BJ & Migs Podcast4-16-18 8am A guy gets arrested because of an obituary

Monday, April 16th

A woman's obituary leads to her son's arrest, Facebook Drama


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Boy this is a bummer man your fugitive you've been on a run for 37 years and you've been successful. And then you get busted thanks to your mother's obituary. Oh man. He's 58 is name is Stephen Michael Paris he escaped from prison in Oklahoma back in 1981. He was about a year and a half into a nine year sentence for drug convictions when you skates he's another run for the past 37 years. I'm definitely it was long about two months ago his mother died and her obituary mentioned a son named Stephen Michael Chavez and Houston Texas. The US marshals can't connect the dots that Stephen Michael Chavez was probably Steven Michael Paris and on Thursday morning they arrested him. At the office where he was working. A fingerprint confirm his identity. Wow. Oh. And there's no word on who put his influences Mans obituary makes you wonder if somebody was like one given the screws exclude his brother. But are sick of him get away with this crap maybe an inheritance you don't have to share with a guy all clinic and we just create a whole movie yet and that's just not that high end and they were able to connect those dots the case was still open that's the part that's really fascinating about it is that there's somebody that was stoked keeping tabs and trying to find this guy. That something that happened then alerted somebody where they're like yeah we need to track him down this this could be the guy we can finally broke the case instate a Michael Chavez is evil Michael Paris I I don't mean I wouldn't even thought about it unless the mom's name was that I was I was embarrassed maybe I don't know now yet it's really bizarre it is kind of weird there and pick up on that. Yes you know what these guys these guys get sleuth they get the sleuth Jeanne down. I like they do what they do we do we need to Zelaya as some people think we should you be doing what we're doing now yeah. Our it is 750. Okay. Thanks and let me know what time it is well I have to in this particular instance why because we're about talk about food and I want I don't know how I don't have time we're about to talk about. We've already talked about who we talked about the tow that's in the drink it people eat it is that really now. Likening it. Are safe. So on breaking news story now now don't say I was two people did. And that crazy drink up in Canada. These. Much much better for your morning because at best and worst Ben and Jerry's flavors which O managers taking over the world I still have a nice sweaty balls. You sure about that is you went out. I haven't had either actually but through a list dot com ranked all 46 Ben and Jerry's flavors that are on sale right now. From the best of the worst of it 461. Q can Baskin Robbins is as well they have now does not dairy ones that are very popular and our household because my wife being the analysts say like. I got how's this gonna go and brilliant is his chunky monkey you know and I mean dude there are non dairy is as good Zardari what you made of magic apparently yeah it is hopeful based price we've faced us yet because that's what I mean I know we get that from I think we get like now. How to get to a fall in horror Allman authors of these and they're going to present certified and I hate Allman milk that as a drink and these disgusting. But their peanut butter half baked. Allman milk and option is incredible also the Carmel Allman bite you gotta bring on the brittle I don't believe you. You don't look at regular because we you know there's no I did that they have those nose at those news press two threes that have popped up here it's the Al west lakes I've had those and obviously I know and I think I think those delicious so I got to see what you think. Is good because those are made of all wants to those protesters stream thing I feared evolved that we've had though is the peanut butter cookies. OK it's good aren't Sebring when it distracts her. Chunky monkey do a chunky monkey V inversion. Really tried that yet but it took him he's my favorite one Alan banana I agree chunky monkeys fantastic at the level pretzels. Yeah I. With walnuts yes here's a product that's not the lone pretzel sticks at the real deal Steve this Steve this kind of forced to go be with some of these things and so you and your brain tells you that you should like this does that whale make your wife happy. No I would be first is that like she loves Tampa hiding Tampa's like Carly meets campaign. Is that it is yeah what does that spot Tampa. I I was I was called them pay either way it's it's another igniting it too it's another protein replacement and I discussed I love it actually office prepare the right way I loved him no there's no good when it is an announcer but it's good. Anyway well but to check it out but you know it's not on the early eighties so you haven't mentioned your favorite flavor we might have to remember one of the non of the actual dairy India since I was younger is fish food. All fish rupiah Ashe that the band. Out to be a clue the top two of the top three flavors are based on celebrities. How crazy is that the that these are the top injuries flavors to based on. Celebrities out of the top three boy right in that shows that that shows these guys are popular this is the popular Ben and Jerry's flavor of course got a taste good. Number one that tonight ago. I even know Jimmy Fallon. Had designed an ice people yeah Jerry's and no I haven't tried it but I knew government that can medal while there's so many things in that. Like it just looks like at giants do full of all sorts of crazy ice cream brand your your right you just that this is just a guy that you think OK I just want to throw everything he loves and one thing. Kerry melt chocolate ice cream chocolate cookie swirls and bits of chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie go give it to me sounds way over the top but you know what it's the number one Ben and Jerry's flavor than tonight so. Meet chunky monkey you guys yes and Maya yeah number two on the list that's banana ice pima fudged Johnson long Los Angeles he was thinking about the pats was chubby hubby Charlie. Of the tibia. It's always been so long that have been injuries because again. You know me I'm mama plan and I guess they were mat with a bit of non dairy one man it's still probably got all the cards that I shouldn't have at all. Yeah and that makes you a far it's still gonna make Mac yes. You'll make you thought but it will make you fat. Never through the list. Stephen col Baer is America home that dream yet haven't had been allies in the caramel swirl and waffle cone pieces covered in fudge. Well that's like. That it reminds me of them and call by the while local thing in every every like a convenience store. What do you call it of them are up from six yes thank you if it reminds you trounced it doesn't it. Number four is this New York's super fudge chunk chocolate ice cream with Dwight how dark fudge chunks of Khan's walnuts and fudge covered almost he's good that's good to us president like your typical like it's on accumulate dot cherry Garcia is on the capitalist world do these music American standards they have elevated though cherry Garcia is really basically take a look at what they've gone over here with the cold beer one and it could be you know also some. You know once again and basic and dad Jerry Garcia did get that number saddened. Are okay this food was number six of their own right in there Narnia but they were beaten up by peanut butter cup. Which of course is can a rescue with peanut butter cups. But it could cool. They do have a worse flavor here it is. Vanilla toffee bar crunch people say it tastes like your grandma's old tiny candy dish. In an extreme form on that limited this obsession obsession really cute it's. Vanilla and I love toffee bars and I am I guess I love grandma's old. Whatever the hell she's got I'm right there with you I love toffee ought to look at today about ratings on all there. And that one has most amid its on a scale from one to five. The Vanilla toffee part crunches data point 01 point eight. Makes you wonder why they would even make it in on main event but I guess you know they is some people like its other blanket everything else is like. Forty everything else is pretty much in the fours except Alex mores 3.5 I think it's funny it actually. A rating system for their ice cream Yeremiah thinks mores is kind of in my view might be losing its way exports might be gone yeah. We'll see if it's the flavor you know they'll make mice worst qwest bars. Which almost it's like a smaller hole close. To lobby were returning in about America own dream and it's possibly delicious you need to try it that a person is amazing also negated a Ben and Jerry's in Vermont they have a flavor graveyard for the flavors that they tried it just didn't work out head stones and all I've heard yet that day. Hamburg and you know what. Our our buddy Bob lives in Vermont Bob rivers yeah another reason to go out one of these. House and go and visit him it's really negotiate have been injured as other Vermont Teddy bear factory for a OK it's pretty awesome artist does three things to go visit you can use of Teddy bears some honey and tonight scream act. Side trick up its. Yet few viewer Tammy and statue of the statues their favorite tonight that was my wife's favorite. Though there are all good flavor ice creams I can't argue with members of Biggs is right the scheme is delicious. You need to bring it in Montana and you test this out because that's true. Then I have a choice to get with my wife. Have you travelers those those other ones that owed that halo top ice cream we tried that BJ it is outstanding. You know what the hell that is we have said it's like 300 calories for the court. And it's supposed to be like all help the Euro ish yes the entire quart so what is the Ben and Jerry's now I'd. But it's good biding its if I scream and you can need as motivated as he talent there even be enough to do you have less calories for you BJ even bring in the halo let me try this out mouse the pilot and you tried out for science it's creamy and good. Right now we like her don't. You know you guys are selling on this one yet you seem more enthusiastic about the quality of course. But I mean if you're looking for some minutes long calories you Stallone into recent ice cream it's a great alternative it's not and I got to check cards that's my problem calories an enemy that carves a Miami arms arms and I'll. And the American how about this what if we just checked out and utility payment. Chili's is testing a new item called boss burger. That comes with five different types of meat piled on top of each other a gap. America you have to be and options. I don't think this game UV it's a half pound beef patty. Top with bacon. How opinion chatter smoked sausage and smoked brisket. Plus cheddar cheese barbecue sauce. And ranch dressing for a grand total of 16150. I bet that's I am I'm on an 18100 calorie diets like I actually have that that's it that and it's that's. 1 evening after having that bill that would probably take me for the whole day wow. They say it's about the same calories as three big Mac. Or at the show box at wrestling and orally at the rest of my first time and Fridays are talking in training or just like. A lot of us have been trying to be held here in just trying to be negotiate that we can for this Friday night. And we're outside after a Dahmer at the withering back to the gym and it's been an after party for us and things like that. And we've all agreed that were each and order our own personal. Giant pizza and have it delivered to the gym and which students go. Go for it to not pay Alia you'll doesn't work I think Roddy okay yeah. And terrorism it's not. If you're probably be dead the understanding that mean though though the day the health articles he lives he pizza I might be dead they'll still have room to feed myself I'd night. I'm part of a very eulogy at about about but I've been on the run for 37 years of the constant give me. But you're speaking of food over the weekend my wife tragedy and it thirtieth birthday party for real man up who went to the time boxing capital which is really cool spot. Other than that out there like we won there just exclude unicorn never even heard it. And tell me about what it is like you know group Miami in an earlier each night were like screw it let's go check out new records on. Pro it has to be the greatest part of what keeps him. I've never looked so what is the capital has so much fun there it's. It's like as if you are unicorn decorated this far it's it's just ridiculous colors and everything that ATMs bedazzled. They've got a giant claw machinist game machine calls okay the claw machine they've got certain calm adult toys that you could trying get that he loves it's okay and others. Bet it out I actually grabbed something from their once and it was fantastic only one thing. Yeah we are trying to win the one giant won but none of us were able to get our our Claude. Unfortunately that's actually a great idea but. It but then they've got awesome food ideas like I mean some B and options library up like things that but the names of all that stuff misses hilariously punitive fried pork balls nickel unit. Okay. I like this different heads corn dogs of types of burgers but their drink menu and he from the advocated that like the first rank. This. Oh yeah that's it's unicorn you deal where is if you treat them right or drank he had personally ordered that when an honest delicious all right well you know what I would imagine a day that a whiz of the unicorn drink would be delicious bread they've got one just for you called the my little pony. That's banks and mystical mermaid yeah I strata mustache ride half fantastic we had to jello shots to them. They have these things called in our law malls and like right now is attainable in the you were leading Zealand's hole and kind of you know this we should go for launch sometime. These part of that the more strict shop in there. If he knew that the laid out part of the law it's unfurl lot of ill the only sedated at the Philadelphia Flyers marketed to bar all that's clearly. Flyers aren't a problem put up with it we're Democrats so it's probably unicorn where is located right off with a Mass Pike I think if they're democratically capital highly chemist a perfect job while yet vita from twelfth in east. Nice yet 11. 81118 did you a party in my good guys that we're partnering preview them and all dude that's that's outage. That's cool that's ridiculous. Translation it gets kind of image unicorn helmet you can put on this is at the very proud partners. It's I'll be enhanced food that your wife duties yeah well you guys are going back all point yet we're talking about. Now. I think you're you're going if you do you feel like you're young again when you're outs we're out of the club like Arab bar because I mean again when was the last time you go out to bars you know we get a certain age get your house sexuality in the suburbs. Right and got to come to the city of Omaha gives you got to go to chill bargain that that was the fear when they brought it up I thought long ago here and it's it's going to be just way out of control and to produce she adds that preconceived. Is Capitol Hill. Ruin their heroine there at the the staff is freaking awesome super friendly. Everyone there was pretty chill wasn't what I expected act ball there's kind of like a lot of people probably similar to us that. It's gonna go kick back have a drink hang out with some friends were able to talk a big question yeah. But in my eyes there yes really yes and time I go on yeah I'm the oldest guy weren't right ago whenever I get a because it was this was my gamer buddies and play out if I'm the oldest guy there I know exams. Although it was a new project and it's. And tell you do it was all ball types of people like I did some types. While wages all different now our jobs is legitimately. Stoked about how cool the place was that it was funky different. That's also. And and I remember hearing about the unicorn Barbara they didn't know was around that long so that's it's awesome it's in the corpus at bats and business and everybody go everybody knows your name over there you. Not a person as a vehicle imports for an amazing did you Wear that hat. I didn't we were we out of for our for our friend of birth there was anyone like you got to try to steal thunder by putting it onto but I really wanted to put. I'd maybe if we go back and ogle back sometime bully pulpit. It's what happens when someone goes on social media to complain about their boyfriend's mother. Yes you know it's another addition FaceBook drama you're gonna hear it may seventeenth. And shakes mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KI guess tell you. I did I point nine came as W their Iraq Seattle. And Vijay once again is the opportunity when not that stupid people that are on feet. This is an actual face but posted drama unfolds because of it and of course we are going to acted out. With our true acting muscles all right. I think this time around playing the role the original poster will be the red you will be Chelsea street. BJ he'll play the role Jessica. It's so are you will be mores Hank because you'll be Harriet Harry. And I'll be Josh aren't high as a jealous that jobs didn't believe jaws did you learn. So playing the role again of the result groceries. Grabs so Kelsey are. Plain old Kelsey the original poster is the rev so please take it away. I've dubbed my my friend went all my heart but it cannot stand it either she's always been our business and 90% of the time I just want Internet based at the eloped. And it lists about at other. It's something. Instead AM oh it's weird. The. You need to have little respect for the women gave birth to your boyfriend's. RE SPE CT. You know what the F kill seat you FICO was gonna see this when mom is the most amazing female my life and I'll always be my number one. Either get used to get the F out of my life that not think. You know I don't mind I'm sorry but they seek to steal lick you and hump PL an hour. And wow all alone at least she series how bad or not. Yeah. An. Hour. You guys are ridiculous. Beat haven't we have a good relationship with our mom doesn't stop being so gel. Plus Harry's mom took that as boots would be over her house all the time to Bob good. Pass tag and she's way hotter seat by 800 Josh and did you just hash tag that go I did you would actually read the hash tag. Pakistan awkward. Hash tag but it's true Paris today Harry's mom was way hotter than you Pakistan sorry sorry. I'm down it got asked tags diets. Harry is Obama's guy you know. Alone and do our acts. Harry's mom I hope she agreed this is alive and each coach she's looks better and Jessica however enemy now. I don't know if I can get past the I'm sorry but she does she tissue in the Q and pumpkin that's a great line. If the answer was yes what happened Seattle bats yeah you probably should ask that question because Kelsey. Could be yes. Hands. Yeah well you know let's this is what the helicopter parenting I mean I feel like that with assists and it's I mean you know if you're dating anybody in the twenties and thirties their moms and their dads and especially the moms are going to be there because that's the helicopter parents so surprised that there are the relationships. It you've got to accept that you know with the probably with a female the dads want him I mean a mom also but you know I elected daddy's girl. I think that that that is always going to be a very important part right in the Mormon in her life you would hope. No different Allen of dude I mean the mom's going to be the number one woman in his life I try to step back though I mean that's errors attitude. I really do try to step back and I don't do like like this year I didn't get or anything for Valentine's Day adding get him for Easter she was bombed. And I said you had a guy your life. I I I can easily get cheap. It's. Like I don't have to anymore it was like you know I kinda stepped in and let him know that she was love and us get a guy it's his job ago allows presence item IRB album won't get presents for sold now you'll never get another bounces over baby. I'm. I mean Joseph I was able to like me IC gets shall we still got a chocolate heart I get Julia I hated. Gerald chorus. It's definitely Monday I just pointed to yet chosen yet released standing right yeah I knew John Verdasco I've looked at just like I knew originates Sebring air I've got to ask your editor Danny I'd appreciate you have a great day today Steve I am yeah I looked it looked good let's look at this you know where people are playing right places. Yeah. I just think it's you know you have to step back as a parent and realize OK there's a new person. You step back you're not going to be like the end all be on the act his life and like when my daughter. I do less things now because she's got a guy you can if you have a question about that curious hybrid with a guest but within bounds and they gift thing we have to talk about and everything. Oh you'd all we had a and other ahead of time no I told her after the fact a holes. On my beforehand well do as I should guilt you into buying from them because I felt bad but I I but it was really like you know something I was thinking of doing and I was on the fence so I just didn't. All right so he broke the news few days backing you is it beyond that date pops give you more extravagant gifts to your boyfriend. For Valentine's Day. Yes. Yes I mean I mean how can impaneled I would not thrown a gift card here hitters on them. And the boyfriend we kind of decided we were really gonna do actual gift gifts. Did you do that because he knew it in the back your mind you're getting sick guess from that. Yeah yeah childhood friend you know. These things and you've got a guy has murderers you'd know where we in the supermarket and my dad looks at me in Atlantic. It's today's Valentine's is today you know like today he's like. I didn't get you anything announce like. Well schooled thank you like have you applied for an hour waits like with the that you forgot to get or give the menu created this hole you think that you're not getting hurt and nothing else. I was back and forth in the nudge it struck me that I had made a decision like that I was in the Iowa. And I'm like oh damage today so I guess I'm not get here he banged up but I also was gonna say anything but then she was right there and I figured out she knows it's Valentine's Day and I vote. Want to give cars at the supermarket you can easily do on night I would. Man yeah I get a dead or gift card I thought maybe issues that are card and as I can ally. I need to step back I mean I need to pull any hole on the court a little vortex is a very good point I remember Sarah had a man during her birthday bash yet BJ spoils her anyway. Your logic is lost when he's talking about he's been a bunch of cash on her birthday to birthday that's different and the county yeah you gotta spit you always have to recognize your kid's birthday. Whenever it is for average like everyone needs to be a part of that everywhere but that is the celebrating your birthday I really am not yet on different things I think Rashad. Day etc. as it's yet it's like you could forget Christmas sincerity okay and actually Sarah was gonna bouquet she doesn't mind missing Christmas are not being part of it a whole lot but her birthday is a huge call. The whole holiday field. But I do you'll have to ask if I break up with the students items near something happens like are you gonna start giving me gifts again. I got a question that's on up. A pack a I don't know I mean I hit a desk job is to come in and comfort you when the right time comes but what he hopes as data hopes is that they'll be a man or a woman that will into your life that will take that place. And I got to bedecked comforter that provider that nurture anymore. That's what I hope will happen for you because eventually I'm not going to be around in I hope that some of Columbia there where you know and saying that you'll do the same for somebody else. You should do what some people do you always hear these stories of people when they leave this planet they they set it ups that there are kid gets tips continuously fried X amount. Years. And birthdays you send me lake animal arrangement or some Boehner ST one either come up there and Iowa why why you make in my like top in death like Mike depth now going to be top might. The supposed to release your dad does matter. Your daughter's gonna to grieve this is the best refer to be able to grieve that daddy can Jesus to open up his wallet because that's exactly and that's gotten us where nothing's changed. Well yeah today a little blow you off her you'll do it yeah fast if thanks a lot now you know what honey. Again get used to it isn't love I get a gift every everything you're saying you only are dead and no will perform my mom stop with the Valentine's and Easter baskets this year to unmarried 27 in obstacles. So I know you delegate Easter son and a Carter. Eggs chocolate I mean gang really an aid with Helen money and it. See I'm thieves who have your kids we couldn't hold money doing now that that. Judy got no money did not that I had nothing it's very marker. Yeah data for valentines that that I'm very happy I don't like I've missed out on a free to any kind of relationship and you could just get caught I don't know what he's doing good via multiple relationships can be like that goes that these guys for all I know who the favorite child is all of our. And we. Where I like go to the movies with him we go we have a good time that is there via an honesty in the idea. That's a good point when she wanted to RE LE here and invited to every movie forever. Not long ago OK good as anyone gonna wanna see I was like dividing two avengers Joseph just you'll night she's out on avengers an extra popcorn do it. Today your Valentine gift I'll take it. You gotta cut the court sometime. Wizards and the dead. Well this is now apparently not it's okay no okay got it Steve. Not all my best over here you know I don't out of the house era that was I was. I. I made him think he won on the house that really was my dastardly plot multi to. What I what I would Aaron music on in the house. They learn they have my wallet Rondell White left the house the wrong yeah. Problem is left out really. And let's laughter yeah cheeses that did not go right you use you are supposed to stay in California she was supposed to come back said that worked that way yet thanks stuck with me forever fans love him. Okay we're talking about food this morning Steve. And you know what more food conversation or food conversation this one goes in it. Well we started off with sour so cocktails we gross you out with food tonight and we brought you back with the Ben and Jerry's favorite flavors yes now we're gonna Grushow out again oh good you know liking. And I won you know what you are the kind of guy that has manned missions like a good challenge. You know you're like all those shows with his challenges within the host is gonna eat crappy stuff though I have made it very clear I do not like. Bizarre foods at him you know like national I'm not a fan of eating. Insects. Growth stuff well as a burger joint North Carolina and it's definitely doing that. They are offering up a cheeseburger. With a whole. Oven roasted tarantula on. I. And roasted I think minimum values it better be better for a what is this what is the ranch a taste. Do not need you take that up. Computers while you know what like I would if we didn't assume that crabs were in laughter delicious if you look at that they are coming gross looking. Yep that's recent Harry. Hairy and scary. What they taste like one. I don't wanna find a slight fear the key thing here for the treatment of what do. And it's not cut up as Vicki show the picture that you've got to put that picture up against all of this picture out people who put themselves. I'm really it's disgusting to see it generation to see it all right won't you go look at who waffles and end. The accidental look at the billions dollars of lawfully it's just. If my definition Atlantic communities okay I'm curious about it says it's kinda like a cross between chicken and con. I'm like well yeah few it's he get ahead in the I like both by how wanted to torrential ahead. This doesn't seem right to work towards the comedy part which parts to kick in part. Why does everything tastes like chicken and every time decency right but should getting caught I do like both. Yeah I suppose if I didn't know what it wise I Geithner. You know and I'll just ask for a ticketing common type of murdered just call today so they put the whole spider hole to pressure on top of the burger patty becomes of lettuce. Greer cheese and spicy chili sauce all for thirty bucks for everything minus that are actually some scrapes or does. Well luckily there are only selling a limited number of them Steve so even if you wanted to you probably wouldn't get it. But you have to sign up for a raffle just for a chance to try one. Then I'd eat the whole thing you'll get a free tarantula challenge Fisher like. Now into the kind of teased remarkably like functional crap. Okay it was a crap is it potter and shake its people and that cannot go and eat its debts like people that does some people think doctor pepper tastes like repair and other people don't. Because doesn't it actually does that tell its its taste like group leader just like torrential totally taste like cod root beer and crab and crowd answered. Antsy this is when you know society is doomed we've got we we don't deserve to be on the planet named any humans have jumped ashore in different cultures that's just what the I don't hit the humanity and stretch losing territory people signatures yet it is monkey brains I learned that from Indiana Jones yeah they went on actually eight chosen it as well now come on they did I forget that part of the movie. Pots and I'm not gonna watch the new Indiana Jones those Democrat Greg Rangoon whatever that is yet to Hitler and whom I guess. There you don't like any meat so I would tell you turn your stomach and I like Steve's wife got Indian. This is thinking about the legs the legs are gonna get all second UT's like I love fear factor watching those shows they have to eat a lot of trance like you just see the legs just like. Kind of still crawling in your now I'm getting like. Ducking your throat yeah looks creepy. Yeah well nothing to him. Obstinate and BJ how dare you doctor pepper is fallacious and taste nothing like we're. I disagree. I and I don't think it tastes like Freddie who Beers also. I think it tastes like. And these are no I know sort of laugh I've had its funny how people's taste buds are completely different I'm proud sure. That other people have taste buds that they go no way to stays in to meet DOS the doctor pepper Rupert taste very similar. Now well now I work the restaurant however appear not doctor pepper sunset and wants doctor pepper. Like I hesitate even suggesting repair I think they're just like punishing me nick that's the acolytes. I know their. Meets him. They go well that's you know argue that you know deviate during. This tournament I told to plotted to wipe a with the seeded where where where were hooked on those like Wednesday America good like Terry whatever group you're 10. Good the great sort of once for an amazing for my fears of doctors the media is definitely a it's just funny. Just to deal with doctor Pepper's got to the office comes to doctors and media. And that actually taste like it it reminds me of a doctor pepper and and Rupert morsel that I don't like yeah I'm not a big fan of either one Nat and and I don't I get the doctors deviate from my friends. As they get mad and legalize it doctor pepper at this point if you don't like it when you get welcome this healthier since its sweetened with a Stevie a plant. Yes Susie it is the thing. Thanks as it is they don't run yet I will tell you though now I got people. Telling me in certain dietary programs that even. Artificially sweetened products even if it's naturally sweetened artificially sweetened is something in your brain that still goes wrong. If you have them it's wise to do those LeCroy sodas and says hello cry yes if you want the that the slight case that whatever the player. And then bland it's the act of crises you face here that I agree the great through a grapefruit LeCroy is actually really good will vodka. Well almost anything is good fun yeah. It's a big deal except. And Esther. Torrential and some guys hole with vodka that. It was worse than the Troy people works that's for is that cold it's like and a thick and you think I got Matty if you don't like. How much. Welcome sort of stuff on you don't want to are light and medium and the not offended by habit of people who like are obsessed with that look Rory get offended if you don't think it's good it's like it's. I get what you're drinking and understand it but it's kind of bland and apparently at the flavor of what they say it's post taste like yeah I mix it with Diet Coke presents Santa Monica. Because I try to make everybody happy so if I can only have one I don't have once so I don't wanna just have my Diet Coke and go right to LeCroy. So what I do is outs do take both and mix them together and at least I do still get flavor of Diet Coke with a hit the whatever flavor that LeCroy is. And I feel like a release of gonna have to diet cokes but I'll give out there that night of prisons look for is for people like carbonation that don't like flavor. That's really what it is your brain is trying to make you feel like you're having what you want which is just soda can they are stepping up a little bit more flavor yeah. I. A slight. And it's excel at a lot what I Y users that's why at CV isn't good it's a good middle ground except you know like I said there's some dietitians that tell you that you know you any kind of sugar artificial or not not good for your brain for summaries I don't know. If you have too tight you know what I can tell I'm glad tarantula and so far threats listened to via taste like chicken it's like to thank god. I'd on Friday Steve was able to get this one right which means robot was formed by the five robot lions at all times yes. How about your quick on the island allow me symbols familiar vulture on. I shot at beating Steve you guys 206421. Rock playing Pete makes it a 47. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought to you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes can bankruptcy helped me bankruptcy can district back taxes under certain circumstances some types of taxes are never discharge or vote like if you haven't taxes from an employee if you had a business and be paid employee taxes for sales tax of those types of taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. However most people don't have those kind of taxes those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you founder casual terms for just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you found it actually turns those types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. In most circumstances especially through chapter thirteen case. 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