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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size fly a key culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs fat. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages. You are now entering Vijay chase each patient. Welcome yes welcome to BJ Shea he's peak may Sheehan on the reverend en Fuego across from me is to keep arson no now I'm here. Chris walker mr. walk like Atlanta. Let me Stew goalie joins us this week hey we've got the show's namesake mr. BJ Shea you're very welcome for quiet. My friends it's Saturday you. You're a pro presents begins a president I make apocalypse. You know bring use I don't know somewhere there was some good some roots of hey don't let Hillary you do big helping Castro while other people's principle I have to fast. So I don't kick my ass and I get one of those red you have to it's an entire idea IE how can people get a hold of us. They can check better web site has live podcast and then so be digging nation dot com like us on FaceBook closer to redo jays beat nation. Senator that silly this flu or inactive list there and a ground game stick grip Vijay evasion why not instrument. Really count things doesn't have a very solid on no one tiny compared to 2.3 353 parter are you know we need them PG depletion and you know Viacom and YouTube page and you have dot com slash BJP can nation. You ask you have known as a zones everyday. Every day well a five day that we Yemen is ready we do have a five days a week I know but are making sure that they know which five days. It could've been you know Sunday through Thursday. You don't know this lord they don't know missions to suffer the agents who with whom I work I have an email to escape from Matthews Floyd yeah especially variety of mail it. And says geek nation Wizards of the Coast has announced that there is a dungeons and dragons movie in the works from Warner Bros. listening in there didn't they said they are wanting the movie do have a guardians of the galaxy feel to the humor. To the humor and at the adventure is. Obama he says specifically ram but I'm gonna open this up to all of you guys are thanks buddy after watching the warcraft movie last week what advice would you give Wizards of the Coast moving forward to launch their dean. Because. There was not good and I think that was a good fan service I'm certainly not gonna go back and watch it. Guys saying it's not really. As I mean it's not as bad as I remember I am because I got some advice they should do magic the gathering Marines said I didn't already in the works best athletes and I doubt we talk about this a long time ago so and you might not have been your I would I way to tell me all right forgot it's passable one of the game of throws writers Brian Cobb demand has been working on or he was slated to work on it do they might be something worthwhile and they did Ellington demon throws type thing with the planes walkers have of magic the gathering. I'd be more than OK with that. We'll have to see if they actually do something along those planes and drones I like it. Thank you go on the okay how I act but back to dungeons and dragons. I know that Shia LaBeouf had a great idea when he I had you know it's been mean to out there I'm just going to assuming he said it that they would have won where they are gaming at a table you know just a bunch of normal merge doing their normal dirty stuff and it it shoots down to their characters. Running around in the costumes in doing all of the adventures that they're doing it's they can go back and forth I think that. Would it. Capture the feel of what everyone loves about dungeons and dragons in your maps of community that does exactly that's exactly like I want candy yeah fantastic Emmy winning like I would watch it for ninety minutes or two hours or however long material stupid movies now but I would totally watch that I would love to seize that stuff right there are more than happy deal. They tell Miley this plan Wenzhou a couple months ago we and I called the plays that she kills monsters Kosher and that's kind of the vibe it's. They go back and forth between the real world and an Indian do you adventure and it's about sister. Who hurt her younger sister and parents and a car accident she was never close to her as she discovers the campaign. In her in a notebook and she decides she wants to play the campaign doing and they show you how she's going to campaign and school. And I love I love these ideas because that's what was so fun about galaxy quest is that there sought outs. Because people thought they were really great space event ours that's how you want your ten there kind of the end zone every thrust into it any what if somebody sought these guys out because they had great game they had great minds for adventures. And therefore I don't know this I'm Alvin somebody says we need yeah you're held together we as noisy open made some order to create a portal to bring these heroes in from whatever gas are passing dimension or whatever it's O. Seaquest it's three amigos it's tropic thunder is an idea that someone somewhere gets the idea that what you're doing is in fact real and wants you to come and help them with. Macedonia great humanitarian I don't know I swear like a big part of the fun of and deserves credit is that you when your friends are competent lunatics. I think in this world upside is that he had did nowhere like. Like yeah you're you're players' game and you'll take it seriously would the same time like you're also had a lot of fun and it's hilarious that and then the galaxy quest and acted that Doug did you suggest really like would preserve that whole why don't ask you combines the -- because we don't be so cool to do if I don't real trick though is make your fans service in things and not in plots price yeah after what stuff will recognize but we can zones don't make the whole thing hinge on who exactly man that's why love galaxy quest again and it was guest Star Trek movie. So. The so JJ got there they got them going you're absolutely right. Yeah that's crazy thinking that way but yes yeah I just has a fan recently re watch that because it's one of those have got it is it's really really good. So it does hold -- -- what we don't know about Atlanta or ten years old and it's timeless timeless and stunts that some things like the whole oh -- doesn't make sense why is this here this is dangerous there's no reason for this to be here if that's that's that's not a day from -- and eighty every year a movie comes out what I did some really why is this even hear -- sure it was totally. Side by such a great cast too because you've -- oh yeah all that at that time were relative unknowns Tony shall move and rock what Sam Rockwell and it just isn't long yeah -- all of you guys that are guys this movie and including of course the stars of the -- Sigourney Weaver Tim Allen Newton you know it is GI SI I'm glad -- still holds up the absolute like audio Blu-ray copy of that because I don't have one year ago and I you don't -- that I think it's hard to come -- home I know -- Internet you can find everything on the Internet get -- I I did a couple times and I wasn't readily available for a decent price well that's the thing they have to pay a pretty happy I live which is unusual when you think about it but maybe it's a movie if for some reason they haven't re released in the Sierra you wouldn't you think that we're gonna see how long you can watch the movie with this Armenian language track on who just who that is from there OK I love it it's amazing how there. While hobble let us know how you feel about if you have any ideas how they should approaching. BJD nation one nannies or 2243353. But two ways posada face far Paris I hope it's good because like you said to be good that last one was again and back. Are all talk about something that I know that BJU eleven Vicky as well blah orphan black intimacy black corporate and that's something else entirely Kyle we've got orphaned black. What's going on man yeah well we are we won't talk about the season finale that just Dino was last week but yeah I'll I mean it is it is yesterday and Maria were involved. Magazine. It's bad news footage and what did you do did you look at a spoiler unknown why it's because I is thin at the said. He was seeking out yesterday. That we're on season four we just episode last episode I the last episode that we we're gonna talk about him valuable lesson already aired. Next season will be the last season of orphaned black I. Save this season with Camilo and more season and really I don't want to end it on time. Right now. Yeah being right now I always call the DJ played tour all of his shows data and part its territory and I bet I'm pretty happy at number five seems good yeah I don't need these guys win and maybe finally shed Tutsi out we'll get some recognition within a war and in shall stop having to be every character on the show basis I believe if I notice I can't earlier this good before everywhere for years into this I know I beat this dead horse but. I just don't tell she gets recognition nobody knows who the hell she is doesn't make any director worth their space should have a call into her agent right now yeah this is gonna be free in a year like I hope that after this is done we're gonna search seen her in movies all over the place because I know she has no guarantee. I try to trick and I and I did and I went and I got to 'cause I know some scenes that I saw I went on Amazon just put on some scenes as that I just want to see the show that I like as my wife doesn't watch it. And I said you know sitting unusual about it. And she goes she said. Well it's like pretty amazing that they have all these like to be done triplets or something that are in this and I and I and I daisy and I thought wow I go you know I said no it's all the same person as allies of ours and that she was like in this she noticed even more characters coming on. As you play. Wow I go yeah the special effects in the acting are amazing and you don't even know about this woman. We'll share the ability to completely change your boyfriend even allison's voice is very like the quicker you know what you're just viramune almost Molly and I says you know even though with the accidents such she is very chilled at very dragged and since Communist you don't like him and kind of hippy ash but like sign to be. So she has Elliott I forget sometimes it's like we have assists and the same chain not in it's not even a different voice factory herbal Heath. Yeah and him brilliantly introduced of course you care to this MK who is what she's from Helsinki and she's really just a paranoid. Massively stutter really awkward. Character who is still different then all of the other characters she's played in she's played a crazy Russian woman who's just I never mind it is a killing machine. She is played a German woman she is played. It's true different to amass three different American women. I think there's Janice technically. Alison well I like I would say I would say pretty much nobody with a discernible accent that would be dinner American ya. You're right I think they are candidates so yes so there is she's playing these Canadian women and British women. I just insane with the you know different looks different walks oh she plays the beauty the bid to beauty salon girl Chris curl hat of I mean she's just so called real I mean. It's insane it's like is like nobody has Saturday alive can do as many carriers as she does and added to what about two dozen now. I think to go looking guy I saw the numbers on that yeah I'm trying to at least ten yeah that she's done and so yes so what this season finale is simply coming out to like OK well you know they they finally got rid count du Ku detective count due to. I hate that guy and guys he was a guy that basically was just doing the work for the bad guys in here. Yeah now and he got he killed basically the grandmother of all Sarah. And that was a brutal scene where her sister causing much. Had to be on our knees with a back turned while this do basically is put a bullet her head and set her on fire why are all pretty much even how your body to Barry get anywhere while this meal cost Seaman whose dying yourself AA ended in this woman was her last hope to be alive from DNA stuff. So on every level this was such a horrific things. I was so happy that count detective duke who got killed. I just didn't end and it worries about the Sarah's mom is just awesome awesome friend like really a militant fighter of a woman so she's the one of them out of the car batteries and Georgia them and kill them so you know you gotta love like a new light did you. So it's getting down to the the it's in the last episode of this season and it's been a great season for or from black a lot of action. A lot of great character development and you know it's still. The daughter is one of the previous kids that you'll ever see on television feature. You know Akira Kyra what's her name here in the Akira is the creepy if you know she looks like him to do this for Chris walker public she looks like. Bail lock. With a wig. Little bailout little little little Maalox yeah running our drug out of another Baylor Clinton hour he looks just like little Clint Howard in the Korver my maneuver when. Our free. Tired she do which is right on turn your I mean you know we know little kids their face doesn't match their eyes and head and you cannot fully grown into it and she definitely isn't fully grown into her body yet. And so that's what she's got this bizarre look to her. And because you mentioned this before I think I have the SEC or call eight. Sister and she's also a dramatic ending back we don't know what the hell's going hollow there. But yes so or from black gap where we have will talk about the season finale next week area nice and that there's another there's a BBC show that I know you love BJ don't I don't new digs well some new details on. Doctor Who hope doctor who are no I know that it's not come back until spring of next year well the BBC has released a bunch of new details about the show's tenth season in America is either beginning filming our has just begun filming. Hey look I beginning filming now or has just begun OK okay do you need to worry about my grammar I know any better though I assume though I worry about her grandson actually got your early talk about doctor FU insists doctor I ruined. Actually pretty good thank you to the first two episodes of the series will be written by show runner Stephen Moffett in novelist frank co troll boy ace. Who I did the episode in the forest of the night and sees an -- -- on the -- percent at the -- -- from the episode will feature -- blinders Stephanie hi I -- and Matt Lucas who'll be reprising his role of -- our -- -- Matt Lucas is the guy from. Alice in Wonderland right if I'm not mistaken and and and and and those are great but this is BBC show about the airline industry I believe that's him god it looks like he's joining the show as -- semi regular according to -- well I think he was in the husbands of river song and I was in the most recent Christmas special one yeah Chris deserves a -- yet Matt -- is -- has OK so he's gonna be a semi regular I love him so I'm happy to hear that -- and also Michelle Gomez is incarnation of the master has -- can -- return -- season -- she confirmed that that mega car -- matter -- -- isn't as good for you what this is the last season for. -- an -- to -- the show runner and pretty much I mean I'm less here I mean I don't know unless they really came -- You know have. You know the current doctor to be the guy I just think he's gone too you know a good pal beach yet on how we I think is out the door if that these kind of set it without saying it. And you know Jenna Coleman's already gone and we don't know who the new. We know we don't have we heard anything about a new companion or is it just going to be Matt Lucas and don't know I mean usually there are female companion and I don't know I haven't heard a thing but I haven't been paying attention so I checked I don't like to get spoiled on stuff so. But these are just as some little tidbits of information I have about the ML Lucas was awesome. So that's on that a Doctor Who news but I know that it's that he says not amount to spring the prime be a lot ourselves up until that Iran never let's talk some more games Chris and BJ dad. As our resident. Over over over upsets do watch yourself there the marquee murders. Careful what do you got for us for this week. Both do you games and I never give border starting about a game you know get it Maria hey it's. We've got one that we've been meaning to get around to for some time now Puerto Rico have you heard the shame shelf it's using the showbiz flashback is that it could you ask behave DSL definition. Ayers came shelf is that part of your board game shelf with schemes that you bought and have never blame me up oh OK and then there's also a different kind of shame shelf where there are games that you bought that are amazing that everybody has played it and you have never declared that the Puerto Rico is that this Puerto Rico is merely arguably it's I think it's number six in board game geeks like. Top games like a hoax. It consistently makes a lot of the top ten lists on on our size did you go to you know board game you can things like that. People love this game it is a really satisfying and amazing sort of worker placement resource management type of game and I have played it once myself. But this was years ago and I honestly have completely forgotten most of it and. I remembered years ago Chris one a refers to our game and Chris was at the bookstores and hey I quarter it was a great game we haven't this guy you want and I said sure and two years later. Still I didn't live scenarios so today we're finally gonna play it and boy oh boy I had no idea other controversy surrounding plan because this is surprising to me as well why is there controversy is turning a board game I know I does that even happen in well here's the thing yeah and Puerto Rico. It's played over seller rounds and you basically take these different roles. And when you take a role in like twilight period for instance you know you get to do certain things. And then other people get to do certain things for the person that shows the role card gets an extra action folks that know race for the galaxy. Which isn't surprising me is I think that there was the creator race for the galaxy had something to do with Puerto Rico and so. Yeah there that there's that mechanic where you know you would choose and I action card. And everybody gets you the action but you get to do bonus because you exe shows that action garden and you do that over bunch of rounds you try to get -- points as you basing try to produce goods like a trickle you know you got to produce goods this is the same thing. The controversy is that part of this game is that there are com is coming over and they're on votes and you need to send them to the plantation. And we're gonna let me here's the problem here as we have we have these colored pegs that represents. The colonists and they are brown and people have just gone out of their minds over the years over that. Well if they're not slaves and they're not in a plantation then why did they make them this collar. Pop I am not the one that started this I didn't even know about this but I watch the right to run through pain and you know our Rondo is just like by the way I have to say this and you know he's defending that no it's not about that new gave some pretty good reasons why that still doesn't stop the Internet from going crazy yeah. You have some pay eggs that are for tobacco and pegs that are for coffee and they're both brownish color is. Yes think I mean at some point why would you give the pay -- of the people coming go to work on the plantations of you again uneasy European dudes are designed this game yeah which makes sense because and I think that's why. Maybe they're not aware of that a lot of Americans who buy this game and we don't have a very good history mountain Briere hero rocks boats and then having to go worker plantations that was never a good thing for them. Tom. So yeah I Heidi you know it was released in 2002 so I'm wondering why you think sometime over the years they might have changed the color those pegs just so aura or would that be admitting to something that they were never guilty of in the first place I don't know. But that's why this game I thought wow I had no idea and of course the Internet was blowing up I don't know but still a thing. But I'm a play Puerto Rico because there you know it's a great worker placement and screw your neighbor kind of a thing 'cause there's a lot of different strategies you can do they can really mess of people. And it's like one of the grand daddy's of of these kind of games and I can't believe I've never played in so today is maybe yes. Nigel de yet give us a full report afterwards on that well I if if if I don't like it I'm probably the only person in the world does. Gamers have you guys that's considered a. Classic so of course I know I'm going to like it disperse it Chris you know Crist loses. Alex yes the may game at this point I I have found that when I win games that you have a higher opinion of and then when they do not a well he read the Internet today Chris are are of course are Dyson crowds in my nemesis Sean men rule who we recent played another game which we won't talk about except so he and I went to battle and it was a coop game should. And in that we basically eliminated each other or I I was eliminated very quickly yeah and then basically due to show us action just at Wrigley everybody lost and it's a co op game but because he's your nemesis he is gonna screw you on purpose and ruining him for a. Let's put our best song you're playing this game and a half of the team good team in this show up game. Visit as it at odds from the first roof but I think what you guys even doing that no we're trying to save the bringing Gatwick value repaired. Guys see if you look at the more games you play it was John and I Atherton wash his first move. It is his to his game is he just likes to find some of the mess with control yet and it happens to be mean usually it's BJ yeah part of what makes a co -- game fun at that point in no hey that's okay nobody is gonna look like the game is gone in a patrol BJ which there's plenty of other games where our co wanted you can do that good played vendetta going we're just gonna lead to diseases wind screw all you don't that's why hamburger -- I had I had no it was a game where you know you can you will you really can't injury Jillian can he shoot you have shifting issued through each other. You see each manager Jerry septa wants a lot you hit another person. And knock them over to a square over it's a ram you both get appointed damage yeah. He did that to me because he needed to get to shoot some shift sides are right that's reasonable you're trying to get some victory points. We're all on the same side or still trying to get the highs are viewpoints like okay. Then I put myself in the position that if he shot a ship that's a shot something you would blow it up and I get the hyper jump ball over and get the points. I thought that was reasonable since I just got damaged for him to get points. All you do is do something he wouldn't get difference NN it would be turned against something. Well he would not do this generation know war is a matter of fact I woke declare I free if I'm mistaken I think that he even Brandon. Meeting get me out away from that. Yeah. And that's what I sick you know what I heard ranting bat gave his all heard stories smashing into each other eurozone is. Our side actively fighting the bad he's in this game and then and then did that bumper car Olympic site where I. I just I just like -- hey hey Sean thank you because very entertaining right now I wouldn't want a player -- watch this -- So we have to play that -- again it was going -- space which we kick start a black a black table games a local game Tony did -- I got to play it again because they have such a bad taste in my -- because of Sean. I wanna play it again if I could play another game we've played oh and by the way it's moose cafe in -- -- -- as I don't -- new gaming cafes or your place young Matt and his -- out there have really created have a fun place in and it and it's really pretty north of folks and any you know if anybody knows a thing about interstate five traffic death you don't wanna have to come down to do anything in Seattle so somebody putting -- club where you live right near the in the northern area great you know that's fantastic and -- game -- game actually assume the zoo's cafe okay zoo's cafe like them on board game -- has morientes WLU. Yeah get an and then dealing get we got stuff like cafe mocks a minor boarding house these are great places. I would say if you don't have one easy in your city. Just look at these web site to show around the places you know all right I mean I hate these are things in these are working on these. Work especially in Seattle is important other places has it really deploy a little history there is open up their first one or II I don't I hope guys they have like two or three at the Delhi the Washington the Seattle area is pretty amazing for the amount of game cafe places where they serve legitimate beverages and food and eating is our real place where they could include good to break free games they sell games what you can play free games there's sit at the tables for his lines want. We were there. Seven hours why avenue hours yeah we've we closed on the joints like. Carolina. As he's been in the service of profession when it comes to I think for gaining but also like events like keep a football games or whatever. As of the conversation and had another terrorist. If you that he's buying food. Like still to accordingly for those hours. That's a good point because you angle you're spending your your taking up seats Mason yes and several hours of tips that don't get strong and a delight was done 45 minutes on board game plays that made it did I did Astoria right if you don't like a little bit yeah they're really they're filling the soda benefit of these places though is that day you know the servers are duty Mattie was sitting there for several hours they don't that's why you're there and you're enjoying the play wasn't there the pressure they're filling up if anybody course. I usually. I would say that estimate and I'm in and know you make a good point figure but I think that's something that's gonna come up because I look gamers in general now at least from my experts earlier. Not exactly the most generous people when it comes in afterward ever read and I don't know whatever the case is really an only games here. And all so he it's sort of like a cafes you know you're gonna sit their for as long as you want and normally people will only have one meal yeah and then you turn the table and read our regular rest trying to get a new think but it's sort of like well I went there I might buy some games there. So there has to be something high hole there's better. Compensation for the employees because yeah you have a somebody working eight hour shift. They are not gonna get tips like they would at a regular restaurant there are some places I like to know about that because city if not then that needs to be let known so that then we can't tip accordingly no because it's kind of unfair to XP expected customer to. To do more than what they're expected to do win the places come stay play games although I Narnia because otherwise I'd stay at my house and play games and a. Part of the benefit is they go to for eight hours and not feel like your inconveniencing the people you now know that's just think that's just my own personal no that's like Y arena so like says the debate this as a trigger point is a good point but how we do have another unit you wanna talk about to go this one was our body should our buddy Josh. And it's the Omega gamers a great a great group of folks we've got now friends with and and Josh introduced us to fantasy Slaton is fine if tennis is let's mission red planet. I got to say something it was the first Tennessee fight game I played where the rule book was short. And I just a couple of pages Leon pack was also pretty easy as far as against them on the table it was amazing beautiful our workplace you get from friends he's played games rich game you do get into our right quickly so I was like car right giant Whittle it a lot of us love Tennessee fled because man it's an immersive universal you you know so you see and and both Chris and I really dug this game mission red planet. Oh yeah this is this is an amazing. Part area control in parts. Well I I don't know what you call one of those games are yet to me there's like you your set of cards and you play them down. And then you have to replenish your own. And reminds you of Puerto Rico where you know be it instead of yeah in this is kind of race for the galaxy think route you get to choose what you wanna do we all have the same actions we can yeah it was from. But it's a mystery and they do a cleverly because it to a count down so there there are nine actions that you could take. And they go and order as as because we have what rocket ships and we have to rub basically get our guys on these rocket ships than they launched to a certain destination he truck Jim as a destination on Mars. And then it goes to an area if we have more guys in that area we get to see what the mineral is and then we get points based on how many minerals group and get from the air for having the majority of figures on the area. So these cars allow us to do certain things that basically will manipulate the situation to get better people on rockets move people around Mars. There we don't have secret mission cards as a lowers a water dependant on what a feel to it. Very is the idea of you you you secretly choose what you're going to do and you could get screwed because it's whoever goes first is dependent upon the launch right if you choose card nine. Then when the lunch starts you're the first person to go if you could choose card one that the you're the last person to go. Which gives you first player which gives you some thing. You know say yes it is really the last player to go the last player to go you do you become the first player for the next round of the first players for. Breaking ties and establishing where the internal order begins if if for example Vijay and I both play the same. Card are turned who goes first it's based off of the first player is so it's not a it's not as super powerful position but it can it can help quite a bit and this was this one was meet I like to other pieces this. You can't run they're a cool yeah there's never obviously got a great doing it I had mission red planet and so it's steam punk going to Mars have okay ask kind of cool oh yes steam punk scene board game of planetary exploration designed by Bruno played duty. I think as his name right summer amber knock us ally and of course it doesn't sound familiar to you can't they should because of course are Bruno did masquerade and citadel and Bruno after embryo seat did seven wonders. Duel and five tribe shadows over Camelot so. These guys and other day's other games and he's a big big name they got together and they made a good remission red planet I wives and gosh I can't buy anymore games I got to stop somewhere. Oh really I really do so we just gonna make sure that we invite Joshua Lott never got the pattern paragraph I think yeah. I wanna play this light sound and it's really really fun the artwork is cool. Describe the and you get like little figures today and also the miniatures are really call you little little super mini space guys' ears off the fifth at their legs they're like little little movements that -- from the MTV music you know nice okay yeah dude in ensued with live flag and you know he could Wear on the planet and as we there's Sony Boise street neighbor because it never goes all right god I've got I've got to -- my guys on this rocket shipments headed to this area I'm gonna get control. And Alison somebody plays guard and says guess what that rocket ship blew up knowledge no matter how they are saying senator location and he it is simply. There's a lot of good as a lot of good replay ability in this game the so if you like area control. You're gonna love this man are well that sounds a lot of fun but let's get to block. She Swiss TV. A wig abhors Mickey. Lorena and that's like mailing them I entered and I found this thing and I've posted it on an Aggie nation faced a page in it's awesome it's what's your dragon named. And it's one and Leila letters from here and there you make your underwriting name's Aaron because it'd be too complicated. I just think on all the time for you guys OK yes so you're dreading name consist the last two letters of your first name if I don't the middle two letters of your last name. The first two letters of your mother's name who and in the last letter of your father's name does a lot of. There's a lot of stuff yeah I that is really probably end any of those reviled swappers' how else IS and Europe some Mayan is. I to men. I ATI. And they and I demand I demand I demand my dragon named RA your journey resigning him a dinner at BJ is an age your first name is BJ. Mom I was. Vision tests that measure that data center and the guy I think you have to put his vote I like yeah. EJ HE. He EH. They have to pass that test has tapped into and I give asylum b.'s Billy jets head of something Jen today and really be apostrophe but just pack. They just get. The shuttle sound very we should clicking the. Smith. I miss still look I know you name is girl cod. Earl Carter wrote content. I regulate how backwards sit back and I in the heckler eat like learning it's so when I had. The reds is probably my favorite oh I don't know in infringe. And infringing an a friend I N I NFR and and in friend and a friend and I think that was my little dragon yeah. Maybe I don't tiny dragon you're really quite musically your initial contract and chills and a shoulder yeah totally neutral as to believe Brees fired because. Does good or I'm really aren't wrong and yes and that the because it authentically edit your as the goalie night your real name good I like to I don't have a real meat and yeah I totally changed illegally Cooley has no name. Luke chick Luke chick. You check the impression that it sounds like he kind of a powerful look at the dragon yeah I UK. CHK. The game. Kind of dragon would be there so many different dragons out there again it's not your shoulder Dre the us. As. Hi all I did I did have a few lagging nationals with their names out there and I did you be an act you weapon would be asked. NetApp NetApp and rear larger. Bombing drags me lire it's array arraigned through painting. Three I didn't hearty high and Ph.D. If everybody brings to the duke so yeah though is. Gone gone view. John do all right hey I do mean they Wear TO and DDO. Close messenger right insecurity in our galaxy every day and a half I thought Matt Ryan is that. And Phil Leigh has come have a clue Angela and Italy attorney and he. Brandon is. Honoring hey I don't Mary K are there on our day on our hair depending and I don't pronounce name runner. And Terry and is around. She machine Rouse dish out. 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