BJ & MIGS Podcast 12-14-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, December 14th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose.Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely and there's talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. I KI SW the rock jump Seattle. Which you know the Washington state council of firefighters again this year wanna put a thousand new coats on kids that are in need this holiday season politics is 34 blocks. And give them into the northwest it's a brand new American made code that's it. And you get dual core 34 do you like Japan. And if you don't have cash this year I get back but shared this with your friends on social networks. This could KI SW dot com that we keep the info that we can donate today. Paying. Okay. Now we need and made a incident and third now. Org Thursday it's. Oh yeah. Looking for a good night tonight no word. Standing in line hopefully ideology. These high. I'm gonna decide EC BM line right now more sense yeah you are you're at least two hours behind schedule. And down. I'm gonna hire somebody if the economic zones and I don't Texans had to do for fifty bucks fifty bucks it would be worth it for me actually to have somebody you know for fifty bucks I'd do it fifty bucks did you have prime spot. Yeah well I just want a spot by their company to the end of the Roseland united yet did that picky I cheat you get does he go to the bathroom in the middle and it's two and a half hour maybe hour the but somebody told me on Twitter than if I get a lot of snuggle up poplar from the movies it'll absorb the water Eminem to go. Maybe that's why I never have to go. Who likes crushed bucket yeah. So that's I don't get to have the look I I've I avoid that popcorn because a lot of soul but I have a reason Tucson but the little bathrooms obviously part of this movie it's getting ninety something rotten tomatoes I think it's been medically confirmed at that point tonight I like this planned Arkin doesn't it. We've got Cody in Seattle Cody are you there senator. Lol yeah so I've been waiting all year sure this speed and that. I and I. Yeah me too blue. For me it is. How can I suggest you look. Okay well from Ivins anonymous re doing anyway yeah Cody busier now an assistant would did something bad happened. 012 year. Check and the glamorous settle at any arraignment. So. Two men enter. One man leaves. This is competitive and oddly sexual it's a little Rouse right now is that weird Monday to block the knees praying. And no drinking with you know it's not you know it's it's well what is Cody play in court today do you. Perfect to me it's yeah. And welcome to another best of 470. In some break and let's not hold creepy. Apparently it's the battle of the broad won fourteen of the emerald queen still on Friday January 12 good KI SW dot com. You more details or give you tickets now at Ticketmaster. Parties come get out of here. Yeah. Go play you know Cody will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Cody UK and that's all you want but you'll only get three guesses for question. Are you ready. Yeah you know what yeah. What animal does an eighty save at the beginning of the movie Ace Ventura. I don't need to know. Now it's about know from which language is the greetings coat needs you locked. Yet as in which country did the terms jewel box originate. America desk which I Ivy League university is located at New Haven, Connecticut. Dale you ask how old was Michael Jackson when he died. As into fitness what does the acronym BM high standards for its. Body mass index yet at our west towns there's Archie Betty and Veronica live bands. Does the bill now it turns out it's who plays the role of catwoman in the 92 moving back and returns. It's very you know yeah school is now it's. All those little little which to which country had originated top brass. Italy's yeah Harris which country is sold in the capital. I did a grid sound free year as. Iraq I think Tony knew like all the stuff you're supposed to know like gas really the stuff we didn't know was like I'm fortunate to get out there isn't you know it's. Sunnis seriously like the bat man's stuff and all that should always hello Amanda. But I mean he'll likely geography and history and yeah all the things that would probably gives you I awaits our money in jeopardy just like that he had a pretty Smart and I hope you win man because I think you use nice guy that they didn't deserve it man yeah he used jeopardy Smart and Steve is not but because they will be close almost. Teen jeopardy is yes sometimes not even let's go toddler jeopardy because I'm. The Britain's hello. Hello community and Steve are you ready it's summertime maybe some of what. What animal there's an eighth save at the beginning of the movie Ace Ventura. Todd dolphins no contact no dogs yeah ads for once which is the greeting car needs you lock. I smacks up from a Scottish rite now I Japanese ads in which country did he turns jukebox originates. User Xbox Germany to note to our. America yet at Hamburg what Ivy League university is located in New Haven, Connecticut yeah now yes. How old was Michael Jackson when he and I. Eight was fifty yes you. Isn't it isn't what does the afternoons BMI scans for its. Bowel movements no body mass index yet as what town does Betty and Veronica and Archie and Olivia and Riverdale yes who played the old cap. Happy woman in the 92 movie Batman returns all on Michelle Pfeiffer yes I just countries did a copper originates. Pixelated yet as to which country is called the capital. South Korea gas since Steve you win with 80 okay. And it it. Sorry man. I love. Instantly you can see how the. I it is not usually 11 in one the ultimate. Hi we settle this next year speed that's. Right her audience you have the White House is calling dad and brother while you're lucky. Both could play OK and I look Otis our military and Cody T shirt or some guys all right Gary daddy I am a teacher I got his number a game but that was an. Cody is amazing. That was a lot of zone just guys get a prize for pure entertainment value I agree we should just make your picture and get a pitcher Stephen put on the teacher I think to appreciate yeah. Opium mixed and yeah if epic he would probably where all the time it's kind of creepy congratulations Stevie Wonder what that perfect sense that it would be amazed and apparently you guys are doing a reading of fifty shades of gray. Yeah. OK so cartel I guess what you're getting ballot bowl tickets just like that ballot -- once fourteen -- pretended to post 6421 rock Steve my last be amazed at 27 teams and had a perfect and I I I I knew you get the one seen miss because he missed the Batman and one and he missed Archie won but I thought maybe some of the Smart ones the guy you wouldn't get but you came through jukebox Seattle that was luck I well I thought for sure you would not think America the way you're going I thought OK he's gonna try to think of another country and Riverdale only because just the other day we were talking about that TV show on that Alex yeah and he said Pleasantville which I love that not because that was a great movie but it's not recorded that Superman plans to know Pleasantville was a movie on where they went into a black and white TV show -- -- sort of like a Leave It to -- TV show and Tobey Maguire was and it and I think god and I really channel real who's here. I don't run I never saw a movie I'm still hangs out there I believe always just Toby and race right now it was a yeah yeah William H. Macy was also an are just so any holes you Don Knotts. Oh Don Knotts that's yet Don Knotts was the guy with the remote control yeah repairman. Don Knotts gosh I love that guy because a lot of you guys and Don Knotts from well OK yeah. You have to be a yes well the fact that you know batteries don't go right. There's some are yeah yeah Verizon Wireless company but he had he was also on the mr. for early. Yeah he was on the biggest show ever the Andy Griffith Show I they are seen an episode. When I was we're doing Ron Howard was gonna stars like a child actor and everything and oh man you guys see I'm old you guys don't know that Ron Howard only he's just happy days for me. Yeah god hand yeah tumbles. I obviously this country it's funny though because they are just comic turn him in Tim Conway. They're really a did you ever seats in com Emma kills maybe you know that was where he pretty much magazine editors claim to fame which was a black and white show about World War II Carol Burnett. He was great aunt Carol Burnett but he really was you know look at that was as big show before Carol Burnett was Mikhail made accountable for that still don't know that show either. PJ took until now for you realize your old Sabrina is just so Greg look at America oak because you know there was a time in my life. Where everybody knew the two shows I just mentioned yeah like they were so iconic. And now you realize now nobody cares or knows anymore it's pretty it's pretty nuts yeah yeah now it's the old who has signed felt. You're right there it's going to be a time where you're gonna say that and not as some does not gonna no sign felt at all and all I know reruns anymore or what and and you know like how you how do you know that we're like only a few years away from your right not that far away and I just Texas pretty awesome I mean I'm in the worst day nothing is gone well for me NetApp parlay that part. I can't figure reasons probably you guys just did that for me so funny thank you. We're glad you know since we are late closing out of the year we win it's. We have a lot of conversations and look Steve and I and Vicki and Danny in and grabbed him and and of course Joey Beason and and Chris and Serra high school senior W remembered everyone on the show Imus for my kids we actually noticed there I don't know and I blonde girl there whoever says. You know we. We read the news. To just try to beat that for you because we know there's so much negative stuff out there. If I'd done so much in my career there was a time where people just wanna to be happy and ignore the real stuff going on. And I would do a show like hey I'm gonna bring the truth out there we're not gonna sweep it under the rug. It is it is tilted on its axis were now everybody's miserable. And it affects your day I don't think people realize how it affects their day even if they're not exposed to this stuff or try not to the misery around them is palpable. So we're kind of I mean I feel like we really are sort of like you know this is light at the end of the tunnel we do this by design. Because you know Steve you and I we'd least we see all this crap going on but. Everybody I see guys who cited Sox added that's I know what you what it's like disabling some of the like there's FaceBook page author phone some mismatches like. I'm aware that this world is gonna messed up and there's awful things. But I see a break from sometimes and you know that's that's what we deal and so I'm glad they were able to do that for you. In Steve and I will tell you we get a ridiculous amount of communications via FaceBook Twitter emails. People wanted to talk about serious stuff and and we we don't know woman get through people's heads that that's just not our show we're just not gonna do it. It did there yup we know your causes a big cause to you but really. You have to realize that everyone's gonna cause and you know bid they're both sides to everything that's not what this country needs right now we don't need people being upset at each other we just don't. That's why we've put us on your face. Right the. I mean. Less. United Cheshire rice is not assess kind. And if you can't see the humor in that no matter which side you're on please smile because that's funny. Doesn't matter what you think of anybody. That it's funny out here who did that out here with the queen a mainland. I don't care if it's the Pope of somebody say guys Iraq's banned the track is because they're dentures or whatever is going on. That's just fine that's just how wide Schwartzel Louis I don't guy believe me it's funny when I scrub my own words it's summertime maybe some place yet that's the real issue we got a big game Sunday I'm scared. You skirt I'm skirt OK I am skirt this Sunday man so is the latest that we heard is our wag mirroring KJ just game time decision still has they are donating the as a last night I feel like a pizza Smart guy he's not gonna say anything so the rams have to figure out what's up and not what's up so that they have to practice. You know its studies on you know film or video today is so that they just just because they got to be pretty case those guys do play could really pull a lot of called Austin after practice squads who won this is a Smart move if he's in if it's a game time decision even in his world and I just as a strategy thing it's Smart to have a guide. Brady go. So huge game for the rams because we have been their bitch. When you think about it we really really path we I think there's a rich last season yes not at this season this season we don't know and a licensed out there bits they've been our bitch I'm sorry how they have been our bitch as far as like we have been the class of the of the the division even when they beat us. They could beat anybody else that we were always the team they were looking up that into my. Now you know the rams look like the real deal they are playing well against a lot of other teams not just Gaza used to just because they played well really stunk against everybody else. This is a huge game for them they know this is their season they know if they win. In our town. They pretty much have the division locked up and and a trip to the playoffs yet there's a big big game huge yeah it's it it I thought the Philly game was big and it was at the time but now this is the biggest game of the year. It's championship mindset man and his attention game every game it's still one no food whatever other cliche that Pete Carroll goes out there for the media. I sort of remind everybody what sat. You remember when we were never in the conversation this late in the season I mean oh god yeah I mean even matter what happens how great is it that we are having these kind of commerce for the Seahawks really conversation the I can't believe they're starting Matt Hasselbeck over Trent don't work yes yes I'm home. Yes I don't remember the big conversation was that really are home or erotic photo spread they did for the newspaper box that was just a beautiful picturesque demand service holding football that would there's nothing weird about that at all I'm averaging at just type in Seattle times yeah hassle back trend over. Shortlist that's Earl show up yet date look it up Danny that's born among tell you right now beer and a dude you wanna see those pictures though the greatest pitchers ever really taken all of you football player I mean I even I thought OK I might be a moment to myself that to see those pictures everywhere if you look at the dictionary for of camaraderie. Or is that it is friendship I don't think that's what's in the teamwork. If you look at what that's the patient. Could do it for the word reach and then you go to outing go back a little bit look for the word around I think that's what those pictures remind me of it's ominous act now I'm gonna look it up against us. That's a great goes pretty easy he had anyhow. Did you find those pictures it was. Back in the day where the Seahawks weren't exactly what they are now though there are on their way no doubt about to having a great you know a great time get that support the Steelers put. You know there weren't that difficult to find this is crazy isn't a lot of pictures a little under it a bit maybe eight. Yeah and they're always theater that everything lives on the Internet for ever had do they're. Gone and come long line. Those should be had let's really talk sir JBS's right and there it is yeah I found it they're you are did and he showed any come around here currencies worth leaving your post Furman I guess. Full might conduct at the that is more home or else. Did seriously that's more homo erotic and I remember Brokeback football or hated man Brokeback football. Mean series you're right Steve that is while that is crazy McMahon looks kind I have in a catcher Chris trends like I wanna Super Bowl. But why what I'm is back up and down doing this I wish I knew I quit you all. Cost fantastic pitcher in his absence of creepy looking picture there's. Poses as I was Seattle PI that's when a sales times my dad I do need to disrespect API only at the I would put out this kind of photo spread you kidding me that was they would they were known for creative journalism you know I don't know what the pieced it sort PI yeah that's. All right it is time for listeners on the loose. You tickets are very cute guy this show 206421. Rock Texas 77999. Or recalls more pretext at 917. On Iran. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI ESW. I don't like OK I had come to the Iraq. Todd Seattle's solutions on the loose proxy by Travis Gagne plus is almost where you picked a topic you guys to show it to 06421. Rock. Because of Texas 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about but whatever news. You need to follow Steve's one rule that simple one BS to show some energy and bring it otherwise. Well it'll turn. 206421 rock Texas it's 7799. Master at this text and you guys please please please replay for your best that you can do for seven Tony seventeen when PJ struggled to read that matches term commercial again. I heard it the other day I now work I'm trying to explain to my supervisor. And I can't do it justice. Yeah it's up almost made the top five or best segment which just goes to show you the kind of year we had because any time you may from me yeah that's going to be tough five but it did he didn't crack it. But it is of course me trying to do alive commercial for the good folks of mattress firm it's BJ and dad. Yeah. If it would you give me Clara and thanks. You asleep train I don't know if you know there are now mattress firm you probably know now I don't have a southern hunters. But that is. I did this. I did. So soon turned to me about another mattress from. And come out of your mobility us. And I everybody. Did ydstie communities that we can be had not hit hit it Annika. I'd really try to get through this out matches from commercial gimmick I don't go. Well. The. It's all I don't half of them. Paul. Paul bear I guess he's just figure out what to say awful lot. Magistrate is of the place. I. Yeah and. Moon. You know your history savings at the end mattress firm which he seriously train 70% off all your 2000 those off buffalo wild I would hurry this up all. It's good registry to 20/20 oh. I yeah I called up at 8667. OCC to twice the Kigali credits her sleep costs the us and its creditor approval. Yeah science math. Sleep happy. Version of every one gaining a bridges things and drove me. On Iraq that's right baby and of course is listeners on the loose where you pick a topic you guide to show it to 06421 rock. Text yes it 77999. It is just say it's on the frightening things we do on your radio show where you cannot control your body like kick offs or I die I just could not stop sneezing and things can. Am and just like golf course during a live commercial. And you guys we really support of thank you for the network. We're here to help man yeah they are here to help some really good about how okay I'm glad you did will be says this could make you feel good us of A says it's not gonna be a good seat for you tonight and it's Star Wars. If you don't get in line right now BJ no friend grow. There's not a B and C not even a middle seat the Star Wars fans are there are ready. How man I've got attitude disguises sent a message the IRS got out the joint that's why didn't say where I'm going because I want to scout out the joint right. Because I had and I am I call my friend again yo dude are you sure you know what's happening does this person knows this it this this this theories don't do when he thinks he's got a down to how often has he waited in line for Star Wars it's good question. You know what I mean nominee to start asking yeah that's tonight. We're bringing a group of people two it's not a couple of us is going to be a few of us how the need to sit together. Yeah I think you may be right about that and frankly I don't care as long as they get the end share. There's gonna be gone. Time off I Obama makes great ever watch the movie is just stand up well anyway I got some awkward and not at all 1000009 headed that onetime because I had. I was watching a movie and I had the downstairs action and I had to run a lot. So it was not good so like for the last second half of the movie I basically watch it standing up to look for scrappy. It's happened and that's not good time areas such acts tired rehash checked out so it doesn't. It's sad to see the movie again because I missed a lot of it. Who so resistant mining camp out overnight to buy tickets for Star Wars episode one when he came out we've faced Star Wars Trivial Pursuit all night long to pass the time yeah. That's the one nicely with cell phones waiting in line is not nearly as bad as the used to be your rights tradition and shopping without you know your loved one. Sometimes you don't necessarily want to spend all day at a mall OEM cell phone. How great is it yes games you can check emails I fell we have reserves these. Says Tom Jones he I found out yesterday we don't we he waited till yesterday to break and you know I think he always know I I made up in my head and men. We talked about it and I go well the cool thing is we ought to wait in line UCL radio and I how we have reserves CC does not want to ever say that they don't want my mind you did. Somebody SN my friends are already waiting in line for Star Wars BJ you better get moving. I didn't see Lilly didn't. And it doesn't want to live on the phone and I know I'm not a young man. My twenties like waiting for episode six yet as being old and standing and I'm moving anywhere is something that as a young man's game this man's game you try stand up for a long time. It's not easy is it think Arturs is go to dinner near the theater that way you can keep an eye on the line if it starts to form you go jumpin. Yeah a bad idea I think I'm I have to make this move is our restaurant near this place that you're gone I'm not gonna give me any closed door and go oh my god there's no way around here is there a car resistant to them. Don't know where we're going I don't take my seat sir street signs and alive we don't have streets where we go Arnie. Where are calling noted streets for this movie yeah. Did anything wrong with just getting their really really early bringing some board games are bringing a big canister of wine that a man may not have done before waiting for movie but how do you play board games because you take a realistic measure on the street Brock just some crap man I mean there's still that they're gonna have you like formal line in the theater paid a guy finally get on all fours and uses back to the table. You know first you had me with all fours but I I guess we'll play games on how much it would cost the somebody's idea for you send one dose of fifty police have fifty to wait in line DNC fifty on his hands and knees or be a table for you Carl James Daly takes for ever. Big it would make a good human table she's aren't the right height. Yeah then. And Marley is the sole all right fine customs and that's all right just really just put a coaster on her head no you a couple bucks. Yeah hang out at a Seattle would have Vicky stand in line from but I don't think you'll even see here in linings in the right buyers stand over her yeah. I'll just bring have a giant acts that I wore I've used her costing for comic child is bring that and just kind of hold that place. But my rates are much more than just deal that's what city are you on the season another tell you when you frank cousins you name city how many fears you think some cities have not I. Let's just say we may live theater that you're going to what is the fear the theories is that everyone's gonna try to go in there even though that's already sold out radio bar but what do they don't think they got to go online in a hurry because they'll like me every other Star Wars fan you hit to the fact that they're gonna have to wait in line is better start lining up soon this is really bad isn't this is again you're right it's sold out of course are all going to be in line. This is not I think because we got 6 o'clock for 7 o'clock movie fine up to be there. Well prisons or schools through my Wal-Mart get a couple of those five dollars shares of strong Hawaiian after the FD day museum. Their five dollar chairs or Wal-Mart I don't know how I never heard such a thing they make they they the things you know I mean hey this is a good thing has played OK things are about camping chairs. Five all I hope you know a great deal like dad. I'm afraid your run fast for me five dollars under the Dodd Dennis some kid hey can you may get them O'Leary is a finality ever Wal-Mart yet they wilander six dollars and thirty cents senate and I dollars an hour but that's because I got. Well I forget it I'm not doing it. Movers as it deviated table because she's just the view them from hurt us now. I. Yeah we're getting are you gonna produce a product that you can Celtic he's like now that's true that there but I get out of up. Theorizes that entity even though theater for the opening night of episodes seven there's only ten people in the theater this madam. Which we've gone and you don't. Now we should go to you know he's right does not mean those small place I should be that we should be donut down there dammit. However it's too late to Marines. Plus it's pretty out there are two Eagles in the country. I sauce is on the loose you take the topic you guide to show a 20642. Rocky can also text us at 77999. They Morgan and all mortgage that's good about 33. On Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I played nine KI SLU Iraq Seattle. Listeners on the loose you stick to topic you guys to show it QO 6141 rock Texas it's 77999. Ted thanks you guys I know you've. I thank you for your moments of Tony seventeen but outside of you doing on the air what has been the favorite part of 2017 for all of you well I would say knowing me right. Yahoo! really you know saying that another year with me I mean that's got to be the highlight for everybody's oh fans who say enough we'll make Daniel Daniel Danny's life was like before he started working here yet your anger. He was a complete failure to humanity and we are happy here I mean he was living in New Mexico he not only failures whistling mass gasoline in the mess. You know he may having horrible. And brought him to Seattle that so yeah it just a beautiful moment metropolitan. City. Leanne west Seattle it's actually beautiful and eating better pizza can you ever saw Todd building before remember he was just like my god it's got more than two floors what is that he never saw a full set of teeth. Yeah yeah yeah. Very true. He was back. If you Zach he's got now 32 home pedestal my whole life wrapped up into what one sentence that's exactly right unless we does that won't glad to hear that was the best parts when it's negative I just did. So much better for knowing me so what is your fear of boom and looking back on this year is there's some villages pops out right away that a year that was the best part of twice seventy. The best part of 2017. Holy crap. That is a really great question is I'm trying to think about it there was any good parts and all Tony seventy because remember it's me you're talking that we did. Gotta be something you're you're have a like you know did a good good good good good you know you're right there's enough to Australia I mean it's a significant and I was happy I ran out of ideas I really you guys nobody aboard gaming manual the whole community aboard gamers like you guys get together lots that realized because of you that you've got this circle iceman mummy had looks like because I see your FaceBook thing and DJ and our game friends are you ready for this this is due this is obviously moment oh boy oh boy now it's gonna cents a it's not about you guys because Gary works here too. Yeah. I don't know it was a pretty good impression of yeah. Now listen I dig my son but yes and I don't act as you know my son doesn't tells everybody's life so I don't know if he's happy I don't wanna be but my daughter. Do you know something I'm happy she's got a boyfriend who seems like he's he seems like a really decent dude that's Donnie Roberts I've never seen. Him who who never called had a team. I've never seen her with a guy look like this cool she's always been with the idiots and I hate to say it but she really had prisoners still in the latter is when you have prisoners people that would hacked into her accounts users' passwords. Yeah I mean people that were you know criminals. Created it was who was not going to hurt your choice and it was not good. And she's got a she's found this guy loose like a really good thoughtful type but dude and and she's happy like you like sir I don't know why eighth. I did I mean I think we'll see we always associate good thing a number of our finest I think she might be out of the house soon Macedonia instead. Larry it's. Well you and Lebanon yeah he's moving and G and move and now you're probably erase he likes do you guys get along pretty spends a lot of like he's got to draw are yet to your TV since he has still got everything is I don't know I had three. That's a fact you leave very few weeks to go see your wife it's true I mean it's it's it's a win win all of already a move it can include who's your view wrestling. I can't arguing you're done now but. You know he's a good dude and I and she's happy yeah and as a dad. You know you wanna see your kids happy. Even an and I know Joseph is that because I don't talk to him so he's really happy I mean he's like. You smile right now I know and he's got two weeks does that seem me. From this idea extra curricula some thing I wasn't doing in 2016 like getting back into rock music playing up and again bruiser Brody is the best right I forgot about that he has psyche I took such a long break from being rock don't play drums from my church and it and things like that but I don't play drums like. Out of rock music and for ever so. Today aid created ban would be great individuals like the guys that are in the group. Cause of record at you know Robert Lang studios which is like an iconic studio to have Brett alliance and from pearl to mix the records that can help us without getting all Don which is surreal and play shows and see people come out. Honest and be sappy to deceive my wife in the crowd singing along to the songs is like that was a pretty heavy cool moment to be like all that's awesome she digs when I'm doing. And we even have a show on the thirtieth so just not the couple weeks away and Addai and I winning I'm blues club on the sun. The day before New Year's season December 30 now preservers implying you shall do it I know that state and having a record out now that's kind of awesome. I thought that part of your life was done I got here I really really did so we sent this was done we usually this is gonna happen I thought OK well you know. Then all of a sudden you told me the people that were involved and I'm like she's you've got some real heavy hitters when we're seeing. In your group and those guys I was meant to just be a project of one dime to practice that we can practice only twice him when he recorded an album. And it was just it was we just a fun project for the podcast and and just turned into a real band and and it's been. You've just written a four more songs and it's it's been a lot of fun fat and also. Getting involved with something that's always been a passion remind the world wrestling being able to be renowned surfer to RS that's right yeah and then also on top of that game to be a part of each one battle which hey it's been so much fun. And PS created a whole new circle of great. It's the best people I've ever met this great friends truly become a family. For me those guys some of the best people I've ever met and not be party to a battle has been one of my apps and highlights and could cause some damage in tomorrow night between battles over enough of all fitness IE he looks at us more great wrestling. He just remind you something do see I have a bad memory. You know I are old I can only do I forget in and you know you just told me about all the accomplishments she did I go all I should think about my career and actually though the though the world suicide prevention show that we get all yeah broadcasts on over a hundred station rice sacks and you rabbinate and Danny were big parts of the garrison that was huge ship that was huge because of the message that was out there because a ball at the amount of people that contributed to that to get all the celebrities to participate in. You know they were kind enough to ask him to be host inherit club had the confidence and you do that which I would've had an opportunity for our club didn't go to bat for me on that. And calm that was the biggest thing I've ever done in my career. And he was amazing so yeah that that was that's really cool about 2070 totally forgot about them but the reds yet. Mine are happy birthday dear wife. Yeah and then this. Had to go the threat man. Being whipped her and being able to go to Yellowstone. For a weeknight right we can't bring baskets from defense to go get picnic basket as you did. Didn't really you you don't do that kind of stuff I am not an outdoor person at all but I realize that you know maybe I should go and check out some of the you know it's national parks of of America and so we won't with a big once been a week Yellowstone. And it was outstanding. It was it was just amazing just to see all the sites because I didn't even think that the pictures that I saw on line. Were real. So I had to go out to Yellowstone in CD's. Cease sites these beautiful things and actually see them for real busy bison like twenty feet away that was so cool there's something cool about just disconnecting from the virtual and experiencing real gap and there was there is no cell service for that entire week in what was outs. Ending plus you've community are content for about a billion questions for beaming down there is that he did pretty awesome death that a victim. Up outside of the station stuff it's an adult teen kind of year for me. Some kind of growing up they're like financially EM canny getting on the right track to like pay off from stuff. It felt so I'll Ghana just finally you know hey this is what I knew laying and it made a lot of bad decisions last couple months and and then Andy get that house hopefully in the near future site still very accomplished like I'm on the right path that's not bad for somebody who's not thirty yet serious because it took me easily forties for a I really felt like I was an adult. So you're you're much for your further hello current I ever was. So but that I think about it so far this has been Canada Chile hair. I'm dead you know becoming an entrepreneur with your underwear is not the best thing that had won and that's part of the financial you know grow laying into your dad I don't let my doubts like yeah. Now that's who come. Denny case. I you know I really think for me it was is growing as a person and how much of the biggest things you know the city seriously plus Hulk because the working when it was pretty and garlands and abducted and help Tara. No I mean she's part of it working with you guys though and it being able to join. This Stanley has been. Lifesaving for me I can't even Arnold. I'll get a low little posse and tell us more behind him no news it was really is really just to get here for me and now. CBS has been fantastic singer and being part of the family I mean part of Iraq namely some. Surprise I didn't think that judge Denny would cry when he was songs was important him because I never happens here. Ever some emotional moment and just want to let you know if he had you know what every moment emotionally loan amount anybody really hard on his sleeve like that guy gets a fortune cookie is like oh my god I pretty much you know ever since he lost that one friend because they wish from a happy birthday on FaceBook all that's right I forgot that happened to him to detect and I I hate him too can't we replaced we became his new family. Yes I was it that was an important Sudan yes but you know we're just I didn't know they do is important you get this job. Tonight and I feel badly that we are just thought man we could have really said it would dumber spiral implement a much on the noose. We stick with the other guys are you so really your daughter lives I'm all for our youth camp and come on guys. We'll do that we'll see what the best thing about 2017 with Tony it's great to reflect I think it really really is I. My wife is always good like and the kids hate it because every Thanksgiving every holiday. She would ask reflective questions about the year and what are we thankful for in the kids hated it now here they hardly got to do it for their job my wife would be so happy. Salmonella protestor right dinner table whenever that time congress is like at dinnertime conversation really hits man it's so now be careful and uncle Chris 'cause he's gonna use big words. You know so I was going to SARS Genesis or there are let's get the source not get the dictionary to see what he's all happy about for Tony seventeen. You orgasms thinking your holiday present from me would be American envoy your mind with any big words today. Oh that's the president and that's the case thanks happy holidays wow thanks for expander Wilson. All right. You know I'd leave because of fed because you guys and because of working here at the station I had the chance to. Get involved with thirty tennis here and and and and I'm not advertising they are now rank blog. China had to do that ready and make it sound like that but it as. Term life around and Sean means just what it means to sort of be healthy in a way that I have not been in a really really hard time that study started what Donnie a year ago. I just just over eight months yet. Yeah that's I mean that the digital transformation he was unbelievable because I know you never wore T shirts we you always had stuff to cover you up because you know a big boy for how much have you lost 73 pounds wow that's insane and Demi just your attitude you seem way more results in earth full. Visit. I know I'll go I'm what. He opened up that the source online show. Maybe you think you know I didn't they know it's slowly than I see Stuart apparently. And he had a bunch glitzy word on if you there. He's right you are such achieve any idea got me out because really gonna believe they came up with that's big he's just jealous because she didn't have the first guess he didn't hear any I don't know ninety. I am surprised you pronounce those words correctly Steve I have to say yeah. Yeah I know we have leaving millions of such a yank. I thought buffalo I have but no other reason I looked a jerk imagine hazaras and she's yanked I don't think that's the Jerry Jim or wherever. I imagine that I think I think you dead and that's a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands sees the source Julio you're some societies. I can't wait for you this your first ever heard him talk collier oh no problem besides the awesome Super Bowl when that happened earlier this year when I. I said we've got. What I didn't what did you talk about now and also the great loss that they had gotten a year low when you went to see the midnight hour yeah I'm glad yeah we are to beat the crap out of them via other than not though why days in my favorite this year by far nice. Santos he's going to we asked for something outside of the show when your son brings up some demand is not what we ask for exactly perfect tea there's a can cause your son. Here's my lovely go to and I'll see. A lot of bathroom and a feels OK nothing about a stadium while he's. Cardin say here's the same as mine that it's got to be my man your man the man doing the bathrooms doing all I won't even tell hairdos chairs no can you just come on it's way better to house them actually like either side to do with the conflict can't find it viewed zillion times and so okay. Yeah that's yeah great Christmas to me now and Deanna he's again won some look CL I can keep him for her you know. You know I the end of Euro and yeah at least every night the only Democrat the first year yet was it for once the first anniversary march okay Louisiana. I got some time may not play a few months and so far so again to annum plant now punitive. That's really it's it's not I don't know you'd have a steady boyfriend I just it's not actually like a good. Dude yeah ally has all the imputed mistake you guys will continue its youth. The other is all face. Confidence yeah well things like when kind of things that he said that right Chris you know it the other alternative could see Chris has already put in me. He cannot only NA says I don't think you're using her completely relate to them which put that it way and let the professionals I'm a plumber and I'm definitely the right way. Okay. All right well this is of course like he said the U dub the last the last double live show of the year we hope you guys do have a wonderful wonderful holiday season and hopefully. We all the stress from the craziness you can at least reflect and have some good times are good people and don't let the world make you think it's bad humanity is really really cool. Hey we wouldn't be where we are today if not for humanity being cool we always get through the tough times because humanity is they know it's it's a two sided coin. It I don't forget the other side is always cool even when it looks like you only see in the bad side. We got the cool side yeah it's like divorced don't I start dammit. And please don't line for star knows. I don't really long time I remind you know until they are mad this last question it's an important one. What do Ryan castle and a surgeon have been common. You know when I tell you at 948. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Ryan castle. I've played nine KI SW the rock Seattle and yes here's the question of the day. Ryan castle and a surgeon have in common motive and dirty hands that's for sure. For snack enhanced. Already very sad to say yes there's there's dirty there's not static. Members of both have our work done miles his backside a true. Cross Dresser and miles just brought in business school or both you're sad news beyond what that's dirty and the whole hell else are doing to do to me down. Job you know it's bad when it crosses the line for this segment right right. Yeah but she puts the brakes on his abrasive it's going to realize there's a root out terrorist. Paula matters is this. Now you know it's sitting quietly yeah. And here I. Garden guy to say I'm really happy to be back yeah. It doesn't look like Bjork yeah. Oh. Yeah. He made us. Goes that is not his wife couldn't tell me is his wife is like easy trying to pass this. And again she's a lot younger than TJ and some just like okay busy trying to head that was just is jokingly Joseph because he knows I'm all the forgets the so tomorrow's series if you want a real hot young chicks. Yeah we're gonna you know targeted radio station that's exactly what she got the war on today's stories. I used to do that actually sort of the multi gazillion try before you AmeriCredit I don't know whether they still hate didn't it didn't matter what show right there. Point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis and Gagne bankruptcy attorney she's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I was figure out who my creditors are some people who saw a lot of times had a lot of a long time. I'm not having good credit and having collections each other's very concerned because. On May be concerned that you you won't be able to find your creditors or your file bankruptcy hell I know which collection agency has my. Credit card go from ten years ago now. And that's just something return to keep track program. Because credit collection agencies transfer your shots all over the place. We will pull your credit bureaus and they're getting all three of your credit bureaus will be able to do you have your credit and debt now. Which collection agencies have had enough. Campbell make sure that we file your creditors only find bankruptcies so that's nothing seems to crash thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can always just if I was any time. I had to choose the right chapters dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.