BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-14-17-7A: Best That We Can Do 2017

Thursday, December 14th

Beat migs. Its The Best That We Can Do 2017! Did Ace bring a hooker to the radio convention? Facebook Drama with Craig Gass.


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We'll get together again with the Washington council of firefighters because we want to put those 1000 new coach on Pacific northwest kids that need it this holiday season. It's just 34 plus decades of brand new American made code on a child the needs one and as I said it goes all the kids in the Pacific northwest. And if you don't have the full 34 any bit of money helps support you don't have any cash and right now but there how about your social network share with your friends maybe they can help out. All the info how you can donate to go to KI SW dot com. And now. No Madonna at her now Florida Thursday. And I don't Friday night must. My pride day now. Specially made for me outside yeah oh what's that today is this story Thursday maybe folks and tonight on CNN tonight gold mine back then that's just night at 7 PM yeah. I got to stand in line I haven't stood in line for a movie for the longest time but I have to go and I tied my student line for movie it was episode one at the sinner rom out what he she eighteen years ago. Knew it was rocky for my mom took me to see it really think yeah why I call him my I don't remember how I mean hello we have I don't know I don't think I've stayed I've I've been airline ever for a movie since I was a kid episode episode six. Return that you and I I was in Lima in my life. Yeah I feel like a reserve C. No this no app out for this yeah now after the or they don't have reserved seats for the first showing at this theater they have from the late the next one of the the first one it's first come first serve or they just wanna see chaos yes absolutely. I. It's. Oh sold out. Who embodies that hey we're told you guys we want from her again and there's no sorry bro it's sold out. And series you guys earlier realized her mad race to get the best seats while his seeded here yet I can you comment on what I'm good to see on the end because run. We re even the end of the price five is not the middle at the end that's not saying heroes who want the middle fur right and so I feel like the end I'll be able to get the end how much earlier you know show up for this 6 o'clock when he is now currently. Who met and I can Arianna how do you know I cut it nearly an hour before the movie no no this movie I don't now for the premiere yap are leaving now really every hour is how I'd say at least while yeah yeah we should probably just cut the show off right now is no I don't think Vicki seriously I know he's hesitating yeah that's really ours is a lot so it's we would do sorry VW exude the dark night and we were in line at 6 o'clock for a midnight showing and we were. Sixteenth in line. And this is a bigger movies in the dark and re going list. Not gonna say I want him and knows I want to -- one plan how a lot of good as they get someone out there before he this the F float your friend a few extra bucks is an Al all my motto when you show up earlier and I mean I'll lose he says also up and be an hour mark he says that 6 o'clock should be fine where we're gone. That's what he said he was in the very front row and I can't do that at creative and I hope he's not screw miss on this deal is going to be great I that you guys are gonna be screwed I'm gonna have to talk to the sky and see if maybe we got to make a move. And I think you should man and I at least go hour and a half yeah yeah hour and a half not a like three out of it and elevate three hours three hours before Star Wars and is now that's a long senile now I wanna go tiger go three hour now I have taken us a line and a three hours is not worth to you that's not or are professional lines senators who will sit line for you here. Yeah Qaeda and their hope that reason is there's already people online viewer too late. I believe that taxpayer yeah I don't know you'll really in line may now you think deceased are worse problems legally the first showing. Well 17 am yes 7 PMI has somebody's lying now. While I wouldn't be surprised. People can't tell for the other ones. And I your right people did care about like weeks league's national camping gear and everything this is if you're waiting in line right now for Star Wars please call us yes and no stuff. I don't we have an annual to stop the BJ but that's next question. How are contested today we've got Troy dig in on Steve Troy area there's sir. Storing guns guys throw to Eric drink how long do you think obviously get every hourly. Depend on here. I'll probably get her two hours two hours or you don't hassle out of time to stand in line. While bringing water how bad you want the thing I almost went off I want their dad bring a fully Chamblee boarding up all the the forces are no doubt about it he's not gonna get and suspect that I'll get in again that and see that might get that and see his front row for a NC it would commit now well they're listening get that I suppose to some necks stretch is a free going to look I don't know really what's Troy played for today's Steve BJ's tickets to start. It's. How apparently it's got Jeff Ross and David tell over the more theater on Friday may eighteenth. Good KI SW dot com for all the details UNC got Jeff Ross David tell you get your tickets now a team master dot com Aristide that they. Played notre well as sixty seconds to answer ten questions strikes you Grassley want but you'll only get three guesses for questions are you ready. Where it 1897. Which novel by brands so. There was released from. It's not so yes how many years earnings quarter century experts. Please us yes the classic film the greatest Steve dissent during which Warren act. Warlords do you asked what color is the tricks logo on the box of cereal it's glad to know. We'll know its form now are how many centimeters are in one kilometer. A hundred no list. But Allen's now. And I don't know on the sitcom friends which character is a shaft. It's. Monica to ask what university is home to the fighting Irish. Florida and yes it's Judy Cox was the name of the protagonist in which animated movies. Judy Cox what's the name of the protagonist in which animated movies. Yeah which state is directly out of her. What surgeon naral. 12345. Corrects him do that he was looking puzzled man minimum we wanted to you know I got it I honestly got it I'll I'll hire and I say this is stuff I'm trying to think of all the movies that have a female protagonist tonight I think I would know this and I'd I'd something's coming in my I'm pretty sure Steve won't get it you. Say hello James he might make him a lucky again yes doesn't really insanely lucky guess that's why I feel kinds. But I mean you know he has surprises before shoes are you ready. They are too nice for. 81897. Which novel by brand. Stoker was released and Frankenstein and Dracula yeah as to how many years are any quarter century's. Towards 125 yes big classic film the great escape to sit during which war on the war of eighteen while no. World War II yet as to what how crazy tricks logo on the box of cereal bread now twice now. Split now how many centimeters are in one kilometer to. The thousands knelt talked millions now it's 101000 now so ugly sitcom friends which characters a shaft he's he's now. Marcy now are my feet with a mother named are Monica yet as to university is home to the fighting Irish times. The fighting Irish. No Golden Tate to know the order days yes it's Judy Cox was the name of the protagonist in which an animated movies. Is that a 101 dalmatians that it. Bambi know Canadian trance know which stage is directly sell the Virginia. Marilyn no 1 June 34 that. I could well earned it if I didn't think you would get this one but I'm happy it did body. You hang on the line retarded and I decided to. Tough ticket but I don't say Jeff Ross David tell us which was gonna go check out exactly and now we knew that well I knew that you wouldn't get Judy hops was the name of the protagonist which animated movie audiences didn't know this well. Finding Nemo no this utopia yes she was the bunny police officers utopia isn't a Disney movie yeah she's I thought that was so I'll say Disney. I sit enemy didn't move off OK it's one of those it's not Disney them impeach or was that a Knight could be around you have no idea I just knew it was in the people I don't know ideally though I'm there I lost a ninety year old niece and I loved it yeah max's I'm good now. Yeah they had Jason Bateman as one of the voices and Jennifer good land. His children looking up we have tickets visit think Danny doesn't know and that's why don't know what to do know that's kind of surprised I've never seen it I don't think it is though yeah might be like the Kung Fu panda company whoever is that's got Virginia miss those old yet remarks I think in my dream the color of the tricks well no it's green screen dynamics. How many centimeters are in a kilometer. Well it took me awhile do the math I think it's a 100000 yes good job yeah ha yeah because it kilometers a thousand meters and you know ten times that thousands. Or ten times whenever. I know I figured it out there right now I can't explain it we don't need to show your word don't worry for which state is directly south of Virginia I'd be guessing I don't know I really love dad tries guess of West Virginia now that's. That I south Virginia no no salvage any New Hampshire. New Hampshire. Yes that is not self defense I discriminate or New Hampshire is actually even north of New York which usually are at least nobody. Florida what's true is it guys sitting directly back now if no that's North Carolina Alaska got mad at Ohio at a cancer in order to actually yeah I would've guess one of the Carolinas I would and I would have been done if I didn't guess north to turn Brazil Puerto Rica always. Yes Steve it's Puerto Rico yet gotten me. Thank you NA as a super excited about the study is the Disney films utopia it yeah CA boom knows drama it is you know Terry and Disney cars is minor feature film Danny your wife now Disneyland yeah hope you enjoyed your last trip there and a dead boy that's a vendetta be a very underwhelming dismal because I don't remember it closes seem I mean is is in west side of previews and I think I thought it was DreamWorks Tuscany but even on my list. I'll are they don't well congratulations to Steve what nevermind you tied sorry to dry deck on dutrow little lob over your body ever try to hide. OK so all this week we've been looking back at what the best was that we can do for 2017. And well we've been going through all the cool segments we have the number one segment of the year you're gonna hear it. And into the final practice going to be do its number one it's awkward at. And expects. This is what was voted number one you'll hear a 717. On Iraq. In the case mornings. On the rock nanny nine point nine TI ESW. KI SW Iraq does Seattle and it is. The best that we can do for 2017. And in August we were just back from our radio convention O rights it's. I got this one of the greatest moments. And I are now all I feel badly about this because he's such a good dude yes we are back from our radio convention and this recap of what went down it turned out to be the number one that segments of the year I we have a quick update on the job that we're gonna talk to about whether or not. His date was indeed. A real big east is ready for who was platonic or if it was paid for alright I'm mr. X you are on the rock hello mr. acts. SAC okay. It flew within the grounds. Crew did a nice job of not telling her wanted to value unity and he's been schooled and well also it ought to because he. Just the thing you are mr. Erickson understands the beauty of ambushing somebody without them knowing. What might now to my defense mr. Rex I thought our fine our financial member Danny. What does told you what this is about but apparently he did not. He did not so you can get a BS do you this is probably not a bunch of guys but I'm game for its loan facility. So mr. X we saw you I mean as they were we saw you just days we knew people. My god I don't know Barrymore and I really because he I gotta tell he could have said no which is why I have ms. mister X because I didn't I you know is. I have a question for you you introduce us to very attractive woman the other day you remember that day. Absolutely yeah I. And if I remember correctly I wish she was introduced to us as your friend. Status correct yes. Tied up before we don't get burned I was interested in any idea where mr. Vijay Singh is going to tell us. I hear my guests you're going to actually gonna bring a hooker whiz. He's known. That it Garrett I you know I. RL RI group called Laura I got a list bonus dilutive to question they lost. The big argument yesterday I can sad because I know you I think your charming man I don't I don't think that him one bit I think you have. All the ability in the world the poll. A beautiful lady like you have you tendon in mr. I know you and I love you and I'd like there's no way he can post. It's not how I I yeah. This is just. No he didn't in this case before I'm I am the spurs won today as part of it is to believe there are a lot of days and I've told her several temples or how did you end up here with me you know I did not actually bring a hook early. So I guess. 600. My girlfriend because we just had that conversation. The other day about how long since gone on and we go to the long enough. Most of them fresh out of a divorce yeah actually my mind much younger. Girlfriend. Had no doubt about it he hides I wish I could you know I find now can we go back in times like about him now here's a guy and now the only reason I am I the only reason I thought this new wasn't right at the time. I thought it later on because one of the other guys are radio conference he was indeed having a conversation with a hooker and that's Ramos and I was like. All there eggs are girls are shown on this hotel deceased guys pick him up and that's why I was. Homer guy he now you have to tell me who I did I thought I think that's there're couple hookers at the hotel bar all the time has sent I would love to see what you really weren't sitting in this case I don't. Clearly understand it because it's. So you know I MAK get a outing in relatively tall lure a red headed man who's very pale and she is a relatively tall half my age I'm married and attractive woman so I can understand the thought process goes with being outlook outlook. Now I actually saw. I'll tell you I'd make you feel where that like there's possibly other people like you did out our radio convention are are debating whether or not I you brought I'll call girl you can mention it almost makes me think you should have a T shirts and actually you can register says I'm not a year with almost. Yeah he's he's please use. I don't know that makes me feel. Little boy like I can't play as you saw their old look a bit irresponsible what is possible don't really great about our stuff right now I tell us. I I'm not myself but stated that I need that commitment just troop increases. Now now you go back home and saved me you won't believe the conversation how my friends in Seattle Dave Koch. You were a hooker this. Yeah I would absolutely tell her that when a doctor to speak there's no doubt about it and I think that's hilarious. Here's why here's here's why I thought she was a hooker and this is this a big compliment to her. I'll all for us first I didn't think she wasn't the and he wasn't so I was made aware that there were other workers of the mentioned I thought though. Because of who you are and because of this great success you've had with your radio show I thought all day ace is taken well now you're you don't see how. Spoiler alert a lady Hillary not now you know yellow. Flag we know. The guy's got a great girlfriend. Has Cummins is this is a case from beyond the fantastic Jason TJ show and the and what we went yeah what are we wanted to know cheering like he's not a tumor it's a tomb are not so hard I. I totally get John Tavares is not always the many ways she was so well drastic like he you know hookers have a look. She was so well dressed and when you introduce us to a she was actually very friendly very warm I would that's why I thought she was top of the line escort like girlfriend experience. I was like daisy if he paid for this he went right to you know he went to the Cadillac he went to the Saks Fifth Avenue top shelf yeah because the other because we saw where you can get she's not a hundred. But I mean yeah as we saw. We're definitely like OK this is my that was my ballpark like to be like I'm real IR I mean are we going to just you know the normal store like them in the Macy's of fuel. So she was. Yeah well yeah yeah well I again I take that as a compliment I hate that I would have the money to real sport not just hookers or are we yeah and with the group. I wonder you low in that. Yeah I Steve said you every two days I was like wow eight of those guys who's doing really well yeah let's yeah I. There's dozens and today including a look like at least there were in calling your agent since camera Rwandans this kind of money it's time. Yeah I take it is quite a go well my results. Place I applaud you for coming on because I can't believe Danny can tell you why because I didn't want an ambush you know I just I just wanted to ask the question is. If you were willing to answer is I'm glad it was that answer because it was bad it was the other answer it is our daughter also underway I don't want anybody million hunters did us. I know I'm getting us. That's very true I'm gonna say make. Clear about that I don't know what to have a relatively successful female appeal go. How long have you held the dogs do. We were getting some check out our sources I just looked up based on the Internet you can definitely pull hot chick that's nice that's nice not a person I useless Mason TJ all the time and I was in Charlotte it's awesome to hear his voice again yet he's got to say they have these guys are great guys to come to our convention there are so good at what they're doing given us plenty of wisdom as well. And a side you know Amanda. I congratulations because it's not easy getting out of our relationship than she does seem like a really cool chick even though like you know I mean she looks amazing but mr. sacked just she seems like she's cool on that's the most important thing in any relation to how anybody looks. Yes you really issues he's super cool thank you very much and maybe senate intelligence to sickness I open as you didn't. That's you know bring me around any similar gatherings I can ask the wrong questions. Yeah and anyway you know it though I live just sit every bit of my expectation is being on your show. How I don't know how I guess then how are you exact question that you man. I. That I I would think that you look at this time. Possibly beat when I talked to and I don't know that was stated its opponent after the polls there was actually just let disallowed any good that Taylor had gotten there well you're right I don't know what I thought here we go. It's zero I had been oil gold whoever. The that it did inside my head on the I wish he got stuck to compliment him on how well he didn't roll right overall holdings limited go out. And forget that the only thing I become a witness. Thumb Manuel listen. They thought I appreciate you coming you know you got a lot of guts because of Larry you how what are c'mon this socio if there was the other answer but luckily it was there it was the right through which makes you look at champ. I'm I'm wicked jealous but you know I'm and you deserve your good dude and and and how I wish a lot of happy in his body and I hope you guys have a great time together. Version of every one gaining a princess grace and drove me. That was that was operation. Yeah I just I'll never stop laughing at the par really paid. You know why were calling you he's like I'm pretty sure you guys don't know if I took a hooker to the radio connection. I I am this is a lot of me she's half his age she's ridiculously gorgeous she was also amazing to talk to like she was really sweet and kind and friendly and articulate. I decide it is just I mean still I like how I know this happened David he's a good duties is a good dude I can't wait for our next review commission we see him again I hope so yeah I hope that there's still the other I had no idea they are aren't well yeah of armor they're not only a right yeah I'm because I mean she's she was such a sweetheart and he's a good dude you know I'm I want that got to find happiness he's always been a great guy he's my favorite dessert I agree. Who how great would be if he shows up next time what a difference sycamore all like hey based region turns out that she actually has a hook yeah. We what is partnered it. Where is part so it TJ who solid TJ is one of the funniest guys in this business I love TJ he is so talented and and I'm jealous of how funny years. No we met Annabel he introduces Annabel to me as his wife is a joke. And I remember meeting TJ's wife and his wife is this you know she's a she's a normal sized lawn and Annabel is just this tall Brunette former intern and yet Zenyatta former intern at a BellSouth. When and so TJ does that to me and he goes this in my wife and I look at data and I'm gonna okay I'm old but honestly got I don't remember this one being his wife and so I have I'm shocked going. What do I say it's just like. Act because my brain goes that is not his wife wouldn't tell me is his wife is like easy trying to pass this to. And again she's a lot younger than TJ and some just like okay is he trying to. And it was just his joke he was doing because he knows I'm old and forget stuff so tomorrow's series if you want a real hot young chicks. Yeah we're gonna female targeted radio station that's exactly what you have got the world today starting today. You know I used to do that actually Stewart a few military resilience and not what you're married so I don't know all the rays don't hate me it didn't matter what show like Philly everybody hates it doesn't matter what is so yeah I think that rely on some moral it was going to be a good person. They don't know man I hope he brings a hooker did and actually can rent Sanofi every mile life that would be so funny home man usually spirited they're all talking like Adams reminded well yeah that is the best that we do for 2017. Now this one here this almost cracked that top five for FaceBook drama. It's features are body Craig gas and saw a his celebrity friends. Vijay and Craig this is our opportunity to point out dumb people on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds as acted out by us. We have changed names to protect the innocent and the stupid and this time around well we have great friends. Reenact FaceBook drama so are they want I playing the role Sam will be Sam Kennison. Okay and playing the role Al will be Al Pacino OK another season losing trend mom might say if you are playing the role Tracy. Will be Tracy Morgan. And playing rolled Gilbert. Movie Gilbert got hello today I heard Gilbert Godfrey so the original poster is Sam Kennison aren't there to push through Sam. So Sam Kennison police taken away. I am show less than I am done with that war. We. Weren't hip. Both I don't. Storm. This might be awkward. It isn't cool and fine tolerant. People want to see is. Well. If he jumped would you care problems in parts and I always thought her and I would make for a bit uncomfortable and you've you've. OK again I'm gonna repeat what he is wrong with the. Well I hope I don't arrow arrow has to be the dharma is doomed ever. Clearly he doesn't understand the concept of Pakistan bros before Holmes. A down the golden dollar meanwhile can I get your mom's number I've always wondered bank parent and I feel I donated goods. And if you. Arrow arrow arrow arrow it's only fair since Al had that through your sister how are women. Anyway what this is happening here are you saying you that's actually Marty says it. Not to hear more than more honest also he told me that they even did it at the Guns 'N Roses concert in a bathroom at the great. Minutes stinky feet I am seriously. Seriously. Losing my bottom. Hole. Now all I am just your co worker Al bite you cool and your friends. Sound bite the U school of people in the world. All need help. Version of every one giving up produce things intro aid. Iraq always went to look him back as a test that we deal with 27 teams. What was the number one interview as the years. Are you gonna hear a 740 sevens on Iraq. 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