BJ & MIGS podcast 12-13-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, December 13th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Andrew Rivers joins us live in studio. There are 5 new traits that can help you live longer.


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. I don't point nine KI SW the rock out Seattle teeming capital Washington State's. Council of firefighters again because we've got to put a thousand who goes and gives it even this holiday season. All the codes go to kids the Pacific northwest and it just takes 34 blocks to put a brand new. America may go on activities one simple as that he does the full 34 give us what you can. And if money is tight we shared use social networks. All the info Heidi it all done including how to donate just go to KI SW dot com. Saying man. I am I mean okay. Six and did what they solar flats all I can instead. And if you go ahead and do that Iman the black. Oh you next these aren't thin and Steven Gray or black and this is that. Yes. It was a mr. trump is it just I am Florida I don't know you guys heard I said yes I am some just like that its charm you get Alice Stewart contestants did today we've got Derek concede your lowly Derek are you there sir I have adamant you relevant. Adam and adamant and celebrate there's sir we are having approximately service you saw with the system design there was I'm here ya. Nice well you got to they're so that I can they don't control what does Adam blamed for today's not only are we short timers but apparently our equipment is to meet eighth. Well hopefully out of the well because he's playing for parity is jab ballot the vote won fourteen that's happening in the emerald queen casino on January 12. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details and if you want tickets are at Ticketmaster dot con artist. He did Aaron. Those playing at home Adam will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Adam you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guess is her question. Are you were at eight. Who played the reverend Jim on the TV show taxi. Boost. People are you know it's. To meet his prime barely made for reasons why. Are we know it's. Bob finally know it's. Now I know is they do know which plan. Lose Jeter ads in which the city would you advise the Sistine Chapel east bombings. Asked well no it's. Yeah no. Yeah. How many US state capital cities lie on the Mississippi River. Three snow yeah for now. To you as the organization Peta stands for people's feelings Watson's. Are important to know it's. Lose an environmentalist. And yeah he's Disney thinks jumbled look what kind of an animal was mostly raised by its. I'll pull his ads how many tournaments make up make Grand Slam name. Golf it's. Three narrow. Or how many you got her ex I'm so. I'm not a Grand Slam is. An ET. Or. Yeah again valued at all you can score four runs a business let you know already well. Oh yeah. Adam you know you're you know you're actually in my going to be a complete. Not that I just you know any better a little bit better than I am Alison happened no you know you never know. Short time that's for sure yeah talking about got to hope this is a real short time you're working hard Daria he works are both easy and. You're just the epitome thank you. Are you fresh did you. The summertime maybe some place my trust that's just. Poole played the reverend Jim on the TV show taxi. A poll on Andy Kaufman no time to discuss Christopher glory to Allah Akbar didn't need is Mike is made primarily for why we need. No bull snout between. Strains of oh wow I it was the mood of which plant it. I hear expressed no doubt Morris no different yes whenever data which city would confine to Sistine Chapel. Seems out of roads now. Rennes no. Technically tax. No matter how many US state capital cities lie on the Mississippi River for now. Three no details yet as americorps organization Peta stands for the people for watch TV and I'm getting ethical treatment battles as it Disney's the jungle book what kind of animal as Mobley raised by my game no tiger no there are taught to know. How many tournaments make up a Grand Slam in golf for. Yet as to what is Teddy Roosevelt real first name Theodore Katz 234. Can I stuff. Brady. Sorry Adam and that's an original question that was just so tough coming that they all have to leave street first serves there. Plus Bobby Jones as trailer and I mean now it's. Bob Jones yeah he's he's all for him well gory chess player or not Bobby Fischer yeah. But either way regions I was Genesee your do each well all right well he's gave me a question for tomorrow thank you know drop money. Tired so what are we would lead Iran and indeed it is primarily made from white. Hi I I would always writes no honey honey. Yet to honey wine coalition as it basis honey it's super sweet usually early fiction kind of nasty and I don't mean okay. Tedium and another vikings blood that sounds good I I've heard a lot of people say they love it. And does vikings had no immediate to need. Is it ran a red meat. And I just tastes like vikings not to touch so I know what he's a taste like honey okay well not only army made books. Oh yes yeah that's what I was thinking was do you mean like that and notebooks and composition. I'll. A private school what are like screen you know these other weird paper may go I don't know okay I'll just let me. It's right or anecdotal that black and white yeah yeah I mean I mean you yes you can see it as okay. Because I don't know I deal with it without them you. Mean it's a honey wind you never yeah I'd say it CF OJ Kwan insulates it's a liquor is alcohol alcohol based whiny drink yeah never had it. Yeah I never die if we had immediate composition notebook obviously now that makes a lot more sense and I it's as workers out expect. Iowa City would you fight this is teen chapel Cecily nay moo alone Vatican City Ali Abdullah. This a city called Vatican City. Well while I did not realize it is tied airlines and girls are pretty yeah. One that you miss too bad that Adam got correct in the Disney's jungle book walls raised Mobley. I. Yeah I don't have time I don't pretend graduates of the Steve you went with six current cars are checking out battle of 0114 and emerald queen casino collar 6206421. Rock color number six. Just like that it's done buddy all right so. I don't know if you seen this new Christmas trend. It is a special thing called the reindeer boobs. No I've missed on this one it's all over is to Graham okay. I and basically it's the it's a different take on the ugly sweater. Where basically women are cutting holes in your sweater where their breasts would be silly to drop the boo about then decorate the boom like a reindeer putting cameras on their eyes over the aerial and that way and then the pasty on the no basically for the knows more women need to do this yeah I beautiful it's a wonderful thing I'm looking at some of these together pretty amazing now I like that is it cute. PS oddly sexy thing I've seen to someone who Wear low cut tops in the news went basically just drop the top over one of their press spot I like coming hundred giants England look gap I let the moment and actually cut the holes and I in the Christmas sweater and and really decorated nicely membrane and circled the hole. Well with our garlic yes that looks very nice. And then those Google guys so when you bounce to prove it to Google's Yahoo! I think it's a great idea did I grew old and I also thought of us to do yeah it'd. Yeah look at the guys guys don't do this it's not excuse not clever now it's hot who once called a snowman. But I see that hello yeah our own on her breath tickled to. Tennessee and I'm off of that cash did frosty. Yeah but but but that's the guys are based on what's going on locally it's trustee where she is yeah. Yeah we have to his guns well you know because he got to have a charity and other than than knows the Karen knows you haven't yet. I like this idea I have yet to see anybody do it live let's do lies you think I've only seen pictures. So idea. And got new survey by the other reveals some people would pay big bucks to have a stress free holidays. For example for an option some say they would part with a 158 bucks if demand you can tip CA keep spending. I should say could skip spending the holidays with your in laws. You tell her Dave Bush to skip that. Guy like my in laws some OK without one yeah you're right you do like you really think they've put a nice thing now cool they have good food. Theories have we have a sipping on some ya. I feel like that I would be if Sarah Jo got married I think I'd be the Muslim people and pay a yes can't do we had Johnny condoms is not gonna wanna have you over. So that's going to be is your name on it is is you name yes see he's got his boyfriend is now Johnny time consuming I can bubble that was gonna even further you know him not want this and holidays perfect I think on John condoms on lead. Americans also would say how about this. Steve I think you've paid more. They pay a 152 box on average to guarantee that no politics talk will be happening the holiday table try it this year. I don't think it's possible I mean last year and this year I of these anyway you know avoided everybody wants to do this it always comes up it even if his brief. And I always as soon as it starts I'm like crazy alcoholics and yeah on this house consensus don't wanna hear it had no interest in having a political conversation here's a shocker we get that if you're Republican you like the guy in the White House in if you Democrat. You don't we get this we don't need any more conversation we did wrong. Yeah I gave me. Do you think you to come to the table and all of a sudden while I didn't realize that Republicans like the president really thank you for letting me off your Democrat you don't want to present. That was the case. So god bless. The united church that's so I goes how recent maximum as a member body. By the way. I think that what's really sad is that we made fun of presidents for how long and our lives right. You. Uncle moves so you played these drugs to be imprisoned sounds. Oh and I'm like all yeah I've I've never done that before it's just how wide and I I can't they give a time they've ever made permanent president and use our drops are made bad choices death. I got high. Now everything that we never did that to President Bush either that we never Denny's stuff for him. Yet and him did you Fuzzy math to him you know it's just funny how people if you got blinders on both sides have you applied that's why that's why it's like any idea realize that yeah we get it now at all all of yeah I we quickly get it man we don't need you death. We know we made fun everybody we don't care many MM more maybe more than more rural parts. Now that's the only thing that I really disagree with the last president he's musical worlds well built and made a mistake it's Johnny robbers not Johnny condoms. Oh Johnny rubberized thank you techsters are already forgotten whose name is new name is condoms. To listen to your daughter's boyfriend does not going to be Johnny Roberts is much better analysts. I'm like Johnny condoms better now I don't know what I'd like to call you know not having him make game I want to KL MIA I think that is so far he's willing to take Sarah my hands on this turmoil. Madani Jimmy act. Honey Jimmie that does a nice ring to it it's it's got that'll iteration Morgan Johnny Robertson and Graham I think thanks I'm going you know I think it's important you take notes about the big things in your life. I've notes that sort of forgot also I note that reminds me that the numbers 3664. On your phone spells out the wrong place. That the auto Yoko means Hawaiian we'd. And now Johnny Roberts isn't the only three notes I have my little box ran out of space for new social suck obviously huge there I don't know how do you believe and live how do you get anywhere. These are the big notes you keep Iowa I don't know what it means an emergence as penis in this. I don't know what it means I wrote eighteen dismiss the why would you know what I'm. Oh why don't know why you wrote that note to yourself penis hyping myths. I have no idea this list. Tierra sometimes look at the mirror and just wonder how you get along in life too I know how many years attack. Because everything. Feel good about my return results later than that. You should pay we have a special guest coming up. He's a bit less comedy club the Johnnie Roberts Johnny robbers no it's not Johnny robbers it's her but Andrew rivers he joins us at 917. Learn on Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. I've played night day. I had coming in Iraq on Seattle being demoted setup my next guest on bread home he's hit balls for John Ryan. Until once is enough things that he's welcome to the show Andrew rivers so low hey hey hey remember me on appreciate it. Yeah dude I you know let's get the CIA is saying it's funny because you know it's the holiday season. This you from here are so you like it's always fun to see the dues like you were on the road for later this billion busier right so once I moral and they don't come home in -- yeah and now I used to be an excuse to visit my parents but now they don't even live here so. And Marta and AJ morning on the high you know it's and you know since the Oslo CC just sexy side of your father here you try to wanna hear that no one knew DJ in case chances are so. That's your conceive her dad's voice somewhere in the vicinity okay yeah I know is a great feeling Palin that's it that's great thank you yeah I do not know and I learned what his dad sounds like in the moment you're at minus sixty bothers him on how they interviewed someone like this and that unmarked and each day. Oh man headache did get a suites are just like one and asks itself well it's been great show. Just this weekend last comedy club yet did everything right and Saturdays and Seattle is 10 o'clock show he's fine yeah you want it to a less comedy club dot com. Of course he had was it hasn't run up of course I love the story about because you Bob river's course different migrate radio guy here in town. You don't have to lie yeah yeah. He's a guy and I AS all right but he he said that he would do is leaving the business so you've spent mornings I just grandchildren and many moves across the country generated. A lot of. Say thank god I wanna be near my children like I'm gonna go out there and didn't get the hell on damaged well it's funny because you can't escape they work free Internet. I don't but I mean you got another room for them still listening punched you if you punch me in the other room ya what I don't know what I would my guys are just decided to take SY LHR. In this settlement money I'll make some cash hit. What was the reason for a did you say I don't even know the reason was I was having ties to a decision remember and other men say you know I I don't know I might might and I think she meant to not hit him but then her instincts took over here there's deep dvd series yeah. Yes she decided you know what I'm with what's going on this country you need to be slapped somebody needs to be slapped I'm gonna do we have yet I don't. As you win to Europe recently and comedy which sounds crazy yeah. And good the whole back story is even more desperate for me I'm thinking how does a European crowd react to an American comics you know it's funny is like I was worried they wouldn't even understands. The language is like yeah we're in Berlin inflate Enron's ordering in Germany and I don't know oh like that's their first language you know. So that any companies not like. Whereas the bathroom you know there's like complex sarcasm more like. You know so but it was great they were there are wonderful and it was so fun to order around exploring and it really mainly heat. Remember like what they needed I was growing up because I took two years of German in high school and I didn't. I couldn't remember one word ha we just like I pass the classes like I ties saying a classroom for two years. And I couldn't remember a single word to Ahmed a lot of effort. To not even accidentally remember anything from glass. Why isn't maybe even like you reunion you know you multiplication table as you can speak a little in the why is it when it comes to foreign language he teaches all. Make you spend that time and you're right none of this knowing you and I I was an honor student mechanic and nothing know what other subject but Spanish yeah I yeah dominated Spanish in high school like to poor people wanted to cheat on me. Do you offer me and as I was so good at whatever it was and Jesse Sanchez all I don't know when he says he only knows where's the bathroom EO our lives albino bat. Well that's important thing didn't know if you know where I don't go to NASCAR kind of on the golf that's what it would not let stuff go oh well at least he can ask where the battle isn't talking about you know solid play your gonna need it it's a solar so does it. How is some even think you gonna go do comedy and your body I would think while they're like you said the cultural barriers the language barriers I mean even if you try to do calling England. I I just know that sometimes a watching Harry Potter Rangel I don't know Italian but toss well like even the English which even in the UK and like Scotland I couldn't understand they speak English. It's a different. Actually you know like I was like child I people that come to reactors shows and I would just start nodding along. Like I had no idea what they're saying I just assumed there lake Mary Joseph or Mike that's awesome. Yeah they're good men like we hate you and Mike that's fantastic gum okay are gonna. Because I like apartheid time once uncharted decipher. What they're actually saying and the other half at a time. I'm laughing because it sounds so funny like it sounds like fat bastard you don't. They aren't sexy in and I thought that was like a fake accent I thought they were like playing that out further movies and I'm like this you actually talk that is crazy. You I know you don't you don't really don't know laugh at somebody's ax again that's kind of what we've done our entire lives in America we just left and everybody else is accents right and so I think I just kind of tried to talk slow working out lately if I can't understand and they can't understand me. But they were totally like yea you're fired we're not worried about it like. If it did this make you feel dumb realizing wow they can understand me and this is not differs like right exactly that's what I wish like I feel like my dad let me down I wish she would elect. You know called me assists zero look like if he wanted to just called me opposing a couple top tens. I would have been in the NFL the united mean I'll assume I don't know if you backhand yes are you and I just the end motivation yeah it's theoretically right -- be happy your generation did not get treated as badly as our general and end and they so that therefore do not mean I don't even think about that like I have a job where people pay -- makes fun of my dad and there's no I have no fear is that you know Whitney would have dealt its -- like a -- can't do anything about -- than I ever heard of football player when they're like hey congratulations you won this immunity MVP -- -- -- day there was no I don't think god elevated my mommy because she didn't win the belt -- everything thanks to dad telling me what -- a million times that's really underrated part of -- NFL experience I really should because somebody you know somebody who's really really good at something -- something it's really hard to do they have somebody -- -- -- -- somewhere down -- -- and you know in the entertainment business they -- them they're really good -- have issues right. Well thank you I and I hope that's about me yeah well heck yeah I've seen Iraq I know that you have a lot of cash elevation a trouble in paradise time that I would I mean that's the whole idea like this find someone else to blame for Britain. That's well I think that's that's that's the American why why take personal responsibility when it can be someone else's yeah I see now you've got to see I'm onto something here on disciplinary motivational Wednesday's slid into rivers and by the way if you ever rivers if you haven't seen hander actually honestly. I don't know how Bob produced this kid must be must be his mama give monastery on all the good stuff cable ransacked her affair and he says it's not what your mom anatomy and yeah if she will Whitney went about it's -- your mom your mom is sitting you know before there was Bruce Banner in the hard man your mama you're my man my mom is this is funny she hit she's got arthritis in her middle finger next hole yeah people finally today comes from overuse path that. I. Probably my fault now. She's she is that the she's a wonderful person. So painful and how they got it's she's. I hope they're listening I love you yeah does that hurt you're gonna be coming home for daring to ask you can you want to survive that's gonna be at this show going like that are you talking about in hindsight that's our last comedy club Seattle this Friday and Saturday to show C 10 o'clock go to last comical dot com to see Andrew. I can also do want tweet Andrew. That's a red I know we talked a lot about your I knew. Played him once on doing my share I can't be a series of don't clear day job and dime until tonight I'm sorry maybe I just saying thank you resides on Ryan yes but since then you've had some very fun once I really do enjoy sanctuaries where sites. With magicians with. Sight gags I learned immune magic tricks I tried being homeless because you know comedy he's one step away. And a half sites out there are corner where the sign that was like that actually homeless and just led it. I my comedy Celia. And in an hour and a half I made seven dollar here's the seven dollar all how much is a comedy so euphoric and five guy couldn't help him. Yeah one week yet yeah you know I give you know I well actually was like someone recognized me and they are just like here just take the money it's so sad husband and click OK Paul that's awesome and yeah you know seven dollars is good money for a for bubble how well home now it's I don't know how you're I don't you've got to look more miserable here I mean. I think I looks to well put together etc. they all yell is guys too good looking guy and great for a gags is that you look sad and depressed. And I I do I can almost no quick there's no doubt about it because I do I it's funny he brings up I'll see some. I don't man little like they got their life together I don't believe they're almost half. I mean I hate the guy you're iPhoto and there and I had they they they look like they just have too much going forma basis like those close look rowdy enough you really did because we hear stories I already own scandalous anyway right. You know and then they drive they know they walked back to their viewers and drive home all the money they just made him and the New York Jimmy from Sony music yeah it is pretty bad I thought of I was offering something of value that people would get. Appreciate it but it turns out it it it wasn't anything of value as well just my CV I don't know if that's a commentary on what you're gonna let you go belly about it because I filling a CD should be you know net of it's worth something what was the hardest one note well what vocation was the toughest one for you do when you during the series I mean. All of them I mean the the ox obviously the boxing one I had some physical limitations. You know because I. You know I haven't had a lot of experience taking punches since high school. And yeah ha ha some of them has a little out of practice on merit and he hits a lot harder than. And he would like tech media guy who has like 10% and Mike how are eleven let's talk eight. How do you know yeah see that sucks when you win the somebody does that good. And they they're really home and I would like yours I like and he would just let me hit who has been out like I would just vacuum in a corner and he Baghdad just do every why and that wouldn't. And you might say why did you know not enough and so did in my head and it's from the instant movie I. Yeah hit me as hard as you want I'm OK with that and then I ended up hurting my own hand you know how my alma. I don't horrified anymore guys can't we just make out. While that's the good that that that sucks man when you realized is these guys are on another level yeah you can't hurt them right and they're scared 10% well you just just appreciate other people's jobs and wit and what they have to you know like. Like we don't have to work for a living you know and so you don't I appreciate other people that they do because I don't I mean last time I was up this early I. Just didn't go to swished so. It's trying to lessen your your guests probably eke out yeah yeah that's very opposite ours which is are we do appreciate your coming in La gigs ram and I enter rivers and check out edit it's you blame her for Andrew. Hi so we're gonna say Andrew. Man do when you do this morning or just a twinkle in their that's so true it's really does artist has been talking to you like an adult like this because I mean I remember units on the reform and answer bizarre I mean. No one talks may I got adult anymore so maybe I really appreciate the respect you show. Check out Energen rivers. It's Friday night Saturday night last comical in Seattle 2 shows a 10 o'clock and that's last comedy club dot com. And we appreciate your buddy thanks man people didn't treat me for a couple free tickets to give out too soft on nightstand that that's between at adds it's at Andrew. 206421. Rock Texas 77999. We got your calls we get to Texas I'm 35. On Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Nine point nine KIS and Iraq have Seattle's listeners on the loose drive by Travis Gagne. This is on the loose where you pick the topics you guys to show it to post six point 21 rock. You can also Texas 77999. Talk about what you want but remember when you do the talk in Steve's got a rule it's a simple one begins to show semantic game right. And then say goodbye borrowings and suffering yes that's like Russell Wilson says it's summertime maybe some of click the edit them out plan and we want you have played more likely to play against the Eagles okay now like Jack works. Sponsors takes enough TV Logitech C about the rock and roll hall of fame induction switched announced what we think about the one person today Bon Jovi is going to Iraq are all fame but no Rage Against The Machine. WT apps yeah. A man is good it's a matter of time it better be yeah it's a matter of time come. But you know yeah I it's hard to argue with these guys Bon Jovi they're in there I'm happy about that one the Karzai is favorite and I don't like most of their stuff but they have. Such an important part of music history especially with the metal hair metal error I agree with you saw I'm fine with I everything you said and I might prevent either but I agree with you the cars are one of my favorite bands I do believe they belong in there. I've been and maybe because I just fall the men and know they were the bridge between new wave and rock sound that fuse two things together and then they ended up having a lot of hits that we're almost like dance like its semi there's a dog crappy bands that BJ like swingman yes basically that's how okay. I love the cars are awesome yeah I mean. Yeah I mean the cars definitely do you know they. Yeah and they deserve to be their dire straits which again this is not just about rock and roll. You know they bear a jazz band really that they're dead dead hence this fused jazz with rocket fewer data rock hit the army can't you can't deny the money for them to the particular free zones the FBI they dated I love that band so I'm happy there and in the Moody Blues yeah articles search sex but I always think it's I think we've found I was chicks. Six guys and girls like Bloomberg stressed that I thought I tell you I I thought 'cause I was Jarvis checks which exceeded I think we did in fact. Last time we talked about them yet chicks for free so I always says Jackson and blew my mind Mike are you telling me even singing that song wrong this whole time it turns on them and somebody told me that and and it turns out they were on about missing it right all right. Hala also I'm Nina Simone who I have no idea who she is. None is that the buffalo danced check. No that's something else I don't know Nina Simone is that sit and I think there. Iraq is that this. Terms of old school and we have yet suggesting area okay yeah well I guess she must and really get a good putter buffalo stand soft. Of course Chris is running casinos military. New missionary edit I purchased that's cool. Missing out this year were eligible nominees Depeche Mode which she did you know pisses off from my name Brandon but. Yeah I'm sure they'll get there someday you read makes. I still don't understand why they're nominated. To be remiss they I think they're just is warranted as. Dire straits and the cars are and I'm not a fan I hit I I am not a tornado recruits and all I don't know what C I don't know what they've done except through these three and then I made there's one more they did it. Oh here comes the rain again that's it Bret I don't know what they did people who citizen about the cars in dire straight houses cars had a lot of hits and they had a lot more albums that I know of them then do you rednecks are Vicky name a couple of car songs. Post I have read him a couple Karsums he's he's in that demo didn't do cars. Now that was Gary Newman Al balancing a winning airman and every rep could crank out with a big hits at the rim makes it. Yeah I mean sweet dreams here comes the rain again love is a stranger this is something I can if I said the car and I said you guys know the car songs you just forgot about them I don't you know I mean I am at my best friend's girl shake it up oh you know can't EO I need you so you know what you re. No that was modern in this I'm sorry I think the car's first album is big it's just the first double I'll close my doors off anything you riddance ever did in my opinion of course this is all engines but and I like the car I think they deserve to be the rocker hall of fame but I think with the same mentality I also understand why the your written makes deserved to be in the all things well and I here's gonna say I am very ignorant Timothy remix of Don because I I don't recognize in the same way you do but I don't know any about gotcha. I. The envoy you know you can almost I mean -- good band but I feel like the cars and that makes I think they deserve to be in their mourn. They bring OJ gal song I'm I was never Sanjay jas and internationalism centerfold yeah OK I'll actually do but that's that is one of their songs yeah love stinks appreciate and you know love stakes at La. Oh stakes for it yet. Judas Priest what I don't understand that they should be and I think that's Owens and an inevitable one LL cool. James stadium to see school. Ladies love him you know I don't know much what MC 50 god Shaq got the jams okay well I'm not gonna say garage rock. Thai inspired so many bands Radiohead of course and get in there which I know someday that'll happen and like we said the last one to meet him but they will get enraged. Induction ceremony takes place in April 14. Yeah of course that it'll be fun to watch summit. You know host an event that didn't make it and I'd rather see perform live at the induction ceremony. In the Benson did make it in but it's still cool that Bon Jovi he's going to all think I'm gonna have this conversation by the way I hope yet for you Richie Sambora Jon Bon Jovi back together again. I helps at all. But I got to talk to her cover some anybody remains as I am I wanna know why I'm not dissing the band I just completely ignorant to why they are hall of fame where they. Com and and then some old some someday. Our here's a question for you what are the traits that will make you live longer because you want unless I do here is mixed clearly thought that it okay well ladies I'll. That's why their hall of Famer. I'll tell you these tricks at 949. On Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. That's quite nice AIW. Iraq yup Seattle. I hear the five traits that will make you live longer. Includes men here's what this man there's a five traits include. Two main words positive thing and stubborn yes which of course I I'm the epitome of both Paul. 01 for sure yeah you're right I am very positive and I mean. People have noticed that I can be stubborn must know I've got to implement. Yes and that's number 10 as positive but stubborn person refused to do things that people ask you do we do with a smile on your face is that good a guy that's evidence Chernoff. I did the stubborn as community college students who would have missed sir maybe persistence perseverance. OK but you gotta be positive yet be optimistic that's what gets you through life doing the long. Because they studied a bunch of people who were at least ninety years old and missed. Is that they somehow forget he's the Trace these folks had. Also a strong work ethics are usually it's oh yeah. Says you. Living a rural life and loving it is throughout rural anymore I mean used to be but I don't think it ever I think it's still kind of go down horses thanks. She is still I don't get it I mean I'm too close. The city I know I'm not rural it's. Tell them if we're ever based on this a strong connection with your family and religion I don't have religion and my wife lives in California could you don't know your Brothers middle name BJ you're gonna die tomorrow. Guess they thought there she is in for a big castle she's got the twelve back. He made some. Good news is that you know what Mickey could be Duma would even itself. Now that's the one thing I promised myself I won't do what my parents are alive or any kind of torn home plus the good news as a young man because I didn't teach. It's about Vijay made exactly why we unite about the only exception was a lot better than I was ten years young I know you don't do that now. Yeah yeah all the guys really annoys. And made some mornings and on the rock. I'm 49 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do churned back taxes under certain circumstances some types of taxes are never discharge a bow like if you haven't. Taxes from an employee if you have a business in the UK employee taxes. Our sales guys are so special taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. However most people don't have those kind of taxes on those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you found in actual terms we just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you file the tax returns and those types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. In most circumstances especially during chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapters dot com. Thanks for listening.