BJ & Migs Podcast 4-16-18 6am R. Lee Ermey passed away

Monday, April 16th

Remembering R. Lee Ermey, Las Vegas Golden Knights continue to dominate L.A. Kings in hockey championship.


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The former marine who played gunnery sergeant Hartman in full metal jacket oh wow yeah he died Sunday of complications from pneumonia at 74 years old yeah. And his to a stricter character opened up the 1987 film and you may remember this yelling at the new recruits. I'm gunnery Sargent art when you think you're a doctor I'm now. On we will speak only once spoken to and a first the last word got to hear filthy Stewart will. Sir you maggots understand that. Yeah he wasn't even he was associate consultant and moved to India and eventually won a role in it and of course senator Golden Globe recognition for it. Yeah I wasn't he when he. He wasn't really meant to be a character that made him iconic character. And amenities of the old sound board for your prank people would sound boards on the computer yeah this was. One of the best sound Boortz if you voices like a jackass so he had such a memorable character and of course he had a lot of great lines and movie like this one. Are. And I think that's correct yeah. And. That open and I sit at the first and a full metal jacket a great come from beginning and but the first. I I'd say about 40% of that film the whole basic training. To be one of the greatest. First forty minutes of a movie ever there was ever any kind of distinction for a yeah you can't argue with that amid the rest of it's really good but you really can't top what was going on the beginning of that movie may or may not wanna be in the military all that. Yes no doubt about it and maybe have a lot of respect for my brother my father who weren't military. And also gave everybody ammunition bay pitchers terms without any to get carried away your friend you refer to him as a pile for awhile yeah. Yes that's and of course the numb nuts and hand them I think that's we also article on him but he numb nuts at that point if we if we had before that was a new name that you look at the history of numb nuts and let's find out if that is true. Do you want to go I mean I feel like I don't think he was the first one to say it I think we all started saying it pretty down after heated. Where that it's strange term when you're really the idea. I guess that means they only can't get it done. Origins 1970. All walls NASA is a little earlier that tandem with the movies tell you who first coined the term dominance. I think anyway I think this Freddie Freddie was the first guy Freddie from the Bronx. I could me. They can be I was fan I don't we have such an honor that's assigned there as quoted by William megs yes Billy. Billy megs on his son Stevie. No I'm not steal them. First seven men in the Bronx in 1970 Brooklyn. At Brooklyn and the Brooklyn my numb nuts but then that's. Yes so I Yardley. Arlene Germany again who played gunnery sergeant Hartman. Danny Harmon full metal jacket died Sunday of complications from pneumonia at the age of 74. And deathly iconic character. One of the most like characters I would say. And wonder if he ever thought that was going to be his life. You know the median iconic movie character and then that was the also like a sergeant in nom. He was the voice of one of guys not Toy Story yes yeah and I think it was the sarge character sergeant will never he called woody and on the stuff. Non should've frowned upon and about what nets in the public has has made it would maybe where it would nets. Look at the historical significance of what not. But I did find how I kind of came to be its natural evolution from the term non ahead. Number hadn't had never heard anybody to call to none of what is it that number is way cooler and yet it's which has used non has been used since the eighteenth century. And I think you also claimed it you know unless I got Kenya and I was the first number ten in the eighteenth century. Now they referring to the numb hand on the topic here is topping your body or are in the middle of your body. It doesn't get that descriptive I got it started as the top. And then some sophomoric. Eighty make me there's only go on my lines would then make you go from that had to the other side I do good sometimes you co. All your head in that. You know like you can you give me vertically like you know I I I I I bang my not a right on might not know sound nog and maybe I'm in Kenya. The both a mom first missile peanut head but that's because Matt had received a cup you know I was born you rely on the head. And you became numb nuts. They all worked up fervently wanted to get numb nuts their minds at the time Steve and the guys that icy hot on icy hot on the that was not now that wasn't -- now that's. Occurred with the theory if there was ever the opposite opposite of number that's what it was. Witness nuts roasting on an open pretty much also in his section related to him by marriage. All I Harley army and I went to a family reunion got to meet him real standout guy very nice. The first mother and saving Silverman. Oh he was in that awesome reason you don't maybe it's a numb skull. Pete all numb skull of course yes nom head numb skull that makes some reason we've had this exact number that's conversation before high I don't remember that. Yes deja Vu moment for them or just stupid to have you I forget a lot but I thought both. Seeing you you use eleven united remember certain commerce issue that you know I don't remember this at all. Remember a number that's conversation I've we've come a season similar to that is really isn't. Of those and then you are you in BJ kinder members to use 100 years ago. Whatever this you know what this that maybe we did that seat you know we may be a start to have memory loss to slightly. We're not a hundred years old. Doesn't matter it's catchup all yeah on the glitch in the matrix hero fool me you know. Gluten gluten. Mace can expand us there's is a unit of our sales destitute greatest paranormal radio host of all time Yahoo! dot over the weekend you and that's true you know I mean grammys I was at that paranormal paranormal and the label thrown on him but he was on the radio for a long time and creating quite a news from self. Do we know he died maybe got addicted by aliens and he didn't back could very well be back we don't know these things 72 years old now term national coast to coast a great career with Arthur Allen he was definitely. He was if you are an X-Files fan and you and our belts and vice Versa. And then I mean men so we are now that you always that you would have been for the third and apparently director Romulus form and I'd also 88. What does he do mules Foreman and once there over the coo coo coo whose hall whoa yeah vs Larry Flynt wow man on the moon. And immune system movies yeah. And what a weekend Amadeus. Yes I am. A part. Nat suggests that that's that's that's interview there. About as much as I know about Amadeus in telling you man. That's. Okay this is not how mean those who wanna be remembered I feel like he would you feel like this what you want all the great stuff he's and he wants you to do. That's on. Ms. Falco that that. Hall to your right. Greatest songs ever written particular with a look up Falco and numb nuts and see if there's a connection that is that you see a picture of me. That's it. Already well speaking of incredible tributes of course that was Steve it was not but there was an incredible tribute to Chris Cornell over the weekend. Steve tell all about Scott news four at 617. In the eggs in the morning. Rock 99.9 KI ESW. And I point nine KI SW the Iraq. Of Seattle. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language unfortunately scared off. Any available this early in the morning. This is news weeks teammates. But thanks guys they think he had golf giving us news and sports not. An amateur read this breaking into work today. It's national Wear your pajamas short day. Speaking of all people be doing that unkind I'm playing my damage awards of annihilating that's the Yemen you are wearing your. You're wearing shorts over your lightning can't subtly showing up at any time. Okay. About women's fashion and I stopped asking people if I stop that okay. My questions are over the defense rests at a C three people wearing no insurance executives are you I'd go to people where. I know Vijay and only here it is a little. It's in Tulsa area and this. But is that if you haven't see any lines that it doesn't even want to beat but don't that there is there way to fix that's why I don't winner and he's on board stuff. I thought there was like a specialty who wears it shall pay any lines out of all sorts of good for anything. Pajamas all day raining cool pool club again now. Mark Islamic calendar for next year sorry buddy Billy fail us sorry guys yeah. Let's talk what a pretty awesome moment that rock and roll off hall fame ceremony which was recorded on Saturday the rock and roll hall fame ceremony will show on HBO on May fifth. But people of course were inducted like Bon Jovi the Moody Blues the cars dire straights need to Simone sister Rosetta Tharp. I they're all now official members of the rock and roll hall of fame the one of the coolest moments that happened. Always went up a couple of music icon jump up on stage to pay tribute to the late great Chris Cornell. Yet. Get out out out Jerry can't tell from Allison jeans and Wilson of heart they give up on stage and did an incredible. Rendition of sound garden black hole sonogram and a minute of Ecstasy ads could really just. Captured the essence of just hearing and Wilson sing this song. It's basically just wanted justice to them singing it and this is like a cell phone recording but I may fifth of course we'll get the better higher quality version but really. I mean it doesn't matter what kind of recording is that you could use here just the beauty is in Wilson's voice with discrete sound McChrystal and me. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Again I don't hear that performance on May fifth along with everything that's attacked him with a rock royalty on HBO. And do she is becoming to go to for any any song that you want song and haven't paid version of it and Wilson they just bring her up and say we'll have her sing stolen my fear Alex many many many years ago announced its first got back together and it inevitably seen recently did a show over analogies it was called. Is that merely the Phoenix it's now a shoebox so though. And then a light meter Jean king came off west puddle of mud flat with bad damage fumble went when she came up and came up and they didn't Brewster it was just goosebumps it. I mean Jesus got those pipes that should this man. On the world of sports mariners not lost a tough one yesterday to the one great great outing by king Felix but it just wasn't enough when you only score one run. The man Marron and I'd look at them good though I mean again 85. Yeah they had they won the series yeah yeah absolutely up next is the Houston Astros and Mets at Safeco Field tonight you can go to game night at 7 o'clock Ari watch some sports. C ops making some big moves what's going and I have what's happened behind this morning just tenacity out beside Austin Davis their backup quarterback and others of good quarterback battle. For the backup spot between Austin Davis and Stephen Morris but also news came out over the weekend out I think it was on Friday when they announced that Sebastien genachowski. Just got signed going to be possibly the kicker for the Seattle Seahawks while former Oakland raider he's dead he's you know he's in his forty's but. You know from this will be interesting the first time in seventeen years. I'll be kicking in the place and that's with the Seattle Seahawks is a tough stadium to kick and I hope he's going to be okay that's right sound is gonna teach you drop vs Kansas City got congratulations to the average silver tip on the wing near series. Against Portland and now I'm going on. Take on tri cities that all starts up on a Friday for the Western Conference finals. Well those guys here we go and speaking of hockey how about those biggest golden knights again this is their very first year in the NHL. One of the best teams are from the team that's team. Going into the playoffs and now they're up three games and nothing in the around there at the Los Angeles Kings beating him three to two last night so this season. Right means that they sell got to win one more but still still we want to start to lose a franchise plus a lot of art almost just this way that the devils are starting that you know what what are you shut up to the poster down two games is out there. There at home tonight an all time they're out. And I'll just drop me an already tight Cory Schneider taking Kate and you're stupid teams up you do to nothing sealed off who bought the pomp and O'Brien's. Yes go Bruins. I as far as whether 49 degrees and some rain. Man that's how it goes by. Meanwhile in in our division we are all worried about the Astros and though we thought we were gonna look at the angels the angels one of the best teams in baseball now. And the death penalty on the right exactly does suck now it doesn't suck. And so far they are they're doing really well but we'll see. There's one of the two best teams in baseball taking on each other this week and hopefully the Red Sox and knock the angels down so we get some ground on the west. Nice in a way in L it's nice to see is an eight and five. And cruises comeback just got taken off the disabled list see that's another big thing on nine muscle stick it in there I mean and he would and bad forget about. This. I'm Mark Cuban you know this guy owns the Dallas Mavericks he's not shark tank yep recently did an interview where he shares what was one of the best parts is that he ever made. In airline ticket. But it's no ordinary ticket this happened back in 1981 time she had money even back then. American Airlines is in deep financial troubles so to get a quick and flesh of casts an influx of cash they'd reduce the unlimited. Double A air passed which provided customers with unlimited first class travel for life goal. There were no restrictions and you could take as many first class flights to weigh it wherever whenever your heart desired. The unleaded pass even allowed passage earned flier miles blob that's amazing. The president it was cheap the it was cheap 250000 dollars back in 1981 boy Mark Cuban had cash. And he must realize hey I'm offline and all this Mark Cuban. 81. I think he's I think he's in my they do so he was how he goes to go and how he just look at least 59 years old he looks bad for me was this at 23. As he did at one of three years solely at 250 grand throw around that he Democrat Tom McKnight all like that dot com right now or or read text not yeah 1981 I don't know what the hell's going on ninety went lies in 82 he moved to Dallas and was a sales person for a business opt where uses software retailer. But. Other than that it just I indeed. How old he started his own company macro solutions with support from his previous customers. And that's what kind of that was an 82 so an eighty put a handle this and him he must have been doing really well there's a guy who's attempted it was on this. Pippen Cuban one house tour 50000 dollars it cost to buy this unlimited first class ticket and you could buy another ticket for an additional 150 grand if you want to I was such a cheap message about both only 28 people took advantage of the deal. And my old one of them as a lot of money from the so. American Airlines realize that they charge too little for their omelet unlimited airfares they up the price of 600000 dollars or two passes in 1990. Then increased the price to a million next year yeah I guess there's a few guys like super rich of course who could afford that but the work I completely taken advantages that usually date trips you know. My guess is go over to France first class. And Arnold over a year and there is like oh man we really should charge more because these people are raking in. The now. Matter of fact that it got so bad they start selling the element of air passed in 1994 going nevermind adapt to honor yeah they do are paid the money. This is like Mark Cubans got a lot of though because that was a Smart move I would never thought that'd dropped 250000 but. To be able to travel in comfort everywhere you go I mean I got bumped up yesterday by Alaska he is so it is. It's guys. How come when I was in the exit last its new ones coming down of those people next to me it was weird because as they they went through though the spiel tool less. Now look at the guys running out. Where your nose and nose they did find humor and really you see refuses to Wear here that's. We are we're future hero he's never know I'll because he'll be opening the door although wanted to edit and the middle looked legitimately terrified to be flying when we take we took off. The music publishing teams can go back and forth like you didn't like the whole. Flying privately doing the exit row seats but the guy I feel safely no horse they had me. Oh yeah I think mostly before we took off you're gonna ask you don't hear. Yeah that's it and how you can open anything previously phenomenal player that's all I don't imagine I'd wake up if all of a sudden like ass is going now we do to pull the lever I've seen you look little groggy I don't know if you're the guy and you know. Well it's not yet watching my show yeah. I was curious how much it would be in because of inflation everything today that ticket 250000. Two day hasn't seen buying power as 7171000. Dollars is a Smart man. Again he's 23 years old he had that much cash. I can tell you 'cause I was I easily couple years older than me. There's no way even if I why I couldn't buy stock in Microsoft have been it was Tommy do that act that I could even do that. I didn't have enough don't do anything and he now one of winner in. I just can't go to fact that he's 59. You see he's mean he's he looks amazing I don't know what's going on Israeli must have some kind of magic powers asylum while he's got a monitored by a one right thing he does the stress out over any thing solid point probably gets a little plastic surgery but gets it done right you know so it doesn't look like he's had plastic surgery told me he was 49 or even 45 years old I would I think late forties I would believe it I thought of in his forties yeah. But he's almost sixty yeah holy bull. And you look at me I mean a guy in the golden and he knows that's Alex he's older than me but I totally local food aid us. Yeah. We are trying to accurately punching some crazy weird stuff and he's got some stuff like and it goes over it yet this them. Third World nation and they just do some sort of ease in which doesn't essential stuff all give the special stuff. It is free flights a week ago whatever it that's good point. And go get that witch doctor to be back I would abuse the privilege well that's what he's doing right. Because it me you know he's played a lot of days so yes it makes it's it makes a lot of sense back and is easy was like on traveling a lot. And he travels probably much well as volume is a private jet and a busy. I would grab your yap Jack why would you need what you got first class where every wanna go forever I agree with that but at some point what a waste of money I well for a business decision they probably got that he probably got his in his money's worth and I don't know what American Airlines if a QB give your seat to somebody or buy tickets for summit in that I don't know but. Now it might be more inconvenient to travel when the plane travels like with your private jet you can lift off when you want to as opposed to I gotta take at 4 o'clock flight are now I got away from 7 o'clock flight. The American Airlines have a lot of flights they do blitz O Joseph Bob's airlines and all of us don't don't and welcome Joseph Bob ousted but you know the seat could be sold out you can't get the exact what you want innovations socially first class seats to buy. That take advantage is that when you need to go for the most part I would be used net debt free flight ticket. Apparently he purchased his first jet in 1989 for forty million dollars as he has at least giant these guys it's stupid person I'll tell he's so stupid that Mark Hughes but you're right it. Or buts about it. Or is it out dissent is terrible. At making ice or something billion but apparently as she more planes but he brings them out. Ruthie and makes money outweigh that is worth billions he has planes that you travel and he wants on his schedule red cell the other placement Steve you're a better man because Europe. Exit row heroes eight point seven billion dollars is what he's on the three point seven billion. Yeah he's so stupid Steve he's more it's the only three things that he could be formed billions and he's playing his cards right and how is this is an icon he's TV star. Yeah I mean he's money your favorite shows. And I and he's one of my favorite guys on my favorite show a lot of shark tank and actually dig Mark Cuban a lot like he's actually seems like a really reasonable and a cool guy on match. And in the past if you present that back when he was two in particular an image shows and some reality show them way before shark tank. On camera with Ellis but he was so great davis' email. Him right back when it right one mom for whatever reason like to do was just. A solid idea for your ride in his plane did it via some news. A solid counties that great. Anyway what if you give your ride his plane and he's a great guy he puts you in the seat reserved for heroes are you talking about the benefactor. Sat out back in 2004. And so that I just started a month away. On Friday Steve he did get this one right part boiled and sunny side up or ways to prepare what the parents. But produce a hero the job at eight. You know. Yeah I shot at beating Steve you've got a 206 fortune one rocked played Pete takes 647. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question from a listener. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help what back absolutely one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have a judgment or a lawsuit against them. Further wages are being garnished. And so they can pay their bill other regulars aren't going jolts. People sometimes think that you can't file bankruptcy once they have a judgment against them or want to garnish the stock has started and that's not true. Filing bankruptcy will immediately stop any punishment that you are going to except for child support. 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