BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-13-17-8A: Todd Pietzch from BECU joins us live in studio.

Wednesday, December 13th

BTWCD 2017. Interview with Steve-O. Live Day Facebook Drama. Caller of the year Ashley promoting Sweet Blood.


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Again Todd does is absolutely free because it's just another part of what BC is all about bigotry you're doing your money the right way. And again 206421 rock Texas 77999. Did this Texas Todd if I get a check from the state LIs for compensation for time that I missed worked at the claim that all my taxes yes. Five tax question to coming up here to tell us that time you're area for thinking about him and I united that would be in company you'll get a 1099 in the mail and had the government to you know they always gonna put their hands and everything you need especially now with the of this tax thing that congress is trying to figure out we don't know the implications on everybody here but obviously it's a question you have that you that you talk with people. In a nutshell taught how does it dead will leave with a regular person actually see any savings as what's claim like. Will regular Joseph go critic may maybe I'll pay less taxes or I'll get more money back on my NL is that didn't get it to you to answer that so well I mean we don't know for a 100% yet because it's still going back between the house in the senate right listen that things are talking about our. Doubling the an exemption right so going from. 67000 individual. You know thirteen fourteen and that's a good thing right Aso and then for their family for they you know going from a twelfth 121000 to 24 give or take bet. But at the same time they're gonna lower than any other first time India interest interest deductions on mortgage. Down test 501 500 on your primary residence that sucker some some people in Seattle you know higher income made that could back it intact and so there's not going to be as many people are gonna be agonizing. As there would have been as it has been in the past where I was only if things go as age as they're talking about today if you talking the first 500 who's gonna house for 500000 dollars or lower these days a rock our environment and you get a really young unit travels and did he. The five has anonymous McCain he's a destitute house's under 500000 dollars in Seattle only cute meaning they're. Small and probably falling apart now or they're Condo were seen and I tell onion re a parent conference I don't eat but I mean to you know we're happy to move out further and try to draw. Yeah you're actually hurt and had nasty I mean that's amazing people actually know work gallop this I put you off on the you don't you don't do that I guess yeah Brock Huard yeah to get into the pocket every would have brought cured everywhere from throughout not Crazy Horse that guy right I guess Steve was the all stars some good thank you that's about time people recognize pregnant for the I don't know what I was talking a lot and they were there reforming. Now people want to join you out there sir if it is easy to Syria but I George Clooney return my taxes that he. He'd make you a bunch of his friends a crap ton of money and pay the taxes on top of it. Well I'm seeing the so I guess this was on MS NB guys see where this is delivered feel the show called headliners and George's friend Randy Gerber told this story. About the time that George went and said okay got fourteen was close friends brought them together. And said here's a suitcase state pop open a suitcase. A million dollars of cash inside. And George used to say listen dude I want you guys. To know how much you mention me in amateur mean to me and my life who came to LA ever step on your couch. You're not so fortunate in my life to have all the new movie and I couldn't be where I am today without all the news. So it was really important to me. That won't work so we're all here together. That I came back and so I want you all to open your suitcases. Let me open enough. It's a million dollars moon in twenty dollar bills through every one of us fourteen or less than a million dollars you're wearing shot. What is this because I know we all interest in hard times some sort of going through you don't have to worry about your kid you don't have to worry about. School you don't have to worry about paying your mortgage you know the ones we're embarking. Texas a and therefore. You know trying to support his family rides a bicycle to work every day in the music movies and that's it took care of George. Enjoy scenario but I hate everyone's happy it's in his million dollars is you. Wow doubt I think it's asserts that a guy the you know it again another celebrity just being a jerk in the news wounds and I have to get them out Todd let me ask you this because I always have often had a question about that because that's a great comedian paying their taxes because that's a lot of Texan. I'm chilling like that's the only anywhere between now what two and 400000 dollars they went to pay taxes on my problem my right about that 35% man 33% failure 350 grand user have to pay back here so let me ask this how does the government work because of George says I'm giving you a million plus some pay your 315 taxes. When the government go that's another turn 50000 dollars you just got what they tax them on Matt. Moved yeah I mean bay he could update right so in order to give him one day when he's five he gives them like one point four million out you know and so that they're netting out at and millions I. Yeah yeah he could net and we we we do that in some things in that the united BBC as well bit anything yet he can netted out so it's a net they get a hundred. A million after tax once the once it's also gasoline especially when he did get yet yeah that's that's. Think a real pain in the Estonia they season somebody's house thing is that why you felt bad like you know. He's a guy says something new counties yeah ate all your fruit watermelon media and mean natus helped him get worries that our committee that is amazing guy dissed us into the do ride your bike race because. You can hear people say hey I remember that guy image a lot of folks have stories about all the all the Seattle on musicians that they've known over the years. And you know those people are still gone back to their regular jobs doing what they're doing. And poem that that is a big thing a million dollars because they probably thought yeah I Clooney's the man I know homebody you know I'm doing my thing you know he's doing his thing there. While adding that's incredible access an I don't know how Long Will this was. Did you know but he didn't T didn't we we know about this is not for his base for an Randy who just decided you know I got to throw this out there right hand and move. Then January would you redo a million and thank you your million. To see misty CBS he taught where did you rethink don't see it already is already are highly drum kit doesn't. Our Larry and I asked I have Ferrari my I am getting a bronco homophobia. This is like Georgia every fifteen feet to the room you're asking me will you do with a million dollars for yeah. Thomas season it's a good thing you know you never know maybe what we're rockaholics no holiday you get a million dollars gifted to them they don't like I don't know what to do is a member Todd tonight should invested into this imported into that or is do you like Steve said by a bronco guy hasn't yet. Fire brush our idea and oh yeah I've seen a really I think you probably get the animal and go out of my real bronco is that a new sport on it that's is bad business so everybody is Pasadena I'm not animal. You know like -- you not gonna get a pool and move at a bunch of times in your backyard blow all your money from those it's no I know how I would get a pool when. Only keep it there would move it I would make sure it's in the right spot right when the first place yet for your good businessman Gallup. This is why George Clooney would call fourteen of his friends together and Stephen singular purpose and Jason dean I think I am an American accent I signed eight by ten it lets us see that's only give you because you know blow the money anyway so I'm just save you the prime saving move anywhere in the anguish of blowing all your money pool got a good question I I think ever once talked about this these days what's ties thoughts on the crypto currency. I hope I would call he had good call I make it's just my take this right by the right yeah yeah yeah yeah. That means you like may as you like crypto currency 'cause that's what this guy it's Garnett it's it's yeah. Well here's the thing we know volatile mean if you don't in the if you're gonna invest it seemed to consider that money that you don't need great none so. And a couple of bucks if you're gonna put her on the blackjack tables same thing with your doctor about yet knowing how about this thing and saw this this I was just talking to area. I'm not gonna drop names but a celebrity friend of mine who's got a lot more money than I do. And he was narrow top CIA it was Carrot Top he is that he was approached by one of his buddies to get into the whole big points thing and what he said after hearing the conversation from his buddy about declined to a little research. He thought this so reminds me of the pyramid scheme he is is is that your present Andrea. Yeah yeah and agree it's it's. Not been telling what's behind it BJ its virtual currency right yeah since no assets here. And so it's gone volatility to be a 100% down south. This considered gambling if you like to gamble. I'm a guy basically if you're the guy that gets in impairment of the top junior wonderful for you but if you're like me probably an IV the idiot paying his money and I get nothing that. Yeah because just be careful. Now they think if I well as usual minute time does fly but if you did not get through the phone lines of Tex lines you can always email Todd just go to KI SW dot com you can scroll down a seated at the banner with Todd smiling face he will do his best answer all of your questions I mean that's what's so great about Todd helping people out. This time of year especially if you go line really wanna be Smart but my money tied up all great avenue embody thanks BJ appreciate it unless we go we don't look at back at some of our favorite moments of the years. It's the best that we get here for 2017. And what's always been number two interview of the year and you hear they seventeen. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. And I point nine KI SW the rock Seattle's it is the best that we get your 12017. And back in January. Steve always listens to me out because it could guess is there to remembered oh that's right oh yeah one day. Yeah I really was man and and Steve O had this great story he shared with us about Motley crew this came in as number two interview of the year. Now I legend trying to when I was little kid I was the biggest Molly cruise fans of my career and and that. Said that they did their girls girls girls tour was that 97. I didn't I just had a all of my walls and and and all this and that this hour on the news had been in trouble that I said their hotel on fire sounds like that anon and outside on my dad's like. They're they're big they're here. There's the conscience that tomorrow they're already here there and hundreds now but I'm adamant fine in the summer run in memory airmen and since signature on a cheap sleazy looking for the name and a man injured against. Vintage against them and tell under the name their manager room or not to mention again as an 86 and the same thing he did it hit and I sat there and I called every hotel on the phone Burke. Asking for rare by the name of their manager. After like ninety hours three hours whatever it was I caught every heads down and got through some other of the pageant do in this room on the. On the phone is ringing in in the rim and just freaking out I was precisely thirteen years old time. To get peeks at the start on the other end and then hotel program. And he says hello I said hello is that doc McGhee in Yahoo! legendary news and manager earned kiss -- Cuba Iran Julian Wright says he's managing Motley Crue I sit is that doc McGee in the guy and the sign says now. This is dark breads and docs brother Scott yeah it's cutie says. He says she resists and unlike as I'm not sure. And yeah. Our guys know hey you know. Yeah crazy they get they're the guys are right loans he says she's just how did you get this number you know our legs very annoyed I said and as I caught every hotel and yellow pages. This is the crew's air and the guy goes way hold on to say it's on me. He caught every hotel and Ellen Page asking for dot and he says that's awesome yeah. PS how would you like if I had three finalists for backstage passes sell to the saudis I didn't give you tickets in the fifth drought which is great does anybody have tickets my dad words for Nabisco which had a skyboxes I was going to be in the skybox. Because nobody Nabisco wanted to go Motley crew concert. Top Jason Kidd and actually go bad you know yeah. So I got I've pictured taking a bogey six and Tommy Lee. I'm Trevor 25 is lab in 1987. Coming up on thirty years ago wow. Out of and there's ever so crazy about it was that at that time. You know. Standing there backstage. You know with these guys. There isn't anything really. You know that was compelled to ask them or tell them to just let the verge of standing next and getting my photo taken them. This is read about pretty herculean things that I may have happened to just sheer will and determination. I think it GA that I can it turned me into a monster and it really made me show like I'm. I cannot I cannot accomplish that night and pretty much anything that is set my mind to an absolute power corrupts. Absolutely and I I agreed when you push and push you realize you can be rewarded for pushing. It does inspire you to keep doing everything about bad guys he must have been like this is the most incredible story this kid to read through everything to get ahold of me. That's cool that he actually hooked up with a passive at random all you're 00 we aren't good. Home and that seems like a lot of work. Iraq and right man they the best that weekend of Tony seventeen. Back in November we were doing live day yes sound bad but system how about that philippoussis yesterday now. And this was at emerald queen casino awesome awesome time for someone who in my day in front of everybody rather than just the studios and we've done a couple of years before hopefully next year will be doing this. I like that plan. And why were there we add our voice guy Malcolm he was their lives team up with comics Craig gas. And Justin rumpled both local boys who do great impressions and they all did a FaceBook drama that came in as number two. FaceBook drama of the year and now. Baseball try. Thank you Susie now. And he's it was our opportunity when Steven Mueller on base plus this an actual case for the most. The drama unfolding concert in this time around your voice of our favorite celebrities. Tell myself when FaceBook drama. So this time around playing the role the original post sir will you Tracy Morgan. Jason Zach. Morgan I'm more user. Claim their own Malcolm in the movie Malcolm are voiced guy movie. Minor old computer will even if you're through and what is Jeff everybody. And I plan on how to genome will be Al Pacino. I try to work through my insurance. Mom. My so once again the original poster is Tracy Morgan to Tracy please. Taking away the nonsense all our smells very humble snorkel or whatever you can still write speed the only news. And Noel mills on top. More hour. Dennis didn't he is chairman and I've ever seen on FaceBook. The message and move dead celebrities rather ESP generic name and address Jack the real deal is not like grass yes. God uses. Yeah another yeah. Okay that's kind of funny guys. Okay mood. You know I you know I joining courage and Malcolm. You shouldn't make jokes about women's an enemy like get maximum volume basement door yeah. More than you did you lose your address. This time. Jim just keep pounding them racking my dreams and you need to learn what our. Wow we're now you too now. Yeah well the media it's this clearly aren't okay aren't going to be NBA comes our son. Now look I mean sure he can you won't. Because he's okay I'll man. Today's best day ever on FaceBook. Here's how John we all the easy as some might come on knock off L well. Next here. Oh well. Com are. All its. She knows what kind of it's. Movie you'll run. Drive eight or might not show plugged we did. Iraq. 99.9 KI SW Iraq a Seattle couple that was awesome conference now could she noted that he's done that booby choke. Displays me every time down it's there where we're very fortunate we've had some great people do FaceBook drama with a sigh you know holy day and and and they folks commend the celebs really have a good time and especially actors and comics they did they really do have a blast when Nestle foreign neither admitted top five or knew we haven't found out what number one agenda we've had a great gas just a brothel Malcolm wanted me also had the one that involves some. The guys in super troopers to broken lizard guys and even cabin. And then Jim Norton. Yeah it's and you know because it's real good and I like they'll they'll look at assault on the way this is really this is on FaceBook and oh yeah I'd do we don't make this up we just get these from listeners who sent us their FaceBook like desperate she hunts of your screen shots whether it be because of what we do for a living we're exposed to a lot of out. People who are friends quote unquote we don't and FaceBook Yelp know a lot of people that are there were friends with we just kind of had that. Column by that would go you know I sort of radio it made their digging KSW who become friends but there's a lot of drama sometimes and some of them might move. Some don't want that we still are from obviously the political ones because they get really ugly yes it's nice that there's nothing funny about that I know I do some discreet shots of those there. Sometimes entertaining but it's just think it gets real nasty. And you never make friends that way because you know we knew we talk about this all the time but we have people who from all walks of political life to listen to our show and they love us because we basically give him a break from it. At and we have no problem here you can be our friend matter who you like me and that's what we're all about so let's hope we stay away from casinos seriously does. There's sex in this family problems the last thing that really yes absolutely. This the best the lead over 2017 is looking back on some of our favorite moments of the year back in September. Cough from a woman who are quickly just grabbed my heart her name was Ashley. I love this woman because she wanted to play Pete megs but now I did little dig in and I only had some suspicions that she had other motives behind this call at a dollar a moment mainly because they see upset you but B also she introduced us to really really good dead based in Florida coast we put. As true I mean at the end of the day almost like the shirt today she she really was an amazing PR person. She did go over the top and you know I'd add and and even though she pissed me off Steve she did a good job they are good band and yes. This is the number two segment of the year. Don't when he and I call because. I mean ringing and I love you I love love actually and I love you guys look at. Time and it's really good thank you need blood all over Florida and I think I'm here I'm and then made that he had been plaguing my yeah. Holes and he and I again and again we've got out boys and wanted to bats and our. There although I'm okay I'm glad that's why you are. You know why you adults say yes and I know I'm now we should have you know what happens comments I you and I don't have. Love bonuses because Chris is screaming cause he didn't press on vacations and you wonder where the reds and now he's hunting firms can invest in Yellowstone. So she's using her she's using evenings is a chance to basically promote his brand out of Florida all right and awesome. And I always name and abandon I don't know I'm a little matter right now I shoot she. There isn't an easy dominance of the bands you guys but when she called him reply redeemed on would be amazing person plundered our guest is Chris is really gonna dismiss. Sorry to hear. Gave the guy. You better come clean on one hand when you actually you know which member of the band are you dating for us tomorrow. I can't eat any little thing I wanna know why are so yeah I was actually you're calling radio stations all over the country trying to get through time about this free and Florida aren't you know. I. Am quite you know I'm. Hang out but I'm no I don't know I don't know man. You know you're not getting this honor may I am so and find your birds are you do you why I'm so angry actually I gave me the opportunity to tell the goddamn truth and and I would letters they are bands like a lot of people out there on the intentional lie. She's spending time and I know she's not just us and she's Athens somebody yeah advancers one stands out yeah I'm really seen her own harsh you know look I was all right I'd let you handle these these are very very young all right Ashley and this is your last time if you wanna help the standout you better something goddamn truth. Our I will come down to Florida and I will basically close up and down myself. I'm not pleading with the guitar player. You don't sound like I said he tells us through these terrorists are rhythm guitarist. I know we are adding here all the guys we led I and hi Ashley how the sax flute. Hi my name clean alternate. Getting there feet Max and Amanda my word CCC whatever she wants and then ours was the name of the band again. Six thank agony even can actually play and not exactly like I think he's black guy that can O'Hara CAI. Muhammad intended when the Arab and not probably means daily and I think that's one good. That's a group's 19100 bashing. Out contained in 33 love I need them and wonder. You got her honey I don't eat now. And I know it and they got a little gloves and I'm going on like crazy here they're putting or irons on the I Wii download all Asian ladies good ingredient patient they're all over the hot barrel in Daytona. I download our DC and I have mom my. Oh OK I gotta gotta yeah is there any way to fight like he's really serious are they sound like Seattle. I give my eyes and I see how the seasons I see guys allows her eyes on the show us you you you may the winds. You've got your band on there. Yeah logo are putting your little better than. Great drive. It's OK. Okay. You can't honestly alone won't all the media house and oh yeah. Yeah out of this the and I got black hair. Although I usually just it's just hats and I don't yeah. We've got hot already as onerous thing you know since I'm gonna look for an amazing viewers I see and they they sound bad ass gas refunds at the name of the band yes we need to blood is we even want to tie is actually a good job girl good job is young yet just shut up a little bit new but you'll really you'd only do they -- and you painted face with those guidelines in your face and hear me he told me and I ask you take your hero bush and high five because there's. You don't pass the ball border on. This music it's well all right then this. I felt good and it was my birthday let me go off on a like that there was another day you wouldn't let me. Still the best for America chime in on this apparently she has called multiple times before she got through to play B mix but the rev as soon as it did championship phones community is it smelled something fishy in the latter are. Oh yeah I issue is why she never showed that she was doing that pro both seen the entire time every time she Colin and I might cool I'll pass it on they castle and now let him deal with that sort of staying in and you take vacation Christmas comes in GS who sending gets through yes you data's the actress is too nice that's a daisy got a Rivera like the rabbi. Give her credit which meant she kept calling me kept calling. I mean man you know if your band that you that that's the kind of person you need delicate because if you have good stuff but nobody knows about how also they find out unless somebody did hits the pavement like she more benzene girlfriends like her it's literally been calling for years. Yeah I mean you know listen day -- you have to be slightly annoying if you're going to help get the word out about something that is a fact. So I give elects a lot of credit mistress is like you know contemplate this months later she did a good show a man you don't look at. This last couple segments of the best that we can do to try to do a great life lessons Devo refused to take no for an answer kept calling and calling hotels that's right finally. Got a hold of a guy who is connected with the band Motley Crue and ended up leaving the band getting pictures returning going backstage I not been persistent. That would have never happened they got amid sex with the guitarist Carol Alaska are Alexa the other area they're calling calling calling. Eventually she picked the right did the rev was not here and Sony competent putter through. Yes look at what happens yeah. He had met my creditors and a guy stored in your own how that happened. I USA Steve he got this one Ron is the Shawshank redemption Brooks had what animal as a test takes notes to the dogs now. Horse now so as if you know your shock shank. I think Colin because red tries ask those questions he knows Steve doesn't Joseph six what you wanna rock. I never shot at beating Steve beaten eggs in a 47. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy and here's another question molester. 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