BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance ep 20

Tuesday, October 3rd

BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 20
Record Date: 10/01/17
AIR DATE: 10/03/17

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

Games we are playing now:

Sean - Rail Raiders Infinite (Ninja Division & Soda Pop Miniatures)
Hanamikoji (Emperor S4)
Dice of Pirates & Battle for Arkham (some jerks) (some jerks)

Chris - Lords of Waterdeep, Wasteland Express, Merchants of Araby, Most Likely To...

Josh - TI4 (Fantasy Flight), Xia: Legends of a Drift System/Embers of A Forsaken Star (Far Off Games), Android the Board Game (Fantasy Flight), Wasteland Express delivery service (Pandasuarus Games), Great Western Trail (Stronghold Games) 


Title: Dice of Pirates
Company: Thing 12 Games
Dice chucking game of pirates searching for gold in the sea, or battling to steal it from each other, that fits in an altoids-sized tin.
Player count: 2-6 players

Base pledge: $10 
Funding Goal: $16.7k of 7k
Ends Oct 23
Title: Tyler Sigman's Crows
Company: Junk Spirit Games
Revamp of "Crows" published in 2010. A competitive player tile placement game, where players try to amass manastones through manipulating the direction of the crows.
Player count: 2-4

Base pledge: $40 
Funding Goal: $19.3k of 16k
Ends Oct 27

Title: Stellar Leap
Company: Weird Giraffe Games
Family-weight 4x space game with variable player powers & a strategic twist on dice rolling in 40-60 min.
Player count: 1-5

Base pledge: $39
Funding Goal: $13.4k of 8.5k
Ends Oct 19


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each patient and yes what going to be dishes geek nation this is your board game alliance my name is Chris walker walk like before and would be dishes the nation uncle Chris on beginnings in the mornings with me is always. Josh Utley Howard lead game player pay as you don't have to go over there at your game coming immersed. No great love for the coming up. And mr. quite tense over there who I was they're calling from the field last time Shawn Jefferson I think both games are lead designer OK if you add my original American woman I don't know the popular question he said he had a smattering you know he's like Vijay finishes coming into this thing. Whatever just to do I. I don't know what let's just let's just get this show on the road showing. Yeah actually makes me a public domain players human retirement just to do that song for us any no one had. Really think import every every day in my life should I Josh yes sir you folks wanted to do such a thing how could they get all of us. Religious code to be JD nation are column and you can filings for our concern FaceBook twitters. Every scene and down right. Game has moved to the only mention at all yet across all of our from just look for BG issues ignition hate. Speaking of looking for mediation is key nation you know where we're gonna be on October 21 and 22 guys. I know where I'm an a BI or I'm going to be charmed. I you know where my name knowing where you are now no idea I don't know I don't know things well on October 21 and 22 because she's the nation is going to be at the century link field events center for GE two through. Has so much fun this thing last time guys you know the VR and the and that and there was dodge ball and drove race and all laser tag and our man is so awesome even to go live library record of the show I mean it was it was is amazingly great. Well this year they've got an expanded board game area and I got to tell you I'm pretty sure BJ himself and myself included are going to be there the whole time when you did you do and into the dock cost up. I didn't get a chance the dodge ball line was like booked the whole time I didn't I didn't wanna stand in that line them all back. A reporter like someone is gonna make if you like doctor Rauch who physically can you conduct home. We were playing resistance and things are being thrown at hello and yes there's asked if there late and we had one of those security guys come over as is everything over and over here. And what's going on that is resistant but anyway let's GE to sell experience VR drone racing. GE two got alive or is it typecast W dot com or B fifty nation for more information. So guys today we're gonna mix things up a little bit I think. Let them blender. I'm very much like the wind until I imagine sticking your hand in a blender that's what this show is gonna be all around three point oh sign other rulings on the first that's right replenish our first John art. Yeah maybe. So first up I'm wondering about Tyler sing humans call rose by junk spirit games. This is a local Seattle lead developer and it's a revamp of crows which was published back in 2010. Does that competitive play your tile placement game where players are going to amass. A man a stones after manipulating the directions of the crows. Really really cool art by Justin hill growth. He Justin's done a lot of the art for the agents during games. And it's that this really unique power red black and white art style very dynamic very nearly attractive. Lots of extras that you can get here wreaking actually get some of Justin's aren't there currently running at twenty K of their sixteen K go so. They're to blame that stretcher gold juicy Nestle and yet they are of their current media mix stretch goal is aid may get a cloth bag for being able to hold only school chrome people's. That that's mentoring these ones are collapse sparkle since some bigger crows are really cool game when should they be accessible to people. Check up. Leave this game is that C it's a two to four player count. And it's a forty dollar based pledge. Can be ending October 27 so get some time to take it aperture. Next up is stellar leap by a weird draft games. This is a departure. From where draft their previous game was a very light a card game and this is more of a family for XP exploration game. Pretty cool stuff Carla cop is working on this one and I she's been very active in the on the Twitter scene and really kind of I changing then the game up and doing some little different here and it's really been about an attractive game and people event. Are excited about it as this that is a Forex game you've got player power hitters and street sense strategic twist on dice rolling at play is about forty to sixty minutes. As an out there on this one it's amazing but there's a space canary. Since the space necessary guys and everybody else Carlin. And today. And the other get a really ever recoup our south for this. Again very approachable. A distance ending October 19 and 39 dollar based pledge they your right just right on the cusp of getting another stretch goal and they are. I currently funded at thirteen point nine Kate's other Ian have K you'll also definitely it's been. Taking off making lots of elderly following error. An unbelievable do you have an airlock or doing your here are. And one of those old next time and it does you know she's made a really cool games are excited see just a tick off for her house. Last up is hey you little give on terror at a time oh we actually that's that's fifteen minutes or at variance Arianna. That they may have had a little bit. Probably. Of those is Dyson pirates says isn't really his game by air but good but he badger. That's they may be published calm manner pedal down right after this again batters games so relatively he'd be Dyson in any case I thought that the this attitude at six cleared based kicking game we're playing pirates fighting for gold. And you're going to be UIBC. Using some of the Dyson crowns mechanics I was some new changes and some different art. To basically. Go for gold it's the or. Take other parrots out and steal their gold with my favorite is the direct combat now dad so before he. In the eyes of parents you could kind of pick out of personal opinion on this and this when I can just directly John I'm going to kill me now if you heard about this yesterday and that word press or crowns is the knife in the back. This is marred the knife in your face yet US economy into yeah exactly. Yeah I thought oh these are done this one is ten dollars we're getting close to our eighteen case stretch goal. And we were arranger going to be funded it some and case so we're between two stretch goal land nice working on net. Engraved dice so critically aiming for the same kind of quality of architects plans and and so the next grants came out really really well so I'm I'm I'm expecting great things from the sort of rock. And this is going to be ending October 23 and that's who we have for quick start what now guys as I understand it we have some. King do. OK. Okay. She. It's just gonna keep going on who. A great great great that is yes it's gonna be brake and no I don't believe you're and company the company can you do get to do the fifth. Believe it the mistake it's like it's like a three minute thing and they've been very little of that estate still running and yet here but does a little this breaking news I have been here so much about well we have breaking news that just came in a few years ago. Test remember when I was agenda on I do remember and I came back and told you about Batman and the board game movie and I remember my knees and awesome and it's and it's from monolith. The guys who did this comment yet. Well. If you want in on this he enact it in the kick start to cool. As there being very honest if this gamer to go to retail it would be for about 250 dollars c'mon. So in fairness to move everybody. And they said why. Ed just because it's going to be such a highly detailed game there are licenses involved of course and that makes sense because a little license. Fed cup I thought he really wanna know why you run like yes because he's bad man OK fair enough happier he's Bruce Wayne's got enough money. As a publisher of one of things that they do bring up and it's a battle of vital. But valid at the ballot think that big bucks games that are really extensive don't really fly off the shelves in your local game store. And they've had some problems were caught and really doesn't hasn't been selling super well in the stores because it's and it really expensive game to get really cold game. But it's that bigger price day gets a slower mover. That's fair that's fair in anything they do it as an as a consumer if I look hitting game. And it's. Michael about a hundred dollars at the top end of what I'm looking to spend an ever even on the best most detailed game so. You would not spend to learn to deal. Probably not he will have to be the best game ever and come with a hundred dollar bill Nassau right I see what their samba and you know because they would have to pay. If thirty years has mundane or another distributor the day they get a portion of their Chong the stores during a portion. Just typical retail. You know things get I get all that and they understand it could remain at at what point do you look at the cost of your game and say OK maybe we need to cut back somewhere and bring this thing in a little bit closer to say a hundred instead of 250 because. Even. Even if I if I boosted Arab epic epic game and I know I've paid a hundred dollars for a I'm expecting. At a TI for level. Game I'm expecting something that is epic grand in scope has a lot of really good pieces is very very well put together and and is fun and playable. That's just and that's just me as a consumer I mean they're ready people out there were willing to pay 250 dollars for board game and you know more power to you but I think about other games that have licenses especially. Like a legendary stuff. But those games are not that expensive but they're also. Primarily card and so maybe this isn't just did the trend of things in the way things are going and theatrical license to hedge your bets on I think Batman is to know we have. So yeah I mean yes they may still not meeting in between fifty dollars for in retail stores so this is your fair warning you watch for an on kick starter. There and I'm sure they have a FaceBook page by now that we'll alert you to an expert who's about to drop so. You can if you go to kick starter nick and followed them on kick starter when they release it to get a little notification and follow monolith on starters had a yet make good deal and then maybe I will go to that but from what I'm assuming. It's worth it. I mean it's not not maybe Howard the 250 dollars is worth two back on kick start. Yeah you you mean the pictures you sent back and talking about the game play it sounded like a really really fun game NNM I won't I won't deny that I'm. Absolutely intriguing I would like to play it. It was from the mini standpoint Blanco and ends minis are amazing and had a fantastic ask them. The other B steps here notably sets so it expect them to at least to back quality bar as well also you know and that's and that's when things are immigrants. To be staffs is an area Rolling Stones government hello who has. Okay. When. So I will be a look at that in keeping us posted as soon as we know more about what's going on with their kick starter and whether or not whether or not it's still gonna be an awesome game. But I have a feeling that it is. And on that note we need to take little break guys but on the other side of the break we're gonna come on back and tell you about some of the stuff for playing right now from the stuff are looking forward to playing in the near future and well. Whatever else crosses are tiny little minds. I look thanks for sticking with a sky as we are back and well it is time to just kind of go into what we're doing and question the I have an answer had you the Mike inside chums Bernie. Well it's attorney much because there's there's a large hole on the side in my head dish do you fit just about anything and yet that's what a and so easily. So speaking of pro speaking of awkward transition is well let's let's talk let's names are playing right now guys what was the last thing you played. We had any way through what. Desire legend of adrift system we actually the couple places that I'm so jealous man with the expansion. Members of the first taken star which. Sure in the game plan a little bit. Streamlining but not in not a bad way. All in good ways with. Comments from the rush song. Yeah. No this team looks amazing this is another big forest game in its side XIA. Yes yes yes so if you wanna look at up and and and find a little bit more about it what how do. I came in second. On now on our twenty point game we played a full twenty point game for Claire implant full count me too low we we lost declare their rule and kind of who sued us in on but often drift I win before you pick a place it's a sandbox style game which means. Yeah the most points wins you played your point count pitcher how you do that is entirely up to you. And you can be an explorer and just make the map bigger and try to find points that way. Now it is it is different then from from what to think about of like a point salad game like. Like I them them Clinton McNamara to burgers on them and yet I think you react. Or is it is is specifically designed to where you can just go off and do your own thing you have to bother me that use its specifically designed to you can just often do your own thing you can hit cool the pirates strategy yeah I mean that's where you. You when you build up garments ownership or you can pick shields and will then engines and guns and missiles yet and you don't have room for everything so Pyongyang's missile you may not have shields. And if you pick pirate and then try to keep my mind ice asteroids. And you shipped frozen rolls freezes over every ten year old and nine. Crunch time pick up a Buchanan they're. Okay I'm in heaven and then valve damage and they have ice damage which spreads that a preliminary X. You can get rid of it by simply landing on planet money amount off sure but if you just like I'm gonna be a pirate. Maybe you should focus on shooting guns not mining nice. Yeah it does seem like a strange a tirade unless I mean unless you're our leader ice pirates poor job you you're I was no I antibiotics and I carry the Connecticut. But yet he sees them play you can just focus on missions if you lying Infosys pouring McNamara bigger finding just tokens by. Points that Lleyton killing people getting points separating trading picking up in delivering goods and it's got a great economy board now that controls. Basically you have to move around a bit markers in the first edition. You can just put two plants as could end up right next to each other and you combines elements now man has an hour and scoring all the points. So they they added that economy board and an amazingly helps out with that until not under the parent or their comes over their busts up you know. Well can you just toss in my sent him to. I realize you don't have the but I got a bad grade. My odds now to your in your outfits your outfits are your guns and your. Missiles and stuff you can't yeah and they yank your blasters. Armor piercing. Collect some of that you to make your shields Lou if you Ryan it's an environmental thing one against I asteroids and I suspect that you can. You know our shields a year Max guys were automatically. Well there and add armor to leadership's now he can. Border with just armor plating. One of the things that it. That I saw when I was looking at this the other day who yes that you're going to be playing and I'm virtually can junior I felt really really bummed that I sat around. Brooding all day because of it pay your back. This year. Straight quarterly good. This game looks really good like high quality pieces the ship Searle prepaid a little meanings that there's there's metal money I mean money. This team looks incredible and the retail on it for their footing based game and the expansion yearly and looking at about a 150 prefer for both them together that's from what I can fine a line from both of them together like you said. All the ships are prepayment cannot national special version collector's edition there high quality high quality figures and in and it it it's space. It's four X. It deck gives you a lot of options were for victory it takes a lot of boxes in the old Chris walker Carmen telling us early it's a finex because you can have experimenting. Because you're gonna experiment your style of game. You can do it just on fire around do I want to murder people. As you wanna hear it sounds like when my brain explodes because there's a fifth ex now. Desire user it's absolutely an. But I didn't bring it lower where a it's from far off games and older can find it on Amazon in my impaneled and store up. And it's local companies to the Pacific northwest out of organ that's fantastic that's really really cool Charlotte and what's so much less when you're playing besides. Ice parrot. Hello speaking of the whole space theme I'll stick with that. I got a chance against some plays in a real raiders infinite through this by a ninja division and soda pop many TV news Jimmy's yes so this is a media. I year plays a bunch of western theme that you guys and girls that are out reading these big strain and you're trying to get all the money. The dancing thing about this game as far as like the mechanics is that you've got that you're doing all bicycle investor and and to your dice are a 910 Jack queen and king are the faces on the dice. NC role in obesity trend put together the best poker hand and that's how you beat someone in combat. And on this trainers curse almost no money in their is no evidence and equipment and gear. Abbott there's also these law bots these robots that are the the officers if you will often end of the ones are trying to you know slow you down and make it difficult for you. So whenever you combat someone the other players gonna roll for the law bots and interplay you can also go after another player in trying get money from them. He knocked people around you can knock people off the train in the can come back. Tons of different characters in this game I want my daughter was playing wind that don't look a lot like. But a lot like during the fat. Arianna. And I was playing on that may have looked like a certain mr. Cobb from them he answered the net. You are you worried seen this face shows there's far western theme that all your it is really yes he was empire he was a buyer certainly and so you mirror playing and to. It was a close game made my daughter ended up winning by a single single dollar how it came to came down to myself verses one of the officers. And if I was able to defeat this officer can actually get some gold. But it wasn't in the cards for me. Know who sounds so. At telling the naming into the aisle I can't get I can't get this anonymous us Ivorian trailer trailer raiders seemed to thank you rail raiders infinite that's on the earlier of the corporate try to I don't know four with the guys next time as well it speaks to its trains its western and future Aniston Charlie and I feel I feel like it's got its got a lot of great stuff over in a really sanity of the try one of the ones that I had a chance to sort of start playing back it Ted dragon flight and didn't get a chance to finish because we had other things going on though have. We slid express now this is a game I just the unity to me too and I'm I'm right out of the box has a you just started putting it altogether it's gonna modular board. And the pieces look incredible I mean they're not painted or anything like that I'm giving up the detail on the pieces is fantastic and it. Really. Really got me interest and I'm kind of like you that way I like the game it really really good meanings well this has that. But I waste on express is eighty sort of post apocalypse world a little a sort of mad Max world where you were -- you are driving around the waste land and dad delivering goods from one place to the other and that's the base mechanic of the game there's always more going claims rose delivery service literally literally ending a McCain is what you're doing precisely so you have got you have your you have your car you have to manage the spacing your car your trucker you're tanker your I'm an optimist prime. How the two versions are about two versions of Optimus Prime and don't Carl Levin I mean they're they're painted as it did not paint him at the the card that you have it represents your character and it and how you can make on your moves and things like that it needs. Clearly clearly optimist I'm a classic classic prime from the from the cartoon show but then also. Movie up movie optimist yet. And it's cool and there's the the bandits I think his greatness is driving the trans am and that it is really really cold as fun as in that way but I really like. The the sort of back and forth mechanic of trying to get all of the I'm trying to get all of the side missions done in in having to. Really spend time managing not only what you have in front of you but managing where your training get to on the board and ended this game is amazing. And then the mechanics to it using gears Revver gives any new driving around gas if you just move well. You have momentum now so if you move again without doing your thing you get more movement the next turn out. So and then if you stop to do something while just playing trying to be very pig slow wanted to gig on are you going any to tell you lose your momentum they get to do whatever you do that the clients yet it's not combat having. It's not it's really nice it's really a pick up in the liver game but you're not just picking a one type a good idea to pick up certain things that are water ammo or crude. That is not everybody wants the same things in every part of the of the waste proceed traveling to these different locations these different settlements and each settlement might want. Oh this guy wants food and this guy wants water this guy wants water and ammunition. Was also the big bad guys that are out there that. Kind of jerks that you had to watch out for oh yeah greater try to raise your heart is stretched I consider them our resource for me getting my stuff but I. Ice I don't consider a Mac news and I consider him so yeah it did depending on where you land these raider trucks are going to be moving around as well and if you happen and your attorney Jason to one of these things are one of them moves into space adjacent to you than you do have to fight them and that the fighting mechanic is actually really interesting I thought to it it it said it's scored in there it's. It relies on hits EU role die and just like pits on a regular guy except that they're hits or blanks and let's say you have certain number of hits just to get to to take. Two it did too well to survive the encounter and if you don't maybe it takes and damage if you do KB you're gonna get some goods off this truck but. That's one way if you're a little bit short on cash that I discovered I really lenient with this last game as I was not. I was not cash rich. But what I did have was machine gun and and a Gunner so I leaned into the hit those trucks as much as I could affect I was seeking him out he knows a little on goods. I was a raider I. Are considering that there is no player vs player combat known known society in order to manipulate that. When you land on terms but you can move those three are trucks are you can move them over Du'Shon yeah maybe he'll take some damage here. Or a movement from a Shonn to maybe block his path. And yes every equation will have on their yeah absolutely I've Charlotte if you wanna keep Shawn from selling his good some are you moved to the place where looks like he's going and then you sell your goods instead that wavy demand for that location changes and now Shawn is stuck with whatever he's got a constructing and offload one thing I really like about this multiple games we have we've talked about day. Using that supply and demand. Board to. Control blue variability in the game and give people moving around the board. Under the Josh is doing gnashing you some cause playing of this everybody oh my god know that that bad that can be adjusting anytime anything involving the three of us and caused play I think needs to well. Let's just say that we need to really really plan that stuff out there that's where science express delivery stereotype pandas first game take great value comes with its own concerns. See now that's fantastic anywhere they think that far ahead man. I just played guys it is really really good but said that is just about all the time we have so Josh I got to ask you what are we always say. Play nice. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out playing games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.