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Monday, December 11th

The Best That We Could Do 2017 continues!  Sara gets it on at SafeCo Field


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It's the best that we get every 2017. And back in August. Sarah my lovely daughter shares story about what she did well at a Mariner's game and yeah. Visiting me at one the duke rooting for the Mariners this came in at the number five segment of the year are there it is the beaded. Investor in the group. I yell at her tell that story. Us. Okay Aaron I saw our name and I wasn't gonna go to ordered it. It was on my bucket list to do it at Safeco Field officer. And his daughter series down. I think you've bothered residents against by the way when I. I use Siri is Ira Allen my boyfriend and we did say now we actually an oddly enough did Sims did the play by play yeah. Yeah alone though those Red Sox tickets I JB you know don't let you watch the guy anyway it is early in the game well in all fairness you get to see Big Papi so Mars. Scored on another camera Big Papi it's exactly does win the guys go did you do it in the stands and I wish you know we do in the family restaurant on the golf app that restroom could talk. I've been when I'll walk it could. I Jerry not the only one that's taken advantage of the Stanley rest. So probably not think I was like with an enemy airy it was it was a really really sexy I must say. They like rain after the games there are crowds and really try and again the family restaurant they don't care you know they have two gallon in allowing the line yeah so I was very narrow slit. How did you get that excited me I don't wanna watch to see I did until we have to take a break and now now it's cool. Well it's did you go into the bathroom first way to second and he went into another new boardwalk and you pretend you're like a kid that. I went first the solar plant I went person and he's like a who's gonna wait like a minute or two and and he ran after me I'm Imus he was so it shall I think this cell phone was doing he had had a few years I was nervous as they say take off my jacket in the pretend we have a baby and the mummy movie I would rot in the being NAFTA or like Cyprus Pannemon pain and like. I don't know we just lost to get I I had to put toys Doreen yeah what's my motivation you I was in Wisconsin and Hawaii and the Finley restaurant restaurant you know but of course Don did you know let's just go out together throughout together like holding hands like champs we'll sweaty area now. I thought you Luke was recruited me go through a move that's what removed the well and imperfect and yes notably real perfect is if your boyfriend now now he's on my list are about to see what's your opinion of her boyfriend now you were a big fan of his up until probably 200 tiger shook his head yes and our. Yeah. Hopefully wash it and you really don't I such and not just plant. Plant. OK you know I want you get out. Congratulations on accomplishing something on your (%expletive) yeah hey hey Elissa and I've ever want to try to dedicate guy oh do you really I don't I don't you say that because it's a trophy do they may never gives a thick and again I believe by this Friday is dying right now isn't that say don't show that I beat there are now there's 101000 fans as a go visit Sarah just simply wraps yeah. So I spent some years repairing a relationship with Safeco Field and now my got a room and it was one bangs session in their bathroom your welcome. It's basically says it's our got the grand salami. OK okay this atheist club okay thank you know. You just cross the lines I'm not old model that humans to comment on top foreign some slurred and you're hoping that we were Gil. A man that seems like a lot of work. Oh. I got a point nine KIS cellular rock of Seattle and that's the leader which when he seventeen. I miss them. Those that are at their finest museum I'm actually to go to a great interview almost cracked the top five and it was back in May. We had Steve's double gang here are quite evil comedian Jo Koy in studio with us when I was watching this. That's my wife came home and she's like. We over my shoulder kind of paying attention odd man just hilarious if you go see you next time you're in Q and as we take. If you very dirty could wipe isn't like super into like your filthy comedians and things like that coming up Joe's great. We should definitely go at him right after I said that you went into your self love sock puppet clubs and house like a boy. This mine and and I was thinking all man this is gonna turn off completely and an obvious who's like cracking up the entire time like okay good night but I was. Thinking about you know Mike I wonder how like you know I would like an act of those moments. I want. Though the setup. For that joke was. If you if you compare to joke which you leave my is it won't be valid one do I don't want him and he wanted to bear lake that much. I do want him buried so but I want him to know that light. Pay what you're doing right now I'm doing also they'll. And and. Creepy and it it sounds like the idea what this possibly just realize that didn't accidentally. Who else. So on there's no end in sight you're gonna be doing this for the rest realized. I get it in words. Like look I'd make your point of view but I made fun of myself. ND you know this is life then it's all good in and I'm glad I did it that way and I've known as quote from this topic leased out if it you know it it. If they get better for me here is awfully bad for him like he goes to cool his head up high that is that why he is everybody at school is like in Lubbock that's special right now that's pretty cool. All I thought about that yeah obviously go to school and you're probably elect you said it's a positive. Yeah because of one of the basic government when I first started doing that joke he was just about him and I would close on that note that what that's not cool either that means. And then and that I had to be like I had and it would mean in letting him know like OK look it is creepy what's happening but I want to go dedicated to. And I only did dad do it but his mom caught up in it would really creepy. Rule. And Steve of course you got cod I have come. Infuriated Caribbean how did you make me feel like the queen's visit and. And at that point out you'll and it's not that your grandma. Like that shows not much. You couldn't be awarded the god is great. Plus he is dead now so maybe I. You me. All. I think you should never tells the story about you know regrettable situation actually easy to pull your grave you whoever. Load the next day I woke there's and that again and I she popped into my room and steak and ice the off. And then the next day I'd go downstairs and she's in the corner on a on our little like art sharing their love but this is a bad time to say it's awesome. She was just playing with a rosary beads is doing. Multiple gods partners like me she's worried achieved it. How bad you feel. I was super power that they can that they you know she would she would wait in those players on man. She's not. The point didn't help clear those present stopped me. She was feeling like they're like little physical addition to straightforward at ease and help. She we could argue. The migrant that this is there an. I you know horrible job lawyer review him. Well hold on it. This is its well all right then this. Rock I'd nine point nine KI as the you know that's more likely you're the subject of sexual ambience not Imus you know even though it was his yard I love that guys jokers are the last of him a bill Bellamy had it right. Two favorite guests that we have on the frequent frequently and the only reason I give chill a little bit of a non that this is kind of a local. In. Even though you're right bill Bellamy Juqua Iraq. Two of them just awesome guys think that in this state. That's. That you don't think you'll be better to almost goes downhill right in Manhattan and yet we kick as you and I do like my thoughts were leaving the business. Can't do any better minutes. And that's really the theme of our talkers segment here is it's the best that we can do for 2070. This came in as the number five FaceBook drama of the year it happened back in May. And we were fortunate to have a little help from Steve Lenny and Kevin heparin and two of the stars from super troopers. We did once again this is our chance to point out the stupid people that are on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook post. And the drama unfold because of it. So this time around we've got some friends who. Yes Steve lobbying Kevin happening you know now he's broken lizard super troopers they're stressed they're gonna be helping us out with FaceBook drama the good guys that speeds and I throw up that's and brace yourselves everybody comes. It kind of left the talent. Check comes pretty Mets didn't. So luck Kevin you'll be playing the role of John OK okay Steve you'll play the role of Scott yes I well obviously. AKA Kevin heparin and please take it as a true story. True story hey Erica. Okay guys it's finally here have you made the fourth be with you hash tag Star Wars rule. New. We just because you're too stupid. To understand the glory days Star Wars Scott. Doesn't mean you have to hate hashed external forces do best. Did I say anything about Star Wars sucking you know. I just hate that this is all over my timeline today it's not even a real holiday or just unreal how they just because there's no drinking involved. I'm sure tomorrow you moved posting tons of tequila and tackle pictures. When you really should be celebrating hash tag revenge of the fifth hashed out source forever and. One mom and it's. Different answers. Yeah speed Brothers and warm. Would you viewers. Get to what do you. Yeah that's true. These show mom. I'm not gonna get tequila would Johnny Star Wars I tried that a few years ago and all he did was scare away girls with his nerd talk. Yeah who's the one that got laid after that made it for us. All that's right me. What do you do go home and pick your own more. Sure yeah of is rookie would ever mom. Does he remind you about the time you call him and we routines hello you guys are talking about polishing your light sabre which your mom. That being said I agreed to Star Wars roles. Hash tag made a fourth be with you. Like your car. Brian anyway he does that he came in from out of nowhere I drives a marker yeah dad I just coming in put his foot down there and putting it down under about politics life and as I might be cute on the side of Star Wars and edited. Well lord god. This is its well all right then this. Oh. I point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle yeah that's we have we all week long is where you know there take a look at the top moments of our show 12017. Which of course is the best of India and it would be a the fact that I mean I'd love super troopers pure meth and marijuana when narrowing down and having two of these guys who I have always been great for us and they've always become in an. I think guide Jay from broken lizard actually going to be. Act public comical but believe we all that's or last weekend maybe if it was classic answer but you know it's cool that they. Always so willing to come down and hang out in them to defend their movie the fact that they did based would probably with the federal and it was going on like. That's pretty awesome yeah you're absolutely right the super troopers guys you know doing something like that was Lester right Stevenson does the fun moments we get to have just as we sit and watch. We've been very very fortunate to have people like those guys just you know and your right man there icon. And all this week that's what we're doing mammoth looking back at some of our favorite moments of the year it is the best that we can do for 27 team. What was the number four call of the year well. You can hit an 817 on the rock. In the exact morning. Rock 99.9 KI DSW. I quit I came I estimated Iraq Seattle. It's the best that we if you were 2017. And back in October we got a call from someone hoping that we could help them find a certain person from their path. Yeah. This came as the number fourth call of the year for the team in every team you around. I'm in Washington. Work. Oh it isn't he you're here in Washington State for work eat and. Nineteen years ago and again. We and we hit it short and then he would be watching. A criminal year OK. Nineteen years I've been searching for. Why. I. Am and I'm like Chile that opened. A career. Nineteen years ago and it's opining over the hearts and are really. I am he's he's a wonderful man named Michael thought anyone was thinking. Michael at least a little Colorado. They've got a lot of important Westminster. Tina I wonder years is a long time. And what do you hope I mean what will you do if Michael means you Davies here any fine human wants nothing to do if you what are you gonna do about cool. Track any. Fruits. I. Need for twenty years you you you you kind for this guy you didn't try to go to war that's fine Michael. Yeah does he wants are eggs in that basket when not Steve right well and dating. This. My mind. Twenty years in Europe is going anywhere. Not seen honey oh my goodness I don't know what to say about this year with U2 I'm is that you're doing the I don't know when. Ball past the age of twenty years you still no sir that's not good no heed the limit at. So why you continue to date him for that long. No it. Was there being a that they might click eventually move on action team now I don't know what to tell you girl efforts. One years you've had two very interesting relationships a guy you pine for and a guy you stayed with. I'm it seems like you you you view this relationship thing is not perhaps you're strong suit. It gotta be honest or terminal performer and honey here's his I'd say Tina if you don't go talk to a professional about this than I would say you haven't. Why that's funny. While that's that's that's a that's a weird response why is that fun. I don't need to eat. At. All. What was that again you don't need to see simply because why I don't need to eat. It at that and training over and so. What what about the other guy who stayed with for all that time that's odd is well a twenty year relationship that went nowhere that's very off 108 at neverland marry me. And you know Harry I. Tina you're not hearing it's not about him it's about you who made these decisions you what you are now hoping that a twenty guy that you twenty years ago. Will come back to you would be the love of your life. And you stayed with another guy for twenty years in spite of however he was you decided you're gonna stay in that relation and you don't think you need some coaching or advice when it comes from you really don't think so. They. I've a question how long were you Michael hanging out before he left to come to Washington. The aggregate time was rocking your world in all the highways. So you're talking twenty years ago he spent five or six months with the human being and you can't get that out of your head after twenty god damn years. Why now. That's a wide out Taiwan. It. I don't give alms. I'm here for you on front and how I think which they were actually brought a look at when they start the hash tag hash tag find Michael. And we're gonna find you Michael you gotta get married I don't feel it is such a tournament what sponsor. Irish mob boss the response. I have faith that what what if that the last batters he. I'm wondering is Ellen I don't know what to hell's wrong with all of you guys might like to thank you my BI now on the phone what Gregor and on the can be like McGregor you'll find that I wanted. Friendly I don't know ideally informative and all we know they amount to be beat a part of radio stations and we didn't really gathered academy love. Yeah I can't find Michael. After a lawyer and no. All he's gonna be happy when he sees you via he's going to be a yes. Drive eight. You might not show blood we dead. They nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle I loved her. Still look in Manila has found Michael yet now the hash tag didn't catch it didn't take off the way you thought it would now. And it's the middle of a lot of other aspects I think it is an avid proper opportunity but you know we're still looking she's still looking over anyone knows Michael. Make this app in the holiday of the year and we need help you think Michael's past tag off the grid you know you know thanks. Knowing that it. That is the beauty of being jerked helped find. You've done something now by I I actually right here you know one night I agree with you what I have and will continue to do not but when the day happened originally one day October October. Apparently aren't you care a lot about that they're a it made it yet passed a vacuum now blocker ready I've overlooked in it's a little dead there. What I see what are you Michael. Yeah that's I mean really. In LA and I really the biggest is that. I just give that I can be harsh but my support is to actually tell the truth that's the support. That's the best buy an aggregate of our time where you are I was trying to help the guys you're great I'm never give up its tenth the moment I could put you with the suit with. I call you guys won in support of it. Is that all we do little. And I always go where did you think is gonna happen but I am always at that the first thing people say about our show and return I got these guys at the supports they should wait to hear you do you. Yeah I think that's going to be the guy to talk to reduce ridiculous hold them gonna find Michael I'm very supportive I tell you this dean I'm telling you. People gravitate towards me because it's like it's in how they say death by cop. Yes so. People don't want to really admit the truth about themselves. So they death by cop themselves by having a conversation with me they come to you for the brutal truth exactly and it's I passed that on my daughter she recently had some drama on the same situation which he she. She goes I can't believe it at all like it was above level operatives who with the magnolia congratulations what happened while you know I don't wanna share posted auction this guy up this. OK is peanut. It's it's girls Ramos and I have to guider throughout this invesco drama can be okay I'm excited yet. First of all have you done your part in helping find Mike. C. Today I've not on mine that still on the hunt. I'd never give up hope never gotten out of love and prisoner. Even with my years ago. Yeah long story short we all came together for her my friend's graduation party. Yes college and her boyfriend who is a bit older. Hold it like fifteen years. Came to the party. I have mostly Steve has a line of what's way over the line in his lines it's not overhaul the way old line 22 Torre. This is over 21. You're talking about Steve over here basically and his wife yeah. So he cannot finish years the past though that it is not my favorite team we're different decade way different totally got. For yours there. So he came up pretty early proceeded to get. Completely hammered as a look at fame party and we all decide to go out afterwards and are all here for car right at her big day. We ordered drinks. Hewlett's it looks like he's gonna vomit on the table. Yeah so hit cousins that are offered to give them our home. But the girl that oral therefore says no one minute he came home and leave. Bits were all here for your graduation party and you can't just point your damn boyfriend and over and sent his ass home so you can day. I think that's enormous stuff so the Pentagon what it is. Feel like he sees me he just completely took the attention off her day at that's kind of ain't got. Fading if he typically nervous around all of you that you feel judged like the need to get drunk to be around you guys giving. I just think he needed he is. Of the what time with this was it like appropriate acts like him 191011. But no it was like 7 o'clock. 7 o'clock and you get destroyed I respect that guys partying. Dividends I think he's like me though because he was there just for a couple of hours and got destroyed that's ruling I think that's lightweight if you get completely destroyed in two hours. Well who knows what was going on before he showed up of I wouldn't very sober when he sent yeah he's got her start screen shots shots. And then got a aggressive with the shot Jack and anybody could handled more in the penalty and I can be kind of pressure when you think it's gonna backfire about it being. No idea is out of his league though because he's around a budget when he something's he's in he's in his mid thirties which I I think is disturbing now I knew nothing wrong with that as you get hanged as he got viral and now I'm thinking boy and I that he can I think he should be embarrassed himself. Yeah and I only you're at you're the girlfriends. Party and you're getting. Fated tour she gets to take you well it's about Syria tell all I was Tyner has an apparently a little too loudly and I was expressing my opinion on my way to that from. And she just turned to me and said this is my graduation party and I turned to her and I said that's why I'm not talking Kia. About that your cousin asking a question responding to her. You aren't. The uses. Less. There's got the coupons while since she left her own graduation party together with the time after the fact. We agree time I mean everyone after then totally agree with me in my leg down. I've billion those resigns as anything. Does it our but it resulted substance he's put in a bad situation which you've got to figure out what she's gonna do if you wanna be. The person that's our plan right Elvis and comes home and he's all pissed off because she's she's she ditched him more. My from apple that's where I think right next to me on them he's a loser. We're friends now though they're her boyfriend to lose Mohamad Khatami a you know what as if I was her father I'd go so let's get this straight the guys how many hundred years older than you. He gets trash to your party use old Leo he's like Steve he's like appraise a predator like Steve Clark and don't even tried to go into that category and I can party with a twenty year olds know probably got better as the sonic the wrong at all mr. McConnell. I'm sorry. Is that thing if you've got to beat the guy that's gonna be gay and look I give Steve credit to Steve definitely image like his wife was younger than him. Steve always carried himself very well I think you have to carry yourself super well when you're gonna go a little younger like that because you already got the thing where you're the older person you can't try to act like the young guy you gotta actor rage even though you're dating somebody younger those. Just to get to act your age and no matter where you're dating you always gonna be you. And I don't think anyone in your party could make bro you need to start acting like you're pointing to a bunch of shots and had these you know what how old he is you know who she's with. And you just except for that. And it just makes him look even worse because he has not much age they really. Did you go to Europe like almost 42. Up like puke on the table. As I didn't drive home a shame I mean you know that thing is it's her party she's got to the drive home machine with her loser boyfriend. And if I was her father I'd be livid like seriously this is the man you can spend the rest of your life with this half a moron this guy can't hold the alcohol go find them and can't exactly go fight a guy named Steve Steve goes out golf myself why I'm post if you can from time to time and. All about am pew do what you gotta do and come on her ally. Kind of nice not perhaps on the table world that I could blame for beat his car. Got to help available Albers is me visually and immediate threat to unit than hang out you guys. He needs are being very elaborate plan that's an hour she got crashed that plane that she would get him. And whatever happened to hey guys I don't wanna hang with you I don't understand why people just can't be truthful in this world. Why do you got to have an elaborate plan. But when techsters give us that it's like so that's how you think rather than just speak directly go look I wanna be with you you're gonna back out of it not tell the truth be a liar Y. To live that way it's. Such drama and like does it honest all the balls on the flip side is that sources that don't wanna do that to me and all their friends pressuring them even in our time for senator Franzen known noticed that bad that you guys like voila it through graduation you gotta party units that game rather than all this and you're in this weird position where not everyone I enjoy telling people know united guys who have. I don't know a lot. Tell everybody knows taken root what is now why I don't have any reason I just don't want about it. You can get knowledge both agree that I just would rather watch television and home and play my dog. And also the power of the face. The power of the face you have that one of those faces that when you're in the know mode yet you and it's no end. The next time you ask me. You'll die and that's our face felony had no money on WS bad things that does that we don't know and then you look at Steve go oh that's a hard note that he liked it at all by the way you can tell this conversation is over and and the line to see you got one of those faces you're lucky you can make twist my arm and make me feel bad all you want it I don't wanna do some I do and I'll tell you why I just don't feel like doing it. And that the if you can't handle me telling the truth out of Victoria. Being on. We recognize that user. Guy William yet the he got a little too aggressive I think I think nurse. That's them feeling I asked him the benefit of the doubt his stupidity ruined his girls night he added that night was supposed to be all about and that's the key united about it. But still. I mean he had a ride home. Yeah I heard rumors they gave. You know what Steve is right though it put her in a really tough position where she didn't make the best decision for the situation. It's a hard act like I told my boyfriend due to this happening you know I would send your ass home and I nearly. You stirred up all feel later. And haven't had that kind of relationship yeah I think she probably I don't know Herbert you can tell me if I'm right or wrong she probably was fearing I send him home tomorrow is going to be a nightmare guilt. Arguing it's not worth the headache you guys have fun I'm piecing out. I raised my daughter writes just wouldn't which is comparable to grades are right no matter what he continues apart. That's right party that's our answer is seeking her and her seems to her and her brother they'll keep the party going Kelly. And of course will be a recount but you know what I'll let the mother Angela Park. All right listen on Friday a voice Steve he was not able to get this one right the Potomac River empties and don't what eight eerie now. Elliott now. Old. Oh. In Filipino guy I was so happy because I knew the institution red. Just learned about the integration that would really rude I'm I don't think he should ever be your friend again I'm never gonna be as funny I'm a put maneuvers involve. Chesapeake Bay that's we're looking for. You wanna be XP you know all people stuff 06421. Rough. We'll play feet pigs at 847. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How do I figure out who my creditors are appeals to a lot of times had a lot of a long time. I'm not having good credit and having collections we salute very concerned because. On May be concerned that she's you won't be able to find out your creditors if you filed bankruptcy hell I know which collection agency has my. Credit card go from ten years ago now. And that's something returned to keep track program because credit collection agencies transfer your that's all over the place. 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