BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-08-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, December 8th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. A woman pooped in her ex boyfriend’s favorite pair of Jordans. 


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I'm mentally his Levi gold go to gasoline dot com check on the Vijay makes trades as we can find out. Hi you get their music where they may be playing and I get paranoid they're working on some new material there postseason stuff on their sound cloud as well I was taking up their FaceBook and not shut out to these guys they hate their music your boss in the NB a lot that they dine yourself because they told everybody yup where to allow local branch of the week. And according to them quote we only gave minimal sexual favors for that distinction that's all it takes in a million when it comes to me it's very minimal. Out of it. So we give our best they did their best yeah and together. We are to allow more families with. We Michael until about the best and when it comes in the best about two hours of the best local music Sunday night right here on the rockets called ma mobile 10 o'clock you catch that. Great Pacific northwest fans like we buy gold. Saying. News. I am games be. OK and I believe maybe it is Friday. I do love how everyone is yelling yeah just in case Steve pot sit down yeah you never know if I'm going to are not going to so everyone has to give all. Which is great for Friday he's got to control that these rights it's summertime big someplace you just don't know what happened in December while. Dorgan doesn't today we've got Joseph drew read everything. Is gone Steve Joseph Horry and there's sir. Good morning good morning and what's he played port and a steal everything prepared tickets take out the very funny. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you want tickets you get in now at Ticketmaster dot com are you. Is that they need here. Those playing at home Joseph will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jodi can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses her question how are you ready. This December job maybe dump him like the fact that these historic district of hate actually very is located in what US city hampered Cisco as how many feet is the free throw line from the backboard in basketball it's. Chances now. Well now sits sees you as ace on an annual list does what in their sleep. We walked into ads in the movie short circuit what does the name of the robot. I think I have yet as what year of the late ninety's did he movies doctor Doolittle come out. 979899. And 98 he adds what is the granular substance that these collect cult. Solid yes you Potomac River empties into what base. And now it comes to on the apps how many ghosts appear to Scrooge in dickens' a Christmas Carol it's. Before you ads in the Simpson's edition of monopoly whose house occupies the boardwalk spaced. That would be mr. burns you ask what Disney film features the song I just can't wait to beat king her. Lion King yeah 123456789. Correct ruled out. I lion King and I he might get it done he might get lucky yeah he's got to get into it and then nude dancers in the questions I'm hoping by S and Sammy and so I think you. Steve surprises us constantly identity correct cancers or wrong ones so that's surprised you never really know what's gonna happen on Friday. Because anything can happen on Friday Perry go at that again. At great backs. Steve are you ready again. These historic district of hate Kashmiri is located in what ever let's go yeah as how many feet is the free throw line. From the back fourteenth yes it's a son Daniel list does what is their sleet. Sundays now it's yeah. Todd Clark to know. Yeah. The number two no I don't know if indeed at least George search you what is the name of the robot Tony five yet as what year the late nineties Disney movie doctor Doolittle coming out to 98 you as what is these granular substance that in these collect call politics yet as to the Potomac River empties into what date. Theories now it's Elliott is now what I asked. Hold it no. How many ghosts appear to Scrooge and Dickens a Christmas carries. Now for you ask in the Simpson's edition of monopolies whose house occupies the boardwalk spaced. Mr. burns yet as to what Disney film features the song I just can't wait to be changed its. Do the whole princess bride. I know her once you didn't really know her once you can win I know 1234567. New lose thought. Everybody. Here you're sir. I have to go and Joseph you just. Did you dread began to see a great company showed Jeff Ross David summit friends that don't let it all about where are you hang on Joseph tell you how to get that prize Joseph did know that ace mom Nan B list walks in their sleep yeah they do want to is that the LYCE. Simple. I don't put your sleeve I think that's that that could be a thing. Yeah yeah the Potomac River. Share. Now are we do Tonya Harding movie you hi Tonya is out the guy and it's going ninety Summers on the run to me doesn't say it's good. Don't say she's a while I think science is she's a white trash wonder the way Margot Robbie plays her oh yeah heart and win the gap discipline patent Tonya Harding not a bad deal but the yeah it it empties into the Chesapeake Bay you would never say I was gonna guess that's. Now we'll Janet BJ so where does it enter into the Chesapeake Bay and view your current. And then I just can't wait to be king at the answer is in my own question. It's Milan. Yeah I know. It is at the Lion King the mining can. Guess the Alamo Mona is a is a vivid movie. She's in my own a couple to Boston born she's amount after. Wow congratulations to Joseph but BC Steve that's got to do man you tie you beat Stevie get the prize is simple is that gotta love how you play that game is to assume you beats even after they must sound I think it. I'd. Got a new survey and asked people okay we wanna know what you think about all different types of fast food. So you can see how normal you are with your fast food preferences are reading I feel like him to be in the minority and a lot of these things because I know a lot of people get upset with you I think Dick's got another prime on its just a local. But I think Dick's drive in Fries of the best Fries hands down and I told you that I was spoiled and that's why don't like to express because McDonald's spoiled me and it turns out that pretty much more than half must feel that they have the best Fries professor that I get it and didn't like polar opposite stakes rise at the skin on them they're kind of grease the end and limp. I like it like that Steve likes it greasy I like my women from the Cristiano and I could just cannot tolerate Yahoo! might ally a most people do like women with very you know what's gonna. But I understand them McDonald's Fries are fantastic and donations of McDonald's front that's coming now and I and I don't know if we had tries to remember having Fries it chick filet O yeah and where they Gooden because people that's the second best Fries out there we have a waffle Fries to waffle Fries are Seattle's only GS yeah I totally forget them but I like waffle Fries usually. And then Wendy's. Wendy's Fries are awesome especially Pittman the frosty I feel like that's the experience that people are really dig in volume and that's a thing you idolize a trustee I'm not a fan of my potato product getting him with my dairy product. Our own curiosity or just your your potato is. I don't like dipping my eyes and eating into high screen. Except for my tong I didn't think that it would be good either but boy there's something about that sweet salty guy like assaulted term all really if you think about it and to get chocolate covered pretzel sense had thought about that don't like it. I would chain has the best pizza. Which Cheney who. Man I'm basic. I love little Caesars. And because of the price. And B it's just such. Received patent. For nearly delicious and it's not a top three to not surprised I know that some people or it when it comes achieve peace is muted but huge Domino's does say this is technically a chain pizza place CommScope pizza. Golden yeah actually the biggest chain pizza company. In at least in the states I guess you're saying Ricky your absolutely right yes you can but the trouble is is that there didn't get a gallon but still I figure I'm dominant doesn't say Donna's is legit I surprised because Donald for the longest time had a the quality problem but they've reset it to the point where people now want domino did I recently got him excited she's and so often and it took bacon on it yet song. I gotta try it I am only two days. I love the dominoes with when they started doing the Brooklyn crossed half Brooklyn style and Arizona's insult you here it is no okay. Hey what he's gonna idiots you you quieter clothes and yeah it's a thinner crust. And its attacks it's so good pizza recommended number two that was always my favorite pizza could particularly then my dad and I you know well leading get along a lot but boy. Again particularly pleasant on their but I am I guess you all and when we went to pizza how life was good. There's is what else hear these it's possible to Papa Murphy's Papa Johns pub just limited number three yeah. Our Abbott the best person is really good but of course you gotta cook it. Yeah that's the problem that's my problem Murphy and I don't get a lot like I do you gotta cut didn't give it to me come up there's no issue there they're still ahead. I love the cowboy well and you could conforming and I don't know if Sarah did okay thanks. How much the best and we got. Semi sub pop belly. Hope pot belly. Or popularly I don't know where I thought maybe you have an erratic and I'd understand if you have time. And I putted and I finally. I go pot bellied Jimmy John's subway you are close putt Philly it's interesting man I don't think people a lot of people know bottom but we got I'm here now which is nice and mom I don't as the bad cigar good. Subway number one makes sense one you don't think of only because the fact they have so much good stuff there Chris knows no and again you you're not gonna think this is a sandwich shop I'll play yet but it's great it's a great place it's a great out Panera Bread. You don't think it does a sandwich shop but really nice Alexander their bread is fantastic and I would hope I think that's probably why they're good -- I was goto the Fuji apple chicken salad in an aside of just a chunk of their bread you actually go go I you know for a guy you that's supposedly healthy there are a lot of fans rejoice because you have a special Leo there's our spot men away I go you know I know the wife to Bruce yeah there's got some healthy stuff -- iTunes for her I really enjoy the church says they typically are mean go to place for lunch on on on church states oh now you're that what you Simon sounds delicious bread is like Jesus made yeah I had done about it SAL. Yes so Jimmy John's human to third on that one best tacos cost the group. Hello darling CF. Do you girls all right they've got. I think we just stab a sensitive best tacos probably you're at that begin placed on the Portland mountain diablo capacity up Gloria. A man I know I'm probably make. I'm surprised by the number one I'm sure that it did this did the Mexican food snobs don't look at me I love Taco Bell out of island dog they'll do right there all you guys Rios local taco or use unbeatable. I know people would go to a little better talk to them are whatever may be put to me it both good choices if I'm going to get fancy Mexican food I'm going to talk about do you soft tacos that the country doc as I typically get this series soft taco supreme sat meal that they offering an awful crime she wants to just to kind of uses a Pallet closed and that's in who became kind of cell Steve always get stuff. Hard to him. Thank you. Actually you know came in number one and again I'm surprised because of all the issues let me guess into Jack in the Box. No not Jack invited select yeah ha ha ha I can't believe there were voted number one did releases all the issues they had anytime I guy who might support AAA is always packed. Number three is surprising as well I mean we know taco Bell's number two Q don't like it's on the listen and we've actually had a lot of Q go by and I mean I think they deserving on their but I I I feel like those other places sometimes get better at you a better notice hey guys had the the jacket monoxide goes oh hell yeah animals are so that especially your hung over. That's part of why I was 275. Pounds or one time because I would stop by Jack in the Box way to work. And debt for five dollars ten tacos 102 for a dollar Kimmel a lot more now for so long as breakfast. And of course for Alyssa was a big surprise were talking about food again yeah so this is serious please shut up I want pizza really bad now I do too man I really really do. Heidi it is titlist is on the loose we'll change the subject actually will let you change the subject. We'll let you guide to show it to 06421 rock Texas 77999. Your calls your tax a 917. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Good point nine KI SW Iraq of Seattle listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show brought July Travis. Gagne 206. We're 21 rocky can also text 677999. Whatever you wanna talk about it's your call something new something all but. Steve does have one rule thanks very important as a source of energy really and bring it otherwise. And then say goodbye to the edge and it's summertime maybe some place they've got Clementi embryo like the hawks do every year this is what they've been doing about Stephen what you got for sure throughout Stephen you're on the rock. I'm so the other day I was looking on Google don't do that line and I saw an article about Star Wars sex toys and I've got to be interesting to get people to take. On which shows her pop culture type thing. What also makes a yet. Oh Reyes Exelixis. So how highly able to do Beck has ensured Disney does not have their own line of Star Wars sex to its. Armed. I'm not sure how that's got to look at night. There was quite a variety on the article so depleted that. And I don't know federally go anywhere near on the dark veto since the you bring your own that was. It's. All okay. C three. No death star get let me. And I did not happening there are so low one to. I've reviewed a minimum. And I went and well yeah he'd get right to carbonate. It's really Han Solo would you put a oh my gosh you're looking at them in the C three PO one goes in the spot yeah. Yes they're not anti malaria it's C three hole I don't know it's like and there are a light sabers they're synagogue ceasefire are all available are called up but then the man this is hilarious CR. Many of them a space station ball gag because excited about that I'm very excited about their identities are only gonna do so cool that's the death star yeah candidate. Well Steve I appreciate the call was to find out how well how much you well weighted there was a show that you would have us sex toys after what would you pick. Just pure comedy reasons only and I'm not from my own personal use but it's something made like golden girl won the out of order the. That would be Erica and I use him are you kidding me c'mon I say for the ladies have wanted to know an extra amount local full metal jacket this is a machine got caught dance. They're I was originally whenever you land where you're right yeah man all that's right nice appreciate the call well I think a bigger Star Wars they had a new Star Trek. You know optimists Albuquerque. I just. This morning on sits alone being making out Christmas themed sex stories as well that day play. A jingle bells played it vibrates with each note so I moved. Yeah. And that kind of stuff I've seen on three game connected to your phone able vibrate according to the music you're playing Daria so mean that just discuss it here around that makes sense. Deck the halls. He's seen ones very like the avengers. And the whole looked pretty awesome scene out how they get away with this man you know led marvel and Disney doesn't go crazy because they look just like Seattle like the items from the movies do you think it's one of the situation room did their like you know what we publish not even addressed that this exists because those bring attention to that company. And I called bottle to hole is something you're not won a mess like wow look you could actually fight off intruders were passed I mean that's pretty incredible incredible Hulk yeah that's a fact Iron Man it's really sleek and it's got a nice light. Yeah. Our connector that's good for her here in the dark yeah that's Captain America due to a bowling pin and went on diet. I know that the band rounds and they created a whole line modeled after their own junk. Really and that was our goal I did tell you something that's pretty brave because what is really the one member of the band your job's not that big event unprecedented sign little Derek. So did you see it go do one for the show and how old because I'm personally one they'll find mine. Yeah. Where all those which are reasonable or discounted price at half price yeah Pope. Let's go back Irish. And yes it wears wall though it's something that sounds like Waldo and we say we do there is bald though now it's sort of like yeah none of my. You'll figure it out let's go to Shane in Bremerton change some reason those be careful when would the Luke when you might lose a hands off. That's that I like Alan I chain in Bremerton which DR Ford's body. Hello polio which is not your fault that's my fault way to go there were Yoshi and now you're on Iraq go ahead sir. All you can hear me now okay cool. An attack so real quick go wanna just go right back to the studio you're talking about on that list sir that I I just wanted to say let's. All the techsters someone else is bringing up food it's not just us thorn. Yeah no I am. Stats. -- you're saying holy addiction a little bit French restaurant says Steve says these things are the best score by an actual poll that was on May pick McDonald's is the best McDonald's yeah so honestly I was a year Bremer saying we have this place called crede Eric's. And it's like a local a local burger joint that's their county like this sixties that's cool and they actually handicapped they're and got a Edelman Fries and I lingo does that strategy around its nice how thick and thin are they aren't they look good and spin on it's when you got the songs on the rise the most and that. Yeah hey hey Don actually the best honestly you can get what you had no she noticed it yet so what are they so you've had Fries from how many joins he could say yeah I crazier is the best. Have you had a lot prized. I had stretched from Burger King McDonald's. I. You know Jack about everywhere basically yeah. Well you know some I had to save really maybe you know I would imagine how local hamburger during a good little Woody's I like their Fries just Millwood is but see you like will Woody's I feeling always is very be on par with our Dix well see the most different index but it's it's about to sound like you'll see I would like a stiffer. Yeah. And I mean they've got we got it and. It's really cheap food to economic figures and we 120. All right I'm crazy Eric's. Seed Tim Mandell you some cool joint Saudi air garage there sweet spot yet they're. Blushing and at some point but to get out there and get some analysis looks incredible also because you show me all these different types of French president so I cheese on it. They know it's up parmesan prying eyes full of praise their eyes as a regular Fryer both have big challenge from former. Are you still ligament out of the Star Wars right now yes. Its use of force and use the source. Solis is almost you picked a topic you guys to show 206421. Rocky you also Texas it's 77999. We Mordechai also mortgage axle that at 933. On the rock. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. I like guys KI SW Rocca Seattle's listeners on the loose you picked a topic can you guys who showed 206421 rock. Texas is 77999. Let's go to Casey and to quell a tea Casey in tickle your Barack. Hey what's going on guys hey buddy rich source. Now monetary so early and you look look Bellamy we got and what the craziest thing he ever saw locket and outplay. You outline. Yeah so my dad when I was growing up put an electrician my whole life. I'm and one of his customers looked up the Los Angeles hills. And now he was a big time game hunter and he basically had to. Like a one story house just operatives mean giant Howe and it was basically like it giant and I and he had like stuffed animals and things like actually liked tax and spend most of the bucket guy. They eat it's gotten like they were all closed and everything and Clearwire and those are. And just thought that that he had coming out of his ball first bar without adult. 00 and while I had it was a real 'cause I was gonna say how would you know what that looks like but. He was a big game hunters so that was really an elephant gone for a process. Yeah yeah I'm allowed an adult tactic they're really not. It was hooked up to a pedal on the floor do you pushed on the title and the water came out people. Talk she's noticed him you do the trunk full menu at the next level what's the matter that's yeah. And a elephant got killed aimed I mean think. No clothes smell since somebody was gonna hunt me down and they tell me what the plan was I kinda sorry. Yeah I mean I'd be okay so feel like it's a big day today another there was a story the most dangerous game with a hunting humans have fewer hunted you be like yeah okay this is there he's my Don as fountains it's about our race. I would be honored to be like all right you know what you can hunt me yes. I know they tuck Chris Pratt street getting into some trouble because people don't like the fact that he likes hunting pirates of the about Val oh it's absolutely everything I. I EL VI I I need. I can answer this is like you can't see your you know you can't say you have any hobby your needing anymore because someone's gonna get upset over something yet what are we become this thin skinned from country hey guess what I got news for either people that like things that people don't. That are legal. You know the big thing is I don't mind so it's and it's it's I just kind of keeps growing she's talking claimants don't take a fall animal activists in the sense that they don't. Eat meat they don't wearing it and animal based on Michael okay. You're you're you're true to your cause and I can understand why media bothers you it's not necessarily my cup of tea and I don't really necessarily wanna read on FaceBook but at least. It's the people who complain and you seem more like a leather shirt or I got yelled out yeah leather boots or. It's already there you never picture there hamburger the bad yesterday and it's not begin you know it's a single table where it was there's a lot of come on. Don't you just complaining Tennessee complaining is that when your life is. Yeah and not have an ending we live on the planet where you know why this stuff happens like they'd like it like creatures go after other creatures it's part of the whole ecosystem of living and we're part of that inside I mean it's just I use logic and all I can understand if you're like hey it's too tough for me to do this activity like look. I'm not a gun owner I probably never will be a guy known. That doesn't mean I don't think people should be gun owners are just not right for me but you know what I'm glad there are responsible gun owners out there and I hope I know some of them because I got news for -- some missing in my life and if you it's been beautiful and I'm a pro in a shooting myself because I'm an idiot. You know let's. And it's as simple is that I don't like something. But you do you think new York and I won't and I think we still hang out I think we still can make leg could be you know things out on my face open and cheeses is just a memory nobody can get along this I market this is really just so random slate are like this huh yeah for her. Okay the man for leaving on a terrorist threat before he went enraged the twelfth man flag as is out and do move on his part C and I. Kind of was hoping that she become available because I've always done on a Ferris is quite an attractive woman it is funny you know like he. Do you see these pictures of them I didn't hear you see on the tee and Tino posada and all these pictures and reduce child care. He's which guarantees group you know I think she's gorgeous and oh yeah I mean good and then all of a sudden he gets ripped becomes a Hollywood a Lister and now all of a sudden crown done. It's like to. Wow yeah it's just something is more to it than that but it did just when you look at the visuals you just like wow you were. She was right there with you when you heard shocker and now all of a sudden here it is interesting yeah it's very very did you say I hope they're cool you know what I mean is Hollywood it's sort. I it's just tough to keep any relationship together in Hollywood it really really is the schedules putts. Be dead doing you a quick shout out onto our listener Marty he actually follow through and got the PGA and makes tattoo. I haven't seen the beat him makes part could use. He called in yesterday rights and he said he was going in today Marty was to get the B Jim bigs in the Star Wars fun that we made a T shirt out yes and he also said life I was. Curious on how he's gonna Pulitzer obviously I'm going to get also Lulu tat salami and today's getting your as the death star. Yeah I wish I thought was very bizarre so the eating it he's gonna have your dog Lulu right somehow incorporated into a tattoo of the death star and and that is done yet it's a very bizarre thing and Dee Dee Dee did he do that to get done he absolutely job security Vicky so. Most of it does so would I shoot low around. War. Dealing. That's right and this is held is that true. Wow Marty got a tattoo on my dog on him Jose Rivera not low end and she looks like the death star it's. The most. Ridiculous an awesome thing I've ever seen in my entire life Luke put it on parents to Rampage so did she got a little did I know I lose the war you're on let's get as Andrei says the arm down. And I shot onto. Josh drug. Car on the tattoo artist over. A dark course I think it's had on his page he had our first tattoo he's one you just put up their own agency and touchy mood today as the death star thanks for looking. Hash tag dark horse tad too. Has Jay Lulu club pats take KI SW and a bunch other states well Lou I mean that's that's Kevin must and it looked out none of us have ever had our faces put on anybody's body but little gets their first. As a death star yet makes all the sense in the war I'm sure sure does severe star wars' Luke French you're shut out the Mari Thelma mash up. They have good job Marty looks like her rent it and looks like the best are. Yeah Josh thanks you guys did a great job with a ridiculous concept that's pretty you know as a tattoo artist you probably just get the most ridiculous mashup questions and requests and things. Pretty amazing new things that they probably have to do or get asked to do tried beats doing the same usual tattooed on your union excellent they go what the tells me double I want this area that they don't I want. Guys dog Lulu. As the death star can you do that yeah okay and a real boat anchor mom thing anymore him a good analogy you sure that's almost sure people are SO haven't been absolute I took a much a classic political person puts on the losing two MPH this is epic. Somebody want to Lucent's Rampage and decided to actually post. All people post on Soledad I know I think god that's where I lose all respect there's tons of did that she can take hundreds of whites as she doesn't get anything she's feeling 140 love like someone picture it's a stupid owner I won't mention his name 244 lights on the tongue take the other temperatures fantastic yeah that's the great thing. Move the warrior princess on its Seagram where they can make her have more followers and Vijay is not I happen I'm human. OK got 2226. Followers right now okay well I'm a human anomaly now we have more followers America because humans should follow humans not dogs you see a picture this year as with her new toys she got a novel Condo as a toy. The stuff on the Colorado a little man figure myself being situated at chomping. To. It's still all right damn Democrats 188 likes Palm Pilot does miss Lulu yes this is. Chased us. The student who doesn't 232 now at least she's not talking politics and given that. Oh you don't wanna hear or talk politics all she's got a political ploy a lot of things she's super conservative I know she's very religious because of you know her dogma. Hey. That's just happened. Saw OK well that's it. All right hey Steve that's I wanna say about the celebrity because this lead did something for I should say something to her ex issues. That well you're not gonna believe a home tie we're gonna talk about business on a stern it's amazing we're gonna do this at 915. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. 99.9 KI SW Iraq out of Seattle. And the other sectors such Tiffany had ash. She's from the movie girls should choose also was post and I remember her SNL yeah. You know eyes she's gonna ex boyfriend now that knows your for something really nastier than all that. She got a new book she wrote called the last black unicorn and she does or how she got back of the guy who cheated on her. And how does she do this by dedicating and his favorite pair of jordans there you go. While I go through congress and all those connected to any domestic dispute. Yeah boy I think I would be done if I just sounds like OK this just happens skaters are ready to be your shoes. She said yacht she was there also when he put the monster she wanted to see the whole thing go down. That's a Max level crazy angry moment here when you really feel EA gadgetry from TLC had burned her boyfriend's house down as a bad thing understandable. This zone and I think easy the next level crazy things she had a that's a lot of steps to get to that point yeah I mean and I just have this image of like okay she's going to the bathroom and she's decided she's you know I'm not gonna he's taught today when he uses shoes and you gotta do all their main. Yeah I don't know what the process was maybe two in the books silly do you tell it and I would imagine she does put names you'd. Do you dread the issue and just kind of aim yeah up or do you do what you do and then get like learn Ozal net kind of value of your fish and who. Either either option is disturbing for me and here's your reasoning she said you know what. She did for all of the ass that he put her through about her that was her thing there I'm wondering if he did this after like taco night. Photo she described what that that Mitt imagine somebody try to do this as well just stuck. From mentally not be in the us they will it be all over the issue and I feel like that's like fumble. Well now we know you do some who pisses you off. I'm not happy about this why I say I despise no way whatever knew that anybody. And how do you feel you're dating her right now. Thought yeah exactly all the simulate a lock for your shoes or I don't secure our Yamaichi wrote a book that's what you did guess what I'm not living with this come out. I'm Carol you are there police yeah I'm near to a priest. I do not need air for movies. I mean I'm I've heard a blank pictures you know you have to prove that those are truly play kickers is what those are off. God dang she's crazy and she writes a book and they say I something yeah I here's something to block her off. Once they Paul Davis sitting in on the show. Kathy bobbed she's a bright fassel's she will not do anything in your shoot should just do great stuff giving out at twelve packets which is gonna do because she's not crazy. Thanks this is welcome to herself Bilbao real Melamine. So while this thing ever had and he was when I was on MTV brightness this lady comes up to debrief her husband. If she's that field and I go below if you look at what you do. If you would like this and she is the world is quite right so they can use on my. Feel on the left and Bellamy on the road she got to go to build and a half. Nine point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question from a listener. I am a mountain of credit card bills and consumers dad and I still keep my house by fell bankruptcy gives you almost always can keep your home. Your house your car use in a bankruptcy. Depending on what type of bankruptcy your final.