BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 39

Tuesday, August 21st

Host: Chris “The CON-noisseur” Walker

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

Convention Season is in full swing, and the guys discuss the ones they’re most looking forward to this year.

Then, we run down a list of do’s and font’s as you head out to enjoy your favorite convention.


Dragonflight 39:

Aug 24-26 Bellevue, Wa @Bellevue Hilton

PAX West: 

Aug 31-Sep 3 Seattle Wa, Washington State Convention Center

RoseCity Comic Con

Sep 7-9 Portland Oregon. Oregon Convention Center

Central City Comic Con

Oct 13-14, Ellensburg WA

Kittitas Fairgrounds free parking

Dice Tower West

Mar 6-10 Las Vegas, NV

Exact location TBA

Con Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts:

Do plan ahead. Apps,schedules, Programs and scout around if your new to get the lay of the land.

Don’t Plan too tight. Leave times for breaks and quite, not running from panel to panel or game to game.

Do Play games with people have fun and meet people, that’s why you’re there.

Don’t try play a game if you don’t have the time to play it! (Or if you actively working at the con)

Do stay hydrated drink water have it with you.

Don’t forget to stop and eat. Meal break in between games is good (and eat at off times, not right at noon)

Do be courteous when it comes to promo giveaways, take one say thank you and let others in.

Don’t cut lines

Do bring a bag or back pack 

Don’t bring a extra large stroller that your only using to haul games

Do bring a jacket Cons are crowded and they keep the AC up all the time so if you get chilly your covered literally.

Don’t be rude we are all there to game. Respect other AND THE VENUE. Clean up after yourself

Do take a shower every day no matter what.

Take quiet time breaks

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out playing games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Office. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each patient. Yes we're going to be good she's speaking nation and this is your towards an alliance we're sitting here running nose. The lovely day you know people downtown Seattle and then thinnest Smartphone games and other general deaconess. Today only have so that we are going to talk about some big conventions coming up it is true. Convention season feels like it never ends anymore but this is a particularly busy convention season and these conventions we're going to Wear run down a few con etiquette do's and don'ts. For your con going convenience. Plus a before all that's. We needle that Macs do his thing. Coming in hot today Max serving good. I was shown on a Max he's playing all the homes were talking about in the underground secret room number 47. At all costs are some auto leniency maxed alive that's right now actually public domain players coming into an engineer you. My name. Is Chris the connoisseur. Walker persecuted there and he did as did a phone replay. With me is always she came player jar Chile from the meg are gamers pay as we don't. And one of our very best and easily in the best game designer in this room. I thought Shawn Jefferson I think he's a hang hang having go to. You guys conventions. Never seems to be enough time to her right mind and it every time you want them done and suddenly there's another one I have to go to and I'm not it's not it sort complaint. So much I mean my wallet doesn't love it. But on the other hand IE just I feel like I'm busy busy busy all the time in and while coming up soon. No exception you and you don't go home in August right I don't miss the my wife forgives or look like. Kind of wild things are not that it really only unless they don't you just. I UH oh what's coming out written well other than finding SE cons. Check out BJ Shea or excuse me tea BJ geek nation. Dot com for all the podcasts blogs and news videos links and more. And find us on FaceBook in Saran and Twitter but more specifically in the first place you combine this is that dragon play. Thirty no yeah. I'm glad you remembered all that stuff because you know what I'm still a little bit Fuzzy from the last commission I just got done with an early and try to play. Yeah we object that's going to be August 24 through 26 in Bellevue Washington at the Bellevue Hilton. Go to drag and I dot org and you can registers. And Andre because there's a lot of gaming until moved him know I'm telling you is one of the ones where you don't have to like. Cut things off at 6 PM you can miss Steen of gaming homeland. Long and for families. Can tickets on for re Yale. You heard or seen in under twelve and under so much. And so this is actually one that. Think twelve games is going to have representing in the future hall also it's going to be our first time actually has a dealer had turned a played some super about it. Going to do nudity this thing into popular games and then my instead steinem and every gotten game on my with everyone and just I'm going to be there twice for seven is what I'm saying we're going to another without another word that Syria who needs to get a room when asleep on the table. And they could you know there are exactly and they and they occupy such. Well it's it's it's a good space the live the place over W that they they host this one that they have. Couple massive ballrooms. Occupied into one huge gaming area. But and they also have the games library that you can borrow from and another area. And there's the RPG room and all of these things but also just. Tables. Scattered about the hotel are ready and available for you go play games that so we will find place to sit down and play again I am absolutely. What's coming up after that well next is a little convention when. A little less known. You know who's who are we that we like to give support to two small convention our convention organizers and and make sure that. The word gets out there about their little content so look let's give this a smoke this once known as. Packs last night governor Deval. Packs west is coming of formally pax prime candidate is the Penny Arcade you suspect's west all over the web site everything NCAA and I'm just like. I think they should not optimist Weston is now. That's what. And parents so packs per cent. The pay air barricade exposition. Is it just it's a phenomenon in and of itself if it is it is generally pointed towards. Video games and online gaming and in and that type of thing. But they do have assumed is significant and substantial tabletop area as well are now they are. Americans substantially in the whole of downtown. With us. Also at the time this recording it frankly in many tickets still available excellent. Hopefully there's some still overlooking it and there are other ways there's forms for trading tickets through packs just check out there which hides her to proper forms. And there are also liking if you're in the magic there's a whole huge tournament used to be just a magical weekend yeah if you want. You're one to do RPG stuff players Indian all kinds RPG going non. I just northwest is going to be there I had the Balkans and indie designers they're shown here are going to be here yeah. And what sense packs apart from all the other times you're not going to this time to spend a ton of money no. So have mode mainly into the game time but this is a calm for the pants built for the fans who pursued demo demo demo demo that's what it's for yes yes so go if you can enjoy it certainly didn't move it up so you know I love them at the web server now they've got like the countdown ticker going and at the time of this recording. There are hurt exactly 26 days. Three minutes and eighteen seconds until pax prime. I have to lie long at all and how long enough for me get ready for mentally I I I got to remission. My room I mean stand in the parking drives my sleep and he. Man you have minutes and visit me a lot of who during from the radio station over to the contrary. What else we got. Next up is pro city comic con in Portland or even mentioned senator Graham to seventh through ninth so really. You can go three weekends you know removed Hong Kong hub. Could it. Or will or should and should do is another question altogether obviously with. Yeah I'm looking at them look at the rose city let's say now I've actually only been two rose city once or twice in my entire career going I mean I'm living in Seattle now offer. Lou bit over ten years and I with I am just not had the opportunity always happens right around the same time as something else. And in fact this year may be in May be no exception I'm looking at the date on this thing and I don't thing I'm going to be able to go to rose city again this here's an airline and you guys. To report back from the car. I got a government Yahoo! and a meter. I want to know Melissa here in oh you're going to be demo endemic to do this guy always always always be promote man's. You gotta you gotta say hey do I David turns Evangeline Lilly police today. And I didn't do it it is huge huge smoke from Eleanor dare Michael Bjorn I don't know where my favourite and I can't think of the things the Jane area record in this thing and it's it's a big national very very important we're we're we're very busy man very busy man. He's going to be the on the isn't it Michael Rucker is going to be there are a lot. This is a great gimmick one of them Batman and one of the bad and yes yes Val Kilmer will be there. Tom Welling one of the Superman the better man can't perfect. They're missing it. I think you know record your thing and plus I'm sure table top will be often. Do. That's sold September 7 to ninth. And it this is one glorious and I've I've never into it and if you guys. What what what usually goes on when to what's the feel of this can. Should I made it feels. If you look like translate interestingly enough like it's there's a lot of stuff there's lot of comments are a lot of you know game that are gonna run theirs you know pent up panels and all I guess Republicans have. Play it doesn't feel as like pac person to person there's little more room. To maneuver around and do stuff which is really cool even it's got a really chilled by that I did very Portland in that sense of like. Hey this you know go do things you wanted to do and it's all cool and reuse over and no nice and all that. I really dig at. Residuals. Tickets are definitely available we'll take all level tears of tickets are available for purchase right now. And root city Telecom dot com. So yes so bummed that I can get this one but there is one I think coming up that I might be able to get table. As a central city comic conned a previously talking Yakima is now good to be held in L Bloomberg Washington now and he can attest fairgrounds. Just we told a free parking too so that's pretty dope. Yes that's pay off and all DC fans wanna lose you will the flash piece that. Good question. Interest and yeah I mean exactly the most money you should mention. I don't think the flash is going to be there but flash is mom's gonna be there Michelle Harrison's gonna be now hurt I think we d'isere Spokane yes he's making the rounds and in any good on her for that. This is I go on an October 13 through the fourteenth there's can be not all kind of come except there's a bunch actually beat table top space has been growing. I'm I'm going to be their special with lots of gains that people can and I don't know did you stick for the three other than you being free games always views plain things are gonna win stuff does. Great free drop some Smith opened well thinking man I'm sorry that I have to be the and I I think that's how this is when you've been going to almost since its inception right into the assumption yet they won every now and now this this is and it's just been growing and growing in this is fantastic that -- read that they're moving it a little bit closer to us these think. You think maybe it was because they needed a bigger space Steve the wanna be closer to Seattle for more accessibility think they were trying to cash in on those college kids who were all yes limos and actually I I don't know Alicia runners and they said they monitored he didn't much more room. And they want to be a little closer to Seattle so people on the West Coast I can actually get over there trying to area well it's excellent that. This is one that BI it's happening are right around the right time for me when I don't have much else going on this this might be another one that I think actually go through this year we fantastic and looks like a lot of fun. Kids passes. Two they pass Pemex nice sand I need to do some one else. I'll give you mine who take Ricky. Yeah. Lou they have Mickey can be as a child. Well you guys I think that's as good time as an interest to act like little break but on the other side of the break what we're gonna do speaking of conventions we're gonna run down a list of some medicine do's and don'ts of con etiquette for Euro loan. For your edification and other. Long long words. They guy's record before move on to the con do's and don'ts we did just get some late breaking news about another convention were very very excited about and we're gonna try our darnedest chairing get out of that thing so. It's dice tower west we love the -- our guys this was taking place that 6010 of march 2019. In Las Vegas the exact location has yet to be determined or announced but does appeal go to the website and put the link in the description your for your butt. Thanks to our west very jazz it's gonna be over on our side of the country this time. So yeah go into a convention they can mean. Daunting and daunting. I was going to be say fraught with that pitfalls and damn mouse traps and other types of horrible horrible things that can happen to you if you are not prepared for that so. Let's talk a little bit about some things that you shouldn't shouldn't do. At a convention on Lawrence cardinal just jump right up the top this list we've got written down here plan ahead do. Plan ahead. Apps schedules programs scout around if you're new to the to the area or to the convention space whatever wherever it's happening if you don't know where everything is and what the layout is. You get to know that there are so many options on line. For getting to know your convention not only ethnic division website will they have things like you know schedules and maps and and what have you. But there for whatever space it happens to be and you can go to a website for like for the Washington Convention Center and you can get floor layout while where everything is. And literally just talk around. You have to eat taken all the the cost point. You get to see things but he also kind of via mentally mapping your area. Just take a stroll around don't necessarily need to be in that line first thing don't necessarily need any. I think that Booth and if it's a new minority is go get go get a guy if you never been there just bought around arms or can't take your phone away absorbed it yet. Josh we got. I haven't tuned. So don't. Don't plan things to tighten. And what I mean is don't like Colorado this panel and then it's immediately after that town the next house starts I have to be right over that. Because often they're in different buildings on different floors elephant alleyways. Don't ask. But they leave here entering. Leave time for breaks. Find it quite its base a lot of these cons have quiet rooms in the AFK room. Yeah packs and nor even when you're playing games leave yourself some time in between. Exactly right each. What people can do is. Especially good at people who haven't been to a lot of these committees they can try to do everything's like they see. Eighteen different things that they wanna do in one day that they're all going to be very interesting and very exciting and yet you're exactly right it is going to be fun and exciting in and anything to go to all of these things. But I promise you if you don't give yourself at least half an hour between each thing minimum. You are going to be running yourself ragged and you are going to went missing a bunch of stuff. Now joined us you're gonna have that feeling being stressed and in their cabinet under which you have been going in net worth. We have our continent so yeah. You give your social gaps chunk. You want to play games with people and how fine net meeting people yet. I mean keep in mind in the U razor and how fine and just you know connect come into from that perspective lake you know be open to meaning from people him and his Beagle ever. New experiences and we know as a social anxiety within our group troop. My again Czech open and came in series and still meet people. Yes I mean amid some people really into folks and Arab part of our game group for Rooney's talents exactly and it doesn't want to hear remember about any convention any convention. You are in eighth place. Where everybody is there for essentially the exact same thing that you are therefore. So you are going to be able to find a like minded individuals who are very cool indeed have a conversation with three can play games with three can just hang out with I promise you. They're there so even if you have a lot of social anxiety and you're not a big fan of people. Europe because they're all here on the same boat at that point so you might as well make most of it. You to merge has Mara paradise paradise. He has social anxiety and what it came down to for him that's been worked for some may not for others was. In the end he said I can be home safe and comfortable even. I can be they're getting a little stressed but. Hitting these new experience has been in the end. What what I have rather done so try to look at it from the end game. Well I'll look back and has now I like that I like that a lot because I hated their hit it it is difficult sometimes for four people of our ilk. Too I get out and do things like that because they're afraid and and and that's too bad and I know that it's a struggle. But a promise he gonna have a good time and it's going to be way way better than sitting on catching freedoms yet. Peanuts are done with this speaking of free those don't forget to stop a neat gave yourself a meal break in between games sessions or standing around in line for three hours to get an anymore as picture. I think you've got to make sure. Just remember she eats. Because if you don't. Or you don't have some way to keep yourself sort of I don't know yet there's a word for it could make sure that you've got enough calories than you system you are going to pass out. I promise you we'll mail breaks are a definite thing and Porter advice don't go eat lunch at noon I'll know a lot of people are going to be luncheon noon promise you that. Don't be afraid to walk a few blocks the new totals less known places a little bit away your beginning and end food's going to be very. You're gonna recharge your batteries they need to put morning exactly right in this is and what when we do that when we do packs are what we do ID CCC. There are added to commit to center itself is in the heart of downtown Seattle so there's a lot of really really great places. That or maybe just a little bit farther away. But that extra aired two or three blocks that you block means you get to sit down and eat without being completely swamped with you know 18100 Sailor Moon so I've taken up ball reasonable although I'm half closed and a nice afternoon in the hands of the veteran. Don't try to play a game if you don't have time to play it out of our game con know your own schedule. If you actively working at the time so don't jump into a six hour game but I thought especially on your warned it's a six hour game. Chris those around I know exactly what you're talking about unfortunately I apologize for his fifth. Now doubt this is a thing and Anne and I I would never. I would never thought he did someone. Who was working at a convention eight specifically but word game convention working at a boarding convention. I would not have had defeat the foresight to say I can't get into a six hour game right now because I'm on the clock. Or or or even mention it to the cap cities sitting down with an and that's. That's the thing that. On a broader sense yet you know your scheduling and if you've done all these other things he planned ahead for everything you know. That you may or may not have time to sit down and play you know what a three hour game or even into our game but certainly a six hour game but if you do have a time do it or if you're not sure really just ask Mike. If you have something coming up in maybe two hours or K guys how long's this game gonna take really. And if someone like all three hours like well I'd love to play a few but at this California cool hey it's okay to have a panel Leon go watch how one north has talent too is this an hour long game. They say M company company and protect their IP and the and that's one of the things that you know thus it would we sit down at a convention. And we need more players. We don't usually put up a little sign that says looking for player in America but plenty of people will come up look at our game until he is doing is like hey hey we got two and half hours. Sit down and play game that's. These people are there at the conventions to play games and if they need more players he feel free to ask them about it would be mindful of your schedule. And this one's not actually on list if you're playing games. Invite people can that be Hank Haney and those who can you want don't check it out like peachtree. Well if you mentioned enough I think a lot of cons actually do you have those this sort of to the little awkward to go hey stranger than I don't know we like to play this game with me. A bonus half flags he's had a regulator table saying looking for players or looking for rules teachers. Don't you don't have to do that they just call went out to everybody yeah I do I love that too yet get a look up for those those kinds of things. Sean we got another do or don't first you hit it's do we courteous so when it comes to Promos. I don't go to Tim Longo always always go Promos in this sweep them all into your bag and other people need don't know why haven't pace and a stick kind of stuff as well so distinct line in meet Korea say thanks to everybody there. He got to remember that did win when their when Abu third area designer somebody like that has a promote the setting up for people to take. They are trying to promote their business they are trained to. I get the word out there about their product whatever it might be so if you. Ciba to step and it's it's free take one and you take them all then you know you're not only. In the year are only screw Iraq screw over everybody else in the convention which are also taking money out out of these guys a chance he literally stealing from them so be yes exactly be equal about that stuff. Your backpack. Do yes. Here's the thing. When I go to a convention. What I do is I you sit down and have a conversation with my wife and I say. How much money. Can I take right now in my hand and throw in the garbage. And you wouldn't be upset about it that's like a Vegas strip yeah yeah essentially you have to pay you know around the and she says and number and I say. OK what about this southern number I'm usually much higher number and and then we find some common ground and we decide okay here you go here's how much money you could just burn. And will be fine and correct me if I'm wrong you end up back on her original number the almost always sometimes we'll Miller the next. I. But. What I know is I'm going to purchase something. And at a minimum I'm going to come away with another gigantic bag of dice because somebody forgot to bring sets for everybody when we go to places I had an. The. And then no idea how. No I eat. Commissions are great because they there's always vendors selling cool stuff there's always a new game he didn't know had a new expansionary and there's always something that you're going to want to buy and take home with you and unless. You're just running around picking up copies of like Dyson crowns or ride delivery means cement delivery agents literally put your pocket. Bring yourself something the pack your stuff out with you know what. Bring yourself one extra empty bag you're going away to a convention you know put in in your luggage makes you have that because you are going to come away with more than you winning with. It a lot of delivering boost they don't have bags are numbering stuff right there had to bring all their product that alone takes no cost a lot of money. So we don't have extra bags and sometimes you have to buy a bag really don't want to spend money on another Baghdad thousands of Omar any the guy ran in the backpack and person who is making a killing a lot of people who forgot to bring their own things and there's there's shopping bags they do bring. One male lookalike. So you could can be yourself into than half the greatest quality yeah I usually usually it's just whatever they came from the safely left honestly now. Do stay hydrated drink man water yes not. Atomic copy not the kind of energy drink Sean. What are you talking about the effect that energy drinks are great pick me up when it's getting late but you need to stay hydrated that sounds even an organ comes and you think you just sitting there yet. Stay hydrated and to help you absolutely absolutely because you're sharing space with a lot of the people and in enabled usually. Be a little bit warmer than you were anticipating almost always beating them anybody's in one place but but also you'll forget it because you busy. Play any game if you reach some sort of container I've noticed that some conflicts which he dragon flight to the ones that are hotels. They often have containers of water are chilled water. He has gotten your fill your cup out so there's there's lots of opportunities for you do that. And end and that's one thing that I've been noticing a lot more often at these images is the the convention organizers are a lot more mindful. The wellness of the convention goers so whereas. Several years ago when I was going to conventions the only way you can get. A bottle water aura a couple of copier something to eat. Was let go and buy it. Now more often than police stations that you talking about is hydration stations are showing up all over especially when you're in a hotel because of what is it to them to just put out an actual water cooler it's nothing and it says we care about you guys coming to enjoy yourself and I have a good time. Let's see a much seminary get mad at him for a few more here looks like. I'm what I was gonna suggest is. I was talking a minute ago about how warm it tends to get in a place with a lot of people crowded in together. So what winds up happening a lot of times is the space the convention space we'll be at a hotel or images there's something like that. They have these systems that are designed to keep that kind of thing from happening and being uncomfortable so what you do is they crank up the AC. So all the way to bring yourself or jackets could honestly so. I go home especially especially the Washington mister senator I you walk around Indy sort of the common areas. And it stays pretty toasty here because they are very high ceilings and there are a lot of people milling about and and doing their things. As soon as you pop into what I like the panel rooms or something like that. It is furry easing and I am always happy that got my body wrapped around my waist at that point so yeah brings up at least a light jacket later. Yet later. It will be called me and expect promise. We've touched on green bag you know is good at all as a class. And won't bring in extra large stroller especially if you don't even have a baby after a you just taken up everybody's room at that point oh yeah. One of the things that does tend to annoy me a lot when I go to conventions. Is the B convention Goer who has like a trolley cart with that. And in this this large strollers a perfect example of that is late date they anticipate a huge hole and I get that but. At what point is you were basically your luggage carrier. A intrusive to everyone else's convention going experience like I respect that you're gonna going against that kind of money and you don't walk out with that thing loaded up with with whatever it is that you got it I mean. Make a couple of trips. Does that thing Wheeling around behind you is a hazard is dangerous and you're you're gonna hurt somebody you know and you know roll over somebody's foot or they're gonna turn around and trip on it because it's just taking up. On the sector space that's bad enough bumping into. You know. Go to within an eight foot sword off hanging on the Packers something like that and now I had a triple over your board games things that you just spent a lot of money on that I can potentially wrecked because imaging get to Klutz. And to be clear if you have babies bringing ashore. Yeah Santa there are umbrella strollers we don't need the travel size hiked the Grand Canyon stroller the hell yeah there is that as a road exactly. Charlotte gimme more more. I don't cut lines call. Let's be real special and I think that's in there is the same vein we've become talking about his be respectful and if there's a giant line in the you know. Take your spy be cool about it I don't system to the maturity ouster is going to be a jerk and you're gonna get people irritated and you know don't be. We were talking on we were taught him BJ means the other day about creative ways of jumping lines. And things that people have been caught doing and door and gotten away with doing and they were all pretty genius. And help create need pretty jerky pretty much like he used to be that guy. Adobe that person there's no reason ever to cut line men that that the world here for the same thing we all know that we're going to be waiting around to do it. No there's nothing you've got going on unless you're Wil Wheaton that make you more important than me in that line and even then will. If you cut cut right in front of me so we talked the whole time half a couple guys that is say yes that is best. When differs convention heavy episode and I'm very very happy that over we're scrutiny after the caps on right now but says. You know what Aggie nation if you're authorities conventions come find us I guarantee you you'll bump from the at least one of us most of the time. And until next time just when we say NIC. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where. To don't join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells has something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself. BMW dark club that's BMW dot clubs.