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Nation and Chris you've been noted -- man I was gonna say yeah check out the new series that says that we kind of bring stormed around here and then I feel -- it's going pretty well look I always check this series what is your big series you got to now hold on the couch with Chris Rock combines our daily dose of random lottery I heard your first guess was an idiot I would wash that true sector yes wasn't to get an hour on our third guest tonight about trying to fly solo but I should have a death firfer now and I'm enjoying doing is still look -- it's on the YouTube that BJ you search for BGU nation on YouTube Norris yeah yeah lots of different things to talk about sometimes it's just some of those things as news items that we don't get to on this podcast yeah. More contents more stuff for you do check out of us said just dirge aberrant but your eyeballs on it exactly levels speaking of Jabber Jabber and BJ Vicki let's talk or and black are. Until then being. And so Mickey could. They're really grab did you finally see a big yeah I've filings in the last my dad's and god is. Unbelievable although let me get my thing governor is -- at the FO you're now and let me get my thing over here because yeah well I I want you to see the second the last episode of course has been an episode since the big one would. It didn't feel like that should have been like a mid season finale and. Kind of yeah I do you what are enough. I know a man and I. And of course there is a ray of hope you got your eye you caught up or not content hot yes it is a ray of hope. That there may be some hope after basically. Here's a show where they're trying to cure the clones take other regular calls they get double crossed by a person that was like the second in command. Really the person was in charge of everything the woman that created all of it goes Susan got asked over by somebody was a low level grunt really. And the whole corporation got taken over and Susan's after that means all the calls are Africa's are all going back don't know. Well because they don't have the ability to secure they did the whole thing with Kendall and played her in cause Mina on the in the back of that man he had us today and there's there's no way that they can get out of it they're going to kill Kendall and destroy all her DNA to and then her evidence because that's looked. Is going to help them fight each year. And that's sucked make a scandal was like desire agrees she was the mother of the Foster mother of one of the clones. And turns up the the degree that basically they are very grand Foster mother turned out to really be related to all of the sisters because she was where they made the clones from as she made from both genetic material she had both the male and female gene within her Caster is well the crazy men that she'd like animals seem like she's glad the crowd I. I'm happy and iron yes cigarette smoke and yet I can't just she was gonna die soon anyway but really when she knows she's facing death phase she's saying divide of one of the clones 'cause Mena as she. Well hi it was just I did you know right Donna bush shakes take it yeah. You didn't like they are deserve the shot don't cry you know just my dad and so turns around and that's my god I was so well done and say hits you right in the field. An import Communist like stuck trying to pick up the pieces analysts on something crazy you almost six the warm in her leg T think fed Delfino is still alive diminish Josh on the Sany dragged her away they had. Because I I think she must be in some way shape form I don't know how. But she must because they keep giving us that hope that she is which of course is Delfino is a girlfriend of one of the clones and a shame that is do you Amanda since this Sony twists and turns who's in charge who's not in charge. Who's in who's bad news good night no way you know who's in a wheelchair who's not a wheelchair I did love seeing him racial fault on the stairs I yeah I was horrible what. Oklahoma. I Jesus I try to Asia because you're just haters so much that eight heading back out any element I get that it's good Medicare to that you love to hate though. Yes it is and yet she's really sexy. All of Asia deserters in the British accents. Oh yeah ano and and she's very proper she doesn't have the sort of you know gutter British accent like the party and Sarah has but then none in the previous seasons we've seen her kind of be dominatrix you what's his face in golf them I. Oh ya ya as well as Ariel guys like and he loving in Hilo is being deliberately duped and more bullish today yeah hello related bloody his ceiling as a proper is she is the all dominatrix Xeon on specific kind of seen as some point a little girl cure is gonna go on the no I mean she's getting more and more like she's got powers. She's able to really feel all of the clones like she knows she's nosedive shook mob as anxious for senior did you see things comes out of a bedroom missile toddler type kid goes. Yeah money's not coming back are mommy's doing now is send. It was true demand because she you've got to see and I love it because the whole. Beginning of this show showed a character that basically kill themselves and you figured us just a throwaway thing no Leno or it's just a vehicle to get a starter with the whole conspiracy be asked to women lookalike. And you realize no. This is what led her to kill herself. Was a huge huge hopelessness circle that she found herself end. Then all of a sudden now Sarah finds herself and concede actually tennis scene the ghost of this person now in decide on the go get uncommonly good campaign in the gap was right away and it krill I was kind of I was kind of big and that numbers like OK I'll reserve did love the Felix are adoptive brother came to the plate again like he always does. Love Allison Donnie and main course is to talk. This this suburban couple. And what I love about this episode is they show the party scene I'm once senior C one of the clones but to have a threesome on the other scene. There is his birthday party with the other well for a little I can totally ghost stories and a husband and flashing back and forth a new urgency here. This is why I love top ten must lies acting. Because she's playing all these characters and she looks like an uptight mom she looks like basically a bar slot I mean she can do it all and and all rock scientist media poll and of course how about the the crazy sort of Internet girl MK yeah now contacting the little girl the daughter. So things are gonna go he has an easygoing guy and I'm big anime and I it's such a fun show difference. But it was like a mid season finale two episodes ago they blew up everybody and everything man it was intense. And I hate it I just Jersey where they gonna go through with it from there are like how they deal it'll it. It has only get better or otherwise is gonna suck yeah I didn't tell you how well creating. What are the latest episode and now. I don't where you know we're only talking about you know really three or three effort to episodes of bye -- seven whatever you know anyway coupled I know I get all confused and a Monday because as I what do we get about ready to die but the scandal of tourism do you Perez yet that episode was that was good and the one before that one right was the one I know that all the honestly about bottle I don't want I commercials on sex is the one we the last sought and is another new one that we haven't seen yet scam yeah BBC America or from black or you go I think Amazon's got there -- shows another season I think they have some for free -- I -- this season four on news. Wow I didn't even realize we've been IMF for that much for you it's been why hasn't still I don't think Tatiana against the new the the credit she deserves for her acting at least dead now there's a lot of articles coming out sending text into our television wow pastor at. Read and I I tell anybody watch one episode cure which one it is just pick an episode just to watch her acting skills because she plays multiple roles. And tell me she doesn't deserve backtracked him best actor on television. No seriously excellent. Moving on from that we gotta talk movies because we've got our very own gear is on Colin by the start. Wasn't here on Friday but we still got to talk about stuff today here is on Colin Bok joins us from skewed and review debts as K and and gears we've been kind of chat back and forth this week because there is some big Star Wars news that is going on right now involving rogue wine. Jason so like any film at the news Donna and goes through the creative process. Studios in the film makers that's that's where they are with that can decide if anything else and need a very important remember movies or shut out streak once they don't Kirkwood page one the script go through it. You often some tension first they are shooting could be the end of the film and stuff like that. Because of all the space a lot of them on mourned certain locales are available actor and actress who schedules. So on and so forth. Yeah it is so guest outdoor locations and stuff like that to say if you go like a bunch of scenes that are in this once by I gonna get those and knock them out a lot of at one time. Exactly and so that's why you know you'll hear people flew move really sure how did they know. And a lot of times they don't know because you don't he had been told poll put together. And you know you don't see how the editing and your factional that I don't want so. What then happens is that there was reportedly a test screening. Not the public what to various Disney executives to grow Warner listens always common. Because they wanted to achieve what it looks like based on what the way to cut that the director has given to them. And apparently they knew were like OK here are we need to do some work to dispel. And everybody got all certain that all these reports that extensive and very expert to reassure you now plan on the trail. Yes that is correct. However. Re shoots were always plan that's common especially in the big budget film. In this isn't like this is Disney's like this is one of their flagship franchises at this point it stands to reason that. Sure it might be expensive because. These are movies second contention potentially make a billion bucks. Exactly and and here's the thing to remember you have to look at the bigger picture we also did some research we found out. What exactly is going on in what is being done now. The bigger picture is this is the first standalone Star Wars film that you ever been done. And as Disney executives shed. The more we're certain very hard with episode eight. And that is the standard. And beyond their aspiring tree which personally as a Hispanic in this good. This is not a company saying oh we could slap Star Wars name on a throwing out there and even have to piece of garbage it's gonna make at least 300 million at the US box office. And by the time you know foreign box office and people were were good. They're looking at it saying no. We've got a film coming every single year we've got a long term investment these are going to be the best possible for almost that they can be. And should do your research we were told that. It was not scream Republicans who share certain that need to connected. Here is what apparently happened. The film have they are very. Dark and curious prone to a we have discussed lynched. Few weeks back we talked about rumors about you know pushing very hard PG thirteen billion we are going not. So on and so forth. What it supposedly had happened is that it was determined to beat essentially like a war film a very dark very somber. Very serious tone. The executives looked at that include okay. We need to make this sting match up a little bit with the original trilogy you can look remember these poor and help this film to essentially leading up to the first ten minutes before the original star worked well. They did not want to be radically different control and between the true chrome I'm very big help they would not fit in with the others. So essentially they go back and shut look we're gonna do the player re shoots. We're gonna try to do in certain areas of the trip home. Add a little more. Humor. Or at least. Will lighten up some of the areas where there's tension that doesn't necessarily need to be as much tension. To be you know it it would electoral Shakespeare comedy heightened strategy yeah if you had a little bit funny stuff and it it makes him the hammer fall. That much more serious the other story is. Only a rumor at this point but with the young console war film coming and now the actor being Castro will not Tareq well made films. The original. No one of the film there's talk that they've now got a window to put him and and give him his introduction in the film leading into his own pearl. That makes a lot of sense a mad because I mean these are gonna be those standalone films like you talked about so you should be able to have a little. A little cross polarization with those. Right and that's mostly what we've been told they could it's not. Oh my god this is a disaster it's simply we need to tone it down rule in more and Samaria Abalone more levity in some. Make patrol matched your ritual show home series better and then added in the traditional stuff that we plan to. Varela lemmings a lot of good sense on that one and today I hopefully that'll alleviate some of the fears of our geek nationals and gosh I mean I'll think the Internet will stop freaking out but at least you got a little bit today airfare. Oh extract or I okay now you did talk a little bit about the Han Solo spin off of the decided when they're gonna start filming Matt. January or what we're told. Nice and they're just gonna be getting right into that and I mean that that's another two years away because we'll have episode eight after row one right. Correcting them all of your government so all so nice. Talked to me a little bit about warcraft because. I've heard something that this movie's going to be like. Two hours long on the demo also heard some other reports and might even be longer. Yeah professionally about two hours long and we've been doing a lot of stuff with the studio. Around promotional screenings and stuff like that we have some passenger available for anyone to interest cool thing you know get that off line. In multiple markets. What some of the early reviews have started to come out and they haven't been overly trying to buy some power outage. And so it you know the director Duncan Jones and apparently survey you know. Just so you know spiritual directors cut up the film was significantly longer got some people are saying. If he piecing the big for our Lord of the Rings sides dvd releases or is this gonna damage control essentially saying hey. I turned wrote in more imperative patrolman this was what got chopped down troops who knows but that is what we've heard is that the director's cut would significantly longer. Yes and it's kind of interesting because how big world warcraft and even the RTS warcraft was. It. Doesn't seem to be one of those movies that everyone has to go out and see and also with the style of the seed giant step it seems to be that is putting some people off on that. I it's funny because my wife his history have been like this is for you you love the warcraft meet those and I don't really care Sino I'm gonna be going to see it see it and seeing it probably alone. But at the same when I'm still gonna go see this. And a guy funeral and that's the thing about it somebody's church may well you know your sister's release who won the trip heavier work for a person your more star craft and diablo. What's your take on this and I'm like well remember my it to my interest from work correct when before the World of Warcraft. It was New York yet game that one that I which really. Fixated on and spend my time. And we've we've debated this is well there's part of me at Serbs. I think removing street's five years too late because he speak to huge crest of the World of Warcraft wave. No kind of yeah out from back to reality a little more. And you know I I generally try not to read the reviews and Troy cubic shalom but I that you are actually our headlines shall we say and I have heard people say. It's kind of like a trend somewhat good. CGI. Yeah and that's I can see that as well and that's why I mean am seeing all these characters and they're showing the characters that I've known and I dealt with a new leads the last ten or twelve years playing now world warcraft and it's kind of neat to see that. But do you vertically Gaza don't have a whole lot of expectations. Other than now I'm gonna go see it I'm going to go and try I try to enjoy as a Roth as jazzy it's the big screen. Right and that mainly what you got to do because you're a bit to complete the whole big keys we've talked. Oh my you're not all but you know how difficult would this spring movie each of the screen because a lot of times the film studios. Our Munich games you are so restrictive on what you can and can't do I'm not you know a lot of attention yet. You can use the names in the general permit but that's that the war can't be the shame you're reliant K every shape and now you're seeing like what can throughout history book coming relatives. Warcraft you're seeing the game studios themselves. More import directly involved with the creation. Of the film also know that only the people say well you don't have that excuse that the game company wouldn't let me do it. Why isn't the floor exercise. Yeah that's that's a big problem when he gets those expectations of fans and I know that next week when we do our X-Men apocalypse spectacular. That's going to be a real theme for a monoxide talk about it but finally gears. We're I'd just a bag get out with you so gears plug column box viewed and reviewed SK and are dot net. Give this site give us one more little tidbit of information that we cannot talk about. Okay well. They're going to be a lot of pictures coming up on line. From a 20th Century Fox for the not even neutral next year alien covenant yeah out. And we've been told that bearers speculation that the reason the true the pictures were picked up heavily in the last. Two weeks then that we may be getting teaser trailer already. Who. Course that teaser for the teaser to the trailer of the trailer. As only their likes to do at this point so don't expect a whole lot but act I did I imagine some Geiger ask. Visuals and then now a little bit of a lead for that but probably nothing more really. Right well. Basically the last thing we go with the terror or shut them we got one of what looked like an airlock the therapy cap the airlock. It becomes an animated gifts with the rendered warning light and it basically says. Something is coming. Nice why that might be Versa ha ha Ana for everyone's hopefully hopefully we'll get it teaser trailer and I know they gear as you will let everybody know once that happens. Deer absolutely. Give a car about drugs skewed in reviewed SK NR dot net think he's a much man here. Every trip thank you so much geared to gain Garrett the more information on all that didn't remember that. SKA and but moving on from that. We were at the evergreen tabletop expo last weekend last week and are always it's a gal we can probably I think everybody has again it doesn't yesterday we are no doubt Hillary you got yes thank you guys bunny and it will be having another interview on Wednesday as well this is a nice little short one that we talked about some guys. But I talked with some guys who were doing some fun things on tabletop and twitch. So Vijay you. You've been here at the evergreen tabletop expo all weekend this thing and even playing a lot of board games but also you've been traumatized in people with resistance like this seems to be your on your side gig at this point well you know the people who know we won't play the game in me anymore Gary out ray yet Vicki and I pretty much done yet so I have to go out to new areas find unsuspecting individuals. And traumatize them. So these are some guys who rescues have been pretty cool via twitch as well so have you introduce your new friends or. What are they friends and destroy pain well they could be surprise you never know. These these guys are awesome to Spencer and Steve and guys that you do a twitch show about the thing that you and I love. Board games tells loving god tells a about it sue Reeve replay four years everywhere. Wednesday Friday and Sunday on which generally negative it's not. Yeah I can't see me on Twitter is a player all summer we got it wrapped in the social media that would have been. We play games we've been trying to get some. Smoke latest news on or soon and it's minister piece of the games are green and into the limelight a little remark I say that we also play some of the bigger games. So yeah so right now I I would late night table top. It and so on Twitter and twitch had noticed you on both of those that's really awesome and so what have been some of the games that. You have the light of the of the big name games and the ones that you have loved to play so. Far on the switch channels and we Santo. I think we've been playing dead a winner take up the fans all love that game doesn't know somebody everything in my Wilmington resident had I love it because with. Since each of them have the kind of episodic breaching those you can play each episode as you go along you kinda do a chronological thing on that. Definitely add and an added that in the book even with all that moment her props you can go through inmates its us. How ways how about for the local games how would miss some of the ones that you've loved just from the plate test one's local games we've been talking to you the Dicey ground today yes yeah yeah we've done something with them and I love that game tonight of those as we played John King which is also here DTX that is it's a whisk him. What's John King John King is a much skin test kind of game where you got two arms that ended up in a bottom that you try today. Which I do that good ideas for it different to kind of sides you and you try to get as many points again to meet again next year. Deidre pilot took. You know around the clock we may have to go do a video over there because that means is it's okay John King yesterday and look they got a copy well you can't see it but they haven't copyright their. How we're gonna blow their check that out and make a video and also we did make a video about Dicey crowds which is on Vijay shaky did you FaceBook page. Yeah we've been able to video there if you wanna get more into focus Spencer's right game rocks at him. We've been doing a lot of fun on that and so on again with late night table topic you can find it at which what days are you guys. Recording or. Earnings record live everywhere and save Friday and Sunday at 6 o'clock so whenever we get tired they yes. That is awesome again thank you so much Spencer receive again late night table top fine him on Twitter find a mine twitch in all of those all the social media network where are at it. Think he's so much again the guys at late night tabletop and check them out denied having a good thing and I know that we wanna get something involved at some point cause Italy's it'll be fun to do some board dealing with guys who were who have their own channel I don't legal invite me I traumatized. During the resistance did you really copy hi I'm not a person then that's happening here and have nobody left to play with an admitted BJ I can't help but Shaun rein that in shot earlier position retool sales on the last we measure John's for a great time here defend himself and I just loaded opponent -- we have to get higher something before he plays this game mellow and now god one normally you know I am only if he's just holding Melo isn't now minutes. Slippery slope I think you're at this time meant that it. Bet that would get a better dating silently on the mission live and then. And I I. Friend of RPG a twitch how dad daddy did you go yeah I love RPG into the table toppers and yes I'm actually on one that is premiering tonight why well. Tonight's 6 o'clock it'll be Mondays at six is called value to vanquished are okay. Now you want it every week I'm on every week is that it's twist dot TD slash paper RPG. All we ask how we are again Matt yes this also because I know that we've won in did you step with hyper RPG so this is this the vertebrae and you know then we just met every table top metro actually do I want to assure us. I when you talk to are now we have an end now we need to talk to business and it barely got to go board game show once in while I'm hyper RPG I think he's good for stove and we had that happened I know it's always it's and thousands and our resistance well that's why maybe that would be the perfect way did you know what we've always good golf we've always talked about how how crazy BJ is with the wrist is the route of the resistance that's mechanism Datsyuk. I think that maybe they should be one of those Sunday show the world over I mean I know what it's all about every you are sitting there and it showed is about bravery all right well I speaking of several to emerald. Ever green and tabletop explode car Sunday I'll just about drift yes I did I in May you may not believe it that we all got rerouted and OI I was like camp when we had brain drain because there was. So many games played and I know that on Wednesday's episode we're gonna talk about a game called beta bots as well as one called Dyson crowns you have both fun games jab though there are a lot of other games that we played as well. BJ. Who would just a couple of the names of some of the gains that you really enjoyed well I would die it was fleet week mice a link here who you guys are from launch our games apocryphal as his latest thing Mike has done a lot of great games have we get to sit down with him and he demo for a sausage party excuse me which is a group. Any real nose Mike's a later games they know that well you help. Did they can be long and they're pretty epic any in depth and so Mike was like you know I would make a game where it's a throw away so you Ambien and some possibly AV egos go Mike I don't know is it possible for you to make a throw Ifill again because okay he just is such a great you know deep dean meeker known as heavy games. But he did and he was that I think Christie was that I was it a show that you know about a out content area where he was at a concert Diddy Cris knows the man. So he was at a Paula stern show. Oh yeah and if you know anything about yeah musical comedians and you probably know about Paula storm they were actually also on an episode of table top yes it will Wheaton and they played they played dashing geek. But these are two guys very very funny comedians and they do some great music. They have a song called sausage party. Send Mike told the story that he was at their concert and he was listening to the song and he just started getting an idea in his head that I I may need to make a game in no I gave me some things for really simple millions on the going to be. Not too complex and deep and then suddenly the sausage party songs playing instead he's just coming up with his idea while the concert is still going on and everyone else is jumping around them a good time he's just. In his full on CD mode and just do you know doing his. It was so good to hear that story because I guess I zoning out in concerts like that and start getting creative pentagon idea appetite I know it's a here's somebody else say that's what they do. And he was he felt like I hope they didn't they got hated the show but I would totally I'm paying attention because I was in the I was pin I was creating the game while they were playing death toll in the zone and so we we we all played sausage party and it is a fun game where basically you've gotten you know you gotta grow yet some bonds and you gotta make the best sausage and who's ever socks is is the trouble as we can all sit there miss everybody else's sausage while Danica gets here there's a lot of cross sausage play and we're definitely haven't putting and putting things in each other's bonds it's it's a whole herd sausage party CIA it really is so we don't know what is coming out because the fact Mike says you know what they did the schedules with a guy and it's it's great when you get two games on the back burner that are great games. And you I don't know what is coming up but are probably not a back in the general you're exactly CNN that was a fun game I got to play and get to that shop bot. A buddy hey I got a guy who I love playing the resistance with a he envoy Chris you're never gonna play with them and I didn't he would have been on he he's good at that game. Not surprising he created another social hidden identity game called get to the shop fine he sufferer he's a Vancouver BC. And is a great concept just like the Arnold thing you know dead to the child bought. Where you are UIUEU. And the people around you. Are either on the red seamer a blue team you all have special abilities you might be a medic you might be a preacher you might be a commander and they all have different things that they do during the game. The idea is is that you have to find your team get the mama chopper then press the big shopper button to lift off. And why you're lifting up you can in the last may decide really kick off that shoppers so that you only. Take your team with you if anybody from the other team is on your chopper you lose sorry if you leave anybody from your team on the ground while you're heading heading up. And it was a fun game I blew it badly. You in the up today. Lay I talked awesome I forgot what Colorado was I literally thought I was wrong the wrong coli and and I do we have the winning team we are ready to go and I go no don't put Iran or she's nice she's she's not blow and know right now you're at our little and then finally early in my cart I'm read Bruce how do you mean do I know Peter Carter right brain I did you and I just I didn't look at the card I was no way to tell and again no deadline is where I'm like I noticed a red card and right foot and already nobody is more shock to me wanna ask my guys and when it's a fun game and be on the lookout for that chase it may have a deal with a game governor because I thought he was gonna kick started he goes no I'm actually starting at make contact guy I'm talking. Hey zero exactly is so bad that's a fun game I'm very excited about that that is actually I mean there are a ton of games that we played will be talking to more those people as their projects come about and had been when you be able to pick them up as well. But right now we do you have. To get to look good geek she twists picky big. What are your Taurus Mickey you're actually treaty son. What do you guys think he's the deadliest weapon in any scifi universe what are. Wave motion gun the idea start killing. I'm just not only did I go yeah I had guys I don't think that's pretty much and every talking about yes you're talking my hand held and we master or the most is this. G deadliest weapons and EU and the universe gearing tee to send your so horse shows off into the good night EST was a good line the drama with a what about the beast and he's gone way beyond our magazine beginning gun registers is number one on the tour. Obviously this is obviously hand held yet it seems to be yeah bat. Wasn't. Do you can be reality right and panels and I read one thing that I will split your two. Number two is the moment AK the galaxy eater from doctor hill there you know all the moma. You. Good. Call and I know a good call there is talking about they're talking about and efficiencies and magistrate now yeah there's at least not lately literally kill us out of you get a get get and he makes a university of us are moment that's a good point that was huge debt. Number three is the dock grass super weapon from stargate SG one drum four nova bombs from Andromeda. Who bow wow OK number five starter they're base from star weren't every area I agree daughter going to and one that trumps all of the sudden oh well there's really easy. Six shadow planning killer from battle on five on. Seven games they device from Dr. Strangelove kind ho yeah. And so thorough boom from feature honor from vendors big score was 00 room Geraldine ethnic Tibetan. I'm Atheros hero another nine deaths are two from Star Wars episode six return of the gentlemen Jeff Jeff. Forget Newman are not new Munis are now you know you're numero move the rich and Astaro Lenin style or is episode for a new hope. Eleven and they get made from spaced all the fifth and I don't killer planet specific twelve. Cal virus from told monkeys and oh okay it's thirteen the weapons of love the Borg cube for Star Trek the next generation. I guarantee more dangerous than no virus and told monkeys well aversion towards Houston can wipe out most of the population was planning a lot faster than the weapons on board Guillen to the highly came out buyers are rapidly in the new TD dash board at least I just I really did till I'm 90% of the world's population mistreat a deficiency god helping to break and an 8% of all yeah making you Grayson features species they don't allow. Another fourteen elections are riot talent from sparse gave or even the weapons array for that matter the Harrington and RN AO. And I remember telling young talent was the man nude John rocks yeah. But what did the project inside Helen carriers are in saint Helen characters from my captain Eric Miller soldier. So it seemed into it tar low and I'll tell you cannot is that we're just targeting in growing CIA and anybody on the planet and I going to and I think. Eighteen tactical oxygen nuke from starship troopers sure Golan nineteen the plays and fog from the Hunger Games catching fire button that benefits. Twenty and ARC gun from district nine young I Kenya Tony one and 41 a pulse rifle the only Orleans. Assault rifle with over and under pump action grenade that jubilant to miss the guy and I really don't know where I I don't understand is did then then they're not too many cartoons and I can tell. Yeah and our isn't the first one I was taking is I was telling you this here's how to tell us they still are the guys are tiny Tim destruct crystal Star Trek Alia two way street in noisy cricket for men and black man. And number 24 is light sabers out Carrie do now. So slows the heel is actually it's the sort of video game but they've made movies it's resident evils on their I'll stand by to pay lower grades. Yeah. This is a TV shows who had run up to par skewed so good eyesight you know society the one that sticks to support today eighty scifi movie is as I don't know the name of the guns in the fifth elements. That Dodi and shooting anymore. I have I am not there yet they have purification and more sunlight saver and the Nat gas pressure gas. I'd be at that point you could even just say the force it would be more efficient and Lifesavers well yeah but hey hello west and a weapon and I mean he's. The lady Lake Forest lightning 4 so I am well another force lightning can be stopped by a light Saber as we saw only wonder now with Continental's results could use it hurts of the does that make it all the lights are like going to hurt you by my. That's honest I don't know it's a weapon and may have a light sabers are pretty pretty bad ass actually determine that they burn through those doors yeah authorizing the Eagles do literally anything yeah RA SI mean yeah day's news negated a geeky argument about whether or not something as a weapon or not they'll let go Gerri even get a load assays are on overload no seriously. It's okay. Definitely different ones they can be on this list I mean typically just pulled two of them right away. Let us know BJ geek nation it You know it's awesome although don't just wide the ultimate Millen fire from reed Richards OK hey sand. Well until my accent and senior aides. Immerse yourself in deep culture movies books cons and especially gaming. 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