BJ & Migs Podcast when have you been kicked out of somewhere and why? 7am

Friday, June 3rd

Beat Migs, Likewarm Topic: based on this list of celebs who've been kicked off planes, when have you been kicked out of somewhere and why?


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And now it's going to be great weekend we're gonna pour it on this weekend. Are we gonna Florida and yes we are now carries. A you know why don't you know I'm here it comes feels coming near the report on like the you know those like the Mariners had said it's gonna happen I feel it. Machines prison. Me and it is wrong button. Hit record and stop we were blown no boy forwarded on. To lose and I doubt. All right then we'll get right to our contestant we know it think it happened on Friday apparently uttered as that's right we got dusted in span late does the negatives that are. Yeah we're excellent what do you Blake or today Steve well gravesite prepared tickets take out slip knot with Marilyn Manson over at the white river amphitheater on Saturday June 11 and that is courtesy of live nation do you go to KI as W dot com for all the details. And the show tickets are bella live nation dot com and Brad it is now time to port on. It's nice it's. Poured on you. How those playing you don't dusted will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions dusting you and passed all you want but you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready sir. I according to the Whitney Houston song I wanna dance with somebody I want to feel the what with somebody. Asked decree in secret are both friends of what product. You're asked what is the main color of the Pokemon are barred. Old now. Finished the phrase it takes one to line. Know you as paranoid with the highest charting it for which man. Are. Asked in which East Coast city was how I met your mother's act. A New York ads which cartoon sitcom girls at the first band to appear on. As group is the super villain in what animated movies. What it adds she is a perfume bottle which former friends actress. Yes what color belt normally represents the highest level in karate and judo. Blacked yes what is the evening color of the Pokemon charged art. Now. You know what do you verbal three bowler I think 78. And you got eight correct. That's not bad note very good not bad at all Steven these last couple weeks there have been hit a couple of perfect and anything can happened on Friday and I think it happened on Friday over the least that we can do Scola he could it. It's been awhile since team has gotten that. And add about tied Steve. It's dramatic moments that sounds very weird cars although it no easier gala dinner about half of that job bad news at low on the BM. Me and are you ready. According to the Whitney Houston song I wanna dance with somebody I want that deal needs why would somebody. I want to see especially if it's. Yeah dance as a I suspect the horizons while thank you degree in secret are both friends of what product deodorant ads. What is the color of the Pokemon tires aren't. I don't know it mean with that. Red and yellow note. And finished operate now speaking of the note finished the brits know it finished very senate finish the phrase they. Biggest afraid kind of takes one to blacks no one's ads. Paranoid with the highest charting hit for which I had asked in which East Coast city was How I Met Your Mother sent New York ads which cartoon sitcoms or else misty first into a pier of the Simpsons ads grew with the super villain in which animated movie all odds are despicable me yes. Yeah at sixteen you win it nine tacked. Hello. Our school. Or what kind of just like seven at our current track record. As our wedding. I take it easy and have a good weekend yeah I think he just tried to like play one over us on this or something and it is that was. It was really weird. Yeah he's well you know they're slip not Merrill messed things up for grabs yeah right and if you of course you're gonna cut you gotta do. You know basically against every color in the rainbow but the main color of the book in my tires I'd anyone wanna give against were given to making seeking noses yet you it's oranges and digging. Yeah I mean I know much ours aren't in its orange. In the Wynette Steve can really pronounced in nobody else guests are arranged I backed Arab friends. I. Well congratulations Steve anchor Rick right now at the Lynn yeah. You got nine correct right as opposed to getting nine correct wrong. Yeah I see anybody. Actually 47 when you come back game here wholesome. Me either via so yeah that's when we're gonna do this again. As well as 6:47 on Monday morning Pete makes twice each weekday morning and don't forget if you are caller number nine your winner right now those that not Merrill minutes tickets call our 9206421. Rock. And rocky is 7625. And I tell you this man there is a growing trend of celebrities that are getting kicked off planes. And of idea who this has happened to the latest at 717. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI DSW. In the eggs morning. Rock 99.9 KI ESW. What got you okay I ask you. In Iraq does Seattle. Beyond lines but I article about some liberties have been kicked off planes. And it's a good list man. I love hearing these stories so my now on some of my don't. David Hasselhoff. I do remember this one has British Airways to fit in too drunk to fly back you know six and I do remember that. I'm not that I'm that I've only I've I've been drunk got a flight a couple of yes you passed one time where I I am shocked that I even media onto the plane was at the radio conventions and a to depart riding near remember checking in my luggage. Like freaking out like I don't know what my luggage as you guys I saw that we checked it in for you I remember that you were a mess and had her on the bathroom there is that and they never kick me operated the plane abundant being delayed for several hours close to 24 hours but yet you took a different flight for months and I'm so happy to know do you because I was like man claiming unemployment currencies now I don't think I should have been good so the fact I was able to get through all of the you know check in and all that crap and and make it on the plane makes me really wonder how drunk was David Hasselhoff work. Couldn't get allowed on the play because maybe he's more about you know he's obviously David how awesome it. And that little bit more and guys a little bit more about you know a career than you do all you guys are better. And of course Baywatch c'mon don't forget that and again though. So Alec Baldwin remember this now remember this your fuse it's her office electronics because he was playing out were with words with friends he's like a lot and we keep playing like night at a show your stuff off mr. Bowen. Edwards and Brad what is your I'm and I don't write. I'm in Austin that was a plane that that was the flight that he went on after leaving a voicemail message for his daughter in this every immediate today. Rigorous out though. He's so out of his mind I think maybe if words of friends calms him down let him play on the plane. Art I'm Simon Says limit mr. bones we have to you for everybody is not yeah. You know I I'm sorry and ultimately we don't want to make our our passengers feel like blanks are sorry. Cool and then you know I'll be in the bathrooms are mile hike. But he is quick. Well I don't know. That that's true our bid. Yeah you know you don't put that quite accurate that he's read that. Billie Joseph Armstrong a boy home and one and is alone in a long. Who are you kidding me. One man. You've got to give me one man Edwards was can be young women sir you largely right I think you've got the time right sixty seconds sir yes let me. Yeah pool case. Ohio since 1980 caveat. Yeah I don't know I again sir. The young women than you can you gotta put your seat you know seat back up yet for the tray table of Saudi of one an answer I. Not good enough. So there were taken out yet we're taxiing sir that's I edited. He. Well through the millennium on planes are now we don't you just didn't you and I'm up by the way I've never had sex and my mother I want that to be clear. All into his real hot towels all right that's all do it. I work. At least it would credit cards the it. Man. Billion audio so he was on southwest. Southwest flight when he eleven and flight attendant was saying hey bill hey. Yet some sagging pants there was another wardrobe thing boy you know it's like that the girl exotica they do regularly muffin in a mag muffin that inlet which he was wearing. Different short stretches across answering and was denied and it's just told jetted change in order in order to fly I would template. Those of Billy Joseph he had these sagging pants in that style and there he was gone from Oakland LA and the like do put their pants and he was like no and eventually kicked off the plane. How bad were his pants sagging that they had a state. Does it back it's 111 are pretty bad back and Steve remember that the show on. I know I mean I don't spell on time ruling analyzing what Billie Joseph Armstrong is wearing but I've seen him I know this Aggies talent he has his. Kind of skinny jeans that kind of you know I low budget. Give boxer Tom what does it matter I I think that's the thing people have looked ago we should see your underwear not realism underwear has become fashion. In army and as long as a not seeing like any part of his anatomy job with few who cares filings can be standing and hopefully. Yeah well I you never know though he began sixty seconds it's always got he might Stanford. Naomi Campbell back and away went ballistic when she found out her bags weren't on the same flights if she kicked and spat at police as they drag her off the plane now that is the way you got ago gonna go go out with a blaze at the world I have the cops involved kicking spitting yeah I go. Alarmed object. Even more celebrities have been kicked off planes you know frequently Vonage from Christian Slater Kate Moss so easy a lot of people so based on this list of the folks that have to just thrown off planes. How about you or maybe someone you know what did you or somebody nobody kicked off or out of somewhere and why 206421. Rock. Rockets 7625 Texas 77999. Do you or someone you know they kicked off or out of somewhere and why. Because your checks after Def Leppard. I nine point IK ISW the rock of Seattle. And now we got a list of celebrities have been kicked off planes people like David Hasselhoff Alec Baldwin Christian Slater. How about you what are you ours is they went have you or someone you know been kicked off or out of somewhere and why. Let's go to the interstate Holler Stephen lacy was a good. But. And in what you got for his buddy on court bobbled it and caller outreach. Our dollar manners that a million dollar. He's got gone almost a million dollar man but it in the hands give him everytime. It actually. Well you hear about your record better bright light water it triggered after. And beach beautiful little bit bigger rocks dude yeah a ballad beautiful or are out of constantly gears said he worked out or not. Florida a couple of your hair out players employ and there's got to walk there probably all of the excuse I mean they're a big boy. Amber what it reunion that you want the peace that the caller. You mean he was like wanna get some action with the whole theory they have got a light remote part. Output way ignored him in and out. What I don't ball. Or are out but it inquiry. That guy walked up air EE Ali the returner our broker. I doubled the rest and I. Or your arm. I call it negatively let all picket wire act will pick it way our. Wow. How does happen where we're at. Police Kevin breached how I mean it's nice July it's a cool area how do you want is over the situation Zoller. I am glad that that he would he would walk and we were ignorant lot who are we know that yet yeah I look and I think I mean that's your whole nine yards so this doesn't even want to go and help anybody's there's others as I don't know that I would like a bullet there and didn't realize how she don't of their day. I'm afraid that might have been the guy who did not know enter. You aren't. Or somebody and a lot bit anyway and it. I don't want an outlook that I had. I think you've got yourself an oceanfront vacation spike can beaches like you know I could see maybe seaside because you know what everybody everybody and anybody it's a more of it help party atmosphere at seaside. Egregious and beaches mostly really relaxed and cool and I did not matter in and out on I guess though. The dubbed love in this text messages just can't him thanks to some really good ones but this one might be Mac Everett got banned for life from the Vegas Hilton. I wrestled one of the playing on actors to the ground and I took his job holes that let you yeah go back Lafayette has to give that led the way and declare myself the greatest warrior in the universe during a calling party. At a bar corks bar. All of also he was at the Star Trek experience who was still going on. All go away on structure experts and picks a fight with cling ons written it. That's fantastic. At the life that was the that we get our show live from down there man you don't go to quarks Barr mix it up like that though. I have to say if you what I mean if you're Star Trek fan you're trashed. That is what you probably would you try to fight to cling on gives Batman knows. Is it similar to like not a police officer would get in trouble evolves and so on stole something from there. You know I do it all you know this is that this is this is the preferred weapon of a -- would that cling on get fired from his job because he lost his bat left well if it was like the real life cling ons yeah you probably be put to death boom yet because you don't lose a fight to humans and he's just an actor yet goodies as an act. Obama at all I don't acting out. Jack and it's an optical weapon boomerang and yet it's a voice gets like a boomerang sword really. That's my favorite Texan and this is a close second my friends and I want to keep territories are us. We thought we were having a drunken bouncy ball raced through the store as it turns out the drunk it's almost broke off from the pack. In that will be funniest are doing some very nice things to a giant Jeffrey did you wraps off a call. Her again. Alcohol ladies on then everybody's favorite time. As go to David David inland what you are on the rock. There on the ground. Well I hit my experience has been. Yeah NASDAQ aspect but that it's not my experience say they're my mum and dad where. Even. She'd just come over to the US and grace and her my dad went to see in him a movie called Apocalypse Now or law. I guess they got there and they got closer and partly just aren't laughing through the whole thing. And all of that I'm over there Tebow that's not a movie we're I don't know a lot of lag yeah it's it's the movie's serious movie that's had a guide tells me it's not a comedy but I don't know I think I'm an argument with a bunch of people on the people that come check deceit and so I doubt ultimately. Yeah that's not them we were gonna be like us today yeah I mean if you're if you're disruptive it's a tough thing because I mean Eric how many movies where you left your ass off or two ago you know if you go to movies that have like super fans of whatever it is like glass of removes people cheer and or whatever and but I do I guess if it's supposed to be quiet and use its tumble out of meal the viva the audience. There's never going to be a time where it's gonna be an interactive screening of Apocalypse Now via you know I he's a good idea that's not the movie where you do that. Now I I think how loud or laughing because I guess if you wanna laugh and a movie Canon. I now it's it's a but it is serious traction is kind of weird yet and I figured you're lovely daughters. It's. And as soon I was just it kicked out of since you gotta summing things hang. This situation in your dad does not know about it. No I'm sure he has about I was actually excited about it. Well in a weird way IE nine and getting kicked out of one place real. And Imus reason for their party. Oh yeah I do remember this works so hard to get too into that place yeah. Such a pain in the it's all a blur of how I got kicked out but I do you remember a bouncer coming to meet. In being liked is did you come with me and I was so made it I was so excited I thought he was gonna meet with special. Much and now with them that prior I don't know. We went upstairs and private buyers something and then another bouncer name and they were both late. It's you know I've never done this before but our. And a focus this year really. Really I'm having on yeah it was a fun time I may well at 1 o'clock one more can we want to. Hard to get her this place look at a place as well it's it's hard as I'm gonna mention him because I wanna go there sometime myself but she's ruined my good name hello I have a Booth every enough that you have to like make a call item they call a lot has yet like an idiot and -- friends. If you ever again over early and acts but was elected in since then good night tonight them okay enough. I do remember China ordered during gunman. They going out to reach and it just completely falling backward click on the ground you know why would anybody wanna you wanna play in a short rest and. It is every injury she's had is because she's been destroyed and then she calls the cardiac monitoring deal last night and I broke my ankle sprain might as I did my that as hot mess ninth Eilat. So have. And I love being kicked out and apparently cool a month. This thing the only story if you are somebody else's child. And it was a nice Texas guys got together a humane society for testing out the product before buying signed Steve legs. There is a real tax I'm glad you know I think he's decided to come forward amazing now I'm in and attacks that I have in my phone in my hand. Here an amazing guy William how you knew this was going to be a thing and you decide it last night in. A moment of gilts Dracula news that I got to be I come clean your right yeah. I you're not gonna believe this you're not gonna believe what one teacher did. Before retiring. That offended all of her students parents the this this is. I'll tell you all about at 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought here by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How to win or bankruptcy is going to provide me with relief well what are the steps for my situation. 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