BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-07-17-8A: Bon Jovi has been picked by the fans to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

Thursday, December 7th

A flight has to land because of a broken toilet. A woman was arrested for smoking pot and stealing a police chiefs parking spot. A service dog interrupted a Broadway performance of “Cats”.


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Oh man I am looking at the sunrise out there sort of pretty sweet and easy to see the sunrise. And I I'm like that I'll take this cold sunny weather any day of the week. Fumble a sacrifice a few degrees of temperature. For this kind of weather yet this doesn't bother me at all now make Dawson is Chris. Yeah because this is nothing compared to the cold sunny New England days that we used to have that I would you grew up and they were in the twenties and you know and sometimes its hands. This is nothing I'll take it. I so poncho made lazy John boys and girls they won a fan votes for the rock and roll hall of cranberry and tonight. This was that they got they got picked by them fans to be inducted into the rock and roll hall table history is if you repeat itself the fan vote does factor. And should mean that they will get inducted all you know so it's not it's not complete given by it looks like it looks good right I think that's how I would they do is they they they they offered to fans an opportunity to vote now for the last few years if I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's how it works. And they factored that in but apparently every year. That the fans had a chance to vote down artist ends up getting inducted that year. All right well let's hope it's the same provide Joseph because I think it's well deserved they get over a million votes. Their closest competitor where the Moody Blues they got just under a million I voted for the Moody Blues on this yeah. I was gonna vote I would go for Bon Jovi. Dire straits came in third. With the votes for the fancy about 600000 and my favorite band of course Sama homer from Boston the cars came in fourth put about a but half a million. And Judas priest's we're about half a million came in fifth. Yeah I'd rather try to pick between the two are definite rather see Jewish preschool it's an all save over Bon Jovi here's the bottom lines off five should be in. Yeah Ali and I got done when I think all my will be yeah I mean I'm not gonna tell you or anybody that all we want those cars they suck. I can't say that that's sacrilege the white one song via. UFI is. I'm just messing with him that I don't that I made I do actually know about that and I don't know about a lot of bands we know about that now they see going just because they're releasing here's what Rick okay sacred yes debt eight he was able the poll Paulina Porizkova which was like the hottest chick in the world there is that not to hide his duty in the world. And Biggio a lot of do without the success of Weezer. Back in the day yelled though with their stuff and I also think Smashing Pumpkins look Camelot to don't think I think that BI believes that he what's his face is a big fan ever who has arguably Korea. My I think that day he's collaborated with and whether or not he's actually had production done but I know that he's a big fan of the capacity to. And felt there was a lot of influences but you know what are dire straits the ideal credit if some people don't like a trumpet playing man I get that but they did you know. Gary my mind yet. I would like Scott relegate trumpet playing good and yeah they don't give a damn about no trouble playing band. Also. Like you said since the vote was created would take a look at previous owners like rush kiss Stevie Ray Vaughn Chicago and journey. And area all those guys get in the same time they were the fan fan favorites I hope they continue to do that make the big to halt pays attention to what the fans want at least give one nod to the fans we have. Have to because who gives a damn. When you think about it I go into your super rocker hall of fame. Who's who's gonna watch it the fat ass exactly you're absolutely right Major League Baseball I don't know football and hockey and bass while dozens of Major League Baseball. You know they have the fan vote and three years you know you used to be able to vote in the stands and I vote online because they realize. When it comes all stars and hall of fame. You know I mean it's got to be the fans I think baseball should let the fans have some say in all things. Yeah I really did you get the power and Kansas not be writers Zachary I I I think guy and then then we finally get gardener no dagger should be in there and does not mean Wright is like you used to do UH it's prison just sounded Roger we should get and they're halfway there. I. I mean yes there were part of the whole hair metal stuff but they broke some. I was always offense up a lot of the Bon Jovi song sort of my favorite band but they had so many great catchy songs well yeah and it that's the thing man you know those guys had great success and to this day. People still love that animal go COC any duration of them loot so that they that won't see him until Richie and end Don Barrett John Harris Jim Boeheim has. Hey behind. How he's gonna much won his jovial I'm not at all I would I don't know I know they related to Nelson sort of not so I wanna know. I'd I'm this is a great story here involving the great state of Seattle. Direct flight from New York to Seattle. Had to stop in Montana for a bathroom break because well. The toilet stopped working wall that would be so bad for me see for me. All right guys are going to be in the minority back like did just hold it let's get to Seattle already thought what can I would not wanna stop I don't know off. Or here's a barf bags take care business RAI I suppose that's what I have to do. I just I'm not mad that stage in my life for a I you know I'm on a plane tumbled from New York to Seattle I know when after the draft a couple times if I question if the toilet stop working I understand that but can you just feel like you know everybody. And addresses this flight. You gotta hold and expertise number ones you can that because it a toilet stilted sometimes you can't do. I mean you know say let's just say my eyesight you have been one death series for the number two yeah I mean I'm with you do whenever I see no uses the people get nervous seminar on a plane and I mean beating the best food. It now and next thing you know you just got to ago I mean I've video I I've seen it's happened to me plus side I'm forcing had to go into bathrooms out to somebody was never a long time and you go OK you know. You keep staring at the light waiting for it to go often and then finally a person gets out you go this is going to be pretty. Now I gotta go in there. That happened last priority due to a battle good in the wrestling show and before it. Everything was getting going out all right maybe in the middle I can't remember but I was waiting in line to use the bathroom and was I was second line there's a woman in front I mean it's a unisex bathrooms are you on everyone's mind. We're waiting. And it got to the point where I looked at cursed him like are we sure somebody's in there. Think it was over ten minutes it's Alonzo that she checked by a tick in the not do that that that they handle and nope it's blocked a Mike okay. Pinellas Leo. Are you sure you wanna be the first one goalie there after that it's like I. I go to Al could I was thinking hey I'll take one for the team yeah you know all while you're there I don't have a sense of smell. If you want I can be a buffer you obviously. She's been waiting as long as she has it's like no time yeah that guy walks out he looks wet the but he just looked like he had ago. And he did. Well like hello how you poor thing you're walking into just a war zone. I never seen I typically I mean not I really time women when they go to bat him but I would imagine I was a record breaking up back to stop for her. Like she was and then now like a flash yeah dirty it's it's I saw it's so embarrassing when you know that your view of you've had to drop and you go on as a line. I'm so sorry all I feel awful and I walked out and I know it's been a rough go I size up over the next person is an active duty can handle but it's a check on my I'm so sorry yeah they don't like you would drink yeah I know that at least two U. Oh man that's why that Cooper read that stuff works Yahoo!. I am and there's a place I go to that stop getting it I was so frustrated man because I felt like I can be free legal and or do whatever I wanna do knowing that the Pope Marie would save the day. And then they stop having an end they'll make all know you're no old. Now this is unisex you can't do that to us I think corporation be like a mandatory when you have UNICEF. Bathrooms when text to bring the Barbara took some diapers on the plane. You get realized tonight jacket is your colleague burst yeah so they actually had to land this plane the because the home I can come to think about that's a six hour seven hour flight may be. I only live from when they stopped in Billings Montana to Seattle to about two and a half hours yeah I guess you can't expect someone's gonna win another couple hours after. Especially if you were waiting already thought maybe I can making you guys can make it what do you mean don't work. They've been a bit like turbulence trying to land still I had a damp seeds stood I had a problem because we didn't get to the gate for some reason I we've landed nice guy I'll wait price like you know is like that twenty minutes where they go way years ago now they have not twenty minutes I'm fine. Stanley land in this last words yeah and they go well we can't get there are gay yet to lose another plane so just stay here might. All come all like this you can't get out do you see either and I might at all on I had a mega deal with the flight attend them as like dude I'm not gonna last. If I can't get up and use the bathroom or just sit here reality there are all got to say you're seeing is like lord I'm moving. Yeah I don't see why they can't have a shaded grey with that kind of sits who had to make a deal. Would you I think we might. Because you know that they don't have any act they can get but they can't take various you know that they there they. Don't think that appointment Texas is don't give the ladies of break my girlfriend destroys the past him all the time. That's why she loves having usable. He's very different time. Maybe if I hole I get in and out pretty quick or relatively no I think he's talking about to do destruction distraction I know your girls they keep what you guys are capable of doing anything made him into doing an unknown though I know yeah I don't act it out there are many can pee standing up so I don't know Jason says she's trying to miss is as successful can't let you can't be wearing pants. I don't wanna see that picture tiger down it was a pretty. That's what you get and the vice. Oh the Shealy the other issue we do that she read yet it's something help girls you know urinate standing up. And where do you keep that she we rehearse I guess what of course if he keeps everything in her purse. You know Vicki should get everything is really she really comes tumbling out of their Lotto or the go girl female you're in decent release have a question about that all right there an actual medical need for that score I mean I'm not trying to I don't wanna crap all over hey did I get would you give this some kind of apparatus that is actually needed for somebody who might be and not be able to sit I don't know but. Thank why else well what is it gonna demand for women can really. I'm very much yeah because when you're trying to say not my nature. It you know we end up getting on your shoes your Virginia got video walk around with this thing that you just people just put a little putted a little baggy. Little bit block bad guys like everything I put a drag your personal nothing leaks when it be easier just to take the chance to squatting now oh because it act I don't know whenever I have to do one of those. I just can't see how he might alienate a big girl for a day gorilla in the previous not only using condoms. Full length. While what else are we talking about I don't know I don't doubt your second senior ovulating. Wolf knowledge check Philadelphia's gun on like I got some weird is gone up in the uterus it's not a big enough fancy cheese side that this got personal very quickly I don't wanna hear this info on top and now I'm TM buying understand why do you ask these questions I didn't have girl powers as the single thing I just made a statement. I don't know I think there was a question there didn't quite a hero cards why do we need this yet then you're like Mickey what are you doing and don't ask did that they don't lead the way you don't ask the question that you don't know what kind of missed the witness is gonna use solid point onto a mess in the witness is making you act as Vicki will say girl parts up on our -- that form vs JAL to go girl is great for camping. Yeah there you go girl I'm a plumber and believe me women destroyed true it's just as bad as men. Yeah I love to very and then perhaps she reached for military women to Google. Modem makes sense because I mean you're out there and you want India wants to general uniform off that's a great idea. Bruises to cite a funnel Steve so I don't see you soon and I need to put more oil my car. He's got we've urine and oil mixed together actually does have the car run better and guys I have no facts on that milieu better gas mileage out of this. Are we gonna talk about this woman who and a very valuable lesson when parking. Yeah oh it's not wise to steal a police officers. Parking spot for eight police chief spartans fought. And especially when you are smoking brought us floor by the way. That's not all this story we'll tell you what happened at 817. On the Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI ESW. I did quite nice they I had. The rock Seattle. Back in May may 26 year old delightful woman from Long Island. Was ticketed for. Unlawful possession of marijuana. Which is a hole just dumb thing anyway I mean Jesus the we have states in the union like ours that are like come on but she was. So police sensation is arriving for court appearance when she cut off an unmarked police car in the parking lot while talking on her cellphone cliff gosh double Lanny PS so she's she's a she's just a genius. Then they say she pulled into the parking spot clearly marked as reserved for the police chief. Am of the officers asked them one rolled down her window pot smoke billowed out of the car. So yeah they were like a year here for unlawful possession of marijuana and years and well you've got more marijuana on yeah. How did you think that was gonna go cutting off a police officer already one strike. Playing on your phone another strike stealing the police chief parking spot which as we know with anyone that I mean how people get an argument of apartments but aren't necessarily even theirs and she's is pulling up ultimate like screw you guys. And it's volume pot in the police to east parking spot this lately you hear now heroes it's Vijay has on our heroes Wear capes. This you know ridiculous she was a ticketed again for another unlawful possession of marijuana issues also ticketed for using a cell phone while driving. And then sent to jail for life for stealing somebody's partner spot. Now I'm so glad to think about when I see people on their cellphones are they stoned as well. Outside of Washington chances are they are yeah and because we all know you know that the people and I use their phones and no they don't use hands free. And you still see them even though we've had many many laws is saying look stop talking on your phone without having enhance free. You've until somebody gets pull over there gonna keep continue to do it yeah I know as to who again and look for any reason to complain about the people who drive slow in the passing lane. They're told they're laws against that they're told they're gonna get pulled over and given a ticket for that they'll do it yet some idiots doing forty miles per hour. When there's no traffic. Creating traffic in the passing and I think you know and I and I Mormon running into this is that people who are just doing less than 55. Anywhere on the freeway I don't understand that they're playing on the phone. Yeah must pay it's is so frustrating like dude what were on the freeway there's Emmy people have the past you because you're going so slow what are you doing get off the freeway. But I like to do is I wish there is technology missed. Telus destiny did and all his people and robots then work like humans so maybe don't make this technology where I can just kind of like. Transform call from my car and zap credit to their car into their passengers seem just for a second mistake hey. Are you aware that everybody is moving. By you and having get out of the passing lane. Pull up next do you give you a dirty look. And Emmy everybody's doing the same thing I'm watching it I guess I'm waiting to do it myself yeah everybody's zipping around my car slowing down just a look at who that person is that striving to see what the hell is their issue had been sickened by them and then. And getting right back into the past and I thank you how do you not realize that your. Making it. Difficult for everybody in the passing you can't beat that and Demorrio Kamal some technology has beeping is considered aggressive being get a ticket for that yeah. But it's like well okay how much most what this person other hate jackal of what are you doing have you ever seen some is due to a net and there I. They're driving in the passing lane they're taking their sweet ass time and they have one of those stupid. Advertisements for some supplement and but are all on all make up whatever it is. And they have did what must speed their phone number I toyed with the idea of one and call them I haven't. But how much Soledad bees that call that number reggae you guys selling Aysu gen X yeah are you also the got a serving really I think slow. I'm behind you if you get over I might buy you're stupid pills now my hand through that that would be awesome. Are now we have this is a great stories like regular license plate is it might get Texan I'm. All that we've got that's that you want my license via text line yes I don't need to act as the biggest idiots bothering me anyway that's a good way if it defeats the purpose exactly I drive AI exactly ideal way to takes that person has started to slow in front of me that way back because my own accidents there. Here's a story now we talk about service dogs and some people faking it merely that they don't have a service dog but they just go well they can ask me if I do so I taken by dog anywhere I wanna go in and I really don't need to. His service service Doug and I see interrupted a Broadway play. And ironically a Broadway performance of cats costs how fun is that I got my thoughts are now heroes Turkey's BJ you're a mad dog. Yes someone took their service dog to this cast performance on Broadway earlier this week. I during the opening number the dog got away and started chasing one of the cats yes one of the humans dressed as a cat why would you rate dog to play about a pack. High grade certain route again you wanna see catching a disservice Doug what do you do their web service cats do they hole. No I don't I don't they probably do their service ponies. All right well then that you got to bring your service pony or your service cat to catch you can't bring a service stopped. You know how happy. Whoever it is that relationship to do not wanna go to that plays at that moment when the dog gets loose and such chasing the human cat that's so great that would make my night yeah you're right through because if I had to be stuck watching that I mean that would be the highlight. But as a kid I was in tax. You have what about the play. That's all. At. So you were in the play Katz is a kid yes sly you might be the first kid ever that the play. I was very excited about it too yeah. How Lauria. As nineteen myself. Job putted. You know I try getting you finally get an elementary school play a major school I'd probably like ten or eleven. And we were doing a production of them did the great classic play cats success and so I've I've that was the only time ever wanted to be and apply to that. At time I had no game and as a kid does to undefined are all really attractive and I like players that you know girls are active but I realized rather quickly that no girls are attracted to a guy who styled like a girl dresses the cat. It didn't work for all know it was terrible you make me feel better because I never got to do that there was a new watch my sister I wanted to be part of plays but they were always after school and I had immune from my sister. And I thought this is my shot and I am missing are my shot looking up because like you to disagree attractive girls that are doing plays and if I get to be somewhat about star good maybe this will be like the high school quarterback thing right. Now didn't get a chance to see you tell me when a worked anyway we're now click can be the star and I caved in you saying a site that trying icann okay you answer that question you can't say all right joy here and saws just like an extra six and stupid cat in the back row following an attack. And had our outfits for awful and items but Laura jumpsuit yeah ever actually put hooks up the extra. Nobody but then I got and Charlotte's web oh did you. And I've been I was on the dash over to kill the pig. Oh she's that out of that role and do you did you of people picking he did pick up chicks because they like guys are painkillers or knowledge none of them are yeah they're brown was then and talk to any of these are also even though I was trying O make it into these situations for I would dictum. Be around more women he's still got to take his dad did you have a wife. I'd daughter Shiloh well this year raids though and I mean real real wrong you'll love it all right all you owe your eleven. And maybe some girls just weren't ready then are you that they were ready for you see this from hooks who stole our military and that's a good points. Yeah so who'd you play that I would agree you you were never reply no I never got to be in a plane believed Danny. No never did you drama or any kind of we did like to singing things were real steady and sing Christmas songs and we never actually did acting. Yeah I think Sarah has been a couple herself but I never I never got to when Joey. These yes or no. No I have yeah. Yeah I was in and not the art guys school plays but they were when I was in high school I did some out Gig Harbor I did add the sword in the stone an annual Camelot. Wool and if you did these volunteer yes adds color musicals they did it fortunately I didn't really have to sing that much a lot of behind not really behind the scenes but those lower extra source the rules so why did you do what you tried to we economy women's show. I know I just did. You had it was kind of fun to sort of do anatomy in my friend were both kind of put out to do it and we went out dated may and he bailed. And I was like well I I I guess I can still do this. I'm about. After we sister to a place. I'd be downpour had said domicile is doing we do on every year the Christmas the carriers will be Christmas play so we have something under our belt we know of course it has no one actually I auditioned and beat. Earned apart are really NASCAR right. OK then go back to doing tax. So you don't wanna watch cast that you don't mind being in cats. It's kind of like baseball I hate watching baseball but playing it's kind of fun absolutely there's a mile love playing a transport but he watching on television yeah I'm that way out I I'm satellite watching everything you're doing nothing. That's my life that I want to go back to the idea of calling somebody when you see their number on a cart they're driving like an aviator yeah I think she slowed a murderous attacks and instead makes talking about calling the number on the car I've done it and it was amazing. Also you do get the person driving the car also must have an awesome conversation. Well you gotta we think can lead. What kind of Demi and part of me wonders is that dope who's driving slow want you to pass the so you can see their advertisement is it that is that their way of getting you. This site I mean honestly. What beetle push stuff funny it really is irritating yeah it's just it especially they push a product on me that I go well dude you know that's kind of a product that he got to go to somebody that you trust. No I already have somebody that does that for me right and they still go we are you to try this out I really I already got somebody else but this is betting that now you know as well as I do that this is not something that I Vijay knows he has a guy for a camera cream stock selling in stock yes. I got the guy has got the right cream from me about your big Yemen in place. I audition for one and a high school they did drama for a couple of years and I got so nervous to there's so many people I totally screwed up my vision I just did not. I sounded like I was just reading off the paper. See him actually a play was it for me I don't either remember but I got cast began there and I just said you know what kind of background dancer and click ask the teacher like I. I'm not Indians probably easy out and it's probably not for you like even my full length movies are for you but you know what short films and Europe. Thanks. Catch and run at all and still little skits though and drama class and I don't which is and that I was it to make back to. And yet you doubled little blue enjoyable but you do have hopes and dreams of being a voice acting like some of your favorite cartoon he had to be so much fun just. Sounds like my parents are better now than your work on something else I help them out and really. Blues clues looked like what if that's me mass. Or her. Yeah I did you want Bob he's jumping for Danica I catching up with us Steve the guy from blues clues are yeah I didn't see your house he don't he's still grade he had a great attitude he's just like gas. You know I'm good now. I do music with I guess the Flaming Lips guys he's working like a children's record they showed the video for and it's very tricky it's like children on acid it's. Well what else is new is a guy from blues clues revenues thank you love the dike do a new TV show. For adults but it was -- them but it screwed like yours blue from the dog blue helping him solve these crimes pitch would be brilliant you know civic all the adults they grew up watching him has got your forays -- at a place for a show like that tonight guys it's on FaceBook that it's but to settle recap what Steve from Blue's Clues is up to and it sounds like he's still pretty good for himself pleased you know discuss dipped out of the limelight they Pia was a certain losing my hair. I realize that probably not the right guy for this job anymore that he don't wanna go bald in front of the kids season with them growing up I was reading tale but he's awesome I always feel like I'm kind of like of those who did what now all are what do you make any kind of in certain moderate from Sesame Street like I'm bad for some people it's crazy to think. I'll allow sacked out of him more like a mr. Rogers but that's more my life and act are still live forever you know I mean even when you think well how often this. I don't do that could happen nowadays and old man that we just like put a sweater on big issues out come on kids that voice that he would definitely look like somebody OK there's advanced somewhere not that in that sets come to my house and so my attorney yeah that's yeah yeah how did that test for so many years. I SA Steve he took too many guesses to get this one right what American discount retail chain is headquartered in Bentonville Arkansas. Americans discounts weeks now target you know Todd JC Penney's now east. Costello now are all over what terms for email march jammed. And sorry about me. You have to really only have three yeses and that's you know there's guys. Did you five guesses allows him. You're on a shot at beating Steve you've got a 206421. Rock who played Pete makes AK 47. On Iraq. 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