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The study get into the you know bizarre news racket is that they are basically just Florida and a New England Stefan out. You're in second for their second gaffe unhappy about this man because now and I know I another crazy people where I come from I I would never gas. I yeah I know I'm not a fair represented got to believe me there really are of the really crazy people and ointment. Got this one from Providence, Rhode Island she appeared before a judge because while she was disputing the parking ticket that she'd received. The issue is that she part of an area that's no parking zone from eight to 10 PM. And the woman it parked there at 959. And get out of a car lol when the clock says did dashboard clock said 10 PM okay. The parking enforcement officer ended up writing this one a parking ticket and stamped the daytime at 95958. Seconds. Do should yeah. I got on timing might come back to work I'm doing good. Parking if you blossom we were webpart in the parking garages on parked outside and others sit out there like 55860. Am. Every pitch frayed and I'll wait a last second I don't want a condom I would lose my mind if all of a sudden one is parking enforcement officials walks up and is like I'll give you a ticket Pia you're there eyesight and there before then. Me my mom's a slap me in the face to your. Staying aligned. Hello I know you can't. Disrespectful and why that's the lowest super model wow that's a so let's take a slap in the face the deal now when a glove Gary I think a leg but the thing going right. In my mingling yeah titled thinking action little Walter Payton and she disputed the ticket and and rightly so she was in front of a judge not the judge early fractions pretty cool. Take your Cushing street no hockey league content right for you there Tom. I don't want I live there and pulled out I didn't TAU. Issues then 959. I am nine minutes and 58 seconds hey you can't hear until Tenneco. You violated the City Hall station. You've been is us against them and bring. We both of us pay. Them my card clocks it's. Of women and I have to do is show us is the man in this case it's. Only. Clark judge Obama won a couple of grown up. I think I you know kind of close enough to contend that the medicine's best they can give. I love that guy you know he's really you know I love that guy lovely accent they Yahoo! I know they have a job to do but I. I don't ever going to be a parking enforcement official I feel I feel like nobody likes she is not even like your. They're coworkers I mean I've seen it before when I was working and make elegant a snack shop in Brooklyn. Like the police officers would constantly chirp at the parking enforcement officials as are writing tickets and making fun of them and Mike are on the same team. I mean I guess there's guys out some of her on the football team yeah Garcia who is worse because at least a ticker Russell while everyone celebrates him. Yeah like this exception is euphoria and and when we got idiots like that 95950. A come on guy yeah yeah and it's better to do. I and I feel today they got his was he Matt does he ever call I mean he is never know but it is it does seem very many. Tush and so seconds. At least I just. I usually 99 to put the fiftieth in Jericho yes but the 50 AM are you really want I think he wanted to (%expletive) her off or is it like one of those computerized ones that don't make as soon as you enter it that's and some even still blow hole was computerize your clock said ten and I and then I'm suspicious of their on the grounds for traffic for just I would way to looks NO one. That's me see that's of these cards and a one million are it's got to be you know you gotta be 10 o'clock now man. From ABC interview some erratic and thought about that right did average interest rates yet so it was fantastic love that's then whoever that guy I was cracking jokes I think I go well my son until May take I was 10 o'clock jazz like and his sidekick. And I'd just like you go to willow think if they are rusty what all the hard that the BI to new People's Court I think it's. Together you're absolutely right you know something if this keeps spreading via relief you write very well could be some new guy. I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into something through could if if you're right and it does spread like wildfire we have a second and I didn't attract. Professionals when there's there's there's at least initial parking war is it war isn't about party person I see a couple opportunities based in Philadelphia if I remember correctly allow another show also. I'm religious or some people he parking enforcement officials like I mean people curse in the match even people who are involved in the ticket. As they're like walking by they see like the meter maid. And I ask you. I am what. They must know that they have no power it's like you know ailing us security are you you know you can read and whether or whether fancier for minority and our medicine to young guy a decent dig stars pay wise and some job security guard and I think yeah. And you got a trade off the fact that you are America's most hated individuals truth there right and they really is it's it's it's like you know you're alive social network everybody gets a troll you and in real time. They're doing their job making sure that your following parking lot for some reason we all hate him doesn't it we really do you especially right now I'm on dad did the original trolls. Person all the guys yes they were the ones that knew what Twitter and social networking and trolling was all about they like guy you think that that's not and I've been living in this home talent. I hope they don't drug test you got to let those people just go home smoke a tunnel we all yet there's just get your mind off for the fact addition yelled for eight out of Washington State and in Colorado I bet for a fact that they are all just buzzed pursues a hit the good decisions they hit the door they. There -- houses just infused with marijuana they are gaining just get the contact guy because they need if that's return of the do you like you know what you've got. See officers confiscated drugs and stuff like I'm in the parking officers as they finish their daily check out the clock out and and whoever's at the front desk and some joins us. Thank you and I'm sorry you're gonna. Put up with this. And here here's a whole bunch of venables what do you why you want brownies while cookies you wanted to Anke what do you want to. Yeah Guatemala you gotta love what you deserve it right to get some day. Eight. 919 KI DSW. Employ nine JISW. Rock of Seattle. And you can hit guys so we dot com if you want to mold of the Seattle rumble men love men today is very exciting day more votes. Damn fun it's a great series and oh yes so I know we got legendary studio musicians and bands competed floored me apart and you'll Seattle rock day. Like Steve said it's a bigger region both so you got your IMAX camera watch. Sure makes lots and their children by Anaconda devoted person makes a lot nice. I'm familiar in the country. Knowing a little in the middle my government. I think the trees are screaming remember that one yes you need cruiser and it is even low for a lot of folks I'm really awesome and even better. The trip to Carolina we're going to become some garden courtesy of Warner Bros. and Capitol Records it's the Seattle rumble you want more info you know where you know hey hi SW. I come list dot com just worked out some bad there was what's actually work with some dietitians. As they try to figure out the least tell the item at every fast food chains oh boy and the winners are based on calories sat. Salt protein and the ingredients. I'm worried that these are going to be my favorite items on all these routines I know many Grassley race. Hollows I know it all those words that are supposedly bad for you I love all that soft fat salt protein I love all that's not a so what are right so Taco Bell. The the least healthy according to these guys naturalist police healthy is the double Ella. Which is a case India the double the F case to deal with a ton of chicken and cheese it's got 850 calories so pretty one grams of fat. And 2020. Milligrams of sodium that's bad for you some people say that between 15100. In 2000 what he was out the entire day of sodium. I I Leonard tied dot. I was told the soft taco supreme I don't wanna get close to three packing and your one hard taco supreme just to kind of you know Clinton palace seals for tacos yes. That's probably not a hell that's probably closer to double the some of their small file I got for us. All right how about diverting the bacon cheese sandwich which I've had a coin is that I Darren. If I their big Mac version. I must have taken on something I don't think there's any bad remedy don't version might have their own kind of version. Yeah I say it's great bacon sandwich and boy you know I compared to the double dia. It's our only Allah it's only about a 1040 calories does have 69 grams of fat looks amazing. Yeah you patty sent a big king is what the quarter pounder clear I'm told. There's a double quarter pounder remember I liked it. And has 19100 milligrams of sodium so still is not as bad as double the all right here's Wendy's. Dave's triple. That is of all Doug you know 1070 calories. And thirty grams of saturated fat doesn't give us the sodium on the down the days triple tell you know what they're good appointment and that will be commuter if you know trying to look after my weight you suture over an hour. Knocked down one. Now gimmicky diesel you say son you are proud of this because that this is the worst item on your menu you are basically beating everybody else. Because the worst dynamo McDonald's menu is a double quarter pounder with cheese on surpassed. It's still less calories and I'll listen we talked about 0778. It is less fat and everything else we've been talking about well it's it's got actually knows him for more grams of fat to double the F 45. But does sodium is up thirteen ten milligrams sodium. Do I think that we because I always had my favor obviously ideologues who are the big Macs like this the gold standard dunks but I always thought that that was like. Meant the most unhealthy of LaMarcus reaction later bred some guys and other really got you know maybe I should not eat. How much I'll get to double quarter pound which she a valid and introducing a lot of progress is not enough grief about us not half. And I'm realizing that I think that might use a double court like I would on average eked out one more than anything else of the no wonder why a blue dot 28275. Pounds or won't have and it's also good it's still less so damn good. Can't seize gets into please answer cheeky extra crispy chicken breast that's 780 calories 47 grams of fat and 1750 milligrams sodium. And also panda express shock and it's so good soon you know what I know I'm an American Express and why al-Qaeda did express actually they went. They're Chal Maine as the ways is the worst thing on the menu for you it's but still a ways vibrant sense calories which is not bad. The finest. An item that you fight for lunch or dinner that's less than five or ten calories you can finest but I mean couldn't understand a chum in the side dish. All their mind. It's got twice two grams of fat and 980 milligrams of sodium. It is a side dish but it has more salt than any other thing on the menu that's like saying clarion LT am I at this French Fries and hey guys well they don't feel they have this addition to an expression good up ten express is also so good. CNN and all the places that are so TC so good. Not a lot of debate continued to leisure atomic cardiologists that same thing. So damn good pad at the top seven things that make us get burned out or contact our. Number one thing what do you think am cheeses I mean it. Money yeah say I wonder if mullah kneels. And you know aside I am I know nobody let's me just lumped into a category but I still like a lot of colonials monies is not a big of an issue as it was from my generation. Like they did they'd stay wanna work in a place that's cool. And you know not you know in money isn't what's gonna drive them I feel like. They've decided if I don't have to chase after the Karen my life will be better so that if they pulled the chair away and I carry because I wasn't chasing after in the first place gas I concede that yet so. But I mean for you all for mean you know our generation's. I think we were told hey listen we got to get money because otherwise analysts would be miserable I'd workplace conditions is more fresh reading them money. And that's what a lot of younger folks want their workplace conditions computers don't work. Ali. Right now with the amount and you know what that's when you go to Taipei I've seen you do you go from typing typing when your senators start I and it's got reasonable disagree would you I I am with you when someone typically works just climate than for some reason that a certain during the day just slows down to dial up speed or you feel like she's actually done like ten minutes from now it's taken me two hours it's why I you know it's funny because people hear what's on illegally every day I go I get to Heller I get I get right to help out. And we're always at the conventions ago Willie and low validation reduced on Tuesday that building and I always answer I go you don't understand. The building doesn't have what I need to do my job and they go away Mineola I'm not putting my colleague I networks yeah I'm open in my company down. It's tough to get what I want. It's just like with Y cable provider you know and and I like to its Trinidad said look I am gonna be a weird kind of guy I want you to know until I know I'm sure he referred to service type yeah yeah I mean I have this you know one of their when the good socialists and that he. They laugh about me because. I need to fry I need to dealer record twenty shows a onetime break and they didn't and they go well. It's a great system with Jason DX one poor chord as many shows any normal human being needs a onetime radical idea person I ever had too many shares. I might stay in anywhere I'm like man I need more iPad I and I told the lesson I need to get a record twenty shows or once she's most acute and they'll look summer I go to the best that you guys that I do that I know what to do I learn how to be able to do what I need to do. And that's right doing all I set up a system where I can work at home so seuss' microphone turns off. I get to hell lot of your site and do my work in not like you say be frustrated by stuff that doesn't work and emotional party favors come out and I am gonna tell it like it's a celebration I. I think you include our Michigan playing fantastic. Another hit this is people lost burners are worked too much overtime or after hours work. He had does. Especially I think for people that might make I I think if you get competing compensated for the overtime empty for like OK making an extra money I can I can tolerate this for you salaried people there's a lot of people or salaried and now and I mean I understand and are you hoping evens out there maybe you can leave early on Sundays and and stay late mother daisy and all kind of evens out but. I feel like a lot of you I talked to her salary that's their biggest complaint is that. They're working way more and it's been selected being taken advantage of because their opponent was salaried and get the benefits and it's like all because of that I set to work more. Do there was a time when I was a full time worker I wasn't salaried and they told me it was at a supermarket you know a hundred years ago. They said punch out comeback divorce him. Because you wanna pay meal time right putt if I set I wanted to go home on my shift was over they say you're horrible employee. I'm I was dumbfounded and I was making minimum wage I'd like are you serious this is all I have to get ahead in this stupid supermarket. And I and I and I and I and I know the you know my mouth got in trouble since so zippy what type guy it's like every like this idiot who basically he gets to stack the end displays instead of the dog food aisle that's what I'm working towards. I said I let's look at me I was so I said you guys are few years is nothing to this stupid job your doing and you're telling me a way to get ahead it is basically to work for free for you half a moron it's just so I can Wear red jacket instead of an apron and and call all look at me I get them put toilet paper on the end display that's what I'm working towards the did you employ it among party did not have done I guess I'm shocked there was I was surprised but I wasn't long for the there's no really that's very honest. And instead you would salary is like to be kidding mixed. When nine KI guess don't you all. Wages are being guards we can stop that now it's hard enough to pay your bills and things during the lone big chunk of your take home pay is gone before you get your check in and bankruptcy attorney Travis community and I can start an irishman and get workers up your back immediately handcuffed in the same day as our consultations. Both chapter seven and thirteen provide bankers leave. Choosing the right chapters crucial and they're free consultation we can create a plan to get your finances back under your control on the job if you choose a stone to the next chapter realized please contact me dead choose the right chapter about. Choose the right chapter dot com.