BJ & MIGS podcast 12-14-17-6A: BJ gets Dominique the Donkey rolled.

Thursday, December 14th

News and sports. Today is National Chestnuts day. A man set fire to a strip club because his girlfriend wouldn’t stop stripping.


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I right now man we need some good news you need a big surprise and Eddie bettors who won it did of course. How he acts yeah how about any of course you don't from Pearl Jam he surprised Pearl Jam fans yesterday because he released a solo record. And I know what bands do their artists or bands whoever does is because sometimes of just throw it out there did you know Lee can show you need to have it all Preston on let's look under the great surprise to their fans GAAP. Tossed this is called one man that wouldn't you. And if features Eddie covering this classic song. On ukulele. Do you. Yeah yeah. Things. It's common. Even if I don't attorney general. Great song I hate it. Hey never sounded better as sounds really really during this has feminine but that's pretty awesome it's early days. That's really that's really great this thank you for them. And thank you Adam he yeah we did that every job every version and Dominique the donkey. Itself knows anymore. He knew. Yeah yeah yeah. I wish Adam very very diarrhea Christmas music or some sort of woke up early today I don't you know don't work I'm hoping you'll donkey punch BJ yeah that's really this. And CBI dot coupons that's greats are brought me that's really good hope you all have a wonderful. One man with a view Qaeda members here. Now. I hate us so much now I hate it more than the people that hated. How safe impossible the it's emanating do you need any better and having heard you dominate today's hate that song so much gossip. Graham my hero my reindeer used to be the one that everybody hates this Dominik saw I hate so much in this lady by the name a lot Kathy hatch performing that version I can't say I really thought that was just a guy and high pitched well. Right there yeah I don't you said that she's feminine I was like I'd just I was I pitched no it's a woman guy here that again I we just the woman. Yeah. Even here AT&T yeah yeah yeah now OK I guess. That dynamite or anything I mean but that was because I heard it I go Jesus does not some eye candy housing got a voice that how great would have if any eventually that's covered Dominique the donkey how do we get him to do that. We asked Mike the best thing you can do is ask Duff to cover Donna Donahue is at least you know Duff. The only almighty. Am I can ask him yeah yeah I think Duff is the only guy that you know royalty I mean we know might but I don't think I mean led Mike is is a friend of the show but -- is like a guy that you and I think you could ask him he might do a Mike would look at this and go what is wrong with you yeah I think see you next time Amman. Beantown but that yeah Jimmy does does he know he's been he's caught he's told jokes on the show he's done nicely you know he's a little bit more of a body not that we don't like Mike McCready but you know. I don't think we know Mike is wells we know stuff how about this so you don't listen Chris Jericho and wrestler in the podcast Pataki's Jericho and now he has a featuring a show called Duffy MacKay huge joke of the week. And it doesn't really determined to die for home east as they come please have a voicemail with one of his jokes he plays on his podcast and how about it started all here. What that that in stomach Dominic. One person takes that many mixed emotions right now I was really bummed that it wasn't any better song but I'm so happy was Dominik. I says did you feel your pain that song sucks so much. And key area. And I still do not believe it's as good as his other hip and I love that you know the Italian mouse to tell him how yeah that was to me a much better song this dominant thing I think this is pandering to the Christmas audience. And that what I and that I can take. I will give you credit because every time you make it sound like there's something real about to happen. I know I was wondering if this when you're gonna beyond I don't know why I really think Eddy Meyer is special news I heard the fro like a Christmas ukulele thing yeah I thought well it sounds Christmas see this is what what I am not like calling a one man with this view is that a little too much of a stupid name and an album. One man and his you can yeah he bettors newest release. And I only thought it was a single release of vita believed it was an album my might have been suspicious dragnet there was news coverage on Christmas soccer if only that would. Dow would lead you think that it was gonna die you got me tell you know you got to mean we're hoping even when I everywhere talking about that earlier I really hope we false of this death thanks pal again. Yeah. Yeah. I guess maybe I got an important question okay and assassins that is why aids. Why would a man drives. Set a strip club on fire what held you. People tell you realize that this is where it's 617. On Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Let me nine point nine KI NSW the rock of Seattle well he's no Pulitzer Prize winner. Well yeah any member announced bullet so this is news with Steve makes. Well thanks guys thanks Amanda doesn't pass them for giving us. News and sports and happy it's true successor next day. They're ready for the holidays and rest roasted nuts roast you're not Steve please please do well one person enough. Could reverse some not some outside of the strip club is this guy by the name of Cleo chance mission. I think he's from Virginia he's 21 years old and apparently he's dating a stripper. And he's not happy with the fact that she wants to continue to spread. So he figured the best way to handle this. They set fire to the strip club post your. Column you've taken into custody may say why did you trying to do this he said. That he was they said he was excited when you said this since he was tired of his girlfriend working at JB's gentlemen's club did you shave these. It was a reverse that we all different. Yeah I mean Michael yeah. So he set it on fire. I got arrested of course side the front door and they're deciding were damaged but inside. It was hot for different reasons exactly that's the CC should use I can't believe this guy and maybe you shouldn't gave her. Instead rescued from a guy goes in things all I can rescue her I'll be you know be Richard Gere pretty woman out get this done no need to go to college anymore. Back exactly he would say more on guys who think I'll I'll save you site there you can't say no make tons of Fillmore new. Well and he's now got it's right under their official money that you become stale for like 101000 dollars yet he should. Did react to some TNT just put out the video of Seattle Seahawks on top draft pick defensive tackle Molly McDowell hasn't played a game yet for the CR knows he's looking like even more and in all its awesome. So you know if you haven't heard he was arrested in in Saint Louis I believe we'll. And snow and Atlanta sorry. 21 years old he got into an altercation outside of a club. Top cops were called to the CBC news rooftop under the influence of alcohol he went ballistic on the officers cursed him out. Calling on the female officer a bitch I being accused of planting evidence on him. It and it's just insane this audio and if it takes part in three different places so. This first play if it's him outside the club getting arrested when he has to find things to say to the female police officer. That's what we've yeah. Oh my god yeah you can upload the big outfits aren't really blood you've you can multiply killer you'll chocolate I can't. Boy who usually get. Yeah us. Now when you. What a free Canadians apparently didn't notice probably frowned upon in the gulf. Police officer a bit slow suffering and in years on this situation has targeted a male officer hey easy. If there had been down now while there pat them down and check in his pockets yes money did some kind of practice some things. Bob because yeah I guess up even more entertaining with Molly McDowell. Citi's reportedly men and the politics isn't real it's about god or your mom. Okay come on you know a lot of good complex mix right now Hillman. Didn't have the money you're making it didn't really try you never got a lot of okay. My OK when Tom Ricks yeah she's yeah. Nothing consciously pick yes he makes some good sound drugs but boy I am disliking this kid a lot about my ex. That's why you don't like ammonia come idea you financially secure gum almighty and amazed true complex. I'm sorry bitch in this particular instance I still don't like him let's head on into the police car. Right now he's driving to the police station he's on the back of the car and says that more conversations with a guy about how great CA. Yeah I just think that's a ballet. I think the women. Yeah I think that's a bad way think crying and the million dollars okay. And then I wouldn't Wear. It's okay that we get paid on loan didn't. You can go to Seattle and call everybody you want a big big thing he could pay taxes in the city Michigan and it's. Okay you can believe in that police officers do like a podcast together at that police officer rock to do and I love that dude. I really know what plus they betray. Complex mix I know he wanted to do podcast downloaded to a trade OK we'll trade in the league for the police officer. Because I think we're gonna get the best and that deal I don't think he's gonna do any of the hawks and that cough is awesome. Got a million dollars yeah. He's users are so he says he's made a million dollars in tax automobiles there's a million dollar and I am badly and I as fast guys have like to know three million may benefit million dollar and accidental mix. I'm thinking hybrid and it's not over yet because I don't know there's no. Let's head over to the police station home now is talk in some different officers and yes some very valid questions. That game or disorderly conduct that's what all of us that there are so Paula she's very. It is not safe. It's. Why do what makes him so she will. So I come that's what. He doesn't sound that drunk or that high as a result Irving to me is he sounds like he's going and a third. Read her diversity had viewed on the influence but you're right doesn't sound very drunk yeah he may have been only may have been drug at some point quickly you he sounds of cool too little Harris and me from Kuwait. Financial responsibility good complex mix you have boy oh boy as this sounds like he's just a delightful sells well he issued an apology. Bias. They put out a post up on because Twitter via when his Twitter account. Saying quote I am embarrassed by the situation in my actions on Saturday I would like to apologize to the Atlanta police department. The lounge that covers that entire Seahawks organization and my teammates on the young man who made a mistake and I'm constantly working towards getting better. Yes come play its hand down last line. Replied I think I'm a young man and another award young man he's not lying it's a mitigated apologies like I'm a stupid guy with some young writes a gimme a break. Just apologize and shut out. That's of course on the pitch that's talking and complex. I get a I was a physical and supposed to yes I nobody has yet flat. I guess I don't know that's the right time to be using then yes that's I still want that top college that's in the Lenicov first Seattle football player that's a hell of a fairly remote. Kerry can vote and have them live together. I can odd couple kind of a situation would be I will be entertaining video right it would be entertaining some will and entertain that offer I am willing to entertain them. It's this place. All right let's I wanna Seattle sports star that is on the good end of things and that's Edgar Martinez do you remember our tires and gas currently there hitting coach get a career it's 312 batting average. The incredible baseball player to OF yeah how offended you should be in the hall case he's not the halted because the designated hitter pretty much in flood people are not happy about that but it could be. I don't know it's going to be this year we've got two years left to make it in just two years of eligibility. And right now things are looking very good form it's still early in the devoting glad apparently. He's got 82 point 6% of the baseball writers' votes saying yes he should be in the hall of fame. Which would be enough for him to get into all 875%. Of the ballots but of course only a small percentage of currently turned in their ballots. Glad a lot in the guise of being pulled from last year potent form this year so hopefully that trend continues and maybe this is the year that has got to happen. Crude into the hall things it's got to happen because they're gonna put David Ortiz in the hall of fame and if you put him in the hall of fame. And and then of course cars have gone and you can't be eligible anymore off that's a travesty and they're gonna put Ortiz in the hall of fame should they have to put guarded they put him in the hall came in not the guys that they need to designated hitter award after and all things that just seems insane if you're absolutely right. Yet another guy I'm with you Steve I think this year is the year I think there's that that's for telling that they've they're gonna do it this year fingers crossed an idealized of course they'll be caught you're going to halt came from one simple reason because it's it's that's exactly I mean this is what that was that's what he said after the Boston Marathon bombings did make. You're not gonna they can do this city wide because. You don't play it's that's like the area. Hi this weather wise 47 degrees and we have some some later. Nice well Lago bitch. Because it's so. I know listen on his head this off season let's not forget he's going to be Pete Carroll's biggest challenged his Pete likes to take troubled youth and you know I mean he did it would Marshawn Lynch granite Marchand wasn't as young but he took a guy that an attitude and ended up being no men make him a star out of them here and it worked. I wanna believe them leak it will be helpful to this team but I just feel I do you've done nothing in the NFL except embarrass yourself and act. And the the irresponsible with your recreational activity to the point to you couldn't play first this season Boyle we could've used him with all the problems we got was only injury yeah absolutely he's a top pick for the team yes so I am I. I am just so unimpressed with this kid but you know me I mean. She's and I am IMM I'm envious of block Ellis for him and yeah I do hate I mean he is 21 maybe I can give them the stupid kid past may be a little bit the guy he's. I I just I really don't want to reward the guy wanna set impact and in you know but somebody else have gotten maybe he should we wouldn't have a team there's a lot of trouble guys that toys have troubled pasts that have turned dad around Charlie writes I mean I edit thing it's a slippery slope when you start saying that you know I mean because they look at like let's put on the roster and they show these guys squeaky clean probably not lies and until then let's reveal squeaky clean that Warren Moon guy yeah costs. But he's the one thing we can all agree upon is that they are all my. That's what it's all about they go. And by the way don't give a shout out to Paul Moyer who did a great job filling in for Dave Wyman on Q thirteen says Seahawks game day I'll take a statewide who's doing the radio yeah it Steve able yeah and he did a great job. And I didn't get to hear I didn't get to hear anyone is evidence that I've heard some clips detective I going to see house website and you know and I am in an ocelot. As soon as the game ended I drove into Seattle you pretend to get a Christmas tree because that's what we do every year. He's got a Christmas tree. For Ted's apartment on different parts since the tradition yeah we know that has never go to the same place typically sees too drunk guys there's only street somewhere and it does have the good the cowardice area. But this time those guys weren't there is dead it's over guys selling to us it's always. This is point oh yeah we got him drunk and I'm getting help. The college so I join her is a little bit of him that are on the on the drive in Indy some great you know vitamins awesome. Way out EI I like Dave Wyman a lot so I mean that's a tough situation but if he gets to bonus for it as they think Paul Moore I've always liked Paul on the radio so. I thought he did a really good job on on Seahawks game napalm lawyer in and so that's who Obama get a chance to do something different and I think that's awesome hell yeah. Yeah I I don't know why they got that opportunity. So that's why both of them that they've told me that I mean they both said hey BJ you know you're not Nelly body. We're persons investor minimally we dollars in for Seattle is that sound bite yet that you're actually right now I hate jokes are just. At this point bought Brian Bosworth has done more Seattle might. So obviously we've these kids this kid is irritating the crap out of me only because we're so damn close. What team we give me maybe if this kid played. The conversations your time of the police officers tracked me out yeah I yeah I am and the cost man. If they were really composed maybe these guys in Atlanta and I know what it's like to be recorded in that they're just cool enough to know ought to be even though they got a belligerent idiot in their car. The the best part was when he was kind of down beliefs are screaming. They're Clinton something army they're planting something on his future is here that cop yeah laughing I know yeah actually no I'm just trying to check your pocket yeah we're just trying to make sure you know have some and then that makes you wonder like oh really believe what do you think they're gonna find it that you wanna say they're planning on god this is. Just awfully but like you said Grady SoundBite ever table for embryo report didn't Golden Tate Robert doughnut shop for when he was here in Seattle. Yes he did steal Myanmar from top pot doughnuts that was a misunderstanding golden thought they were free. You wipe out there were afraid at some points it is. He and frankly I mean golden committed more crimes on the field when you think about it I mean if this is yes can you packer fan. Art yesterday's Steve he got this one wrong what is the capital of Sweden Sweden cities now expects. Top. It's really easy to win. No. Dell Howard just you know. OK I did a great shot I forgot how much by the way who's not even sweet yeah but they still loved it anyway Tom people. The credits are looking for is Stockholm my friends. And that's a syndrome that Steve has well ice is not stuck home for me just say let's go I didn't get rights and we're here is like Stockholm syndrome I got through. Still don't like me that you're supposed to start liking me was stuck on some the slow bell man. The slow build did a year and a T. Joseph six what to Iraq that's remembered. He got a college if you wanna play beat me at 647. On there are. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy I have lots of tickets that I haven't. And those she's just charge through bankruptcy yes there are some limits I'm on what we can do it against. 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