BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance Ep. 26

Tuesday, January 30th

BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance Ep. 26

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of BJ Shea's Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Chirf Gamer: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


1. Games Played/OrcaCon 2018 - wherein we discuss some of our recent plays and talk about our experience at the con this year

2.  Most Anticipated Games For 2018 list from - wherein we look forward to some hot upcoming titles and get ready to open up our wallets in the coming year


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fantasize why he called sheriff Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot club. Please gentlemen geeks of all ages to our history teacher at least be patient. Yes welcome to be issues he nation this is your board gave alliance my name is Chris walker walk like a plan would Vijay Shays geek nation uncle Chris on PGA migs. Director Chris walker of the organ alliance some people have called me Susan. Well. Houston I'm not gonna really bad. Hey you know that the good corner and just say you look really hard and address and I'll say you know what Sharon thank you that means a lot coming from speaking of showing shines John Epperson of thing twelve games our chief board game designer and publisher impersonator I'll hang tag opaque pegged. I haven't seen them version closure report a oh that's great values really get to go way back you know it's it's a deep catalog stuff but today you know exactly yet. Glasses middle aged guy with a with a really we beard that was that was his thing for for a little while mr. Lewis was amazing yeah. I do throw with a that the men and so this year they're like. Sean publisher with food OK hey or go trigger option yes no I was up on the NFL I don't know and I think I think was right down to one of the very very last planning meetings like. Let's do this other thing because we got chain from the Walking Dead Chanda I caught a loose group and misrepresents our we are gonna go the other and maybe that maybe next maybe Hillary that. That other Melissa was voice you heard it. It is none other than our chief game player. Captain of the Omega gamers. Master of all things black slash Josh Utley. Black find your head I just know I'm I'm absorbing and I appreciated enough problem no problem happy to help. And like I said this is your organ alliance says this week are diverted alliance we're going to be talking a little bit about this and again we've been playing me I just got back from commit to replace a budget games. But we also have a list from the most anticipated games of the year from board game he dot com and we're gonna talk about some of that but also. The games we are most looking forward to before we get to all of that. Max players in. Always great to have Max back when this Max and the public domain players given us their great great melodies as always Josh Yasser. How can people get all of us who want to. Well just take LB JB nation account and search for us on Internet on FaceBook on Twitter. On any social media platform you can imagine yeah pretty much its oldest BJ Diggnation you'll find you'll find this you know it it's not that hard. We're we're pretty ubiquitous that way so palace you a news we play like games. March of that you're hearing there. And we actually had the opportunity recently to spend most of the weekend over in Bellevue. Playing games at orca Colin and I got to tell you I had pretty time. You know got to play a lot of games got to meet a bunch of new people got to hang out and really just sort of soak up what is still a relatively small convention while at the same time definitely getting bigger this is. I wanna say head and shoulders above what their their last year as our power as just the scope of it and how many people were there in the types of games that were being played. You know I had there ruled neurological and just like media creator says half their and podcasters and and you troopers are there as well. Just so many people it's so many tables. Bring some different games it was awesome this is one of my favorite concert you've heard integrate with the kick off the year. Yeah I that this is a rookie year exactly this is a great way to really just getting to the is that the feel of the unit from agencies and insisted today it just chipped to play games and I had a chance to talk with Donna. The the other organizer of the event and she had mentioned. That they were shopping around for more for different locations because having it as far up north as they usually have it. Can be problematic in the reasoning we're getting a lot of you know butts in the seats was because it was so far away for everybody in the they were shot at her for different places that were both affordable for the type of comment on the throw but also large enough to be able to support the type of you know inflow that they were looking for and this country got to be pretty good location but it might be in a completely different place next year we don't know. But dammit what album we'll sit down. And we all played games and I wanna does is spend a minute to talk about that how that went in and how was different at the Carmen and how the experience. Sitting down playing games is you know obviously different if we go to somewhere like as a lose lose that kind of play for the afternoon if we go to BJ's house that we play for twelve hours at a time. But the indications are really really different field. And one of the best things that we had we had a lot of players for these social direction games that we are playing we were playing secrets and we were playing the resistance and we were playing all of these things work. The game gets better when you have C Terry people sitting around playing and we were able to have all of that once is normally trying to get all the people in the game grouped together for one event like that. If it's hurting cats you know American this was nice because we had plenty of people all there at the convention to play games they were like here's what we're playing. Oh we need more players come on down and that bat for me was one of the best parts about the image is being able have. All the players you meet at any given moment. They're people walking by air like he he returned OKE or get greatest or damage there's like to jump in and you don't even know these people from you know anybody right sure and we don't need another center was telling him that. Love that. Love that their program. So that that was one of the most fun that's for me was as being able failed socialization is what I love. What was what was the the biggest game that did the U injured playing at the dimensions. Orient play. Crossfire not death not the eighties that I. Had no airplane that took right now the other across our area and the the Specter option universe across Latin. From planet I games. Can play that one get news it's. Intimidating. On all these shuffling in preparing and pass the cards and let's ask god has set up. But really just have to remember what you saw that at that and then call people out gave forces you to be like no no no hero liar. And I know you're a liar because I saw these three cards and you could never saw that car. But I really make it sound. It's definitely very very fast the bar says 45 minutes and but that's if you're playing like okay we want that's one point per us. I use kids use this as a filler you can do five minutes here between games so easily back even with our drew and never ends ago little long in the social diverging gains. A little opening minute of her but this still ratcheted up really quickly threw out there who's playing. We once argued in engender rule for two hour yeah yeah. I know TI can take a long time but they roll is like what they're gonna put this line let's vote yes and now and we argued it for two towers. But anyway and I guess that we do that the equipment and yet they gave him Specter's draft pick up. Specter universe. Crossfire there and I grabbed universe haven comes with a three minute timer so yeah argue impart his time yet. Yeah you really and then you you plan and each other's point gun style and you kill people and some people wanna be killed so they're trying to manipulate people in this thing and I'm totally the they're adding I wanna kill on that media Pacifica I NG anyways and as independent because of team equally as it's very. Like there's a lot of big diversity of characters as far as who wants what can happen in order to win but I also like that there was a lot of there were a lot of extra options mean extra characters the didn't necessarily have to play with every time who changed the game every time you played him. This was this was a lot of fun for me in and I probably created 45 times. In a row right there just because you're sitting there waiting to do something else but. That was that one was a lot for your reliever I liked to because we're right we're waiting for a few people still yet to be calm was our first game and really start playing games and have pulled down on my part in my head this this morning on them. A shootout broke right. Well Dana on death then we play it probably. For a good hour and a half we played for the box time yet that we just played a whole bunch a little game yet. Usually and that was great you racked up the points of reverend and I even you know bartered off for for prime minister doing in your interview and you guys you know that was that was a play in this all sorts of fills me get back with great. But you shuttle was what was your favorite for I can if we. See land which I was really excited to play listen a little bit of an older game. Ears essentially putting out to these Windmills are on the board. And there's tiles that are face down and you put the windmill and it's next what pilots based on you flip it over. Annika beast points attributable to score it could be zero points which means that you're gonna get a special. Token to escalate to an extra and turn. Do we score in this game is that. You have to surrounding your windmill with these accidental tiles which usually scoring titles been what you surrounded and then you score that when milk. But you're gonna replacing these point tiles on the board and complacent anywhere between I could place when a line next to yours. And force you to score far earlier than we ever wanted and I can actually force you scored zero points do you have. I'm just like three different types another tie as he put out. And you have all the same you torn nothing. So it's the normal really really mean how can tell you dislike now underscore union make you store and I'm kinda hard to believe that Sean likes a backstabbing GAAP NRA act this that this does like Jack cutthroat carcass on and it is right up you're out so good all our guys. It was just. I can master plan. It was a girl that I just met there at that that kind. And her her significant other. And Booth for started off you know having a danger to six victory of point lead there was a starting point did you like it twenty points they choose eternal way to its. A fantastic when slogan and pretty inexpensive to tells a really rad definitely in and check up. So on the on the second day. We started fairly early I mean we got we got going about 10 o'clock in the morning maybe 1030 and we want plays I. And Daiei is a forest game in the sense that well it's big. There's a lot of different ways to get your points. There's a lot of different strategy he can run down and and still make the game happened for you. It is space exploration and it is pick up and delivery it is I PVP writer pirates. There's a lot of different options in this game and is set in space and has a lot of cool stuff looked like the comments and then and then and then and then the lane that forced you to move. And I really love. This guy. And it's one of these games that squared the components are great the game play is very well thought out and I think I really gels. And I he just really looking forward to playing this game. Well not cut you off but to say that we opponents are great news and understatement O yeah I didn't Hutchison just hurt and pain in ships in every box of desire. Think the thing is the best components you've ever seen come out of a box running game before you even touch them. And then multiply that by ten and as I components are still better. You know money metal mining and all that metal money is so Brad so the basic idea of Daiei is you've got to ship. And you or whip in around the solar system trying to discover locations. You're looking for I'm artifacts and yours you're picking out the jams and dropping them off or not jams but you know supplies and dropping off in other locations where they needed. All the while trying to dodge the other players. Keep your ship in the air because you I might be low on energy earpiece or Terry taking ice challenging you need to hurry up and get back to plant to heal that up a lot going off. It is a busy game and you can set the game linked by deciding at the beginning what kind of a point totally updated at five completed ten you wanna play to twenty. We had we had decided we're gonna play a fairly long game and that's fine. You know what let's play a full game with just make it they haven't awesome great. So start of the game haven't really good time it really start to make something happen for myself. And as happens to us at these cons we have people come up to us and say hey we're gonna start playing this other game over here in ten minutes or. Eight any chance that when you guys are done with this week you play this other game things like that Bubba Bubba. And we kind of decided. After. I don't know we've played. Eight or ten rounds I don't know how many rounds we actually had gone to her about halfway everything we're about halfway through the game and it's about 3 o'clock in the afternoon so we've been playing for four hours are better. The we elder that we do we decided okay. We're gonna stop this we're gonna triangle by tomorrow as the plane robredo and other groups who we were playing longer because we were teaching one new player so. And Spencer for only nineteen able top yet. And I find the best way to teach somebody in the prior strategy is to use them as me being the pirates blowing up patient repeatedly. I find that teaches the tire strategy rather do I thought it was one round where. The three different people ships got destroyed. And it was a pain in my but because I needed to get to I had I had I had a secret mission which was. Rob. The player on your right. You know. And I knew I had no he put you where you were you I Spence was on the Alia Aram I an earlier in my right player on the left. But either way point of the story is I had to get to where Spencer wise and I was about one's too good to move away from him and he says he goes after me. I had to make sure that I was in position to where he landed and then on my turn I can get to him he kept getting killed her about it. So he's off the board and for my turn and he responds right after my turn and I was like great. I never get this thing that if the molecular. Tired I knew him a lot of. Killings last year was awesome I'd never seen a game so a techie and we play a wish on and he just do I think he he killed was himself had to have a that I asked her into a but he had they have never seen him that techie was great yeah I was it was a really BJ ran away with the victory. Early on I was up to like eight points and we are all want her to achieve the attacking strategy I actually caught up to them before we had to decide to. Yeah and and I I managed with the with the pickups and deliveries to get to within two points or two I mean you it it's a game where there's a lot of swing like if you if you can stay the course and stay with your strategy you can get those points not even nightly game I mean mid game and you are catching right up and there's. This is one of those games where you're in it to the end we played we played and I think ten point one time. And like the only time I've played a full quote unquote full game of diet and need that. And it got right down to the last couple of moves and everybody was in like two points of each other and it's amazing and it is a lot of fun thematically collect money point game we played though. We did play a line. You and who's down demean you at the end that's right gays should be Jed like. He pummeled through the whole game but he just tennis all the candidates are listening to position. And Chris came back from nearly halfway back and I was right in the peninsula that Chris got to win I remember that. That game OK so that's a we have. Oh about 1530. Right now what you see we take a little break. And when we come back we're gonna talk about the most anticipated games of big upcoming here. And we're back so. We talk a lot about him remittances. Which are a lot about games we're playing now we talk a lot about games where there you might wanna throw some money at it because it's coming out soon. We talk a lot about games and how good they are based on other people's opinions will now I think we're gonna be ordered jam all three of those things into one topic. This provided by our very definitely is the BG GE most anticipated games of 2018. List. It's the smallest of 461. Game always real event and I don't I if I mean what's not to notice. I think didn't top true we have every inch. What did you give me a quick quick elevator pitch on what this list is all about and then we will launch into what we think of these so selections. Well the good sellers over it be GG they put together a list of all the announced upcoming releases and kick starter releases for the this place has gone back and forth over the last month month and a half. And some have actually been disqualified just because they were released at the end of lewd December. So they're late but it's all fan votes it's all be user votes. That's the kind that's the great thing about this list is sort of a People's Choice Awards it's it's not us it's not industry professionals it's not critics if you will. This is people on board game geek going to the thing in voting for what they're looking forward to what are you excited about you as the as the geek as the person who's just using the site as as you know way to. Keep up on top of all the new games coming at what are you excited about and and obviously it's the coolest there's a few things on here I had heard of and whole bunch of things I had never heard of and a couple of them just really really got me excited so. Well let's go let's do that let's talk a little bit about what our what our top picks for the most anticipated it and I don't wanna. Most of an image toast here but I I couldn't. Pick to head victory is that it is well I started off thinking threesome I am I broke the rule right now John salts I followed our. And so I just what was your first. Well rising sun because. Eric playing. At the Andrew rising sun is in the not the sequel to blood rage but the spiritual successor in iron it's the exact same design group and our next. Back through it he plays and funeral Japan. Where. You're doing. The political phases really actions collection and drafting cards to do that. Andy your word during Samaria control and you can use the gods. People Japan who runs and you know the biggest meanings into underage yet double that for the doubts boo. And you but in this game you make alliances and they have the meaning tokens and you paired those up for your alliance which. Great to honor and and you both gain benefit from your political strategies they do and then you can break that in the if the person with the least amount honor. How has certain other benefits to. So playing our league kid playing dishonorably. You can't be any good. I really do look an area control super minis an age arrangements are. Yeah memorial on yet toy and mathematically I love I'll have any apparently feudal Japan. And as you know send your eyes and and I missed a dragon is that the iPad that this is game looks fantastic. Was your first picture of. Oh my picks is deep madness. Kind of weird that my they would only first picture is a cooperative game. Good buddies don't believe you that sounds made up there's tons of minis in this of the year. The design of the minis are these really horrific like each below crafty and looking terrors. Is that all the players are trained to go around and survive these encounters with these guys. Think kind of like aliens if you will west creatures that are even more terrifying than the aliens. This game list looks amazing that a quality of the of Armenians looks astounding. The game play that are about this looked really impressive looked a lot farther and lots of written a really cool cooperative play. I go out on the limb here census is just to relate is at some point you're going to go insane and try to beat on the other players. There is the potential for that. That area and we have become history are there we go give me my kids and how I graduated event man I figured out how. It's just resolve to oracle got another monument. This thing it's amazing I did this that this from a company that I don't think I've heard before damaging games have we talked about the rumors or something we are gonna keep Sterger when it was in progress token. But I mean it it happens seeing now that is their game looks like maybe her as is there one of their first games and let me ask. To an end of the gates swing hasn't pleased to be killed and in pictures like tons of veterans and yet scan looks fantastic well the great. We'll start a little bit about the first on the cob my big trouble in little China big team. Weighing a man good man fell host Atlanta eighty trying to pass loves big trouble in little China good man I've got Elaine and I got to stay at this thing it looks like so much fun like I am just I am just a rate is sit down. And and I'm going to be Jack Burton on the porch talk express so when you win the game you're going to saying. I don't know. Can tolerate actions. But I don't know I. Wound. Gone. And this all started mayhem. Sometimes it is going to be settled down and probably around loony and things and now I'm on his abilities that are outstanding yes sir I have paid my dues the check is in the mail. The I I can't talk about how great item I am agree I agree this looks I am really looking forward to it I've really gone down. The I peaking road recently and one of the things to me that makes a really good intellectual property gaming the GOP is. Is winning its immerses you in the world of that I Peta makes you feel like you're in that world we've talked about start Ferguson and see I've talked about fall out. We've talked about the big game to game thrown spore game. These are games that actually feel like I'm in that world and any game can do that for me. Is fantastic it really really. Is right in my wheel house exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for so. This one is back coming from everything epic games and I'm looking at the meanings I'm looking at the board the artwork is a really fantastic. That the pieces look like he's there's a lot going on there's a lot of pieces actually allow more than I was I would probably be expecting but. I really warrant. I really want this game to be as awesome as I think is you know. And the idea that you and up to three other players will adventures too experienced in own mystical underworld of Chinatown. Using your only unique talents and abilities to take on various missions throughout little China working together would look any insurance. To gain enough audacity to take down low pay and I love I love that the game the booted it the points if you will be victory is based on your. Audacity level come off. How are not getting played this game. So if you play this game with two girls with green the what do you do do you meet benchmarks. I don't know. I just got to keep with a little commandments. What's your next when Josh. Well I have an honorable mention oh all right very quickly science prize of vendors because. One it's nice. Too lazy Stan there ago and they will be the final expansion for. Unfortunately. My. My most anticipated in the one my top dog top dollar and is CNET tempura. Moon. This thing looks really good in this game is a mash outside find meet sanitary census and a few sentences MA year. Now there's an in Santa Fe we it is not a -- western dang it it's scifi meets fantasy. I think and it's eastern affairs unit think star ocean. Okay limping or should that's the style and feel about it. But it's. Kind of like a dungeon crawl OK there's a map but there's 3-D terrain and stuff. Use physical range and mental attacks. What's cool about it is as you level up your characters and there is a skill tree ovals so you could get up to fifteen skills within anyone. Mission you can only take five of those skills lot of variance a lot of replay ability there to see what kind of and that's one of the best things about those types of games especially like on on on a video game can you wanna go back completing anything what what I do this different way. Yeah I love it and super Austin minis in this one but also work the unique thing is he uses a momentum dial. It's a multi use dial attracts the game plan but it also. Makes more dynamic. Turn order room where. I might just do a move well then mine might chip moves to the next spot on the dial so I'm gonna go again pretty quickly. But it isn't him Crisco saw those I know monsters go. He could be Chris goes and shot goes in three different monsters go and then I go and then some more monsters go. Is so there really tracks it's a visual way to track whose turn is it's not guess working out and jump American rules every two seconds. And also multi use custom banks which components. Yeah I am really really important this game is that campaigns now play. You just go through and three different possible endings one of these is that maybe get her own campaign games with you guys are we salute got. Blue reform in this web Shawnee got to. Other of them dagger when net and I should this woman wasn't huge car in the list so ago I wondering missile and I'm this is vengeance. This is basically leg and ninety's action movie where you were fighting against a crime boss and you've got these minis and aboard. Andrew recently trying to take out the crime boss every has her own bosses they're fighting against and you're trying to extract vengeance for the wrong that was done you. I really have released them at a game now look really cool as one that has come up high in my list to check out. Thanks I'm real quick in a minute touch on now my second choice which was the world of smog rise of moloch and active yeah. Anxious they passed that that is to get to know my friend because when went on her majesty's service came out from the first game that I was aware from where the smog. We played it. And it was just such a gorgeous game mechanically he it was good. In there was nothing wrong with the game mechanically and the the idea rounding up your points in the way that you went about victory was fantastic and he normally in the does nothing. Nothing that blew my socks off but it was a good game was solid what really impressed me was the quality of the board in the pieces this was a game. That was so. Gorgeous and elegant the way it works and we everything fit together in the way you had to. Mean mentally and physically manipulate the board to get to where you want to go so I'm really looking forward to this next game from these guys it's another one from team on it that we might as well just beaten them. The I swear to goodness. But all the steam punk is their profits came attention now yeah Foley and this theme was whose views you have to games and that it has that is the beauty of this and I'm a bee -- dunk aficionado you know of course when we talked of the redness that's all he does. But this is a this a campaign driven adventure I put small one player against the many. You know it's so you're the you're the evil in the world and they are the gentlemen we're trying to. Protect crowned basically and you make your moves in order are or make make your moves in secret and you work together to try to stop the big bad and and again they're knocking out of the park just from the pictures on this thing and the look of it in the style of it. This is another one and I'm very very very very excited to play so you had me when vs Manny I know. I've been keeping me that's totally fine so. What Obama quickly. Well already I got the the voting has closed a whole voting is closely now closed while they at the time our recording them and after the voting but I have the numbers as of last night. All right get it and the number one most anticipated game of the year. Is that. It is always hit it in his well. Or it is seven continents the 2018 expansions. And with him a little over 2000 votes number two is science Reza generous okay. And are three is sorcerer it's a game in the star rooms I pension okay sure from from those gang I love star rooms where it was and the report rising sun number five brass Lancashire. I really want thing yeah if there and they abuse. Don't move it. That we can only pick two and a victory. So haven't worked day and give dot com check out all of those those nominations for most anticipated game 2018. And in the meantime what you send us a message I write to us on the FaceBook. And let us know what you hope that this city near 2000 anything we really really like to hear from you so it's about time we have for today guys Josh what are we saying. And it's. Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon Wells and sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot bluffs.