BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-13-17-7A: The new Star Wars movie is getting great reviews.

Wednesday, December 13th

Beat Migs. The Best That we Can Do 2017. Caller Sweet Dee is a secret cam girl. Oh Sara doesn't like using condoms. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Wages are being earnest we can stop that now it's hard enough to pay your bills and things of Germany the lower big chunk of your take home pay has gone before you get your check in and then bankruptcy attorney Travis community and I can start the irishman and its creditors on your back immediately and often the same day as our consultation. Both chapter seven and thirteen provide bankruptcy relief choosing the right chapters crucial and they're free consultation we can create a plan to get your finances back under your control on the job if you choose a song for the next chapter your life please contact me dead choose the right chapter about. Choose the right chapter dot com. What my day I had W Iraq. I'm Seattle. Mean man. There. Okay Doug we need. Eczema or maybe the last few minutes. Dead get the answer was a yeah Atlanta Wednesday blackout. All right let's go door to distance from. May call him Tim. And our winner Taylor either sir. Demo I'm sorry. I'm pressing the buttons. And there are a lot of ball more. Do miss is really bad it's not it's not working and so there it is. And your movie I was really close in the studios. All right hey don't Jim we mustn't have yet. It's scary to be careful I don't want to be cavaliers up I can't pick him up I may not be able to hang in my happy that I never what you see is some com Tim these other people that called something else you know it's a outline from our money pot Don and yes it's lovely girl. Okay. That's right I try I only tell me I really did need to play it right over his head no gas started I don't let you down and that's why doesn't seem holy Grail if you're right that's realignment. Well what is that Tim playing four today Steve did its job Jeff Ross and David tell there over at the more theater on Friday may eighteenth courtesy of STG presents go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you wanna get tickets take out. Jeffs and days do you get your tickets at Ticketmaster dot com Aristide get out of here. Those playing you know Jim we'll have a sixty seconds to answer ten questions to you could vastly want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. I am black and what word means both you discharging a weapon and dismiss a person from employment. Tired yes and our decade did the original series of TV's Charlie's Angels first error. Two. 62 now. Yet as to what is the first name of rapper LL cool. What famous twins who starred in the 2004. Movie New York minute. Also you ask which fish has the species long tail and blue. The fans and machines. Child knows it's. Deep computing term oh asked stands for operating why it's. System as what is the capital of Sweden. Norway no. What percentage of an hour is sixth minute. I can ask what you three fourths Dave correct I have well I had a really wasn't any wizard again but we'll have to see how he does seems average man. All right I mean you can't ask for more than you know if well yeah I mean you can he's not gonna get it both. Or at least not from my boy Tim did and black patent and even Hariri. And what word means to both just discharging a weapon into miss a person from employment and fire are. Pack in recent decades did the original series of TV's Charlie's Angels first pair of seventies ask her what she is these first name of rapper LL cool jays. Ladies love cool out. Changed some ask you what famous twins start in the 2004 movie in New York minute on the Olson's. Yes great movie which fish has this species long tail and blue fans. Crabs no snapper now. Crash. How they dealt. He computing terms a ask stands for operating water system as to what is the capital of Sweden. And you work sweet sweet and sitting now today. Top it's really easy to new reasons to know. Dell our I just know what I urged us. But that's what percentage of man hours six minutes while is Tauziat 10% yeah as a beginning with the heat what is the term for a luxurious tops for a marked man and how. Yes it's good that could lead one to try war I I think. Seven correct you win seven abide. It's all right trying to cut before you try next time Tim Curry five assists scored they can improve on oh absolutely yeah. Appreciate it thanks. Yeah he's got that and Houseman feels it's about the what do you not yeah. I needed because I want you all I wanted to fortunate. These fish that has these BC's long tail end Bluetooth stay in the examining how this. I say we live in the big fish area I should we pay by should know this I feel bad. Tuna oh it's too eye socket you just love Hercules I guess that's gaffe just gave up yeah I did the capital of Sweden. Is that Denmark know what Denmark a country as well. Come to tell you don't care crisis dominated. Sound so bad at geography. Ayatollah Stockholm and then Leo Barry go it's I know I don't know I figured out my own head. You're right. Relations Steve you what are your opponent with seven current and one of the nit picky altitude of some of our listeners bonus good don't give Steve the LL cool. Because think people think I guess ladies love cool as gas it's not all nice people stop being so stupid. Seriously I mean I so nit picky guest think clearly I was his illustrating why I know exactly exactly like you all ladies love cool. JU pot instantly get a mix there changed. Because he comes from the ladies love cool James because the L those ladies love and the new school and the jays James when I make more sense well yeah and I think you are at a glass hotel like this text are now physically you on the dusty halls as well bunch of sex offense is based league he makes my head hurt yes they have well they do gonna nitpick yup it's clear what I was doing I appreciate this actually techsters thank you for making my day. Because UZ I'm only gets irritated I don't other waiting for you to maybe nitpick something and you didn't I don't know this Christmas I never really gone I think the answer is and those who count as my guess is Seattle or you say. In that I carry no no I don't I really really like this because Steve very rarely gets annoyed so when it happens it really is like it it's a good today it's a great job text her 'cause I always get annoyed Steve always look to me like. I don't know why you saw no I men might go through life man and so when he gets annoyance like. I'll never see there's this I really enjoyed my list already yes why I enjoy myself a lot it's good fight. Yes well today start up pretty well yeah I knew you were you you donkey yeah yeah did Dominique the donkey rolled me but otherwise been a pretty good day. So yeah caller seven guess what you're checking out do you are dead Jeff Ross and David tell bush is going to be held to show the more theater. Toss up. You're 06421. Rock. For all the way cause them. C a playing Texas knows not a bad version from I doubt it straight first I can I can I can stomach this version of Dominic. But Lou Montes original versions I. Probably to us five. Because I liked his other want to know Italian house I got my wife moved on into that when did you first fall in love with the sun vindicated I was gonna say like 07. Six of my teams maybe even in my twenties. While. And you know what I have interesting I have to acquiesce because. I always thought his first song in the nobody I mean this is super when I was a kid pitino was in my house all the time but the Montes much more famous for Dominik which I never heard in my house. How to my parents not play that song when they played the other one which was you know the Pino the Italian mouse. Never heard Dominik and I warned her to compete early timeouts until you brought it and I thought to Pino was his big hit but I have to I think I have to bow out of the fact that more people know Dominique and a Filipino I thought we YouTube worm holes Dominique the donkey covers last night yes there's off. Hunt them down and then I even found a video of how senate set their Christmas lights to Dominique the donkey I'm out on the and it's Inco. Passed without the post there we could redefine its on its on YouTube to talk to my brother and sisters because. I can't I don't know that song and it is big song it's the only one anybody knows this guy for. That's all I don't yeah I mean then like you said YouTube channel all the covers there's no YouTube channel for you know what you tubes up differ from penal. There could be a the funny part is reading the comments now some people are upset that there. People bastard rising Dominique the donkey blue dogs she says he can't he can't win he can make anybody happy. Hey I'll tell you why you can't make Cappy apparently Jolie diss what happened. Well he's you know. She's a series like gun nodes because I'm excited I'm gonna OC Star Wars tomorrow night and I annie's like. There is not a good move totally wasn't good I don't know opponent has more on patriot fan friends. Exact Tom Brady yeah photon Cameron's career gone downhill after one game yeah the people are saying and I'm sure he also hated Star Wars. Yeah it's it turns out that of course have a huge opening weekend we all know that. But you wonder like Willie deserve it because you know a lot of people were you know as saying screw you JJ force awakened Scott this is got a different director. But actually it's got a 94%. Rating on rotten tomatoes which not everybody believes in but still it's nice see. And also George Lucas likes this movie. Wow and George would still like the last one so are we know. Concerned that they've drilling the last one at any I just wanted it to me this one's good but everything I've been hearing from people as seen in the advance screening. Dig really enjoyed it yeah that's that's what I've heard now Lucas did he was part of you know empire strikes back. He's part of a first or as we saw George Lucas like I I don't hate him completely. You know I mean everybody looks at 12 and three since Georgia sucked ever make movies again but he did also make 45 and six. So that's 92% amongst top 164 people that reviewed it blow alone okay that's. Yeah. It's a pretty good start and a that I give a crap about the tomato meter but I know you do I do George actually said that the movie was beautifully made. And he was very complimentary during conversation with a director Ryan Johnson who was the person that. Well directed and of course to look at some of the reviews some gorgeous and photography solid performance is one of the best scenes in Star Wars history one reviewer. That's that's pretty. In your heart. As all the best stories do the dumb terrifying ones that are negative. One person says there's a lot of movie like a lot of movies so much movie I think mine gorge to eyeballs to stick a finger down their throats and vomit out. A couple of epic battle scenes just to make he get through the finale. Okay that's I had I hate that review already right. That's his own writing just wanted to be negative for the sake of being negative PR or they got a good movie he had so much move how I don't know how long the movie isn't as assailed their dialogue that is. How many minutes two hours and actually have outs. Well that's a long that is a long move phenomena have to run he some of again and I will have to do that. This one of them sizes mosque data only smoke came my truck I always ask me OK I did an Arab. Well I mean it's nice Spanish is so flawless that night even I can understand it yeah well I just falsely epic useless Lee miracle. Is what one person Spanish falsely epic can use OK but they CNN's Spanish maybe that was a problem yet you see an englishman no romance will pass those in the lacks a single heartfelt punch in the gut moment. The other present voted best moments ever yes they are we watching the same movie people. I you know I am and I don't go to Star Wars looking for romance I mean I know I try to push on us it really fell flat with Dino and I can and and iPad may but. And you know and an Anaheim and lay a stuff was was Q but it wasn't like it wasn't real love story I want a love story Star Wars I just hate movie reviewers to try so hard to be so little miracle with their work behind me. Some person is not the movie comes off as a worked its ironed out flattened down in appallingly purified the what does that even mean he didn't like it. Iron out flattened down and upon only purified oh shut up fancy word person I went to college like apple Chris you know he's won a slap on. Miss O I do every morning and mr. Grammer. You know we're here one person I guess when it's actually kind of funny clever so many ailments and send the new version are so recycled that it could have been called a rerun of the jet I. Okay well people said that about a force awakens. I actually like it did you know there's nothing bad but it's still enough I I agree watch de force awakens actually the other day get ready for this one. And dumb I still love that movie I like it a lot I think the new characters even though it's a very familiar story where they got to go spoiler alert they had to go blow off some big thing that's blowing up everything else yes. Gag edit they get a sneak in a base like get it has the story of the person trying to find their way in the force. But still it was new enough with the people that I didn't care and I like it was familiar that was really. My whole thing is just didn't help you escape for whatever crap it is agents in your life at that moment it was a good escape with almost as an entertainer like the mobile I'm. And I love the last Star Wars movie I'm very aware that it it was they're a lot of moments are similar told the old Star Wars but there was still great and by the way I want if you haven't heard great article about John boy EA got. And people are saying if you wanna see why he was picked for the Star Wars movies he's got a place in the storm trooper. If you wanna see why he was picked they said go check out the movie that JJ Abrams Saud said this is a guy I'm gonna put my movie. Because he watched this movie called attack the block and we IP JC's Pete nation we were all over that movie when he came out weird that we had John we Aegon studio we interviewed him he's an outrage dude. So I love that he that you know he's now movie and has a great performance because we saw that kid come in many years ago is a big star and. Hello I thought I saw JJ sought so I'm that far away I'm I'm that connected to JJ Abrams I know greatness don't think too. Well persons is you don't you take Jack to find out when you have to peak during the movie I hope it's ready I don't resources PG and tried to Wear depends who watched the last gen I exactly two and a half hours a lot. Yeah I know dude it's it's it's bad I go to the previews I had him I think the last minute in that bathroom. I basically make sure that I am is that these I can be and I still. You know hour and a half of the movie in my god damn it. Can you do anything preventive thing about it like union on all real so insisted that was how much water you drink the medicine I'm on to die erratic she announced he's my blood pressure dominant has re basically like a rain bird. Yeah it's tough because because you have the dock is drink a lot of water Anke isn't a pill that makes me go to the bathroom every five seconds so it's like do you tell me over here yeah. You know what I'm really what do you want you wanted to meet geez I mean I must just bring up for a body with me everywhere I go unless it's for two and a bucket. I might have to I think if you is kind of like that that we don't get any kind of public indecency tickets on Ellen yeah who knows if he's really able blanket over your lap but you're adjusting something in your pants. Yeah OK. Yeah I'm I'm I'm Bobby definitely check gonna run do you have to make sure when the hell I gotta get out of there and do what I got to do. Our all this week what we are doing is looking back on the best that we do for 2017. Why it was the number to call the year you're gonna here at 717. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. At nine point nine can I ask the doctor Seattle. When looking back from our favorite moments of the past year it is the best that we can do for 2017. And a lot of people think Steve now man it's. Well I ever mile make the best that we can do if I'm Colin like you know in December yes I you know why you have a shot he's still do mean sweet dean proves that this moment as we. Yahoo! Paris discriminate as the best that we can Nokia has as the rest of your guy this is just one of those moments where rob as soon as it was going on there won't look needs and like oh yeah this is definitely and it cracked the best that we can do for 2070 yes definitely and it is sweet. And this was the number to call the or Danny are you ready yeah. Here you go. Let's go to Sweden tees I'll wait a second I don't know Sonny from always Sonny's Colin and Michelle what's the sweet big. I'll check. In Sweden. Pete I'm quiet I don't want shock on my shell. It out I think like bat. Others call down a lot better way to prevent. Third day. Com says he was ready to give you the gone but I used to the magic word that's the that I rises acts yeah you know all along. That is awesome so what was your job that you were you that you're going to do another job if you're. I'm well I wish I chocolate chip out it helps out bird. Our technical. I'll Casey you're pest control though you try get customers and why you're doing that you were shopping for longs. Did anyone ever right. That is a big customers in the past side ever or coworkers or anyone recognize you forward doing a camp shall. I'm actually get credit at. I'm Bridget are. At right back. Yeah okay family was undetected now you're back. Eric thing I try to do our jobs to make sure that out oh. Yeah did hit it. I also and it's yeah and back. I would rather not declaration of. Also. Suing Lindsay still on the business week DA still doing camp shows. It's not a target person. That's what I'm sorry I mean honestly if he was learning you know he hasn't it's here's the other maybe once worked at target yeah I thought maybe a target logo would be good tattoos Williams. Are they all know it your all and then it turned a. Yeah oh all the men that you've turned. Hey I had no idea what that even means it's because that would mean that you weren't as good giants had to have on John no or it means that you so good that there's no woman can ever compared our god our policies of the Dong China. All that's really not a great. Yeah I have never heard that before that somebody so good that they want the sides I'd have my one brother hung out in college after we hang out she decided then switched teams and insert dating women. And I've convinced myself it was because she just couldn't find another man as awesome as many causality is yeah I mean not I don't know if I necessarily believe it but I I'll much that I'll tell you know this is day not say who doesn't believe it who listen dad. The idea that some animals we dear AB so he's so sweet tea do you do you wanna give a plug to where people can. Get a plug into as work. I know about you look back at you and me. I really appreciate it meant that the bury it. Out how people not working pretty hard as they told. Or what they hit our. This is tricky why would you can't do it quoted promoted where we can find you know why wouldn't you just do that full time I mean I if you can make all that money you're due wouldn't do it on your own schedule I don't understand but. I don't know it's a. There are a lot of yeah. Our. The only guy that knows radio but right now my brain as I can exploded when that was that was the most voiceless and I never asked in his conversations this is also. Now. This is. I though I have to workarounds that all about 30 and thanks Sudan or got a regular or was he asleep while your campaign. No fewer votes. Oh. You mean he's he's gone forever friends for maybe a month and a timer so I have no not audit. I they say yeah and I couldn't eat you know we listen and I know it's generalized actually as we know it's Jackson Keith you don't have to hide from anybody. There's Isaac from the Lebow of man I'll sleep dean and so so it would you be mad if he found out that you were canning and out. So there in the backyard like. Well why not close the good thing you know talent that you maybe you shouldn't be with anybody that would mean look somebody has a right to be upset if you do what's up behind their back Britain. Not enough to burn you in the backyard we are doing this before app before you guys met and you just never told limited his dad did did the light went too deep or did you start doing this act you guys Matt I learned. It why why sweet tea. But this I loved the parents and that I'm not sure I it and you paid more than. Character. All else and. A small details how are getting naked for other men on the camera it's tough anywhere mall where there's a guy who doesn't want you to do that probably that's not a small detail let's say huge detail page bureaucrats senators in oil yeah I didn't DJ did you see your brother in line knows about it and my -- that would damage it. His brother then nosed pitcher doing this. Aren't so he crossed the I don't know why he did everything to end it I definitely I don't why he was cruising. A guy that's why. Our guys were relating the brother know. They see him sit back and I was like I I do we do screen zoom. Yeah I know what I I let them up on it I heard their I thought she was afraid he might I didn't know that he was awareness so why is. And he said he thinks. I well and I asked lightly. And he was later. He saw do you make you don't stop when he's like sure I won't say my because he wants to continue to see you know how he would stop and imagine his mind must have been blown music that looks like myself all of that is my sister in law. Version of every one getting a bridges things intro age. Rock damn that's sweet tea drinker and we still have not received a link to her site that's really notice she says who's gonna send it to I've received a million text messages on our techs like from people wanting us to share with them we can't hear we don't have Tim we've kept our part of the bargain we have a saying to her husband. I know I haven't told captain Keith haven't said a word that I hit them all about the Deadliest Catch. So it's that I wish I wonders we. Well maybe if you if he took her fishing okay. Seeking need to give us an update. I yeah you're right sleepy we need an update from years before before we end this year you got to let us know. How things are gonna have given cots where's the link to your place that he wants to say yeah. And I guy you know make a run for Max exodus is while never get married. I don't know every woman's doing that cam shot on the side guys. I don't know the they get well I have. See this is that things of why again I I give props to Vicki has Vicky is she's a she's always on Bob Bob boards about what she's doing what she's into she should say yeah shocked by what she does she shares that she's doing camps have put all the amendments. Yeah like man by the way he's yet blinking red light near on the show I know you're not getting a cut of the profits yeah. It's best that we nearly 2017. This one all post crap that you Cragg. The thing is is that accordingly you know what Vicki could be doing what we wouldn't even know. You know now that's the one thing I promised myself I would do what my parents are alive as any kind of born hull most good viewed as a young man because I didn't see each yeah you say about these days say exactly why don't you might the only known except he looks a lot better than I was ten years John I know we've also respect now yeah. Yeah all the time it's really annoying it really I mean wow it's amazing how beautiful your dad looks an amber is it frustrates the hell out yeah. Because history he and I are the same demo and yet they look like I'm eighty and he looks like he's like 35 he hung with Vicki and I oil into the focal pop star hits like yeah I Islam. Do you look for young beauties I do he's a good dude he's a big geek. Mania and I should have been Brothers man and a his ERA now is totally getting inflated hello sorry about that anyway Alonso but you know your mom's awesome she could well. Yes she brings it brings us down reality you know Leo. Is the best leader for 2017. This one almost cracked the top five for best interview had to back in April and yon ha thanks Steve this is about my daughter Sherry something that I would have preferred oh yes not so we all know about her and her boyfriend beat the ladies' home. I say. I am afraid to find out what to tell the story is going to be a hanging. Hello Oklahoma wind no sun protection yes it is a hot iron right white racists yeah I need to have a talk with your boyfriend by the way to let him know that you're not gonna be responsible for that it's gonna be after him. Is fine not our relationship and where just Indonesia just go dark quality that calm no no. Birth control doesn't all like I I when you make an initial let's go and only sleeping with each. Now you've failed the sex talk. Clearly found a job. And it's the czar job I think myself and I told Joey. But I think you need to have a new sex with a have to wait till. Until you know you wait until the ring is on your finger and then that way if you aren't we Brit guitar you. I'm sure LSU SN's series fully click OK I don't care if she gets a disease I wanted to get a kid before she isn't exactly the fix that you're fine OK so if we book yeah I'd get tested them our guy you know yeah. I don't know a dozen times and all of Saturday don't know all of these hey we need another grandchild in the world Sarah. Birth control is not a 100% effective in preventing babies. Are condoms are fine birth control more effective and conduct all our great combo yeah happen idiots average there's always going to be now one per senator yeah. I'd be it regardless of why waste the cats are right now you know why I wanna meeting unofficial meeting with your boy on its gonna be on now I'm official meeting take into the copy I wasn't gonna do it now he's gonna copy what we don't put the -- I'm taking into the coffeehouse coffee unit and it's a copy meaning and no boy ever wants to go with me eighty cent pack of condoms formulate yeah you're nobody put them on display because that's what he wants is a conversation with his new girlfriend's father left the protection you told me I got to step up my game because of my game without thought or knowledge and he does it look like during his parents gave on this exciting he's probably gonna use condoms are not easy. And oh yeah. And I don't even know. And so our needs are and. Those caught you know instantly it's you lay the little lady it. Now according yeah. And it's too late but she's already pregnant. Don't sing layout. And you honestly I don't you know wash with the California she doesn't have to deal in this. I'm a hunt tiger this whole Fam so little like Joseph you're charged. Anticipate any you're gonna take Everett wash or what Joey has like an illegitimate child that we don't know about these is like constantly asking any questions I. Court Kelly pretty gangsters he was like a player like that if he was like Shawn Kemp and I never knew that seems like a baby every were that would be pretty gangster. Aha now Sarah I saw what he lives are what's condoms. OK if all of our seasons tellem lawyer what we know morals aren't kept your car so what could work hard out here. While this is going to be shocking I always give a bottle line and it's not dean never knowingly. If you do is it okay. A car driving. Trot in it seal all the ladies if they had a guy we just got a text armed with that 1% Steve condoms or birth control we still got pregnant. But still everyone I mean it's better than not. It so happened that it is during a question of Sarah as a kid would like to be hired on the show a blow a hole. Yes I guess you know I'll have to be because my kids on how to support themselves do you think they're great kids got to smarter and BJ my daughter was born with birth control and condoms I'm doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get protected to the best of your ability. But it so happens I mean you know some people still get sick that doesn't annual walk around naked in the middle of winter and jumping off frozen water and then start Evans sex with a fish no. And I didn't quite got to get yourself. When Gonzales I reporters there's no wonder we had a contest to name Sarah's baby off until all I don't resell off I. I'm going home early age I can't handle it I need that I'm taking tomorrow off too telling a baby's hair. You know what you have a good thing you tell this dude tallies on my hit list and not using condoms Nokia to do so while he was values are Brothers analyst I don't know if I get a chance of and he's deceased I teach kids if you both get there the what do I Johnny Roberts gets a vasectomy done all right John Roberts gets secondly. It's by the way should the name of the new Vista is at least. Drive eight. Or might not show or blood we dead. Iraq well yeah well why Hillary going and Johnny reverend since then I don't know paraphernalia Johnny rivers. That's the real difference in the name Johnny Roberts it's. If you mental note of that yeah all right from now on his name is John mirror is on this show already and outwit the system just the perfect I'm talking about our next guest oh yes. Couple hey Jenny robbers if you need some free financial advice. How much you get a from KIS a these financial advisor and a strike call and now 206421. Rock you can also Texas 77999. It's a holiday financial advice from Todd peach from beat TCU. She's taking your calls and your taxes at 747. On the rocks. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost usually with my office we we do have flashy it includes all your court costs firing these credit counseling credit reports. Inland causing chapter thirteen cases say usually starts in about 900 dollars. How would chapter seven cases of total tossing green on the court costs attorney fees usually about 15100 dollars. We offer payment plans on shoppers summons and star power to fire officer was almost 200 dollars you can send your crime. Almost Austral picture senator calls like get gather up your information and ten. Payments on the rest of the beast. We jumped to thirteen cases. How we can make payment arrangements in most cases as well. She did your case file be serious justice is cheap case because of the reorganization aspect to it thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time as choose the right chapter dot com. That's accused the Wright chapter two dot com thanks for listening.