BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-12-17-6A: There is a new Star Wars mash up with the MmmBop son.

Tuesday, December 12th

There is a new Star Wars mash up with the MmmBop song. News and sports. A woman had a major meltdown on a plane a threatened to kill everyone.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. I'd like I'd say I've had some did Iraq does Seattle. And I IDC Star Wars frenzies hitting me. Oh boy oh boy oh yeah gonna go see the the grand opening grand premiere we wanna college Thursday night. Yeah even though it opens on Friday they let you watch on Thursday like at 7 o'clock a lot of theaters and idea person early reviews. From people who are you have been able to see at a time and it and then all I've heard it is because I guess is that an embargo as he can't really talk too much thought authorities the word wow being thrown out all that's really good because full meanwhile now while I was amazing man not while that it was that's it I'm glad you said that because Joey he's giving you know review he's not embargo only met holly knows about it does have seen it. And his he heard that it wasn't that our d.s why. It's not that also that's what Joseph I don't know where he's getting is in foal. Visit them but I'm happy to hear that other people who have seen it who act who actually have seen it. Have given it a while. Are on there hi I did it well listen unicorn also by the way they'll put us. Very god. Yeah. Yeah. Deal. And really special. I don't sound pretty good to me I was gonna blow people's minds because that that voice is the same voice the guy did column. I listened to blow people that has james' old Jeremy circus that is no it's not know he plays Darth Vader he doesn't play smoke. Both. My bad and ugly I would say you're bad it put their head and like six god dang movies where he was start basically the voice of Darth Vader right. And don't forget that actually there wrote why and so that's a seven. As a seven. Is that it's. Saber there could be you know Saber that can be may swing do all results guy while there are you can tell by the new ones he I burn gas light Saber it is she. Yeah that's a tough one to admit there is a nuance tonight I don't have that down but you're glad that there are some Star Wars fencing and tell you for uncle Chris good oh yeah uncle Chris are you get yeah have you seen his by the way medical attention but he's gonna go video with a of his toys you brought him. And is that I was entered calendar it's a Star Wars advent calendar Lego advent calendar are they chocolate. Know that what the F is a point there Lagos. They're not chocolate. And advent calendars and I've been Don Imus to talk that's not true because his job the alcohol and hubby just got shut up do I do not care are now out of all the facts alcoholism okay substitute okay for talk that am I take back my should up woman. Think when you talk to shot all right thinking. Yeah how are you thinking after it was told to shut up I just talked union get mad at me and shut up if that's at 9/11 calendar. Mosques and a bunch of Star Wars lady I send to disagree my friend there's some people that love it Legos more than they love alcohol and chocolate why can't that little piece of chocolate and they're too. I will not argue with that statement I think if Lagos really wanted to make us happy they would also throw little chocolate and I and brilliant idea their part yeah it's a great idea even though I'm I look at Chris I think. Boy oh boy he's Giles I even more so than I am and I'm a big child. Do you think makes the delay though he Reich asked if we get on these extra Star Wars figurines nobody's buying them. And let's just make an admin counterpunch a Star Wars nerds would get him then. Boy you know and if that's the case Steve boy that guy deserves a raise yeah because he's taking a bunch of junk and turned it into something really amazing that's gonna make a lot of money form because you know he did it. I'm talking Star Wars because the fact that last night and tonight show. Jimmy Fallon also in the Star Wars movie took a bunch of clips from the a lot of the Star Wars movies. Re edited them. Just so that he can make the characters sing the song from Bob I'll. When Hanson's best on yes of course and titled their only son and a I don't know why we needed this but I feel like we need this. Manny. Found a stupid as the Star Wars I've been calendar day you know like go oh yeah I IA guys didn't I didn't know we needed that not too sure we do need that. I saw you out or getting a deal parting your broccoli that's always a thing I want taxes about both my boys the league what Lagos Star Wars advent calendar yes it's. And if you try to keeping kids away from candy what a great way to do it for. It's quite possibly beauty is gonna eat it again it is candy yeah that is a problem yeah I get there hopefully don't have one of those kids that you see everything. Yeah that's awesome I mean I guess that's a pretty Smart part move on Star Wars part to make an advocate now you know if they made a wrestling having targeted are being exactly what a Lego wrestlers are you kidding me because they don't have that already I'm sure they have played all wrestlers. But I would be disappointed golf I got it in there was a chocolate I. Monster patent. I mean every box sexual chocolate did you chocolate I did it. The retailer this organ woman she was arrested why could she was going nuts on a plan. I'll wanted to have a smoke I mean that's reasonable idea we do have the audio you're gonna get hairy she's got news for you at 617. On the Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 K I guess W all the point nine KI SW Iraq I'm Seattle. Well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner well maybe getting them to renounce bullets and this is news wins Steve made us. But thanks guys thanks to Matt industrial craftsman for giving us news and sports in the big day big day today happy national. Dangling day. Whenever that is for the room amendment dangling a slew of problems an idiot and things I see a bunch of Dell's ideas for the jewelry imbalance colleague Elaine it's called me playing laying blame me things. I like doing OK then they're coming online movement of that money mentally knowing what about the sauce. Yeah you know I don't know anything about the sauce appropriations that directly you can be pretty much just are. Stop. Fast paced. That you almost some saying it still looks like that that's coming in day unveiling today we have a feeling the talk about this woman from war against he had decided to disrupt the flight. I was going from Portland to Sacramento. He's on Southwest Airlines which is my Spirit Airlines it's always chaos. When it comes importing the plane and apparently when you're on the plane as well because that's exactly what he did. Do you according to herself she said that I always battling some things I 82 what did you decide to do go to the bathroom. Light up a smoke. So a lot of people don't thank you realize well that's not something that you can get away with so it's probably a good idea to disable the smoke detector holly yeah except that authorities. Twelve for people figure that out. They ended up having three. Remove her from the plane's bathroom and people notice issued smoking inside. There witnesses said that she remove an oxygen mask from the flames and then started becoming more more uncontrollable. So much so that she threatened to kill everybody on the play at all really and thankfully people on cell phones and somebody pulled it out and videotapes were revealed. Recorded. Her having her meltdown. The. Yeah. Miguel. And why this. Yeah I think got Samuel Jackson yes she's doing great semi now on and and I had some hope that I'm saying. She was standing there Pawlenty got detained in now held an oddly restrained her until the death of flight landed. And then police were waiting for her to takers suggest. The ball really doesn't. Hey where did she do well why no one statement base and our reports from flight attendants indicate a customer violated federal laws by smoking on board. And tampering with the smoke detector and aircraft restaurant our crew enforce the regulations. Which is followed by a passenger outburst yeah you probably shouldn't be flying if you get back like nervous and he's anxious and you really shouldn't be taken planes that even at a wal. Chill out maybe I'll let you call him nor my MO yeah even a weird. Well some people white senator and I'm very happy with one of their neighbors on the high you guys filled out and I live and you offer your life that is the fireworks talent. I'm when it comes to a Seahawks games. Don't necessarily mind it when they win the game it's a low accessible whatever. Form divorcee mother every touchdown that gets a little much and apparently is a neighborhood of white setter where they're dealing with that so much so that they say something that's cash. And then being shot off whenever the Seahawks scored touchdowns. So let a big neighborhood meetings the guy who setting off the fireworks shows up to the meeting these things escalate. Next thing you know he's getting into a fight with somebody of course these. And I do I thought they just need to stop doing it and I've deputy Stephens says it's it's only legally shoot any kind of fireworks and an incorporated King County on the fourth of July. All the way Intel on December 31. So I depending on the time may be okay with doing it legally but a lot of people are not happy with the fact that you would scaring your dog freaking people out. It's just a little too loud and access. Well you know it doesn't surprise me that guy that gets into a fight doesn't really care about other people's you know situations he just wants to do what he wants to do and it's surprising that he would get to a fist fight over this. And to that I say I kind of glossed over this fourth of July from 9 AM to midnight and then again at December 31 side because of on. New Year's Eve together as well self. Yeah successful. Relax guys maybe once or compromise and you know what ever happened to compromise like dude you know people are saying hey. Don't do it so much you Melia recently human being got it all right how about if I do and that's the meanings of forty trying to come up with a compromise. When they see the players fighting on the field they realize they need to fight their car. And that's it that's. Still a bit about that today for a case that happened after towards the end of the game on a Sunday. Looks and nobody's gonna be suspended for all the stuff that happened now that the ugly ending to the Seahawks jaguars game. That's every fourth yeah. Monday Night Football last night how the dolphins held on to beat the patriots 271800. Bad joke got patriots lost it at dolphin. Yeah what is going on there then they did check the big game that the and it's worth ten in the fourth quarter but it wasn't enough. To beat the dolphins dolphins have pretty strong yesterday and hand well it kind of sent a message because you know the dolphins in the playoffs again he'll probably from New England towns and as far as whether six. 46 degrees and cloudy. Yeah I'm of the dollars and Jessica McClellan says that they're playing better now Obama bubble that like that'll last team that's in the hunt they always show the teams in the hunt they wanna let this tiny bubble yeah bubble yeah attack anybody lose everything has to go. According to plan and of course there way in order for them 30 yeah I guess I think the bills are slightly ahead of them from a mistaken but either way. The patriots now have a chance of like losing home field advantage if they don't beat Pittsburgh this week. Did you mention though though the bills did you hear what happened with died of of that and I game against the COLT because it was snowing so much oh yeah they had already got a white out do have a lot Adam Vinatieri from that the colts had kicker he could possibly lose 500000 dollars because of that game and it's the most ridiculous thing because. He has an incentive clause in his contract if he makes 90% of his field goals a season I'd imagine that Blair Walsh is not bad instance of my year because he's not making 500000. So if he makes ninety senators Joseph goes he gets 500 dollars not a half a million dollars season receives a good deal before Sunday's game he was at 95 point 7%. Success rate so he was sorry. Long. Norm on Sunday it was just a disaster we've done this now. And attempt near the that the conditions were just terrible and he was asked this Tryon nailed two field goals and because of the blizzard he missed both of them. Dropping his average down to 88% so who sort of are trying to get back over that 90% he's got to go five in a row without a miss me which is possible but it. You know working I don't know game wow season and he might just completely lost on that because that damn whether. Well and you know something. Good what really it's easy if the colts. Won't might have him kick a field goal and if he's if he's four in a row it's the last game of the season and he is Jessica the fifth and row. But the colts like hey we're gonna save money let's just go forward on fourth. I I think you it will be the first time that's happened in the world of sports I'd be so I'd run out there and spread the ball and kick it. Yeah we wouldn't. After I'm sure that frowned upon I should also Mac kind of incentive a share rather than all he does he has 40% success rate he gets a bonus two and I could I just let him while. Yeah we're vs the dolphins won because they report from the comfort of this. Yeah. I. Hey ya that's awesome that's it. Well yes a good news that we have no Seahawks being suspended because we can't afford to lose anybody at this point. As we play the biggest game of our life ever did Sunday that's right how many fireworks we often how many fights will be in the streets whites and it's gonna fall apart. What I think Jonathan Emmys and it's a FaceBook message for the link to a classic Christmas song. Remixed to sound like an eight bit video games saw a good read remakes are all the rage after pearl ended their eight bit version of a lies you have video game like this as a geek you know brings you back to the days of morality but just play eight bit games and so here's here's my pick Christmas song thanks to Jonathan M. Didn't love. Okay. Dominic Romeo. Nice working. And it's. And so Jonathan did this sounds. No he said there's a length and somebody that is why you know why not pound. Yeah. Is five pounds is hiding like Pittsburgh do a better. Those that did tell. They really get those little things you don't have to apologize. So be good if we don't. You. I miss the Great Lakes high grade and voted the worst Christmas song I ever got this version. Feel like this version might not stop the other version you're right to call it talk your side. She's I can just see a little Stevie and his cowboy are over run around the house doing donkey noises and that is -- your father going why why is this kid kid over the weekend and we used to it and said that to me on FaceBook I played dead wife who had who's not familiar with that smoke really you know vigilant to an awesome dance party in our house are really wet place that's on dad loved it not only your wife anymore. Yeah and I. Okay I am here we didn't use them. I got my resume in the forward to a good song it was a good song and CNN's Jonathan Vietnam Jonathan no thank you Jonathan Johnson you're dead to me. And if I see you on FaceBook. I don't know whatever you do on FaceBook to save that to me on friend you offer and you've been on fringe I guess we're gonna have a YouTube. Catholic and looked Christmas spirit I got no Christmas spirit. President sauce. Wow. Again. What would dominate like he is walking around that down a donkey but they had a I'm an Italian Christmas donkey okay first of all there are many conversations I like to go deep on you go we are born hell out of me this is. We wanted to bet it's the I'm sorry I'm sure this donkey put us all out of our misery because the Italian Christmas Don I don't breezed great joy and cheer to children hey there's Natalee now and if they have made and really those kids and Italy if that's what's giving them joy we need to get him out of that country and bring to America where they know what joy will be. I'm moment donkey I'll I'll stop playing that version Arianna. Good. That is clearly James. This piece. How many tree when he wrote this song seriously I'm guessing marijuana she says so I mean he's the guy did the power of the mouse on the Pino the Italian mouse is this like. Bad dude seriously. Magic he just like not really have to up and say look I'm gonna create two total crap and add that people dig it yeah oh yeah RE eight I always like I can't compete with Dean Martin Frank Sinatra songs do songs about donkeys in mice that's what I'll do. That's what I'll do all right yes they are boys Steve and Christmas dunking. It's Steve Vickers anyway he got this one run Emily I want stars in the 2016 movies a girl on the wise to block now. That doesn't that girl on moon dealt to the girl on the deer and no. Now and also stop the girl on the Christmas donkey. No I don't have to Australia south of the border I think it's chosen this path is your growth but don't get an up. The correct answer look at force girl on the train I think that's what debt. Your shot of beating Steve are you got it 206421 rock river played Pete makes it 647 on the Iraq. 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