BJ & Migs Podcast 2-20-18 8am Scratch ticket for Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 20th

A guy buys a scratch ticket for his wife and wins $100k, list of the sexiest accents

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Well Valentine's Day is time for romance in the well of course the best gift is scratch off tickets that definitely for romance that's got a ticket. Yes. And I think it depends on the couple. Now I I did. A good chuckle that if my wife got me a lottery tickets or scratch off ticket yeah see I think if you give it to a dude it's not a problem assist when you know you usually with a life. Yeah you really have to decide and and she started getting upset which who has really he gave me this dumb scratch off ticket and she was pissed. Until she played it and 100000. Dollars hall how low. He now gap that's all he getter for the rest of life. I wouldn't of target and you wanted a diamond necklace for Christmas and I pearl necklace but you know. Here's scratch off ticket yet here's Cynthia and her husband Don talking all about this. Yesterday it was Valentine's Day and my husband gave me a gift of a Scott Joplin and Qaeda that's really expensive but it. If sketch I'm 100000. Dollars. And. That's not realize and I'll get down via Israel Israel. I see and act usually use the word I would use the hundred dollars but to not be hundred. I always played ten dollars here. About that. I mean if you are in the world of scratch tickets ten dollars is a good investment. You know you can buy anybody a dollar scratching your baby he's playing always that he's always play the ten dollars and he really cares about it. And you know for him he's a site. This is for crimes he is the first time in title ethical heavily and Malia. You know she's pissed obviously want that that be fun and how to say it did this that you Spezza aren't your. Yeah 100000 dollars that's awesome. That is I am I mean what a great too is. Feign anything you know you open your eyes and there's a hundred large I mean this view that look at you like him. You mean most of the 80% oh yeah what does that that the conversation. IA IWWTI. Is split between like the whole failing 80% boy you're going to be a tough Huntsman that the 20000 dollar gift she just about yes that your wife is only getting its point GC we talk about you will we win lotteries and see you just want it all for yourself to do. Though. Competitive. The funding that like about that's why we can't I camp that the lottery reviewed together as a group you have replica that either go but it five field of those things cheap you know I know they're not that's why you should be buying in the first place have bought one yet that's because you haven't taken my lottery money which only bright early high. You address the voluble in the water I'm getting a personalized. To him on your hotel that's and a yeah he had no way we don't want and world hunger put on public give it to develop to get that belt. All right well these are true Americans. Enjoy these and I ultimate father Sunday. Was woody is doing directs. OK second ultimate father son dream girls third ultimate father Sunday kick ins she's OK you know what it's below everything other Sunday that are right this. That he. We're gonna go check out black panther today in core DX. Our our recommendations of these Steve makes. This your first for it yet to experience this is the first 120 yours is while yes all I can what you what you guys think of and for folks that don't know what the hell's a four DX theatre and why are we on cited its three. On steroids man you're the 3-D glasses but in your chair moves whenever you take action would dictate that it would need to move you could feel things on your back as well on your legs. If there's something that's a gust of wind dance fans that blow to your face. If you want if something gets it will water is cool watered it squirt you give it to you can choose not to have the water square yet again the one on the chair already in the arm rest but I suggest you do it that's like you would water their people shoot things in there and I was gonna throw anything Emulex sharp objects or bullets go land rights we apply fill it back in those situations like they have like this weird thing that hits that the back in your legs kind of weird music. I don't look at these it is it's Felix is gonna slot and against ankles it's pretty off the market if I could just. I ask that it's obvious my ankles all the time but I hope. It's a study that that that that's that's why Errol I don't forty experience. That's awesome that's the rest of the show world going to be going on Thursday. We're doing the the four DX as well. Well let me tell you a black panther. It's a 97%. On rotten tomatoes made 235. Million dollars over the four day weekend. It ain't it smashed expectations marvel didn't think he was gonna make that much and it still bothers him a lot but not that much so it's that I saw on Sunday in four DX first time seeing fortieth so epic. Am mattresses Leo love the four DX don't turn the water off. 00. Well yeah because that's right I I've I see the pre I've seen the under the trailer and is a lot of water and what kinda. Yeah members of the sub like entered for the accident Saturday best thing ever read side but out of four PX no I saw in the RP. X which is three the regal premium experience. But it doesn't have any wind blowing or anything like that in ancient times exactly right behind the times I need to see like this. But I'm glad to have seen it before the next I don't know how distracting you know wind blowing in things touching my legs are going to be. So I want to check it out before hand and it's fantastic. It is I'm so happy I'm really stoked negotiate again yeah fifth best opening weekend of all time when you think about the war the the movies that are the best opening weekend ahead of that. They don't open ended in either summer or December. This is a February movie that's what's really shocking about this. Those are ahead of it but all those movies opened up either in May you know may as short December's did you know the blockbuster season. February is not a time we expect this kind of thing so in a way that I mean obviously with the way that the markings but don't know and they had high hopes but. This is almost like and it's a throw it in the middle of the winter is it kind of a quiet season in this to see how it goes and and it's a smashing records it really is and and a and and not only just with the fact that it's a gorgeous movie everybody's talking about but it's well written well done and the African American community and it really really loves that finally here's a movie. That you feel like you can see yourself on screen and Jerry large from the Seattle times. Wrote an awesome article about why this movie is so important for the African American community just besides you know and and I had no idea I mean I just to me it's it's their legacy a fund marvel fills a marvel movie in a marvel character but after ringing juries are article. It may be thinking now I thought like that there was a throwaway character when it was for him when he was first introduced but now I'm thinking. Man I wonder if the impact of him being in the comics back in the seventies. Was just as powerful. For you know young African American kids reading comics because it was always white people comics and if this movie is the same effect that he is a black but it did when he was released by marvel in the seventies. I'm like while I totally missed that which of course what I am white I never had that issue of not being represented in comics I mean there were always people that look like me. And he says no comic character local it Parker I always thought I always thought a kind of with a little Peter Parker which are related to him adults and the like a thing look at it. As a culture. Upgrade your you know your Rebecca do look like you're the altar. This gets us a black panther Salomon Brothers awesome man nice humor some great action a pretty good underlying message. And some people wonder where there's a for the next unit is only one it is only a few in the entire country exits six and thankfully we have one here in Washington is that the meridian sixteen which is that the movie theater right by team worked here on C. Yes so we're excited to these and I checked in and out today black panther just huge huge numbers at the box office. And marble again. It's you know it's unbelievable. Home marvel continues. The MC you'll just continues to knock it out of the park it's tells you the marvel cinematic universe. Yeah audience. Some obvious Arnold content comic users at a reside bringing up his music is marvel. The place that marvel makes movies Sony makes movies you know so marvel studios has just knock it out of the park as opposed like twenty century fox and these movies and. There's there's success rate 97% on rotten tomatoes for action blockbuster superhero movie. And that's knots they just continue to go and that's just posted the biggest move would this year it's supposed to be the event will be disposed of their big movie and then debt pool. And this comes out of nowhere might it might be the best wanna do this season and how bout that. Aren't they are really crappy marvel characters that is what I say at it let's just see if we can make this successful yet called and the OK fair enough. Yeah you know I I hate to disagree with rev on this I'm I hate to agree with Providence because I never thought much of that man an inmate -- -- a guy that's that that they got another movie coming out do you think it was -- up -- make some room like at the marvels universe studio place and it was like had pitched five bucks we can make it to 200 billion dollar box office smash. Either that or guardians of the galaxy when they're like hey let's have a raccoon and a tree in a movie and yell that lowers talking tree yeah. And it's boiler unit does entry talks if it got the. Man well and other movie news we have to tell you that Sylvester Stallone. Is not dead. Dude I could get taxed all morning for people with everyone knows them you've rocky fan and hey did you hear that Sylvester Stallone dynamic though he didn't die my mom came storming into my bedroom last night. Real fake. So no diet I had a look at mom now. Now we're dead and actually yes social. I've dug unknown now he's still alive he you comedy. It would still alive. While I didn't know anything that was going on until I was audience to grant and yes I follow Frank Stallone it's almost of a fan I am a Sylvester Stallone but I frank on UNAIDS to ratify a frank Frank's losing his mind about stopping them like with the Posey all upset about. And apparently like this this. The rumors got to their mom their mom freaked out perhaps a second I can understand why outpace the family often here you are just trying to do what you do. And you're finding out that your your family member died on social media arm that in the news outlets because somebody picked up on this they said that he had prostate cancer cancer and and that's when he died of and you like all over social medium like you said Frank Stallone his brother was like OK no. No hole. I simply ignore the stupidity alive and well happy and healthy still punching a desert Sylvester did and and his brother frank he went on its agreements and all I got more to say. To dispel rumors that my brother Sylvester instead it says so meticulous I don't know what kind of the men didn't. Cruel and mind. Comes up with these stupid. Ridiculous things but these are people that are menace to society and really be your views us. So Stallone power goes. When Hussein definitely you know cut us. Peace. It wants him there for a bad but if it thank you Internet okay hold on site thank you regret this for that. Don't you spoke we're they act like they're from Billy all of a sudden that's what he sent them Rocky Balboa was from Philly. Also lessons along with the New York. It's Philly it's it's the only power on the all the sudden they would be able ball and you're from Philly yo 'cause you don't understand if not filling. Aren't there who apparently don't understand them like this loves to. Apparently are from Philly now. They're honorary Philip philadelphians are I guess the day. I mean I won't actually pay our bills 'cause I just love these ghosts but you don't. A stupid useless. Managed to society. You don't code is this. Equipment while a joke does athletes he's. I thought of that before posting pictures of soulless it's looking really sick apparently that they must be like screen shots or. Pictures ever taken on the set from ought Apollo creed two loss coming out all of that and apparently brought the always joke because you'll 'cause his sick is sick with that they can insert summits of the sun room so that's where they're getting novice at these pictures now they. Sosa solo still looks healthy. But Rocky Balboa is not doing too well. And again they don't. I can sort you can if you don't even know that they're not from Philadelphia. And act like they're marketing other Rockies not a real person to be OK art is everything that's who Sylvester Stallone is that his name he's really rocky. He might for the stage name mister rockets at this point though could. He spoke does. Gates. A Frankie. Operates loan I guess he looks awesome. That it decides I haven't seen the previews of you are I to see the pictures and an end in it's the son of a pop Apollo creed at the star of course creed. And he's taking on the son Ivan Drago who follow as Michael Jordan is that my three during Michael B Jordan yet she's Padilla you editors Dolph Lundgren in the back. Our. Guys that struggle aside that's fun I wonder if it they can't kill off. Earlier this. But he's got he's got cancer in the movie we'll hope Pete it. He better be cancer beats having elves he become relying pretty clever I could be cancer you beat Korea he can be he can do this thriller in the first creed movie he was battling something so it makes sense that he's going to continuously battling that it was they. Ollie I'd NC we don't need that hopefully is adjacent to kick in your thought that that there. Wrap that did it does this make you show opposite force goes like the Cousteau what would that be great track yet that art. I. It didn't do that men. Leo because yuck that's still on its. It. There is horrible as it wasn't the Internet said that Sylvester Stallone was dead. I appreciate that they've that patrols to get us that Frank Stallone in this video that was awesome. I'm and I February dubious celebrity when people do those debt since that's at some point somebody in your life is gonna hear about that it is him it's real and do those guys are look they're old. Yeah that the so they're not used to this and they've really not used to social media generation seventy ones yes he's probably just like you know like you have the what what the hell's this nonsense this Twitter that's what. You know and that's what's going bodies as late as it is right. What is this you useless the United States is right there yeah. I just love. The Washington Post of the greatest headline never for this story Sylvester Stallone is not dead at least that's what he says yeah we're still don't know investigate. Oh man. All right something else that happened in the world Hollywood Jamie Foxx was being interviewed by ESPN and walked off the sets. Why hey we got the audio you're gonna hear it at 817. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. That's good quite IK ISW the rock of Seattle. Who Jamie Foxx man. Walked off an interview with the ES PM on Friday. You saw an interview before the NBA celebrity all star game when they asked him about Katie Holmes. He took office headphones and ditch the interview here's the audio. The joint Katie Holmes played basketball Valentine a bit like the real love of basketball game. The three who isn't well I think we lost them. That it did he say. It's a bit like that bad of a collectively did you did you plays the bass awesome love in basketball so was he was was it. It was at like a you don't succeed where invite him they were theme against ago added Jim. Together on Valentine's Day. I think they were an item or might not yet they aren't these kind of weird because you know I mean we know they're an item I don't understand why be upset about that I don't know maybe. I don't know man I just the people we are did I do not want to tie their PR people that do not ask them about Katie Holmes made bad. Maybe. I don't know I think he could give him a lot easier to them like. All he had to say oh yen at Peter in basketball I don't know yeah I I I. That's why I was wondering do you think he took it the wrong way like he did she nobody said the did you play some love and basketball and a good loving I thought Chris whenever you're ready gadget laden. Yeah ball so it's their relationship it's like the worst kept secret in Hollywood it it's rumored to have an outcome I'm fed that they are but you see a difference Tom Cruise is that the prime thinking inside like if you think it is like I am there's a Scientologist Tom Cruise crack down on you in you get Scientology's Tom Cruise coming after you or you get Tom Cruise repelling off of the windows from your high rise to probably Olympia and these kind of Boston Mission Impossible now who is a movie that there's ebony Cadbury which conquers the youth academy we still afraid of them and they're very loving. Collateral that's a great movie now easy 90% of Steve tomatoes I don't know I haven't seen them what I. So everybody oh I didn't know I annoyed to CNN a lot going it's got 86 on bond tornadoes you care about that all right well that's a good start girl it's a great Jamie fox until yes Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise together all this is the problem is that where he is that where he stole Katie from dom was that they. Tom would give us the cab driver and Tom cruises that hit man. Eighties it is cad and things get crazy things decrease alike to remember the previews for this movie it's. And it's him he's all eyes nose is one of him to come on 2000 we hear that audio again again again it's what they say play basketball is ideal place to get some love in our love and basketball one. The joint Katie Holmes played basketball balance out there but the real love of basketball game. At home. Then he's. We can. I miss that part I I don't have necessarily the best way to handle it but man he's proud like yourself are an adjective that yeah. I love the I love the other announces responsive I'll see if there was let's. And you don't want man if you pairs that is the way I know you just say enough. In I get because UK I just walk away. These headphones and he's a little bit did reduces. We lost them he loved basketball man. The services. He. Another best was a movie reference. Always really. All right now CM I'm mad I didn't disease of love and basketball at the movie morons all I had no idea what Obama is this I don't know loving basketball football and basketball hoops. I think Omar is Jamie Foxx Haaretz is that him as the yes when was he upset that maybe you get the role that movie. Well that's the case man is eight homes and why you say love and basketball is probably transfer over late in there you know down times Dave basketball love and basketball this is probably trying to be clever I do that once in awhile. I I'll I. They must have heard it wrong or Jimmy does in my talk about his personal life that you're. Do that happens people are gonna ask you questions if you do media you just can't be that guy asking them like. Are you banking or anything. Coming in now. You may not that stick Jamie. I just say it's a Hollywood people you gotta stop doing interviews and with with the TMC generation within thrown cameras in your face that was not bad at all with the ideas being guided. He could have easily to him and I column flip flopping on this at first I was like okay whatever it and dot all the love and but now since I mean it is easily like Gavin and that's the funniest you know discount I've moved past it you gotta be prepared for that stuff for you right if if if you have a PR person that needs to like give the interviewers list of things that you won't talk about how placed into Hillary's ya yeah and I mean make what's the point. We had that conversation I mean we had a conversation Patton Oswald actually turn out to be really a conversation that was like Iran I should be doing his interview busy discussing just because he didn't like them. So the what do you do before if you don't like him you have to you. Charge of your own life much much if you don't want to. A one time it was oddly enough that's pumpkins and now back more most of the band back together and team Dion and Billy Corrigan Arab together again I remember one time get into an interview with TNT hot and Billy Corrigan was at a Brecher storm down your books from don't you can remember exactly when it was four but it was some some were evident recently done. All excited and a list of questions rate ago I was nervous because music is great opportunity talk to some couple guys a big fan of and the PR person like all of us you can question Jack chicken scratch type notes and and I. No no no no yup no in unspoken Adam and thick walls. Now even more nervous because you have basically told me I wrap right so I just say wall and it's kind of pulled up the paper and put it in my pocket Mike. Visibly flustered if I'm relatively new to doing interviews and stop and believe James come up in super nice guys and and and day. Ask something like I have editors are what's going on as it like to had a bunch of questions and our toll can ask any of them and I didn't I didn't come in here with any kind of I mean because donating some fatalistic notes. And he's able to receive questions and they've looked at the questions and answer them all by reading they just bottom and the PR person loses next. By you know and it made me wonder. How often is it that the celebrity does have won those things asked or their PR person is thinking for them because it was obvious that Billy James really didn't care yeah. And they'd see that these questions for anything we year ordered difficulty of the what was about Courtney Love it resonating negative. And it may end up having fun with it but that was really cool those. Stood on you do is I don't know if I would have admitted that that was what I just would try to go forward. At least you're honest innuendo and get some cool stuff I know what else did too bad because they dig literally to said nope nope nope yep nope. Headed back to me. And then james' ability showed up I had no time to prepare for aiding and that's the yes yes yes that day he writes Steve I I do wonder whether or not depressed people just make their own decisions and take. I'm in charge I want this to go a certain way and and the talent has no idea what's going on whether you're so worried that they don't wanna have their talent be set and then that might. Look bad on them you know they might be over it I don't I don't know what it would be like to be handler for. And he gets ethical celebrity. And hey here's what I did it you know eat sometimes like doing press. That's part of the job and there's things in life that you know they're great jobs out there but there are things that every great job that you don't wanna do and these guys don't wanna do irritate me means that all you want to promote your product you own a pretty sell your book or sell your movie. But you don't wanna come on to talk about it you're going to be jerk about it Eartha situations if you signed a contract that says yes I'm gonna make 25 million dollars for this movie a part of my obligation is to do Pratt's. And then you decide you know what do you press that's really blame if on the movie exact subject no app that that part of that money that we gave you was that you can go out and sell this will have to figure out if you didn't say it wasn't your contract you decide never to do precedent you know what you. You can live and die by the fact that maybe people go see your finger -- record of doing and that's fine but if you if you made an agreement with the people that immunity agreement with you should stand you should stand by yeah I don't have a problem with somebody who doesn't wanna do it but it's the one that does it. And and acts like a jerk while doing it because they. Because they don't wanna be there's a law to do it's not my fought urinating it then you know just say no to your people and have yet to say yes and you know what man up. Get it done and also state the headphones off and walk off Oscar hit a couple of to reduce them yes yes it does a bang can feel sorry about that. I'm man got the tenth sexy sax cents in the world. Which I think America stands top ten sexy assassin who do we would think we are number one. No sorry we're not number one we've been in the top ten yet we're in the top ten. Before applies if you think you once up big problems in the Olympic spirit ma'am I'm happy with America right now being in sixth place and it is tough thing. Yeah that is you know the need to step it up we we the problem not stepping enough where we're where we're actually down to a wells and it would be all currently. No we're not number one we're not even the top five or six we are not even numbers six and yeah we're number eight. Yeah Abbott this it's the same survey that we're weak that's found we had the second sexiest accent survey did a couple of years ago now we've dipped all the way to number eight. I'm curious of what they are and if were able to do those accidents. OK okay this one here is and we'll house the first one as you okay what is it English. I'll our annual gala on front iron a man and if you better. We want to mindless action. Some experts. Does anyone is still your spotter of the regional television all attempt I bet you try to think you can poke in the British accent and the nasty beating them. Now what can you do with Steve and future diamond president who works and Ellsbury you. You call anybody exactly at the work outside of mine oh I think we'll look okay at least he knows are collectively hear clearly mind's going to be to arsenal today I would say Vicky first you're second ranked third group. And I'm honorable mention on executive pay eight. Yes off ice. Parlux. All right never to his French oh we leave. Blue lights of a bridge for us evolved. No really that's not that's Italian with a hand doing icy blue playing French. Yeah you. How different treaty it's I can't do it. Continental films. Like that I can only think Matt and now and again typical Spanish I can't do anything that sounds to close the Spanish. Well we really like your graph. To win at the people's home just really grown for much. Of the about the big cheese. Yet yet you are the little fish eye and the BT's ISO Tibet read. I tried my best pick in the view enough you. On your solid third place. Now we are very anti French I again I enforce. That's the second sixty sex and how about Steve you should get this Italians the third. L get over inherited so plus the and that's. That's Michael the months ago yeah that's Brooklyn let's look at that but that it. Can't use the units of Brooklyn access them that way. I predict you ready got a. And the outcome that he can handle it like nothing so much other lab. That's not too bad and I'm trying to erase. If she would be a good time and be wary kind of talking announcements and analysts' I don't know if the drive down the sidelines of their on this list are just gonna have to skip yes I agree I should be able to do and its minuses and then. Like it goes as I don't know about yet because that's slap you in the face. It's because I've left my father and one thing you probably had metal locker room and get a shot up. It's that. On the day of my bottles but yeah. I don't do it and it's been there. And my damn Mike I'm Muslim. And analysts must. Well this rogue element and I and I some hail god father. Got them with the ball it's. Not like I don't think Tony Soprano of the. Battalion. That I don't. I don't pay any luxurious the and I've read what you. Audio only he doesn't of the princess okay that's the that's. OK let them first again you know thanks Sandra Guzman in the going to Bangkok from Dario run maybe not bearded man with Max number of floors Irish accents. You can do it that's the fourth sexy sax and Irish look to jobs. And I had enough. Does that that was just magically delicious the there and you're pumping your. Luck of the Irish felt they'd. Or leave taste. The anguish. At night atop of the month he passed in Texas is the exact intermittently if you know of. Online and looked at arms and in its via. Yeah softly. Missed some stuff how are you employ a as thoughts about that and again I have seen in my name a five I'm not giving a little bit of a broad. Did you. While. They ask how old I beat the rat that I get a bronze yeah I do have been it didn't. No act. I don't think now. In the medal but I still believe in US TE I bet you better be able to do number five to see you probably can't pin number five because you told me when you travel to this country they thought you were kind of like a gutter rat yeah with you with the way you speak speak Spanish it's been Spanish. Yes playing on it. They have the all that I found about on eighth inflate would you have hit it left field. Tech break I think your Spanish and nowhere is that Mexican Spanish gas X I think it's a lot sexier than what you just did whether that no they didn't think they're all that but they really felt funny now. I guess a regular Spanish speaking. Into the fifth and. OK I have to say that might be number one and if you if you go by that that's going to be number one sexiest accent thank all of made almost a bond. Don't dance tunnel port they Donyell. With the naked in that region and not or they rocket Merle about direct echo it's me. Yeah I know. And I. Wonder if I go. It is still mine. It's like they Macs that each and eggs and AM. Minus is for days about it. And little. He's an avid about the volume were Vicky is gold silver and bronze on that one Gonzales. Well they go in and Scottish Australian. American Brazilian and Japanese. Japanese I haven't heard good sexy Japanese I choose not to do not yet know. I just got finished. Is that what do its next. They get that and I Suzanne if there's any not any day. As adults these accidents only get drunk Marge Simpson asked. I'd just leave popular my mom and I'm laughing so hard to get beat the top of it tying acts of all the time that from Aaron. It's funny now that this is radio goals yet it is funny though that we we we've everything we've done and we would get in trouble if we try to do a Japanese accent. That's just the way we are as a culture right now because it out it'll be looking like you're being very mean it is weird that there are certain actions that. But he made one day though it's gonna get to apple that you never know you're right I won't be able to do what I wanted to Mike I wrote the song is like continue to do my Irish accent oh yeah its own dead on how to get older and developing grandfather and yes yet. I you know what I would be interested to hear a good sexy like Japanese accent because they're saying its number ten sexiest and I don't think of Japanese accents of being as being sexy think of like like the really soft spoken in my if you think of Asian born. All. Year you were you know. Like Mary and I don't know I hear you you've painted a picture detective members some of these videos on Madison amendment you're right those are sexy. You guys one tech gossip and time. I think that that's that's sexy I TC Japanese and my Japanese accessed via video that's gonna get you. That's that's curve jail right now and that's just that the porn dealer as a war to date on I don't think it's weird. I guess they per boil over here he got this one no and again the throne to Aerostar gearan is known as the mother of why. Mother of children and mother nature of doubt it mother of two or hurt I. Tariffs. Yet he did his job it is not as a drag and sound like it's not just like that that honor. Norris shot at beating Steve yet you've got it to. 06141. Rock. To play being made it 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from a listener how long is that bankruptcy going to affect my credit ratings. Of course most of the time by the times. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy the credit concerns. He's taken a huge head coach after Simon's going to affect him more negatively than chapter thirteen. I'm chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you file it usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal range in chapter seven case cover your crew will start to recover even in chapter seven after about a year. You'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before I hear cases even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 masters for your credit to get back in the normally sort chapter thirteen looming your credit gets better. Much more rapidly. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.