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Monday, February 19th

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This is BJ thanks goes into our shows podge yes if you're sick of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at DJD animation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like your financial rack and you don't know where to turn for accurate information. I'm bankruptcy attorney that was genuine news talk about some legal options everywhere and quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified loan or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage yeah consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized crime line. Jesse juices atone for the next chapter of my life it's contact news day choose the right chapter. Just choose the right chapter dot com. 99.9 KI SW Iraq cubs Seattle. Higher grade video really check out and did totally reminds me of Steve. Yeah yeah. Because it's it's a video of an orchestra playing in California. Thanks well I this departed yet there reminds me realize they die because it's gonna trumpet player something holy as you like to blow. A year. Music is a slow and soft. But suddenly gets loud and dramatic and so loud that it actually wakes up a woman in the audience who was. Sleeping there you got that would be me now revealed I would totally. Well I mentioned bring him in passing leading monetary dumping the nutcracker. But no apology do you wanna check me out sleeping through the nutcracker missile as hero I know I've gone before and that happened to me I I I am not able to see I'm not able to stay awake during stupid boring things like now I'm not crackers slow walked value I I I totally would since I wanna go just to see UN CNN had the over under on how long it takes for you not off I can tell it was before the intermission. I'll camp because when I when there's a long time ago and it was an ax and we left an intermission because you're so mad at me. It's also subject to special high now and you're not allowed to test out didn't. I mostly. That is so awesome. Well I haven't this woman she was at this is this orchestral performance and again be in the mirror and I know I Iowa slow and then then insert applauding at the beginning so I guess see your falling asleep. But when we can all dramatic it got really loud it woke her ups and age she was startled she was so startled that she screams. In the Marleau and performance. That you gotta love. Bad. Maria. I'm accustomed. Love that people laughed at our area that's awesome I choose embarrassed all I would take a little bit yeah. Home. Oh. DM a sleeping. But I mean really how is that not put you asleep I'm hospital stay awake during that. It's not our topic T don't leave somebody out there probably five is that to be. Incredible and beautiful and. A lot of fun and what's what's so fun about that because in that moment I just sit there and I treat a whole story in my head and I just let the music go in number I create. These random like wars anti aids in love scenes in my head initials and I finally imagination fly okay well yeah if you taking mushrooms before going to say yeah I agree with you jealous of my matched imagines she made its nominee that's it without mushrooms that's just how you live when you're at those places you very much from land yeah I got close in the classical music and do I wish I see that see Steve we have to take drugs the we're Vicky seems to be naturally. I don't wanna be there you know I mean they're not want to be at a slow plodding orchestral performance and wondering if they were at war majority also like it reminds me of love Bugs Bunny villain with the opera in tennis can think of fun stuff like that killed. Doesn't all that I can appreciate that Vicki were you have a lot more fun in your head maybe gonna realize that can't. And I really really else imagination yeah basically discard most crazy people yeah well I remember that if I don't I'll remember that so I can I mean I'd like to make fun Vicki but I I I have moments like that during plays Miami when the where I am I old my mind wander but it's a full play like you got a performance in front view. People are trying to keep your attention and I'm like oh like I'm imagining something else marvelous to think of that. And all it was really amazing that then I think you renewed DT source. The pretty reasonable point though of the cartoons because I think about it I mean Tom and Jerry was basically just a cartoon set orchestral. Music yeah. And how long that show. They did great job of making it all worked together. I mean you can be you is unlike your imagines and lets you be goofy if you want you can be Joseph Max age you can think of awesome like old school more scenes he can try to play that music to now. I just kind of let go. Has sagging ADD. Via hash tag crazy people. They got past time are we talking and hash tags had Passat yeah why not. I don't know it's really did not deserve one for Texans and they come just like you I work route really crappy hours they get up really early policy during YouTube the optimum baby tore. The worst was still. When Maria America at the end and we do and and such would have been garbage at the height of their success so this is like a I'll take you know and there's only maybe forty. Maybe maybe 3840 may even be an exaggeration of a number of people in this small studio. Watching them perform well but they were perfectionist. So they would do it take you there like how would you like that taken we do that song again today did the same song three times to make it only happy when it rains are one and her songs right. Now I was up all day I was tired sides. Ice very close if there are only policy for one of their performance called boy and I do not hear the end of that my coworkers are like humans. Do you not realize how bad guy looks. You fell asleep while they were performing that was on the hot there are one of our biggest bands in your asleep while they're performing well they notice in this that no one study the book I'm sure they did the other probably did. I got knocked that's awesome that's hurt. You you're the man for that it love for you meetings I just love it yeah yeah your imagination doesn't run anywhere but to the bed. If you go to a slew of how the church every weekend called dude how it now how does your wife from people like to be a hard time for the. All you know she almost me I have a bruise is probably my ribs from the amount of times that she elbows me. I wake up only loosely does it every time I hit precise terrorist you know I'm tired to think 10 in the morning. And how some nodding off olds that are heads why. Sixty sleeping you'll not know look over and her cousin Caylee is laughing this latest clockwork every time they were all shot this last week I was the first time men and months that I hadn't fallen asleep during church wow I. How well you know why you had time this gets some good sleeper definitely a good rest areas and the second brokers church for so packed so I can't falsely got close also you mean if you feel the pressure I felt the pressure on maintenance that's the trouble in movies and the other view you know they can't see you but the guy you know what the pastor a church can see you do that far up until then I'm gonna go over known nodding off ought to be some grace. We're savior figure for the yes she's not she's a very fond of you falling asleep in public places I don't know why I don't know why why why should we are simply falling signature snore while pastors do remember him as a. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW on the I'm nine point nine KI SW rock about Seattle. The suspect and gets out of a police interrogation. Thanks. To his love flatulence. Stereo. The real deal right there that is Steve himself could guide you know it's nice to see you contribute to the sound effects of the show I imagery thespian and I'm woman doing it live date next week. I niece and yet now I don't wanna bring Lulu to I don't want to do it live then I don't really need that. Hey. It's. Okay Jay Carney the audio quality. Yeah the other is amazing I have to say yeah yeah. What's your voice response. She's like god dang I live in a zoo. Even the okay. Yes you wanna know a guy doing eighty in your pants that's it. Those could not have survived so I'm ready yeah interrogated me not the other 720 for hero dude named Shawn from the great state of Missouri. He was pulled over back in September and the cost found drugs and stolen guns and a backpack inside his car alive double it does somebody have drugs and stolen doesn't pick our. Why are you singling out this guy's profiling people my glove compartment. Constantly for questioning of course what does Jon do he said I don't mind I swear to you they're not mind. They're just in my car had so. Now the cops kept persisting in Sean realized I have a way to get this to stop. With connections. Or is the official police report put it mr. Sikes released a loud fart. Mr. sites on the T need to be flat land and I ended the interview. So he's legit just drop an ass again they just said we care how bad are those that lead then let him go without charging them. All because I guess the flatulence. But now Shaw and not the brightest bulb. Because he got pulled over again a few days ago on the cost Tom more drugs and more guns in his car and this time he couldn't stink bomb is way out of it T think he dodged a bullet. Maybe I should stay on the opted out you have. Yeah again lots of drugs lots of weapons charges he's in trouble. Can we do have those idiots that live in this country I don't feel badly for them I don't I just feel like you know Lloyd. You really do deserve re behind bars are. Prison maybe like stupid jail. Yeah I maybe guys are okay is that opposing put people to just stupid. My thing is that. Wonder now people see the story than the idea that people did they call dismissed I get pulled over drinking artists artists put a penny in my mouth and I support you I could these copycat all you donating is gonna work you. You know I feel bad for whoever is now an interrogator because you're gonna have to worry whether or not sounds in the coming there in two starts party I got about that they see this story this guy gets off. Yeah now all of a sudden they're being intent. I just. Men dead yet defined as the gas mask doesn't interrogate the dozens. At this have to happen I mean they have gas mask we launched here aghast now they have to Wear when they interrogate the parting guy. That's why resolute a life of free yeah we don't know that the black cloud just gets away all my guys and plus you've run on name and he gave himself a name. Who does to have this other Roland Garros you know personally don't well when you have a name if you're building new ones go by. BJ Shea he calls himself like that they he thinks that's who we Israel evidently fighting causes of the black fog it's like they would he's only his character absolutely. And I'm I'm like I'm getting the hell out of here guys who have high parity has mr. miserable yeah exactly mr. miserable. But you'll never miss a furious Ben Stiller and I've mystery men moving on my gosh you're so funny out of that movie. All right how stupid are we as a society has just talking about this dude show on the pardon guy who's stupid but you know something you have to be a criminal to be stupid. Maybe you're a fashion he stuff. Because there's a fashion company that is selling a 736. Dollar dress. That pretty much. Looks like. A plastic dry cleaning bag the bagged they put over the closed that you just had dry cleaned I need to see this he the company's call must keynote on my gosh you've got to be kidding me. And it even says we love our customers it's got that white thing that goes over their anger at the Internet there and hang it up so is definitely supposed to look like a dry cleaning back I do like right over Dahab hack. There's it's as free pickup and delivery. That is pretty funny. It's got a good I disagree how we are 'cause. Address Arab mauling toss him. It's unbelievable. Seven I think this is this is. Now she's wearing something underneath it which I don't know what that is a place where you address under the dress that address dollar debt part of it. Almeida is supposed to look like hey I just picked this whole thing up a dry cleaning and I did and always is a clear bags to you have to put it dress underneath it die or come with address where you may get. I guess right if that's your dress I mean you could. I don't necessarily think that would get you out of dom Imus said that paper part that we love our customers covers the myths and doesn't look like it does not dozens but you know I suppose you were out like some sort of a chemist soul kind of a skin type thing or cover up the body guards how well you just don't Wear this like why are we even thinking about 736 dollars Dave I wouldn't spend that dollar on this thing. You guys all remember the oh the old story the emperor's new clothes right yeah he's walking around naked because they basically said this is the best open ever and it was invisible. And they charge the king a ton of money I mean this is the emperor's new clothes he's 736. Dollars see through bag. Daddy's supposed to look like a growing bag that's a cape sheer overlay dress BJ at all sorry mystery dinner I I'm sorry. We did the dry clean this how you from. The washing instructions actually say that you should not have this dry clean even though it's a dry cleaning bag that's funny yeah. God do I want is a different Nordson sign a rock for eighty dollars I know and that whatever else firm we did somebody's gonna buy decided they conceded they bought it and there are part of pop culture you just know that. We added on national dance day this is the perfect guy that's IEA you'd just stupid. There's nothing you can't tell me this is fashion this is stupidity. I don't get it if you could by FY twenty bucks day. That's I mean it's how we Costello guy you know promise that but 736. Dollars for is are you pop it I mean yeah is on that mean I. I hate and I'm not gonna crap on the guy who made it because he probably realizes not morons out there are gonna drop some serious coin how best. Where you know this weary and ago the initial to work wearing this under what do you think you're an idiot when you go to cleaners can have a party the cleanest I mean you could. You know you signals that the through an idiot I'm telling you Steve attitude old I would I know. It's also to our work wearing that I would my first instinct is why I work with immediate. But here's sites I put my torch in San Francisco and I did the radio show and I did it with a bunch of people just like we have here. And when that guy Jeffrey Kohn who's the artist basically released. In our peace in this ever Cisco art museum. Which was a basketball in need blue band and a plastic box right then that thing cost like five to 101000 dollars and I said I could do that it. They sold basketball in that cardboard box I'll just put enough good about plastic box tonight. And I said you are so on cultured. Mean I think it's up. All it. Put it cleared rocks how it's. Aren't. You once this is high and sessions always thought we'd like quote how stupid can we meet people look and still solid for boatloads of money yeah. You're enemy wisely these mining and often. Sierra online a picture of someone might have had some Quad Core model. And served strutting whatever the newest fashion is I just don't think I'm Mike I never see anybody wearing these things ever. There walker on the streets of Seattle and granted people instead I don't typically get overly dolls up just walked in the streets but even. It when I traveled we've gone to places they bigger cities just won't work conventions or whatever it may be a see people walking around wearing these ridiculous costumes and ended truly are costumes at these models are where you know we got to go where you're you're an astounding Norris kind of Californians do a little bit better to commute gets a better. Yeah I because I spent a lot of time and that's my wife lives in dude. If everybody is dressed to the nines and I'm I know they paid a lot of money for those officers some of them look really stupid. I am with you Steve I never saw them anywhere else in the country. Then I go hung out and Orange County which Hawaii it's a rich Connie people got a ton of money. And I'm makes almighty god the OC this is true it's like. Dude we either restaurant where the real housewife lady's fight all the time and jackass and I go in there we go hey this is simple because I was like this is a place where they screen each other drained a call into the bitches and and there where they're all dressed to the nines and ridiculous outfits. Today EE I I look at this and go. This is unbelievable and their spending ridiculous money on the east but you're right I never see I never shot anywhere plane went down there and go no IC an where you stood just as stupid also maybe Daniel Jackson you go visit you might be on the lookout for people that are dressed like dry cleaning. Our I would be surprised I see somebody. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a place called that of defense fashion island. Thin it's it's called it the whole mall it's an outdoor shopping area called fashion island and it's all the fancy or really caught fashion that's what it's called. It's fashion island. Some of the locals call a fascist Ireland because well you know if they're kind of don't likes the because it's very very it's very conservative and Orange County mental note never go to Orange County. It's there's a lot of cool stuff about the o's are now hall at bat I am and it's do all the fancy stores in there like you were you name it it's there. They almost had to trick me into buying it's 280 dollar pair of pants when time Jack dude. You also upload it to the malls they don't have price tags on anything and I just and I need a nice pair of pants and they're great they're like. Customer service to three units out with water and everything in sight here yellow and they try to get you you agreed in those pants and you walk up at. 280 dollars at a news 280 dollars yeah I was I literally locked out there to carry me walked me around for me. You do fashion island is citizens knots. I want to their place and everybody looks like they just bought something from one of the fancy stores in night. I'm looking at myself going right up her jeans on I got a flannel shirt on like I'm dressed for Seattle. And I totally gonna do not belong in this place seek him out here whereas the target on national agendas no target on fast you get a teacher for 999 over there I think you get three if you even asked about a target confession out they'll throw you. Today's podcast is brought to you by bankruptcy attorney Travis Gagne and he's ready to answer your questions about bankruptcy. Travis is it true if you file for bankruptcy once you can't file again even if you file bankruptcy before you can almost certainly file bankruptcy again. Different types of bankruptcies have different time limits between fire. In chapter seven fold bankruptcy. He can only found shelter several once every eight years. 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