BJ & Migs Podcast 6-19-18 8am Millenials becoming Sugar Babies

Tuesday, June 19th

A large percent of millennials say they will be a sugar baby for $1,000... You can now own JR Smith's jersey from epic game 1 of NBA finals 

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If you are sugar daddy or even sugar mama and this new study you know you be happy about this turns out that 14%. Of millennial say they will consider becoming a sugar baby. And get this just for a quick thousand. A thousand dollars and they'll be issued a baby mama we talk of any enemies sugar daddy have been assured me before it's a one shot deal because in other words of your hooker. Young and escorts are Akamai and the Yad correct phrasing man plus. Allowing inflate my had a friend who was a shaker baby shoes tell me all about it wanna need get into it. Sometimes they have weekly or monthly allowances plus guests please tell me is a website called sugar babies. There should be right. You are you have to be a relationship because you got to lately you're right Steve you gotta be careful because it can be considered prostitution so you guys have to be a thing yup. How that go for her she did it once and then she found a girlfriend decide to quit. I'll pass on radio so she gets explored as much as I wish she couldn't because I was here how much was her allowance she tell you won't want the guy she was talking about Chile. Did stuff with one guy but the other guy she was talking to before she broken off was in a giver like a couple thousand a month couple vows less on gifts that didn't count money since she won again. Els stunner haired designer Jules courier whatever she liked as gets how much older was he than her in Q as fifties and she's about my age. And I apparel and radio pays for actually not have a working. You think they'll look like I'm Jeremy. Nassau and Tennessee economy guy maybe he's very successful on the winner Hilary could be an attractive guides as that time did you did dating thing but want to have a companion. And maybe just wants Sony you just have slammer cursory which every night. So that's V does that would be me because of all of a sudden I was in relation anymore I've got over thirty over 35 years invested in my wife right I just would want to companionship I don't why I don't know I wanna do it I yeah I don't offer could do that hole all my gosh we're going to be a couple kind of a courtship yeah. 300000. Dollars and some jeweler in go to slam count yeah and some they have multiple flake you know you can have multiple girlfriends and have different situations like. My friend situation and the guy had what he called his eighties and Allah is it how he's the daddy and the girls were their sisters so is that kind of fetish. And Steve were in the wrong business now I'm finally in the business out of its eyes that's business that's creepy family affair and now I daddy used a movie. The news is you're allowing loans that's crazy though I mean Amanda that sounds creepy so mad maybe I'd have to guy I would like to change the wording yes sell your article that he. You know but I I like the idea you know if if I'm single and edit my agent I don't wanna get into a big big relationship again and I. I'd rather just have the companionship. These votes poppy Saddam's. You know I once somebody. Honestly this iPad might just under the religious laughed and yeah. The analogy of doing that. You regularity by copies advance. Don't get caught up yet we HBO when he's so that's my son's lights out right now I think he likes that he would like to be a sugar daddy if you had a caddie he know he would be easier baby. Yeah I do that if you go with an older woman when Jeff depth and only allies good pleased is that I'll let them enough may. Ouch I think I got my drug it's when he years so fifty age fifty us about what the lentils are doing. Ya and Nolan meals are more likely to consider the old sugar baby outs in the generation nexus or baby boomers which makes it's not a noble really get the stats on this but I wonder how many each Milan meals. Our escorts. My rule. Well being but single deals are you know their their their twenties early thirties. It's it's interesting I mean how many forty plus escorts you figure out their age forty plus escorts. On I don't know about that yeah now I'm thinking more Mullen Il's late twenties and thirties yeah that's saying yeah yeah that would anatomy for you going to generation next you're going upper thirties and above as far as the H Wright rants on the lake mid twenties I wonder how many girls. Our escorts Ambien do I mean we know people. And they can be escorts for all we. I mean with Wright is a land the Internet we have a lot of girls that are you know cam girls some like to keep it private some girls are very open about it so how many people you're myself online from I think what's the next thing you know I mean and as a lot of girls that do that and I sat sat premium stuff might infer X amount of dollars you get access to their sensors that Jack well we have what some crazy videos and stuff. And we myth that grown Vegas that's she's got a she's got her cites him speechless ya yeah you can pay to see news we yeah you can't yet so you it is her and you another girl that was my massage therapist had no idea she was in new model. Hole I I only found out and I only found out because she passed away. And then people started posting stuff when they host the Newt's no they posted her name are deciding it's that's how we wish him well allies on chatter out I would be all of our. Here's what I what I east was weird I mean telling viewers massage therapists and and I went back to my place and they said yeah you know what you can't have anymore bookings with our and I Cutler what I do now. A guy and bleachers arrested and they said no she got her she passed away and they wouldn't they too big and they didn't saying about anything so I had to go hunt around. So I just did a search. Auburn game and all of a sudden this whole world opened up of her nude modeling and my only got no idea she was and decent look at the pictures. I mean they were there. A Micah they were just they just popped up as a unfair yeah but I mean that's you right you don't know who's doing what. Yeah I just wonder about somebody get me some lights on could be doing that snapped at thing in an Elvis and so I was like hey you know sodomy giving you. Hundred bucks a month. Well I don't even know whatever it is about ideas you this much a thousand bucks a month. But I get to see you in person. Yeah. Yeah I don't do does that does that mean if you of people that cash is a lot they do that that you know something Google okay if that's one of your money and proceed easily ranches around here I don't know if hooker in a second I I say that the Seattle did it where I was considering it would my friend was doing her now being any sicker baby off. Different Steve my dad he went to dinner with these guys it's to love you say it's different really is. She is much essential right. Being like I can be escort yeah. You know just sitting there watching TV you know doing dirty stuff like you. And they just like it happened again an allowance. But yet you still have to look like you're a relation of the Pope welcomes gone. Mean inactive because it's a fine line yet you better be like you know spend some time together have its business editor display yeah that's it what causes do you really thought about this stuff how annoying would it be to date most not all make you don't yell mean malign deals I would hate them to galway who I think that's kind of what it is that you wanna be with him just because you're young and attractive men. See for me I would probably go mid thirties and I can even do lower forties because you're right still like half your age exactly yeah everybody is and that you don't thing and I'm the annoying young person factor I think the texture makes a good point so. I hope there's some women nobody's annoying bad. Oh yeah you have never Miette at a point as am IC and you don't know that. Overall colonials are more likely most likely got to borrow money from their parents so that's accent it. So I'm really if if there's no parent like who can help the kids out I can see we gonna be a sugar bay because it's. There there is no money formal O'Neal's today I add talked about it before. The entry level job price you know what you get paid. I mean some people are making what I mean when I was entry level that we know thirty years ago and it's not it's in the money's not there. We have a story about tipping right now Anderson at the tipping world as is being affected greatly because of money on meals because it in some theorize that the reason why is it the colonials can't afford to tip. But they still a lot eat and do things that typically in the past we've known to tip people for. And they're just not tipping point or tipping very little and it's it's it's. It's it's way different and now we were you able it was getting a bad reputation for being terrible tempers were like you said Steven really isn't their fault I mean they don't have a lot of disposable income. So two thirds of them are tipping less than 20% at restaurants. And whereas people who I have to people over the age of 38 they're doing the full twenty yet. And what they are more in typically. If it's really is terrorism that we above 20% about this 10% embezzlement escorts had. Mowing grass which you better tip goes down it's worse because nobody knows of running up bills the thing yeah and you know you pay for the silence. Assistant secretary of well it that way too easy while the hiring apparently pretty casual. It this is sparingly for himself and house. Updates right. Hope Barack. You rule you make a very good. Thank you. Gentlemen and nobody. Yeah how about 10% all meals tipped nothing. A law don't go if you don't tip dude that's they've got Baghdad and that's what they do and manages to. And Tom Campbell and uses a lot of services that didn't have the options of tipping like shopping online so they're learning that you don't tip for what you want. There is because of doing a lot of online stuff. Try to bring you an idea so that I know they have someone serving you some stuff. Got you sucked like to rail along all the elements it's Iraq it's there we just as a parent and I can. Argue that's hard. Yeah I'll walk into god he's responded to not a tip people. I can see how many of the millennial that were surveyed have ever worked in the food industry can they feel like a lot Natalie I know that worked in restaurants. They hit the appropriate amount or more because they know what it's like. You're right Vicky Caceres it will is the same way and the the both of you guys are guys I watch you guys and we have another for an amber who is also working in and when you guys are out to restaurants are really very conscientious human nature people get taken care of but if people don't. How would they now will you were in the restaurant Carl's do you recall thinking that while millennial as a team are cheaper. Keep tempers are keepers. I end to end and the boomers are general right generation. X I felt like when I was working it was to the very young the 21 Urals which is probably the younger not the millennial but the one on after us. They sometimes are kind of batted tipping colonials are pretty decent but I feel like there's a match a majority of the people would come into the restaurant. Were also in the end it industries so. OK I was taking care of older people you know kind of Famer average but I did have two young ladies who are proud probably my age coming for drinks. And like Aaron we just something with soda water this Natalie kind of catering to have mixed drink as cheapest possible. And then broke sorry don't have money to check on the receipt. Why already signers of the company and I think it's like brownie OK sorry it's like really that just. Right for you order it like a double tequila with soda water and like made a monoline. Congratulations. Estimates as if he can't afford to tip you can't afford to go out to eat. Now here's what I would do and I would start if if I didn't have the cash. I would negotiate with the server like if you're at the bar and say look sex thing no no matter what why do you always gonna go there are talking cash okay here's the thing and I'm freezer assay Elisa I wanna ask you tip it's like if I'm modify he'll look Vicki I only have so much money and I wanna get a drink from a can't afford drinking and tip what do you think if I give you good tip DT did you give me a drink that somehow now that he couldn't do that. I had people check pulling down on me we have these guys coming in. And you're complaining about the prices are drinks he's a well. It's like can you give me a shot you know it's a Kagan again shop for me and I'm thinking my we'll deal on a shot like I can serve you a shot. I didn't say bring it tuned for Fareed. And I bring it till I bring the bill is akin yen drink the shot any of Hawaii charging you might because. This is a restaurant I'm not gonna. And he got on that indeed drink the Shah. Is trying to scam me for free alcohol. I quote unquote being charming he was not he's filthy and very much not turning. Yes I've really just want to I just wanna see like a ballot so much money I'd rather see you get it in the restaurant but then I'm out like a drink does what she does drink might be six bucks. You can't tip a dollar. I party gets some Rainier it's three dollars exactly that's showed up. That is that is true. Well I'm you know the other thing is colonials I mean I don't know how many of cooking so they have to go out I mean you have to order I mean it's it's it's you know it's the big banks every generation hotter I was supposed. I did you see those guys using the kitchen on that show they're always ordering out I got Stewart and rob Matt. Is it rod and his yes they bra then OK here's electron and he lets his man rob it and about I don't know. Cochran okay. The greatest player of money on meals I am one a lot of my peers aren't lazy aren't willing to work well paying jobs that they think are beneath them. Well there is that two or it's not a fun workplace environment evenly getting paid well yeah there is that too. I fill a lot of them might hear group has haven't told you need to go to call genie to have this job like office type jobs and their kind of brainwashed into thinking that anything manual labor is beneath them. When in reality it is good hard work and you can get paid. Lot O dead and that's why like Johnny robbers man that guy puts in a hard day working as an electrician. You know what and and you can and you know like our boy which I can't remember his name. You know. The guy with the race the guy from it's just catch though the have been married for Deadliest Catch. Oh micro yeah micro micro says as so many great jobs out there may be yet so many great jobs out there. That will pay you good money that you don't need a degree for but nobody wants them which is release act as we still need those jobs to be done yeah. So you're a Smart one a few billion on what I wanna do that job and make me some bank if not. Come and escort yeah I'm ready who wants reached an anomaly you I think eighty year old when multnomah. Sharon. Should really show contest the suit me the most money selling ourselves for so yes of course that's totally legal let's see I'm surely depart however problem that contest at all. Just do something like when a day with BJ Shea if you're eighty. If you're all the ideal can come up at Callaway blue zone that's obvious. Pain I. Early man sorry genius overnight another topic knocking him out of Houston. If you may be a double. Around 8000 bucks you know you can own a game worn Jersey. From a recent infamy sport moment just 8000 dollars one might talk about I'll tell you at 817 on Iraq. In the eggs morning. Rock 99.9 KI DSW. Thank god point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. If so do you gonna want. Actually this would be kind of fun to have you can now only Jersey that JR Smith from the Cleveland Cavaliers were during game one of the horrors is BA finals. It's pretty obvious why JR doesn't want to share because that's where he Diana made a mistake they pretty much gone from the game and people's eyes some would say even. I'm Jack at this huge cast but if they would of won entities that did the course of the series me. Death is suing you for here apparently forgot the score in the final seconds. Are that rather call time out to you because cancer when he dribbled the ball away from the basket to run out the clock. And that led to game tie it and now on overtime of course the warriors. Beat the crap out of them. And in the discussion of the Jersey says quote JR played 38 minutes and registered ten point 22 assists and six rebounds. There's no mention of his blunder. And so far the shirts valued at 8000 dollars. What. Would you your red socks so would you buy build buck measures. Worse of them something from the guessed it I game where they potentially lost the World Series because yeah I wouldn't if I was a warriors fan. Oh yeah I would buy that jurist a guy in New York Mets fan yet that oh yeah the Miette Mets fans would be love in the book assured yeah yeah I if you have that kind of crazy money that's a lot of money to throw away. I have to be as steely and air Arabia Osama dropping 8000 dollars principal sure. I'm kind of like an infamous sports moment would you want something like the ball that went through his legs out outlaws. That that probably is a pretty penny to rewrite if I'm a Red Sox fan I would want that if Imus cashed and it probably wouldn't want his thing that anyone else but just being exhausted your sister's output that upn W great story to tell. I have to Jersey 20008. Episode gave it to me. Would you have yet I miss at least a good to have you yeah. That would be fun to have up there and tell people that's it but at this point I would buy just a replica jerseys and and and just say that's it on just lie on his Jersey news. And I can't do that. I do that. They say baker and you don't know the difference I mean how do you know I mean as I guess it's got to be authenticated some of them assay. And who's an aside. Mickey NBA how you and I know was like in certain things like guys won't sign certain pictures because it's a picture that reminds them something negative senators like yeah not citing unit you know it's now in the world wrestling sentences like some moments in the world wrestling. Moments of pride for certain I and people always trying to get those signs like no not signing us. I think the coolest thing that I own my buddy got me this was calm. Bernie carbo was an old player for the Red Sox and in in the big big World Series and you'll you'll you'll be always in the World Series or Carlton Fisk is dancing trying to make the ball go yep yep fair and it was against the reds Specter 75. The guy to tie the game up was Bernie carbo and he partied the night before got destroyed. To the point where. I think he was supposed to start the game he couldn't start the game because he was so destroyed so they ended abusing as a pinch hitter and blasted like while he was destroyed. Hit a three run homer to tie the game. So I have the picture or autograph by Bernie carbo. On my wall of him just you know touching home plate with epic home run. And I love that picture because he was so destroyed like the back story was. He was blitzed and couldn't start the game. As he was so hollow on how often but I suppose like Alia he'll hear themselves play today's gaming news and use series band yeah. I had never heard that so when I did somebody told that I was like why does what what this picture now I have no idea that was what was going on. That's awesome. Got to tell you this other awesome story that all man. Would you do this. A woman won re sees outraged that its races I see recent that's again I want a woman you're the culprit. I'm Michael you're the problem with America I did it your right. A woman Reese's outrageous fan contest for naming her daughter. Reese. Cop beat Scott Reese cup middle name cup. I know that their last name is cut CU PP all her name is or makeup she's in North Carolina she just won the contest because she named her daughter Reese. Cup and its parent athletic. Now she said she didn't do it to win this contest though athletic would have been cooler to being in the void and the doctor Gary. Time she says she dated I have pure fan them when Rees was born eight years ago so she can do to win this contest because it has been around three years. She says she and her husband picked the name because there Allah their older daughter Erica loved it Reese's peanut butter cups so much. So as she called them re sees cups and that's what we I only how many girls. Com so when their next daughter was born they were like okay. This America's got the regular and name. Yep and they are we're gonna card arteries. Yet it was a year supply Shia. Osu does she get. Dom they wanna 101000 dollars and a year's worth of Reese's idea about that that's some thought yeah that's. And her middle name is eve surname is Reese eve cup now. Not this receive copy yeah. Love that. So as of the beat the good reason being is if you just use a middle initial it's Reese. That's what they called her eve Reese each cup I like it. Act started in New York London and you get a year's supply of whatever you will. You rule. Man I would if I had twins I'd name them M&M. And then mom yeah I definitely would because I love my Eminem's maybe one that being peanut if they can be and the and and police and and and I like it. I noted that works for me sour patch. You are catching me. Or pats may eggs. But you revel would you name your kid you get a freeze them I was thinking of Richard mille name burger because he could go Dix burgers. A little so it's a little slide there like it but if you know you know. Mean and that's a good one thank you know when we figure that Steve I should go first in Pittsburgh. Then on the two orders of Fries and its drivers should. Oz at the Fries. One name but I know ago. Torrey Pines an acute abbreviated things that fortunately signing his checks forever into its system and I had my father so much. And he's eating meat now. I wrote a huge. First one was kicked cap. The first name Kate middle name cap that. Opens a girl right yeah out but then I thought what do you need doctor Boyd paid. Payday KO NACA. Page a while there ya flows really well rename actually I hate. I mean they're messy questions what execute data to its beef treats me which makes him. Or or prom date mutant fig Newton you might think you know like is it makes. Sometimes and the view and you're having these conversations and you have my eyes. You know I swear your highs because you look just like it like a guy would have missed on a conversation and I think pigs that are holes on the hot and tired. Oh what have what did you do and you're tired I get a full night's sleep more of a chuckle when I see you hey I'm excited the whole thing weren't trying to get like an actual good night's sleep on its socks. I'm way better. Mentally when you only get like 44 or so hours well maybe you don't need as much while it's the wing man like here I am trying to do the right thing. And a more tired and I am and I'm not doing so what did you get eight hours that I know a ground stop what time did you go to bed and thirtieth. That's well that's sledding like six hours for you that's still two hours more than usual and you're tired from six hours sleep you know who. I've heard of people. You know I don't understand how they do but I've heard of people that only four hours sleep and operate perfectly and you Russell Wilson. He's like me for hours that's all he gets he gets up early eighties is that those those those those those. Yeah Pacino icu though you do need to coffee. Yes yes see that's the difference I don't know Russell who goes to Steve do you take naps in the afternoon sometimes. It seems that I actually kind of the Rhode Island to turmoil there and it's falling apart our fallen apart and by the way it is I'm gonna limb I do not think Russell puzzle costs. That guy doesn't put anything but really super healthy stuff his body in a lot of people think obvious on the should be thrown a lot on your body I bet yet. A day. I take that bet who I was fine if we need to treat him you know some beat the Seahawks and make its yeah but yet he argued. No I don't coaches. Oh do you won't mr. fancy. And you know coach fellow wrestling that the files. Can you kind of get some nice seats want to love you know the lift you know royalty because. As a friend and never hit up my friends for free stuff on you the worst friend ever every so isn't. Yeah I saw him and I I've never once bothered to ask him that's actually pretty nice. Because it is the most anointing in the world when you know somebody has them for a career you paved by the way yeah yeah I agree with and I know a guy also and I never bought her for anything at all. You know I'm his friend he's actually working in another place I feel bags my Brothers and Tom. And I haven't hit them out because I feel like I had that everybody does that he probably be fine weather played. You're right I feel horrible doughnuts and everybody to have once it up on Luke Wilson immediately I'm all time even said if you ever need a mean honestly I never felt right me and Jerry would have been fine but it is number. The attitude right you're right and I've I would've done it either I just feel like yeah now. Yeah so Aaron I guess you know I guess that's fine but about Vicki what do you know. Man I totally out of office and I'm going hard core are still yell at people name their kids after places like Brooklyn or India and oh yeah I thought Alaska. Middle name me I RED Alaska Air food dude that's a great idea you were mistakes I and I want flight for life man. Trial laurels she's right here on fine I will travel the entire world in one year CF. It's Bruce V uses them almost a year of months a year suppliers are actually. Vicki went arguable legal fig Newton sound like just like at the funnies fig megs. That's great that's a paper unless. You Alaska and I guess cute name but I southwest makes. So that should get a better America for every game jetBlue made student radio burgeoning away Delta's Goodwin there was a Delta Burke so you can Elton Hawaiian. Old Hawaiian name your kid Hawaiian or polite. That's a pretty name Hawaii you know again there if it for a girl you give a girl almost any name and it just sounds beautiful unless you call nurtured the caller hole. But even Gertrude how about current from our runaways Kurt I look that nice name or other alias name because she was supposed to be that not attractive. Dirt I think it's a great man so it has a good one right there usually offers him and don't named Jerry. Again Alaska Air wins yet much ready evolved. Chunky monkey 90 yeah ending your kids chunky monkey that's a good 1 at ports in morning he'll hate you forever. It's only for a year via offer you what though that what do you change it back legally changed to something the that you Damon assistant yes gamma. All right I guess they Steve Orr also known as fig megs he got this one right. What name did weird alligator big give to his version of beat it today he has asked. And a good judgment. I I know you want one shot at beating Steve all right we got it 206421. Rock for plan B mix at 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from a listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills how much going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy fees you know one of the things people ask me all the time the bankruptcy borders that. How my going to tell these fees and costs because I'm here because I can't afford to pay my bills. Of course we understand that I mean are being inconvenienced. In the bankruptcy field. I'm certain there and one of the things to remember is is that if you decide when she makes the decision to file bankruptcy. 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