which European countries Italy yet as to which actor played the title character inflection in place to live to be changed yes. In Australia which is these first month of summer to. December gast sixty is equivalent to how many inches. Oh crap six need to know setting to yes switch and had eight hits all with personal Jesus to reach all the talk try to do an Internet and I don't know yet as to what are you doing in the nude if you're skinny dipping its. You swimming yet as 87 these hits on my Rod Stewart is do you think I watch. It's actually diabetics yes that is actually yes just about what flowers do florist often referred to as mom missed. WiMax. So now it's two million snow days. Narrows who know what Letterman is satellites into her room bar H Jasinowski. You get a nine out of ten. Not bad Stevie ABC. Yeah. So I am free to night school. Yes nice if we let us not to ever come back where I putted up to your extra. He's up when news and we appreciate that my friend tried Intel atom you'll get a one today thought today. Tyson in a floor shop. Dang I used to know what because he's a column mom's a license you know it's really easy I'm gonna play it's in the name chrysanthemum. Well that is yet chrysanthemum Arnelle I don't I was some different almost half months I can't pronounce it I know that's why add this as a question as hoping that she did know the answer couldn't get consent forms. Yes I do every getting the mom putting the president's home. And that we're gonna make a homeless man. I could sense some moms are more Oscars economic mom's from an artist. That god bless the area a nice. Well sorry this is really good and I love that they are I look at graduation us less. United church. Chrysanthemum staff. There we go congratulations you won with an anchor some who are no would you have accepted Marilyn Manson for the personal Jesus quite moved. And who doesn't Johnny Cash also do a version yeah you're right you're hey I'll I O version it's there now one is really good you're trying to take off three and I would have accepted offer because yes they do you remember the Manson personal Jesus also as I hit necessarily know I mean he didn't do it and he's big name and so you have problems cash's version was better in the original. Getting young. King yeah I think you realize you are your view on what they go all kiss my ass how they camera I'm Dan organized modes that's why you're the only person is not we talking about didn't they just like Kevin biggest selling tickets now or in the country at they'd be like out adjusted fever I'm very surprised by that but I. I did a lot of fans they love it I mean this guy a friend of mine is always on FaceBook talking about every time's gone and when I should not re different Depeche Mode show out this year one in Vegas one in Seattle one important and I was about to make fun of him until I saw I mean it's maybe like The Grateful Dead that they actually more like the biggest selling bad debt isn't crazies and I saw Lester I was really surprised by that I must say surprised or not the president and have a very passionate fan base that could easily solved a Key Arena do you view and every city that they go to but. Did just never did and I just is never a fan of that that. Style of all all rock like I only have to feel clearer and all that are a lot of cash you know Xena and she's like the couple songs from all those fans. But I can never sit through a hole wobbled it was just too amazing that they weren't for me it is amazing they've had that staying power yeah you know really really is because how many fans would love to have that kind of success where they know they go on the road and like you said Philip Key Arena what 20/20 five years later that being said I would go see them the tickets are free. That's is where she's got to go see a lot of things at the tickets for what can I hated to see those guys I would like to be able to see what is so great about them that makes you wanna keep going to see that's why I can't imagine if you don't like the music it's going to be any better when you're there live maybe they got a really cool stage show you never know I mean sometimes stands deliver live and impress me and I'm sure it's happened to a lot of people. Where you're just like I was in Los Angeles on a life. How are you know what I'm not gonna put a pastor Steve you're the guy they with the you know you you give them a fair shot I know of anybody what you would the president would Steve. Depeche Mode socks and Johnny cash's version a personal Jesus is the yes there are some which Steve Johnny Cash all the way. Cash for medium that and I love her by united sales but. Cash's version of hurt its battered in the original. Yeah I well I could lead I can't arguing that make you a cash is a you know he was amazing and so the idea that he could take a song. And do his own version of it and Mikey said he had to be so good it doesn't usually happen when somebody covers a song but. God you know Johnny Cash was just so amazing that it doesn't surprise me. I think his versions of like you said those both those songs really good to get really really good he knows so good that when we played managed knows version of her we will get texts from people saying what the hell are you playing this version of the Johnny Cash song and how that's a serious hilarious which I'm sure he would treasured finds humor in. Yeah I you know it's it's an interesting thing like out for me he com in a lot of people don't know this but you know the old poor poor pitiful me by Linda Ronstadt. You are poor poor pitiful me no limits on such a big hit but Warren Z bonds wanted originally and to me that's the only version because it's a song about a dude and yeah she sings it and really doesn't change the lyrics I'm just like it doesn't seem right 'cause it's a dude singing about all the trouble in his life. And just doesn't feel right when she doesn't that's weird yeah it is only that it really doesn't my brain get but yet hearse or her version was the big hit nobody you know in the seventy's nobody every new really warns you monarchs have so many hardcore like me. Yeah I remember she was hot that's on remember from there as well absent any reason why she was successful and she also had great pipes but apparently not heard Donna Summer or through my earlier girlfriend's you don't have him yeah do I just have I'm not doing their music abilities I tell my mind blowing today out at first thought caller number nine you get like Bill Bright tickets call number 9206421. Right. Well I just we know that David Cassidy departure only guy passed away yet and I heard that he did not get along with his daughter Melanie did Lieberman win in as well. What I didn't real or daughter. Has been I show that I watch religiously with my daughter and that's Errol. And I you know I've seen her name as it is a Cassidy on the show captain Evelyn Cassidy. And you know and she's been on the show as cell moral black canary never realized that was David Cassidy is kid. The whole time I had no ID issues related to an all in I guess they didn't get along and she was raised by step mom I should say momma step dad. But even. He blew my mind was that did what he had left when he left this time it was about a 150000. Dollars that's bat. Imation next guy I don't know yeah I mean I guess it makes him do it I don't know we'll tell you from doing recently to make money but I guess you just look at the guy who is an icon. And apparently made a lot of dead of financial decisions in his life there is that could mean I would just assume that that guys at least a millionaire. Yeah you're expecting at least be a millionaire now I don't. I don't think he got residuals because I think it was at a time when they weren't paying residuals to people when their show's run rerun possession was from the seventies and you know I I don't have what little it's pouring that he's done since an enemy can still pack a place and a bunch of horny housewives the you know I really all I hope for my life is not him that's gonna happen for you Steve I go right to pack a place in a bunch of horny house yeah of course that that's happened for you. And I have a feeling you'll have assets at least a 151000. Dollars with a horny housewives of the yeah I do you right that's a surprise me David Cassidy. I told my daughter to see enormous he was he had to be the Justin Bieber of his time without a doubt yes no doubt about it he was the it boy television beautiful guys sing and poppy you know syrupy songs who's on the cover of all those like magazines I get tiger media to such wicked. Tiger believes there are all those girl magazine juicy and there was David Cassidy all over the place growing up that's what I saw on. I want in my hair to look like here's what I couldn't quite make it look that way or near Al because I think was the face that was the issue than. And yeah so hard on yourself Andrea and her response now there was fine whose face it was yeah. So let's dolls might who's a twenty year old son beau and I Katie Cassidy got knocked them. Wow. But oh how what are holiday I would handle that if I was. That is siblings. My my dad who was a famous person dies and he's a bunch of money regardless of 250000 dollars a lot of money gap and makes a point not to leave any money from my siblings. If you get along with your sibling would you share that money. I feel like I would follow in other words if you know that dad didn't leave it's too you know they take I'll tell you do and I it's tough with siblings or would you look at your brother guidebook I want Teixeira but clearly dad's wish is that you don't get any it is so just understand that I'm not doing as I don't like you I love you but I gotta followed that wishes and I got to buy a new car. No Katie is worth 2.5 million Phillips more than what her dad's and I Orel she's already worth 2.5 million prefer her to his website once this is net. Worth they always question those statistics Uruguay because this is your net worth is twelve dollars and a couple of wrestling figures great and that's clearly more than it's really it's not true young way less than that yeah you're right I think over estimation I mean she did dad try modeling for a little bit and she's been on other shows so. I guess that makes a little sense. Yeah I've only I don't remember seeing her except on narrow but yes she is on supernatural all of a Gossip Girl higher on growing don't get rich yeah. It is demonstrate its response gonna I did you know that. Well yeah I MM AB ball the boy I haven't heard much of him maybe he's aren't out yet could be it and she's a pinch 2.5 million she's probably reacting to it. But here's what she says she tweed did. You know that basically has. Astute about his last words being so much wasted time. Which I am I'm assuming had something to do with how they were mad. Each other or also just a bad decisions men that he battled some demons souls of people thought that damn my disability do with it as well words that you waste a lot of his life. Do when things are not necessarily healthy for him for good for him Morales family. Yeah and again you're part of that you know your your child actor just like we seem to be Marino he was a young guy. When the partition and it was huge and having all that same and he was the focal point that I mean he was the star of that show. That that you know that's hard being a BL is we've seen it Lindsay Lohan anybody that's had that kind of fame. In LA it's just it's it's you don't brought normal you just don't. You know so it and that's why. Even drew Barry Morris had her problems and. She's notes seem to have figured it out had a great career but she's even said she's had her issues again she was a suit you very young child star. Forget about some of the old celebrity's nowadays we look at as respectable people in the industry. Our Robert Downey junior dad I think your message say they were you have the big Hollywood beat as big of a mess in the eyes of of us. If social media and the Internet existed like he does now you're right could you imagine I mean. Dummy stuff was pretty epic and that was you without the Internet I can imagine there are stories out there that you haven't been shared because there was no vehicle to share them you know and waking up. In some random person's apartment they kid or I think that was the story of something where he was a really woke up in our random person department. From an eye out of is doing some stuff but I know he was making an out for some reason I had I think he was but. Like more stories would have probably came out of their social media you're absolutely right you're absolutely right and it did that they were probably as big of a mess is anybody we can imagine if not more yeah and. Yeah and like you said now people think they're okay. Yeah I will say I mean you know what with more of these hash tag me two things coming out of the latest of about Warren Moon because a lot of stuff gets fueled by drunken drug activity. And I feel like man this is the tip of the iceberg of people discuss start coming for going here was my interaction with this person. And you know they like to party back in those days. So this yes so yeah it's it's nuts. I can't say about the south former baseball star he wants to make a comeback. And he's 53. Years old the perfect time god sort. Of tale about this 717. On Iraq. And they X mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. Rafael palmetto. Remember that guy twenty year career in the major leagues. Where. Remember America remember him because every generation come to town he'd be a problem now. Just play the cubbies in the Orioles but here he was really is the best of his life I think is with the Rangers. He's one of only five players is more than 500 home runs and 3000 hits. And now he wants to make a comeback by guy yeah he's 53. While Claudia and best years are ahead of them he hasn't played in twelve years. And his career ended after the became the first Major League player. To be suspended for steroids do we have that guy I think we saw that audio of Jose Canseco saying who he injected. Yeah and basically he he'd be in in his audio Jose said yes I injected these guys and he name union Raphael Palmeiro. If you remember as well Rafael Palmeiro was the guy that used to Dubai had. Commercials that's I was gonna ask now we can actually say that he's using Viagra for the right reasons exactly because there's been rumors that people use Viagra baseball for. Added focus indeed able to basically make you a better player like look at now it is that we cannot. He said quote this. No doubt in my mind I can do it. Maybe twelve years later fight comeback improve I don't need anything is an older player than older body. I get it I wanna prove myself I can do it on a high level and then walk away feeling good about the whole body of work. So it's kind of like he's like you know what you guys are all saying out. As a steroid tainted success but I I could be great don't eat without the steroids. 53. I don't know I know as kids than in some form club goers as part of it in the world baseball bat a bit of equal for him to be able to play with his son Ken Griffey senior and junior moment via. I mean may be leaving maybe like a minor league team picks him up a ball. Orgy and Dan Duquette says you know what he's not against the idea he says quote it will be interesting story it's it's it's like tying your shoes if you can hit then you can hit. Really Dan. That's usable ridiculous that's gonna. Hit it to say look and we're in the business of making money this is a chance for us to get people to come to the ball game to watch him play one of exactly and if this were the sixties and seventies I'd say maybe. He could compete. But what the condition that goes on today's level Major League Baseball I don't see 53 year old guy like him can make it happen but look at like you know football union guy Tom Brady ever going to. And he's at a point where the team discovered the data that was gonna be that the replacement for him because they realize he's got more years and so I mean. Nowadays a forty year old. Gray affords a lot different if that's pre K you're right Steve in forty sure right if he was 43 I would say the rich are absolutely yeah but 53. I don't know what he's like right now what if you look. I was gonna say his son played for a teen called skeeter is and back in 2015. He actually came back fell went and played with Ollie deposit already accomplished. That yeah I guess eaters tax. And it was written not to get too lost in the week Steve but only because I follow baseball lot. And I don't know about football or any other sport like you know I'll like it like if you still can compete but in baseball. You know timing is so important and that speed and if you just lose a little bit on your bat speed. You know it makes a big big difference and I just can't see him. Because everybody now throws close to 100 of you you've got an and no pitcher stays in longer than it seems three innings anymore. It's the game he played is actually very different than what's being played today and he's so much older and you're probably immunity guy in my forties now my bat speed -- play video games that baseball video I saw a lot slower than you feel I was in my twenties I didn't wanna sanding is I say put approaching game right and you Gordon you just were not the manual work though my past I was are behind in every pitch yet few outside it's unfortunately. You used to be a guy off LaToya even in my ferries RB cranking those balls and now it goes just crank it. Are. I well either way Iraq PayPal Merrill says yes he wants to come back to the major leagues at the age of 53. Based on this would want if finish this sentence. No matter how old I get I am going to want to do black 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Finish this sentence. No matter how old light yet. I'm gonna want to do flight because it's accepted Green Day on Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. 99.9 KI NSW the Iraq Seattle. Rafael Palmeiro. No Major League Baseball player he wants to make a comeback at 53 years old. Based on his finishes cents a matter how old I gets I'm gonna wanna do blank. 206421. Rocky can also Texas at 77999. Year old body the interstate Holler you are on the rock. Oh. I. Should. It's about our doors are all. Like it. Check out more. And hearts. 5 o'clock or not you. Want. Should you not like I just. Order enemy. That there. Are RPI. It's and duke and and and you obviously have a a stretch that you can do that on that it doesn't that you're you don't hit an open. I can stop a lit it go out. How's that I got there there's plot harder and get out. There. You know I totally concede I mean if that's if that's it really giving you the adrenaline John team thing that you need I imagine just that need for speed you'll go on. And until your body can't do it anymore because you hear race car drivers say that eventually it just takes too much on your body yet to continue racing which lets white folks go it's totally a sport because of what you have to physically do to. Continue to race at that level they'll just Texas cinnamon howl they get I will never won a stop racing cars. You know I think for me you're probably playing board games I think Matt and importantly that's gonna. A game that you know who's who knows we got some young man's game BJ you can't keep playing those board games so you say that. And yet you say that an attack on the it's it's not snot out not that. If it like anything else it it you know it requires that mental discipline and mental power and for its well I say that all like magic the gathering which you we know was created this area I have mental power well into excerpts the physical part replace certain kinds of games in and enjoy d.s just what the Portland any any finished high enough to win money how much 1500 dollars 500 box and but you have to be like almost perfect to actually get the top spot in this and and he did really really well and yet. He wasn't perfect and they want so he knew that to date to he may be get money but he wasn't going to be a tough spot because he wasn't perfect. And he was saying you know I don't know dad Tom gamble for this. And he's not even thirty yet because the mental discipline is a young man's game it's time for the comeback. Many people are just telling you this because they don't play with your you know Vicki you're the one that really doesn't wanna play a lot of people who don't play I don't wanna play what you. Well you don't play games and anybody Esther yeah. That's what it by Chris at Chris is right there he still plays a lot of they'll play a me but it. I'll tell you there are some there are some levels of anything in life I think you get too old for you know I even technology. But I think if that means that and obviously when people are doing to be professional it is gonna come a point in time and place for you guys like Rafael Palmeiro whoever it's my body just can't do but if if it's at that's done recreational like playing board games or whatever it may be who cares if you're too old again you can't have you you've lost a step as long as you're still having fun and the people around you. Are cool with that it shouldn't matter yes for me I just wonder my mind going you know what it's too much work to play this game I rather play something simpler. Telling them a look at some might buy that play hockey with a guy that's at the outlook to continue to do you until I can't physically do it anymore and I've some buddies that are you know sixty. Some pushing seventy and and yes they are not nearly the player that they once were etiquette how that bothers them the delegates in speed on the same accuracy. But they still hold their own and they're still smiling and having a great time they still want to get out there that's the right that's the thing I'm thinking is like do I still want to do. Yeah if they still want to do what they're good for them that absolutely I think it's that you your body completely tells you cannot do any writing songs and I'd rather go out. With a rusty body. And a perfect immaculate bodies that make sense you know I want to put my body be used commitment and a time comes I'm done it's time. And I firmly believe that as well I wanna make sure that I've I've exhausted every part of my body. Sounds weird that I us you know I guess I don't want party body exhaust all the time off sometimes multiple times. Obama brain gets it yeah yeah you've been here you've exhaust vent on them. I would love Siemens articles or stories about people playing sports or doing whatever it is in nine years old yeah so bad. Yeah well infamy I wanna keep my brain sharpened so I mean that's the cool thing about the war gaming is that they tell you to do sudoku or some like that but the kind of things I do it naturally will do the same thing is it locals who and it's something that I like so. Yeah like you says Steve and unless I just don't wanna be right involved in Mike these intricate set ups it's that it takes an hour to set up the game. I may go I don't do that anymore yeah I get a little helper I think you recurrence of the press and among Christians but. I the financial announced it's working their way at the latter import games young upstart at Diego can I put them through the Dojo I try to do Vicky but then she was like I don't delegate not that way I try to get Vicki to be a little helper but like she says I want millions of him he's got that little part down but helping part not to -- as much that politics is a minute guided late seventies it still skydive I've heard of people in their ninety's still doing candidates guys guys how we talked about woman at that Andre. Did it. How can hold him never been blinded now now my parents guide. I've no interest whatsoever I don't care of the free feeling and all that I do now it's definitely them worldwide there I'm sure it's amazing in insurance and life changing thing I prefer to not like that yes exactly. I don't wanna change my life by not being alive that's definitely a few dollars and I'll. This is involved bathrooms at Safeco Field. Okay I now rate level never at all OK now I'm never gonna and not be old too old Hugh goat that. Oh my money's always you know volleying too long ago that girl I doubt that you know we got woman usually six companies that are eye contact you when your four I had fifty year old come to my birthday party ya yeah and it's now he military commanders and pentagon into the club and I've seen. Old people like that in the eighties. Either they're you about themselves to tennis that it's you like an old guy against the cards that will. With them now since early this is so terrible until I read in France opry some money. I now give adults European team quietly. Get away from him but I wanna be that person always just down have a good time on how to go to clubs take shots at the younger folks and it always pretend like conflict when he line. I hope when your forties and fifties you arguing that. Why even I don't want her something else for my walker we hope by your forties or fifties you don't Hubble walker the white hot cuts needed to stretch more clear if he gets heard every time she goes the club this girl probably don't walker I'm Amy and locker here so you really the sloppy drunk six year old doing shots of the twenty something. Yeah I'll be all wrinkling and sag Eva like so we're like short dress and tell you why I hatfill worked now. Oh god no don't be that woman try to pick up the angered due out today yeah. Oprah thinks and sound ground via very proud of the hottest sixty element in years and the only six and it. This is really a life go on. Ever for the unity over get sick of I'm not worried about aids being the -- for you mentally and get sick of going to the clubs I think it'll make it might be just like a once a month thing at every weekend things can always get out and I mean I mean I island will be right side on down for humanity is Sharon and I never they must it's funny she she's got that I have no desire to ever articles I hate clubs eclipsed him yet hey I absent like dude I don't ever want to put another club again he has an awkward. I don't like clubs. I like dive bars at a DNC dive bars like not it and it's ten outlined clearly like it it is forbidden dance like no one now although I don't know I'd. I don't know I've heard different onto your political give your daughter the prevented them I don't want you to meet the forbidden dance I don't think I have you ever been advancing your daughter no no disrespect but I feel like to go to HR issue gaining ground in August and a hundred dance like it. That's that's that's our business developers that they go to rates in some of the C 67 year old still dancing dumps that. And do we went to a little upgrade I don't know why I don't like. Yeah over unless. We have raves are so much more everywhere final ever on drugs and jumping. Of happy people. Until the due she's like the guys here who that is another good impressionable you know a dog with a club. A person I was don't clubs at 22 yeah me Abby till I was gonna gloves at 22 I was like this seems like I'm getting there. I'm almost thirty and then get into the plant and the good vacancy and daughter I wanna have Vick is my new daughter. I know you call it let me just growing up like a normal person as opposed to forty some and god damn club. You are waiting for an economic aid every night really you're going to a club you always. Look. Like at least that the ten years of getting that no person. Donna I can be done at thirty really thirtieth the year will you start going I'm dumber ones. A five. In the third got them and thinking you're the mic at that point. Who was the the TV girl all she's a ratchet likens she's like in her mid thirties Roberts is chic yet she's fun she rocked in hot now. It's residents and alleyways yeah I'd. A couple of generous spirit. I. So area understand they're making fun of that character that care to supposed to be stereotype of the blonde beauty that doesn't know she's adamant that violence defense there now. When Texas senators look you for that nine guys that aren't even born yet. I. So true she's right. And I think it think of Steve dancing and comedy to the truffle shuffle I'll allow legitimately just did yeah and a minus to insert off. I think that club. Yeah. Last night concurred clubs up for immature adults there's just an accident well that's there is definitely miles of this is unfortunate Eric. Yeah I realize I've been tolerated forever so. When I went to raise it wasn't Mary do she well you know my very drug of course after an ally. Yeah well you all know my philosophy and and it's all summed up in a phrase what goes through you're visiting your way. Case anyway out meaning we wanna go to I don't you're not gonna go Vicky because you'll know you're lane is like and unlike my daughter. Doesn't she is all over the place he's in everybody's lane all over the place this is on the shoulders every. All right the big hit the vans about the fans the thing ends and god bless you and I've survived. The fans have vote. For a who they want in the rock and roll hall of fame and food they picked I'm gonna tell you it 747. On the. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How do I know of bankruptcy is going to provide me with relief what are the steps for my situation. 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