BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance Ep. 27

Wednesday, February 7th

EP 27

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

1. Con report

Game on con February 8th-11th Issaquah (SOLD OUT)

Emerald City Comic Con March 1st-4th Seattle

Norwescon March 29th-April 1st. Seatac

Gamestorm April 5th-8th Portland

2. Quickstarter 

1. Seize the Bean by Quality Beast
2-4 players, 45-90 minutes

A coffee-themed deckbuilding game about Berlin. Players operate a coffee shop and compete to be the best shop.

Complete with beans, milk cartons, and sugar cubes.

$49 base pledge 
$61k of 24k goal – Ends Feb 15th

2. Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Shadowvale by Daily Magic
1-5 players, 30-45 minutes

A gothic-themed expansion for VCK. Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies, Relics, citizens and domains.

$28 base pledge 
$54k of 15k goal – Ends Feb 16th

3. Lucky's Misadventures - Episode 42: Lost in Oddtopia by Great Northern Games
2-4 players, 30-45 minutes

A slightly spooky storybook world of a boy and his dog trapped in a fantasy world. A unique deckbuilder where players play at the same time. Compete to win challenges, build weird machines by combining cards, and play cards to try and escape Oddtopia.

$29 base pledge 
$3.6k of 4.2K goal – Ends Feb 24th

4. Rambo: The Board Game by Everything Epic
1-4 players, 30-45 minutes

A Tactical Mission-Based Cooperative Board Game with Unique Stealth and Fog of War Mechanics. Lots of awesome minis.

$60 base pledge, $100 base + expansion 
$61k of 50K goal – Ends Feb 22nd


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To golf. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can. Hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chased each nation. And. Yes we're going to be as hasty nation this is your board game alliance my name is Chris walker walk like a plan to be issues each nation uncle Chris some became Mays director Chris walker of your board of alliance with me today as always believed designer Sean Iverson I think twelve games I'll hang tags and our chief game player Josh Utley of the Omega gamers hate and housing on its own pretty good things for asking Josh generally appreciated. Are there is asks you know and then that I talk over both we have so you know whose route now. It's all us spoiler alert at. Today's episode we're gonna TV he con report we've got some being beat big conventions coming up soon and we're going to tell you a little bit about all of them. And then Sean has always will quick start my art let's just get right into it. Big thank you to Max and the public domain players for that excellent intro music that they do for us every week totally alive they come down here to the station played Boris make sure that we got the music Max is looking good today rather Josh. Yes here. I think people get a hold of us that they want to. Willingness going to be GDP should not come. Check out the website and final podcast and interviews and almost up. Or go to Facebook's if Vijay detention minster Graham Twitter you name it and search for BG nation. Privilege covers yeah but it had excellent. Convention time guys now. It seems weird to think about convention season because of for a while there eat their words two or three big was happening with in about four months of each other sometimes a little bit closer together. Nowadays though it feels like this convention every other parent weekend posters in the Pacific northwest here we've got about a dozen if not more yes that are going on throughout the years so I mean there's there's simply commit season foreigners coupled outlying months but it. We got a ton that we can do I feel like Chris is right I don't know that there's a season anymore yeah I feel like we're we're lucky enough to be year round at this point. One of the nice things about our weather up around here is it can be fairly temperate where we are never gets super super cold. Usually doesn't get too snowy that the kind of things the usually mean that you have a convention neither in the springer in the summer. Don't really apply around here have yet so we can have games all the time or convention that is all the time and well people are taking advantage of that so. What sealed its first come on the list here. Well this one's a little late as February 11 her eighth through eleventh. It is sold out so. Sorry. Fantastic weekend and the answer rearing it's a game Hong Kong in Issaquah Washington. Alia pressure on you bend them in my time right I know there's a couple sentiment trying to you know I I don't. The wonder if you have a meal to make it out because I haven't ever make this funny there I'm kind of Sarah remiss in this and I gather it's too bad I mean you mean wrong when the because we try to keep our you know fingers on the pulse as much we can dispose snuck up on me uniting even realize it and then there's a cop sold out sorry go one of the reasons this spoiler alert has happened remember they. Soon. That's typically went into lands unlike well and it's okay. And they you should've been a help and should've gotten numbered day ticket you know very clearly oops. Getting it's a very and I don't even for a. And in any of this and just stay just to be gaming convention or is their a little bit cross pollination there what kind of owe him a deal is game on on what what kind of convention. Sells out first at all. Secondly obviously this is a big deal or it wouldn't be sold out and I've never really even heard of it. It is they came to mention it it's a sort of just slightly smaller one okay so afford to buy Suzanne. But just went together. Where it was whether you'll have helped put it together and then tell them yes. And I and so there's a primarily from a focus on the the more military style games but there has been a growing like side portion of that that is more like the casual games and. Made it heady gains are always saying that board games are taking over yet another. Nothing to worry game time being taken over by a board it's in a way yeah. I'm down. All right what's an excellent and actually is a real they wouldn't hurt area emerald city comic con. Are. First through the port. He CCC the glaring shiny nerd Christmas of the northwest I mean enough if this is this is one that you know we we love of course we're always trying to get out to it and do we can added and it doesn't. Doesn't have as much of a focus on games as a lot of the other ones that we do but they're definitely a big big section and growing. We are changing that yeah we are I mean that I think. Usually this year has held up by just four games. But you're right there's a cost play at this time news. Often heard coming you can you can stand outside the on NB entertain and watching that Todd politely explain exactly exactly and just. Oh I really do like that there's a lot of satellite locations for this one where they kind of focus in on one thing here's what's going to be happening at the Sheraton here's. What's going to be happening at the Hyatt and all of a new I like that and there's different places you can go to get a different experience how to con and if you are feeling overwhelmed by the main show floor which can be very daunting. He could maybe take a break go relax just down in find us and played you know resistance the little out of it one of the things about EC CC does happen over the last at ten or so years that I've been going to think. They've gotten. So much bigger. When I first went to the content I was still with the back from comics podcast. We would walk right up to the table for all of the media guests and talked to him and say hey you mind if we get an interview for our podcast our little teeny tiny part when I first went the economy was next entry link. Seeing now is definitely has grown to death in higher grown into an all images that are precisely so. So one of the things that's happening is I mean I'm looking down just the you know Indy and getting away from game a little bit here because I'm looking down the list of the of these special mediate yes sir that is the entertainment guess and I mean you've got people like enemy has -- cost player you know or an aviator who I did something to work with them out you're solid then you've got. David Tennant and Billie Piper for God's sakes alright with the doctor and rose Tyler Christopher Lloyd believes should day OK I mean. A big one for me in and not a lot of owners out there don't watch our future ever gonna but. Tomorrow is gonna be there. There are Marion Hermes gonna add a. Yes please so. Easy easy easy is when we look forward to every every year and we definitely love going to it so you'll be on the look out you will see us and we will be hurting out. Left right and center so I hope. Italy and that includes did little to affect our. Yeah you are not editing that out are what's what's up after that. All that and could. I have something called Norwest common. And that's another look that's the premier center. If I can mentioned who learned these senate Seattle area. That is in sea tac. And that is and I totally just heard many times her size between ninth commercially ninth the April to the April for two vehicle in the April 1 today April. I know west com is is is the Seattle institution Norwest con has been around for I don't know what is this the fortieth forty for thirty years yeah. Yes so literally almost as long as I've been alive. This convention has been going on and I've only been tweet about. Four times because growing up I lived on the east side. And what he was it was difficult for me to justify it coming all the way to Seattle for a weekend and things mamma wanna go to Seattle to you mentioned for a weekend and hard to do hard to pull off but honestly since I've been living in Seattle north Thomas is still one of my favorite. But things can't say it's scifi and fantasy you mentioned. This one even has a banquet he tends yes it's 78 dollars for four days yes or day we can actually forty we can't exactly he's like it's it's hard to look at what we have how. Yeah Arad to make sure it was forty's they act. Who I went last year I get to hand which on Mozilla Dem going. I got to wander around it was really fun I really enjoyed it just to anything's that time fancied yeah yeah. Absolutely and and has always you know they do you have areas for gaming and and if that's what you're into but even just just going to this convention and being able to soak up everything that's going on it is. It is one of the greatest sort of institutions. That we have around here as far as a convention goes. I mean since like 1984 they've been hosting the Philip K. Dick awards. As if there is a writing award a special citation that is presented annually for distinguished science fiction books published for the first time in the United States. So new authors putting out their own books this is where those awards happened and I I think that's incredible that's something amazing that we have just right here in our backyard. Next. Next is game stormy in Portland dad James one on April 5 through the eight. We are going to this one we are going to this on their books on I work at but we're gonna golden yes. Yeah I. They make money and awards and things like that whatever my a my partner my finance partners or if you're going to be there as well also there should be critical. Now how to police actually to play games and he is they share on longingly I did a game of resistance with him yes I think he's a big social media. Or so far as the game and I turned covered a lot of mythic tales about this. Quote partner and I never met them. I may actually completely made up banging your head. So you're walking around them like a big invisible rabbit I won't be a little bit surprised so instruments yet Portland big gaming convention payrolls I think he's in the premier. Portland area a game convention and amid the red lion had changed his beach. It's. So right now to conserve over of 65 for the four days. Yeah games library gain lab you can go in and we learn about designing learn about how to come up with games the most important link me to play game play more for four days as. I I play. Yes and the mile demos that people can do as well again train like seeing new games that are coming out that. People are broken arm and so that Dino is is that they just northwest India for the they are not going to specifically have believed he Booth her or like instead of what they'd only do right but a lot of people that are part of plea just northwest. Are going to be there are nice so yeah you'll see a lot of like you remember F percent AC number heartbeat so does he was. Of racism as one of the things I love about the causes a great opportunity for that kind of thing so the September 1 more quick one now this is one of those conventions where. I you know it's it's hard to say that its ultra exclusive. Now it's easy to say it's ultra exclusive its ultra exclusive. I think its rarity completely sold out there's literally no way the general public can get into this convention but we are going to talk about it anyway because why. It's a thing we made up Josh. Yes we are going to put on and attend. For ex con I thought that four X car and it's basically a glorified excuse for. I sent our friends to sit around play TI for for an entire weekend. One of the most amazing thing that happens when we when we should heroically and are always talking about we'd never have the time. Or the amount of people or to the dedication to sit down and play. What amounts to a twelve hour game and we really have to make it a special event and have people show up and sometimes people elect they've canceled last minute not feeling very there. Makes it difficult for us to really get into a TI four or a twenty point games I have or or any of these kinds of things. So what we decided. Was that we needed to come up with a way for all of us to go and be in one place for a weekend and do nothing but play games. Just our game group. Which is extensive what are we up to like 1618 people who are crossing their and others teen yeah I guess so there's probably going to be some early or when he when he twice by people just hanging out in this cabin which is what it is in the family. Well are different braille scandal arc. Yup she has access to a large and she secured us. The entire law button for the entire. Super Bowl Sunday. It's. Is no small feat hang our hats offer our thanks to Bruno big really hey you're hearing on this went off for that but he however is there and go to the woods. With. Eighteen of our closest friends right are gonna play four X games like TS three eclipsed yes. Some three X games like forbidden stars or the size GAAP basis they were in play really long games that we love to play for a long time. And we aim may be sent home the same number of people like go to the cantonment it hammered him. Can't make any promises what really excited about life. We were playing we were playing Jack for the other day and and we're saying okay so I'm getting ready to go to four on what kind of games that you bring in night I listen up a couple of things I was talking about bringing fall. Game thrown Gordon you know things like that big big games that we don't I don't it's it was very often because they are long. And BJ says to me are you gonna bring your copy of TI for and I said well. I guess are you know bringing yours uses Ottawa remind. The idea of the third birdie two simultaneous. Games of twilight of Gary I'm foregoing one time. Staggers my mind we have amongst us for copies I don't know so we just get a few more people we could have for housing and he would be yeah. 820 people fit in or around 234. Gains a TI for five players a piece man. I'd Ike just I would love to just be a fly on the wall just watching that or. Like I wanna be on him like Bobby Fischer stepped jumping from table to table to table a play my game unease I wanna apply on the light on the grand master plan and we're here moved over here oh governing over here liberal protect. I think he just came up with the way we have to play now buried it yes just set up to even if we don't have all the people let's have two games and we have to bounce same five players and we just it definitely be doing that for three days solid and well we have we have three days I'll itself. It's. It's on the other side of the break. Sean is going to quick start my arts UBB yeah you are. John Chile where I can spend my money ran here. She'll be a better place right to spend my money. In a row let's get on with it so personally talk about C is Levine and this is by. This is it meant by green I mean coffee beans okay how all right Gary geez I mean. As my quality beast as I can be is over that is I helping her sorrow. She's done inequality beast I think there over in over Berlin and now they're this is not sure what they game is about and it's busy running a coffee shop and you're trying to attract different customers trying to get rid of bad customers. And competing in this deck building game. A cool thing about this is that guys some really interesting we wouldn't pieces so it got. Actual beings who. You know look like coffee beans as a component study little milk carton of milk cartons and they have these little sugar cube. He does that actually look pictured hurt it because this is a disaster. Had donated to volunteer and if I do not eat the components you know play this game with a new and younger than about twelve and even then careful. Yeah as like most of builders is two to four players are gonna play in about 45 to ninety minutes. A really interesting art style like really unique. Kinda reminded me a little bit of duck command the ways like. That our style while experiencing life to see recover from a man yeah. Chemical on had a chance to talk to them actually and one of the guys involved in this is from the Seattle area. Actually called small world so it's 49 dollar for the base pledge they're at 61 K of their 24 K goal as of this recording. And that's going to be ending on February 15. So the plan get him in check this one out. You're getting quick this this game and I'm I'm watching some of the videos on the kick starter page right now and just looking at the components and the V style of play and how you got a modular border in front of you for your deck and things like that this is. This looks really fun yeah this looks really really cool like I played I played games similar to this where it's like them like dead beer crafting USA in the other you know dice have Beers or whatever you know where you're. You're trying to design a drink and then get it to sell in different areas. And so that kind of thing it's to me and kind of familiar with but this is. This looks like next level this that's really special on my goodness aren't. You know for that they've put a lot of fondness that becomes of the scooper like this than there are they bringing so much that theme to this game it's fantastic you know really they're as time runs on the team and I think that's really impressive and I'm glad to see that kind of thing it's still going on and can still get good day good backing what what skill levels are talking about right now let's see that they inevitably killer stretch colder first. More their goal was 24 K in their 61 gain hope oh okay well there you go okay very well that's happening there are 55 now 65 as well you're gonna hold a liar though lots of you know actors they've been adding you know and so. Writers will you begin a lot for you and your your purchasing power yet clearly. Next I next up. Our good friends over at dealey magic games they have an expansion to Valeri a cart kingdom's I'm listening called channel for. Shadow veil is basically the vampires Wear wolves zombies. Relics of more citizens of domains. Just more of really cool gothic goodness that you can add into your career per kingdom's box and member. This is twenty dollars for the base pledge and they had their fifteen cable sent set it and they are at 54. You five right now. Let me put my surprised yeah are. These guys they're admitting games they really get this figured out and they do really good job with everything they put together and they have a really solid game on their hands and I'm glad to see that the that they are still working expansions things for 'cause I love card can that the great. Did you ignore the cool thing I really liked about novel Larry Don just because of the game when everything. But the winds are designed the box was the designed extra room inside there. To build a handle expansions really Smart and so you bill to be able to put this in your base boxy building okay no problem and they give you all the extras for sorting stuff. They do a fantastic job the ourselves amazing and it's by the meego he's pretty well known for what they're different games. Yet this is. If you have played malaria before year different gonna wanna get in on this aren't if you play games like much borrower in Akron I think this brings a lot more to the table I you'd like this whole lot more so to protect that out. This and ends on February 16. Excellent thank you Sean one also. Lucky he's misadventures. Episode 42 lost in the I'd told yeah. Kind of about fully game they're entitled to it does is by creek north of great northern games. It's a two to four player game for about thirty to 45 minutes. What I saw the arc this. It why merely coming attention they look like they're really like old their rooms seventy sort of fake. Golden book can elect. He reminds me. The animated mourn their earnings yellow and let the secret of him. Yes it is and I was gonna say last unicorn but yeah that's all right that in that realm but yet at our work on this is astounding really really good the moon being girl look straight up out of the last unit and yet you and totally but the white rabbit looks straight out. Considered him than him. So slick it's a spooky storybook world. You you're pulling a boy aid that's a big viewing your dog girl lost in this weird onto hope yes. Very strange universe and you basically trying to get out and get back home. I'm playing in the deck builders style. The interesting thing they're doing with their own version of a deck builder is that. Everybody's going to play at the same time and you don't actually play all your cards are handy slick which Kurt you wanna play. And then every video playing face down in the flip them over and and you start doing things so it. It tries to cut down the okay I'm waiting for electronics show a lot of them in that typical depth builder place styles I thought that was really a unique way to try and I know attacks. So this really looks like a cause not gods but steam punk. Oh yeah yes yes yes there's a distance impacts of America's. You can craft items in the game you can take these more junky type items and put them together increase you know better items out of doing that. Looks really. Looks really good it's a gadget of the kick starter on this one but I wanna give a quick shout out to this artist Abigail Larsen I'm just being floored. By the artwork a in this game it's really really spectacular and you can check out more her stuff at Abigail Larsson dot com AB IG AIL. LA RS ON dot com and you'd check it out EU will be if you're not as impressed as I am doing you have no heart or soul. CVB's played for this 129 dollars so very affordable and bigger room. The pledge gold hits and it was so four point two K. And they party funded so that's really good so religious crested over that there four point five so jumped in on this it ends February 24. All right you know what I need a Superman only board game right now helping out John. Well and Superman leap I got what you need baby this is a Rambo the board. Here. Is by ethnic everything epic games which we talked about unep. Previous by Casio who talked about that beatable little trend at the same group is doing this is a cooperative game where your basic playing. The second of the Rambo movies. So we are trying to through this time exactly got to go through and defeat all the bad guy is and yet this this game looks pretty phenomenal thing. Logical player boards and got lots of cool manes. Absolutely astounding looking models. When the four players. Thirty to 45 minutes of game place to connect you play this solo if you like well. There operations are in top boxes that look like dossier cases yes they cases oh yeah opponents an amazing beautiful it was a really really and I thought yes it is using movie are in usually honestly I don't really like that could be off by it definitely fits within us understand these based allies they are a little bit they bring in now with some heavy lines and yeah I mean it is not like his green forever and yeah like that they're actually put some are behind it to kind of playing a little bit. And he basically for this is sixty dollars. Hundred dollars for the base plus expansion so I mean it's a bigger game but all they know now and I don't say what that expansions payments. Yeah. So this sixty dollar pledge is called the core. And have a hundred dollars is and plus is an hour or Utah mother did an hour and ten maximum current age on and on. Then there expansion you can get was and it is the first blood first annual expansion based on the evidence the first. Moving out here's something very interesting of one appoint a broker because we we talk about your game and obviously they were always doing quick starter. But you look at the amount pledged they had a 50000 dollar goal they hit 66000. And as so I mean it's done. But normally when I see those kinds of numbers and I looked down to a number of backers stance well into the house and snag if it's if it's 66 or 75000 dollars there's usually at least a thousand people who back the game. This game is its 66000. Dollars back to. With only about 550 backups are trying to. So did not only are are the people who are really excited about it they are really excited about that I. Take all my money get this game made and I love that that's one of the most wonderful things about kick starter right now so. People just super excited about it and really just going forward. About three fourths of the backers are at the maximum carnage level right the hundred different than Italian not every exactly yeah I don't blog and the maximum cars on the not only comes with her explode. It also comes miss them blood in the desert they partially. If I know I got a quick recap when does it when president this one ends on February 22. Fantastic well guys I think that's about all the time we have this week. That. So much great stuff and in in every week at stage one more thing a Miami hospital and an element I still haven't given a penny to kick start I don't know why. That's always broken out resorted you've got hit by word are we doing man doing it that's we do your heavy lifting. So why let us know if there's anything or kick start that we need to keep our eyes on and well until next so what do we think Josh. Play nice and back again. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dog clubs.