BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-12-17-7A: The Best That We Can Do 2017

Tuesday, December 12th

Beat migs.FaceBook Drama – BJ banging Sara’s character. Segment of the Year -  Biker Bear buys Vickys panties.


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We're doing it again in Virginia for the Washington State Council firefighters again this year because. While we're all getting ready to celebrate the holidays we wanna we really wanna help while she's just keep warm Hollywood like it. And we wanna help put a 1000 new coach on Pacific northwest kids that need them all it takes is 34 bucks to put a brand new American Maine cold I'm one of those kids. And if you have the full 34 do what you can man and if you don't have the cash to Jean shared on your social media that would be great as well. You want more info you wanna make a donation go to KI SW dot com today. Mean man. And now a need. I'm injured down ward doctor okay. No not predominant. Knows he's. And after the Dominic Roland I love it Dominic rolling in using. I love that I was in College Hockey rolling but I don't think that's Andre. Don't look that up under urban dictionary man you know. It's gonna argue dead did today we had limited to go to dig on Steve David units there. Good morning guys and good morning David what's to blame for today's Steve. It's check out the very funny Jeff Ross and David tell there at the more theater on Friday may eighteenth go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you wanna take out Jim or Jack. And day eve. 2000. Mark Graham they're all there to pay Jimmy the audience the general and intolerant onstage and he hates it's it's a dramatic and I can't I've saved by the way well some rules of what I was. Planning on that there's a lot of really cool people going to the Sony feel like David was like to hang out with it that are really good job Aaron Aristide Canadiens have. It's. All of my goodness well you don't play you know David we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions David you can't pass all you love it you'll only get three guesses for question. Are you ready. Yet sort of the animated classic. Disney movie lady in the tree and came out what year of the fifties. I'll match is decides yet as to why it's great meaning to mind your manners his mind your p.s and why. Excuse yeah as if what color is the half on the FaceBook apple logo. No lights yeah ask which TV show was based off of the early career of Mark Wahlberg. And an entourage and jazz through the weekend had a 2015 hit can't feel my last. Oh yeah I was out which animated movie had a song about winter Olympian Brian Boitano. It was a question to which animated movie had a song about winter Olympian Brian Boitano I help solve our asks which well known cartoon duo was from frostbite falls. Lol wow. Which is great American adventure died in October of 1931. Song. Innocent serve. Yeah Davey Crockett no incident entered fortunately 123 or. Her rags I thought I received venture returns adventurer also loudly yeah yeah I know right again maybe a counselor if there are no examined didn't Ventura I semis and he had good honest could go again I don't know how to listen of that back to actually I'll Linux. Might ask is is I think as we both heard the same thing that's because you're hard of hearing in now I don't know a serious problem is okay Gaffney I feel I'm Steven O'Neill and answered yeah. I'll put on the okay yeah that's that's my mom La what he's saying I lost some decision on our IEA now it's yeah. Families and right locks yeah I haven't had anything to lose anyway I think you have no way blew me or him buy him a chance to make a decent you'll see all man. You know play the game are you. Steve are you ready. I'm still gonna do I'll Jim does well yeah. He's going to show podcast yeah museum there were silent on my goodness the animated classic Disney movie lady in the tree and came out what you're of the fifties it's. 54 now 55 yes I never an expression meaning to mind your manners his mind your keys and the watch news asked. What color is the cap on the FaceBook apps logo looks. Our white Diaz which TV show is based on the early career of Mark Wahlberg yeah. To put united snow there and half half half hot dry yeah yeah adds to the weekend had a 2015 hit can't steal my watch sports because he's refused to camp feels face okay test. Which IR rated movie had a song about winter Olympian Brian Boitano. What was wrong. I'm worried times. It's South Park real logger on cuts to loud yes Twitter well known cartoon duo was from frostbite falls fast. The trust was called off technological know. On Tom and Jerry now it's our. Daffy and Donald know which great American inventor died in October of 1931. Edison yes he's kiwi bird is native to what country tell ya know. Once she was 34567. You weigh and guys and a sick. Moves are the and they out pitched can't feel my face dude I was seeing the ads like yeah I don't throw stuff out there if you don't know you're the only you feel the half I thought I was. I was tormented as strong moment just station in the car many times. Okay well. I like your kids us into a song about doing cocaine that's always good that's a good one like you can always wore something ridiculous accelerated their lyrical content all the weekend songs are not appropriate for children. Good so sugary and poppy that I think kids love it yeah so like I guess and a place I. Hello Larry it has been embodied. And I. Tell. Some of that. I don't respect this win. I hit a competitor I mean. There way it was it was marred with us some mumbling on rest pars it is not I protest this when you can protest and allele is the big debate that attitude my headphones off for they thought that somehow I managed to say great and mayor American. Adventurer. Instead of inventor. So I I heard that sort of the callers why you don't hear anything you're just citing with a guy can you wanna play your stupid song. What Vicki not dandy here already had no idea is that we're gonna really islanders has there are facing each other cat names. Actually may be pretty much yeah they don't you don't think it doesn't pay essentially trying to can't means it's teaching means and I has okay move pizzas and you know Danny Danny even though he series and here he's never hear when he's here anyways it was a nice resort towns and Syria. He's out there don't want you both miss the well known cartoon duel from frostbite falls. Sent. The Kelly's angels and I don't know oh is there it's rocking a bowling to get rocking and beloved. You're going down does the right you know heckling jackal Tom and Gerri that's scenes Donald were never team not on television. The only time they've been together was in Who Framed Roger Rabbit when they were the dueling pianists. While I was being stupid I realize there's an actual situation Renoir etc. we are the only time they valued and imagery but the borrow it for filming yeah it could not about the awesome I don't forgot about that scene yes yes well congratulations to be 107 correct caller number seven guess what you are checking out dead Jeff Ross David challenge him at the more theater. On Friday may eighteenth may eighteenth yet caller number 62067. Please take. Yet congress 720641. Or not I'm gonna go under the all right it's out the door baby yeah so young now who's gonna take calls for you since I have to ask you questions and Chris can go take the calls hi Chris watch or take those calls because I have to. First of all these questions yeah here's a big question is it to home. Early to spoil the Walking Dead it's Tuesday I didn't do it yesterday because I mean I know you know a lot of people don't get to see stuff but it. It is Tuesday when -- -- -- to -- -- mid season finale of a very popular show according to freak and social media do -- at 7:30 PM when -- on -- 630. Showing -- 6 PM show I -- it does -- for -- in the west. -- happened to see any FaceBook posts or anything at all from anybody on the East -- you're -- yeah I got completely -- his I've -- people who did you know who did not write articles about it's I was spoiled with it and as someone just managed to randomly for a -- like all things happen and -- other FaceBook page and -- what are you -- passes -- kind of newest thing was going to happen because even during the previews of of the next week you -- last week when I watched units into this week's game change re not gonna believe the end and so I think I'm already going all right well I had the way the episode -- I'm like -- I think I know where the -- gonna -- because it's just a -- beginning of the episode -- so I would -- spoiler alert but I'll tell -- -- spoiler -- if you haven't -- the Walking -- and you -- to -- so you don't you shut your radio often -- hopefully you don't turn on before before you know what's going on but. Yeah I it looks it looks like a very beloved character and one that's special to rev start because he named his cap after this character yes is pretty much gonna back. Frank no not frank can count making. Franken accounting this he's still alive and well yeah I know I academic Karl. So seems that he didn't stay in the house yet this day he's played he's played this character since like ten or eleven years old and it's he's now 818. And the guys. An article this morning about the character guy who plays the role generic sees him dad is all pissed off at the Walking Dead. And I had a big statement about how how awful they are that they fired his son. Just a couple of these are couple weeks before his eighteenth birthday so he's taken this to heart my cannot not like being funny like he's legit I guess pissed at the Walking Dead for firing him it's quote. Didn't click the whole season has been weird in this seemed really almost tacked on so I read that article as well legislate. What's going on eight just didn't seem to make sense. Especially considering the regular characters collide in the comics make deviations in the past before but it seemed like he was such a main character that he wouldn't be one of those ones or whatever kick the bucket yeah and I feel like the M in my attitude at least for the TV shows the only untouchable won his race. Everybody else is fair game to die. And Darryl is such a fan favorite but maybe he's also untouchable but otherwise I think everybody else it's he would he would be just you just can't expect them to live the only way that I can see that Rick would be going as if it would be Karl will be taking overnight seems to be taken away but it. I mean he didn't technically kicked the bucket yet. You can still hold out hope maybe everyone is just kind of throw in some diversion nyet he has us so we see him and yes a great episode and I think Jim did a great job it was amazing and we get any basically is fearless taken on the big bad guy need game. And yen and been that we find out kind of why he's is fearless as he is is because he's been bitten and we sort of we saw that in previous episode we do know we was written but I just I don't. Buyout by zombies. All you have your comeback as Spiderman the actor writer Carla. It's same concept yet I vice fighter you get these by every bit by his hobby gets these army man that's true yes suddenly assets current assets in the show and so it through Z at the at the end of the mid season finale that he lifts up assured he's got a walker bite and his dad and I'll maybe have to process that right after they've just gotten their asses kicked by the bad guys need enemies like their big plan is gonna go to hell and everything is going back to being held time again. They got a then go by the way guy don't be known since your big plan just blew up and everybody died bitterly mam and I do and it's like our old Biden. When Texas a and in the walking to (%expletive) me off as a fan of the comic book they're completely screwing up the story line with what they did and a lot of people on line I mean online as always for the rage out there but a lot of people are pissed off about it as well. I'm kinda like you know miss and you can't Walking Dead fans are you just expect people to die it's a yes and you also know they're not real people it's not the same as the comic book and an encouragement and the guy who created the comic book and all the people involved with the show have said many times. Especially you watch Chris harbors hockey get. They're always gonna deviate from comic you know you can't complain about that they said that for years and they're not going to be the same as the comic did the dad has cracked me up reading hazel statement about his son being killed off that the Karl character and he has issues with the producer or some guy gimbal Soledad yeah he was actually in the talking dead. Who knows you he was watching gimbal farmer's son to receivers eighteenth birthday after telling him he wanted to for the next three years was disappointing I never trusted gimbal. Or AMC but Chandler data Karl I know how much it hurt him but we absolutely know I'll we are to be a partisan appreciate the love from all these seats in the stands for all these years. If that's true he said hey we're gonna keep you for the next three seasons and they kill law that is kind of see they see a lot of stuff because they have pastry and try to keep things under wraps too and I can't blame them for lying to everybody because they don't want anyone to know what the the real shots are gonna British lightest and act. Actor about his job security I don't know I would not like take gig that may be but what if he had an opportunity there is the be here and five months staggered out that would be like a huge opportunity for a reason no I'm locked into the next three years but the Walking Dead I think that's got to reduce move on gimbal but who knows how many -- 1 o'clock I pimple. And you know whether or not maybe everyone's in on and he made that post says some sort of diversionary testy he's not dead yet. Yeah I mean that's our own he's not dead yet no one else dad pitching yeah that the story betrayal man ya see that's the thing this is a very interesting thing I wouldn't be surprised it's all part of a disinformation campaign because we haven't they keep saying give us at all we have a big episode coming up and Chandler's gonna be a guest on that on the talking definitely a February premiere by. We don't know did we ever see him die so we still not dead and if that happens to use its good that you think people are pissed off now half. Didn't he soul man to put dad did that they'll made a big state a contention the past are almond. Terror like I don't mean June. Yeah you have to the public about me losing a job I'd like to get other jobs in this business that I had said going all the mr. dimple dad stop embarrassing me yeah entertain all about every eighteen. Yeah I was also had his dad big banking like he's getting his house payments because of the asylum I'm eating it sounds like it I'm always say that does suck I agree with you Steve that it did all the way around this whole situation sucks but at the same time as far as the show goes it doesn't surprise me they kill off people we love they do it all the time I mean. They killed off gland and an Uncle Sam has also guiding you thought would never die. So yeah. That's a great news spoiler yeah spoiler alert why not give you credit you did the spoiler alert at the beginning I got spoiled by this and knew full well what you were going into. Yeah so there's only one thing to do we have to get the punishing her. There are many districts in off. Yes cheer her but I would love to see them punished for going against me input let me so great I mean this guy out Alan that in vs Superman yeah I wanna see that match up the punishing her you know because the guy who plays the punishing used to be a very big character in the Walking Dead name Shane which is why I call on the punishing there. And I'd love to see Sheen come back and take on me and she can kick knees asked the asked change that would be amazing and the punishing definitely good yeah absolutely. It by all this week we're gonna look back on the best that we can do for 2070s. Started yesterday. And what was the number four FaceBook drama of this year and while you're gonna hear it's 717. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. Point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. Vanessa Williams twice seventeen this came in as number four FaceBook drama of the year it happened back in August. And balls are interesting casting decision by Steve. I she's okay. Fuzzy is our opportunity to point out this video is happening on FaceBook is the national FaceBook posts and John Bolton yeah. We are acting now we have changed names take the innocent I'm innocent people in this around Sarah you'll be playing the role on the original poster you'll be better. Think he'll play the role of moron who. BJ he'll be Karl karlson and I'll play the role of Kathy NJ oh that's right jokes. He's. We've playing the role of drew little red I would question yes it is Mike Carriker hawks. Yes. Well there's a hot man and then I am hi Carl. Aren't we original poster once again it has there's so Saro please take it away. Eventually here is Susan she did and knows so entertaining and you've played like chances jazz because Europe who aren't trash in the sense. Hey Laura as CN view my daughter's not trashing my. Avenue enjoy that show as well does that make me trashy tale and yes yes it does jam. The guys are votes. Hash tag trash fantastic. Like mother like daughter hash tag and ratchet family it's just because. In my mechanics watches your show on all this kind trash you. Yeah. I never have imagined. Because you watch that stupid show. I just think day in general and amen David means anything I think that trash look just sexy so you wanna go on some sense though well. The only way and I think ever hang out with music you watched all my trashy shows and he might lost. Fastow and trash is casting I'm doing him downer. Yeah. You guys I had I am looking at you realize you plan missing. Like I might find a guy who once sensation the woman that my daughter's playing the part of the single line men practice. I. Is Heidi I mean that's OK okay. Once again they have Darren. There embedded I hang out they do this so much better and then. Yeah mom and good music pretty easy. Wow yeah yeah I don't want to show you guys. This is turning his own mother daughter Carl and I we each I'm not a moto GP yeah. As I've said trust and this is out there and yeah actually has today's diesel. Yeah. I was an influence and yeah hey hash tag is. MI really reading although this past and how that Helen might still single. So on protesters and and Texas just waited may really have BJ Clinton enrollment data does banging music was played by is done yet he did amaze you are diabolical observed. And I love you for that guy you know Yahoo! now. You're home video we were good. Homer and that seems like a lot of work. Iraq Todd thanks for that Steve boy you know I just love this time here we bring back the misery. People enjoyed it and yeah okay. Thanks nothing but the best for FaceBook drama here thinks it's an opportunity for you to act and he loved act your daughter she's got acting skills and keep this Ghana and yeah I have not done anything wrong yeah ho now about your yard Judea and your daughters speak on the radio yeah that's they're wonderful man he should be proud. Well is the best that we knew were Tony seventy back in June we chatted with Corey Taylor slip knot and stone sour. This was very very fun and picked as number four in your view of the year. So what is going on why why are other vans picking on you what is happening we talk to you a week later you get enough plywood with Chad what is going on. What is gonna talk about that. What do I give her what she had Kroger cents. This now I figured out Chad Kroger is to rock what kids see is to chicken you know I'd. And now all I feel like I'm not wrong glory remake is that you know this so lax he's been sponsored by KFC's a lot of them. Asked earlier it until I'm not gonna feel good about it I don't believe diplomatic Sylvia tastes like this same thing there yeah. On a special edition of why it's why we are getting in trouble this is boy OK okay where is wanted to come on here and talk. I have is they got headline you can turn of the players you wouldn't pretty bad time out that's true that's true and when I got such great. Reliable people on my side like smash mouth in the iron sheik I guess. How yeah. She story wasn't true I never I always things change I freaked out I dropped my phone freaked out like I was like you gotta be. I don't know we I don't know if you've followed me. And then that rain or on the bus look like as she follows me how would you tell everybody what we did you have to do I mean I don't have much phones like can't direct support but it was basically you Chad your cronies. I'd break your back to make you humble with the slip knot you. That's us I'm paraphrasing of course but that was that was really the gist of what he said it was all casually you know we minutes yeah. There is that really did the sauce is here that's. I like to dole is going on he's in what he saw guys like oh crap I got a tweet about things could pump. I say that you guys patrol make about Mike Tomlin big Macs on her usual. And who would then create. That would mean this Derek you know he would do a better version of their own zone. You know murdered as a wild hair and Merrill martyr. They kicked my own ass now let's. I. That's actually you know what sucks that's a good song. Yeah. Now you saw out there and we all knew it walking the bully other illusions they'll do you remember who know me we all know it. Every one of us it was only after that they were like oh bull and we all love that god gets on scene as much as. I'm mayor may not know how to play at the. Somebody get as a guitar. No I don't know. We'll talk about it we get you can't see Williams played. Plus that if we get Susan KFC will you play it now the program applies Honolulu hello hello I'm. Maybe made that oh wait no I just thought about it no I'm not going to. Ticket I'd. Say it was average yards and management team trying to make it's a good decisions this is against this is stupid. Earlier Miller and hello Joan well our greatness and I keep waiting. You can waiting for someone with a look who does that oil habit that is not happening in its debut album of the year branded her please try and might not show look we did. Iraq it's funny that we mention now that that's going to be a top story headline on the on the music website says he's comparing nickel back to KFC. We never like said that audio off by trying to capitalize on that but you know. Certain publications keep track of any music retailer does and I'm looking it's still a Google search of Corey Taylor nickel back KFC. And it's so funny loud wire. Corey telecheck first Iraq what KFC's chicken hands slipped my goodness is not NME dot com good music publication Corey telecheck first Iraq we're KFC's chicken block from out. Check her restructured to talk talk talk talk caulk all cracks breaks are compares nickel backs Chad Curtis KFC billboard. Check her respect this S kids golf top anybody you're right there that's a great headlines now. They're gonna do that I don't as bonuses Corey tell dregs KFC into the nickel back so might not viewed. Thank isn't like they got brought in as a referee they didn't yet they did say that they really be part of this us magazine. I mean the entire pay them terrifically the next stage of the whole page on Google is all out yet it keeps going another page and it yeah but it's hilarious. Yamana is it when you you heard it is soon as he said you're like oh my god that is a headline news headlines right there it's just how it goes. Awesome yeah he's eight Corey Taylor is so much fun. Every time we've interviewed him it's just a blast it's it's one of the highlights whenever we know he any Danny's part of is gonna pay your grass I hope we get to interview him again because you know it could be anybody could be anybody on the rock to gets interview we just been lucky enough it's an us. That was a fun day because not only did he do that but he also did a wrestling podcast with me. And Chris Jericho Chris Chris Jericho then five he was playing so that's right the fact that he's he's like. Obviously you know then a lot of down time but the last may really wanna do is do interviews but he was totally gone hocus is a big wrestling fan he's like outdoor wrestling podcast or Chris Jericho and UIBMW a blast. Yeah anyway what a fun day for you man does awesome then fast forward a few months later. They do that I can wrestling podcast the other Chris Jericho as podcasts like that's awesome. Yeah very outside Corey man if he can talk with anybody I've seen him do interviews with Larry king and you think that. Maybe he would be disrespectful but he was actually very respectful it was a great interview. Korean man that that do that didn't get it done there's no doubt about it and he's got a wide variety of tastes too big scifi geek fan to am I love Cory many. He's awesome I'm looking at this us on posts like dot on the article says there's never a fan shot footage of our interview backstage where he says that and that's kind of like what they were using as a source. And so I'm watching the video and I'm reading the comments and somebody says the dude with a camera phone estimate the girl sit down have made it seven into what it cleaver and I'm watching this video and there's obviously other people video aimed. The interview as well and and and whoever recorded this copy got a sitting in front of them you'll see that think this attractive chick comes to sit down. She's really courage valor and stop filming guard tower because she's about let's that downplayed yet you are curry Karl had a good as I hit he's totally creeping. Solve. That dude gets so caught you gotta be careful man yeah 'cause there was gonna follow him if you have you looked up by Kenneth W interviews Corey Taylor on YouTube you'll find that that clip that is funny that's awesome. Trusted yeah totally Boston its aggressive leader for 2017 this one was one of the most talked about moments of the past year. When biker bear calling to chat with a Vicki B. Our way out of this also Amanda was a controversial and army radio convention and it's the number of four segments of the year guess is on the line who. Biker there fighter grabbed her marathon ahead are right I that a bottom of this one bite of your really wants rookies underwear. Televised event. Yeah. Look look look look look. You're very convincing me really happy and I think that's not exactly how I expected creepy guy wanna someone's underwear to sounds I don't know creepy he's a collector yeah maybe you got you know what else is in your collection by the Larry the question. I am search term victories personally my whole art Arctic Diego armed insurgent. I grew older and I would create 300 but I do they have a very real hurt full blown doesn't sound very. You know not an off. It's just under bush perceive that this what happened. All right I'll I O o'clock I'll call frame it Soriano. Elegantly for some reason like not many things keep me out but the eightieth Stephen handling my underwear creeps me the hell I'll Wear some maintenance. And I'm ordered to be handled by Ebert yeah Indian Efrain inside where the house will hang what wall. Mark Cameron certainly got warned Syria record shows he's got exactly what he would like to bring you out there really a well inside this Kevin my god did I do transported in my white man so we all be nice. But if your collector what else your collection now. Like what else they are what else you wanna collect as Dickie you're the I mean I'm I'm curious. Record soared to interpret your my idol I love you your character character on the show. Hello you insert your entourage doses publisher Cyrus went the distance narrowed probably no 100 and that's BJ although he respects you I don't like that speicher there first guy you know if only the guy next to me why do they show any and we make a living with all my life would actually have the respect you have thank you sir. I'm senate finally make your daughters and money as you move out for you cracked yeah a thousand bucks and we each put two pairs of underwear in the frame while the gives way to suggest that escalated quite a thousand dollars or like yeah that's far appears under four undies. Thousand dollars. The but the thing you know what it comes at me it's just part of this Syria because I don't know I don't want it. Mediator or battery curious your orders and you know it might not she can maybe you know pay for some solar. Arabs are you gonna screw yourself out of this if you know they are classified as an ER that's she just wants me to be malleable as an astronaut she'll do that to the how bad look I'm as your agent I can help you understand that this is going to hurt the process if you keep for going Sarin and music clearly does not one I'm sad BJ. And we should respect that because he's the man with the money I know how much to present under them seen him do administration. Well I'd Guerrero hit 600 bucks flat. Are you really don't in my I don't fancy ones that I mourn a couple times. How this is very weird but had a crazy yeah. Now we gonna get the money that jacket that I pay I know I haven't announced it scared Eric you're. You know I feel like this it seemed sure to your situation are the daughters of pay it just feels wrong that we take his money thing really does I think it's my idea like hey get in trouble and did you imagine that headline on my one of the radio trade identity. How are we don't lose their gay because they're their when their cohorts is selling her underwear deadly yeah. I isn't only. I don't know I assume I'm gonna reject what their clubs into prostitution on someone tell it like when they're right that's our hair club maybe they can help us out that's literally got us some legality of us selling underwear yeah up a biker America's I wanna take advantage of you edit the same time I feel like it's just doesn't seem right it seems like a great financial opportunity for -- okay our I don't know five Ryan Kesler dropping charges here are you up to speed with this this indecent proposal were about to get into. We have -- -- on the on the phone and he would like to purchase a pair of the QB's underwear that are framed an autograph or 300 dollars name like biker bear would have thought they would want parenthood and subway. They'll 500 to Latin. So biker bear widow Vicki is negotiated 600 dollars for Steve Harris for two pairs. Framed and he wants to actually write or check in and I'm in Steve had the idea as I did that maybe we could get in trouble because this wanna be the top story on all access magazine I don't think that's what I mean it legally I think you're fine and our HR department I think we urge. Was big he's big he's like all for it we don't I don't I'm friends and our HR department circle yeah I'll do the second mojo he got a text begin a legal I've watched a couple of episodes of law law and order once all right at the legal paperwork for this on itself. Well more on this music it's well all right there and this. Iraq. It's BJ and that is the best that we can do and dots hi Amanda that was that was held a segment like I said they'll do Vicky shared that I had a radio convention and boy she got a lot of hate for that. Yeah apparently I set women back is coming but I am sure I'm sort of mindset when I'm back for other reasons that I should be able to do whatever we want to do is ladies. As long as it should with consent and you know not illegal. Yeah and if you and you still get to go into the workplace and do whatever you wanna do in life don't you I think actually. It's the best of what feminism that offers that you can do whatever you wanna do people have to respect your country you would dignity no matter what you do when your private life and now. And you actually wanted you bet and it's a thing was shot call it wasn't ours and AEA that that whole convention I think totally doesn't get what we're about on the show they don't understand what you are about they don't personal whereabouts. Macintosh so my underwear every day for the last ten years nobody's buying them. He my age is not doing when you did marched on health data and you need to offer more money for people to take Richard's return to a slight the slightly this has been nobody nobody. So imagine if you can disarm and awareness for Ford does and that's why were there and again that we're the wrong gender repeat we would make so much money I'd be tired and we do the best that lead you were 2017. What came in at number three for best interview it's you get here at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy here's another listener questions. Like rebuild my credit after filing bankruptcy and now you rebuild it you know one credit during good times might make your payments on time. Job on your find new friends or your mortgage but continue to make cars Jamison Stone cottage Q do you case com you can also. Sooner or you can almost always get a credit cards and almost. Filing bankruptcy sometimes it's a secured cards you know almost always have a really high interest rates on. Did you get a small balance credit card in the treasury chief is absurd argument once a month I'm not miss a payment paid off every month. And I don't I don't be don't credit history when I lose. How do you rebuild your credit. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just because any time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.