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Monday, September 17th


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Just choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI NSW rock of Seattle as he would do it again we're teaming up with a watches a council firefighters helped put 7000 coats on you this year match or go with 5000 we knocked out we heard a good way yes. So this year 7000 repeat you're rockaholic I think we can do it and that's the great thing because. You know it takes 34 blocks to put a brand new American made quote on the kid and he has. Connecticut and new coach that helps your team. Or four of the state war burns coal. Seattle days and nights and get to the full 34 any donation helps the dollar five dollars and you can or at least let people know about this being shared on social networks. You want more info about Kohl's kids just go to KI NSW dot com. He's not he remains and it sounds a little bit up Monday and John you've already pumped it up for yeah hi is this morning tenth ten. Sanford and got to stop that sanity wisdom twenty Tony thanks what's her face is his daughter now. While I didn't understand it. He knows he knows he's gonna talk about my goodness well let's get to our contestant to see if you can stop you from pumping it out steeped in the century nobody can stop me from popping and Brad. Science catch in snow quality trait in Eric. Yet our air rights yeah yeah. For those playing you don't turn a tray will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Trey can pass all you want. But you're only getting three guests for question are you ready iron covering about 600. Thousand square miles what is the largest gold in the world. Aren't these Arabian gulf now it's hard to America or Mexico ball. Yes it would century was the White House constructed. Aren't. Rhetoric yet as a Davis Helen Reddy song begins with I am woman hear me water it Rourke yes. Which state is the NBA basketball team magic pleased. Or ads until 2000 savage who posted this TV show whose line is it anyway. Eric Eric you asked Jolie Madonna with a note professionally what sport. Act which and LB team has won more championships. Than any other. There are these ads according to be robber worth it will Thursday why. It adds. How many great great meal made out of what vegetables. Scores yet as eight feet it is supposed to be the war around switched to point. It against a pit gate is supposed to be worn around which joint press. As a method not at. Old made his job but hey it's gone up like you want I want to for forty don't get a he's what they're role. You well what we're here needless. Mr. perfect earlier he was lucky trying to pull the curtain and yet you gated I don't think it's like I think it's just your skills bank on that really bad fix a lot of skill to have all the useless information in your upgrading still continue to function every took it like it. Worry about it revved well I'm. I got that knack about you trying to say about our fine friend here about the same I don't regret Stevens useless. Well are you ready to work regiment are rooted. Covering about 600000. Square miles what is the largest gold in the world. Gulf of Mexico as. We've said sorry I wasn't White House is it's directed. He's asked a big miss Helen Reddy song begins what I am woman hear me wise car. He added. And let's stay with the NBA basketball team magic or I'm out. Nowadays Florida adds. Until 2007. To a close to the TV show whose line it is it is it anyway and odd extra carry ads and Joseph it would gone it was a no professional what's the worst. Car racing as to which MLB team has won more championships than any other that's the Bronx bombers in New York thank you ads according to the proper where they don't well there so why there's a way. Out. How many graves are may part company or it's a great deal made out of what vegetable. He couldn't coordinate ads he dictated supposed to be worn around which joined to don's no rest acted that's act. 21 morning. Good win. Line. And you know like your little sidekick. A sidekick to any area to actually get a little Robyn here. And that's like play. Creating dams to beat you guys are in or your. And sorry strain but no lord I don't like now. I don't think that's the luckiest. Sideman Aggies trail appreciate you play anybody that was the as the one he made it triggerman and we got nine out of ten yeah. Also I was I was the only gap now it was a it was a nail biter there in. Congratulations Steve your pumped it up and act itself a perfect one entity. I felt good that's the way to start my day yeah IDs are bump in the earlier and their two yeah I goodness. And we plug in now be Dave apparently an eager to be on the Arctic. Will happen congratulations Steve your one with a perfect and let you know what. This is I get ridiculous someone's got to figure this out of yours all you make it questions are waiting yeah. Now yeah yeah it was shot to do this tomorrow though we played pygmies twice each and every weekday morning 647 a 47. Don't forget the outline on demand version play that in times going to be Jimmy Page of KI SW dot com. We get close to our holiday party season that's something we have to talk about yes because here it is man companies and is our plan don't know what we're gonna do over in doing paying. But it's always trepidation is time for we typically have our holiday party in March or April we're not far. And this new survey asked people should the most embarrassing thing they've ever seen their boss do at a company party. Oh yeah that's John I think you know I'm infinitely a lot of bot so oval racing and earlier you said you horrible boss allotted. I can it last listener party at a very difficult time standing back up recruited a group photo yeah I sure did a funny. That was tough I couldn't configured out of was the beverages are the creaky body or a little bit of both to go to triple that I could have been some glitter on high to really. No idea that line now and oftentimes those terrible marriage glitter on this weekend while widger daughters and on your face because I've I've hugged her and hug my wife. So those the only two people who would have that are. Does that yeah she did that's wearing a green letter yeah. I'm not grieve Eleanor. As time goes green it's green and I bet is that. It's got most of the Seahawks approvals this Jesus. Was an optical illusion you know one minute looks like it's gone but it movies but really it's either from part of your face now. It's never coming off glitter never leaves him yeah I was that my good now answer. Thanks but he. Well I've got the eight best things that bosses have done to embarrass themselves on the attorney at dance contest into a all. I you know working at the right place because this is it done they get some cool people go here's what I've worked. So I dance contest turned to a big fight thanks to the boss. We noted is also our company's Smart they they give us a couple free drinks but they don't do the open bar yet they don't do that that I here's your drink tickets yeah that if we like you need you get the rates they know you're the problem. Which is why a knee while 'cause that's when you won't buy your own drinks and Leo and and that that win over bar be bad for us though that they'll keep you alive. All right I can't answer that could cause expensive actually. How about one boss try to break into broken ankle and now that the YouTube you'll break answer back in the day I was part of a dance troupe called volt from so attend the green dancer. If somebody gave you more drinks you should head of yes and then ask you to breakdance you'd be that guy. Unity and drug you could just give me a couple box. Coal OK I think our Christmas party I don't know I didn't windmill. Saturday high school in junior high school that's when our district and remember. We've got to we says it isn't much out already. Outlook our dance troupe we really get our our wheels in motion like we weren't very good economy hit it here on the excuses don't I'm still up for doing on the I I want to see this happen. I'm not do and head's been anymore though OK I'm fine. I took him I don't cardboard to that they do a Christmas party should be the case cardboard into the studio and you should break as frauds. All the sitter for the holiday party all right. Passing under a table of Boston that club has. I mean I love it do you wake him or do you leave us and there. You after the parties over at everything's down. You pick a model and outlets question. Lehman. The I I guess I can go like doing and I thought you left you're under the table. I think I'd. Just added a nice thing to do that because the boss I do for anybody like everyone's leaving and are drawn co workers passed on the table. I'm gonna grab some and it's going to be in the car Ollie guy you are you is that before after Brady breakdance and you do it while depends on if I hurt myself prepared to point. What Boston to stand behind the bar trying to drink out of an empty bottle line. What that's the power moving ever seen that though when somebody goes behind a bar in the south now to power. And that sounds like some Abbas reduced power outlets in Jerusalem that's what I mean part Jewish movement yeah usually it's for a person in power that they figured he would do should go behind the book delivered on that. No because I'm not a dilution and I don't have a lot of hours ago. People where it plays at Arizona and I did I honor people's Oz and humbled by our. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI guess W. Okay. Some of those were you picked that topic you've got to show. And I said man you get to pick a topic if you've got to show it's pretty simple there's something we spoke about today yesterday listen we are here. You know any time of the past and that I was talking to people yesterday so you know. Could announce something from the first show that I get about seventeen years ago you had about that and it. 206421 rock rock is 7625 or bring a brand new topic to the table. You can Texas it's 77999. Steve has just one rule for listeners on the loose NASA shows some energy and bring it otherwise. Get kind of we're gonna have to say good bottle through it and yet it's as simple as to OC sports one rock rock December 0625. Mac in Everett you Iran Iraq. They're more ignorant and are now welcome to the show sir. It Garrett court inferior cheerleader embarked speaker I originally from the in Massachusetts yet grew up in a city outside the box a little town outside of why aren't here pictured here. Why I patriots fan. Well I actually am kind of a patriots fan. Unfortunately in this line of work I've bounced all over the country and I've had the good fortune of working in cities that had football teams so. I've had to actually report en route for the Buffalo Bills the Jacksonville Jaguars the San Francisco 49ers all teams. And I lived in. So old bats that it would it was tough to just be a patriots only and especially in buffalo later you know the same division they weren't having that. I'm murder suspect it's been a challenge though I will tell you the last seventeen years because of the different conference it's been easy to be Seahawks fan. It only got you know problematic couple years ago when the patriots and Seahawks from. Some wall that was stuff I had a question about that our our prefer have for you with what the I think it's funny how does this just us to the patriots in the Sewell was very tough it was a tough loss to see us also lost to the Pittsburgh up our Steelers and pirates. Pittsburgh Steelers in the suitable and it's typical hatred for the Steelers. In this town. Is way higher than hatred for the patriots and I just think about that yesterday for some reason on Mike it's funny how. People have the same I mean people like the patriots obviously but there's not that seem like. We know that a venomous amount hatred for those for the Steelers after that to go maybe DD was because it was the first time this young for the Super Bowl monster. Maybe at this point because they've won a Super Bowl people aren't as. Hateful towards the opposing team that beats them watch what you thought on that map. Aren't there particularly because the Volvo. A lot of bad calls ever got out there in that Pittsburgh Steelers in regard to the other part. But even with that I can I agree I think that had a lot to do with it it's like it's Ike. If you this the auction in the said no we don't want these calls that go and our own favor yeah can't. But the more important question is do you think putting when it comes to putting chocolate or butterscotch. Or church. I don't know who. I will say this you know it's it's a little bit more difficult when it comes in the Mariners and red sauces are both in the same league and you're a bigger baseball fan you've admitted that your yeah baseball fan Denton I was football again. I am terrified of I want an NHL team to come here obviously but I I. It's already like. Kind of stresses me out I think about it like where's my allegiance going to be because I love I mean I'm. This is home to me it's not your personal home to me via our I love going home to see my family but this is where I wanna spend the rest of my life. And I don't go to embrace whatever hockey team comes to the northwest if it ever happens but I. That anti I have an entire lifetime of being a doubles. It's going to be a weird thing. It's very very very weird especially if you do fall in love with the Seattle team like I know more about the Seahawks I do the papers I just don't fall patriotism as much. The games are on I don't have the Sunday ticket so I'm only into watching to see our schemes officially you build up an affinity. That would mean buffalo 'cause I was there the four years they went to the Super Bowl and I was doing radio on that area I had a lot of conversations with players and yet we've kind of grown to love those women at the stars on the show we have Thurman Thomas to star running back is a regular Darryl Talley was a great player. We had guys on there all the time and so yeah you build up a friendship and it's hard not to love the team and want them to do well when you have that much exposure. I think you might find that could be the case because you love hockey I can't seem not really becoming a whatever Seattle team they're gonna be fan. I just don't know if it's gonna slowly become my number once I think it will to stupid thing yeah eternal argument but like with the also had a tough one of the sports it was easy for me because I grew up. Fascinated with Seattle because of being a fan of music scene and I've pressured to start before becoming a Seahawks fan it happened when I was a kid I grow up and sports fan at all I apparently not like sports at all slated kind of create my own favorites. And start from scratch and for me it was watching him and in a football game in Steve larger. At the time was on the Seahawks news or star player and that's how I became a fan of the arsenal might. I'm like this art when you think about and that's why I was a doctor Stan in Pakistan because. If you're star player's name is Steve that's my favorite team all the call all the miles of that but it's stuck with me forever. Yeah the video that my parents and they didn't inherit a team I had a kind of treatment and you're in new York and I did New York area where they have so many teams. A free sport is there was also I didn't I be rebellious and I. Rebellious way like I picked it doubles because they were the worst of the the three New York based teams the rebel guy. Because they're one of the founders of the Rangers on the topic the dells that want laughed at him a frighteningly doubles and town and then eventually on the. And passport sports is funny is you know because when people grow up and an area they lives a year from that area I have that when I came here. I was just thinking that you know I gotta love the Huskies because while the University of Washington is much closer to his right Pullman you know that was due. I found out that was wrong don't like god everybody hated me for let why I ask you then I go to that because I moved here and there right there might be askew and our operation vehicle but there where the hell over it why would I thought the alumni are still here yeah it's like I didn't go to either school so I gotta root for somebody would that route geographically but they're now they would have him. I root for Huskies consensus I married into husky family quality and down. The ballot sometimes thing I'm ready for the cougars to have a couple friends that played for that for once you back in the day and so obviously room for Courtney Cox. Yes all the time perhaps in different mom and cements go to shad and some bush. Add your. My news that about that. English a bit. So you the guy with that Datsyuk. There is always Joao. Got a kick it to get killed on his that but but why GOP get to a ninety leadoff. I'm. I don't know partly of chipped well where it should portal but. For. A good score it'll be the perfect 100 informed him for years hurtled out. So I. So do you have idea teach you at the top on the helmet do you have it you know on the on the body if you will where where is where is because you we without him grow up and it. More out toward bay. It. That is amazing okay. And how did you get down attended you have to be you just be ready for battle could just be carriages you know we're dogma. Now a little a good thing I haven't had. The old politics. And the current. Oh so that's really possible it ad during. That's like you but most imagined it. Man block on this. Is the most painful place you've had a tattoo. Oh. It where where what. We're outside because you know obviously every every part of your body it's in a different way when we rigs are raised her arms or whatever like. What was this after that was the worst pain that you receive because of attacks it. As and all are okay and it's worse than that move her detest bad move. Yeah I was need to sit in that set certain. Part of my decision making ability. Now. And so to stretch you'd have to put you liken a little vice or any kind of a thing to keep it that way so we can do is work. Not the idea yes there's that job you want it's these. Yet about the apprentice have to do is listen and act like you and that it had to give our right stretch this out. And visit I just think Ichiro and so when you and when you're relaxed speaking to look like just a stack of cheese slices is that you know just. You know. Why did you do it though I was a bad was it to something that you decided I'd like to have this done. Because that's not easy a place for people going to taxis. Yep that their question. Well long or short nobody exit a house. Or my buddies. I'll let you army air air or a body of work but the that you're oratory and a dip back into it after it got out. So you like I'll put that in certain product the yen and you do about it I'll just let people think that at all eight. Al sound them out oh what does it take that it hurt her. That ought you know now you've ever walked agree. Though it and it turned into a must play chicken over it play it back to back down at town habit. Rather you cure calling each other's blossom now I don't teach you to tattoo on your tactics Mary is having a hold it to make it happen that could be the best reason never yeah. Oh yeah that's where a lot of it was in this department exploit this but blocker and do it. Brown outs but well do and it looked. In these cities states and to make you feel better get a texture add an element of female because that I have a peak if you check Trent stamp he's sleeping on the Nintendo logo. Yeah you got to be the perfect match for yeah that's a good point. They could they could say hello it's not. Out of it I like it that our. National how did you wife reacted as Texas. Actor I'd shoot that's passed the phone please. Well that that I got it edit it let's act yet thanks. That team and I got. On the public on o'clock. And didn't wanna go get it now. I'm getting answers to questions I did not expect to get that was unexpected. That was a youth thought he got a tattoo of peaking too in that area because of the girl that he was hanging out with while you guys run a break. A move and how did how did you bring how he's talked his way out of that one. And her yeah. Yeah friends as slow as best buddies I guess you caught a ball. You're really gonna rise at a peak each and every once in lots of hot. CEO. I had any other any other questions for the ticket to people I rest my case all right days ago wolf thank you for the call chatted Chad's wife there you go and I'm glad you guys got back together and it worked out. Now that was a very that was down a road and expected. To why he got a game of chicken lo. Whoa. Just think you've heard at all. And so we got this done while they were separated to write these says Leno what is it idea when you'll get a tattoo on the plate in particular my buddy wants separated. Buzzard field is all's I do they outlaw. One way to get your mind off of a past relationship is to have your friends had to something on your package that's the point and thought about that we've heard it the best way to and yeah I think I felt covered by just the government denying you go all right doctor cause well both doctors really prove that. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. I'm nine point nine K I ask you the rock of Seattle slew listeners on the loose. You picked that topic you guys to show a 206421. Rock rocket 7625. And also Texas 77999. Let's go to looked on and read to Madonna you are on the rock. Gonna tell you and it got a bad. All right he wants that you just talk about this is. Three years and regularly people it is betting that they do is gonna come back we'll keep you Fannie pack. It might it might lighters. My while. You know I don't care and it yeah you toothpicks not chipped it again it's obstinate little lighter. Yeah I got in and then you know using what it would those civilians we need the lighter for. Where crack. Down on her bike at the smoke so all the while Atlanta you can be six in the same time sometimes it. Where else did you. Mostly let it accurately that it. All right this is an amazing columns Eisley you know out of these price penalty wasn't always vote really does what the later. Whereas like obviously if you have a light or defend packing and always have to say eggs. I. Are that look at you you know what you have critics and you walk. Quitting on me once all right so we live Battipaglia get a. Well yes yeah yeah it went for everybody in my whole family. There let's say they work any impact on the in this recently pax do you have you like you know like I went for Christmas and I haven't worried yet read it black leather when idol other new branding you know I hate to my other work that. Good militia get leather maybe got a mothers and when you get a canvas or something might some fancy as we bust out the leather Fanny pack gavel here. Yeah really have that did this guy is more than. And I and the words actually just like some kind of thing he noted that everybody didn't you know million is saying that. Well it has selected Bettman didn't belong and so yeah I went to violence and the lady was it pac. I can and I want what are you talking about Tibet traded decides there's. I didn't. Definitely means they'd assign I'm back Jack and you attack him yeah Barack Obama is and I am another attack I got my. Bags and I got a lot I think it's drastic cut the Shasta up pat. Well Pete I don't you know what I believe the outside of up to date when they get my brush my. Everything you know I'm ready to go right go. Well it was you don't know why but why would you are opposed to this point that's what I don't understand like not. I think the thing iPad is more for guys why would you carry a purse. There are so you've been doing it around them could get it any guns. And then there's Oregon. Well financial dogma. All my dad died here than me yeah. You know quite rightly I can just so lucky guy. Yeah about immunity this is diagnosis got thrown off personally why did you sanctuary carry a purse while. I was yeah since I was like why isn't easy. You can eat your arm and let you get rob you know what I'm saying I don't listen to my daddy got management indicated that you rob duking it. Kabul is not really. Is a person and right now but all that that it acquired before it would girl illegal what you actually person on the great to be at the grocery. Well I got a plane had out doce now you immediately assumes that any tablet blink if you go to the bar right yachts is one where you ordinary average everyday basis for any packing everything I had. We're harassment of a conversation my Fanny packs at this evening well late Madonna and we do make. Beat Jimmy Fanny packs and they use an if but if we do make them I'll hook you up with one for free for Sher. All right. All right all right we match and I let you know what and the. And I appreciate the call every Carolina cars will be given a free cards you can I don't think I think the same odds of a building cars and semis and let's me and nick are you a couple of free card when a great guy and I dams can offer things they'll never happened I have a confession to me like I I thought it was a guy to throw. He didn't hear of life but there's also are saying holy crap I've of that and I mean I heard the well and that's why I was gonna say it's an agency named Madonna for a guy. But eyesight you know lot of I'm gonna not say that because what if I'm wrong and it turns out I was right about being wrong so that was good. But I thought it was a guy but then she says she made fun of for Fanny pack extra ones were available or whatever they wants to attack went through a tough period. I wouldn't even trying to run yeah it goes once it's a tough period and idea I'm glad that we're seeing a resurgence in guys defending pac maligned in the people that ward that's for sure. I was gonna Kerry Kerry and read in your on the rock Terry welcome to the show which again. It might carry look at euphoria. My ankle didn't un aid flight home from work and he had a dive next former acting like he would not yet. Artist album rests not much has been me. M an infant heart at wounded out and the guys Obama and 13 earth. And prayer. And therapy grabbed my husband by the. Not with this war. Will. Wrap. It happened I mean on a plan. I always have the blanket. And pillow that it's so this is another do this was a dude this is that this is due to undergrad average. Why Powell and Kupchak. First of all it's somebody puts anything on my body might give him how's it yard you'd get off me I mean so your husband how long did this take. When you're twenty minute show husband put up what this guy on foot and elbow on his leg. Even kind of buried in her little bare room weird Larry don't figure husbands and and this is stuff and aria about registering. Dude it's I don't it's a suspicious story from the husband why we are bent on that point we'll probably does he feel guilty they got a little growth which on the side. I would. Weird things happened army are obviously one that's yeah we you wanna playing Jill. I would not see him home somewhere in the woman or her right so what you do. Good I've expressed he's going home and going home alone is not a big deal there and. Now we've he says it's not a big deal. Yeah as soon so the poor flight attendant regular server tonight some notches I now got thumped. It's a two selected beverage ma'am I'm. Thank you very much if somebody grabbed my boys I feel like I should get the upgrade to first class. You do anybody content and. Let me tell you you get out grated against only fair a lot of people copycat easily get those first class selves and all the excuses gravity tugs down. Yeah I don't know how I don't know how I would handle it that that. So or I think look I just needed and he hoped. I mean you don't want I get physical with a guy descending on the land than I do things that and they get easy kick off the plane were. I I had CIA I think it was that's the funny thing about men if it's true. We that we just dismiss a lot of stuff that was a woman that it happened to you know that she would have been like dude this is not right to call everybody like she should. This wouldn't of happened if you're wearing a Fanny pack it's a good point if he had the Fanny pack winners and yeah yard pattern in America are we. Hey man can. Hug Carrie well I'm glad everything is okay and be careful though I'm a little a little suspicious of the story sounds rate cut dashing and ask to me. They are are. Yeah are now or. It's where there are about to carry him etc. but that to you for the call though I mean hang up on well lives that I I don't know man twenty minutes let a guy have his arms all over your knees and stuff. I hate. Beard you know that guy in the middle seat of its kind dozing off. And I like guys they rest their head on my shoulder and Mike I don't know what to do knives that doesn't happen. What would you do I know I wake him up by -- this is not a bed. Yeah I mean I'm that guy it's like I didn't pay too so you can rest on me and not your pillow you have these kind of habit seat. So that he should have been like me and he should have majoring in the right seemed to I'd barely get. Book early you will get the bitsy Grassley writing its group of I so wanna be to god it's gonna read this this disruptive slumber I had a guy in the Dixie anyway that he was huge to them I really do you couldn't figure this out. You fly you repaid manual not supposed to take the big seat. You supposed to have what that's the only option he had a really should be flying and he she owns about this now pop a floppy should. Autos big guy to pick the right see you got to beat any proactive like me I got to use the bathroom all the time so I'll take the outside seat and everything the wind the wind would be nice. But then I got to bother everybody so I always take the outside seat. And I always also keep my foot on the insides I don't trip flight attendant because you know what in the nuts go fly in and some bodies were open people. It's a real or not sorry I am a lot I don't want to let it that is they may not familiar little wings on oh that guy that's. You know but that's what you have. To prepare eyebrow I'm OK if you. Rests on my shoulder so long as you as a musical artists like I add spaces out I'll take the armrest dignity my shoulder and of the fair trade okay. I'll have to remember that next time directed at middle and say great middle seat passenger man. Yeah you I think I might win I could there was a medal for middle seat passengers obviously you're your your great pass a new bother nobody Al lean on anybody at this. Fall forward I get to watch on my shows with you I sit next to you and I goes he's not a bottom sauce right yeah it's fantastic. Sometimes you get a Chevy passenger in just like really did you see my iPad out in TV show lenient on the show is not got a lot to sell exactly. Hey this morning. Nine point nine KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. He's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy if I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for him. I'm suing when you come industry in my in my office when you first going and myself we'll try to help you. Regardless fairly basic questions that you have. I don't know I can give your crawl back but they'll schedule usually spread to schedule you for a free consultation with me who did the attorney. And only would you personally we'll talk about sure they'll basically the occasional taking your question. And answer session they usually rely on your view that usually last about thirty minutes. We'll get the basics of your financial situation I can answer your questions. And we can talk about when their bankruptcy makes sense from your bills on your non bankruptcy option. And how bankruptcy could affect you let the process is. Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time. Bad choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.