BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-11-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, December 11th

Beat migs. Listeners on the loose. A guy got caught for shoplifting at a Shop with a Sherriff event. 


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We're putting a thousand new coach dungy is there need this holiday season you you do great you know great last couple years we're doing this so. Politics is 34 bucks an effort to brand new American make coat on the Pacific northwest kid that needs one. Any donation helps to get to the full 34 Q what you can. And if cash is tight. You do have your social networks please share this info maybe your friends can help out. All the info high you can make a donation just go to KI SW dot com. We need me here and its stock jump on the leaderboard today and why. We'll be good. And after showing earlier today Steve definitely need to be pumped up. He says he was much like the Seahawks of this past Sunday not like the Seahawks of last Sunday he has summertime maybe some place yeah I don't leg wasn't planning minister plan. December Tom OK. I was isn't always the recorder exactly how would give Georgia doesn't today we've got Jeff in Puyallup to take on Steve Jeff are you this or. Good I mean hey. Anybody. That's. Would somebody reported it Steve out of the boat won fourteen tickets that's happening over the emerald queen casino on Friday January 12 go to KI SW dot com for all the details you're gonna ballot the vote won fourteen get you tickets now at Ticketmaster dot com press. CD. That. You. Yeah. Those playing you know Jeff will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Jeff you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready and I'm so ready to. Who was the US vice president during the presidency of Bill Clinton looks. Al Gore yeah as how many months ended the letter. Support it's yes for how many centimeters already 2.5 meters. Tall man. You want two hundred fifties he asks for which viral disease did little we passed Stewart develop a vaccines. It is polio who noticed Darryl. Yeah absolutely now both are cyanide is often says duke has these dinner aroma of what's next. Yeah yeah yeah Marisa Tomei and joked as she started which ninety's fundamentally yes ladies and when I can't explain is located in Vermont did which other states and I'm somewhat salient her kids who Lake Champlain is located in Vermont and which other states. And a New Hampshire now that it New York's yet as who wrote the novel great expectations. 123456. Things never act had and how about the him not arguing yet we'll see it's well. And he he's injured you know Mozilla. If I would hope so I like that plan but I get a place on that happens. Top ticket tied for your buddies so you can get Fries who'll look at that and I'm never went BJ over there like that new name. Well you know sometimes. Who has a monitor them one Vijay. We know about whether a compliment. Because she's not strong enough this morning from last. You ready to do so. Would the US vice president during the presidency of Bill Clinton. Al Gore I tried it yet as how many months ended in the letter are. Tonight no place October. I'm Mary I know for gas and detonators are 2.5 meters. 250 Astro which viral disease diddley passed Stewart developing vaccines except unless south gonorrhea now. Her please no cholera and that is opt instead you have the better aroma of what's next. Tease you know and test I don't catch you snow moments yes I ever move. So Matt did show Texans started which night he's moved my cousin Vinnie yeah he's cute it's really simple idea to land located in Vermont in which other stage New York yet ask who wrote the novel great expectations. Hello Ron Hubbard no homes and John Grisham no. When the Lieberman no money from French phrases commonly used to wish someone an enjoyable meal. Oh. Both of fatigue at college encore 57. New way and decided okay sorry about that just outside. Any I don't wire ye ask your knowledge of French sir good job hole not listening please can we please. Now we know your few phrases you know graduate. See we'll play. How outraged. And I couldn't think of it I want a loss somehow related William bona Petit I was in a convoy Taj and I couldn't figure the other one yesterday in order to another leg that's not it. But damn I would have been bad today the viral disease that Louis pastor were developed a vaccine sport and I'm irritated because I think I should know this my can't get it you missed pole to note that movie Jerry said Lucas Mario recently we did the other guys that Lou this officer that's Emery and apparently not yet know it was great aunts rape and stuff. Really yes rabies and he also part and the pastors say yet knows no boundaries as everyone knows him for that. Because of values I know in Iraq you didn't know there was Louie Pasteur does have developed pastors Asians now. And that's why rings pasteurized doesn't pass certain. Could guy and a we so he worked on pasture now it's no different spelling. And a pop up late enough in his last name. You know. I. Hey guys who could not nice no Steve Mason some of exactly how is after Preston went. I'll only just went from Philly Eagles and Eagles rented Jacksonville Jack are back there is some just here to make everybody feel good thanks body. And who wrote the novel great expectations. This Dickens yes why don't Charlie V8 and a lot of those those are great and I guess novels but they Christie. 0114 animal queen casino caller seven at 206421. Rock. It's as simple as that all right here's a question Gloria would you give up alcohol. Social media and or your hair to wipe out your student loans trusting him already one step ahead of everybody they are miles who's given those loans. 100% yes. I think up before MMI yelled move with my wife I'd but you know I've I've inherited her student loans same thing right before that we had no more sitting on soda out who cares but I mean geez man grad school is not cheap. No I would give up. Alcohol social media my hair probably my pinky toe. And maybe even. Give of jokes are as well you have your days and I think you up man OK I don't know what were you when you have to whenever you're here you're never gonna let us news survey asked people with more than sixty grand in debt. And that student loan to pound man yeah what they be willing to give up if it meant their debt would be totally wiped out and out our society ceramic FaceBook. So more liquid 72%. So they would rather carry Tennessee and mosey about social media. Really yeah I mean it that does 25% of people an idea I I'm gonna keep the debt and I wanna lose social media. I guess I used to be an age thing and I don't know maybe somebody in their twenties he just that's their lifeline they couldn't imagine life without it's about social media. B percent Adobe that the greatest thing ever. If that is the pages give up social media and in and wipe out my debt see how yes you remember a good part of your life before social media but for a lot of these guys I'm happier back MBA yeah. I yeah I know it's it's one of those things where. You know somebody what is said to me that was I don't know layer from the thirties and forties would say though I gladly give up TV. And me I'd like there's no way I give a TV because I knew TV in my entire life. One reason I wanted to give up social media and I want to have its view it when a stupid things ever leaders with some of the quest to get enough lights are retreat that if I get a thousand read tweets on this. Message and his three I will give a Twitter that'd be awesome. I would do after little warrior princess right now no she's forever and I won't I don't yeah I idol I will you do let me know how to get at -- we wanted to reach we dug a little off right now they want to follow my dog and needs to ram I'd really appreciated she's trying to get more follows and likes him and people who follow our today currently a little over 2000 followers don't anymore firm blue warrior princess one word don't you tell you the warrior princess that would be yes please not really wanted to know she is she's innocent fun pictures you're here on the holiday she really ramps and how she accidentally so. Gets you gonna present she you know you have to give that up to if you wanna know I usually caused that you don't give up that I guess and that would that I can't give up for it to grand that's exit she lived through that yes she sure does I know she does consistent market once for these. Survey also said that's what he does is that I would give up my first said. Hell I would be Jolie diss our joy and that I needed to negotiate harder I would I think Europe the other one too when our name is yeah. Chris. Yeah and 55% B a city never go to their favorite restaurant again. How about that who there really isn't much I wouldn't. Give up an exchange to get rid of that damn student loans it's ridiculous. Yeah I would I would yes good bye restaurant off fines of innocents like it. Never drinking alcohol again no problem that yeah I'm vial and 49% said they get attached to this school mascot would you do that to get retaliate our school mascot was bad ass who were the clippers. As a pirate with a sword in his mouth. Of Vicki would do if we get that's how I like what I learned a bad as all boys' schools will be kind of weird if you haven't well I mean it's not that bad but I was gonna ask what is your wife's mascot though. Well we Huskies apple T would you if that's had to do you have to like get husky a loot destroy it to Pacific Lutheran Hour on vets for for grad school and then I don't know cascade Christian ours are high school. Whatever that coolers. So mad idea cougar husky who loot. Can't space to SE you could totally get a sleeve like on your fire some thing any concerns variety felt covered up and do all three of those yes it's the thing is this here's thing here's they've especially for here in the Pacific northwest. Here and why you know in western Washington here's the question okay. If you're husky. Would you to wipe out all your calls that all get a rise in tattoo and vice Versa that's the question. See that to me because if you bleed purple and gold there's no way you gonna put a wiser tattoo anywhere on your body but if it wipes out. That university of Washington and then you know you dubbed they'd dig a big go that they sometimes charge for their their school where do you attack this tattoo put. I have a negotiated that yet I don't I think it doesn't matter where. I think people may not want that on their body. BC I would get a 49ers tattoo on my assets and into my student let's do loans likely see now for me you don't care so much about the niners but I don't know if I can get a Yankee tattoo via Red Sox fan I don't know if I can get a Yankee didn't wipe out my debt I think that would be a problem. I have David Ortiz tattooed on my chest if it meant that he would you would side trying to find out what you really can't stand that would really be tough because you don't care that much. Well in Miami weird haven't had to have you on my body that we don't let kids. That's why I can't stand yeah yeah. I could do about it you know your worst enemy whatever I don't know everything enemy so that let the you don't care about anything they haven TV that's apparent here. Things came about just you know fostering a love. And happiness can you amongst this planet that we call earth is that you hear all that you care about I can't. I think they thought it was a studio blue your idea that now that's crazy talk. And it was really cool no big hero to a good family you know she's going to a good place there's no sense of how. The them are totally give up Biden like this and people get enough kids I mean a dog. If I can wipe out sixty grand a decade ago dog have a great life homers and I would had a I have attended a huge we -- my face to get student loan for dole now that's something you wouldn't do we can you guys who you've got a good for head space and I do you you puts him twig and berries up there would you do it. I were talking like a cartoon in major is a guy true to life image I want you to listen if you put out like a happy face like and like holding my take patent Saber. There's why Phyllis I got penis I don't care what it does it's just that that when I look at it I know hey that guy's gonna Johnson on his forehead until I wanted him. So you got good space and now you got good space and it goes all the way from them eyebrow the back of an act here I think we got I think we have to have a go and on the bridge of the nose 20 my god sort of like a John Holmes typing I drug talk about a big target giant snake you know it's coils are really had a huge show. Script plants under the guy you know like the kind I know we come up with a great idea one day good job Riggio Dong tattoo or piercing. Boy Don piercing. Always Don tattoo or doctors and Nadal. So I did it take to dawn piercing I don't want it but I mean to try to choose Tutu who would wipe out a lot of that I think a tape appears exactly the tattoo. On your forehead. No one of Weiner he sang all I thought I was president Ali beyond. Although it's a boo I would do love the red white and blue and make it look like a bomb when those bomb pops. Oh. Is actually gonna find that I. I have seen attacks knows oh it's going to be a longer process. Than the piercing. But I had an ideal limit the piercing probably go the Don tattoo. Man talk like having a good guy quality. Time with your tattoo artist studio do that though he and does have a lot to work was about a problem. Pay any amount of money yeah it is time for listeners on those where you picked a topic you guide to show to. 06421 rock Texas 77999. We got to cause he gets attacks of 917. On the Iraq. And makes morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. 99.9 KI SW Iraq on Seattle would senators on the loose you've picked the topic you guys who showed 206 fortune one rock. You can also Texas 77999. Lessons on obstruction by Travis Gagne and whatever it is you wanna talk about new old. You have to pick a topic you get to guys who show of the tour member. Whatever you knew after about. Steve has one rule can be disassembled rolled left the show us some energy and bring an otherwise. John never gonna have to say about the bowl and let's not forget what our spiritual leader Russell Wilson has to say about listeners on the loose it's summertime maybe some place. Yeah boy and a man. Russell he's okay manhunt numbers still in the great spot. There and a good spot here I granted there would be OK okay good is a better word and granular they're a good spots but man oh man. This all these colonels and all this crap this entire season has been. The fact that this whole time now more than just hope I've been up an incredible opportunity this Sunday. Makes me happy the I'm at home way I can't wait to get some injury news that's really when dad that's why I'm kind of depressed I wanna know concussion protocol 10 hamstring wanna know what all those bit yeah using either one of those especially for using both I mean I don't know how you come back from that had been a movement many in the figured that a waiting in ice building Gil you guys that can chance on it Richard chairman are sorely missed. But they've figured out a way to make things happen. Yeah you're right about that dude I mean it it is an amazing situation to see how well the hawks have the next man up philosophy that it actually get some to be in a position where they could do something you're right. All right man. We Stasi we shall see and you know we grow like crazy Cheri now you know we haven't a crazy person taken over the crazy sharing has sent us some gifts members used recently to send the stat personalize. Starbucks cup was always there and I used to drink out of energy color it well pilots you know that's that's yeah that was nice thing. Luna who's head of the storm but now we have that we have are we ever protege are you know are lower at least the guy and the other side of the gender world that would be our buddy Jerry track online Gerri Gerri what's up buddy. So I try they sure had some storage. Which and students fired cure your verses in the song achieving intrigued by any belt. What why and. I do I do I know the song Sheikh Mohamed and you know remembers should be read only and now you probably don't but. Here are the near verses which followed by a purse from the original thought yeah. Each member's bill torched you can shoot them are more mean altar inside a minute. But wildlife march stupid dirty you. By leaving out watchful O'Shea green trees. We have to sit every day and you're always looking. I drove me. No more intentional or at home. You want a little down part of one night I'm really old virgin insured and in each and trap do multiple although sure. Heavy cream. And me I'm sure there we can't know won't mention. Yeah I think all director ports my girlfriend. Her and which are weird I admit used to each time I say darling I love your shoes shirt I am just full of shaving. Her it is being nice things you shared every day and you'll always look Jeanne you know. Something I do remember this to my desk this like my dad's era. All right Gerri you know why do you bit sluggish and low late shorty is real controversial as you have been transcription yardage yeah do you know what man uneasy Jerry you did bring back actually a really good memory because that was one in my dad's tunes that he would you really felt like. You were in when your father when he would sing one of those knotty songs. Because you go hey I had a sigh of prayer but don't tell your mother kind of song hello I'm shaving cream was his song well about that is that we have values and Joseph filling in for Danny because he's celebrating his birthday for the last fifteen days I know hi Dan Disneyland which is also I think all my friends currently are Disneyland or. Or California adventure or universal studio grade or went through Christmas time cabin for metals job by our body type from Hawaii he's there it think everybody's act. One of those amusement Park Slope. Your son is filling in on the board and boy oh boy the look of panic on his face when he went shave in Korea who is worth the price of admission we're no longer friends mr. trash I'll really know that I don't know why the second time he's saying reversed it's still got me but I had a almost bigger heart attack the second topic because you wonder is he really gonna use the real world Grunin and if he did and we just were all panicked and we discussed frozen on tracks and they knew about it dumping it. That would not because that's not a good Christmas presents so recent just tuned in I don't know what the F is going on the you could shave cream cream. And I like tallied they basically you know only because of people stealing packages from folks front door he updated the song what new lyrics. Yet it sounded crazy this is the second call he's made to us where I thought he is out of his mind he's entertained us. Jerry is turned a corner and I'm I'm actually looking forward to his call now then Q now you've during the dark side. BI and I didn't series revolutionary ideas will soon enough. He's greasing the wheels friction or are you think I don't know at least he's clever and now I'm. Its luster is on the loose you pick the topic you've got to show 206421 rock Texas 77999. Let's go to Tristan and can't Tristan you are on the rock. If money doesn't grow and not too bad but what you got for us. So bella song my dad was still saying that on Christmas morning. That's fantastic us. The battle with a couple of the choice song that demo that sketchy lyrics nice let might actually balance. A good I think he's gone on in your household and Hammond doing that guys embrace our panel classic. Bullet to the scar and excited about his mom. So what year we have the Scotland Luke to Keaton Jones bullying situation yes don't support gone on there. Yeah I'm glad you brought to centrist and I if you don't know what I tryst is talking about this really hit me today I was a boy Tennessee's name is Keaton Jones. And on Friday sat in the car when his mom and told her how is being bullied with tears in his eyes. The first I heard this kid I thought how he sounds like a young Peyton Manning. Oh gosh yes I know if you act that's it that's who reminds me of it and well so he's getting bullied in school his mom makes a video this video goes viral cause of course she posted on FaceBook. Tons of celebrities have come out in support of Keaton. Here's some of the audio and I have to tell you man I mean I watched it too if you watch the video and you see this little kids free powerful it's super super powerful it's yeah. Your ass name. Why do you dangle what what she put out there who want to use I enjoyed a day. Hey bold. And fun light in May may do it okay what is sexy. Totally at night and god knows pain comedy ugly. I don't know cringe when they dictate the lunch. Formed a god may have had no luck pollution they're very have been. Okay I didn't endemic in the end of this year though what they do it and you know. And they do not think bud out usually so don't let it bother you. I probably did better coordinate. It's amazing first of all affected the team can see hope in a situation like that I had I don't know about you Steve but all apria and and how much you either trust him but this brought me back to a moment my life price also registered felt I mean this this whole year gut wrenching thing he summed it up better and I think in his case because like any adult could just what's the point of it in words. And to see how many celebrities that I mean I saw like the way arm wrestling geek and every wrestler is like reaching out hey Monty. Oh. Bacillus and go ahead. Might sound that is. You know the whole thing number you know both political we eat their faces now. Literally what do we done. Well you get older or whatnot and they're about to get publicized as these people are doing this. Yeah I at this point if you're the school you're gonna talk to the kid you're gonna identify the bully said I mean on an every way shape or form. These guys could actually be bullied themselves by folks on social media if it ever gets out their identities which. You know the school's gonna do some research into this they're gonna have to they got to identify hole out on. That's always the rarely whenever he sees a guy like some new applicants. That every time I see someone like you know that's been bullied you know like legacy celebrities only peninsula strolling them and they'll put the picture of that person and then on some other people search following the trauma McConnell that's necessarily. Accomplishing anything you're you're you're doing what that person would know about it now use on that. That to me doesn't make any sense to us and sometimes people go a little too far and I've seen that we're right they're going to and that person X kids in this man say okay we'll look your anger should be at that troll. Don't take it on the kids as well which seems like a little ridiculous but those cool to see. All these athletes and people offering like hey come to this and you can come check out like Chris Evans and I he's today. You like I'm in America I see you when your mom wanna come to the avengers premiere in LA next year that we know you'll be my guess. Two to go wow really cool. And then yes you like other celebrities and athletes post and have an icy Justin Bieber put a video on the might just not helping matters he's gonna give bullet about the fact that Justin Bieber start I know Katy Perry kidding the other Katie Perry also was on a side and I think you know what you at that point I think you're right you know hey Katy Perry's big annual. Always played he'd been good for you you see get a bunch this start to send encouraging messages to keep jones' well and and an and I love this somebody is. They keep myself juicy light heavyweight champion Daniel. I want to know why do everything you have seen it regardless of how dark it looks. And how sad you may become an old then and people are your friend will understand it. You never know what's gonna happen look I was bullied as a kid. Who became a UFC champions so. Keep the head stayed positive continued fear and eight beautiful and great kid and I think the turnaround. Of promise. Making this your buddy Kenny Florian listen man these people that are doing this anyone who believes these guys are week. Okay you why not you're the strong one. Keep your head up stay strong if you've ever. The Los Angeles. You can't in my gym if you ever Boston new car mileage and entering their if you wanna learn how to protect yourself you wanna learn how do you self defense pursuing do you would everyone it's our media free club. Since let anybody. Dude I just I just Bob bonnet idea how what a great I was that did this is just amazing I love what this is social media done right. Yeah this is social media done right. You know mom. Woods didn't mom did this would hopes of getting more of like some currency Graham whatever it is that she posted it on. I did your sister. His sister's like. Perhaps a number of followers apparently an overly 30000 now because of how many people are just trying to have some kind of connection. Hey can you relay this message to your brother taking you do this you know that it's it is it's cool that so many sorted. I think it's nurses is here army stories from celebrities everybody thinks they've got the greatest life and yet they absolutely do as far as. Financial and status and all that crap but that dead dealt with a book bowling when they were a kid and they're sharing their stories of how they were bullied to make him feel. More comfortable with the fact they've got this does such the like you said the and it's a it's probably gonna get better. Yeah well both definitely shows it gets better Richard I mean this is not something that I had or any of us had back in the day with kind of where it led to see no suffer in silence. And so this is an example of how the scheme was courageous enough to put it out there you know and a lot of people just don't want it out there because they think he makes them worse. And it makes him look weak and actually was so brave and courageous and know what a great reward for that having all the support. Come right back out among the other kids and a marked by Dr. Martin Luther King junior's kids also reached out. Dude it's like how hey Zain is it all these luminaries who may have heard in my parent Dr. Martin Luther King did you she's CLO. That's also a that is very very possibly knew he was kind of a guy I this list is on the loose you pick a topic you guys to show a 206421 rock. Out of Texas 77999. But more because what effect coming up about 34 on Iraq. And they expect more news on the rocks and 99.9 KI ESW. I'm nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle's closer is on the loose you picked a topic that you guys showed 206421. Rock. Texas it's 77999. Got a text and that's how you end economy AS and Vicki and that he's data. Don't tell anyone about you guys go would you get and what do you think you think about the political pop store. I've already been married like I want to going every week he can buy more stuff. My wife's already had a talk with me about hey I have to automatically number of times you go to the store you have I'm out of office. They're both first and I'd drop a lot because I was getting a gift from my body right but still does a pretty penny. And Massa meant nothing to do with anyone other than myself and I spent about sixty bucks I told you when you wouldn't believe me I said that you can't that's why didn't go that stores addicting it's terrible and a good way to me but like it's terrible in the sense that I got all the Guns 'N Roses. I got axle Duff and slash slash is the best one yet the most cigarettes if I had David at the tax used. And then I also picked up migs that some Disney show and there's an animal may migs although I didn't know this sounds on television on zone in South Carolina or something knows whatever crap it is but it says migs on its that's pretty cool. I got that one that was being and other weather makes no sense to breath. And then I. He'll always sets it down I did wind up getting per couple to concede I got her Harry Potter and the last time okay did you put in her office now I got her her my knees. I am I need I you know what you're talking about their friend and snowball from mom Reagan minority is it a dog that looks just like Lulu. OK yeah so they're on display now when you do would you yet so I resisted. And ran my dad got some stuff he got one frank Brothers are not as they edited in case like I was listening. That my dad got me one really do wanna now are you lying you're sucking in my I want in my stocking. In its VX 23 in the Wolverine Kosovo you know we got yeah yeah I like it like having you in the sun's open it up yeah. But it's so cute but he's like. I wanna I wanna get you one which aren't you coming know that now. I shot and he's like did you finally you want to catch X. Come out and I lost my mind yeah I would I would go crazy I know how I would be you know we get there will be no room for anything in my house because I have I just have possibly here's the funding under the plan here at the workplace heat so I get fulfill my. My desire of fungal pops without evidence. Clutter up our house. I don't Sosa now so I distill that you have an addition to dot com and when you got yes all while okay yes I of the Oregon right now it's all Guns 'N Roses with James Hatfield also on guitar. Okay yeah I look forward to going over there isn't an option that the snowball dog from a does look a lot like Lulu right. And if you actually go to a case of these FaceBook page you can see that these the live video we jealously groaning around again to with mark there. Oh so much fun you know what he did a CN IC what you did there but you got Harry Potter yeah you've got Hermione yeah you need the Big Three which we you have to go back you know you gotta get Iran admitted yeah CD need to get the free I have to make a decision not to got a new dog now you understand you're gonna have to Iran you can't know that you want from insisting it's incomplete that sets a complete if you don't I think we already -- -- that my wife has the deal would not me. And now you're gonna have to get it which did you go back and you'll buy all the wrestler ones they have any of the time since last Friday was Texan I've gone three times and I have almost twenty pops my name is Peter and I have a problem yeah. So true man I mean I just known as I have to stay awake as I know my personality well presumably is probably close to 300 of those popped toys. That's city I don't even know analysts how old school they go like guy I know have Star Trek ones another Doctor Who once if they had late if they had lost in space ones I would be out of my mind. I know I finally sign like the science theater 3000 exercise yeah yeah I suffered those gas see that's the thing but if they had old school lost in space and anybody care and other re doing the series what kind of surprised that you had something we got and that would be our own man like a pop robot I have to all they have it. They don't allow ad again here. Yeah someone nobody BA. I could get I remember my first pop that they're very Wyatt OK listen if somebody wants to get me that as a gift that will not say no I. I finally caught Robbie the rover that's not who he really is but that's not the robot being nine dancing young yet to be nine nobody else on the Robby the robot as well all now that guy seated told them fart on lost in space Simon yeah I would because you can take him on the box you don't do a little play battles have Robby was evil. He wasn't as helpful as he wasn't forbidden planet see that's the problem. These. Have a stuff from my childhood that makes it even so wanna go again if that's really get your man all man I want to use just do duels. The collectibles and is gonna suck you likened life mr. texture that you just wanna call it a million his lifeline. Yeah there's also the forgive bat mobile that we got to sit in that was pretty cool huh. I know I want I try to work the poll was Robin but there's there's. I was out of the area and a lot of work to pull Robbins I just got hung out by him was pretty sweet I do wanna check that area out because that that that whole that whole area is also from my childhood the sixties Batman TV show area they created and they decorated everything. Christmas here right now for the trees and present everywhere you immediately go why it's so Kelyn they had the whole Star Wars area you got started the year hanging out I got she really knock it he had a gonna say it's not good. Hunters is you know when your president get thirty dollars Max but three fund called posse out thirty bucks. Seriously honestly Shiite funeral that somebody has anything that they like and life and you just get a phone call pot a bit. That's a great gift was a good thirty dollar gift I I mean depends on the we get is beginning for dude I gruesome and Seahawks. Gonna happen yup we're yellow shirt or something like that has a good president if you know anybody who's into anything new in the thirty dollar range you can get something for that like you said if hawks fan. Grammar woman what do you do on an album had nine and a waffle maker at least recently not tweet I blocked yeah I don't know buying a woman if he's used to me every other awhile for me and I was overwhelmed would be for me Bob with like there's a guy I think you're a dude Vick because guys like getting tools for Christmas came external cable lawful to next lawful. Us yeah Steve's right the average chick does not want that right that but it's unfortunate because they'd. I don't know I don't okay we're getting some of the little Michael Vick Faneuil waffles Obama I am really fed making stuff in the kitchen if somebody got me a kitchen appliance that makes my life easier I DuPont. But the biggest not awful but let me just realize a lot of people do the little packages like lotion and then candles and stuff I recently went through my mom's got a closet you need. Do we still many it's like okay why do people keep giving these ads guess we never burn this many candle less clear added emotion collectors are candle collectors not enough. Yes is the easy things going shatter like some like smelly motions in Canada too much. As a girl too much I saw you I guess is that wasn't on ending but a good idea they go on. I just went to the future. I guy was busted for shoplifting you know I tell you about that and what he was doing at the time. Was beyond ironic. A tale about this at 950 on the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. We're nice guys up in the rock of Seattle. Why is it do to get busted for shoplifting. During a shopping with the sheriff events there that's a beautiful country and still stuff. Maybe you figured that hey if there's ever a time to get away with it no one's deal is expected him shoplifting on shopping with the sheriff. Yeah this is is his. His name is Travis he's 33 trying to walk out of Wal-Mart Marino on Tuesday night was about 800 bucks worth of stuff in the shopping cart. Do it big did realize that Wal-Mart was host their annual shop for the sheriff event and caution taken unusual underprivileged kids they put in my you know give me shopping spree. And that was so that events going I'm all Travis Lay out body here people. He try to walk out of the storm was cardinals stolen stuff and security and really said yeah that's not gonna happen and one of the many. Cops in the store Rendell and arrested him from. Yeah I learned moments pro football player when a sand run that feel as they are voices like all bets are off the go forward to seeing kind of a basic. We can and we can just get this guy it's so amazing you sit there you go wait a minute flyers how many top sermons. Ball bigoted about is they've tried taking a loss prevention they can't do anything historic at stadiums don't walk and now we got them doing anything about Lindsay failed to realize there's a bunch of actual law enforcement people there. Jeff coming. He was charged with grandma some. Thank you offer listening they should check out sees flaws many laws we have a casually dot com Kathy fathers did for Ryan castle she's got a twelve pack next. Inmates. Recruiting and at this realm that's a good game. I'm sure it's a real name she says they just about do I am at this Roma I have been having sex what goes latest democratic. It's enough to go to the about thereafter he had sex with their dad goes posting her. A very good. Well. And made some. Morning. Nine point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. Here's another question from a lesser and I believe things also for bankruptcy like my car you have to list all your assets and creditors are you filed bankruptcy. So we finally did you went out and tell the court and the trustee that you have a car ownership of our loan you could. Say that I wanna keep my car and continue to make my payments on the car. But here's the court Wilmington notice you have a car and then we believe you me have a payment on the car so my leaving an option bankruptcy. You if you mean that you can not disclose to record cancer that is now he must disclose or however that does not usually lose those assets. You'll be able to keep things like your current house and almost all cases but you must disclose them to the court. And you know she. You need to continue to make payments on how served coalition and she's thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time. I had to choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.