BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-13-17-6A: The Boston Conservatory has the perfect Christmas song for the holiday season.

Wednesday, December 13th

News and sports. Today is National Ice Cream day. A babysitter used a ten year old he was watching to help rob a store.


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And it's all about the most important subject facing us today and that is Christmas music come off okay. Because you know humans man humans is that they strive to be the best they can be. So as we reported last week other Boston Conservatory came up what they thought was with the ultimate Christmas song. They went agents took a look at all Christmas songs there and in the history of Christmas songs. And said how we know we know what we had 200 these bad boys yep we analyze these things and bone we've come up with the ultimate Christmas on the best when it's ever been done. At 'cause that's what Boston does they think that the hub of the universe therefore they go whatever we do is gonna be the best of this this is the one what was it like early December when this came out yes OK yes so this is called up perfect Christmas from the Boston Conservatory which they believe. Is the ultimate Christmas song. Yeah. He knows this. That is for Christmas. Yeah. And on the line Ramadan and Matt read and maybe in Massachusetts more like Ramadan. Very young. Well I said this is a battle Steve so on the West Coast will not take this lying down it's funny you cynic as I know you can do good the next one is from the Berklee school of music right. That's in Boston. All I thought this is a California not a Berkeley school of music are all so it's it's really a battle boss all of and that even as more than that that's even funny and it's like hold on a second where are the ones with the ultimate Christmas I only know that because at one point I was delusional in thinking that I can go to the Berkeley school of music because I played drums. Also expressed a desire to my family that now my immediate family my extended family or the most important people in the world they said you're not that good. Wow thinking about it and I realized. As much as it pissed me off they were absolutely right to him you know what I lived there and I don't even though I didn't realize the Berkeley school of music wasn't that I Tim Boston I candidates I always thought it was in California it's a huge school for musicians hollow eye out you've got to be good to go there I -- was a great school I just didn't know is Mossad but then again today within that so we got to battle a battle in Beantown I didn't realize that their mascot is Mingus the jazz cat. That's a good starting tests Greg you need to leave your third cat lingers the jazz cat like that sounds very much like Cincinnati state and it's tough service like Italian swear word. Hey man gets paid secret create a jazz cat. So the Berkeley school music they assemble five producers and songwriters. And who have had their hands some of the most popular contemporary Christmas songs and they gave him 48 hours you create the ultimate Christmas song. So then this other dude you know at the Boston Conservatory you know he analyzed 200 songs he took some time these guys we have 48 hours they went straight to the source gap to producers so here is how what Berkeley says is the ultimate Christmas song. Wow. That's interest. Instead Dominic rolled. Is that a good. Oh. Hundred regular. Film music right to your question recording I don't understand it does look bullet go through Vito likes. Now is the best they can do yeah. I know I thought that's horrible but so are you a note from it's our best form. Yeah it's. Yeah I'd like Berkeley's version. It's not really Berkeley errors and now this is somehow at W super villain there you. And are sending us now so thanks Sam says is just a Dominique de hero is one elaborate on IRS got another version of Dominic did you base a lot here I am trying to god damn radio show you do 1 yeah I am now all you guys are doing is trying to -- of that this week is it is a wash sending is there's premature saying was gonna dominate Romanian went out and tried your show anymore okay absolutely all right sir now. Nice it dude I was so Larry I think I mean I was serious I mean I get it now you have but I mean it. I don't think you would realize that was the same realm you have a chance out of your fight is called the super felons and they do that that's the version that they did and maybe if you hear a little bit more of the song. You can I captured the spirit. I mean I heard a loud loud loud I go I've heard that the song before they realized. There may very. Smooth yes. Ernie and says. You won't hold my job. I was trying to get these undecided domination okay I'm undecided super villain it's crappy song and made it palatable at least. You know it's not the ultimate Christmas Sandra should. Unemployment. Madonna. Look at different lyrics. You wouldn't you would think they were the same song I did it's very hard to recognize an original one that. Moderately to Scott yeah we donkey punch yet it did you don't get much no doubt about it. That's a good some tuna I mean I know compared to the other one. Mildred great now to be there it is number I take it a damn sign in my head Mo though I do love the song from Bob in Puyallup now Obama no plan all you want. So I guess I just don't have me around the Turks thanks what is wrong with Berkeley school musical why did they think that's the ultimate Christmas song sorry guys all like good. Listened he had not that Jerry is RA was Dominique the donkey role in the goods or not it's it's it's fake news this is really fake news. They were wrong you have Berkeley school didn't do anything the first one Boston Conservatory dude did that but that Berkeley had nothing I would tend to Berkeley school version of his battered and the other round. Yeah now now. This is I'd rather hear Yoko Ono. You know what the best thing maybe tomorrow wolf I Yoko Ono version of Dominique the donkey tied him I wanna be a man and you screw me over twice how is that you get the rock doing a version of Dominic Gaddafi and then you can rock and dock year old. That's exactly where do you think you could just say what are they get this so I'm and you get rock and not Perelman just like that. At doesn't sound right we get a baby sitter they use the kid that he was babysitting. To assist him in committing a crush him he's got the post Ford at 617 on the Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. I'm a Seattle. This time we're men we're all thinking of holiday cheer I guess that hang with the family but there are people out there with the use those and those people are small kids. And you've got a great job and we continue to great job field of the Washington council firefighters rockaholics opened with a thousand new coach on kids that are in need this holiday season. You wanna help well politics is 34 plus. And you'll put a brand new American made both on the Pacific northwest given me one. Any donation helps you get beautiful 34 if you don't have any money please share on your social networks Pauly info on how you can donate just go to KI NSW dot com. Most. This graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news wins teammates. But thanks guys they demand industrial crashed in the CBS news and sports and it's the best day ever. Happy national ice cream day quiet today right today in the days. Surprisingly it's like in the winter. And also surprising because July 16 was already national ice cream de LLC a wide. I couldn't send them off that's why. If my people Vijay did this past weekend my wife tonight maybe we went Somalia lose and we got ourselves life. Right I mean that is a Seattle thing actually that I do with saline for Molly moon's milk cold weather that's kind of what we did this. Software on Saturday night at around nine. On nine missed the line. They know lie about five shots. Thirty ish degree weather no wind outside I don't get it yeah. Keyboards melon and it's. Put it together now they cannot even believe this step it up to do their job and our idea let's say this deal up there from Moline whose. You know chaos. It's important part of our team played very for teenagers for teenage use. Since I'm not a teenager I really don't know mint chocolate. Young adults cookies and cream okay and the most popular for people 35 and up what do you think toss salt to tell him I wish that in mind Carmel chocolate. Think crazy sort of care ML is dubbed is tough flavor I don't think the most people are willing to give the salty caramel shop all they've got. I want to turn back time how we demand and I could have salted caramel anything's ice in the rebel really about salted caramel sausage. But it tasted like it I wouldn't read. Our guy no guy for such talk about the statements that are a little bit of trouble it's happened in New York cops got a call buddy young kid dragging a suitcase down the street. Clinton got there. Ten year old with a suitcase along with a sixteen year old turns out the sixteen year old was a ten year old baby sitter and do you think kids today was watching to help him break into my house. Oh good babysitters at this like adventures in babysitting but on the dark side while. Hard to get charged with four felonies including a burglary and a bunch of other stuff as well also charged with endangering the welfare of the child. Shockingly ten year old was not charged with a ten year old was the one behind almost the ringleader if you never know. Campus is home alone I don't trust they've used and that's right. This kid China like abilities this crap. Yeah you know what that you should judge these babies just a couple of bandits trying to take from. Robin Hood some people and Kevin ruined everything from he says enough ice cream butter pecan losers. Fired for conduct is Kuwaiti I'm we have ever had put her game is good when I have. I have to say it's it's been it's been trumped myself to care about them but whatever god is good to every time we either it's ice cream social four mauling loses I should social. Tacoma and they have all these incredible flavors and I'm sure that I would like but I just don't want to pass up my opportunity to enjoy. Club am I gonna get just a fact stories check up every desire custard stand yeah a lot you gotta go man. Some guys Illinois got out of trouble because well he drove his car into a ditch people called up the top. Thank you driving erratically nearly hit a person in the parking lot when the cops showed up to try talking to this man 34 years old like hey what's your name. He tells the minded purpose. Falwell that explains everything shockingly that's not his real name is Democrat who. No he did not have a ribeiro with a crowd geez man followed and he also refused to stand up by himself he requires a police to carry on an early season. While they're trying to carry into police station started saying things like Donald Trump is coming to beat you lost Falwell let's. Wrong I believe that actually Kelso said when they brought him to I guess eventually took him to a hospital I would imagine they get it checked out mentally as well fly if you. He's had a doctor's company given one million dollars. Are all Lucy doctors do that now. And they told the officers who all believe in Satan you all worship Satan you're driving me to see this hour from now that is the only through this whole story. 23 to six feet. Nice friendly eyes some witnesses say I've made big plays try to take these away from this guy when he was leaving. The showgirls are. What a nice pass to Byrd. I had this sudden bingo babies and I believe it's shaking. Speaking of those old babies out and talk about a this could be the greatest idea and it looks like your daughter might be included. It's studies all really Seattle did dom I guess somebody did some research and look at. Neighborhoods and areas where police. How to respond the most. For public sex Paulson told OK really so what do you think is the number one place they got the most reports of public sex. Plus he said my daughter I did and he's probably like what Safeco Field or century link field DeSoto area yeah bad guys. Going downtown there's so that was more ways to. Just delightful things did 23 reports of public sex. And you get where is the punchline tonight and only three of them weren't Sarah. That's good yeah number two north Capitol Hill. According to reports are full time with the war and when you score there. That's a whole dirty there hello we know around me that makes sense. And I've held town blue ridge crown hill and Greenwood as well south lake union on this list dollars lots of places while we know I mean Robin sax so we know why south lake union. Why is that because of what trolleys could still riding the south lake you know. Trolley as redness mom. It's like this try this might happen. Paul met a woman in trouble with the law because while she calls the cops and it turns out he's the problem. She calls the cops because she got a pizza place. Our FaceBook simplified Capitol Hill with O Jack Gallagher is awesome does apply here legit stuff that you guys are awesome you know continues and again. Hi I have. Feel like it's pretty delicious I live well apparently when you go there might not be happy with the amount of Toronto that they put on the pizza. This woman actually call the top because she felt that they did not put adequate amount of some rocks on her pizza play. Not keep my home on top of that and maybe we'll turns out when the cops showed up. She's the one I've got in trouble because she was causing a disturbance to quite like garbage cans are being thrown. Euphoria that. As they show up to par her companion and a third minute struggling. You're getting into it with no network it's a place here yeah she doesn't win a pizza place guys because they've got a guy with the Texans on things that's I. I don't like to treatment I'm getting this guy with a tattooed okay. She's 29 and she was arrested. Don't miss a shot good news just understands that it is out besides plant density for another year deal also will be with them for the twentieth team's season hopefully will be a season that they. Attempt to make it through a third straight MLS cup final and as far as whether 45 degrees and sons. Well let's hope that they can do. Better than it did when they get there he would hope media law offense and wants it wow like take a shot what do you think our guys did enemies. Which I look at salty caramel craze us it was just Pepsi is making a limited time salted caramel Pepsi don't try it it's terrible. How could hunt are right now I can't attract I'd I would like to district curiosities for a fact you know that some and I wanna see that doesn't telling a good idea. Here's why should you be good enough already with the seasons I'm really due to him I know you're allergic to greatness but come on now. Yeah Greg here. Aren't that didn't some country. Fellow. Yeah so I think it's a great idea from you because pat she's always chasing Coke. Yes so it doesn't matter and any of their stuff taste like Kirkland six always chasing code they sit there and I have assaulted. Salty caramel Kuerten six but it did think about it I mean if you wanna keep your name in the public guy you just keep releasing crazy stuff. It doesn't mean you and I have all yeah like perhaps ever got like Pepsi but I am I mean I'm a huge fan assault to counter what web video we're gonna get is always salted caramel ice cream. Obviously due to stupid old people caramel candies the workers I just love Paramount well of course that perfume you buy your wife yeah and yeah that's right. The last thing I've ever thought as I'd like to drink a liquid version of salted caramel positive shake. Okay so policy now do a stipulation nine SE I ate. I guess I can't altered to anything if it's tasty you know but I thought I'd I don't know DIB a but then again. You know until I tried who knows. Oh I think god I I think will be a good way to do it is mix it with some are around. They're lol. You mean I don't do the trick you're right yeah I bet assaulted Carroll Pepsi would be a great mixture plus toll thinking just putting it over some ice cream. And the nice girl like a floating Debbie math that's not a bad remember appear full kind of guy we'll turn everything but do you know what I mean I know. It's not. Like it's so not an ice cream half of 193 years is I try to maybe I just have always just now it sucks. Yeah we are still can't calm well that's what you of that that you just like that in general you know it's easy Andre. The streak to four feet. Authorities here auditorium asking questions about how to properly enjoy a Ruger focus do you drink it do you scoop it. How do you were kind of like this sound like if I'm able to snatch one of the straws Diana was also stillness Ali Al. And kind of work it our way but I just usually take a bite take a sit take a buy tickets that. I was Osama Rivera floats make I don't know yeah okay. Yeah I think you you either love him or hate him and I don't match I don't think Pepsi's gonna change it whether or not you like that floating type of experience or not. As still think it's condone it somebody brought a good says today it's actually they've tried it of course some of strata were Jack Daniels also cracking mama didn't didn't work all that well really attacked I'll seek us flavored vodka you know really rather you know or or happened some meat like that was blocked always seemed to work well but may do a drama doesn't sort of has an excellent toasted caramel black velvet. Some fancy tea is a liquor. He's got voted out Johnnie Walker well known that senator black completely down like velvet is a type of liquor OK of course uncle Chris knows that. All right well they go on to get some oil than what we have to do a lot of things get a get floats and hair which is an ordinance only got a couple days to pull this off the guy at I think your product may not be the greatest if you have to go far and wide to get something mix within just so you'll like it. Don't think that's that's successful products is a CVS says Starbucks too salty caramel latte it's super thank you would like it and who end up blackmailed it is a whiskey from Canada I. After a and yeah well I I have had the salty caramel latte it is good. Of course I'm one pound guy I did okay Michael cannon yeah ha there you go. Just what the latest and now you're gonna you're HL. Massive ego that's right but I got stuck deduced you on a busy man all right. Star or a lot of them have you got a website. This is a pilot good their menu going to be funny issues eating the good luck in jail pizza they're repeats call back and she actually got arrested shouted well that is not a great irony of it that was the case that is pretty ironic that she gets arrested at a place and has a good luck in jail. Menu item to pizza would vodka cream sauce smoked meant to do and all whoa they came in white on its okay mozzarella this is a sizzle pizza. So pot sizzle pie at the Capitol Hill OK Danny says it's guard the anyways arrange a deal on scale. It's about seven. Yeah it's close what was in the pizza costs six degrees of Kevin Bacon and its Canadian bacon and pineapple that's perfect for Danny yeah. No other south of heaven for you slayer fans. There were amazed how opinion those are mushrooms as is captain all right yep no near palm brat instead of napalm death the band yeah has garlic and of course. And he BJ be old dirty. So I'm not go to. All loyal Peprah Cheney's dad does sound like me. I think that that that all that looks good I know I'll then I'll look so good. Are now hungry yes they Steve he did get this one right which TV show is based on the early career mark all birds. Putting ice snow yeah Al al-Qaeda I try yeah yeah as yeah but the night's. You know what though. Just because he knew that one doesn't mean he's you know everything you got a shot. 206 fortune one rock and replace Pete maybe it's 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills how my going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy she's you know one of the things people ask me how much time for bankruptcy lawyers who have. How my going to tell these fees and costs because so I'm here because I can't afford to pay my bills. Of course we understand that and human being and seeing him in the bankruptcy field. A new one of the things to remember is is that if you decide when she makes the decisions you filed bankruptcy. You can stop pain and all but creditors that are going to be included in the bankruptcy and those who have funds and you can usually you have to pay your creditors you've paid your your attorney fees and all of prosecution's case filed. I am in your case is filed you're not going to have most of those famous anymore. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime as choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.